Tamis Angels


Published July 2014

Tamis Angels

At events across the country going about their business of escorting fighters to the ring or cage and keeping the punters informed of the next round are the ring or cage girls. This is one such group of people collectively known as 'Tami's Angels' with Chief Angel Tami the founder of the team.
Having never done an interview with such a large group of people I don't know how this will work out so I grabbed my halo and wanted to know such things as 'Are you just eye candy for the lads?'
Personally that works for me but having both been to many shows and been part of The White Collar Fight Club the role of 'The Ring Girl' is both pleasing to the eye and pivitol to the smooth running of the show.
We first saw the Angels in flight at promoter Tyrone Monaghan's Boxing Promotion in Didcot and more recently at Paddy Monghan's 'Night of Unlicensed Fights' which included 3 Bare Knuckle bouts.
A combination of brains and beauty lets have a word with Tami, Adrienne, Cara, Jemma, Katie, Laura and Sophie.
Lets start off with Tami

Q Hi Tami what inspired you to form The Angels?
Tami: After undefeated Bare Knuckle Boxing Champion Paddy Monaghan had been seriously ill his son Tyrone wanted to put on a charity night to raise money for our local hospital, of course I wanted to help in any way I could.  One of the tasks needed was to bring together a few girls who were happy to be ring girls for the evening so I called on a few friends who were happy to help. I brought a few sexy outfits and the Angels were born. The night was a great success and things have just kind of moved on naturally from there. One event turned into two and the ball hasn't stopped rolling! 

After the event we had such fantastic feedback we just carried on. 

Since then the Angels line up has changed slightly but im now very lucky to have 8 beautiful ladies to call Angels and use at different events. 

It was Tyrone Monaghan who coined the name Tami's Angels and it's stuck ever since.  

Q Have you ever done anything like this yourself?
Tami: No not at all.  I'm in awe of the girls they are all very beautiful clever confident women.

My daughter is desperate to join them in the ring but at just 16 needs to wait a few years I think. Once she is older I would have no problem with her joining the Angel ranks.

Q Do you attend any other shows with the girls apart from Tyrone's and if so what ones ?
Tami: Yes we've been asked to do a few. We are attending a charity show in Essex soon (Finleys night) and have also recently joined up with the Oxford Fight Night boys. We are available for any fight nights or promotion work and are happy to travel. 

At present I am over 6 months pregnant so not pushing things too much but I am excited to work with the Angels to build them into a much busier team. 

Can i just say also, the girls are amazing at giving their time for free for charity events and are always happy to help where they  can. 

I wouldn't be able to do what i do without such an amazing group of ladies to call on.

Q You already sponsor fighter Lewis Mackay are there any plans to do the same with any other fighters?
Tami: Indeed there is!! I'm excited to say I am currently talking to 2 other fighters (one Boxer, one Bare Knuckle Boxer ) about sponsoring so keep an eye on the Tami's Angels Facebook page for more info! 
Q What would fight day typically involve for you ?
Tami: Usually lots of running around making sure all the girls have transport, know where they are going and have what they need. I always keep hold of the outfits so it's my fault if anything is missing!  

Once at the venue I always make sure the girls have somewhere private to change and get ready. It's also important that they can have a private chill out area as the nights can get hectic with lots of people wanting to chat to them and have their photos taken. .....even Angels need to rest :-) 

I'm always close by to take lots of photos and make sure everything runs smoothly.  I have to say the girls make my life very easy though as they are all so professional.  

At the end of the night I collect up all the kit and know I have a big wash day coming!!
Q/ What is your usual line of work if any?
Tami: For my day job I am a social worker working with adults with learning disabilities, I am also an ambassador for Ruskin College in Oxford which provides education opportunities to adults who have never finished their education or wish to take it further, both are very rewarding roles but it is great to have the team of Angels to have fun with at the weekends.
Thank you Tami and now for the girls.
Tamis Angels
Tami center with some of the Angels at Tyrone Monaghans Boxing Promotion
Q Ladies can I ask you how you came to join The Team and why?  
Adrienne: A friend introduced me to Tami who was looking for ring girls at the time. I jumped at the chance as I had been interested in doing ring girl work but didn't know where to start.
Cara: A ring girl job came up, I applied for it with the Amazon Girls and I got the job, since then i have been with them, my boss introduced me to the lovely Tami :) as she needed extra ring girls.
Jemma: Tami put up a post on Facebook for ring girl auditions so I applied as I wanted to previously but there was no space. I've always wanted to be involved with stuff like this, I done car club promotions a couple years ago. 
Katie:  I went to one of the prize fighters nights and asked if they needed another girl as I have done it for another club before and enjoyed doing it and luckily they did need another girl.
Laura: I'd never thought about doing something like that but I was going to come and watch a friend who had a fight planned, he suggested I'd make an excellent ring girl and this would get me the best view! He put me in touch with Tami and she gave me my Angel wings! 
Sophie: I had always been interested and have done previous modelling and just so happened Tami was looking for a ring girl and I was delighted to join the Angels.
Q Ring/Cage Girls add to the show but are they just eye candy for the mostly male crowd?  
Adrienne: Fair point, I have no problem with the term 'eye candy' as I know I am more than that in my day to day life. At 32 I feel lucky to be in the position I am in and to get this opportunity alone. I just don't like the stereotype mind that may think I am just a dolly bird and walking round a ring is all I do or all I am good for.
Cara: Haa! I am not going to lie probably yes! it just brings a bit of glam and fun to the ring and not just sweaty boxing guys in shorts!
Jemma: The males do love the girls but were more than that, we do help with the running of the night doing raffles etc. Going into the ring before each round gets the crowds a bit more lively for the fights :) 
Katie: I think the males do enjoy having the ring girls at the shows makes it all a bit more entertaining
Laura: Of course! But mostly not just. It's nice to add a feminine element to such a " mans sport " and Tami seems to get really nice comments from the ladies too. It's good to add a bit of glamour as a contrast.
The Angels with Dave Courtney at Paddy Monaghans A Night Of Unlicensed Fights
Q What would fight day typically involve for you? 
Adrienne: Tanning, moisturising, hair, nails, make up, shaving and being beside my fighter partner to support him. I have become his luck charm (in his eyes) and he likes me to be with him pre-fight.
Cara: Its so sociable doing these types of events, when we arrive we all get together, get changed have a laugh then we mingle with the crowds, watch the fights and get up after the rounds and do our thing!!
Jemma: Fights days are just like normal days with just a bit more preparation! Tan, nails, hair and makeup!  I always eat less and more healthy on fight days though so I am not bloated in the ring lol. 
Katie: Fight day is pretty much a normal day I go to work do all my normal things and in the evening I get glammed up and ready for the show.
Laura: A good few nerves and a bit of extra effort on my appearance. Now I have my own fighter to support too so I'm more nervous about his fight now than the fear of the hot pants!
Sophie: Fight day would typically involve getting stuff organised i.e. outfit, shoes and travel and finally having plenty of time to get ready ...
Q When not in the ring what is your usual line of work if any? 
Adrienne: I am a legal secretary working in litigation (matrimonial and personal injury cases) and I run/own a local pole dancing school (Dance Inspires) and we also have a burlesque troop available for shows etc.
Cara: I am a hairdresser Tuesday to Friday, i then run the shop floor of new look retail shop on a Sunday, the Monday i am just management at New Look.
Jemma: I have two little girls so I am not working at the moment but I am a beautician/nail technician by trade so I do some treatments from home.
Katie: My everyday job is riding race horses (Jockey).
Laura: I work as a dental nurse.
Sophie: I am currently looking for work but do the odd shift in the local pub.
Tamis AngelsQ Have you ever done cage girl work and would you like to if not? 
Adrienne: I haven't, I would like to but not sure my partner would like me moving from the ring to the cages so I will stick to the ring. Plus I am now 6 months pregnant so not really doing anything along these lines.
Cara: I have never, looks a  bit scary but would love to try it out.
Jemma: The last fight night was my first ever fight night I have done. Definitely going to be doing more of it :).
Katie: I haven't ever been a cage girl but defiantly would give it a go have been and supported friends at cage events brilliant atmosphere.
Laura: I've never done cage girl but I'd definitely give it a go.
Sophie: I done my first event in the ring back in July and cant wait for my next event in September. 
Q How did it feel the first time you stepped in the ring. Was it exciting or horrendous and have you done anything embarrassing for example trip over the ropes? 
Adrienne: First time I walked around the ring, was within hours of meeting my partners family for the first time. We had just been to a family wedding and I was pretty shy and reserved at the wedding, next thing I am in the ring in my gear and all the family were there to support my partner with his fight. I found that more nerve wrecking than anything. Just two things come to mind when I think about embarrassing moments: my dolly shoe got pulled off by the ropes as I stepped into the ring (I managed to shuffle my foot back into it) and secondly forgetting to shave under my arms on the day and only realising the same minutes before getting into the ring! They weren't bushy but I was conscious of it and luckily the ceiling at the venue wasn't so high which meant I could hold the number board a bit lower and conceal my pits.
Cara: Haaa no not yet ! probably jinxed myself now! first time was absolutely terrifying, i wasn't a confident person before doing this line of work, I felt sick on my first event and had loads of butterflies in my tummy, now i don't get scared and i am more confident in myself now :).

Jemma: The first round is definitely the most nerve wracking but once you're in there its such an adrenaline rush especially when the crowds shouting! You do worry every time if you are going to get stuck in the ropes though lol nothings happened like that so far though! 
Katie: I did get a little bit nervous the first ever time I went in the ring but as long as you have good support from the other girls its fine. Luckily I have never tripped or fallen over in the ring.
Laura: Haha I was terrified, shaking my ass off. Still am but after a couple of turns round the ring I usually relax into it. That is the first piece of advice I'd offer to any new girl - think about your following foot as you climb in.
Sophie: My first time stepping in the ring was nerve racking but I absolutely loved it and straight away had the bug for it. No embarrassing moments to date.

Last one.

Q Are you Angels or Devils outside the ring? 
Adrienne: I can only be an Angel from now on with baby due in November. I don't want to do anything that will cause problems for my baby when he is growing up. The limitations on pregnancy make me think about things I can't do at the moment and I am feeling like a devil and wanting to take on fights myself. I have no boxing training though, just martial arts so maybe I will make a comeback next year.
Cara: I am an Angel most the time :) well it depends what mood i am in and if someones upset me !!
Jemma: Definitely an Angel with a little Devil inside ;)
Katie: I'm both I can be an Angel but when I want to be a Devil I will be one of them as well.
Laura: 90% Angel of course ;-)
Sophie: Am I an Angel or a Devil well you would have to keep thinking too yourselves. . . I reveal no secrets.

Don't think you are getting away with this one Tami.

Q Are you an Angel or Devil outside of show time?
Tami: Of course I'm an Angel just like the rest if the girls but life would be pretty boring without a little touch if Devil from time to time ;-)
Thank you Tami and girls for taking the time out to answer my questions.
A pretty mixed bunch and not just pretty faces. If you would like The Angels at your show you can contact Tami on  Facebook
I would also like to thank anyone who's photos I have used and if you are a fighter and would like to fight on Tyrone's Show or Bare Knuckle Boxing World Champion Paddy Monaghan's you can contact Tyrone Monaghan on his Facebook page for information 
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