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09/06/2019  Stu Armstrong interviews John Spencer ahead of his double title fight against Mad Joe

08/06/2019 A nice written piece by Stu Armstrong on Joe "Mad Joe" Clark ahead of his fight on UBKB's next show on July 6th

17/05/2019 Video done, a bit of a write up done so go check out the Knuckles BKB show.

11/05/2019 Currently heading north to Seamus Devlins new promotion Knuckles BKB, 'The Gloves are Off'

22/04/2019  Next show we will be attending is Seamus Devlins event on May 11th. This one takes us even further away from home being way way up north to a place called Colne. God knows where this is but I had better start looking up somewhere to stay the night.
01/04/2019 We had a great time up at Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing's show in Manchester and came away with some great footage. It was a long day driving from the Medway Towns and back after the show, 18 hours to be precise and now I have a good many hours editing it all. 

26/03/2019 It's nearly that time again when we head North to Manchester for UBKB's latest show. Being only a stones throw from Man U's Stadium and with them playing at home this has doubled the price of the local hotels. So guess what we have a mamouth  drive home the same evening. This is not the best bit of planning in regard to the fans who travel from the South. But there you go.  
10/02/2019 Friday 8th February Andy Topliffe held his first show for a long time and although it went ahead it was not with some external problems. It was short and sweet but credit to Andy sorting things out at short notice. Watch it here
16/01/2019 There are rare occasions when a new actor takes to the screen and you know a legend has been born. This is not one such occasion but our old mate Stu Armstrong is in the third of three films by Sammie Lei and it is now available for your viewing pleasure at the very reasonable price of 4.99. So Support Stu, support British films and go take a look here and when you have done that if you so wish you could take a look at the recent interview we did.

16/01/2019 Couple of shows to watch out for first up we have Andy Topliffes Pit Fight UK on Feb 8th in Leicester and UBKB at their usual home in Manchester on 30th March. Good start to the year.

09/01/2019 It's the 9th of January and this is my first post of the year. Call me old fashion but that is a bit piss poor on my behalf and says a lot about the state of the website. Hopefully things will pick up.

24/11/2018 New film comlng out early next year by writer and director Sammie Lei. Roofied 3 The Lethal Dose is the final part of the trilogy and my old mate Stu Armstrong is in it. Only seemed right to have a chat about it, so we did. Roofied 3 - The Lethal Dose.

18/11/2018 It has been a bit on the quiet side round here lately and it does not look like anything is going to change in the near future. Not till the New Year at any rate in February to be perfectly precise which is when Andy Topliffe is holding his Pit Fight show followed the next month by Seamus Devlins show right up North. By my thinking that will give us something to do. Happy days.

27/08/2018 The video is now up having been nicely finished by Stu Armstrong and is now on the U.B.K.B. YouTube channel. Meanwhile those of you who like a read you can see how the day went at U.B.K.B. 5 by taking yourself over to the Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing section here on Cage Amateurs UK. 


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