Ultimate BKB 4


Published March 2018

Saturday 10th saw Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing back at the  Bowlers Exhibition Centre   in Manchester for their 4th show and what a show it was. Fans were treated to ten bouts of Bare Knuckle Boxing four of which were title bouts with a mix of familiar faces and some not so familiar taking to the ring to both prove themselves as warriors and give the large crowd of Bare Knuckle Boxing fans a night of quality entertainment. There was a new belt up for grabs Josh Foreman and Adam Achilles going head to head for the Light Welterweight Title with much to play for after they drew at their last meeting. 

Sean McFarlane, Davey Price and Luke Atkin were all defending their titles against some tough challengers guaranteeing some hard fought defenses and one that took me totally by surprise.

There is some sadness surrounding this show as Jake Heasman a fighter I have personally been following for some time and who was being looked after by my old mate Andrew Juby has passed away.This would have been his first Bare Knuckle bout and it would have been a cracker. Every fight he has had left him with a few more fans due to his polite and humble attitude and the odd bit of show boating. The fight world will surely be a poorer place without him. promotersShaun Smith and Chris Milky Amanda and Shaun Smith have helped keep his memory alive by having a collection during the evening which will go to The Academy of Hard Knocks / Rise Up Against Bullying which the Jake Heasman Memorial Fund has adopted as a way of some good coming out of a very sad situation. I don't think I will ever forget reading the message Andy sent me with just three words. "Jon, Jake's dead." 

As some of you may know Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing held their last show at this venue back in October 2017 and I love this venue. It is perfect in my opinion but as I pretty much had my say about it last time I won't bore you by going over it again but before I give you a brief run down on the fights there are a few people who have help bring the show together who should be mentioned.

Starting off with promoters Amanda and Shaun Smith assisted by Anna Foreman. Referee's Shaun Smith and Mr Chris Milky along with our M.C. for the evening Mr Chris Giblin. The judges were 
Nathan Victorio, Sam Rowe and Michael Gomez (former pro champion) with Princess Chloe the lady keeping everyone up to date with the rounds. Thanks to the medics plus the guy providing the sound and light on the evening. Photography was in the hands of KBL Photography and thanks to our security guys for keeping every one safe during the evening. Not forgetting of course all the fans who make it all worth doing. 

This Ones For You

              A minutes silence was held before the show for Jake then
 the show began. This is how it went.

U.B.K.B. Fight Card

Chris Wheeldon
Adam Grogan
Joseph Clarke
Luke Brooke  
Kenny Barnes
Mike McGowan
Lee Rumens
Sean Wilkinson
Ross Preistner
Paul Charleton
James Walker
Derek Porter
Shane McFarlane
Karl Hazman
Josh Foreman
Adam Achilles
Davey Price
Gareth Walker
Luke Atkin
Jacob Tosiack

As I said earlier I will give you a brief description of the fights for those people who like to read but as always the video footage will say more than I ever could.
Chris Wheeldon v Adam Grogan
Although not as planned this fight being a replacement after Red Brown dropped out still means Chris Wheeldon steps into the ring as the current UBKB British Cruiserweight Title Holder up against Adam Grogan a fighter I personally have not seen before which could mean some surprises however the belt is not on the line for this one.
Chris WheeldonReferee Shaun Smith pulls both fighters to the middle and with Chris Wheeldon in the red corner, Adam Grogan in the blue corner and Shaun in the middle a touch of gloves and we get things started. Both fighters holding their hands up and open the spend a bit of time testing each other with the odd punch being put in to see the reaction from the other. A cautious game being played by both fighters until Wheeldon attacks forcing Grogan back onto the ropes. Make no mistake Grogan was not going backwards quietly and more than once he threw that big uppercut luckily not connecting. Restart and both fighters throwing the odd selective punch at each other waiting for their moment but before this could happen they ended up in a clinch resulting in the referee separating them. At this point I was thinkin
g to myself when something happens it is going to happen but I was not sure where that may be. Wheeldon advanced on Grogan with a right and a left each time Grogan backing up but leaning back out the way until the flurry saw them in the red corner and the fight being broken up. Another small flurry of punches and then Grogan threw a half hearted uppercut with his left while advancing at speed following with a straight left from the same hand sending Wheeldon to the canvas in the blue corner. 
It should be said he looked a little more than stunned but managed to beat the count getting to his feet but with only a few seconds left of the fight the bell sounded ending the round.
Round two and my thoughts were both fighters need to go for it but for slightly different reasons. Wheeldon did indeed go for it pushing Grogan back but Grogan didn't waste the time while he was in reverse delivering one, maybe two punches pretty much calling it a day for Wheeldon.
A very tactical fight that one with both fighters not wasting too many punches but on the day Grogan delivered and won the belt. Nice start to the evening.

Joeseph Samuel Clarke v Luke Booke
Joseph Samuel and Luke Brooke are a couple of new name to me so this could be interesting. Both lads with Shaun Smith in charge took to the centre of the ring, touched gloves and on the bell went to it. Things looked pretty even to Joseph Clarke and Luke Brookeme with maybe Clarke having a slight edge with Brooke being back to the ropes most of the time but not looking in any trouble. But how things can change as suddenly Brook was in the corner with Clarke going to town until Brooke collapsed to the canvas. 
Pretty good you may think but Clarke continued hitting his fallen opponent until referee Shaun Smith grabbed him and pushed him away into the parallel corner. Brooke was unable to continue with Clarke being announced the winner. I personally don't think Clarke mean't any harm to Brooke personally with his continued attack I think it was one of those "Win Fever" moments and all he could see was the victory in front of him. 
Brooke was fine and Clarke was probably a bit wiser. Well done lads.
Kenny Barnes v Sean McGowan
Kenny Barnes and Mike McGowanKenny Barnes up next after a tough fight on U.B.K.B. 3 against Sean McFarlane he should be up for anything. Kenny made his way to the ring on his own looking relaxed and waited for his opponent Mike McGowan and entourage make their way to the ring to join him. McGowan looked up for it as did Barnes as referee Chris Milky called them to the middle to start the bout. 

Barnes came out like a missile, charging straight at McGowan forcing him back into his corner under a flurry of punches. Total shock and awe. McGowan looked in shock at the speed of things, as was I, the difference being that he was now taking a count from Chris Milky. It should be said McGowan was back on his feet quickly with no intention of being caught out like that again. Referee restarts the bout with Barnes trying much of the same but this time McGowan was ready and fought his way out of it with both fighters exchanging blows.  One almighty swing from Barnes being avoided by McGowan and with Barnes off balance he very nearly ended up going arse over tit. 

McGowan was eventually forced back into a neutral corner with a halt being called by Chris Milky. Barnes seemed to be holding which resulted in him being spoke to by the referee before the fight recommenced. It wasn't long before McGowan ended up back in his corner down against the ropes taking a count. From where I was he looked gassed out and not really up for carrying on but too his credit he did. Barnes went straight on the attack with McGowan backing into his corner and not really putting up too much of a fight. Chris Milky stopped the fight and Barnes took the win.

 Lee Rumens v Sean Marc Wilkinson
Lee Rumens V Sean WilkinsonLee Rumens v Sean Wilkinson up next, both regulars on the show and with the height difference between Rumens and Wilkinson it will be interesting to see how each fighter handles this. First into the ring was Rumens in the red corner with Wilkinson coming in second and taking the blue with the third man in the ring being referee Mr Chris Milky. After a few words from our referee it was time to get down to business. 
Rumens kicked things off by literally charging at Wilkinson forcing him back onto the ropes and smothering him. Chris Milky broke the fighters apart and signalled them to continue. Not wanting to be caught out again Wilkinson advanced with a big right which Rumens ducked under pushing him away as he did. Rumens followed Wilkinson as he went backwards but it looked like he fell forward which was just as well as Wilkinson launched two huge lefts. With Rumens face down on the Deck Chris Milky got him back on his feet quickly and continued the bout. Rumens has a bit of a strange style which works up to the point when the other fighter works out what he is doing and just either knocks him down or pushes him to the floor. This was the case as Rumens stepped back and yet again Rumens endedLee Rumens with Sean Wilkinson and Chris Milky up face down on the canvas. 
Starting off again the two fighters circled each other till Rumens charged at Wilkinson pushing him back into the corner but with the help of a couple of uppercuts Wilkinson reversed the situation with Rumens now in the corner and Wilkinson on the attack. A couple of uppercuts later and Rumens was down with Chris Milky giving him the count. The rest of the round consisted of both fighters circling each other with Wilkinson taking the odd shot at Rumens. That was until the last ten seconds when Rumen launched an attack getting a few punches off before he was repelled by Wilkinson. The bell sounded the end of the first round while Rumens was quickly jumped on by his corner taking care of what looked like a nasty cut between his eyes.
Round two and after a touch of gloves things got started with Rumens attacking first followed by Wilkinson counter attacking while Rumens pretty much blocked the incoming blows even throwing a punch out catching Wilkinson in the face. Both guys were going for it then as Wilkinson closed in Rumens pushed him away. Wilkinson came straight back but as he did Rumens went straight to ground. With Rumens unable to continue Wilkinson was declared the winner.
Ross Priestner v Paul Charleton
Fifth bout of the evening with Ross Priestner v Paul Charleton the referee for this one Mr Shaun Smith. Ross fought against Red Brown on the last show which was his debut bout Paul I have not seen before so it could be anyone's. Paul Charleton AttacksFrom the off Charleton was on the attack and looked to be getting on top of the situation. Priestner was not going quietly but he spent most of the time with his head down which left the dozens of punches he was throwing mostly going nowhere. Charleton was going for it big time and eventually things paid off when he backed Priestner into a corner and let loose a salvo of punches forcing Priestner down to the canvas. Priestner took the count and hostilities resumed as before until yet again Priestner was down in the corner and being counted by referee Shaun Smith.
From the start both of these lads were flat out neither one ready to give up. It is just as well that I settle for a brief overview of the fights there is no way I could have come close to keeping up with the amount of punches being launched at each other.
Priestner was down for a second time and starting to look in trouble but dragged himself to his feet and looked almost as though he didn't really want to carry on. Charleton must have surely been feeling a little confident at this point and on the fight command the lads started laying into each other as though their very existence depended on it. From nowhere Priestner caught Charleton a couple of good ones and it was his turn to take a go one the canvas. Charleton was on his feet quickly but was stillRoss Priestner and Paul Charleton given a standing count by referee Shaun Smith. The split second they were allowed to continue they certainly did trading one for one but this time it looked like things were about to change around. Priestner was getting the upper hand driving Charleton back on to the ropes and hammering him. Charleton must have thought it was his lucky day as the bell sounded saving him from a pummeling.
Looking at Charleton at this point he did look a bit battered and bruised, clearly having trouble with his eye. 
Round two was no quicker started than it stopped and there was quiet a long hold up while Charleton has his hand wraps redone leaving Priestner to pace the ring while he waited. The first blow from Priestner made Charleton wince drawing Shaun Smiths attention to his eye so proceeding were again briefly stopped while he checked out the damage. Deemed to be fight to continue the fighters launched themselves into each other but it was pretty much the end of the road for Charleton as he was forced into a corner while Priestner opened up on him. His corner threw the towel in halting the beating.
This left Priestner the victor but let it be said Charleton is a true warrior despite his injuries he wasn't giving up but was saved by his corner who clearly see how it would end.
James Walker v Derek Potter
Derek Porter Congratulates James Walker
Couple of new faces for the sixth bout of this action filled evening.
This was to be a three round fight not being a Title fight so with referee Shaun Smith ready to commence the fighters were pulled to the middle and the action got under way. To be honest it was not the neatest of starts with the odd punch flight but having grabbed each other it was now more a case of wrestling until Walker pushed Porter away and managed a few punches before the wrestling again took over this time with Porter being forced backwards into the corner before Walker broke free and started laying into him before Shaun Smith pulled the fighters apart. Starting from the center of the ring Walker took control yet again forcing Porter backwards into the corner under a rain of punches finally dropping Porter with a couple of uppercuts.
Porter took advantage of the count to grab a quick breather before getting to his feet ready to go. Walker must have felt victory was in his grasp and went on the attack quickly catching Porter with a big right hand sending Porter to the canvas. Walker is a big lad I think very few people would have remained on their feet after that.
Shaun Smith decided enough was enough and the fight was over. Leaving James Walker to take the win.
Sean McFarlane v Karl Hazeman
Light Heavyweight Title Belt
After the last meeting between "The Razor" Sean McFarlane and "The Hazman" Karl Hazelden at Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxings first show at Colwick Hall back in February 2017 it was pretty much certain that this bout was going to be something special. Their last battle was exactly that a battle that went toe to toe and blow for blow from start to finish. That rightfully ended in a draw. This time with The Razor now holding The UBKB British Light Heavyweight Title things were a little different and could only add to the tension. 
The Hazman and the Razor
I have filmed almost 500 fights of various sorts and this one is up their with the best of them. It was electric the crowd were awesome, the noise was deafening it was everything you would want from a bout. I am going to go as far as say that this fight was worth the ticket cost on it's own. 
Recently I interviewed both of these guys and before I did so I was told by a very good pal of mine that they are two of the nicest people I could meet. He was right and they were both having so much respect for each other just adds to their status. It was a feeling of you know it is going to be one hell of a fight as they would not give less for fear of offending the other by not giving their all.
Total quality. I won't do any overview of the fight as I don't believe I could do it justice but I will tell you "The Hazman" was unable to take the title off of "The Razor" and having won Sean announced that he would be retiring from fighting.
Now that did take a few people by surprise but all said and done it is fair play and what a way to end things.
Big respect to both guys an awesome bout and I don't believe anyone could argue with that.
Josh Foreman v Adam Achilles
Light Welterweight
Waiting For The Result
Josh Foreman and Adam Achilles were back for another bash at each other having drew after their last meeting. The last time they fought it could have been anyone's fight with both lads having a decent skill set and being very much alike in may ways.
This time there is more than just your own pride at stake there is also the UBKB British Light Welterweight belt to be had by the victor.
Being a Title fight this is going to be 5x2 minute rounds so the lads are going to have to pace themselves. I am going to tell you who won as you have probably already seen the video. The lads looked pretty much head to head to me and went the full five rounds. But there was going to be only one winner and after all the points were added up it fell to Josh Foreman by a small margin. 
Another good thing about Josh and Adam is what good sports they both are. I'm looking forward to seeing them fight in the near future against other fighters and seeing how it goes for them. Well done Josh and unlucky Adam keep at it. 

Davey Price v Gareth Walker
Heavyweight Title Belt
Time for the Heavyweights with Davey Price defending his U.B.K.B. British Heavyweight Title for the first time having only won it back in October 2017 at U.B.K.B. 3 against Danny Turnball.
First into the ring was current title holder Davey Price a regular and big hitter followed by this bouts resident of the blue corner the equally imposing looking figure Gareth Walker.
Davey Price v Gareth Walker Stare Down

Referee for this bout was Shaun Smith. Both guys ready as the bell sounded with Price throwing out the first jab Walker responding in kind. A steady stream of jabs between the two fighters as they circle each other testing the man out for his response. The thing you do notice with the big guys is that the pace is slower than the light weights but you just know them punches are going to hurt.
Then bam Walker catches Price and Price hits the floor, lies there for a couple of seconds, sits up and shakes the cobwebs out and pretty much gets to his feet. Walker stands in his corner pretty much waiting for things to get back under way. Sometimes things just don't go right for a fighter, today was too be Prices unlucky day.
Shaun Smith clearly saw something he was not happy about and called the medic to the ring. After inspecting Prices eye the medic shook his head and it was all over. Price had sustained a particularly nasty cut that needed hospital treatment and that was it. All over. I'm not taking anything from Walker as I am sure my head would have come off but it was one of those times where had the cut not been so bad I am sure the fight would have continued. One of  those things. Shaun Smith made a good call summoning the medic who did the right thing and said "that's it game over."
That takes nothing from Gareth Walker who is now the UBKB British Heavyweight Title holder. 

Luke Atkins v Jacob Tosiack
Challenge Belt
Luke Atkin and Jacob Tosiack Square Up
Now this one took me totally by surprise. Having witnessed the Luke Atkins against Andy Roberts fight at Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing 3 I sort of had Luke down as keeping his belt. 
He is a big old unit so it is a case of having a busy time just to stay in the game for the fighter who has stepped into the ring against him. Being a Title bout it is scheduled for 5 x 2 minute rounds. 
I was correct and Luke Atkins did win but a whole lot faster than I thought it would to be honest. 
With both fighters and referee Shaun Smith ready the bell sounded to start the bout. Six seconds and even before the sound of the bell had faded Jacob Tosiack had hit the deck. It was all over and a somewhat bemused Luke Atkins had retained his title.
Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing certainly nailed that one with some new fighters well worth keeping an eye on. I just want to finish of by saying thank you to all of you who gave a few quid towards keeping Jake's memory alive by supporting the Academy of Hard Knocks. Thanks to Dan Cousins who works with me on the video side of the show and Andy Juby for his continued help and for all his help and many miles he has traveled to get me too shows all over the country when through my own stupidity I was relieved of my driving licence by the powers that be. Once again thank you to Amanda and Shaun and check out KBL Photography who have been cool enough to let me use their photographs on this page. There are some wicked photo's of the night go take a look and show the photographer some love and remember if you are wanting to use anything take the time to ask the owner. In any case you should mention both whoever made the video or took the photographs and the Promoter it is all good advertising for the show we all love going to so support each other and protect the show or shows you love to go to. Thanks for taking your time to visit us here at Cage Amateurs UK come again soon.
Jon P 
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