Ultimate BKB 5


Published 27/08/2018

Ultimate BKB 5

Waited for this one for what seemed like forever but at last the day arrived. This show has a hint of sadness to it as it will be holding a bout for The Stevan Miller Memorial Belt and as such title suggest Stevan is no longer with us and will be missed by many. This bout is to be a rematch between Luke Atkins and Dom Clark, Luke having won their first meeting at Rogue Elite's 1st show in Coventry back in May returning to Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing's home ground in Warrington in triumph with the 'Rogue Elite World Title Belt'. The fight can be seen here if you so wish.

Sadness aside there was still a show to do and Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing hit show 5 in big style.

I'm not going to do a fight by fight review of the show this time as I am about to vanish up my own arse I am so busy but officially it is because I want you to enjoy the video and not be distracted. Bull shit to be honest I am running out of hours in a day at the moment. Not totally sure why this is but thats my excuse and I am sticking with it.

Held at Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester on 4th August 2018 and being Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing's regular venue we knew we were off to a good start.

So lets cut to the rush. From a personal view of things it is always good to catch up with old friends and many there were at this show. 

On walking in to the show venue I was surprised to see Right Said Fred in the house and I confess to thinking 'shit they have let themselves go' only to realise as I got closer it was my old mates Stu Armstrong and Andy Juby. Terry Barrett and Malk Fenwick plus their ladys were the first to bump into but Ian Jones, Rod and Linda and the U.B.K.B. team allowed plenty of time to wind down from the 6 hour drive by taking time for a chat. 

It's a very common thing with Bare Knuckle Boxing shows, at least the ones I have attended over the last six years, that it is like group of friends meeting up and this reflects on the atmosphere in the venue. The crowd i have to say, especially opposite where I was filming were fucking mental. Enough said they need a check up from the neck up but were well behaved which can only do Bare Knuckle Boxing's reputation a world of good. Well behaved crowds is also a common theme with Bare Knuckle shows, I know for me this makes it all worth the travelling and many hours in front of a computer worth it.

Before I big up those working on the show there was a new guy doing sound and light personally I loved the way he did his stuff and thank you bro for your help with power for cameras and stuff. The ring girls were up there with the best I have seen and I have seen a lot of Ring or Cage girls in my days involved with Combat Sport. If there was nothing going on, for example a break, they were not to be seen on their mobile phones which is something I have seen over the years. That takes nothing from the shows or the girls in all honesty but it's nice to see people working on a show doing something and not looking like they want to be elsewhere.

This was a very good show, and I have been to some very good shows of the B.K.B. Gloved boxing, Cage Fighting etc types of thing. Well done to all involved, fighters, show staff, house staff and fans. In fact I have been to 4 out of 5 U.B.K.B. shows but this one was the best without doubt.

Thanks to MC Chris Gilbin, Referees Shaun Smith and Chris Milky, The Judges and the Ring Girls. Big thanks to the Paramedics, Sound and Light and of course Amanda Smith and Anna Foreman. All the show crew and all the house crew. Biggin up the fighters, trainers and finally those people who came to support the fighters who make this worth doing.
OK here are the fights for the evening, some new fighters and some regulars. Fair play to them all for having a go, so for all those who comment on my YouTube channel how they could do better. Go Fuck Yourself.

All fights are 3 x 2 minute rounds apart from title fights which are 5 x 2 minutes.

Russ Norman Lifts The Belt
Big fight of the night being the return bout between Luke Atkins and Dom Clark for the Stevan Miller Memorial Title Belt. Without a doubt Dom wanted to take this belt back to Coventry and the home of Rogue Elite along with the Title Belt from the last time they met. Jemma Miller, Stevan's widow was there to see the Rogue Elite man take the win meaning both belts were heading back to Coventry in a bout that left Luke Atkins sitting on the canvas following a fight that saw Dom Clark give it everything he had against the unbeaten Luke Atkin. 

Thanks to Rod and Linda Harrison who along with Charlie Salvador donated the belt for the fight.

A side note to this fight was Mr Russ Norman standing in the ring for god only knows how long with the belt held above his head. I'm not sure how he did it but did it he did. You have to give full credit to the man even if Dan and I did have a chuckle as he melted from the heat in the building.

Two fights that have stuck in my mind apart from the main event are these two below and should be mentioned as I am not doing a complete run down.

Had to feel gutted for Karl 'Hazman' Hazelden when his bout against James Walker was stopped early due to Karl getting a suspected broken hand leaving the fighter totally pissed off and clearly not wanting to call it a day.

Chris Wheeldon v Duane Keen went the full 5 rounds with Duane taking the win in a very close fight.

11 fights in total which for me tends to be about right and everyone headed home having a great night out and looking forward to the next one. See you there.

Tomo Cornway
Mark Handley
Brandon Harden
Paul Stredder
Jay Egglestone
Luke Nevin
Mike Philips
Dan Jones
Martyn Cavna
Ben Poole
Chris Wheeldon
Duane Keen
Ross John Priestner
Will Caines
Karl Hazelden
James Walker
Mad Joe
Markken Olop
Martin Gavin
Joe Spencer
Luke Atkins
Dom Clark

So there we have it with a few Title fights or Eliminators in the mix. Title or Eliminator are as follows Chris Wheeldon v Duane Keen for the UBKB Middleweight Belt in an Eliminator fight, Karl Hazelden v James Walker for the UBKB Cruiserweight Belt and Mad Joe v Markken Olop for the Light Welterweight Title Belt. Martin Gavin v Joe Spencer in an Eliminator bout for the UBKB Welterweight Belt and of course not forgetting the Stevan Miller Memorial Belt.

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