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Referee's Jon Jarvis And Lee Ambler

Published October 2013

At the White Collar Fight Club - Medway Meltdown Show in September during a bout between Mike Hocking and Danny Pashley things got a little lively which resulted in the referee outside of the ring, Lee Ambler leaping to the assistance of his colleague after he was pushed after breaking the boxers.
If you haven't seen the video by now I can only say how surprised I am as it has reached well over 1 000 000 hits on the internet including 260 000 for the clip and 108 000 for the actual bout on our own youtube channel.
Comments from online publications such as:
Boxer Danny Pashley was pushing around the fight's official referee and ringside ref Lee Ambler had seen enough. So Ambler did what ever ref has probably only dreamed of doing after receiving a ton of verbal and sometimes even physical abuse from a competitor: body slam him down to the mat.  We spew a lot of jokes at the zebras of the world, but we gotta admit that it's good to see them stand up for themselves. 
have not been uncommon.
Just about every media website has featured this video clips from the Huffington Post to ESPN and has taken both ourselves here at Cage Amateurs UK and Referees Jon and Lee somewhat by surprise. Straight after the show Jon and Lee headed off to New York where they were fighting in a No Gi Jiu-Jitsu Tournament followed by a holiday with their partners.
Meanwhile  the views have climbed and climbed. Now they are back so we decided to grab them and ask as the two people closest to the action what actually happened.
Dan Towers joins them to answer some questions about White Collar Fight Club and also some criticism of the guys and we ask them what happened? and how did the tournament go.
Strangely enough while I was putting this together I came across a blog by a gentleman who was at the tournament and spoke to Lee. Go take a read and all I can say is what a small world we live it.
Lex Fridman's Blog can be found here including a piece of footage of his fight.

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