Monday Night Raw #1059: September 9, 2013!!!

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Monday Night Raw #1059: September 9, 2013!!!

Come along and play sing-along with THE GRANT!!! If you know the words sing along! If you don’t, read the following words below… ready? And 4, 3, 2, 1….

On this day I see clearly everything has come to life
A bitter place and a broken dream
And we’ll leave it all behind

On this day it’s so real to me
Everything has come to life
Another chance to chase a dream
Another chance to feel
Chance to feel alive!!!!




WWF PROPA TINGZHERE HE COMES!!! MR RATED-R! MR DUTTY BWOY! And you smark muthaf***az SHUT THE F**K UP. We know he’s promoting his TV Show, and SO HE SHOULD! If you had something exciting, wouldn’t you wanna share it and promote it everywhere you go? Exactly. So SHUT THE F**K UP!


Now Edge can say what the f**k he wants because he doesn’t work at WWE… so he calls Randall ‘boring’… he says Triple is an idiot for saying it’s best for business if he reunited with Randall – and NOT CHRISTIAN… DISRESPECT!!! But even with all that, Edge is asking for The Shield to mash him up isn’t he????

Looks like Edge is gonna be reunited with Randall anyway…and Triple by the looks of tingz!!! Is it me or is the crowd calling Triple an @$hole??? WHOA!!! We haven’t heard that chant since the Attitude Era! I think they’re right this time, because Edge’s comments made Triple send for The Shield and f**k up Christian!!!! NO WAY – TRIPLE TEEEEEEEEEF!

Now Triple claims Toronto as HIS TOWN??? And runs Edge out of his own yard???? NO – DISRESPECT!!! Edge – don’t make the man disrespect you like that and brukk up Christian! Leave the building, make you think that you have gone, then come back with some sort of vehicle and f**k up Triple and The Shield!!! Lead by example!

Let me get this right so I can understand this: At Night of Champions, EVERY TITLE is on the line right? So in the case of Curtis Axel, why the f**k is his title not on the line? Why don’t they just make Kofi Kingston beat him so that Kofi gets on the PPV and defend it while Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman fight CM Punk??? WWE FIX UP MAN!!!

I still don’t understand Booker-T’s words of so-called wisdom…. why is he telling Big Show and Daniel Bryan to watch what they do when his people, MY people were held down for 400+ years? In fact I don’t understand Booker-T! Do you understand him? if so tell me why! @MZATheInfamous on twitter – Holla at ya boy!

Is that the battyman Dolph Ziggler’s music I hear???? Oh f**k… I’m off to make a drink… oh hang on, is that the Wyatt’s music I hear???? YO YO YO I’M BACK!!! Backing the Wyatt’s ALL THE WAY BABY! (Follow the buzz- ) don’t even start with that sh!t… The power of GOD’s in me!

Come on Wyatt!!! DESTROY ZIGGLER! Take him away like you did my hero Kane!! YES!!!! Him send for him Sister Abigail!!! I love WWE!!! And I love you Dolph Ziggler fans too!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

OH SNAP! Edge is on SmackDown too??? WROOOOOY!!! You know Edge is not done with Triple then!!!

Did Paul Heyman slip up on his on p!$$ and brukk up his ankle because he’s scared of the Night of Champions 2013 poster JazzWolverine CM Punk??? Not my problem! He was the one to bait up CM Punk at Money Inna De Bank!

Oh I get it… Heyman is tryna get out of fighting CM Punk, so he got Axel or whoever to set up the fake injury! Look at him!!! he’s growing a beard because he’s that stressed!

Big ups to Brad Maddox! I can’t believe I’m saying this!!! But he’s sent for official WWE doctors to check Paul’s knee! He even sent for a chair in the ring… so Paul Heyman… GET IN THE CHAIR!!!!

Doctor checked him out… Paul’s fine alright! Here comes the Cult of Personality!!! And Heyman was quick to run!!!!! HA! HA! It’s a MIRACLE!!!! BACKSIDE!!!

And as for that wack @$$ doctor, CM Punk used the Kendo Stick, and beat down the doctor for his insolence!

If I was AJ Lee I would stop my noise about the Total Divas because word is she might be going on Season 2 of that Total Divas!!!! It’s like what my moms told me, don’t constantly disrespect certain people, because chances are your seeds will grow up becoming something you hate… I guess I’d better stop hating on internet wrestling fans… but they drove me to hate them! I can justify my sh!t!

Look at that, Natalya wins again with the sharpshooter! You see if this was a one on one situation, I’d say Natalya all the way against AJ Lee… but because it’s a Fatal 4 Way…. well you will hear me on my predictions video and on the BDSIR Network so stay tuned for that on the pages below and on YouTube!

Oh dear R-Truth and Bertie need to fix up! The crowd wasn’t in this match at all, chanting ‘Michael Cole’ and ‘UN-DER-TAY-KER????’ Yeah I know I wished that as well…  let’s put a pic up just for ol’ times sake… shout out to Shadfather…

Undertaker entrance WMXXIXHOW DARE THIS MUTHAF***A (Zeb Coulter) DISRESPECT CANADA??? Disrespect their culture and sh!t??? You disrespect Canada, you are disrespecting my woman (Wait -wait- wait – Grant – you have a woman???? – Yeah I’ll tell you later…) And you are disrespecting me. WE THE PEOPLE? THE GRANT SAYS – Me & my lady will quite simply KICK YOUR CANDY @$$!!!

OH SNAP!!!! Santino’s back! And it might be match of the night! Did you see what Cesaro just did? That Giant Swing move rude boy! He must have done it for a good minute! The crowd is going crazy!!! Santino keeps kicking out!!!! Zeb Coulter starting to panic stroking his pathetic beard! And look w’happen! HIM WIN!!! BACKSIDE!!! That was MAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!

I like the fact that the crowd are backing Sandow in this contest! He is GREAT!!!! No one likes The Miz… That is all!

Thanks Fandango & Summer Rae! That match was WACK!!! thanks for the distraction! Summer Rae – OOOHHHHH! Come here girl!!!

Enough of that sh!t – Y’all know what the deal is, Cody got fired by Triple, Goldust swears vengeance by f**k!n up Randall… before, I said the Shield will jump Goldust and f**k it up, now I have a revelation. I think Daniel Bryan will f**k it up for Randall, imagine that!!! He’s overdue some sort of retribution! Yo Heltah Skeltah! DROP THAT TUNE!

Now I’m no fan of Cody, I like Randall but I’m backing Goldust here! COME ON GOLDIE! GET YOUR BROTHER’S CAREER BACK! Use the move where you kick Randall right in St Louis!!!



I also love the fact that WWE are acting like Goldust hasn’t wrestled in three years…. yeah like WWE is the only place where you wrestle? Like after WWE, you just go home and watch Knots Landing and Falcon Crest???? Stop brainwashing the kids WWE!

After a great match… Goldust used the Cross Rhodes super move… escaped the first RKO, but got caught by the second one… ain’t that a b!tch…. looks like Cody will have to sign on with me in two weeks time… Damn….and for Stephanie to rub it in???

All that I’ve been given
Is this pain that I’ve been living
They got me in the system
Why they gotta do me like that?
Tried to make it my way
But got sent up on the highway
Why? oh why
Why they gotta do me like that?

Well how about that? RVD gets to retrieve his outfit back from Ryback! He did tease it on his twitter! Careful what you wish for RVD!

Oh dear, that didn’t turn out too well… Ryback charging RVD into the steel post, hurting his ‘business’ in the process… and felt no way about it!

Oh no! Even though Big Show is in Danielson’s corner, Stephanie just dropped the bomb, that if Show touches the Shield, that’s him joining Cody Rhodes as well queueing up for Christmas jobs at the Royal Mail! Don’t worry Show, I still have hope for Edge! Surely Daniel Bryan cannot be laid out for a record 8th show in a row???? Does Danielson know that there are stupid muthaf***az who have made YouTube blogs complaining about the storyline when they clearly haven’t done the knowledge???

Dammit I’m tryna enjoy this Dean Ambrose Vs Daniel Bryan match and a dutty big spider has dared to intrude! I promise – it WILL BE DEAD BY DAWN!!!

They said Big Show couldn’t touch the Shield – but nothing about Randall?? Well that’s what I would have written in the storylines! It was gonna happen all over again, Triple Teef and Stephanie ordering Big Show to punch Danielson through school buses… and it looked like it was going that way..instead, Randall runs his mouth at Show, by which time I would have knocked him the f**k out – but Danielson recovered long enough for drop that Japanese Dragon Kick on Randall – BLAOW!!!

Just think, it all started when Danielson wouldn’t Get In The Chair…but in all seriousness… WWE needs a hero…








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