Tom Ward


Published August 2015

Tom Ward a heavyweight Pro Boxer since 2011 has put his gloves away in favour of bare knuckle boxing under the watchful eye of Stevan 'The Killer' Miller. Stevan himself a fighter has embarked on a new project and will be managing a group of fighters under the Team Elite banner. Tom has already established himself in the world of gloved boxing and with the backing of Stevan Miller hopes to make a big bang in the bare knuckle boxing heavyweight division. 

His manager Stevan has great confidence in large amounts for his man even posting on Facebook 'Tom is going to make a huge impact on the bare knuckle heavyweight division.' 

I ask Tom about his gloved boxing, his plans for his ungloved boxing career and how it feels to have a statement like Stevan's Made about you.

Hi Tom 
question one coming up. 

Tommy Ward

Q. You are already an established boxer bring us up too speed on your achievements so far?

A. It was a few years back when I started but I have had over bouts and as a pro fighter I only had one fight which I won.

Q. Do you come from a fighting back ground?

A. Had to fight all my life from racism an people trying to bully me then realised I could fight, and left me alone.

Q. How old was you when you had your first fight in the ring? 

A. My first fight in the ring was when I was 11.

Q. What has been your most memorable bout up to now and why does it stick in your mind?

A. Most memorable fight was against a young lad. I forget he's name but haunted me for awhile. I was fit an strong an confident an this kids beat the shit outta me . Couple months later he got hit by a car an died before I could get a rematch but he was a tough guy.

Q. Hopefully they have all been good but is there a particular fight that you should have won but for one reason or another you didn’t. Where did it go wrong?

A. I got a silver medal in a tournament and I was fighting with the flu and blocked nose so was really hard. If I was ok I think I woulda won.

Q. How did you become involved with Stevan Miller and become part of his Elite Team Management? Why Stevan, what made you choose him over anyone else?

A. Stevan I know an he's a genuine guy, and I trust him . So that's why made that decision.

Tom Ward Ready To GoQ. I believe you are going to be fighting bare knuckle soon. What do you think of the current level of bkb?

A. Some of the Bare knuckle boxing is good and tough, and others is not so good. So I thought why not.

Q. Is there anyone out of the current batch of fighters you would like to have a bout against?

A. I reckon I'd beat Decca, so would like to do a fight against him.

Q. Have you been to any of the current group of Promoters shows or seen any of the video footage?

A. Not yet but me and Stevan are going to a show soon, so gonna see a few of the lads in action.

Q. Who do you think is the biggest name in BKB at this time?

A. The Joyce brothers are good and Decca is kinda the guy to beat for some reason.

Q. Stevan Miller wrote on Facebook that you are going to make a huge impact on the bare knuckle heavyweight division. How does it feel to have someone like Stevan Miller putting such faith in you? Does it put the pressure on you too live up to this statement?

A. I agree with Stevan and I think I 'will' make a huge impact on this sport and I don't mind giving it a try.

Q. Already having boxing skill do you feel like this is going to give you the edge or will they need adapting to fight without the gloves?

A. I think my boxing skills are better then a lot of these people so will definitely come in handy.

Q. September at Raging Bull Leicester Stevie Gold and Nel Nelders have a rematch. Did you see their first fight and do you have any thoughts on it.

A. I missed the first fight but am going to watch the rematch an could be a match for me lol.

Q. As far as preparation goes will you be doing things differently in the run up to your bare knuckle bout?

A. Just making sure I'm fit an ready for whatever happens in this sport.

And too bring things to a close.

Q. I believe it was 2011 when you turned pro, what after four years convinced you to switch to bkb and is this going to be permanent change of direction?

A. I've always had an interest in the sport an always fighting but I always found it hard to get matched with people. So since this sport had taken off I think people out there are up for the challenge an will do well.


Lastly is there anyone you want to say Hi, Thanks or Bollocks to?

I would just like to say cheers to Cyril ( Stevan Miller Jon P ) for the help and support he has given me.

Thanks to Tom, a man of few words, for that interview and Stevan 'The Killer' Miller at Team Elite. I would like to thank any owners of images I have used. Please contact me so I can give you credit. On that note you can find Tom Ward on his Facebook page. Elite Team can be found here. Also if the mood takes you take a look at a couple of interview with Stevan 'The Killer' Miller I have here on Cage Amateurs UK by my friends Kris Megaw of The Bare Knuckle Lowdown and an audio interview by Stu Armstrong for his radio show on Radio Northumberland.

As always I am Jon P thank you for visiting Cage Amateurs UK

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