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Published March 2015

There seems to be some irony about this interview going on line today. It was an event on this day in 2012 that set things in motion with regard to the charity Lives Not KnivesIt was on this day that Steve's son Leon Cairney was murdered. In turn Steve founded Lives Not Knives and was soon joined by author Stuart Armstrong as Patron who has been busy championing the cause. This is an interview by Kris Megaw for BBAD Promotions and reproduced with kind permission here.  

Steve With Son LeonKM. Could you tell us first of all what your aim is with you charity campaign?

SC. To raise awareness of knife crime all over the country to young people.

KM. So why a campaign on knife crime? 

SC. Because my son was stabbed to death. He was stabbed 11 times 2 years ago and he died in my arms .

KM. What is the aim of the Charity and how can it help people?

SC.The aim of the charity is directed to everyone who have been affected by knife crime, and to try and reduce the amount of people that carry knives.

KM. I would like to know the who are the main driving force behind the campaign?

SC. Without a shadow of a doubt the main driving force and patron of the Charity is Stu Armstrong, a true friend and a man of his word, and without Stu none of this would be possible and I'm sincerely grateful to him.

KM. If you can, can you tell us what happened the night Leon was taken away from us please?

SC. I have told the story a lot and don't mean to not answer but Leon's story can be found in the back of Stu Armstrong's books.

KM. I hear you have a charity fire walk coming up can you give us details?

SC. It’s on the 25th of April, a lot of faces from BBAD going to be there so if you want to see fighters fans and the BBAD family be there to support a good cause. 

KM. The charity seems to have come on in leaps and bounds, how does it feel that the word is getting out there? 

SC. It's absolutely amazing, I'm over whelmed with all the support and kind gestures I've had.

KM. Who else makes up the charity team? How did you come to meet these people? 

SC. The charity consists of 5 people, Stu Armstrong, Lloyd Walton, Dan Chappa, Neal Mumble Salvage and myself , with more people to come. I met all of the guys through BBAD Promotions a bare knuckle boxing event which I'm also heavily involved in.

KM. I see over the last few weeks, you have been on the front cover of the Stirling Observer, The Daily Record and even had a radio interview, how does that feel?

SC. It's very daunting to be honest, as I'm really just a normal guy who doesn't like to be in the spotlight.

KM. Where can fans hear your radio interview now? 

SC. Fans can hear my radio interview on the main website
Choose lives Not Knives.

KM. You were in the ring at a boxing event with Stu Armstrong promoting The “Choose Lives Not Knives” how was that for you?

SC. Absolutely terrifying and couldn't of done it without the help and support of Stu.

KM. I heard a rumour flying about that there is going to be a Choose Lives Not Knives boxing team, what’s your thought on that?

SC. First I've heard about it... But would be truly amazing.

KM. Leon's story has been published in some books, how did that come about?

SC. Again through Stu Armstrong who writes books and very kindly offered to do this to get the word out there. I've met some truly amazing people in my life and can honestly say Stu is right up there with my father and son.

KM. You have the website up and running now.

SC. As above BBAD

KM. Could you tell me Why Bare Knuckle Boxing? Why not Mixed Martial Arts or any other full contact sport? 

SC. Because Bare Knuckle Boxing to me is the most purest and natural way of fighting. Not knocking any other sports but for me it's Bare Knuckle Boxing.

KM. Could you tell me how you first got into BBAD?

SC. I came across it on Facebook by chance and got in contact with Aaron “Popeye” Watts about promoting my Charity which he sent me in the correct direction, I am forever grateful to Aaron for this, I have never looked back.

KM. So are you a big fan of fighting?

SC. I am when it's done in the right way and for the right reasons.

Steve Cairney
KM. You went from being a massive fan, to stepping in the pit against Scott Midgley, could you talk us through how this came about?

SC. Ha ha.. I'm glad you asked this as people don't actually know the real story. There was 2 no shows that night which was Scott and Clifford's opponents and Andy T asked if anyone would step in the ring with them. No one took the challenge up which I don't blame them. When I first jumped in the ring I thought I was fighting with Matt Thorn which I respect him deeply. However that fight was stopped so I was asked again about another fight. When I jumped in the ring and saw Scott M I thought to myself ( this is gonna be sore) ha. But there was no way I could of jumped back out that pit as I was already in it ha. I was right it was sore! But made a really good friend that night, Scott's a tough guy. P.S. my ribs were sore for 5 weeks after ha. 

KM. After being a massive fan of BBAD, you have now transitioned into a contracted fighter, how did that come about? 

SC. Just something I've always wanted to do, it also helps in supporting the charity which BBAD management and fans are right behind it.

KM. You are fighting in Feb at BBAD Newcastle and are bringing an army of supporters from up and down the country, what can we expect to see from Stevie “Carnage” Cairney?

SC. Now that would be telling.. All I will say is 'Smiley Stevies not coming '

KM. Both you and your opponent Stephen Wynne are pretty new to BKB, But you are a seasoned B-BAD fan, do you think this will work to your advantage in your fight? 

SC. Absolutely not.. Good luck to my opponent.
KM. Your obviously training hard for your bout in Feb, Have you had any help in you preparation from anyone? Who are you training with? 

SC. Yes I have.. Gordon Buchan who is a top man and friend and I'm so thankful and appreciative for his help. Also Yourself, Billy Burton and my gym partner Gary. And a big shout out to my personal mini trainer Macenzie Cairney ( my 10 year old daughter)

KM. Is this fight just going to be a one off or are you preparing to fight again?

SC. All I can say on this is Watch This Space.

KM. You have a lot of friends in BBAD and are seen as one of the top faces, BBAD is one big family would you agree?

SC. Most definitely. When I travel to events it's not friends I'm going to see its extended family.

KM. What would you say to someone who wants to come to an event?

SC. Get in touch most definitely. Would love to see you there! But Kris you would be great at answering this question as that's how we met and have become brothers.

KM. I would say, get involved 100% I was surprised when I started talking to the fighters, they are normal human beings they all speak totally different from what you imagine, the Fighters, Bosses, Employees and Fans are all one big happy family, at my first event we were at the hotel having a few pints when Donald “the highlander” Mcphee walks in and just starts speaking to everyone, now that doesn’t happen everyday!

KM. Now Chipolata Kid where do I start.

SC. There's been nasty rumours on Facebook about my manhood ha. Lets just say I prefer pork chop than Chipolata Kid! Lol. 

KM. First of all Stevie, have you been drinking?

SC. Yes ha ha! Not really to focused on my training now.

KM. Now lets be honest Scott Midgley took you too school, did it hurt? 

SC. For 5 weeks yes. I shake my head when I think about it ha.

KM. How many drinks did you have after to stop hurting? 

SC. 3 litres of vodka ha.

KM. We noticed you kept shooting for a double leg take down, you realise this is B.K.B. not M.M.A? 

SC. Ha ha no comment.

KM. What’s the most embarrassing experience you’ve ever had? 

SC. When I was at school the teacher told me to stand up and I hard on so she kicked me out of class! Lol.

KM. Who do you think would win in a fight, Billy Burton or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

SC. Most def Arnold ha.

Stevie had this to say: There's so many people I would like to mention from BBAD but there's just not enough time. Big shout out to Joe BBAD who is doing a remarkable job and I wish everyone at BBAD a very happy Xmas and a happy new year. God bless you all.

I feel very privileged to know Stevie and he is doing such great things with choose lives not knives I would like to wish Stevie all the best!”

I also asked Gordon Buchan “ BBAD Scotland Member and Friend” to say a few words on Stevie:
“I have been tasked with getting Stevie prepared for his fight but it’s not a one way learning street. I feel like I am learning from Stevie learning how to be a good human being. Stevie is larger than life he has known such heartache but still walks forward smiling showing love. Cracking man and will put on a show come the 21st” 
Massive thanks to Joe and Gordon for that!

Not a lot of people know but it was Stevie who introduced me to the world of BKB and BBAD, I had only ever watched on YouTube, We got chatting on the BBAD Facebook page and instantly became good friends, he invited me to my first event at Newcastle and knowing I had mental health issues got me through my whole first experience, its went on from there, I now class Stevie as one of the family, he has been a rock to me through some tough times, even though he has his own problems he still has time for everyone else!

I would personally like to thank you Stevie for everything Bro! A proper Gent.

I would like to Thank Stu Armstrong and Gordon Buchan for your help with this one guys!

Also thanks to everyone at BBAD and all the fans for your continued support.

Choose Live Not Knives In Memory Of Leon

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