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Published October 2013

The Infamous Informer Aka Michael Grant is one of two great bloggers we are lucky enough to have here on Cage Amateurs UK. With his weekly view of the W.W.E. along with The Jobber Blogger who writes about T.N.A. Wrestling these guys have kept the wrestling section of the website going.
So rather than let them hide away behind the blogsphere I thought I would invite them to talk about themselves. Both with an identical set of questions I am looking forward to learning a little more about the people behind their alter ego's of The Infamous Informer and The Jobber Blogger.
So remember you can catch the Infamous Informer on every week over here on Cage Amateurs UK or if you can't wait you can find Michael in one of his many places around the internet. I'll give all the info at the end of the interview.
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Q: How did the Infamous Informer come into being?

A: It all started in 1995, its no secret that I am a hip hop fanatic. In that year Mobb Deep released an album called The Infamous its considered a classic by hip hop fans. I was 15. I developed a reputation in school for being one of the best players at Street Fighter II. All comers used to challenge me at the arcades and I would whupp their @$... I got The Infamous name from that, and it all came together. When the Smack Talk Centre launched in 2010 by my long-time friend Jamie Shields, we already had a common interest in W.W.E. I began to do video blogs for the group in my own style, very different to how other video bloggers do on YouTube. You would usually hear an English dude or an American dude rant on video but you never heard somebody with a Jamaican descent talk wrestling on camera and it was Jamie who added Informer to the name and it just sounded perfectly.

Q: What was the reason you chose W.W.E. over the T.N.A.

A: W.W.E. is like the premier league of wrestling, or the mainstream side of pro wrestling.That's the mentality I have. I've grown up watching W.W.E. near enough all my life. I never really got into the W.C.W. or the E.C.W., but I was aware of certain stars from those promotions and I thought they would be great in W.W.E. As far as T.N.A., in the early days all I heard were stars continuously talking negative about the W.W.E., meanwhile W.W.E. was just concentrating on doing their own thing. I saw that W.W.E. were the bigger man and just ignored all their attacks. One day T.N.A. was on over at a friends house, I saw a female wrestler named O.D.B. and the hip hop head in me was offended because O Dirty Bastard had already passed away, I'm guessing that O.D.B. the wrestler was paying homage, but I didn't see it that way. So I became ignorant to T.N.A. and always seen it as the inferior product. I have very little knowledge on the T.N.A. compared to the W.W.E. so Id rather stick to what I know. Lately I have opened up to T.N.A. a little bit, only because I like the knockouts division and T.N.A.s knockouts only Pay Per View, they appreciate the women at lot more than the W.W.E. in terms of wrestling skill.

Q: Running a website ourselves it can be hard work but usually we don't have a tight time restraint where as your blogs are weekly. What made you choose a weekly look at things rather than a site about the W.W.E.

A: I guess its not that I chose a weekly look at things, rather the weekly look chose me! I like writing; I have taken up a course in Journalism at the University of Wolverhampton. I understand you loud and clear  keeping up a website is hard work I have my own website RePPiN4U: Represent The Real Hip Hop where it is primarily hip hop based but there is an exclusive column for Raw, any special Smack Down episodes and I have recently started writing weekly blogs for Total Divas. I wished I can put in more work into my website but its just not possible with other commitments. I guess the main reason is my loyalty to Smack Talk Centre and Power bomb Pro Wrestling News, people like to read my blogs every week and I feel that if miss a week, I would be letting my peoples down unless its circumstances beyond my control. The other reason is I just love doing it knowing that I am entertaining my readers.

Q: Have you read our other Top Blogger the Jobber Blogger who we are lucky enough to have on Cage Amateurs UK and what do you think of his view of things T.N.A.?

 A: Considering that I am not a T.N.A. fan, yes I have checked out the Jobber Blogger. The main difference between his and my blogs is he goes in-depth with each wrestling match. I don't - I focus more on the sports entertainment side of things. I have mad respect for him for two reasons  One, he really studies each match and he caters for the hardcore wrestling fan that likes all other promotions. Two, I have heard of the current state of T.N.A. and I hear the Jobber Bloggers frustration in some of his blogs. Even though T.N.A. appears to be in a lot of trouble, I sincerely hope they pull through and make a comeback strong enough to compete with W.W.E. If W.W.E. thrives on something it is rivalry and competition.That's what W.W.E. needs to get back to its very best.

Q: It's obvious by the quality of your work you take things seriously how you go about doing your reviews. As in do you watch the program, sit and think about it or is there no formal planning?

A: A typical Monday night goes like this: At midnight before Raw starts I set up the blog and come with a creative intro. Then Ill announce Raw episode whatever, the idea is to get the reader hype about reading the blog, just as they get excited about to watch wrestling. I usually watch live and write at the same time. Its not easy I can tell you that. When a W.W.E. superstar I don't like comes out to wrestle, I usually head to the kitchen and get my pudding on. I like to got my chocolate/treacle/strawberry pudding on with custard as I'm watching Raw! Any segment that makes me laugh or provokes some sort of reaction, that will be expressed in the blog. When the commercial breaks come on, that's my chance to get the most information in. After Raw ends, its about 4.15 am. Everyone that has watched live in the UK goes to their bed, but I'm still up putting the finishing touches to the blog. I want my readers to understand that I'm writing these blogs early hours in the morning, and I don't end up going to bed til about nearly an hour later. If watching live is just not possible for whatever reason, I write the blog the next day based on what I see on Just remind me to turn off my Facebook while writing because guaranteed somebody will pop up in my inbox not saying anything important!

Q: How do you feel about people saying it's not real? Falling getting thrown out of the ring is going to hurt.

A: I say I agree! Its not real just like Eastenders, Coronation Street, the films they watch, and you see them getting all worked up and updating their Facebook about it. The worst thing is The X Factor, they don't vote for their favourite singer, they don't pick up the phone, and if their favourite gets knocked out the competition and somebody they hate is still in, what do they do? Update their Twitter or Facebook. If anything, those who say wrestling isn't real are more ignorant. It gets worse than that  their kids end up watching wrestling, even though W.W.E. warns them not to try this at home, they do it anyway, and they get hurt.  I once ring announced for a wrestling show before I actually picked up a steel chair. Those things are heavier than you think. So when the wrestlers swing those things and hit each other in the head or the back, sure they know how to fall and all that but it still hurts. The hazards are real these W.W.E./T.N.A. stars practice these wrestling moves on a regular basis and they can still get injured at any time.

Q. What do you feel about the W.W.E. and as it stands today?

BDSIRA. The W.W.E. is picking back up the pace and getting back to its best I feel. Its been doing that since Linda McMahon lost the election last year. I've been watching the W.W.E. since the Hogan era right through to Bret Hart, through to Austin & The Rock, to Brock Lesnar, to John Cena and now Daniel Bryan. And even though the Attitude era gave me and my family the most jokes and entertainment, W.W.E. has been doing that in the Hogan Era so to those fans who want the attitude era back, I say stop living in the past, its always going forward never backward, as we do in life we move forward. Those stars in the Attitude era have all grown old, retired or moved on to become movie stars; some have become mothers and so on. W.W.E. has been making me laugh throughout; I always look at the positive side of things. Since Linda lost, what has happened? We have the Shield. CM Punk,The Rock,Triple H etc have been using colourful language. Story lines have become edgier. We have the Wyatt Family. A bunch of deranged guys who could never see the W.W.E. lights while Linda was running for senate. Best of all, Triple H has acquired more power as the C.O.O. I'm not talking story line, I'm talking real life. That man knows whats good for business, as someone who has studied the game. He knows what the fans want. Back in the day I saw Triple has a conniving brute marrying himself into the McMahon family, but since he got that position, I have seen nothing but good, things that even Vince McMahon was unable to do. He got Bruno Sammartino into the Hall Of Fame. The Ultimate Warrior is featured in the new video game, new up and coming stars and existing stars now use the W.W.E. performance centre to hone their skills. All from the brainchild of Triple H. Someone I used to˜hate as a wrestler 13 years ago, but now I cannot praise him enough.

Q. If you were given control of the W.W.E. today what would you change or do different?

A. After praising Triple H, there are still things I would do to iron out! I mentioned T.N.As knockouts division earlier and I said that they are better than the W.W.E. divas division. That's the first thing I would fix up. I would make that Divas title more meaningful, have the divas compete in Money In The Bank matches, instead of a ladder, have a pole in one corner with a handbag on top. I would have a Divas Royal Rumble; the winner goes to Wrestle Mania and challenge the Divas champion. I would reduce the P.P.V.s, and bring back King of the Ring and have a Queen of the Ring as well, with the winner going to Summer slam to challenge the champion. This way the story lines and rivalries have a better build up and anticipation. As Wrestle Mania XXX is coming up, if Dixie Carter is all for the crossover promotion, why not do it? The fans would always wonder who would win between AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe and Randy Orton, Sting and The Undertaker. The buy rates would be insane and it would be good exposure for T.N.A. One other thing: Hire Bruce Buffer as the ring announcer. I think he is the best announcer today. That man has me so alive and excited for a U.F.C. match at 5 am in the morning!

Q. What do you love most about W.W.E. WRESTLING?

A. I like the comedy it brings me. When I see that, I can see that the stars are enjoying themselves out there whether it is in the ring or backstage. I love watching it with my family, we are a feisty bunch, bring out the fried chicken, the pizzas, the drinks and its all love. I love watching W.W.E. with the Smack Talk Centre. We gather for every major P.P.V. at a venue we leave our PC/Laptop/phones behind and we watch the spectacle and it is guaranteed laughs a plenty.

Q. What do you least like about W.W.E. wrestling?

A. I least like certain wrestling fans, who do nothing but sit there on the internet and criticise everything there is about W.WE. They think they know it all, yet they never come out of their house, they have never set foot in a ring. They are commonly known as the Internet Wrestling Community (I.W.C.), we are all a part of it too, but you got those select few miserable people who develop an ugly side by sitting behind the computer talking nonsense, checking out every wrestling news site, copying and pasting stuff that may not be true. Some even make up false rumours and fake sites reporting a wrestlers death which is distasteful. You look at their profiles and spookly enough their profile pictures are retarded. Sometimes they wanna make me cuss them out, but I realise I'm better than that, Ill just call them out on a general standpoint. So yeah, I don't like certain so-called wrestling fans.









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