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Published October 2017
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Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing are back for their 3rd show following on from the successful Colwick Hall Nottingham event back in June. A change of venue will see everyone heading further north for this one to Manchesters Bowlers Exhibition Centre some 192 miles and 4 hours driving time from the sunny Medway Towns way down in the South of England. If you have never attended a Bare Knuckle Boxing show and a fan of combat sport get yourself over to this one, we certainly are not travelling all that way for nothing. Maybe you are a bit worried about taking the wife or girlfriend to a Bare Knuckle Boxing show after reading various stories in various newspapers?

Heard the saying "Don't believe everything you read in the papers ?" 

I have been involved with Bare Knuckle Boxing since October 2012 and been to various shows both large and small and I personally have never seen any problems. I have been to Gloved Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts shows and have seen a few isolated incidents, these things can happen. You will be welcome and things certainly have moved on from the early days with better venues and proper fight cards. 

OK onto the show. I have attended many venues since starting this website including Sports Halls, Country Mansions, Theatres and Marquees to name just a few. Some places lend themselves well to holding combat sport events and some don't. That's not too say that you can't put a show on at any of the afore-mentioned types of building but some certainly seem to be better than others. 

This venue lent itself very well to Bare Knuckle Boxing, and I would guess anything else that you have to stick a ring or cage in to. I say that because by doing this one thing it can be a total pain leaving bad views or bottlenecks for people walking around. Country houses are, to be honest, my least favourite as they were peoples homes at some point and not designed with any thought of staging a fight show. Bowler Exhibition Centre on the other hand has to be my favourite so far, "why?" I hear you ask. Allow me to enlighten you. It is big, very big, and it is square, very square a totally blank canvas so to speak. None of your pissing about working round stuff you can lay it out exactly how you want. This allowed the various areas to be set up to maximum potential for audience and staff safety and enjoyment of the show. Things were set up well and with the biggest bar in the world manned by a small army of staff there was never a problem getting to the bar or getting a bloody drink when you got there . Although it seemed to be a bit out of the way, it wasn't, our navigation may have contributed to our confusion. To make your life easier make sure you take plenty of cigarettes ( Kids smoking is neither big or smart and in no way do Cage Amateurs UK endorse smoking. On the other hand I totally love it. ) or anything you are likely to need as driving round Manchester to find somewhere is a bit of an experience.
Chris Milky and Shaun Smith
But...It's location on the other hand, just down the road from Manchester United Football Club it came with the bonus of miles of parking for free and a nightclub next door complete with it's own fun fair and zombies. Yes Zombies!! Pulling into the venue grounds we were met by a zombie holding a sign saying "The Walking Dead." Believing they were referring to my two camera ops in the back of the car we followed his directions only to come to a blocked road. This meant that we had to stop and ask for directions. As luck would have it another passing zombie was there to help, would you warrant that. Concerned he would think we were trying to smuggle a couple of his mates out we thanked him, and headed back round the way we came arriving and finally at The Exhibition Centre.

I had hoped to do some interviews but we arrived later than intended and starving, so we set up and went to find some food leaving us with less time than I had bargained for.

Time for a couple of quick thank you's. Referee's Chris Milky (Booyaar Boxing Gym) and Shaun Smith, your M.C. for the evening was Chris Giblin. Thanks to the Judges, Ring Girls and Sound and Light guys. The Medics, The Ring Supplier and of course the guys from security. Capturing the action was Barry Lyon the photographer from KBL Photography and of course it goes without saying a big thank you to the fighters, trainers and gyms involved in the show. 

To round this part up a big thank you to all the people who came out to support the show. Without you Promoters Amanda and Shaun assisted by Anna Foreman would have totally wasted their time. Your enthusiasm was second to none with a great atmosphere with plenty of support for every fighter who stepped into the ring.

I won't write too much about the fights as the video will tell the tale for itself but the first thing you may notice is the dramatic change in ring size. This was much smaller than usual and gave the fights that level of action that only a small ring or the hay bales can give. Nowhere to run.

This is the final fight card for the evenings show including 4 Title Bouts

Mark "The Taipan"Reilly
Terry Simms
Red Brown
Ross Priestner
Dean Wood
Arron Jones
Sean Wilkinson
Liam Cullen
Josh Foreman
Adam Achilles
Andy Roberts
Luke Atkin
Sean"The Razor"McFarlane
Kenny Barnes
Chris "The Scalp Snatcher" Wheeldon
Lee Rumens
Danny Turnbull
Davey Price

Title Belts
Belts 1Belts 2

One fight I was personally looking forward to was the title bout between BBoy Kamran and Corey Keen but sadly they were not be fighting on this show as Corey has picked up and injury something that due to the very nature of the training for these shows happens. Having watched them in their last fights at UBKB 2 at the beautiful Colwick Hall this would have been an awesome bout.

Mark Reilly v Terry Simms
What a fight to start any show with. Last time I saw Mark Reilly fight was in June at Colwick Hall in an eliminator bout against Sean "The Razor" McFarlane a bout which sadly he lost leaving McFarlane to go for the belt later in this show. Terry Simms I had not seen fight before so I had no idea how this was likely to go. 

Reilly v SimmsThe first round was pretty much getting the measure of each other with the odd exchange and big punch for good luck. In the dying seconds of round one Reilly did launch an attack on Simms but Simms body sweaved him leaving Reilly sitting on the canvas shaken but not stirred. 

Round two started off pretty much the same, one for one flurry for flurry until Reilly dropped his guard for a second only to be rewarded with a left from Simms which knocked him to the floor. He did look a bit stunned but was back on his feet after taking a bit of a breather ready to continue before the end of the count. More exchanges with a few big lefts thrown in by Simms most of which were either blocked by Reilly's arms or missed completely. Both fighters were still throwing punches but it was starting to look like Simms was getting the upper hand. Then out of the blue a big left put Reilly to the canvas for another count but he was up and ready at 18.

Round three was a whole new ball game with both fighters going for it. Reilly took the lead driving Simms back twice before an almighty exchange of punches took place from both fighters ending with Reilly on his knees although it should be noted he was more or less pushed to the ground. He took the count but was starting to look tired. Reilly chased Simms into the corner but was caught by a swing from Simms putting him down. Both Lads finished in style ending up with them both nearly going through the ropes. The bell sounded for the end of the round then it was just a case of waiting for the judges decision. Simms arm was raised but it was a great fight with both fighters giving it their all. 

Very different style these two Reilly kept his arms up covering his face where's Simms was more relaxed and ducked the blows then suddenly bursting out with a massive punch most of which missed or connected with Reilly's defence luckily for Reilly. Reilly came out on round three like a man who has just had his beer nicked but it was a bit late, personally I felt he was he was finished but this was not the case. Fair play to both lads.

Red Brown v Mark Priestner
I have not seen either of these guys but it did not take a genius to work out this was going to be interesting. Red Brown was first into the ring wearing all red and would you believe in the red corner. He shot into the ring like a rocket and looked as if he could not wait to get things started. Mark Priestner on the other hand was somewhat more on the relaxed side.

Red Brown v Ross PriestnerRound one they both flew out of the corners and unleashed a total shit storm of punches as they went from one side of the ring to the other. Holy shit it was raining punches, they even managed to visually tell each to come and have a go in the arms out to the side stance so often seen outside pubs. Not only did they have time for that my camera operator told me they were constantly abusing each other verbally. Something makes me think they were not particularly fond of each other. This pretty much continued until referee Shaun Smith pushed Brown away from Priestner saying something to Brown to the sound of jeers from the crowd and giving Priestner a standing count. The fight restarted with both fighters going for it although they seemed to be more stand off than before but no less "Come and have a go" posturing it should be said. Brown catches Priestner with a glancing left which looked like it stunned him for a second but this did not really slow him down until the bell sounded for the end of the round.

Round two was more subdued with both fighters making lunges towards each other but nothing serious although Brown did catch Priestner with a couple of punches which must have got his attention. Priestner was starting to look tired. Suddenly Priestner went down on one knee looking totally knackered much to Browns delight who showboated to the nearest camera. Shaun Smith gave him the count and they continued the fight. Priestner was stumbling around totally gassed out. Brown knew it and was loving it. Shaun Smith needed to give Priestner another count but then decided to stop the fight. Brown was over the moon and let everyone know it.

The first round was amazing but it looked to me that Priestner did not pace himself as he really was not up for it in the second round. Brown on the other is worth watching if for nothing more than his antics.

Dean Wood v Aaron Jones

Ward v Jones

I have not seen either of these guys fight before so I could not make any choice on who I thought may win.

Round one started with both fighters swapping punches with a fast pace of action and some nicely placed shots. Despite a flurry of punches from Jones, Wood seemed totally unphased by anything and it was not long before Jones ended up on the canvas holding the right side of his head. Wood retreated to a neutral corner while referee Chris Milky deliver the count to Jones. They continued with Jones throwing punches at Wood none of which landed due to Woods defence. It was only a question of time before Wood smacked Jones hard enough to make him stumble into the ropes before hitting the floor. I think everyone pretty much knew it was all over before the official announcement was made. Wood looked totally non plussed by the whole thing as he was announced as the winner by ring announcer Chris Giblin.


Sean Wilkinson v Liam Cullen
Wilkinson v Cullen

Last time I saw Wilkinson it was against Duane Keen ending in a second round loss for Wilkinson. Wilkinson made his entry to the ring in his trade mark high energy way shortly followed by his opponent who looked up for it and ready to go.

Round one referee Chris Milky called both fighters to the centre of the ring and the fight began. It all looked pretty even until Cullen got Wilkinson on the ropes and ended up dropping Wilkinson who sat on the canvas taking the count. Wilkinson was back on his feet and the fight continued with Cullen catching Wilkinson a couple of times in the head while advancing clinically until Wilkinson was backed into the corner where he was finished off in quick time. Cullen took the win in round one much to his delight and to the cheering of his fans whom he launched his gum shield to in a victory gesture. 


Josh Foreman v Adam Achilles
Josh Foreman v Adam Achilles

Round one both fighters got down to business under the watchful eye of referee Chris Milky pretty much on a one for one basis with no fighter seeming to have an advantage over the other.

Round two both fighter got stuck in with the odd flurry with both fighters fans hoping this was going to be the one that did it. Alas it did not with the bell ending round two with no advantage either way still I would have said. Just on the bell Foreman punched Achilles in the back of the head while in a clinch on the ropes which pissed him off enough to walk away while Foreman was attempting to apologise. Hopefully this won't cause any problems in round 3 as so far the lads have held their discipline.

Round three both fighters continued the measured approach they had throughout the fight, breaking instantly when instructed to do so but a few cheeky blows were starting to show the frustration building. The bell sounded to bring round three to an end it was now down to the judges. The judges deemed it a draw which seemed about right to me. Not a great fight, I only say that due to the holding, but it was a nice steady battle interspersed with flurries of punches and well worth watching. Without a doubt both fighters gave it everything.

Both of these fighters will be worth looking out for at any up and coming Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing Shows.

Andy Roberts v Luke Atkin

Challenge Belt
Andy Roberts v Luke Atkin
Time for the big guns and the first title fight. This fight is for the UBKB "Challenge Belt" Andy having beat Chris Wheeldon in the qualifying round at Colwick Hall to earn his place. Andy, a crowd favourite has fought at all three UBKB shows drawing with Sean McFarlane after a brutal battle in the first show and winning in the last. This is Luke Atkins first time in the ring at UBKB but I am sure he is going to have his eye on the Belt as much as Andy.

Round one both guys came out fighting. These are big guys and the difference between the earlier guys andLuke Atkin these boys is huge. These are big punches and even watching you can feel your teeth rattle as fist connects with face. For big fellas they don't hang around the fist were flying everywhere how many landed was hard to tell but some sure did land. During one flurry Roberts staggered back and ended up sitting on the middle rope. I was blind side but i'm not sure if it was a punch or rather a case of missing his footing. Shortly after this Roberts seemed to rush Atkin but he just stepped back pushing Roberts down and away resulting in him landing face first on the canvas. Straight back on his feet the same thing happened again resulting in Referee Shaun Smith taking Roberts to one side and doing a quick check on his condition. The bout restarted but was pretty much halted by the sound of the bell.

Round two saw Roberts makes the first by going on the attack then out of the blue he threw a massive right hand which Atkin managed to duck under with ease sending Roberts into the ropes which he got tangled in only to finish up on his backside with his back against the ropes. He tried to get up straight away but staggered nearly going backward and through the ropes. Luckily some quick thinking ringside fans leapt up and pushed him back into the ring. Shaun Smith was straight on it and started counting him while Atkin went across the ring and waited in the corner. The next thing the referee stopped the fight and Atkin and the fans went mad. Atkin seemed more than pleased as did the crowd of spectators. The official announcement was made and the belt was placed round a very happy Luke Atkins waist.

Sean McFarlane v Kenny Barnes
Light Heavy
Both fighters walked into this Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing Title Bout having both fought on the previous two shows. The only difference being that McFarlane had won one and drew one whereas Barnes had won one and lost one. Two fighters and only one Champion and neither will want to walk away empty handed. 
Sean McFarlane v Kenny Barnes

Our referee for this bout is Mr Shaun Smith who after a short talk with both the fighters signalled the start of 
Sean McFarlane the fight. No more than 15 seconds after the bell Barnes was on the canvas due to a big right from McFarlane that sent him tumbling. It should be said that Barnes was back on his feet ready to go in seconds.

The bout restarted but McFarlane took the lead driving Barnes back to the ropes but rather than be finished Barnes let loose a volley of punches in McFarlanes direction. McFarlane launched a second onslaught and it was not long before another big right hit Barnes on the side of his face send him downward for the second time.
Barnes was not as quick to get on his feet this time and seemed to be unsteady. The referee was mid count but could see the writing on the wall and stopped the fight much to Barnes horror leaving the only thing left to do in this bout and that was make the official announcement stating that "The Razor" had won the fight. Both he and his fans were over the moon and Barnes despite being clearly gutted was generous in congratulating the new champ.

Lee Rumens v Chris Wheeldon

Lee Rumens v Chris Wheeldon
Time for the third Title Bout this time it was to be Cruiserweight and the fighters were Lee Rumens and Chris "The Scalp Snatcher" Wheeldon both wanting to get their hand on the title. This turned out to be a bit of an odd fight with Rumens using some strange tactics. Rumens is a lot shorter than Wheeldon but the second theChris Wheeldon bell rang he literally put his head down and rushed Wheeldon catching him totally by surprise and slamming him into the corner then unloading with a rapid stream of punches. Wheeldon gathered himself and unleashed his own barrage of punches driving Rumens back towards the other corner. As quick as Wheeldon started his counter offensive Rumens dropped his head and charged Wheeldon. Now we have Wheeldon being forced backwards while Rumens hit anywhere he could as quick as he could. Wheeldon was not going to be caught like that again and literally chased Rumens into the next corner and began to lay into his body. Shaun Smith moved in to bring order and the fighters were separated. Wheeldon had formulated a plan and started working on Rumens body. The end was getting close as everytime Rumens dropped his head down Wheeldon gave his body some serious punishment. When Rumens realised Wheeldon was not falling for the charging bull tactics anymore he dropped to one knee when it looked like he was going to be boxed in. He knelt for the count but the second the fight restarted he went straight down on one knee again. Shaun Smith stopped the fight and Chris "The Scalp Snatcher" Wheeldon was declared the winner.

Danny Turnbull v Davey Price
Heavy Weight
Danny Turnbull v Davey Price
The final fight of the night arrived with the honour being given to Danny Turnbull and Davey Price. 

So with Referee Shaun Smith ready, the fighters ready, the bell rang and we were off with both fightersDavey Price weighing each other up as they circled each other throwing out nice jabs until bam..... Price throws out a right catching Turnbull knocking him to the floor. In fairness to Turnbull he was back on his feet in the blink of an eye and was clearly ready to go. Referee restarted the fight and both fighters continued back and forth throwing punches with Price now having the upper hand by a margin as Turnbull was  taking a few hits but sending enough back too look like he wasn't ready to go home yet.

Then out of the blue Turnbull threw a punch to Prices head which looked like it connected then flew back into the ropes and dropped down to the floor. I am not sure if it was a push or a punch but sure as shit something put him down. Yet again Turnbull got to his feet but it was a lot slower than the first time and he was clearly dazed. Shaun Smith stopped the count and it was all over for Turnbull a bit of a shame as he was throwing some nice punches still. Has to be noted that when Price connected it was like something out of a computer game Turnbull pretty much took off. 

Well done Davey Price new Heavyweight Champion and Danny Turnbull I look forward to seeing you fight in the future.

There was one problem a fight was cancelled while the fighter, sorry I never got your first name, Brookes was already in the ring and that was all he did apart from get back out and go back to the dressing room. The fight was pulled by someone for a good reason it is not done for giggles and shits and I don't give a shit what show it is, big or small you have not got someone sitting waiting to step in. I was gutted for Brookes but look forward to seeing him fight soon.

That said I have seen the promoter of another show ask anyone in the crowd if they were willing to step up and fight. This was back in the old days of BKB and is not something you are likely to see now, I hope. Although I have fond memories of hay bays and unusual venues anyone who loves this sport knows full well it could not stay the same but if you was not around then don't think you have got second best because I will tell you now this is the real deal. I have filmed over 500 fights and this experience was what you deserve for your hard earned cash. In a short time Bare Knuckle Boxing has gone from a slightly dodgy event to something I would take my mum too. If she didn't prefer cage fighting that is, although she did say to me "Jonathan it's a bit loud" I am not sure what she wanted me to do but the standard "Yes mother" at least dealt with her in the short term. 

Shaun Smith and Chris GiblinIf you are not sure what all that was about, the point I am trying to make is the promoter Amanda wants you too have a good time. NO.... she DEMANDS you have a good show by making sure there are good fights, excellent venue and if you want a drink you don't want to have to wait an hour at the bar. By the way the seated areas have a table service and something like a bus lane so the waitresses go straight to the front of the bar. I am not sure comparing the waitresses to buses heading down a bus lane was the best way of putting it but you get the point. Sorry ladies. Also it means you don't end up waiting for your drinks.

Breaking things down even more it is no good having a good venue when you can't see shit, wherever I was during the evening I could see, or you can't get parked and where you do park costs a fortune. Security were courteous but still on the ball, nothing worse than feeling like you are lined up waiting to get into a top security prison although I am not sure if anyone had to queue as the doors were open a good two hours before the start of the show rather than try to get the VERY large crowd in fifteen minutes before the start. Right down to things like after a few beers when you need to go, you don't want to line up for an hour and miss the fights.

These are things that you may not think about, and you bloody well shouldn't have to. But this is the amount of things that Amanda, Shaun and team work hard on for months before the show so that on the night you THE FANS have the best possible time you can have.

Personally I would say what an awesome crowd you were fantastic. Loud and enthusiastic without getting out of hand if my house was big enough I would have you all round for New Years Eve. From my point I would like to thank my team of Andy Juby who got us to the show and home safely, Dan "The Cam" Cousins who defied death clinging onto the ropes and still managing to get some awesome shots and new kid on the block Mr Jamie Savage on static camera, it is not as easy as people think standing on the same spot for that amount of time, well done mate and the two young lads who were at the digs for putting up with our antics after we got back from the club a little worse for wear. Remember what we said about using the time at Uni well. You have the rest of your life to end up like us.

People I have taken far too much of your time so it just leaves me to say it was a delight working on the same show as the other people behind the scenes and a MASSIVE thank you to Amanda and Shaun Smith for having us there to do the show. There was a pro film crew there so I had some doubts and didn't want to be in the way as they are filming for some big stuff coming up. Amanda told me we would be welcome even if a certain massive television company were there which put any of the thoughts I was having to bed. So why mention this, well it sets the stage in respects of the kind of people we are working with. Not just for me but the fighters, all other staff and importantly the fans. You have landed where you need to be so show some love back by supporting them and the hard work that goes into it. Thanks again Amanda and Shaun love ya both just can not understand a word you are saying. I am working on that myself and the boys are currently taking South East to Northern speak lessons to ease the problem.

Any down points? Well I am probably the only person who will find the need to this mention like some child. It was a big square box so the acoustics were not the best. LIke I say not a biggy to 99.9% of the people there but that was the best I could come up with. Can't be bad can it.

So there you have it as usual we are Cage Amateurs UK - The place for your Combat Sport please come and see us again or visit us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Clicking  here   will take you too the pre show scribing I have done and check out the links below for more info. This has be Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing putting the Knuckle into how to do a show. Thank you Jon P

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