The Jobber Blogger #60 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 25/7/13

The Jobber Blogger #60 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 25/7/13

Ahh, issue#60, it feels like I’ve been doing this all of my life, at least a few times a year. But judging by my rants, spelling errors and obsession with Wrestling, it’s quite possible this is just an infantile obsession. But alas, good sir you, sir, of all that might potentially be good… at least one day, this is my “go-to” place to escapism! Now that sounds so much more depressing than my opening rants of staying indoors on Sunny days, and that time Sunny Delight was deemed unfit for British Consumption. Crappy Sunny Delight, I now found it that delightful in the first place, nor did it resemble the sun. If I was drinking blinding light that burnt my face with an initial touch, then I’d endorse it more so. It’s sort of like the liquid equivalent of being a Vampire.

Which funny enough, pretty much describes myself, up at unsociable hours, doing unsociable things, hiding from the sun. I’m not even joking, I went to an Air-Show over the weekend, and I was the only one there with in a Hoodie with Gloves on, hissing at a distance from the shadows. I shake my fist at you Sun! One day, you’ll get what’s coming to you!

Till then, it seems the Sun will continue to go on and thus so will the Wrestling world. So let’s get down to the brass taxes then!


Impact’s little “Previously On Impact Wrestling” is a good indication of the direction of the Company. Sure there’s been lots of talk recently about them, all of these Talent / Roster Cut-Backs, and if they are going out of business. But let’s be honest here, TNA haven’t released anyone that’s actually been doing anything for the Company. Yes they’ve got rid of some great talent, like a Doug Williams, Matt Morgan, Joey Ryan etc, but we never saw Doug, Morgan was never used, and I don’t think TNA knew where to place Joey. I would like to take this time to be controversial, all of the people who they have let go, didn’t really offer anything anyway. It’s a shame Tara has gone, but Tara hasn’t been in the same league she once was for a good year and a bit. Morgan as impressive as he might be, isn’t exactly a “gold-mine” in the ring. I can’t think of one match I watched of his and thought “Damn, he’s good!” Williams on the other hand is one of the best in-ring competitors I have seen, but he is an older talent, not wanting to commit to a Full-Time Wrestling schedule and isn’t as over as his in-ring skills. When you watch the opening of TNA and you think of all of the talent in the BFG Series, you think of Bully Ray, Sabin, AJ Styles etc etc, they’ve got so many things in motion that this is the core heart and soul of the company. Not to mention the potential of new stars coming in, so I for one wouldn’t worry at all about TNA. They are moving in the right direction, and one of their most stupid aspects of the company is having so many people on the roster that he have no idea how to use, or no plans for them anytime soon. They literally pay people to sit at home, that is not a good business move. So they eliminate that, keep talent on TV and move forward cutting money, and producing great shows each week.

Though was this week’s show a “great show”?

The Main Event Mafia kicked off the show, I hate the fact “Rampage” Jackson doesn’t wear a suit, I hate the fact he gets paid because of his position in “other” sports and media, he’s done nothing but bank a lot of money, and let’s face it, so far with everything that makes a great Professional Wrestler, on the scale of 0-10 he scores a hefty “You Suck”. Samoa Joe hasn’t been interesting in ages, Kurt Angle just annoys me lately, Magnus has potential, Sting is boring. The very second that stupid opening tone of their Entrance Music plays, I immediately hate them all the more. Not only that, but they entirely delusional. If Sting recruiting the same guys who caused him problems in the first place wasn’t enough, Sting actually came out and declared last week to be the “best night ever since I started in Pro-Wrestling” a false, blatant lie seeping through his lips. Either that, or he’s an idiot.

Kurt Angle then takes centre stage to congratulate Chris Sabin on his win last week, “the greatest match of his entire career!” declares the “Olympic Gold Medallist”, if that was Sabin’s greatest match, then he should hand in the belt and retire, because it’s only going to go downhill from there.

Sabin came out to thank the MEM for their help, which he should, because in “Wrestling Logic” terms, Sabin only won because of them, Sabin’s own effort in the ring was non-existent and he spent the ENTIRE match on his back getting beaten up… I’m not even exaggerating. Though Sabin declaring next week to be Champ vs. Champ with he battling who wins the X-Division Title tonight, is something to look forward to.

And that’s where TNA go back to “this shit will do” territory. Though at least Kevin Nash made his long awaited return to Impact Wrestling.

The theme for the show is Bully is suing TNA, because Sabin used a Hammer. Sure the irony of Bully using the hammer in the first place multiple times, isn’t even what I have a problem with. If a Heel were to win with a Hammer shot, the chances of Hogan restarting the match, or giving the Face ex-champion a rematch right away would be expected. Though when the roles are reversed, everyone is fine with the good guys breaking the law, and Hogan is completely biased to help him. I hate lawyers in Wrestling, unless it’s like Joseph Park who is a character. Any type of “non Wrestler” related role is teeth gritting embarrassing to watch. Don’t do it!

Either way, TNA was put on notice, and with no evidence supplied, and no reason for a case, TNA Management had to make a decision by the end of the night to give Bully the World Championship back or not.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Manik vs. Greg Marasciulo – Ultimate X – X-Division Championship

Okay first things first, I quite like the new belt, just thought I would get that out there. The blue fits for the Impact Wrestling colour scheme, it’s new, it’s a fancy design, I have no problem with it. People want to compare it to WWE’s IC Championship, it doesn’t really look anything like it. And even if it did, then that’s not a bad thing anyway.

Before the match TNA ran two Video Promo’s for Greg and Manik, the latter of which annoyed me. Why put him in a mask, if you’re just going to show him off without it anyway. There is no point, the old Suicide costume doesn’t work, or suit a Wrestler, who we know is underneath it. Either make him wear it always, or take him out of it. If you do both, it’s Topher Grace as crappy Venom all over again.

For the second week in a row Tenay and JB are on Commentary, this is also because the last two shows were taped one after the other. Which is crazy when you think that they made these guys Wrestling intense X-Division matches, and then threw them into an Ultimate-X match, all under 2hours. But yes, Taz is still missing, hopefully TNA fired him for wanting to leave. I hate that, I like Taz, but with him actually trying to get work with WWE, and then the cold truth of them not wanting him, so he settles for TNA and declares “Love my Home”. No, I want people in TNA who Love TNA, you want to leave, go, and we’ll keep the guys that want to build the company.

Ultimate-X was filled with a lot of great moments, and for the first time, I actually felt Manik was not the most impressive in the ring. Partially because they’ve ruined his character by showing a Boy under the mask. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still impressive, but Sonjay’s interactions with both Manik and Greg put him quite high, but still I was rooting for Greg Mara-marzipan to take the win.

Greg took out Manik on the entrance ramp with his awesome finisher, thus Manik “once again” get’s injured in a match, Greg and Sonjay then climbed the outside of the structure when Manik just climbed the ropes and won the Championship.

A great match, and a good win, it just feels like whatever momentum “Suicide” had, has now gone by them revealing who is under the mask, and the weaknesses of him being beaten up multiple times for him not being able to compete.

Hernandez vs. Anderson – BFG Series

It’s difficult to think of what can be said about this match. Sure there was nothing wrong with it, I guess it is just a meeting of two guys who aren’t all that connected in terms of Story, or Chemistry. Though saying that, Anderson’s little Shadiness did play out really well through-out the match.

But the bigger thing at hand is the Bound for Glory series itself, and it got me thinking just who do I think the Final Four will be at the end of this all? I have already stated that I think AJ would win, though now I do think it could well be Aries. So that fills out 2 of the slots I feel for the ending Four. So my guess would be AJ Styles, Austin Aries, Magnus and Anderson. I do feel Magnus and Anderson both represent the feud of Aces / Mafia, they could quite easily end up taking each other out. AJ Styles vs. Austin Aries would be a dream match. And I truly feel both of these represent the Two Choices for the Main Event at Bound For Glory depending on who holds the Championship. If it’s Sabin, then Aries. If it’s Bully, then AJ.

Either way, Hernandez missed with his “Air-Mexico” and Anderson capitalised and dropped him with the Mic-Check for the Win and a further 7Points.

An interesting backstage segment was Joseph Park and Eric Young, where for some reason after nearly a year of it happening, Park finally is shown footage of what happens to him during his matches. I do like this partnership, and to actually feel like Park might be moving somewhere at last, though it has taken its sweet time, and it’s still not really got going. But at this rate, I will take all I can. It’s also nice to see EY again, hopefully he will have more of a Role of late, but I am doubtful. But seeing as he says “I am pretty much a scientist now” he is going to help Park get to the bottom of his black outs.

Gail Kim vs. Mickie James – Knockouts Championship

Velvet Sky made her way to the ring to admit she made a mistake in being friends with Mickie and letting her know about her injury. But she is going to be more careful of late, and “play things closer to my vest”. …. those were her words.

Apparently when Mickie performed live recently, she did so wearing the Knockouts Championship, or at least in parts.

What do you know… there it is!… okay so I couldn’t spot it… but I didn’t watch it! So you never know!

Anywho, JB found this to an egotistical trait “she’s proud of it, I get that, I’d be proud of it too!”

Do you still think he’d be as proud?

As Mickie and Gail put on a great match it became pretty clear, that Velvet Sky has no chance of “hanging” with the level of where they are at with their craft. It’s almost like a joke, just not that bad, or at least a joke you are willing to force a laugh out for. I mean that entirely to be supportive, not just laughing at people, which I think has the opposite effect… though it is entirely warranted, funny and encouraged!

Stop Laughing at ME!

Mickie and Gail both playing Heel characters did a Female version of Aries vs. Roode from a little while back where they tried to out-cheat the other to win. But for some reason Gail decided to have problems with ODB, to the point that she slapped her… this wasn’t really explained and nor did it feel like there was any point to it. And you’d think for someone of Gail’s stature who worked a Ladder match to earn her shot, wouldn’t risk throwing it away over that. Either way, Mickie rolled her up from the distraction and took the win.

This is when ODB had issues with Gail’s slap, and Brooke came out to blab about Gail slapping Taryn Terrell, and that ODB is an active wrestler. So  I guess we need a new Knockouts Ref again? Might I suggest a Referee this time?

It might work?

Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe – BFG Series

Apparently Daniels has never been able to beat Joe, a nice little bit of trivia that really tips the scales in Daniels’ favour to win. Cheers TNA!

When Joe first came to TNA, I remember him being really intimidating, he was one of those competitors that would make you not want to be a Wrestler should you ever cross his path. Now, now he’s just same old with slightly different hair cuts on the odd occasion. Yep, that is his claim to fame.

Speaking of claims to fame, I do believe Daniels’ had a re-work done on his Logo to match it to that of Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D logo.

Joe attempted the Muscle Buster on Daniels, but it was Anderson who got involved distracting Joe, with Daniels to take advantage, using Two BME’s to pick up the win and the 7points.

To which point Tenay explained, in depth I might add, that Anderson did it to stop Main Event Mafia, and to help his own gain in the Series, rather than helping out Daniels. This is for everything TNA does right, to just go completely patronising and hold your hand and explain, word for word exactly what you just watched was.  If anything, TNA has more old school Wrestling fans, than the pyjama wearing audience of the other company… we get it… stop shoving it down our throats.

AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy – BFG Series

Am I the only one who thinks AJ Styles has lost his momentum. I really hope it all comes full circle sooner or later. But he was the most interesting part, to losing, to now just there again. I still think it’s a cool gimmick change, but currently he’s not in enough spot lights to really do it justice. It almost feels like it just didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

Speaking of not mattering, Jeff hasn’t exactly been on anyone’s Radar as of late, though he is still keeping the more old school look / attire, which is awesome. This is one of TNA’s biggest problems, they can’t balance Main Event players, they build guys, remove guys back to mid-card. Build guys, move guys back to mid-card. There are very few… if none, who actually maintain that level. They have a big pool of guys who can move up, but none that stay there, they just feel like they run out of ideas and “this will do” type of approach is executed.

Another bit of Trivia, is that it has been 9 Years since Jeff first walked into TNA. That is insane to think about. I remember when he debuted, he was the reason I tuned into TNA back then, shame he wasn’t in a great frame of mind, and sometimes just didn’t turn up to events and then leave. But to think he did have a solid run for a time with TNA.

The crowd was torn, but I do think Jeff being pushed at you as the Top Baby Face and how kids take to him, does put off a lot of people from getting behind him. So with that being said it’s no surprise that AJ drew a bigger reaction. But he is AJ Styles, and he hasn’t been in the place he once was for a long time, and people want to see AJ Styles in the main events once more as the true face of TNA: Wrestling.

And AJ’s Calf Killer is a good way to do that, as he picked up a Further 10Points from a Submission Victory. After the match Jeff extended his hand to AJ, who just walked away.

The Finale of the show of course was what Hogan’s going to do about the World Championship situation. To think the Main Event scene consisted of a segment where Bully whines about an Injustice, and your Champion feels like a bigger whiner than Bully with “you’re a big fat cry baby”. Gone are the days of prestige. Hogan decided after looking over the contract, that there will be no negotiation and tore it up. I could have told you that from the start of the show, the contract is “nothing”, he has nothing to base anything on, what a stupid idea. It’s just as stupid as last week’s kidnapping of Kurt Angle and locking up the Mafia. Pointless petty time wasting drivel.

Hogan did announce that Bully will get his Rematch on August 15th at Hardcore Justice. Funny because Hardcore Justice has been and gone as one of TNA’s “One Night Only” PPV’s. Though having Destination X as a themed Impact helped the Ratings… so they should do more of them, and I guess they are. This is what should happened at the start of the show without any bad acting “Lawyers” being involved.

One day, they may learn!

Till then!


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