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Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing are back for their 3rd show following on from the successful Colwick Hall Nottingham event back in June. A change of venue will see everyone heading further north for this one to Manchesters Bowlers Exhibition Centre some 192 miles and 4 hours driving time from sunny Medway way down south. If you have never attended a Bare Knuckle Boxing show get yourself over to this one we certainly are not travelling all that way for nothing. Maybe you are a bit worried about taking the wife or girlfriend to a BKB show after reading various stories in various newspapers?

I have been involved with Bare Knuckle Boxing since October 2012 and been to various shows both large and small and I personally have never seen any problems. I have been to gloved boxing and MMA shows and have seen a few isolated incidents, these things can happen. You will be welcome and things certainly have moved on from the early days with better venues and proper fight cards. I personally would take my mum but she prefers cage fighting. 

Please note that if you are planning on buying tickets for the show it is strictly over 18's only. Myself I can't wait but just like every one else I am going to have to and with Saturday 14th October getting closer by the day it won't be too long.

Amanda, Shaun and their team have been working hard to get the show together and as things stand currently there will be 12 fights on the card including 4 Title fights.

As with such things this may change due to one reason or another but this is not for you to worry about as all you need to do is get yourself up there and enjoy the show. While we are talking about enjoying the show have you got your ticket as things are moving fast and you don't want to miss out do you?
BBoy Kamran aka "The Boy"

On the subject of things may change sad news is that BBoy Kamran and Corey Keen will not be fighting on this show as Corey has picked up and injury something that due to the very nature of the training for these shows happens. Have to say I was personally looking forward to this one having watched them in their last fights at UBKB 2 at the beautiful Colwick Hall but there is a plus side too the situation. BBoy is hopefully going to be doing some interviews for you to enjoy with some of the fighters during the evening. I still have to run this past him and pursuade him to do it so keep your fingers crossed. However that pans out I was speaking to him the other day on the phone, dragged him out of training, there's commitment for you he is not even fighting on the October show, and he has agreed to do an interview with us on the day.

So the fight is going to be rescheduled for the next UBKB show, worth waiting for I would say, and you don't have too put up with my ugly mug on the video. What a result I hear my team shout, some would say everyone wins.

Anyway I was telling you about tickets before I went off subject the best way to get yourself sorted is to go to the UBKB Facebook page and speak to Amanda or alternatively give her a bell on 0783 486 3045. Tickets are priced at £70 Ringside with food, £50 VIP with food and finally £30 General Admission. There is also an after party at Zombie Nation which I believe is next door to where the show is being held. But...check that out as I don't want any blame if this is not to be the case.

If you are going to attend the show and are thinking of staying over the night I would look into a hotel sooner rather than later as with Old Trafford just down the road and a city full of things to do I am sure the hotels will be very busy.

So there you have it there will be more here as we know anything but In the meantime here is the fight card so far subject to change of course.

                                 Andy Roberts
Luke Atkin
Chris Wheeldon
Lee Rumens
Sean McFarlane
Kenny Barnes
Davey Price 
Danny Turnbull
Josh Foreman
Adam Achilles
Baz Neil
Andy Goy
Red Brown
Ross Priestner
Liam Cullen
Sean Wilkinson
Mark Reilly
Brad Benecke 
BBoy Kamran
Corey Keen "The Be Rescheduled" 

Everyone one has been working hard and if your are fighting for a title or not we at Cage Amateurs UK wish you well and look forward to seeing you.

Belts 1Belts 2

Check out the Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing show from June by clicking this Link. I am guaranteeing you much of the same action having spoke to Amanda she is working like a demon to make sure you get a great show with a great atmosphere at a value for money price. 
But...don't take my word for it grab your ticket before its too late.
There are more to add but I will add them a little later as I am supposed to be somewhere else and not sitting on this computer as much as I would like to be.
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