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Published September 2014

Saturday the 6th September saw me heading towards The Ice and Leisure Centre Chelmsford to attend The Take Down For Diabetes. Not the best of starts as when I went online to book my train tickets it became very obvious that it was going to take me twice as long to get home as usual due to railway line Johnny Kidd and Jonny Stormk works taking place. This involved a bus for an hour which I didn't fancy in the slightest. 
This left me in a bit of a spot but after a call too Karl, he's one of the promoters in case you didn't know, he sorted things out and Mark, Hugh Mungus, rang me with the kind offer of a lift. So next day I was on my way with Hugh Mungus, Panthrax, Mrs Panthrax and their friend who at this time I can't recall his name to Chelmsford. Now I can tell you something that was one funny trip and there are now some things I could tell you that would make ya hair curl. But.... due to the fact I don't relish the idea of my arms and legs tied in a bow I will remain unusually silent.
 Look Out Below
Apart from to say thank you Mark for the lift you are a diamond.
There was a few changes to the card which is not unusual at any event notably Dow Jones which left the eight man tag match with a slightly unbalanced team of  Tony "Nemesis" Kemp, Mountain Stew and Danny Morocco against The Big Cat Mafia team consisting of Brad Beck, Mark Hendry, Panthrax and Hugh Mungus who was replacing Tigerdoor who had some important B.C.M. business to take care of.
Sadly despite it being a great evenings entertainment at what I consider to be great value for money numbers were not as good as they could have been. I do not really know the answer to this problem but it is certainly a shame for all those involved.
Even at the smallest level these shows cost a good few quid to put on and if the promoter can not break even it will only hurt UK wrestling and sadly the selected charity that shows like C.W.A.'s support. 
Getting things rolling for the evening was Johnny Kidd v Jonny Storm. Both extremely good wrestlers Johnny Kidd being a bit of a legend  in the wrestling games. Jonny Storm is no slouch and has been involved in wrestling for many years resulting in a bout of counters to moves, counters to counters and even more counters. In fact there were more counters than at a tiddlewinks convention. These two demonstrated some classic moves and kept Bacardi v Jezabetha nice clean fight even appreciating each others ability and generally enjoying the bout. Classic.
The sound of bag pipes filled the venue for the second bout of the evening as The Flying Scotsmen entered to do battle with Sam Irving and Luke Feenan. I have seen The Scotsmen before as I have Sam Irving so this one was set for a serious amount of action and some underhanded behaviour from the Irving/Feenan camp. Both action and not strictly legal mHonest Ernest Takes A Flightoves followed as anticipated.
If you haven't seen the Scotsmen before they do live up to their name not being shy about following opponents out of the ring if the need should arise usual by way of over the top rope resulting in some exciting moves although somewhat risky. They execute these manouvers with great skill and timing resulting in crowd pleasing wrestling. A bit of a surprise to the end of this one when Feenan seemed to be unhappy with the way things went laying he blame fully at the feet of his tag partner.
Another singles match up takes the show into bout three this time between Bacardi and Jezabeth. These two ladies are certainly not the best of friends and it wasn't long before the fur started to fly. Now Bacardi is not the quietest person you are ever likely too meet but Jezabeth is in a league of her own in the decibel count.
Jezabeth is a small lady but don't let size fool you as she is the loudest person I have ever heard leaving vocal giant, actor Brian Blessed, in the minor league and only being pipped at the post in this years 'Damn that's loud' awards by Heathrow airport during the summer holidays.
Freddie Helps Lewis Too His Feet
Bacardi although not a loud is equally as obnoxious to anyone who doesn't appreciate her, exchanging words with pretty much anyone within ear shot. They never disappoint in the ring with plenty of action and crowd interaction. The bout started off with them charging towards each other followed by screaming, hair pulling, hitting and generally anything that may cause the other harm. 'The Authority' Grant Mitchell ( read the interview we had with Grant )was going to have his hands full keeping things under contBig Cat Mafiarol with this one especially when Hugh Mungus joined Jezabeth ring side to give her encouragement and no doubt distract the ref should the need arise Not the type of girls you would want to take home to meet mum but this is the second time I have seen the girls wrestle and enjoy their antics with both of them being an asset to any show they wrestle at.
Singles Submission Match bringing us into the break between Adam Mansfield and 'Honest' Ernest Stirling which resulted in more excellent wrestling but with an extremely odd ending with Stirling seemingly not quiet right mentally. Maybe one blow too many to the head or too many slams to the canvas  has taken its toll. I'm sure we will see in the future.
Time to grab a quick drink then back for the second half.
Time for the big one. When I say big I mean an 8 man tag. As it turns out a 7 man tag as Hugh Mungus had paid off Dow Jones not too turn up. Dow being keen to top up his bank balance forgot his friends in an instant leaving his team in a bit of a spot. This particular bout without a doubt had to be my favourite part of the evening, especially wDarrell Allenhen Panthrax walked over too 'Nemisis' Tony Kemp, poked him in the eye and walked off leaving a very pissed off Kemp. Unless you was in the right position you would never have seen him but trust me it was classic comedy. As expected the BCM team members used every trick in the book despite having the advantage of numbers and  with Jezabeth walking around abusing anyone who disagreed with the B.C.M. the Tony Kemp, Mountain Stew and Danny Marocco team were under pressure from the start.
But that doesn't mean BCM had it all their own way.
Next out and keeping things on the boil we have a bout between Freddie Cornell and his nephew and ex wrestling partner 'Lightning' Lewis Howley. There is no bad blood like bad blood between family members so this one is sure to be a cracker. On a side note Freddie is my favourite of a great bunch of wrestlers. On his own or supporting 'The Don' Jon Ritchie he is comedy gold. I have watched quiet a bit of footage of Freddie and even if not in the ring wrestling he is up to some kind of misbehaviour not always caught on camera.
Finally and bringing the evening to a cracking end we had crowd favourite Lazer Lagden against 'Dazzling' Darrell Allen who was accompanied by his manager. This was a beauty of a match up with all the aspects of a top bout and what with the C.W.A. belt on the line there was everything to wrestle for. That's enough  from me here is the video both filmed by myself and Dan from The Charity Wrestling Alliance. Hopefully all has gone well and everything is where it should be. I have reworked some of the bouts and have edited some of the content to make it shorter and hopefully flow better.
On the video side of things a big thanks to Daniel Fox who was filming on behalf of CWA nice doing stuff with ya bro.
All said and done an excellent night of value for money. If you have never attended a wrestling show do so but certainly keep an eye out for the next C.W.A. show.
You can see more about the Charity Wrestling Alliance on Face Book or on Twitter by visiting their Youtube Channel and also on Wordpress.  Also keep your eyes on Cage Amateurs UK where we will be keeping in contact with them and putting up the latest news from The Charity Wrestling Alliance. Almost forgot this show was in aid of Diabetes UK .   Jon P
Takedown For Diabetes

CWA Are Back With Their Latest Show In Aid Of Diabetes UK

The C.W.A. or The Charity Wrestling Alliance are back at The Riverside Ice and Leisure Centre with their third charity night this time in aid of Diabetes UK. Following their Wrestling For Hero's and Battle For British Hearts shows I think you can be pretty certain that this show will be at least equal to the others and more than likely even better. At £12 for an adult and £8 a child I can recommend it as top value for money.
UK wrestling is alive and well with such promotions as this up and down the country but in my opinion not at a position it should be in the entertainment ratings.
The trio of Julian Cassar,Grant Mitchell and Karl Edward Trotter are the guys behind C.W.A. and although young they have a true understanding of wrestling beyond their years and are supported by some great wrestlers who give it 100% and give those people spending their hard earned money the respect of a show that is something to talk about long after it has ended.
Whilst at the British Wrestlers Reunion Karl received an award somewhat to his surprise for his C.W.A. work. Go take a look over on YouTube at him receiving the award from Frank Rimer
So if you are in the area and up for a nights entertainment get to the show and give The C.W.A. and Diabetes UK your support. 
As always things are subject to change but so far the card reads something like this:
CWA Championship
Lazer Lagden vs Darrell Allen
Bacardi vs Jezabeth
8 Man Tag
Big Cat Mafia  
Brad Beck, Tigerdor, Mark Hendry,Panthrax
Tony "Nemesis" Kemp, Mountain Stew, Danny Moroco, Dow Jones
Jonny Storm vs Johnny Kidd
Tag Action
Flying Scotsman vs Sam Irving and Luke Feenan
Submission Match 
Adam Mansfield vs Honest Ernest Sterling
Freddy Cornell vs Lightning Lewis Howley
The Charity Wrestling Alliance video team have been out and about talking to some of the wrestlers. Take a look at whats been said on C.W.A.'s YouTube Channel
Charity Wrestling Alliance returns to Riverside Ice & Leisure Centre on September 6th 2014 supporting Diabetes U.K.

Diabetes UK is the leading charity that cares for, connects with and campaigns on behalf of every person affected by or at risk of diabetes.

There are currently 3.8 million people in the UK with diabetes, including an estimated 850,000 people who have Type 2 diabetes but do not know it.

They help people manage their diabetes effectively by providing information, advice and support.

They campaign with people with diabetes and with healthcare professionals to improve the quality of care across the UK’s health services.

They fund pioneering research into care, cure and prevention for all types of diabetes.

They promise to involve and include people affected by and at risk of diabetes from all kinds of backgrounds in helping them shape their services and work.

They work to prevent the rising number of people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes through risk assessment, early diagnosis, and by communicating how healthy lifestyle choices can help many people avoid or delay its onset.

After the success and sell-out crowd of the last CWA show, along with the positive feedback and interest gained since then. CWA and Riverside Leisure Centre are opening up the entire hall to max capacity.

C.W.A. World Wrestling Champion “The Future of British Wrestling” Lazer Lagden puts the title on the line against the man claiming to be “The Real Future of British Wrestling” Darrell Allen. Jonny Storm returns to C.W.A. and is set to show why he is “One of the Best British Wrestlers of any generation."
The hatred between “CWA Queen B” Bacardi and “The Demonic Diva” Jezabeth has them ready to rip each other to pieces.

Also appearing will be Big Cat Mafia, “Dynamite” Danny Morocco, The Flying Scotsmen, Adam Mansfield, “Honest” Ernest Sterling, “Nemesis” Tony Kemp, and many more. Please join us for an action packed night of Great British Wrestling in support of Diabetes U.K.

Riverside Ice and Leisure Centre, Victoria Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1FG Tel  01245 615050

Please follow us on Twitter  Facebook and on the C.W.A. Website for updates and information.
You can learn more about the work of Diabetes UK by visiting their website unsurprisingly named Diabetes UK

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