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Published May 2016
This is more a look at my day at UBBAD which is a Bare Knuckle Boxing promotion run by Mr Joe Brown, not to be confused with a singer from days gone by, not to say this Joe Brown does not have the voice of a quality vocalist but as I can not confirm this either way we won't dwell on the subject any longer. This is more how I found it rather than a blow by blow look at the fights. It is a look at the good and the bad, and to cut to the rush it was all good and any bad was certainly not UBBAD's fault or even anything to do with them. For anyone maybe worried about going to such a show hopefully this will put your mind at rest and you will do yourself a favour and grab tickets when a show is near you. I am totally independent of the promotion so if there was anything bad I would tell you. Trust me there was nothing, nada, zip not a thing even close to bad to be said. If you are a fight fan you really must go and see a UBBAD show. UBBAD are the only promotion at this time to hold totally Bare Knuckle Boxing fights, 14 in this case. Details of how to contact them will be at the bottom of this page.
Was I impressed?
Holy Shit Yes!!!!!
It all pretty much started at 12.30 on a Saturday morning in my home town of Gillingham Kent as I headed off for the 134 mile journey to Coventry which is in Warwickshire in the Midlands and the ninth largest city in England in case you did not know. An area I spent most of my time during the school holidays when I was a kid. So we were on a good start as I have fond memories of the area. There was much coughing, spluttering and bellowing smoke as I turned the engine over on the ten year old Ford Fiesta. The car, it must be said, made non of the mentioned actions and we headed off at a brisk pace until we reached the Dartford Tunnel when everything ground to a halt which as it was boiling outside gave me the chance to try out the air con.
Big Mistake.
Sports Connexions I had recently had a fiddle with the car heating as it was only blowing cold air. In some ways my efforts could be considered a total success as it was now blowing hot air for all it was worth. The problem was it was only blowing hot air with no sign of the desired cool breeze I so longed for. Possibly the hottest air this side of a volcanic explosion or the launch of a satellite and within thirty seconds I was blowing out of my arse and wishing I had left things well and truly alone.
Luckily bowling along at 70 mph did something towards creating a breeze with the windows open which could have created a problem with the wind noise drowning out the music from the radio. NO such problem as I had snapped the aerial off some months earlier in the car wash leaving the radio of no use and not planning ahead I had not bought any CD's with me.
Two and a half hours of dodging the speed cameras on the M1 and I pitched up at the hotel. This turned out to be some 5 mile away from the venue it's self and was not of the highest standard. Or the second highest standard as it happens. Probably not even the third come to think of it. To say the least it was somewhat out dated but to be fair to it the room was clean enough and I heard through the grape vine that the bar was open 24 hours. Things were going well up till now then the bad starts. I inquired about the price of a taxi for the relatively short hop to the venue. Between £24 and £40 I was informed.
What The Fuck!?!?
Luckily I had found this out before rocking up at the venue only to be told I owed them £40. Trust me there would have been an extra fight on the cards when I was kicking in the panels on the cab after being given the news that I owed them £40 for what is little more than a long walk. What a fucking piss take. So drive to the venue it was.

Wanker Of The Week
Rocking up to the venue in Chitty Chitty bang bang was not a good look among the Mercedes, BMW's and Audi's but I pulled into the massive car park amongst the campers and various other vehicles in what can only be described as what looked like a new age travellers site. This it was not, it was the parking area for an adjoining building which was hosting a dog show but was left confused when I was told by someone else it was indeed a horse show but as it sounded more like the car park of Battersea Dogs Home it finally lead me to the conclusion my helpful friend was a little wide of the mark with the whole horse thing. 
Walking over to the correct side of the venue I spotted a riot van full of them good ole boys from Warwickshire Constabulary and a car from the armed response unit a sight I had not seen at a Bare Knuckle Boxing show this far. It seems someone had rung them suggesting there may be firearms or some other such bollocks being carried by one or more of the show goers. Apart from wasting their time and tax payers money it is actually quite embarrassing that someone should go to such effort. 

It was pretty much in the bag that the local taxi driver were going to get the "Wanker of the Week" award but the twat or twats who had contacted the police and spouted such bullshit about firearms had clearly done enough to snatch it from them in the last furlong.  
Fans wait for the Venue to openOne Hell Of A Queue
As usually I got it all wrong and arrived at the venue too bloody early which mean't a long wait and when the doors did open the progress was slow at best. This due to the high security I am guessing due to what the police were there for. Under the circumstances it was how it should have been but was a total pain in the arse. On the plus side it gave me time to piss off and get something to eat and drink which turned out to be a wise move as it happens as you can only watch the steady stream of flash motors for so long. 
The queue took forever to move but what can you say in fairness they were not doing it for giggles and shits after all. 
I walked into the main hall and 'fuck me sideways' it was huge. Now I did not disbelieve anyone's totals but promoters have been known to be a little liberal with their attendance figures in the past. 
I was lost for words, a totally alien thing for me under normal circumstances, I was well impressed. I knew things were going well with UBBAD but fucking hell. I was so shocked I nearly bought a round. So shocked in fact I went back outside for a cigarette or five.
This also gave me time to bump into a few faces including Damo who I have not seen since BBAD 7, Jacko Jackson had a chat and even had time to quickly catch up with the most photographed man in the word 'Mr Dave Courtney and Sammy Morris who apart looking cute as ever was doing some corner work and is due to be fighting soon herself and that is just to name a few. Would have liked to have had five mins with Ross Chittock and James McCrory but it was really kind of busy so some things have to put on hold for another time. James was one of the first people I ever saw fight way back when in October 2012 at BBAD 2 and Ross I first saw fight at BBAD 3 and have had an eye on his progress ever since.
One amusing side story is about my old mate Mr Armstrong. I have know him a while now but we have never met. Now I knew what he looked like from various interviews he has done but I am a little camera shy and tend to stay well clear of the business end of such things. Stu was rushing off outside and was caught by someone as he passed, as he managed to get back to his original plan of going out of the building I ambushed him. Totally off guard he was struggling to think who I was. You know when you are praying the person says something that will give you a tip to their identity and it is not happening, it was one of those moments. 
Off went Stu so I followed him out and handed him a card which gave him that clue he needed. It was a bit unfair of me as I am told I look years young in real life than in a picture but it was quiet amusing. Nice to meet you mate at long last.
Getting a beer was a nightmare with the over worked sport centre staff taking ages to serve people. It took so long in fact that the duty went up twice while I was in the queue. That did not in any way spoil the evening for me and with the show it's self flowing at a nice pace the action was coming thick and fast. Joe Brown was flying around keeping his finger on the pulse and I believe the other gentleman who I see here there and everywhere, Jim Freeman Dove I believe, done a sterling job with no lengthy breaks between fights which can be rather annoying.

No Comment
Like I said earlier I am not going to comment on the fights as my old mate Stu Armstrong has recorded them so it would be easier for you to go cop an eye full by clicking where it says UBBAD TV
But.....I will comment on one fight in particular and that is the fight between James Hearn and Billy Hawthorn. I would have paid to see that fight alone. Billy ended up on the floor which resulted in James giving it a few amateur dramatics over where he was lying resulting in Shaun Smith who was the ref for this bout launching him across the ring away from the floored Billy. Rightfully so I would have said. Billy got back up, the round ended and then it is time for round 2. Billy drops James Hearn with what it should be said was not the prettiest display of boxing skills but like my old Jiu-Jitsu instructor would have said 'Well it worked didn't it'.
It was one of them moments in time. I looked round and there happened to be one of the security guys nearby and we both just nodded at each other. Nothing else needed to be said. Meanwhile the place erupted, Billy is a popular lad and his fans were loving it.
Being a bit of a lightweight I did not last much longer so I trotted off back to my hotel.
So there you have it. It was an awesome night and although I believe we could do with a few more shows going round I think Joe Brown and the people at UBBAD should be very proud of what they have achieved in what is a short amount of time in the history of the world. I would recommend it and everything thing was done as far as is possible in any show in the world, large or small to make sure all the fans were kept safe and the fighters were taken care of in what is a dangerous game. Having been involved in promoting 5 shows myself I can personally say it is no day in the park when you are setting up one of these shows and the variables can shift in seconds. 
I say no more could have been done by the organisers which resulted in a good experience for everyone there.
Bales or a ring? Personally I like the bales but in all honesty it does not make for good viewing and you don't want to be at the back having paid your hard earned cash and not be able to see fuck all. I think in the bale situation there is a strong arguement for some kind of projection of the fight to be going on. But that is just my view. I enjoyed this just as much but it is bales for me. I guess you can take the boy out of Medway but can't take the Medway out of the boy.
Gentlemen I salute you.
UBBAD can of course be found on Facebook
Stu Armstrong, Head of Media, can be found many places but here is one. Stu will keep you up to date with the latest news regarding UBBAD and a good place to start is on his personal website
It has been said Stu will be stepping into the ring himself in the future. But to be honest I have had a few glasses of vodka while writing this and have probably made that up.
Fights can be watched over on UBBAD TV and on YouTube.
Great Night, Quality Fights and run Like A Dream. Nice.  Jon P


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