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Well don’t they say “better late than never”? I know I’ve used it before as a saying, but I would first of all like to Apologise to my Blobbers for the lateness of this Blog! Still, tough luck and grow up and quit your complaining. Work is work and work is busy! You’re lucky I do this at all!

Of course that’s a joke, even if I often fear that those whom don’t know me will just be outright offended. Regardless, I’m writing this!

Speaking of pointless complaining, apparently that’s what has been surrounding this week’s Episode of Impact. Why though.. I don’t get it. Haters be haters.. and they also tend to be idiots… so there is that.

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Dixie Carter kicked off the first Impact post Bound For Glory, and she did so by debuting a brand new “Dixie Land” Theme Song! Okay so it’s pretty much a “Heel” Version of her old song, personally I would have just got the original song and done something a little like this:

Yup, that was a rather lengthy detour from Writing this Week’s Jobber Blogger. But still, my first venture into adding Creator Owned YouTube content into my blog.. aside from Plugging the TNR Podcast which seems to have died a fiery death!

Dixie’s new Dixie Land slogan sounds like the Dreams of Walt Disney and the twisted yet socially acceptable version of Michael Jacksons backyard Theme Park. They want to push this that much, that they even have a “Dixie Land” T-shirt up for sale… surely they could have jazzed it up a little more…

Dixie Land tshirt

Dixie had the Ring all laid out to Praise the new World Champion: AJ Styles. Blabbing on about made a mistake, and proud to call AJ the new TNA: Champion.

AJ of course made an appearance but wasn’t buying any of it, the full use of “Evil Ways” yet again was a great touch! Dixie said her recent attitude was all about “Motivating” AJ, and from the Slump he has been on for over a year, she did what she could to give his Career that much needed boost. Of course part of that actually rings true, she even offered him his own Private and Personal Locker-room nearly as nice as hers, his own Watch, and a Fancy Convertible.

Obviously AJ didn’t succumb to any of Dixie’s high price tag offerings, the whole thing had a lovely mixed message of “I get what you’re doing here” but on the flip side, if this is how she “really acts” then no wonder TNA are losing money. A more interesting thing to question, is all of this actually worth more than the $50’000 she offered him prior to BFG?

Bully made his way to the ring, going on about AJ being lucky to have beaten him on Sunday, the usual shtick. The whole thing ended in a fight between Bully and AJ, which is when the lights go down and Mr. Anderson made his return.

How great was it to see Anderson back, he left at the highest level he has been in his Career thus far, in my opinion. Sure you could say he’s been World Champion before, but I think Anderson had finally found that sweet spot of not just being that reoccurring Gimmick, but a way to blend all of his ideas and all of his personality perfectly into a Story. And that was achieved because of The Aces and Eights. So I am glad he decided to stick around with TNA, and his return was “Impactful”.

After Anderson beat down Bully Ray to the point where he tucked tail and ran, he picked up the mic to do what he does best. Anderson went on a Rant about how much he is sick to death of Bully week in and week out. But the whole thing was cut short when Dixie made her way back to the ring this time with security and called for Anderson’s Arrest, stating he isn’t allowed in her ring. Anderson fought down some of the Security before letting himself get arrested and yelling “Good Bye” as he was taken out of the Arena.

Sure, you could say a lot of it was very “Stone Cold” inspired, but Anderson has always had that part of his Character down to a tee. Having Dixie as a Heel boss really builds some amazing friction already between her and Anderson, having him get arrested made it feel fresh, exciting, and the taste of an era we all cherish.

Gail Kim (w/Lei’D Tapa) and Brooke vs. Velvet Sky and ODB

A Knockouts Tag-Team Match is always a good thing to see, though there was very little friction between Gail and Brooke, despite Brooke was the one who took the fall from Lei’D Tapa leaving Gail to win the Knockouts Championship mere days before at Bound for Glory.

I really hope TNA do breath some new life into the Knockouts Division, but these four easily fill out the best of the best they have to offer currently. The addition of Lei’D Tapa of course is most exciting, but I still can’t get as excited about her potential whilst currently being assigned to Gail’s bodyguard.

In the end though it was Gail who tried to bring a Chair into the match which got the Referees attention, and that led to Lei’D Tapa getting involved and taking out Velvet with her Big Boot, and Gail Kim picked up the win.

 Ethan Carter the Third vs. Dewey Barnes

I don’t know how to spell this guy’s name, I didn’t pay that much attention and my desire to research it is nil and void.

What isn’t nil and void is my desire to point out the bizarre ring introduction from Christy Hemme, for she said “The Following!” then stopped, then repeated “The  Following!” then stopped, then finally did the introduction to EC3 and the Match at hand. Three times the Cham, EC the Third? Coincidence?… Probably.

This Dewey Barnes chap had some rather catchy Entrance music though, so that’s a positive for him, and Carter’s awesome front falling DDT / Cutter thing is awesome. It was what I found awesome from the BFG match and totally forgot what happened…. so there it is.

Sting and Magnus had a backstage segment where they made amends for how Bound for Glory ended. Magnus declared he “didn’t show the right  amount of Respect for what Sting did for him” and Sting just hoped he put Magnus on the Map, and passed the Torch. Well it was a nice thought Sting… but.. no, I don’t think you did.

Either way, they finally shook hands and made up! Aw, isn’t that all sweet!

Barney Magus Sting

Kurt Angle made his way to the Ring to tell everyone he knocked himself out doing his own move. That seems like a stupid Finishing manoeuvre, but hey, I didn’t win a Gold Medal, so what would I know.

Angle Defeated

Angle always likes to Share how much damage he did to himself in his matches, which is funny really when the other guy did very little of it. Angle went on to talk about how Sting’s speech made Angle realise that he had more to achieve before he could be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame.

Roode interrupted Kurt to brag about how be beat Kurt fair and square. And that two years ago it was Angle who cheated to Defeat Roode in the main event of Bound for Glory, and for two years Roode lived with that defeat.

Kurt wants a Rematch, but apparently he isn’t Cleared to Wrestle, so they did the all “Never said anything about Fighting!” and brawled, and next week (this week) on Halloween (tomorrow) we get the BFG Rematch… or so they say.

But anything that gives us Roode and Angle one more time, is certainly a good thing!

The Bromans, who now have New Music rather than Robbie E’s old “Bro Off” Dance Music, they had their very own Championship – Cele’Bro’tion.

Which pretty much just means they ran around drinking Champagne and popping Streamers. The potential within the Bromans is there, almost like a Modern Day and not as Good E&C. But the Streamers go a long way to making something work. In fact they should just have loads of them and run to the ring Popping them.

James Storm and Gunner got involved, as always, of course we all know that Storm will just get in everyone’s business.

James Storm TNA business 2

Storm and Gunner announced that they will be cashing in on their Rematch Clause for next week on Impact. Bad Influence also got involved, along with EY and Park, which ended with Daniels smashing the Champagne bottle on Park’s Head, busting him open and.. well you know the rest.

Bully Ray vs. AJ Styles – TNA: World Heavyweight Championship – Rematch

Earlier on in the night Bully told Knux and Garrett to go down to the Prison and make sure Anderson doesn’t post bail. I was hoping from some “on location” videos from TNA this week, but alas, that was not the case. Though not all hope was lost!

AJ once again used Evil Ways entirely, and Bully entered to the Lyrical version of The Aces and Eights theme. This match unlike their BFG Bout was much more Fast Paced, but that goes without saying really. They are obviously working to a Time Slot. I can’t tell if AJ meant to land on his Face or not during the match, but Bully pushed him in the Air for what looked like a Standard Back-Body Drop, but AJ just crash landed on his Face instead. I imagine he meant to do it, but it looked horrible. I mean horrible in the sense of it was cringe worthy, not that it looked like an error.

The match of course wasn’t on the same level as their BFG Title bout, but that’s what you would expect. Though don’t sell it short, it’s most definitely worth your time checking out. The ending came with Earl Hebner (ref) being knocked down, AJ applied the Calf Killer to which Bully Tapped. Eventually Bully made it to his feet and hit AJ with his Steel Chain, and then his Bully Cutter, the ref came round for a mere two count on AJ.

Bully picked up his Chain once more when Anderson turned up, with Bully distracted, AJ applied a Crucifix and rolled Bully up for a Pinning Victory.

Anderson then with Handcuffs still dangling from one wrist, ran into the Ring to beat down Bully Ray once more.

So one would expect that Knux and Garrett did the opposite, and got Anderson out of Jail for him to make it back to the Arena in time. Which I am sure is what will happen, so the Chances of Anderson taking over The Aces and Eights is extremely high, and this, I could not be happier about!

To close the show Dixie made her way to the ring to confront the still World Champion with a new TNA Contract.

The contract apparently not only has more money, but other perks including the Convertible from the beginning of the show, as well as things in place to keep AJ settled to TNA and Dixie’s bidding one would assume. AJ claimed “A fantastic Contract from a Horrible Person” and he is fed up of Dixie making money from the TNA Original’s blood sweat and tears.

AJ then rubbed the Contract on his Rear End, and said Dixie doesn’t respect him,. the TNA World Title or TNA. And he will take the Championship to the People. But he will take the Car.

TNA Ended with AJ getting in the Convertible and Holding up the TNA: World Championship as he drove out of the Arena.

Sorry if it seems a little Rushed this week, don’t let that be a representation of the this week’s Impact.

For my money this show was one of the best they have ever done, I love the current direction of AJ and Dixie. Having Anderson back in full force puts him on a level he hasn’t been at before. The potential between Anderson and Bully and not to mention Anderson and Dixie is huge. They have everything in place now, and it is building. The show was fantastic, how some people could complain about it baffles me. It was everything I could have hoped for and more, and I only hope now that they take this ground work and run with it.

I can’t wait to see what TNA has in store down the road!

Till Then!

Dan Wilkinson

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