Monday Night Raw #1066: October 28, 2013!!!

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Monday Night Raw #1066: October 28, 2013!!!

I should continue my beef against the IWC about Hell In A Cell PPV, but this time I turn my attention to the everyday folk of Facebook: Why the f**k are you changing your profile pics into a muthaf***!n giraffe? If you get a riddle wrong you are suddenly a giraffe? If I get a riddle wrong I ain’t changing sh!t! I’m STILL the hip hop reppin, fried chicken eating, supermalt drinking, Tekken @$$ whoopin, diva loving, Infamous Informer! The other thing – All this Bit Strips stupid crap… everyone on that sh!t… the only way you see me up on that sh!t is if my sexy lady started the app… anyone else apart from her invites me to that crap – watch how quick I BLOCK THAT SH!T!!!



Ok we kicking the show off with the new World Heavyweight Champion – John Cena! All Cena haters line up and go to the toilet!!! Form an orderly cue and try to hold the p!$$ or doodoo in!

And the crowd are letting him know that whether he’s back or not is irrelevant, Daniel Bryan is the man running tingz!

Somebody let Cena know that he’s not the man any more, and you know what? I’m glad this is the last week we gonna see the WWE superstars wearing pink n sh!t… I respect the cancer fighters but this pink sh!t is unbearable especially when Cena is rocking the colours!

Oh snap!!!! Damien Sandow is assaulting Cena crazy! Targeting the elbow! Hold up – he’s not gonna cash his cheque is he??? OH SNAP!!!!!! HE IS!!! Sandow using the benefit of intellect here!!!!

World Heavyweight Championship jump off! We are really gonna see if Cena got that S on his chest!!! Can you imagine if Sandow wins here??? This gon’ change everything!!! Then STC’s Negrodamus could be on the money!

Shout out to STC’s Anthony Cardenas! If Sandow wins the title, can you imagine the revenue on bath robes worldwide?!!!! But Sandow I must stress: That it was Ghostface Killah who invented the bath robe!

1381439539_Ghostface Bathrobe

So I hear that Sandow’s new super move is called ‘You’re Welcome’…. I’m not sure if Cena is ready for that!!!! This match is great! YOU’RE WELCOME – BLAOW! OH SNAP – Cena kicks out at 2!!!! Cue Superman theme! F**K that – this is RePPiN 4U – Represent The Real Hip Hop!

Cena is really that n!**@!!!! Defeated Sandow!!! Don’t feel bad! Maybe the unification rumours could come to light!!!! Cena has done it again, but has STC’s Negrodamus done it too??? He was the one who predicted all this!

From one championship match to another! Dean Ambrose forced to defend his title again to Big E Langston! Well that’s what you get for running gone Ambrose because you couldn’t manage him! HOLD DAT – BLAOW!

Oh well so much for that – the Shield ain’t letting that sh!t happen – The Usos coming through means a 6 man tag jump off… maybe Big E should ‘GET IN THE CHAIR!!!’ Let’s be real – his haircut game is f***ed up!!! I’ve said that for months!

While this 6-man tag is running the Money Inna De Bank Anthology DVD is out very soon if it isn’t out already… that is a cool addition!!!! 8 years of crazy sh!t on a 3 disc set? Yes please!

The Shield are still that unit!!! Messed up the Usos and Big E!!! But is Ambrose getting drunk with US Title power? We noticing minor things with Roman Reigns… let’s be real – he does win the majority of the matches for the Hounds Of Justice!

Uh Oh somebody got some explaining to do!!!! Well the Grant Says HBShizzle hasn’t gotta explain much to me, Daniel Bryan kicked down Triple, HBK kicked down Daniel Bryan for kicking down his bredrin. Plus you know HBK, he loves the spotlight… he’s always controversial… why do you IWC jabronies look p!$$£d off???

Well HBK explained himself, I understand the ‘Don’t Trust Anybody’ code, hell we all lived by it during 97 – 2001, but he said – Don’t trust Brie Bella???? WHOA!!! Over the line there HBShizzle! get trapped up in the Yes lock by Daniel Bryan! You know what? HBK stated that he has always been there for Triple Teef, where was Triple when HBK got caught up in the Yes lock????? I’m saying hmmmm!!!

OH SNAP!!! Why did the Wyatt Family f**k up Danielson like that???? Is this anything to do with my hero Kane???? Just throwing it out there…. Yo the WWE creative are just throwing sh!t around right now! Hold up let me sit back and do the knowledge and I’ll get back to you…

Shout out to Jerry Lawler – I done the science with that HBK situation before you did!!! I ain’t talking about the next match f**k that – I think a commercial break is in order… Los Matadores Vs 3MB – F**K THAT!



YES! RePPiN4U will be at the Hammersmith Apollo live this Saturday to see Redman, Method Man & Busta Rhymes!!!!

Talking of Busta Rhymes I love my B!tch…. here comes my baby Tamina!!! AJ Lee!!! Oh no they gonna fight the muthaf***!n Bella Twins again??? Might as well go into another commercial break, and that’s bad coming from me because I love the ladies……………………………………………………… …………………………………………………………….

…………………………………………………sorry I was just thinking of tasting Tamina’s sugar….

My hero Kane is back! And he gotta fight Miz after he chokeslammed his clart at the Hell In A Cell PPV! I’m good with that – KANE – KILLLLLLLL HIM!!!!

Hold up…. Kane calling out Stephanie McMahon of all people???? Er… why????

WTF?????? My hero says the monster is hers to unleash???? Takes off his mask and gives it Steph and she’s wielding it like her name is Myunhi Hausen from Urotsukidoji?????

Faust Urotsukidoji 2

Switching gears now from my hero to STC’s hero – CM Punk!!!! This feud with him and Heyman should have ended at the PPV, so why the f**k is he fighting Dryback Mountain in a match voted by the brainwashed WWE Universe???

So basically we get the same match we had at the PPV only without the Hell In A Cell… it’s a street fight! CM PUNK! RYBACK! HOLD DAT – BLAOW!!!

…and after a Randy Savage elbow through the table and an anaconda vice, Ryback lose again!!!! OH DEAR…. WAIT A MINUTE – The Wyatts again???? This time they f**ked up CM Punk!!!! And just like what happened with Danielson, Bray Wyatt utters the words – ‘The devil made me do it’…. who is the devil exactly???? My hero Kane? Triple TEEF? nah its this fool surely…

Next match! The muthaf***k!n racist b!tches Vs The Rhodes Family!!!! YES!!! Goldust and Cody! f**k up these ignoramuses!!!

OH SH!T…. Goldust tapped out to Wack Swagger’s Patriot lock…. F********K! You know what that means…. they in line for a tag title shot… ain’t that a b!tch….

It seems that Bertie is not done with Cena… who wants to f**k up his arm!!! I smell an I Quit match… maybe at the Survivor Series????

How dare STC member Ash Blick say that 2 Divas matches are bad for business!!! Hasn’t he got homework to do or something??? Shout out to fellow Cage Amateurs UK TNA specialist – the Jobber Blogger, his company do Knockout only PPVs!!!! Now THAT is GOOD FOR BUSINESS!!! And the joke is – Ash Blick is a TNA fan! He doesn’t know a woman’s worth!!! I feel bad for him!

What is disrespectful is Natalya coming out to The Great Khali’s music…. what sort of sh!t is that?!!!

Big ups to Powerbomb Pro wrestling News… they caught a twitter amusement:

So @BrayWyattWWE destroys Kane, then goes after Bryan and Punk … Hmmm, is @WWEAJLee dating Wyatt now? #RAW #PastBFs

THE GRANT SAYS: Mind CM Punk doesn’t block you WWE Universe! You know how he feels about AJ Lee!!!

That wasn’t a bad wrestling contest between Summer Rae & Natalya! But Natalya – mind you don’t hurt Summer Rae’s sexy legs with that sharpshooter too much – she has to keep the d!cks hard with her Strictly Come Dancing skills!

OH NO!! It’s the Randall Orton WWE Championship ceremony! I’d so love to know how this is gonna end! Danielson taken out, CM Punk taken out, the Big Show banned from the building…. so surely this should go without a hitch… YES????

Hold up – WELLLLLL…. IT’S THE BIG SHOW!!! How the rarse did he get in the building? He’s not supposed to be in here! Ain’t he got a restraining order???? And plus, if he’s fired, why does his music continue to be played? How come the production crew aren’t fired??? The Usos and the Rhodes beating down the Shield!!!! It’s all out ruckus on the stage now! Carving a path for the Big Show!!! Triple TEEF leaves the ring – he don’t wanna be knocked the f**k out for another 3:31 minutes!

OH SNAP!!! The Big Show isn’t afraid of being arrested! He hints at ‘friends’ who can bail him out!!! Yes it’s giving me that little hope that it could be HIM pulling strings for the Big Show!!! (who’s HIM?? Well have you been paying attention jabroni???)

Big Show makes Triple TEEF well aware that if the lawsuit goes through Triple and Steph could be more broke than me!!!! Randall tries to teef by clappin Show upside the head with the championship belt… Triple TEEF directing Randall to Strike First as his shirt suggests but then suddenly – PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!! Randall just got punched through school buses! Oh no the ladies ain’t gonna like that! They love Randall’s handsome face!

Wait a minute! Triple TEEF backing off jacket now??? I’m surprised he hasn’t used the hammer by now!

The GRANT SAYS THIS: There are two things I am looking forward to, actually that is a lie – THREE things: One, Triple’s next interview with Michael Cole…. Two, WWE2K14 – Big up to our peoples in the states killing that game! Getting their character creation on, WrestleMania Mode, Undertaker Streak mode and all that! THREE, and most importantly, the Redman/Method Man/Busta Rhymes show LIVE this weekend! Me and the RePPiN4U team will be there, look out for an exclusive review on the event!!!! Plus a special article on  Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers – My story, where I take you back 20 years ago and tell you Rhyme & Reason how one of the greatest groups in hip hop history  impacted my life!










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