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Published July 2015

For anyone that does not know Charlie changed his name to Salvador. The appeal Fund page also concentrates more now on his art work which if you have not seen already is interesting, amusing and sometime a bit of sarcasm and irony is included. Will give you something to think about for certain. This page is not connected to the official pages in anyway apart from a common cause and if you decide to purchase anything from 'Charlie' please do so only from the address above. Alternatively join 'In Charlie's Corner' on Facebook as your source for genuine information.

Born 6 December 1952 in Luton, Michael Gordon Peterson,the middle of three sons of Eira and Joe Peterson, who would later run the Conservative club in Aberystwyth. Charlie's uncle and aunt were mayor and mayoress of the town in the 1960#s and 1970's. Charlie has never officially changed his name by deed poll. He took the name 'Charles Bronson' in 1989 for his unlicensed boxing fights(on the suggestion of his boxing promoter Paul Edmunds) but it was never changed legally.

Charlie married in December 1970 to Irene. They married at Chester Register Office and had one son, Michael, born in 1971. They later divorced, in 1975. Charlie was first imprisoned in 1974, (aged 22) sentenced to seven years for an armed robbery at a Post Office in Little Sutton, a suburb of Ellesmere Port, during which he stole a small amount. His sentence was repeatedly extended for crimes committed within prison as Charlie fought against the system. Contrary to popular belief, Charlie has never harmed anyone outside of the prison walls. He has never taken a life. He has spent a total of just four months and nine days out of custody since 1974. He was released on 30 October 1987 and spent sixty-nine days as a free man before being arrested for suspected armed robbery. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 7 years. He was released again on 9 November 1992, spending fifty-three days as a free man before being arrested for conspiracy to rob, and possession of firearm. He received 8 years. In 1999, he took Phil Danielson, an Art Teacher hostage at Hull prison. Charlie has stated he did this as he was in fear for his own life and acting under duress. Despite escaping the more serious charges in his trial, he was sentenced to Life with a recommended three year tariff in 2000. These types of IPP ('Indeterminate for the protection of the Public') have now been ruled illegal by the European Court of Human Rights.

In 2001, while imprisoned at H.M.P. Woodhill he married Fatema Saira Rehman, a Bangladeshi-born divorcee. For a short time, Charlie converted to Islam and wished to be known as Charles Ali Ahmed. After four years he and Rehman divorced and Charlie renounced the faith. It was later discovered that the marriage was null and void as Charlie had married using the name 'Charlie Bronson' which is not legally recognised as his name. Additionally, an Imam was not present, which is required in the Islamic faith.

In December 2010 Charlie announced that he was engaged to a young lady, although he has stated that he had no intention of marrying whilst he was still in the 'cages' of the prison system.

On 1st September 2014, Charlie changed his name officially by deed poll, to Charlie Arthur Salvador. On this historic day he was also on trial at Amersham Court for A.B.H. against Woodhill Governor Parkin. This arose from an incident in February 2014 when Charlie had his mail withheld and his art stopped whilst at Woodhill Prison. It was subsequently revealed that Woodhill Prison had a substantial amount of post dating back to 2010,that they had withheld. Charlie was given 2 years.

Charlie is still a Cat A prisoner, kept in solitary confinement conditions. he is allowed out to exercise and collect his food only.
Charlie Salvador (Bronson)
If anyone is planning to write to him, please address your mail to:

Charles Salvador (A8076AG)

Wakefield Prison

5 Love Lane


West Yorkshire


Please also be aware of things he may or may not have sent to him. You can always find out what you may send by taking a lo this link.

What should be remembered if writing or sending something for Charlie.

Any cash/cheque or postal order must be sent to the prison governor. in this case Mr David Harding at the same address. Cheques and Postal Orders made out to Noms Agency with Charlie's name and prison number on the back. Also you must put your name and address on the back, personally I always write Charlie's name and number on the envelope when it is sent to Mr Harding. Please Note Charlie Hates Cheques So It Is Easier And Cheaper To Staple A note To His Letter.

Charlie has plenty of envelopes but stamps are always welcome.

If you would like a response and there is no guarantee you will, it will certainly be easier if you enclose a stamped and self addressed envelope as the cost of these would have to come out of his limited funds.

When writing please make sure you put the correct postage on the envelope otherwise it will cost Charlie a pound plus the difference to collect it.


In Charlie's Corner
Charlie has decided for his own reason to shut his facebook page. Please continue to support him in anyway you can.
15th May 2016
From The Official Charlie Salvador Page: 
Charlie has received both his monthly CSC report and his annual planning report from H.M.P. He has had no warnings or adjudications for the past 12 months. The annual report comments on his parole hearing, which was held in open conditions (almost unheard of for someone on the CSC), and confirms the next proposed move for Charlie is to Woodhill. Let's hope he can progress in AND out of there as fast as possible. The comments from his Offender Manager were incredibly positive, mentioning the trust placed in him in having an open meeting - as well as how well Charlie presented himself to the Board, answering questions respectfully and with purpose. Hopefully the move will happen any day now. We will advise everyone when this happens.

2nd December 2015
The Mirror is carrying a story about Charlie winning a fortune having placed a bet on Fury to win against Klitschko. Just to set the record straight he did win the bet against one of his friends but a fortune it was not. Having donated a piece of art to be auctioned after a young lad with a disability was dragged into a alley and robbed of his wallet and phone you may have thought the £500 that was raised may have been news worthy but it seems not.
29th November 2015
This story was first printed in the Kent Online website on 19th November and concerned an attack on a disabled young fella in the Medway Towns while he was waiting for a bus.
A vulnerable disabled man was viciously attacked and mugged as he waited for a bus in a busy road in Chatham. Bradley Hannan was set upon by a thug as he stood in Luton Road in the middle of the afternoon. Mr Hannan, who weighs just six stone, was brutally punched in the head and had his wallet and phone stolen. The 29-year-old had been waiting for a bus near the May Moon Chinese takeaway at about 3.30pm when he was dragged into an alleyway and punched by the assailant. Mr Hannan, who has previously battled three brain tumours, had been volunteering all day at Medway Maritime Hospital and had been making his way home when he was assaulted.
On reading this Charlie has put a piece of his art work up for auction to raise money to get the lad a new phone.
This was posted on his webpage
We are auctioning a large A3 original piece of art, with all proceeds to go to disabled lad Bradley Hannan, who was assaulted and mugged. Charlie said of the sale "...all day long for Bradley. Fantastic. A good A3 that one too. Lots in it. Brave bastards picking on him, eh? 6 stone. It's a sick old world out there.' Charlie also sent me a card and signed photo, which has been posted to Bradley. In the meantime, if anyone would like to bid on the art for sale, with all proceeds, to go to Bradley

29th October 2015
Was pleased to read that Charlie, Rod and In Charlie's Corner are going to be supporting The Academy of Hard Knocks in 2016.  This great cause needs all the help it can get I can't thank everyone enough

15th October 2015
This was posted in The Corner by Rod from Charlie

This is going to come as a shock to all, but this month, October, will be the last time I have visits or phone calls. I am about to go back into my own world, my reasons are simple.
I am being pushed and pushed, my visits are now back in a cage, behind bars (for no reason) and my phone calls are being monitored, taped and analysed. I only have to say one word these think is wrong and I’m cut off.

This week one of my callers said something in a joke and it was taken out of context. Next day I’ve got security at my door telling me about it.

So I’ve weighed it all up and decided it’s now best I cut off for a few years. The last time I did this, I went 5 yrs without visits and calls. It seems a bit extreme, but it’s really a good way of coming to terms with the reality of what life’s all about in these max secure dustbins of the penal institutions. I said from day one all the decades back that they can do what the fuck they want with me, but they don’t ever fuck with my family or close friends. (Now it’s started) my visitors are being seriously abused and it stops now.

I have 4 visits this month and ill treasure each one. My first visit is with Dawn and Linda my two loyal friends who i'll miss dearly we always have a laugh and a sing-song. Then it’s my old buddy Mark Williams and Nikki, two diamonds. Then it’s my old friend Mark Sharman and his lovely wife Sandra, the sad thing about this visit, we had been waiting 10 yrs for an open visit so I could give him an arm wrestle, now it’s back in the zoo room. Last is my brother and best pal Rod Harrison and the lovely Linda. I’ll miss them a lot.

As for mail, I am also cutting back on that so if you don’t get a reply, it’s not that I’m being ignorant, it’s simply I’ve little to say. I’ll be keeping in touch by mail with only a handful of very close friends and of course, my old Duchess. And that’s my decision.

I respect everything and everybody in the corner and most will understand and realise why I’ve take this drastic action. It is what it is. I can’t live my life being controlled and analysed with everything I say. It will be less stressful for me, less complicated and so much easier. Whether it goes on for years is really up to these control freaks .My life inside has to change drastically before I ever agree to have visit s or calls again, my gut feeling is years, maybe forever but I’m prepared for that. I actually believe, when I see my mum for the last time made up my mind. Then I was soon to switch off Sometimes in all our lives, we have to change direction and make a new pathway.

Another thing that’s caused this frame of mind I’m in is being told again there’s no hope of a fresh appeal, Mr Joe Stone Q.C. is the best in the U.K. so if he says there’s no chance, believe me there is no hope. So I’m stuck with a life sentence, my only way out is parole and that’s so far away I truly no longer even think about it.

This is now, today and fuck tomorrow. I continue to survive the best and only way I can, alone but never lonely.

There will be one more book, my final one, which is 90% completed. It called Hang the Bastards. Rod Harrison will be turning that into a best seller. I suppose in a way that is my final gift to your world.

Over the years, I can say with pride, with all the people I’ve helped through some bad times, it’s estimated I’ve raised well over ¼ million through my art alone. So I’m proud of that, but even that makes the prison bosses want to stop it. Some jails even stop me doing my art and posting it out. That’s how insane these low life worms are, I can’t do right for doing wrong. Then you get the mugs saying he's only helping to get parole. I say to all these rats go and fuck yourselves.

For me this chapter of my life is over, as from 1st November it’s a brand new page, it feels right, I feel good and ready for whatever comes my way. I truly don’t give a fuck if it all ends up in a straight jacket or a party hat.

My journey is like no other you know of. I wouldn’t change for anybodies. I have no regrets, only missing out on the Strangeways Riot. Apart from that, the world can kiss my arse.

My respect to all the wonderful people who stood strong. My corner is and always will be a massive part of my journey.

Adios amigos
Charles Arthur Salvador

22nd September 2015
Nice piece in the Mirror about Charlie or more importantly about the little girl he sent a picture. The father of 5 months old Jessica Birtwistle who has got to go into hospital for a major operation on her heart, in actual fact to have her heart rebuilt, asked friend of Charlie's if he would send the little girl a message as he felt that with Charlie being 'The Worlds Greatest Fighter' having been fighting the system for 40 years it may give the little girl some luck. Read about Jessica and what Charlie did here in the Mirror
14th August 2015
There has been a turn around and Charlie has been granted a parole hearing after his many family and friends put pen to paper and complained how he was not allowed to attend his last one. The powers that be just went ahead without him which was against his wishes and not legal. In a phone call to Rod, he has a bit to say on the subject. Here is the phone call between Rod and Charlie as posted on Charlie's Facebook Page 'In Charlie's Corner'.
31st July 2015
Posted by Rod on Facebook group 'In Charlie's Corner' a message he received from Charlie to the group
Message from Charlie "thanks for all the envelopes and paper I have it stacked up to the ceiling will soon need two cells so if you could hold off sending any more till further notice " stamps are still appreciated .respect to all in the corner your old china Charlie
19th July 2015
Couple of the lads walked from their homes some miles away to Charlie's Prison this is what Rod wrote about their reception
I would like to thank all who turned up including the 6 police officers 4 police cars and one helicopter you made our day and when the officer in charge said do you support Mr Bronson looking at the tee shirts and banner I knew he was a Sharp one thanks for the support will not put up your numbers but you know who you are thanks xx But most of all Andy and Mikey for there long walk please donate to Andy's giving page please xx

12th June 2015
Time for an update to what is happening in Charlie's world. Sadly all appeals have been exhausted and his parole hearing, held in his absence, has decided that he will not be up for another hearing until 2017. But there are things you can do to help.
  1. Keeping the public in the loop so that they know of his situation.
  2. The newspapers can't be relied on to be anything like honest when they have something to say about him. Do not participate in helping to spread the lies by sharing them on Facebook.
  3. Keep the powers that be aware that we are watching by contacting MP's and pretty much anyone you can think of.
  4. Write to Charlie, everyone likes to receive a letter, but please enclose a self addressed and stamped envelope if you are hoping for a reply. Please remember he receives a large amount of mail and may not reply. That doesn't mean he won't reply in the future so write again. It is all about making his life a little better and not just to get a letter from him.
  5. Send a couple of pound. This will go into his canteen money which he can use to buy materials for his art and for phone calls etc. Remember he can only spend £24 a week which is spent in the prison "shop" at full retail price.
Important Bit

It is a prison you can not send anything you want to him. If it is not allowed he will not receive it and will not be told about it. So check what you may or may not send before you do so. You can keep up to date and ask any questions you need to ask 'In Charlie's Corner' on Facebook. Run by top man Rod Harrison this is a reliable source of information and only information on 'In Charlie's Corner' can be taken as gospel.

21st March 2015

Charlie's Final Appeal

Recently Charlie had his case looked at by the powers that be and unsurprisingly they rejected it. Now when you think that Charlie has spent an unbelievable 40 years in custody you need to be very afraid. No one is saying he has done nothing and no one is saying there should not be a consequence of actions but before you go away thinking it serves him right be aware he has killed no one, he is not a sex offender or a terrorist so ask yourself if they can do it too him why can't they do it to me or a family member of yours because believe me Charlie is not the only person this is happening too. This what the man himself had to say during a visit from two of his friends.

Beast of Insanity
25th January 2015
On Wednesday 21st January, at approximately 4 pm, a piece of art being shown at the 'Death of Bronson' exhibition was stolen from the Apiary Studios, Hackney, London.
The piece in question is titled 'The Beast of Insanity' and is a long piece mounted on hard board. The piece has now been registered with the Art Loss Register and all auction houses have been informed. If anyone sees this piece for sale, or is offered this piece, we would ask them to contact the Police immediately.
Charlie Book

Charlie's Book

14th December 2014
Charlie's new book! It isn't available in any shops until January and no other outlet will be selling signed copies. Ours are signed by both authors (Charlie's via a label) and the book is not available for general sale until January 2015.
Get your signed copy here. ALL proceeds go to Charlie's legal fund.…/ 'broadmo…/9072042

5th November 2014
Bit of good news: Charlie just spoke to his fiance and he now has a TV,as well as his art materials AND his clothing back. One box of property has gone astray but Wakefield are looking into this. He is going to watch 'Broadmoor' tonight, as he has heard a lot about it, and obviously with his new book coming out in January, is very interested in it. Hopefully things can start to settle now and we'll hear news soon from the CCRC about Charlie's appeal.

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