Women Fight Back


Published August 2012
Saturday saw us in Aldershot for the Women Fight Back Show. We got some great interviews from Nick "Headhunter" Chapman, KC Carnage Kendall, Louis & Tommy King & Bradley Wharton. George McCann our not so little buddy who owns Love2Fight is for the first time in an Interview on video and it's with Bradley Wharton and its on here. Plus George has also been good enough to allow us to use his write up of the event. For an alternative write up check out a little piece on the C.A.U.K. Blog. 
This was a first in the UK and they did themselves proud, coming from the Fight Science Gym, a full female M.M.A. card with some added K-1 and Boxing matches to boot. It was an amazing event which proved that women really can fight back! All in aid of the Victim Support charity, everyone had a great time and raised some cash in the process via raffle tickets etc. Unfortunately I wasn’t lucky enough to win any Iron Gym equipment, or the W.C.M.M.A. tickets, or even the wash, cut and blow dry from a local salon, which I’m sure people who know me were desperate for me to win.
Jokes aside, after the 90 minute delay, we got started with an awesome Sword display by a young 17 year old named Ruby, it astounded me how she swung it so fast but at no point did i fear that the sword wasn’t under control. After that, the lower level girls, and although not much skill was involved, they fought their hearts out.

Emma Watson, from Leeds Cage Gym, didn’t even give me a chance to pick up the commentary microphone before she clean KO’d her opponent in 11 seconds with a sweet left hand. She looked much bigger than the opponent, but that’s just part of the sport seeing as one fight cut weight, and one didn’t. Watson is still only young at 21 (I think) and gaining experience every fight, she looked the business.
Another girl from Leeds Cage, Chloe Hinchcliffe, was part of a 2 round war with independent Cherie Buck, it was a fairly topsy turvy fight with both fighters having chances on top and off their back. Unfortunately in the second round, after a hard knee to her belly, Buck fell over and injured her knee forcing the win for Hinchcliffe by TKO due to injury. I had word that Hinchcliffe will be taking on Anna Zuchelli pretty soon, so that one sounds a cracker!!
A Few Pre Fight Interviews
In  a Semi Pro bout Laura Howarth took on Cheryl Flynn, and it was a very good scrap. Both girls were showing good techniques, and Flynn using an unorthodox way of striking. I think this was a very well matched fight, and it proved that when both ladies were in advantageous positions during the fight. There has to be a loser though, and Howarth took the win with a RNC.
KC Kendall fought twice with 2 losses, but she never gives up. She fought 2 very talented ladies and couldn’t deal with their take downs. Firstly she fought Katherine Brown, who fought out of Carlson Gracie and won with a very unorthodox arm bar. Secondly she took on 19 year old Sophie Cook, who when looking at her you think she must be harmless, almost ring girl esque, but when she steps into the cage, she is a machine. Using her height as an advantage for leverage on her take downs learned from 1 Generation Gym training with the likes of Oli Thompson and Tolly Plested, this girl could be the UK’s answer to Ronda Rousey.
BKK Fighters had a mixed evening, with Kerry Hughes beasting a win over Kerry Masarati, with great stand up she blasted her opponent all over the cage to take a decision after 2×4 minute rounds by a unanimous decision. On the other hand, it wasn’t so good, Paula Donnelly lost on points after 3 x 3 minute rounds, to a better wrestler on the night in LJ Adams. Adams pushed forward continuously, putting Donnelly's back against the cage for most of the fight, and at the end of every round had Donnelly in a bad submission position, if it was 5 minute rounds, she may have got the finish.
Aggy Lawton, who is usually a ring girl, took part in a White Collar Boxing match, with 5 days training under her belt; she lost but did great and proved she isn’t just a pretty face. I have seen that girl dance in the past and she is very flexible, so maybe next time, if there is a next time, she could fight K-1 and see how she likes kicking someone in the face.
Also, Kate Jackson took on Rach McMillan in a boxing bout, it was originally scheduled for an M.M.A. bout, but McMillan picked up an injury which prevented it, but she went ahead with boxing rules and fought to a loss, maybe the injury hindered her but both girls did great.

Michaela Parker, who is known on the U.K.M.M.A. scene for overseeing events as a medic, took to the cage in a K-1 fight. She took on a tough girl who was several years her junior and fairly more experienced. She, as everyone did, fought her heart out but unfortunately the ref Dan Movahedi had to step in and call a stop to the contest.
The LOVE2FIGHT Awards:
Fight of the Night: Laura Howarth Vs Cheryl Flynn
Knockout of the Night: Emma Watson
Submission of the Night: Katherine Brown
Special Awards to Aggy Lawton & Michaela Parker – winners for getting in there!
Full results:
Pro M.M.A.
Chloe Hinchliffe def. Cherie Buck via TKO (knee injury) – Rd 2
Emma Watson def. Andrea Gladiatrix via TKO (punches) – Rd 1, 0:11
Semi-Pro M.M.A.
Laura Howarth def. Cheryl Flynn via submission (RNC) – Rd 2, 2:34
Sophie Cooke def. KC Kendall via submission (RNC) – Rd 1, 1:18
LJ Adams def. Paula Donnelly via unanimous decision – Rd 3, 3:00
Kerry Hughes def. Kerry Masarati via unanimous decision – Rd 2, 4:00
Katherine Brown def. KC Kendall via submission (armbar) – Rd 1, 1:15
Amateur M.M.A.
Emma Francis def. Sharlott Stephens via unanimous decision – Rd 2, 4:00
Amateur K-1
Helen Moore def. Michaela Parker via TKO – Rd 2, 0:12
Grace Anderson def. Colleen Minter via unanimous decision – Rd 3, 2:00
White Collar Boxing
Kate Jackson def. Rach McMillan via unanimous decision – Rd 3, 2:00
Janette Baillie def. Aggy Lawton via unanimous decision – Rd 3, 2:00
Thanks again George you saved our bacon. Don't forget Love2Fight its a great downloadable magazine well cool
Great Pre-Fight by a young lady called Ruby. If you know her full name let me know

Ruby Sword Demo - Women Fight Back 
Pre-Fight Sword Demo by Ruby at Women Fight Back at Fight Science in Aldershot
Emma Francis vs Sharlott Stephens - Women Fight Back
A great all women fight show in aid of Victim support
LJ Adams vs Paula Donnelly - Women Fight Back
A great all women fight show in aid of Victim Support

Grace Anderson vs Colleen Minter - Women Fight Back
Charity Event In Aid Of Victim Support at Fight Science Aldershot

Chloe Hinchliffe vs Cherie Buck - Woman Fight Back
Charity Event In Aid Of Victim Support at Fight Science Aldershot

Janette Baillie vs Aggy Lawton - Women Fight Back 
Charity Event In Aid Of Victim Support at Fight Science Aldershot

Kerry Hughes vs Kerry Masarati - Woman Fight Back 
 Charity Event In Aid Of Victim Support at Fight Science Aldershot

Sophie Cooke vs KC Kendall - Women Fight Back
Charity Event In Aid Of Victim Support at Fight Science Aldershot
Emma Watson vs Andrea Gladiatrix - Women Fight Back 
Charity Event In Aid Of Victim Support at Fight Science Aldershot

Katherine Brown vs KC Kendall - Women Fight Back  
 Charity Event In Aid Of Victim Support at Fight Science Aldershot
Laura Howarth vs Cheryl Flynn - Women Fight Back
 Charity Event In Aid Of Victim Support at Fight Science Aldershot

Helen Moore vs Michaela Parker - Women Fight Back
Charity Event In Aid Of Victim Support at Fight Science Aldershot
Kate Jackson vs Rach McMillian - Women Fight Back
Charity Event In Aid Of Victim Support at Fight Science Aldershot
Women Fight Back
Please Share This Video And Support Women Fight Back And This Great Charity. August 25th 2012 Is The Day Women Fight Back. This Event In Aid Of The Charity Victim Support. Emma Smith: "Victim Support helped me out so much in my life, I wanted to give something back"
Sponsored by Cage Queen
(London, 20 July.12) Colosseum Sports is proud to present ‘Women Fight Back’ at Fight Science Gym in Aldershot (UK) on 25 August at 7pm, boasting a rare all female card. The event is a not-for-profit fundraiser, both organised and carried out by volunteers from the UK M.M.A. community.
It is an indicator of the growth in the number of women now competing in Mixed Martial Arts that Women Fight Back is able to host 8 British female M.M.A. bouts on one card (with more to come), with all competitors matched at equal weight and fairly in terms of experience.
Boxing,with its long history, took until 1998 to grant women licenses to fight. With MMA (in its present form) only emerging in 1993, the younger sport has been far quicker to embrace women athletes. It is resonant of the times that in the midst of the very first Olympics to include women’s boxing, such an event is now possible and that a British promoter is willing to get behind it.
The Pro MMA bouts include square-offs between Cherie Buck and Chloe Hinchcliffe, Rachael McMillan and Kate Jackson, Emma Watson and Andrea Gladiatrix; with a further 5 confirmed Amateur bouts and more to be added. The card also hopes to feature an Amateur boxing bout (yet to be matched) with two times ABA champ, Juta; and showcases white collar boxing and K1 earlier in the night.
Women Fight Back has drawn together the goodwill of a who’s who of well-known industry names: Bellator referee, Michelle Drake Browning, will be flying in from the United States to oversee the fights, as Victim Support is a charity close to her heart. She will be refereeing alongside UK fighter, Danielle West. Judges are to include world #2 ranking Flyweight Rosi Sexton and U.F.C. competitor, Oli Thompson. Commentators include reputed UK M.M.A. journalist, Brad Wharton. For added star quality, UK M.M.A. institution, Bret ‘Hollywood’ Freeman, will be bringing his glitter-factor to the mic, next to glamorous presenter, Cherelle-Jay O’Donnell, daughter to legendary promoter Cage Rage Dave. With UK fighter personalities Louis King, Tomasz Czerwinski, Dom Clarke, Steve Dossett and Tolly Plested brought into the mix as ring boys; and with scene queens including Little Red and Michaela (Fight Medics UK) promising to step into the cage, Women Fight Back is set to be an unmissable night of entertainment.
The driving force behind Women Fight Back is Emma Smith, owner of Aphrodite Ring Girls and partner to Colosseum Sports promoter, Gary Bond.

Smith said: “Victim support helped me out so much, years ago when I was in a very volatile marriage; and that’s what inspired me to want to do something that would give back to Victim Support, as they do such a fantastic job. Everyone I have approached to volunteer their time for this event has been really up for contributing to the cause. I’d like to thank Victim Support for the changes they made in my life and to all the people who have donated their time and effort into making this event possible. It has brought together people from different parts of the industry for a positive purpose and I’m really proud of that achievement and everyone involved.”
Maralyn Smith, Victim Support Divisional Manager for Surrey said: “We always appreciate it when people and other organisations take the initiative to raise much needed funds for Victim Support. I’m delighted that we helped Emma Smith when she needed us the most during her volatile marriage. The money raised from this event will support victims of domestic violence and other crimes.”
(with more fights to be confirmed)
Pro MMA Fights
(0-0-0, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt)    (4-1-0)
(0-2-1)                             (1-2-1)
(1-1-0)                                 (2-2-0)
Amateur MMA Fights
About Victim Support
Victim Support is the national charity for people affected by crime and gives help to over 1 million people every year.
The funds raised at this event will go towards training 6,000 volunteers who give free and confidential information, emotional support and practical help to anyone affected by crime, whether or not it has been reported and regardless of when it happened.
Victim Support also runs the Witness Service which supports witnesses when they give evidence in court, as well as the Victim Support line.
If you want to make a donation to Victim Support, please go to:
Sadly This Video due to copyright is unavailable on mobile. Cage Amateurs U.K. do respect others work and thank all those featured in the video for use of there images, video and Pendulum for the music which we took the liberty of using without permission. Under other circumstances and with more time we would not have done so and no personal gain has been made from there use by us, C.S.M.M.A. or anyone else involved apart from the organisation we are all supporting who were not informed at any point of Cage Amateurs U.K.s intentions. But many thanks too you all
Recorded Saturday 25th August 2012 At Fight Science Aldershot

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