Throw Down Fight Night 2


Published April 2014

First off we have Miss Kendall join us followed by an associations with Welsh Boxing Magazine Boscio who she is going to do  some writing for and would you believe it our friend from the Bare Knuckle Boxing World Mr Seth Jones was fighting on a show in Welshpool. It came and passed at to be perfectly honest I feel a little embarrassed to say the least that I hadn't even noticed it. To make things worse it looks like a cracking show by the team. I look forward to hopefully taking a trip to take a look. This is how they describe the show on there face book page
Throw Down: Fight Series is aiming to become the premiere Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA show in Wales.
Run by Mike Egan, Azi Thomas and Sam Evans, Throw Down features all disciplines of combat sport with the aim to attract the most successful and prominent fighters in the UK, with a local edge.

Throw Down offers the chance for some of the most talented fighters in North Wales to pit themselves against the best the UK has to offer with the goal to make the North Wales fight scene bigger than it has even been.

The first Thrown Down show opened on November 30th in Eirias Parc, Colwyn Bay to a sold out audience.
The next show will be early 2014.
Wow, where do we start?
We knew that with the time put in planning this show it would promise fireworks but I’m not sure that even we knew just how much.
On the back of the first show we want to go bigger and better and I think it was achieved. The night kicked off at Throw Down: Fight Night II with Connor Robinson, from Team Mayhem, taking on Jordan Hogan in an M.M.A. bout. The pair came out swinging from the sound of the first bell but when Robinson caught Hogan on the chin he dropped to canvas. Hogan stood back up only for Robinson to land another blow before picking his opponent up and slamming him to the canvas. Robinson manoeuvre'd Hogan against the cage where he landed a number of knees and punches to the body. With Hogan unable to respond or defend himself enough for the ref’s liking, the fight was stopped.
This followed with a kickboxing bout with Chris Leo and Julius Mayombya. After a steady first round where both fighters were finding their range, the medics entered the ring to assess Mayombya where they declared he was unable to continue. Luke Holmes and Kain Rowlands swiftly followed in a mixed discipline bout. Holmes is, by trade an M.M.A. fighter, and after dropping Rowlands to the canvas in the first round – being kickboxing – he followed up with a number blows, landing one to the back of the head. Rowlands was unable to continue and as such the fight was declared a no contest.
In our fourth bout we saw home favourite Mike Egan take on Mark Sweetman for the newly formed Throw Down Middleweight Title. Despite being caught off balance in the first round, Egan recovered to take a foothold in the fight and was declared the new champion on a points decision. Both fighters really gave it there all and sported a number of war wounds after the fight. On leaving the ringside, Sweetman offered Egan a re-match which he accepted – watch this space for Egan Vs Sweetman II.
Egan was crowned the new Throw Down Champion after a points decision against Sweetman. There was a draw for Joey Clarke against Seth Jones, before Bryn Jones entered the cage against David Wardle. Wardle came out with bags of energy, dropping his opponent about a minute into the bout and again some thirty seconds later. Jones was unable to continue and Wardle left with the win.
Kev Egan was next in, making his Throw Down and Boxing debut against Callum Jones. Despite this being his first bout the younger of the Egan brothers looked calm and assured, receiving just as much vocal support as brother Mike. Kev looked composed as he picked his shots and left with a debut win. Crowd favourite Katy ‘Bam Bam’ Horlick followed, making her M.M.A. debut against fellow boxer Catherine ‘Bomber’ Brooks. The first round showed why these two women have a stellar reputation in the sport. Both threw and landed a number of heavy combos but it was Brooks’ leg kicks that were doing the damage. However, towards the back end of the round Horlick began landing blows to the right eye of Brooks and after another right hand landed Brooks face ballooned, leaving her unable to open her right eye. After the first round came to an explosive end, Brooks corner declared she could not continue. This had all the makings of an outright war and will be a further bout to watch for a rematch in the near future.
Jake Cordell then showed great composure, stopping his much bigger opponent, Joe Sanders, in the second round of his boxing bout, whilst Craig Winter made a winning return to the cage after a notable absence, stopping John Doody in the third round. Winter landed a number of heavy blows to the body and had already dropped him in the second. Hopefully Craig maintains his return to the ring.
Kev Berger stopped Isaac Gibbs in the second round of their M.M.A. bout before Dylan Bargate stopped Chris Pollock in the first.
Then came the main event as Aaron Wyn Jones was bidding to add the I.S.K.A. North West Area belt to his collection against Danny Hamer of Warrington Muay Thai. Aaron was the more aggressive of the two fighters, throwing and landing more punches although he appeared to struggle in the clinch. The decision was awarded to Jones who left as the new champion, although Hamer and his corner men seemed disappointed with the outcome of the judges score cards. It was a controversial decision which divided the audience on who they believed had won the bout.
With the fight being so close, it looks like a re-match could be offered for the next fight card.

Throw Down: Fight Night II – Results.

Connor Robinson (Team Mayhem) vs Jordan Hogan (Wrexham) - Connor Robinson, 1st Rd Stoppage
Chris Leo (Immortals Gym) vs Julius Mayombya (Adrian Wright Club) - Chris Leo, 2nd Rd Stoppage
Luke Holmes (Team Mayhem) vs Kain Rowlands (Taz Gym) - Fight Declared a No Contest.
Mike Egan (Immortals Gym) vs Mark Sweetman (Denbigh Boxing) Throw Down
Middleweight Title Fight – Sponsored by 12 Needles Tattoo Studio - Mike Egan, decision.
Bryn Jones (Immortals Gym) vs David Wardle (Bangor University) David Wardle – 1st Round KO
Kev Egan (Immortals Gym) vs Callum Jones – Kev Egan, decision.
Katy Horlick (Team Mayhem) vs Cathrine Brooks – Katy Horlick, Stopped after 1st Rd.
Jake Cordell (Immortals Gym) vs Joe Sanders – Jack Cordell, 2nd Rnd Stoppage.
Joey Clark (Team Mayhem) vs Seth Jones (Bangor University) – Draw
Craig Winter (Denbigh) vs John Doody – Craig Winter, 3rd Rnd Stoppage
Kev Berger (Team Mayhem) vs Isaac Gibbs – Kev Berger, 2nd Rnd Stoppage
Dylan Bargate (Team Mayhem) vs Chris Pollock - Dylan Bargate, 1st Rd Stoppage
Aaron W Jones (Immortals Gym) vs Danny Hammer (Warrington Thai)
ISKA North West Area Title Fight – Fight sponsored by ProBuild – Aaron Wyn Jones, decision

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