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Published June 2017

Tim Hague Canadian Mixed Martial Arts fighter fought his last fight and after being knocked out in the ring during a boxing bout on Friday he was never to recover and passed away on Sunday 18/6/17 aged only 34. Back in May 2015 Tim and manager Wayne came to the UK and stayed with a friend of mine Andy Juby who interviewed him for the  B-BAD Bulletin website which can be read by clicking here.

Andy was probably the person who knew him best in the UK and has scribed a few words about the time he stayed with him and his wife.

Andy wrote: 

In MAY 2015, Tim Hague and his manager at the time, Wayne Peters, came to the UK to promote a bare knuckle fight against B-BAD Heavyweight Champion, Michael Ferry. We attended the Nottingham show together, and Tim and Wayne met many people and captured the hearts of the bare knuckle fight community. He portrayed himself as nothing but a gentleman, and co-operated fully with the B-BAD management team and acted with all diligence in helping promote the fight.

Tim Hague UFC FighterWhen Tim arrived in the UK, I brought him back to my house, where he was going to stay in a nearby hotel. Unfortunately, the hotel I had booked for him had to close that night, because of a burst water main, so he stayed at ours, and my wife invited them to stay for the duration if it helped.

I first spoke to Tim around the beginning of 2015 when I first interviewed him for the B-BAD Bulletin, and we became good friends. I also became very good friends with his manager, Wayne Peters. We remain friends to this day.

I guess that I knew Tim on a personal level more than anybody else in the UK. I remember him asking for something antibiotic in the chemist, for an open wound on his leg from a recent fight, and I clearly remember him screaming like a baby when instead of putting a few drops in the bath and soaking it, he put some directly onto the wound!

I remember him standing at my patio doors, with a plate of chocolate cake that had been especially made for him by Jimmy McCrory's mum, Sheila. He left some of it sitting in the kitchen, and Wayne, myself and my wife were having a debate on if we would get away with eating it, but we left it and he scoffed the lot. We sat there and looked at him as he finished it off, and he looked at us and said 'What'. But I know he would have shared it if we had asked.

I remember him changing his look by shaving his head and beard in the shower. He forgot to clean up, ( it looked like a dog had been murdered in the bath), and when my wife had a right go at him, he sat there on the sofa looking like a shocked 

Tim With Fan

little boy. It was hilarious. Well, Wayne and I thought so anyway!

I took Tim and Wayne out on a few trips. Our day in Brighton with his belts was especially memorable, you should have seen his face when somebody asked him if he was John Cena! And you should have heard him screaming when my daughter dragged him onto one of the rides! He ended up going back on his own for a night of clubbing, Wayne woke me at 5 am the next morning because Tim had taken a photo of himself outside a very deserted Brighton Pier, with the remark ' Somebody can come and get me anytime now!'

He loved England, the small part that I was able to show him.

When Tim returned to Canada, things didn't go exactly as planned, and this is where I will not comment, as it would not be appropriate- some things I could not understand or get my head round, and took offence to, but as Tim himself would say, 'it's just business'.

For Tim has always been a businessman as well as a fighter, in fact I have never known a fighter to work so hard on promotion and publicity. Many times each day, I would hear 'Hey Wayne', and they would get together and start discussing something.

Tim Hague with Andy Juby and FriendsBut the real passion in Tim's life was his son. When I first interviewed Tim, he said that his aim was to sell a million pay per views and buy his son a house. I so wish that had happened.

And there I will leave it. Tim Hague was absolutely one of a kind, way above my league, and I cherish the time I spent with him, and sincerely regret the way things turned out when I lost touch, maybe through my own ignorance.

I know not his medical condition at the time of writing, and I will not speculate. But this is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth of the time that he spent here, mostly with Wayne and myself, and regardless of many many things that have changed for myself within the world of combat sports, I hope that some people can use this as a point of reference and that controversy can be avoided in the many posts that will be made around the world on this tragic occasion.

For at the end of the day, it's just business.

Love and respect, and heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Tim 'The Thrashing Machine' Hague. For as I write this, with tears running down my face, the family have announced that he has officially passed away. Rest in peace brother xx

Let us let Wayne Peters, his manager have the last word. He said "Tim was a global entity who will be missed by thousands."

RIP Tim   Jon P

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