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So this week it’s a country music special…. WHAT???? NOBODY LISTENS TO THAT SH!T!!! I remember there used to be a cable channel dedicated to that over here and a week later it got shut down! Plus I remember LL Cool J working with a racist country music artist and they tried to tell us to forget our slavery past and come together… er… NO LL, that sh!t 400/500+ years ago is UNFORGETTABLE. Why? Because it has brought us to this point today. We were told to NEVER FORGET our war heroes but FORGET about our ancestors that went through slavery and captivity??? GETTHEF**KOUTTAHERE!!

If you like country music, more power to you. It’s not my taste, but more power to you. You won’t find it here, this is RePPiN4U: Represent The Real Hip Hop presents this weeks Monday Night Raw, hosted by the Hip Hop living, Sword Swinging, Doo Rag Wearing, Diva Loving, Wrestling Fan Hating, Infamous Informer – GRANT BODY – P!!!

We gotta try to get this money, Survival Hungry! RAW #1069! HOLD DAT – BLAOW!






YES!!! Punish the GMs! Punish their blodclart!!! Both Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero are WACK! Triple made Maddox face Randall, and Vickie had to face AJ Lee!!! Now THAT IS BEST FOR BUSINESS!!! I KILL DEM!!!!

I’m sorry where are my manners! How was your vacation Triple & Steph? I hope it was WELL DESERVED!

So here’s Maddox trying to get away from Randall, but he get ketch… and as Survivor Series is on the horizon, Maddox wants to survive… so he clapped down Randall… Randall dropped and looked as if to say – “HOW DARE YOU HIT ME!!! Now I’m gonna f**k you up!!!” Like when Han sliced Bruce Lee with his claw in Enter The Dragon and Bruce tasted his blood…. BAD MOVE!!!

Is it me or was the Tennessee crowd weak??? If this was Manchester UK fans would be wilding!!!

Good God Almighty Ladies Favourite Randall f**ked up Maddox! And that’s without kicking him in his head!!!

Yes! Here’s the match we were supposed to have at the last PPV and Curtis Axel ‘had an injury’ and suddenly couldn’t defend his title – but we get it now! Curtis Axel! Big E Langston! INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP – LET’S GO!

Dammit that has gotta be one of my favourite moves of Langston! Run one way, run to the other side – come back – Warrior splash – BLAOW!!!! You see you muthaf***az run down the Ultimate Warrior but you cheer when Langston busses that move…Jazz Kumar you feel me tho right!!!

Straps down! Set up! An emphatic BIG ENDING – BLAOWWWWWWW!!!!


I don’t think Axel pulled a punch back! Even Maddox did a better job against Randall! No wonder Paul Heyman left your stankin @$$!!! All I heard was Langston don’t hit me no more!!! BIG E!!!

Ok… so what’s the deal with this musical chairs rubbish??? Does the winner have a divas title shot or something? They gotta walk round the chairs to a crappy @$$ country song? Well I love the divas so f**k you and f**k the stupid girl in the corner of the video…she looks dopey as a muthaf***a! She should be grateful she’s on the Infamous Informer blog! KMT!

I love hip hop, hate country music B.U.T. love the divas in their country music gear… OH YEAAAAAHHHH!

Natalya is the first one out… well you don’t wanna play that stupid game anyway you are a WRESTLER!

Next out: Alicia…well that’s what you get for spreading the word about Natalya p!$$!ng herself in the ring in front of the millions…(AND MILLIONS!!) of Grant’s fans!!

Come on girls back to the game! What’s all the pushing and shoving for??? There’s plenty chairs for you!

OH SNAP!!! They all decide to fight!!!! Chris Rock was right all along! Women can NEVER rule the world because Women hate Women!!!!

Now there’s a 7 Vs 7 divas Survivor Series match!! Hip Hop Hooray!!! Total Divas Vs AJ Lee’s divas!!! THAT’S THE MATCH I’M MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO! F**k everything else!!!

(GRANT BODY – P!!!)Survivor Series poster 2013

If the rumours are true that WWE are planning to have Brock go against Ryback, the match may not be that bad as the dumb IWC are making it out… I say that because I’m watching Ryback Vs Big Show and….. oh wait a minute…..

Ryback with the Shell Shock to Big Show – BLAOWWW!! Here’s the cover – 1, 2, and….


What you gonna do now Ryback????? Tries to pick the dead weight up, Big Show recovers a little, pushes Ryback against the ropes – bounces back – PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!! Punched Ryback through school buses! Ryback lose again!!!! Deary deary me!!!!

Hold up – Randall where you going? Big Show with a spear – BLAOW!!!! What was you thinking lad??? All that momentum on the Big Show and that’s what you do? Yo them voices in your head are not communicating well!

Ahhh nice, something to read while The Real American b!tches are fighting The Miz & Kofi Kingston…

Dwayne Johnson ‏@TheRock 18 Nov

Armed w/ ambition and a bad haircut.. today in 1996, I made my WWE début in Madison Square Garden.

THE GRANT SAYS: SALUTE! TEAM BRING IT FOR LIFE! F**K these traitors and hypocrites!!!

OH SNAP!!! The Miz has turned evil against Kofi Kingston!!! Now it feels like we just rewound back a year!!! Now I can get back to cussing The Miz’ rarse!!! Oh happy days!!!!

HA! HA! HA! Can you believe Vickie Guerrero tried to get out of fighting AJ Lee? A year ago she was bullying AJ Lee out of her GM role! Look at her now, faking dehydration like a b!tch! The medics find it funny that her blood pressure and all that is normal… so Stephanie dropped it like this – Yep – Vickie looks in a bad way, you must take her to the hospital straight away – RIGHT AFTER YOU TAKE HER TO THE RING!!!


Vickie yuh goose cook now! Now GET IN THE RING!!! ……..and SHUDDUP!!!

GRANT - BODY - PI’m loving this!!! AJ! TAMINA! GET HER!!! BRUKK HER UP!!!

Listen to the crowd! Oh they’ve come alive now!!! AJ! AJ! AJ! STAMP HER OUT! Remember how she treated you last year! Now you’re the Divas champion! DO IT!!! KILL HER!!! KILLLLLLLLLLL HERRRRRRRR!!!!! Look at AJ walking around thinking about it! This is a year in the making! Vickie is still tryna get out of it! What – she needs water??? GIVE THE B!TCH GASOLINE!

Oh… I think she’s okay now she can continue… RING THE BELL! Oh hang on Vickie is gonna make a run for it – OH SNAP – ran right into Tamina!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! That’s the funniest sh!t I’ve ever seen!!!! It was like I heard this –

THIS HAD ME ON THE FLOOR! This is straight Simpsons sh!t!!!! How the hell did Tamina not laugh during that!!!!

Maybe Tamina has a heart… she ‘let’ Vickie go… but she told AJ to GET HER! Look at AJ – skipping after Vickie!!!! OH SH!T!!! GET BACK INNA DE RING!!!

AJ is straight toying with the b!tch!!! Assuring her that it’s ok!!! OH NO – The Black Widow super move!!! That was quality! It would be even better if AJ gave her a good battering as well! Best segment of the night – F**K YOU WRESTLING FANS!


What’s going on here? Dolph Ziggler Vs Damien Sandow in a Country Music hardcore match? That’s it Sandow! lick down Ziggler with de chello!!!

Oh no Sandow why do you let Ziggler do the Double J move and lick you in the head with the guitar??? You acted without the benefit of intellect you ignoramus!

WTF was Cena doing with his arm in a sling? Oh seen!!! I get it! He baited Bertie in!!! His arm is ok! He’s SUPER CENA!!! Ok nice confrontation… NEXT!!!!

Hold on – what’s this??? Xavier Woods joined the main roster???? This is BIG!! Let me see his wrestling skill…

Rhinestone Cowboys? So it’s Country Music Vs Hip Hop right??? Ok this should be good, I hope justice prevails here…

YES Xavier! It’s Morphin Time! GWARN MY YOUT!!! F**kouttahere Country Music! I have an idea, why don’t the NXT Guys have a traditional Survivor Series match??? Mike Knoxxx you feel me though right! The other thing – When are The Ascension gonna join the main roster?

WWE2K14 gamers! GET TO CREATING XAVIER WOODS if you haven’t done so already!

OH HELL TO THE NO! What is this country music rubbish? GET OFF THE STAGE! Let me show you real music…

Just as I feared; CM Punk/Bryan/Rhodes Bros/Usos Vs Shield/Wyatts on Raw… this was the match that we all wanted at Survivor Series… look how epic this is… and it’s not on a PPV jump off… all I’m saying WWE is if you falter at Survivor Series and the fans b!tch about it I can’t defend you this time…

Hold up – The muthaf***!n fake American b!tches? Why the f**k are they involved? Oh yeah I remember the science – those b!tches are with the Shield against Usos and The Rhodes but a mystery partner… I heard y’all guessing, from Sheamus, to Mark Henry, I heard some far-fetched ones like Matt Hardy and Undertaker… but if you REALLY DID THE KNOWLEDGE it wasn’t really that hard…

There’s the mystery partner right there!!! Rey Mysterio! Haha JBL is still bex at Rey for what he did at WrestleMania 25! “what’s he doing here???” Damn he knows how to hold a grudge doesn’t he????

I don’t know which Wyatt bwoy it was, but Rey dialled up the 619 on his @$$, then got put to sleep by CM Punk, not before Danielson came through with his YES knee – BLAOW!!!!

THE GRANT SAYS THIS: Was that the real reason they didn’t do the big 6 vs 6 Survivor Series jump off? Well it’s not entirely forgivable, but I will be watching live anyway… but where??? That is the question. If the rumours of heavy snow is true by then… mi nah move from mi yard tuh blodclart!!!!








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