Stu Armstrong Interviews


Published March 2015

Stu Armstrong steps into the world of Interviews. Radio Northumberland is hosting his show every Wednesday at 9pm and then can be heard at various places including here at Cage Amateurs UK and on Stu's Mix Cloud. Stu will be talking to the people from the world of Combat Sport including the people behind the scenes Promoters, Trainers and those who write about it. So far interviews have included Ken Shamrock from the world of the W.W.E. Wrestling and the UFC reaching Hall of Fame status before retiring and M.M.A. fighter Jon 'Chopper' Stone. Both from different fighting styles but with a common bond with both Shamrock and Stone moving into Bare Knuckle Boxing with Shamrock due to fight the legendary James Quinn. 
Stu a self confessed Bare Knuckle Boxing fan has also spoken to Bobby Gunn, Stevan 'The Killer' Miller, Richy Horsley and martial artist Gary Sansom to name a few and with many more too come.
When he is not on the doors of various nightclubs fulfilling his duties as a doorman Stu can be found writing books about it and is now on his fourth book in the 'Diaries of a Doorman Collection'. He has also had time to write children's books about Mr Wag, who is a dog would you believe and there is also a book of poetry.
And there is more...
While he is doing all of this he still manages to be patron and fund raiser for Anti Knife Charity 'Choose Lives Not Knives'. Stu constantly pushes the message of the charity that was formed after his friend's son was murdered. Read about Choose lives not knives.
Stu also has a busy website, a YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter and Mixcloud and also has time to be a dad to his three children.
Stu tells us the interviews are guaranteed to pack a punch and are audio but with some being written there should be something for everyone to enjoy. Recently Stu has been doing some interviews for Peep Magazine who describe themselves as a Photojounalistic publication focusing on North East Boxing / BKB / K-1 / Social Documentary and Interviews including a review of B-BAD's recent show at Newcastle. Stu's interviews can be found in various places across the website.

More recently Stu has been providing commentary on live streams of B-BAD Productions shows these being hosted by Mercury Sports Network
Read more about Stu Armstrong by reading an interview conducted by Kris Megaw and aptly named Stu Armstrong

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