Monday Night Raw #1063: October 7, 2013

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Monday Night Raw #1063: October 7, 2013!!!

Some so-called wrestling fans just DON’T GET IT, do they? Especially those that DID NOT PAY for the PPV by online streaming or watched it in the UK when on this occasion, it was free. So let me get this right so I can understand this: Triple Teef and Stephanie board a private jet and tweet that they gonna be at Battleground, Damien Sandow teases he will cash his cheque but doesn’t because he out-thought you idiots, RVD & Bertie had a crazy hardcore match, AJ Lee’s win represents wrestling skill and  no reliance on reality tv, Cesaro’s Giant Swing on Khali showcased more untapped potential, The Rhodes Family fought a heartfelt match and now Goldust is back on the roster, and the main event still has an uncrowned champion…. knowing that Hell in A Cell is the next PPV, and muthaf***az are STILL b!tching??? I realise what you d!ckheads must do….




Was it me or did you hear the Vincent Kennedy in Stephanie’s voice when she told Big Show to SHUUDUP!!!! Oh lawwwd somebody VEXXXXXX!!!! Big Show punched everybody through school buses at Battleground… maybe the Big Show needs to Get In The Chair!

Now, while Stephanie is here running Big Show down to the ground, Show delivers a gunshot – He knocked out Bryan because he was TOLD my Steph!!!!! So the idea was to screw Danielson out of the title to begin with!

Yo Steph! How you gonna play me girl? Tryna say that you and Triple wasn’t at Battleground??? Ladies & Gentlemen of the Smack Talk Centre, Powerbomb Pro Wrestling News and Came Amateurs UK, The Infamous Informer has OFFICIAL PROOF that Steph & Triple WAS at Battleground! I’m gonna let it out here exclusive on RePPiN4U: Represent The Real Hip Hop! You’re like ‘This is why I clicked this link!!!’ You ready???? HERE WE GO!!!

Stephanie McMahon@StephMcMahon 6 Oct

. @TripleH On our way to #Battleground

That’s your official twitter, is it not???? You are a corporate executive, are you not? So you just lied to the world on TV that you was not at Battleground???? Stephanie McMahon: GET IN THE BED!!!
Did Big Show just call Triple a ‘son of a b!tch’ husband???? GASP!!! You have just gained some balls now huh????
Steph to Big Show: What did five fingers say to the face???? SLLLLAAAAAP!!!!
Dayuuum she’s straight slapping him and Big Show is smiling about it! WTF??? Kick him in the d!ck Steph!
Well she did verbally…. YOURRRRR’E FIRRRRRRRED!!!!! I knew there was a catch when Goldust grabbed his contract! There was only room for one job after all! Look at the face of Steph! All I see is Vincent Kennedy!
So much for the free YouTube match, we get to see Dolph Ziggler Vs Damien Sandow again! Come on Sandow!!!! Use your brain to out-think the show off!!!
F**K!!! How could you let Ziggler beat yuh Sandow???? God damnit I would have called the Shield straight away to buss your arse….. and Ziggler’s for that matter!
Not liking that but lets talk about the finer things in life…. THE LADIES!!!!GRANT - BODY - P
Natalya, JoJo, Eva Marie in 12 t!tty action against Aksana, Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes!
Was it me or did Natalya feel up Alicia Fox’s Bonita Applebum when she went for the roll up pin??? This is great! THIS IS WRESTLING!!
Wait a minute – I didn’t see what JoJo could do in the ring…. was that meant to be their in-ring début? I would ask for answers on a postcard or tweet me at @MZATheInfamous but what good would that do when you muthaf***az are queueing at the toilet? Men SHOULD NOT be queueing – that’s a female trait! (No disrespect to the ladies of course…you know Grant loves you!!!)
Ok Stephanie baby girl…. you gotta fire Anthony Benigno: the journalist that writes the Raw reports on You know why??? Look here I’ll show you…
“Make it dos for Los Matadores, who followed up their début victory over 3MB with a second win over a new permutation of the rockers’ ranks:”
Now I watched Smackdown last week, and Los Matadores defeated 3MB there too.. so that makes it TRES victories!!!! Stephanie… you know what to do… and while you’re at it hire the fried chicken eating, supermalt guzzling, styling & profiling, hip hop reppin, diva loving Infamous Informer as your new writer!!!
Ok so let me get this right so I can understand this: Dryback didn’t like the fact that CM Punk punched Ryback in his d!ck so he could get the win at Battleground??? So I take it you don’t like Chyna? Triple Teef? Ric Flair? THEY INVENTED THAT MOVE! (Er no they didn’t it was Johnny Cage) (actually no it was scorned women…) alright – alright you have a valid point there!
So here’s Dryback calling out the Wolverine while Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman are in the ring, while we know CM Punk will go out swinging and not care, another joins Punk and these two have something in common: THEY SPEAK THE TRUTH! R-Truth come cross! Ok playas, it’s gonna be a tag team match!!! God Bless Teddy Long!
Is it me or are WWE pushing R-Truth lately? Bear in mind that he didn’t win the Intercontinental Championship at Battleground? R-Truth defeats Curtis Axel in the tag team match… I’ve asked myself that a lot in this blog lately! IS IT ME??

Wait a minute…. didn’t the Wyatt Family sacrifice Kofi Kingston at Battleground? Here he is fighting Randall like nothing happened to him…. we haven’t seen my hero Kane in WEEKS!!!! Yeah I know he’s on his See No Evil 2 sh!t but lets keep it storyline shall we wrestling fools???!!!

One thing I’m surprised at – The voices were not in Randall’s head – it seemed as if he showed ‘mercy’ to Kofi! He didn’t kick him in his head, he didn’t set up the chair in between Kofi’s neck…. nothing! Maybe he would have done but Danielson rushed the ring and attacked Randall! Now THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! BRING THE RUCKUS! THEY HATE EACH OTHER! BRING DOWN THE CELL!!!! SHOW NO MERCY!!!!

Hmmm… should this be the Hell In A Cell theme song for the STC/Powerbomb???

Oh my god who let Vickie Guerrero in here? Why isn’t she fired??? Was somebody baking pizzas again??

Hold up, wait a minute – Bertie must defend his World Heavyweight Title against who??? John Cena???? Hang on – wasn’t he injured for like 6 months??? It’s only been two months!!! No no no this is not right!!!! What happened to #1 Contender spot??? What did Bertie do to deserve this?

John Cena comeback

Ok I speak to the entire wrestling world, fans, IWC, everybody (yes even the IWC we must unite as one here – ) I’m not the biggest John Cena fan in the world, I don’t dislike him either… but Cena MUST LOSE at the next PPV! We MUST BACK BERTIE IN UNISON! Either that or if Cena wins we force Sandow to cash in his cheque! We must set a twitter trend!!! #SANDOWCASHIN!

Look W’happen – Ricardo Rodriquez just pinned Bertie! SHOCK! HORROR! SHAME! DISGRACE! Now look what you’ve done Vickie, Cena…. you made Bertie brukk up Ricardo’s arm with the steel chair… are you proud of yourselves now? Cena just couldn’t keep away could he? He just couldn’t let Danielson & Randall get their shine…. STC member Singer Manny is right – the man is selfish tuh-rarse!!!!

The Real Americans Vs Santino & Great Khali: So good you just had to see it twice!!!! Er WWE you’re not helping giving away free matches like this! You think I would let the fans see this again? They should have seen it the first time ah bumbaclart!!! F**k it – LET’S SEE IT AGAIN! AH YEAH AGAIN & AGAIN!

Even racist bigots know how to have fun! Check it, Wack Swagger throws Hornswoggle into the ring, Cesaro goes for the Giant Swing… and ‘does his back in’!!!!! HA! HA! I like that!!!

The Wyatt Family said that they are gonna get em all… now it looks like The Miz is next!!! I don’t consider The Miz a ‘hero’…. GET HIM WYATT!!!! KILL HIM!!!!! Oh no! Just like Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Miz got away in the transport module! THE GRANT SAYS THIS: The Miz and Kofi Kingston must combine their force for the time being against these guys, and if the fire explodes and my hero Kane returns… then they even aren’t they!!!

Ok Well done WWE for messing up my prediction that Big Show was gonna be added into the championship match, nah really I mean that! Your job is to throw the fans off every time! Now Randall and Danielson must fight in the Cell, with a guest referee? Who is it gonna be? As much as I rate Booker T he has come off with some bullsh!t lately… some sh!t that black people would not approve so he’s disqualified, I don’t know where Bob Backlund is going with his nutty self, Linda McMahon couldn’t be senate so what makes him think the WWE Universe gonna vote for his crazy @$$? Somebody get a straight jacket for this muthaf***a!!! Yeah imagine him putting the chicken wing on either Randall or Danielson…. that’s gonna work out well isn’t it?

Now… Shawn Michaels… he’s the man for the job! If he can officiate the Hell In A Cell match between Triple and Undertaker – he can officiate ANY match in my book. Oh no they got HBK to plug the WWE app! The way he said it… so sarcastically! Vintage Shawn Michaels muthaf***a! And thank God he had a shave! I respect the beard but HBK’s was unacceptable quite frankly!

Vote for HB-Shizzle???? Wait a minute – you’re not a hip hop head Shawn!!! Like I haven’t seen you throw up your W… you always did the crotch chop and sh!t!!!

Never mind the Shield assaulting Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes & Goldust – wasn’t the Big Show fired???? Did he Sean PPPPP the security through school buses???? He’s not supposed to be here!!!!

Look at Triple TEEF hiding behind the Shield!!!! HAHA YOU PANSY!!!! I thought you were the best of the best??!!!!

Hang on, it seems The Shield may not be able to stop the juggernaut that is The Big Show! Triple is hoping that the Shield weaken him so that he can back off his jacket, loosen his collar and cuff links and beat down The Big Show! Look at Triple screaming orders! “FINISH HIM”!!!! Yo this ain’t Mortal Kombat muthaf***a!!!

OH SNAP! The Big Show took out The Shield! Your bulletproof vest ain’t sh!t Triple!!! Yuh goose cook now! PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!! Triple TEEF just got punched through school buses!!!! Look at the crowd!!!! All you needed was Good Ol’ JR and the glass to smash!!!! Danielson standing over Triple and the YES chant heard worldwide! I knew I had trouble sleeping last night! OH SH!T!! Danielson fixed Triple’s Tie!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Now that’s ill!!!!

THAT WAS THE GREATEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN! But the question remains! How come Big Show suddenly had the balls to stand up to Triple? How come he deliberately got himself fired? Is he really fired? Or did he sign a new iron clad contract with somebody else behind Triple’s back? You gotta think these things!!!

Just to end this blog, lets slap a big old pic of that Sean P punch to Triple by The Big Show!!!









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