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A whole week later and the big news has had time to sink in. No, not the Undertaker losing, that’s been more than a week. Of course it was last week’s TNA related big news, no not Eric Young, but The Jobber Blogger’s 100th Issue, which was viewed… on facebook, a few times. No idea if anyone clicked on the link or read it! Whoop! Rolling in style!

So here we are at aptly named “Wonderful 101”, if anyone knows Video Games you probably hate me a little more now. No, I’ve never played the game, I just know it’s name… Wii U.

A different name for a different thing.

But one thing that shall remain with the same name currently going forward, is the same thing that existed prior with the same name, now entering its own brand new, “Century” of Wrestling dribble-sauce Spectacular!

Ladies and Gentleman! The Jobber Blogger! :bows gracefully and trumps a little:



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The Wrestling world has been all about Eric Young winning the “big one”, and while some TNA fans seem to resent the possibilities of TNA copying the WWE, they are without question… stupid.

It is blatantly obvious, though TNA have put forward it has all to do with Eric’s upcoming season of “Off the Hook”… which stinks of a smelly pile of Hook Fish B-S. Though no doubt, it does play a part.

Face of the matter is this, Eric Young deserves it, reasons or not, the Wrestling World is happy, they love EY and they respect EY. Now let’s hope he has a Title Run to be proud of.

Speaking of EY, Impact kicked off with the New World Champ addressing his Victory. And that he being a World Champion to be proud of, is his way of Paying Back the Fans for their “10 years of unsolicited support for me, and this is payback for you guys”

For those of you wanting a little Tickle Kick – Unsolicited “things you receive that you do not ask for, and may not want”.

So swings and roundabouts with that one


EY has vowed to Defend the Championship, wherever against whoever and whenever. If only he could attack the dude in the Golf Course again, or Pin D’Lo Brown in the Newsagents.

The good old days.

Alas, things can’t stay good forever, and Dixie Carter makes her way back to confront EY.

Now, I watched TNA on and off a good few years ago, but the “Don’t Fire Eric” movement is something I missed. I guess they are pulling parallels to that Movement and the Yes movement of today. Similar for sure. Though EY did sport the big beard first, it’s all irrelevant really.

But I am happy to hear that Dixie Carter was the one who made the Beard Fashionable, for years no one would believe me, but I swore it true, and finally she has admitted it to be so!


A whole load of “Puke Bags / Unemployed Lumberjack” remarks later, Dixie wants to give EY a Make-Over, and if not him, then ODB… ideally both.

Bully Ray made his way to the ring, and in an interesting moment, kept mentioning last week’s bizarre finish to his and Dixie’s segment in the ring with the Table. Though, there is still no conclusion on what actually happened. Dixie left and Bully said he Respects and Likes Eric Young. Which is good, I fully believe that came from the heart. Bully is respected by pretty much everyone, is work ethic is untouchable, so his endorsement speaks volumes.

My problem is Dixie, I love Dixie of course and I like her Heel Persona. But part of the reason to shift things to MVP was to change things up, if Dixie is still on TV, being the same as she was before and holds higher power over everyone regardless of the fact MVP now controls “Wrestling Operations”… then nothing has changed?

Though an Eric Young vs. The Boss (authority) Make-Over thing, it still speaks too many parallels. But should make for interesting TV.

EricYoung Champion Banner NEW EDIT

Velvet Sky (w/Angelina Love) vs. Madison Rayne – Street Fight

TNA are most definitely pushing their “Hardcore” styling’s, and this isn’t the first Street Fight for the knockouts in recent memory. Maybe they’re trying to make the product a bit more edgy, and appeal back to those fans. Not to mention Taryn Tarrell is on the ready for a come-back soon, so no doubt having more crazy Knockouts matches is a good way to bring her back into the fold. Certainly hope she comes back on the heels of the Push she left on.

The Beautiful People have been better and better week after week, and this is their best showing to date. Which is good news, because the match between Velvet and Madison was great too, cooking sheets to the head, nasty bumps into the Steel Steps, they weren’t holding anything back.

Though as one would expect, Angelina’s involvement was the deciding factor, but in a nice swerve it led to the Downfall of Velvet, giving Madison some much needed momentum as she battles her former faction, adding more to the upcoming Title Match for Sacrifice, which I would bet 100%, Angelina is walking out with the Knockouts Championship.

MVP took the time to Congratulate Eric Young on his World Championship Victory, but also wanted to Address the situation of one – Samoa Joe. Joe obviously had his fair share of World Championship Matches, but was then kept out of the Battle Royal due to some sort of…. altercations. A whole load of story nonsense, though let’s be honest, Joe had what, 3 Title Matches, and lost every one of them. Aside from the fact that MVP banned Abyss, and really left Magnus out on his own, and Joe never got that chance, no one really cares. I started to get behind another Samoa Joe title run, and then I got bored and now I’m glad he’s out of the picture and the belts on EY.

What I didn’t expect, was Austin Aries to turn up, but oooooooooooooooooh Doctor, I bet TNA fans everywhere were smiling at the return of Aries.

Now I read that apparently Aries was in the “dog-house” for something backstage, but I don’t know if that was Storyline either. MVP played it off on the fact that Aries double crossed MVP and joined up with Team Roode. Which would make sense.

At the end of the day, nobody cares, despite Joe’s apparent “disgruntle’d-ness” Aries said it best when he claimed he is:


Of course things heated up, and Aries and MVP are set for Battle next week. Which aside from it being Aries vs. MVP which is exciting, just having Austin Aries back, and in any match is enough to get some people to tune in.

He’s back everyone!…. least currently.

The Wolves vs. The Bromans (w/DJ Z) – World Tag-Team Championship

Given how the last few weeks have gone, it was somewhat obvious where things would go this week. Though part of me did think perhaps The Wolves would pick up the gold then defend at Sacrifice, but on their current course, they are still set to Win at Sacrifice… is my prediction.

Anywho, something that I thought was interesting, remember WWE’s Zack Ryder, who had a short lived “movement” of his own and people then drew similarities between he and Robbie E. Where look where they both are now, Robbie E is still being used well in TNA, as one half of the World Tag-Team Champions.. and Zack Ryder is… pretty much gone. Awesome.

Also Dolph Ziggler to TNA. Needs to happen.

I can’t tell you enough how much I love having DJ Zema at ring-side with his noise making glory-ness throughout the Broman’s matches, it’s brilliant. And of course, Brilliant sums up The Wolves, with their yet again on point accuracy and speed, a fantastic, fantastic team.

The Wolves were in the driver’s seat to Victory, when DJ Z| attacked with his Laptop, getting another DQ and the Bromans escaping with the Belts.

Whilst on the topic of The Wolves, check out my home-made Wolves banner! Nothing like a good bit of self promotion!

TheWolves Banner copy

Ethan Carter the third and Rockstar Spud vs. Willow – Handicap Match

This was a rather short match, and I am still on the fence with “Willow”, I love it a lot, and then dislike it still at the same time. The more obvious it is that it’s Jeff, the worse the gimmick. The more he separates it, the better it is.

Still, that Entrance and theme, is awesome. I love the look too, aside from Arm bands and Hardy shirt.

Also Spud got some chants, which is brilliant too, I love Spud, and I am so happy he is where he is. It seemed like TNA might never use him, and he’d just disappear from the Roster some day. But Spud is a main stay, and shines in front of the Camera. There’s a lot of talk about EC3, I like him, but I’m not as sold on him as others are. That being said, his backstage interactions with Spud are getting better and better.

Willow dropped Spud with the Twist of Fate and picked up the Win, EC3 then went straight on the attack, leading into his “Leg Submission” which is when Kurt Angle made his Return to Impact.

EC3 and Spud ran away and Kurt made a little speech about how when he’s done with EC3, he won’t need to be carried out on a Stretcher, but in a Body-Bag. Which gives you an idea that Kurt and EC3 will probably lock horns at Sacrifice, with some kind of Stipulation.

Tigre Uno vs. Sanada – Best of 3 Series – Match Two – X-Division Championship

We had our first Video Promo for Sanada, which as you would expect was all about The Great Muta, and he placing his entire trust in Sanada to get the job done. Quite clearly these two are going to clash, probably at Slammiversary.

Also I freaking love Tigre Uno, his mask is great, as his is general attire. The things he does in the ring are fantastic, and which I’ve never seen. I can’t wait for a match where he puts it all on the line to impress. No doubt Match 3 with Sanada.

Plus both of their Entrance Themes are awesome. I don’t want either of them to leave, I know Uno is signed with TNA, and Sanada is on a “limited” deal.

Kenny King made a speech about being left out once again. Then joined Commentary with Taz and Tenay.

I believe that Sanada paid tribute to one AJ Styles, which seemed to draw little reaction. He did the whole “duck under Uno running the ropes, leap frog on his return then Drop Kick on the rebound”, including Styles’esk taunt. So that was neat.

In the end though Uno captured Sanada in a nasty Suplex which dropped him on his head, and then connected with his insane Sabre Tooth Splash for the Victory, pushing them both at x1 Victory each.

The final match, Sacrifice – Uno defeats Sanada for the X-Division Championship – Great Muta vs. Sanada at Slammiversary.

Bobby Roode vs. Gunner – Open Challenge – Tables Match

Roode determined to prove that he is the “Master of the Tables” as he and Bully are on a colliding course for a Tables Match at Sacrifice.

Roode put out this “Open Challenge” which was met by Gunner, after he had a little pep talk backstage by Bully Ray. Also Gunner is awesome… still needs decent music though.

The pairing of Gunner and Roode to do battle is a great match-up, in fact a feud between them both some point down the line would be rather awesome. Though I suspect TNA has something else in store.

Gunner’s F5 looking Move now has a name, called “Hanger 18” which I would guess is where he was stationed, or something significant. And it’s a cool name. Unlike some else’s “Roode Bomb”.

Either way, Gunner placed Roode on the Table setting him up for a Diving Head-butt from the Top Rope, when James Storm once again got in Gunner’s Business… yes it is that time again

James Storm TNA business 4

Roode then capitalised on the distraction and threw Gunner over-head from the Top-Rope onto the Table, only for Gunner to bounce straight off it, leading on a Crack down the side of the Table. Which was awesome. I love that something rather powerful only cracked the Table, unlike when Bully sat on a Table and fell through it.


Bully table

Roode then picked up Gunner and “Roode Bomb’d” Gunner through the Table for the Win. Which is when Bully Ray got involved and Storm and Roode ran off. Leaving Bully and Gunner vs. Storm and Roode for next week. Is Beer Money back on the scene? I sure hope so.

Abyss vs. Eric Young – Monsters Ball – World Heavyweight Championship

In what was already a fantastic, full packed show, the main event saw Abyss challenging Eric Young for a shot at the World Championship stating “you said you would defend the belt anywhere, anytime against anyone”. EY then upped the game by making it a Monsters Ball.

And it didn’t disappoint.

I’m still not crazy about Abyss’ new look, it’s the mask I don’t like. It doesn’t look sinister enough. I like the Coat, I like that the short hair sticks out and from behind he looks menacing. It just doesn’t look as good as his Original Mask design.

Either way, when he was making his way to the ring, I was thinking, at one point Abyss was TNA’s Kane / Undertaker only with an extreme edge. But all these years later, Kane and Undertaker, in my opinion, don’t have anything like Abyss does. He stayed true to that Character, that’s the beauty of doing Joseph Park, he could add a new layer to Abyss, without ever making Abyss weaker without his mask.

Abyss is legit, he’s a bad ass, he’s tall, built, strong, intimidating, and violent. He is everything Kane and Undertaker were supposed to be, only he actually is. A True TNA legend.

In a lot of ways having Abyss and Eric Young play off one another is a fantastic pairing too, and you can tell EY’s World Championship Win has lit something in him. EY is always great, but he was on a whole other level for this match, which I am sure is his World Title stature.

EY’s intense onslaught and even perfect selling (like the toss into the Chair in the corner) was great.

Abyss brought Janice into the mix, but it was EY who managed to get a hold of her, though Abyss countered that with a Chokeslam on to Thumb Tacks with a kick out at Two. Which was even better because the Fans were “INTO IT” and that’s rare for TNA. Specially Impact tapings in the US.

EY then connect with a fast paced Running Dropkick that sent Abyss backwards onto the Barbed Wire board, followed it up with his Top-Rope Elbow Drop and retained his World Championship.

You know what, I enjoyed that match enough to hold it as A Match of the Year Contender.

Impact was great this week, and has been every week since Lockdown. The ratings apparently saw a decrease in the US for this week’s show, but isn’t that always the case?

I can’t wait for Sacrifice, it feels like this was Wrestling I loved 10 years ago, leading into Backlash, also around my Birthday.

I love TNA! and Long Live – TNA!

Till then,

Dan Wilkinson

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