The Jobber Blogger #92 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 20/2/14


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I did say last week that Manchester didn’t disappoint, and last week’s show was the best, till this weeks. Clearly those who attended the show had the best night on the Impact tour I’m sure. Of course that does sell London short… but then London sucks.

London sells itself short by being London, and trust me, I was there last year. The crowd wasn’t nearly as good as Manchester, London isn’t fun to be in, and I was attacked by Chavs trying to leave the horrible “capital” of this country.

I say attacked, one of them tried to command me as to which Turnstile to use, and when I proceeded to not see him as an “Authority” figure of the Tube Station, what with his trousers tucked into his socks and him spitting like a Camel in the middle of the desert. So therefore I just went to the turnstile furthest away from this foul creature and his slaggish looking friends, for him to follow me and push me through the Turnstile so he didn’t need to pay… needless to say the whole thing was rather frightening in the early hours of the morning, but then he got jumped by security and I laughed a little inside. I’ve yet to take a trip to London and enjoy it thoroughly without scratching and crawling my way out as soon as physically possible. So yes…. Boo London!

I guess you could also say Boo with regards to the recent Passing of Nelson Frazier Jnr, though why he only just realised he probably lose some weight is beyond me. Too little too late.

He was always an odd one, not that I’m implying I’m glad he’s dead, quite the opposite. But I never much cared for his characters… gimmicks…. attire o.O

I baffles me why he and Gangrel made a surprise return, and he got kept on and Gangrel was never seen again. Then they dressed him in Pyjama’s and had him rubbing himself on people. Well done WWE, that certainly sucked.

Impact Wrestling Logo


I am writing this up on Monday morning, the very same Monday that Hulk Hogan makes his long-awaited Return to the WWE, along with the returning Undertaker, and if they’ve actually made a deal, then I would hazard a guess at Sting too.

Which excites me so much to read about the news stories tomorrow and try and find the effort to find the videos of those segments alone and watch them. God forbid I need to actually “watch” the show. With all this “WWE Network” news floating around, though we will have to wait a while before it hits the UK, I was even tempted looking into purchasing it. But then… I would only want to watch old footage, and probably a lot of WCW footage. And also it’s not worth my money.

What is worth your money though is TNA, and Impact this week was yet another “Ball-In”, and also out… and also running home. I don’t understand sport.

It’s like all the times I was mocked at school for liking Wrestling and not Football “eww, you like oily men hugging each other in their underwear!” said the football fans who clearly don’t notice their idols hitting each other on the ass, taking their shirts off and hugging and then showering together….

Magnus called the shots to get Impact rolling, bringing out Dixie for him to make an announcement regarding MVP’s challenge from last week. Which makes little sense as Magnus doesn’t really seem all that bothered about Dixie’s regime, or Spud or EC3, he just wants the belt. Which I guess in turn means he wants Dixie in power… but then isn’t going to be associated with the Lethal Lockdown match…  so who cares?

A whole load of talking and some name calling later, Magnus and MVP get into trading blows.

Who knew telling someone you want to treat them, take them walks, rub their tummy and have them follow you around would lead to such violent outbursts.

Magnus MVP Bag

Spud did his best to keep the Wolves at bay backstage whilst EC3 joined in on the beat down of MVP, but it was Gunner who brought the fight to Magnus.

The Wolves eventually got through Spud and security and as Magnus and EC3 went to flee, Magnus pushed EC3 “to the Wolves” and made a run for it.

Samoa Joe vs. Bromans and Zema Ion – Handicap Match

To further Joe’s recent rise of credibility, they had him take on and single handily defeat the TNA World Tag-Team Champions and Zema Ion in a 3 on 1 match.

Joe “wanting a fight” issued the challenge, and then asked for all of them to take him on. To be fair, normally something like this would make everyone else look weak, but with Joe’s recent “return to form” I will let it slide. This is a side of Samoa Joe TNA hasn’t let out in a long time. And it’s fun to watch.

I’m glad he didn’t just make quick work of them all and the Bromans with Zema actually controlled a good portion of the match – with a new 3 way running knee in the corner Team move.

Joe eventually got the upper hand and singled out Zema, a short muscle buster and submission hold later, Joe picked up the win. This not only gives him serious momentum but credibility heading into his Title match with Magnus. At this rate, Joe is going to seem unstoppable, if not for some shady shenanigans.

Which I am sure will lead to Joe’s downfall.

A backstage segment I didn’t expect to see this week was a depressed Bobby Roode seeking the advice of one James Storm. Roode’s blow up last week has led him to have some “serious thinking” about where he is going to take his career next. All of that aside, it was great to see Roode and Storm together. I like that they played on the strain of the business, that makes sense. That competitiveness that is Professional Wrestling, that makes sense for Roode to sacrifice everything for that chance at the World Championship. I get that. Though so did James Storm, which is kind of funny given how annoyed he was at the time. It’s wrestling though, people get over the most craziest of things to be friends once more. If the fans can change the Rock’s opinions of Rikishi after he ran down Steve Austin with his car… then a beer bottle is nothing, right?

Gail Kim (w/ Lei’D Tapa) vs. Madison Rayne – Street Fight

This sort of came out of nowhere. Sure they had their issues, but after Madison won the title, we’ve barely seen anything of their feud. And now all of sudden it’s at such a fever pitch they need to settle it in a Street Fight?

Better yet was the rather touching Video Package they ran before this match. All about the Wrestlers and their reactions to the UK Tour this year. With a new team like The Wolves who could have gone in a much different direction, but went with TNA, it was awesome to have them talk so highly of their run currently. However the video took a rather strange turn when it just said “not everyone got along” and then Madison and Gail were shown fighting, and so we have this match…

Madison Rayne also debuted new music, it’s the same song, but a more Acoustic – light hearted feel no doubt to fit with her current change of heart.

I was a little surprised that Lei’D Tapa didn’t play more of a role in this match than she did. Sure she attacked Madison a little. But given it’s stipulation, I expected her to be more forceful. Gail took a dive face first into a Chair pushed between the ropes, and I believe Madison booted the Chair in Gail’s face also. Tapa got involved however toward the end and acted as the distraction, Rayne taking wild swings at her with a chair, but Gail attacked Madison from behind with the Knockouts Championship and took the win.

Though she won, she was bleeding from the nose, so not sure if it was more serious, or just a nasty knock. But it’s certainly weird to see it from a Women’s match. Perhaps this Street Fight is paving the way for the returning crazy Taryn Terrell in the near future?

James Storm wasn’t satisfied with just giving Roode a much needed Pep Talk. Instead he went to chat with Gunner. If the segment wasn’t awkward enough with them both sitting around with just T-shirts on, but Storm’s best attempts of a Pep talk, kind of sucked.

Gunner Storm pants

Gunner decided to give Storm the World Tag-Team Championship briefcase, for some reason. Something about when he’s won the World Championship, they can then fight for the Tag Belts… which they could do if Gunner had the briefcase anyway.

Storm’s attempts of prepping Gunner for the big leagues pretty much consisted of having him babble on about how he’s been there, which is short lived in the first place. The best sentence was “and you’re praying for… and just, holding that belt up high”.

Bad things Sentence

Bobby Roode took to the ring to make a heartfelt speech, the type of speech that quickly turns him a face. “Proud to call Impact my home”, that he can’t put up with Dixie Carter anymore and to top it all off he thanks the crowd. And then just like that they forget he screwed over AJ Styles and Sting and helped Magnus every step of the way.

To be fair people love Roode regardless of if he is a Heel or not. He then claims this is his last night as a Pro Wrestler, before Dixie tells him he’s under contract, and doesn’t get to make those choices.

The actual interesting part aside from seeing a good guy out of Roode, is Dixie wants him to be the Captain of his team. See, initially I thought Dixie would bring him on board and he would screw her team over and give power to MVP to get back at her for not giving him the World Title shot despite his helping hand in putting over Magnus.

Now, Roode is her Team Captain, because if he beats MVP’s team at Lockdown, he will get 10% of the company. And his lawyers get to draw up any type of contract and she will sign it no questions asked. So now, I am sort of hoping that Roode beats MVP’s team. Clearly before it seemed like MVP would win so they could start “changing ” things within TNA. But having Dixie in control, and Roode, I think would make a much more interesting angle.

The Online GutCheck winner – Bad Dog someone, a German guy, was being interviewed backstage, where Anderson and Christy Hemme were seen looking at Anderson’s child photos. That’s photo’s of his recently born twins….

Earlier on in the night Samuel Shaw attacked some random British luggage guy or someone of a similar role “British Wrestler” no doubt. So Shaw attached Anderson and in the process knocked Hemme down also. He then carried her backstage whilst she was unconscious and stared at her… before she regained consciousness. No quite sure how far they are going to push this one. It’s borderline now, there isn’t many other places it could go before it gets rather dark.

Still, I like the idea of Shaw and Anderson feuding, though I do feel it’s probably to put over Shaw more so. I guess this means Bully isn’t coming back anytime soon after he barely fit into that coffin last week.

The Wolves vs. Bad Influence

With the likes of Hogan and Sting freeing up some contract money, we’ve seen TNA bring in a good few new faces. Even if they haven’t made their debuts yet. The Wolves are leading the way, a fantastic team and a great asset.

They actually just won the Tag-Titles at a house show, no doubt that will be on next week’s show… I don’t know how this works, as it was taped ages ago, but airs next week, but this house show was the other night. So okay.

Who better for The Wolves to do battle against than Bad Influence, I want a best of Five Series this year. This match was pure awesome – that’s all you need to know.

Oh and The Wolves won..

There was yet another Video Package for Jeff Hardy’s “Willow” Character. See, I like the videos, they are done well and he carries a great eerie feel with them. How this will transfer onto Live Television, is a completely different matter entirely. I hope well….

Gunner vs. Magnus – World Heavyweight Championship – Magnus Rules

I still feel Gunner needs some new music if he’s going to be pushed to the extent he currently is. But Gunner is awesome, his video package during the show about his time in the Marines and his lifelong passion for Wrestling really lets you in on his life. He’s a guy we still don’t really know. It wasn’t until last year when he randomly teamed up with Storm that people really started to take notice of him.

He wore a new Red Ring Jacket to the Ring which also looked pretty awesome. So he’s getting there in terms of being a force to be reckoned with.

The match was made a “Magnus Rules” match from the Bell, which is no DQ with a fancy name. Or like how a No DQ / Street Fight / Death Match are all the same thing.

Magnus quickly turned to calling out his backup, given a little blow-up earlier on in the night between he and EC3 for “throwing him to The Wolves”, it was The Wolves and James Storm who came out instead.

Of course crazy booking took over, still don’t know if Vince Russo is behind this or not, I certainly hope not. But needless to say EC3 – Bromans and Spud soon made their appearance.

The Wolves and Storm battled the Bromans and EC3 away from the ring side as Gunner dropped Magnus with an impressive Power-Bomb / top rope Head-butt but Spud put Magnus’ foot on the rope.

Gunner distracted by Spud was hit from behind by Magnus and the World Championship, leading to only a Two-Count, but the fans went crazy!

When TNA ever do anything like that, usually the crowd is rather quiet, maybe because they know what’s going to happen, but maybe not. Still, the atmosphere was fantastic, Storm came back out to get rid of Spud and Gunner went to the top rope once more, only this time Storm hit Gunner with The Last Call superkick on his way down, and Magnus took the Win.

We all knew it was coming sooner or later, and it was good when we finally got there. I’m excited to see Storm as a Heel once more, he’s been dragging his feet for too long. Not to mention I’m sure a Gunner vs. Storm Cage-Match at Lockdown is happening, which would be a great match to boot.

I was actually surprised by how good this match was, sure it’s riddled with run-ins, but I was expecting something good, but nothing special. To me, this match was Awesome, so was The Wolves vs. Bad Influence, and for that reason it puts this show above most in recent memory!

Next week – Bobby Roode takes on MVP and Kurt Angle goes into the TNA Hall of Fame for some reason!

Till then,

Dan Wilkinson

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