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Published July 2012

Steve GreyThis Time in M.M.A. Paparazzi we talk to Steve Gray from sunny Brighton who runs a video production company called Power Up Productions. Personally we haven't met in person yet, but like ourselves many of you would have seen Steve hanging off of the side of a cage, usually for work reasons or you may have seen his work on YouTube, Internet or the Television. Steve has made videos for some of the biggest companies in the business and takes time out to answer a few questions for Cage Amateurs UK.
Hi Steve thank you for taking the time to speak to us. Here we go with question one. 
Cage Amateurs: How and when did you get into video production?

Steve Grey: Hi Guys, well its always been a passion for me and the team at Power Up, I personally worked for a local news paper in Brighton for 8 years reporting on sports and the local music scene, but always longed for the opportunity to be more creative and push the boundaries of what can be done. Luckily I came across some very talented and passionate individuals who shared this idea with me, and that was all the spark that was needed, we clicked as a team and we was up and running. 

CA: Do you train in any martial art's and how did you get into filming M.M.A. show's?

SG: I trained in Karate for 5 years and when the opportunity arrives train with some of the best guys in Mixed Martial Arts. We got our break in M.M.A. through the guys at U.C.M.M.A. they saw a few things we had been doing and liked what they saw and took us on board. We now film segments for U.C.M.M.A's Sky Sports show "Cage Fighter" shown on Wednesday night Sky 3 at 10 pm check it out ;) and some of their big events at the Troxy London like W.C.M.M.A .
CA: Who else is on the Power Up Productions team?

SG: We have a vast network of people on staff that we use for different types of shoots as some are specialists in sound, some specialise in lighting so we pull from every talent pond for the best team for the jobs at hand, but the main core of Power Up is Tug Phipps, Gavin O'Mally Richardson, Tom Kelly and me Steve Gray.
Steve Grey Ringside
CA: What kit would you take to record a show? and what is the routine on fight day?

SG: For fight shows we offer a huge array of different types of shoot, for your independent type shows we would turn up with 3 shoulder mount HD Cams. With shoulder cams you get a much smoother flow to the footage as you move about a lot when the action in the cage is fast and furious. We would provide equipment for commentary, some firms put in commentary after the event in post production,but for me, you have to capture it live, you just don't get the excitement in the voice of the commentator when a high impact slam or a sweet KO happens if they watching a recording, you just don't get the same buzz in their voices. As we have a in-house editing team as well we cut together your show to the highest standard and produce dvds for your events . But we can also go BIG and turn your shows in to epic productions, pre recorded talking heads with all the fighters as they are entering the cage, dramatic lighting, ref cams, one of my personal favourites, that's as close to the action as you can get, live vision mixing of the fights so the show is projected and cut between  all the cams on huge screens at the venue live for the crowd to enjoy, right up to live streaming over the internet which is 
getting more and more popular.
CA: How far do you travel for a show?
SG: There is no distance we wouldn't travel to help put on a great event, if the shows going to be great then you will see us there. UK to International we are ready to roll. 
Steve Grey
CA: What show's are you guy's currently covering?
SG: I wont go into names we will be here all day plus if I leave someone out I would be in trouble lol, but we have been doing this for a long time. I have seen the evolution in the production values of some of the events we work with, from the early days  when the owners and promoters were still learning how the mechanics of a show works, to the slick, high end, well run shows they run now, and I like to think we have helped in this evolution along the way in a small part with our input. 
CA: Do you do production's outside Mixed Martial Arts?
SG: Yes we do, we are a fully functioning Film Production company so we do all sorts from Video Advertising for Companies, Viral Advertising on line, High End Corporate Videos, Weddings, Music Festivals and Gigs, full on Music Video Shoots any Multi Cam events and numerous Sporting Events.

CA: You see many fighter's due to the nature of your work, who in your opinion is the top Pro fighter you have seen? 
SG: Wow now that's a question that I am going to have to think about, I have seen so many great fighters doing my job, its been a pleasure to watch them grow and in some cases break into the U.F.C. I'm thinking about fighters such as Jason "Shotgun" Young, Brad "One Punch" Pickett,  John "The One" Maguire, Oli Thompson, he's a local lad so was super proud of Oli and now Jimi "The Poster Boy" Manuwa great things happening for UK M.M.A. I cant pick one theirs so many great fighters on the scene right now, but you have to love Louis King and Tommy King and the Colosseum guys and of course Nick "Headhunter"Chapman, I filmed his very first fight back in the day on Grant Waterman's UK1 fight show, straight away I knew he would be a bit special. He's got a big fight coming up against Linton Vassell going to be a great battle.
CA: And finally what would be your ultimate achievement in the production world?
SG: Our ultimate achievement in production would be to continue the way we are going, growing day by day, working with great people in a awesome sport and to continue to expand into new exciting projects. If you go to work smiling then your doing it right. Come check us out guys on and on YouTube, keep up the great work all at Cage Amateurs U.K. 
Well thanks for that Steve I'm sure we will run into each other in the future but in the meantime we will continue to watch your work online. Thanks Dan
Feature Written Approx 23rd July 2012

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