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Published August 2012
Wrestlers ReunionThe 21st British Wrestlers Reunion was this year held on August 12th 2012 and has been held every second week of August for 21 years. The event is an annual gathering of British Wrestlers past and present which is held in The Bridges pub which is located in Horton Kirby, South Darenth in Kent by former Heavyweight Wrestler Wayne Bridges and Body Builder wife Sarah Bridges. 
The day organized by Joe D'Orazio ( Founder and Life President), Frank Rimer, Wayne Bridges, Sarah Bridges, and Secretary :Jo Huckle and to make things extra special this year it is the reunions 21st Anniversary. 
The event is open to Wrestlers, Corner Men, Referees in fact everyone and is open to members of the public who want to come along and celebrate the glory days of wrestling. The price for the day? Not a penny. The 1st Reunion was held at the death of wrestler Catweasle and was a much more private affair but was to gain momentum turning into the event it is now, so if you haven't been already mark it on your calendar. 
The day started with people meeting with old friends and making new ones while music was played by DJ David Bowles with live cabaret from Soul Motown. Sadly due to the Olympic Games flight prices had rocketed and scarce making it impossible for wrestlers living abroad to attend this year. Mick McManus a regular to the Reunion was also absent due to bad health we wish him a quick recovery. 
The awards ceremony presented by Frank Rimer took place next with awards being presented to some of the wrestlers among the now substantial audience to honour the legends for all there work. A tinge of sadness was noticeable in the gathered Wrestlers, Wrestlers Families and Friends when the Ten Bell Count took place to Honour those passed away from the wrestlers number. Next No Nonsense took the stage while the buffet was opened which was perfectly timed feeding everyone enjoying the day. For us attending our first reunion A lovely old pub set in a picturesque area towered over by a viaduct with friendly people had to be one of the best ways we could think of to spend a Sunday afternoon. I'm not sure how they arranged it but even our unpredictable weather obliged with glorious sunshine. In attendance was Channel 4s Knight family who both received achievement awards for all there work over the years. There show has shown how hard Brit Wrestling has suffered since World of Sport left our TV screens. Hopefully it will help in revitalising Wrestling in the UK.
Frank Rimer who is one of the organizers is a big name in the UK Wrestling World. He used to own Dropkixx Wrestling Academy until he retired and sold it to UK Wrestler Jon (The Don) Ritchie who is the son of legend wrestler John Hall and still runs it today.
Also in attendance were Bob Anthony, Jack Armstrong, Sanjay Bagga, Peter Baines, Steve Barker, Bobby Barnes, Blondie Barratt, Tony Bates, Freddie Bentley, Sarah Bridges, Wayne Bridges, Lee Bronson, Brian Burgess, Tony Cassio, Roger Castle, Yorghos Christopoulos, Scott Conway, Barry Cooper, Joe Cornelius, Joe D'Orazio, Ian Dowland, Paul Duval, Steve Grey, John Hall, Karl Heinz, Barry Howard, John Hurley, Keith 'Hurricane' Haward, Colin Joynson, Harry Kendall, Johnny Kidd, Johnny Kincaid, Bob Kirkwood, Alan Kitto, Ricky Knight, Billy La Rue, Steve Lee Curtis, Robin Lekime, Ray Luxford, Steve Lynskey, Ian Muir, Keith Myatt, Jimmy Ocean, Ray Plunkett, Lex Pollock, Dave Prowse, Sean Regan, Kevin Richmond, Frank Rimer, Jon Ritchie, Pete Roberts, Jack Robinson, Lloyd Ryan, Johnny Saint, Mal Sanders, Rik Sands, Alan Sargeant, Joey Scarlo, Ricky Scarlo, Tony Scarlo, Steve Serene, Bobby Stafford, Sweet Saraya, Roy St Clair, Tommy Stewart, Mel Stuart, Jimmy Sullivan, Peter Szakacs, Tom Thumb, Jackie Turpin, Tom Tyrone, Tony Walsh, Jimmy West, Micky West, Tony White please accept apologies if I have missed you off the list.We spoke to many people there and all said the wrestling days were the best days of there life. Please watch all the videos of the day and visit the reunion website for details of future events.
Below we have some videos with some of the wrestlers attending the Reunion plus one with a Fan from Japan and we also spoke to The St Johns Medic who was covering the day and giving valuable help where needed.
Details of both reunions can be found at the bottom of the page

British Wrestlers Reunion 2012 Awards And Ten Bells

The British Wrestlers Reunion ( Leeds)
Oulton Institute
5 Quarry Hill
West Yorkshire
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Tel: 0113 282 5518
The British Wrestlers Reunion ( Kent )
The Bridges Public House
 Horton Road
 South Darenth
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 Tel: 01322 860588.
2nd Sunday In August 2012

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