The Future of Heavyweight Boxing


Published October 2013
Fury HayeFor many years now the Elite Boxing Heavyweight Division has been under heavy criticism for its alleged lack of talent.

Most agree Lennox Lewis was the last great heavyweight, so what's in store for its future and who is going to be its next star?

The big focus has been on the Tyson Fury vs David Haye fight which has been postponed until next year because just before their scheduled bout, Haye suffered an injury to his eye.

At their press conference Fury, 25, from Manchester seemed to Velasqez. He has also called for Lewis to come out of retirement and regulary tweets Matchroom boss constantly disrespect Haye, 33, from Bermondsey, London.

Fury is well known for expressing his opinions via social media site Twitter.

In the last six months he has tweeted U.F.C. President Dana White saying he would beat U.F.C. Heavyweight Champ Cain. He has also called for Lewis to come out of retirement and regularly tweets Matchroom boss  EddiTalk Sport Radioe Hearn with comments about his good looks.

Both Hearn and Lewis appeared on Talksports Fight Club show recently which is presented by Gareth A Davies, who spoke to both Lewis and Hearn about Fury.

Lewis said:

"Who is Tyson Fury. This guy needs to show respect to his peers. He cannot just call me out when he has not even competed at my level yet. I am an old man but if I put my gloves on now I would still knock him out"

Hearn added:

" I think Peter Fury should just get Tyson to tone it down. Boxing is a professional and respectful business and we all need to show respect. Sometimes when Tyson starts talking on TV you just cringe and want him to stop talking."

Lewis is now starting a website in search of new talent in the heavyweight division.

He said:

"We want big young guEddie Herny's to send us videos of them training and boxing. 

We will get them under proper training with proper management so we can guide them through their career."

Hearn didn't think Lewis's search would be that easy.

He said:

"I do not think this idea will work. It's been tried time and time again by many different people. I am not saying there is no chance he will succeed but it will be very difficult."

Hearn has heavyweight Olympic boxer Anthony Joshua under his management and although he's only had one pro fight he's an exciting prospect.

However, as we have seen in the past with Audley Harrison the story doesn't always end well.

Hearn's had his fair share of criticism over the years which has mainly been aimed at him only succeeding because of who his father is.  Lennox Lewis

Barry Hearn has been dubbed, and many would say rightly so, the most powerful man in the sporting world - but Hearn Junior has worked very hard with his Prizefighter shows and management of his fighters.

The shows have been very successful and he's made a name for himself and seems to take any criticism with a pinch of salt.

So with Lewis and Hearn potentially revitalising the heavyweight division - could we see some rising stars over the next few years?

For now we will have to settle for the Haye vs Fury fight. Haye has been fairly quieter about this bout than he usually is.

Fury has something about him which is likeable but as Hearn Jnr said about him - sometimes he just makes you want to cringe.

Fury is a good prospect but I feel if he just calmed himself down and concentrated on Haye rather than provoking people like Lewis, he could do very well, after all, he is the favourite.

I'd like to see him win and gain the support of the country for a possible future fight with Klitschko.

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