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Published August 2015

April of this year at Raging Bull's Battleground 2 there was to be a fight which in my opinion was one of the best I have seen. This was a bare knuckle bout between two fighters who's names I was not familiar with at the time but are now burned firmly into my memory. The fighters were Stevie Gold and Ricky 'Nel' Nelder and what a fight it turned out to be. At the final bell I was unsure which way it was going to go. This time the winner was Stevie Gold, but why do I say 'this time' you may be wondering, then I will enlighten you.

Because at Raging Bull   Battle Ground 3 they are going to do it all over again and it is set to be an epic bout that should not be missed. Personally I can not wait for November 7th to come round and will be getting myself along to the Eyres Monsell Working Man's Club in Leicester.

In the meantime I have contacted both fighters for a chat and by virtue of getting his answers back first Stevie kicks things off.

Stevie Gold and Stevan MillerHi Stevie question one coming up.

Q. Your fight against Ricky Nelder was a non stop battle from beginning to end. It looked close to me. What was you thinking while you was waiting for the result. Did you think you had done enough to take the win?

A. No to be honest I didn't think I had it at all! It was such a close fight I thought it could of been a draw. Then when they called my name I was shocked, I couldn't believe it! The feeling was unreal and I loved it.
Q. What is your fight history how many bouts have you had before?

A. Gloved boxing 3 wins 1 draw and Bare Knuckle Boxing both wins.

Q. What drove you both to have a rematch and if the result is a reverse from the last bringing it too a draw will there be a third?

A. Nel messaged me that night I think it was, saying he wanted a rematch and I gladly accepted. If I got beat in the next one there would defiantly be a third time I think that would just prove who the better man is not just for the crowd but for myself too.
Q. Have you seen the video footage and after seeing it was you happy with your performance and have you seen anything you want to improve on?

A. Yer I watch every fight I have over and over for about a week after a fight. Am never happy with myself and always pick faults in my performance and try to improve on them for next time. I think my foot movement and my head movement are what I need to focus on.
Q. Have you had much feedback about that fight?

A. Oh God yes! People messaging me all the time about that fight saying it was one of the best they have seen if not the best! It means a lot to me that people up and down the country are watching me fight. I have even had people from the U.S.A message me about it!! It's unreal! 

Q. Was your opponent what you was expecting or did he surprise you at all?

A. I was a little nervous when I found out I was fighting Nel because of his history in boxing and he's been doing it for so long. See I have only been boxing for just under a year now and in my eyes am still a pup in this world and I have much much more to learn. I couldn't of fought a better man and a very tough boxer. What surprised me is how hard that guy could take a hit! I mean this guy was just taking it to the face and still coming for more!! What a warrior!!

Raging Bull Bare Knuckle BoxingQ. How long have you been involved with Bare Knuckle Boxing and how did this involvement come about?

A. I have only been involved with bare knuckle since the beginning of the year but have always been interested in it and fighting since I was a kid. There's nothing better than 2 men going toe to toe till the better man stays standing! It's the way of the Kings in my eyes! I got involved when I started going to the Raging Bull Gym in Leicester when I was taking part in a White Collar bout. I met Jay Wann and over heard him speaking about bkb! I told him I want in! Next thing I know he's got me a fight!! Buzzing!! 

Q. Would you like to like to fight in the pit, which is generally smaller than a boxing ring, and how do you think it would fit in with your style of fighting?

A. Yer I would love to fight in the pit! To me that's pushing yourself to the limits and seeing if you are a true warrior! It's like a later day gladiator really and how far are you, your body and your mind willing to go with it. I am a quick learner and can change my style of fighting depending on the guy I am fighting and how he fights. So going in a pit with a few other fighters would really test my skills.

Q. Do you come from a family of fighters be that Tradition Martial Arts, Mixed Martial Arts or Boxing or are you the only fighter in the family?

A. I am the only fighter on my side family but that's only from the life I have been given! I have had to fight from such a young age. Mentally and physically and I think that's what's made me the way I am today! I started street fighting when I was like 16. Me and my friends would fight fully grown men at the weekends in our local town and we loved it! We would never start it but always managed to finish it! That's where I got the taste for fighting! Knowing I had a skill and a power at such a young age.

Q. Have you in the past or are you still doing any other Combat Sport?

A. No I don't do any other combat sport but my dad used to make me and my brother fight with each and teach us like mma moves and we used to grip each other up and get each other in different moves and stuff. I can still use them today but prefer to box. 

Q. Tell me a little about yourself. Are you married, single, got children and if so what do they think about you fighting?
Stevie Gold Not Getting It All His Own Way

A. I part run a pub and am also doing a bit of one to one boxing with people to help them out with confidence issues etc. I have 3 brothers and a little sister and you would do absolutely anything for them. My mum hates me doing bare knuckle but she knows I love it to much to stop but made me promise I would never go underground with it. I have a beautiful girlfriend who hates me fighting but stands by me because she knows I love it and am good at it! She's the only person who has always been there for me and always believed in me and without her by my side I don't think I would be where I am today. She's always pushing me and always drilling me to do this and to do that! She hasn't been to see me in a bare knuckle yet but am trying to get her to come to the next one with Nel!

Q. Jay Wann is a fighter himself. Do you think that the promoter having fought makes any difference to the way a show is run? To be honest you can be a football referee without being able to play football but due to the very nature of the fight scene do you feel a fighter in charge makes a difference?

A. Yes I think being a promoter and a fighter like Jay does help because he understands what us fighters are going though. He knows the emotions we feel and what we need to fight. A fighter in charge makes a big difference I believe and couldn't want a better man being my manager. He is a top bloke and knows what's in the best interests for me. 

Q. While we are on the subject of show promotion is that something you would like to get involved with?

A. Yes I wouldn't mind getting into the promoting side of things but not Yet I want to fight for a bit first.

Q. I have been asking this question a fair bit recently. I'm not sure how I feel about women doing bare knuckle boxing. How do you feel about it?

A. I love a woman who can fight and if bare knuckle is what they want to do then who am I to judge just as long as they know it's going to hurt ha ha! 

Stevie Gold Hears The ResultQ. While we are on the subject of women in combat sport. I have seen quiet a few fights between females in boxing or Mixed Martial Arts or Gillingham High Street on a Saturday evening and it has to be said that although they fight different to the men their fights and skills are at least equal and at times better to their male counterparts. What are your thoughts on the standard of women fighters?

A. I think some women fighters fight better than men and fair play to them, there's a few I have seen fight and even I wouldn't want to upset them ha ha! Anybody who gets in the ring has my biggest respect win or lose, man or woman.

Q. Being the second fight between you do you feel under more pressure. I think there will be a lot of interest in the rematch. Does this make any difference to any pre fight nerves you may or may not have?

A. Yes the pressure is there because I know he is gonna be training twice as hard now and that means I have to train twice as hard as him! A lot of people are looking forward to seeing the result of this one and so am I! I know it's going to be harder than the last between us both because I know we are both going to be training harder than the other! I think the pressure is that all eyes will be on us and people are wanting to see us 2 go at it again but this time better! 

Q. To finish things up when you are not preparing for a fight what do you like to do to relax?

A. I like to relax with my lady and just chill out and talk about anything and everything. No matter what's on my mind having Mavera around me calms me down and relaxes me no end. She's amazing! And a life saver! 

Lastly is there anyone you want to say Hi, Thanks or Bollocks to ?

I would like to thank my family and friends and everybody who has believed in me and supported me. My beautiful girlfriend Mavera for always believing in me and never giving up on me and teaching me to never give in. And all the guys from raging bull for everything they have done for me especially Jay Wann for where his taking me. 
I wouldn't be where I am and where I am going without these people around me. Plus I wanna thank Nel Nelder for making history with me ha ha! What a lad.

So there we have it folks it is going to be a blinder of a fight. First off thanks to Stevie 'Beastmode' Gold for taking time out to do this interview.
Stevie can also be found on Facebook as can Raging Bull Leicester where you can find out if Raging Bull are near where you live. I'm Jon P, this is Cage Amateurs UK please come again soon for more Combat Sport.

To finish off here is the video of the first time Stevie and Nel met

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