The Jobber Blogger #75 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 31/10/13

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In what is fast becoming the most fantastic yet late addition to anything on the Internet, the Jobber Blogger rolly polly’s his way back to the Computer Desk to bring you all the latest happenings from the World of TNA: Wrestling!

So the internet is going crazy about TNA being up for Sale. Of course I have even toyed with the idea of buying the company, but a below part time job at the Cinema on minimum wage tends to make buying anything hard work. Ahhh, what would I do if I could buy TNA… well I guess really, you wouldn’t get to do much, you’d just own it and probably not put in much input unless you really wanted to. But then of course you could just screw it all up. Either way they strongly claim that it isn’t actually up for sale… so who knows what’s going on.

TNA is still moving in some good directions, but this week’s show didn’t capture the excitement from the previous week’s, but that doesn’t mean that some ideas aren’t good ones!

Impact Wrestling Logo


Yep, going back to October and even Halloween right now, seems strange and really behind. Either way, wasn’t Halloween great! I certainly enjoyed mine, but the imminent threat of arrest really put a downer on my Trick-Or-Treating.

Dixie Carter kicked off Impact, a reoccurring trend of late, also on the flip side, my mash up Heel Theme for Dixie has 1 Thumbs up and 1 Thumbs Down, Aww Yer! Keeping it Neutral!

Dixie had a fit about AJ walking out on her last week, and went on to claim that AJ Styles “No Longer Exists to me, and no longer exists as World Champion, he is no better than the Kids Dressing Up Pretending”. Well, the whole thing does reek of CM Punk leaving with the Championship, and then coming back to face Cena once again. The only Solace in this situation is that the build up was better, AJ Styles can Wrestle really really well, and TNA don’t have someone as monotone as John Cena, so the pay off should be much better too. The downside though, is that only a fraction of the audience will ever watch it.

Seeing as AJ has hopped and skipped his way out of a Job and down to his Local Dole Office, Dixie was forced to take action. And her action is to create a 8-Man Title Tournament, sort of like King of The Ring, only with match Stipulations and 7 of the entrants are former World Champions:

James Storm, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Chris Sabin and the final Eighth Man to be determined from a Gauntlet Match later on.

AJ Dole Office

Bully Ray stormed to the ring for not being included in this Title Tournament, but that led to Dixie just blaming him for being the sole reason they’re in this mess in the first place.

And then Anderson once again leaps out at Bully Ray and beats him up some more… gets arrested yet again.

Then backstage Brooke distracted Anderson as he was being escorted from the Building, and Bully Ray then beat him down with his chain in a lovely Violent manor. Huzah!

James Storm and Gunner vs. The Bromans – World Tag-Team Championships

Yes, the Bound for Glory Rematch we’ve all been waiting for! That’s kind of sarcasm, though their match at BFG was actually rather good. The same however can’t be said for this.

I kind of hope that Storm will move either back into a Title Picture type of role, or at least be more present in AJ Styles’ Band of Brothers thing when he comes back.

As for Gunner, I think he has now been given a good platform, so they just need to “Unleash” him and make him a little stronger of a Gimmick, I’m telling you, Face Paint would look awesome! Let him be impactful, intense, dangerous, and you have a great star in the making.

And of course The Bromans can go on and hopefully help form a good Tag-Team Division again.

Storm suplexed Jesse into the Ring from the Apron but Robbie E held onto Storm’s leg from the outside, thus he couldn’t kick out of the Pin and The Bromans stole a victory!

Why Storm can’t use his other leg to kick out, or anything, who knows. It’s Wrestling… It doesn’t make sense!

Ethan Carter the Third vs. Norv Ferman

Yep, the skinny dude from BFG is back to fight EC3 and just like the first time, I couldn’t be bothered to write his name down, so I shall assume it’s right.

What exactly do I have to write about… same old. Squash, Win.

I get it, it’s the old Wrestling Tradition of the Squash Match to put across new Stars, and in this case, the fact he is “Dixie’s Nephew” means that she is pulling the strings to make his life easier.

However, who cares.

I think that sums it up well… He is impressive so far, and I look forward to seeing him in action with the likes of Austin Aries… then I will cast my judgement.

World Title Tournament Gauntlet:

Sting and Kazarian kicked it off, and yes, Sting was back in with a Chance of Winning the World Championship, this all came about earlier on in the night.

Dixie Carter and Sting shared a rather little amusing backstage segment, where she told “The Icon” that she will lift his Ban of never competing for the World Championship, and put him in this Gauntlet match, where he can Enter as #1 and work his way to Victory to prove he has still got it. But for some reason Sting responded with a very confusing attitude: “This is the why I feel, I feel like I have earned every single thing, every single step of the way for myself, and I, have never had a sense of Entitlement… Dixie!”

And then he left… what the hell does that mean?

What makes it worse is that he sounded like he was throwing this back in Dixie’s face for he can Earn Everything for himself… but then he took the opportunity anyway. Crazy man.


The Gauntlet had everyone from Eric Young to Manik, but there’s little point doing a rundown of who entered when and who eliminated who. The best thing to mention is that when Knux was eliminated, Taz said “I’ve got to get out of this club, it sucks!”

I really hope they give The Aces and Eights a makeover, put Anderson at the top and build it back up, they can be crowd favourites, but not Faces, it would be awesome.

Either way, as predictable as you’d imagine, the final four was Bad Influence and Sting and Magnus. Daniels got eliminated, and then Sting tried to eliminate Kazarian, where Magnus pushed both Kaz and Sting over the ropes to pick up the win and move himself into the Title Tournament.

Where I will go out and say right now, Magnus will win this Title Tournament, probably be the new World Champion, or at least Dixie’s World Champion, or get so close, before AJ Styles returns.

By this point Magnus will be the top Heel and fully aligned with Dixie… which is no bad thing really.

ODB vs. Gail Kim (w/Lei’D Tapa) – Knockouts Championship

Again, this match goes just as you would imagine it would. It still bugs me that Lei’D Tapa is Gail’s bodyguard, I honestly feel that this really stuns her debut in a big way. She was quickly becoming something new and exciting, but then just as quickly became boring. She’s like a talented female Rob Terry.

Lei'D Tapa Train

ODB and Gail shared some nice Submission Reversals which was rather impressive from both, specially ODB, not in an insulting way, just we expect it from Gail.

In the end however Lei’D Tapa distracts the Ref, Gail gets a quick Roll-Up, holds the Ropes and Wins. Woo!

Bad Influence were in full blown Sherlock Holmes mode this week where they were determined to uncover the Mystery Case of The Monster Abyss. Any segment they get to be themselves in, is TV Gold. Why they aren’t the Tag-Team Champions, I don’t know. They get loads of Air Time, because they are unique, funny, talented and amazingly entertaining. Put the Tag-Belts on them, then that gives the Tag-Team Division much needed Air-Time, plus boost Bad Influences credibility and the potential for Tag-Team Feuds / Matches and Title Defences are increased 100%… makes sense to me. My only hope is that Bad Influence could take the belts from The Bromans in a good feud that would put Bad Influence in a “Crowd Favourite” position, whilst still being themselves.

Regardless, they declared that Abyss is located under the ring, where they pulled out a Pumpkin, and said that Abyss is just another talentless vegetable.

Eric Young who was dressed as Joseph Park made his way to the ring with a Message for them both, and then he hit them. How classy. So yeah, Bad Influence beat up EY, and then Abyss made his Return… again… again……. again? How many times has he returned now?

Then picks up EY like he did at BFG. Is Abyss going to be around now, or was his appearance purely because it was Halloween. Joseph Park is a good character and really shows how Talented he is, but come on, we all want Abyss. I suppose if they can balance them both for a while… perhaps they will just merge into one, which could have some rather good story lines attached to it. Only one can hope though.

Bobby Roode vs. Kurt Angle

The other Bound for Glory Rematch.

Roode tried his best to get Angle proven not Medically Cleared to Wrestle, and apparently he was cleared but not advised.

The match obviously had strong resemblances to their great bout at BFG, and I would hazard a guess that this feud will continue, probably through Dixie’s Title Tournament, and will probably be the reason neither of them make it to the finals, and then that would carry on further. Certainly the potential between the two of them is great, especially in terms of great in-ring matches.

Roode once again used this Death Valley Drive – Neck breaker – Cutter thing that he showed off at BFG, I really hope this move sticks around to be his Finisher, it’s a great move.

Roode made his way to the Top Rope, where Angle did his patented Run – Double Under Hook Throw off the Top Rope. Both men crashed hard, Angle struggled to Cover Roode, Roode kicked out.

Angle then seemed to have a type of “Fit” and Roode won the match.

So all in all, it was a good ending to the Match. Roode won, which was the best possible outcome, and Angle got to live his dreams of having a little mid ring Boogey-Jiggy.

On a serious note, or as serious as you can be with Wrestling, the idea is, that Angle had no idea what was going on, and is in fact rather injured, so… who knows. Maybe he will come back like Perry Saturn.

Angle Wig

Till then!

Dan Wilkinson


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