Monday Night Raw #1113: September 22, 2014!!!

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The Infamous Informer

You obviously don’t see what I see. You are not using your third eye. Ask yourself truthfully: What sense would it make if Seth Rollins became World Wrestling Federation Champion now? How would the story play out? You dyam fool! That’s why people like me, The Infamous Informer, the Shadfather, Spotface & Mike Knoxxx are more intelligent than the average wrestling fan..we see things for what they are, and not what they appear to be. Ask yourself, if Dean Ambrose suddenly attacked Rollins at Night of Champions,  and say Rollins actually cashed his cheque and won, then how the f**k does the feud continue when Rollins also attacked Brock & Cena? Don’t give me that Fatal 4 Way crap… there are two separate feuds going on here. Use your BRRRRRAAAAIIIINNN!!!!! Brock Vs Cena Hell In A Cell, and Rollins Vs Ambrose. THAT’S THE WAY IT’S GOING! And Roman Reigns injury a ‘work’??? GETTHEF**KOUTTAHERE! How the f**k would you know? Go and wash yourself.. if you can fit in that bath… DYAM ARSE!


WWF PROPA TINGZYou know we make jokes about Dean Ambrose not paying his fare…. but I have a question – what if Ambrose paid the taxi driver the fare BEFORE the journey?

So W’happen? Ambrose turn ‘Authority’ now? Nothing is running until Rollins gets his roody poo…. candy @$$ out here…. what the f**k??? John your name is not Rollins!!! Why is he tryna hog the spotlight for? Let’s see what this fool has to say for himself…

Oh I get it… common enemy…here he is! Rollins with his Authority people dem! Triple starts talking sh!t about making matches, Cena & Ambrose ain’t tryna hear that – they wanna f**k up Rollins! But his legs did run! Him teef somebody cyar and garne! Why are Cena & Ambrose just standing there? Teef another car and go after his b!tch @$$!

Wait there let me think… Cena, Ambrose, Randall, Brock, Rollins… Glenn… why doesn’t Triple announce an Armageddon Hell In A Cell???? Now THAT would be MARK-OUT worthy!!! It has only been done once…

Oh f**k… it’s the battyman segment of the show… now Sandow got his replica of Miz’s title… look I’m not wasting my time penning this… I’m off to put my pizza on, and say hello to the spider that I killed earlier….

Just watching babestation at the moment…. GOD DAYUM SOPHIA LARES YOU BAAAAAAD!!!! I posted you last week, I’ll post a pic of you again!

Sophia Lares lawwd

Are you muthaf***az happy now? Ziggler won back the title…. f**k me…. grown men the world over are masturbating, I feel sorry for the women… no wonder they turn on each other… which is all good to me!!!!


Zeb Colter – you are NOT funny. Bo Dallas Vs Wack Swagger – I don’t give a f**k! So far Sophia has entertained me more than those last two matches on Raw… well of course it would – a naked Trinidadian woman shaking her @$$? GOD DAYUUUM!

Let’s keep on the diva vibe! Natalya Vs Summer Rae…. Natalya is fine but Summer got Layla backing her…so I’m backing Summer Rae… well I The MAN in the PURPLE SUIT!was backing her…Summer going on like she’s all that… NO YOU’RE NOT!!!!

Apparently Summer Rae re-tweets her own tweets…. don’t make me unfollow you girl!

Well done Natalya! Twiss up Summer Rae and teach her manners! With your fine @$$…. even Rosa Mendes fancies your @$$… don’t believe me? You’ll see soon!!!

Well he’s here guys! Dean Ambrose…. so I guess that means Raw is the best show ever this week right? You deluded fools….

Why is Glenn coming out to Kane’s music? Shouldn’t he be coming out to generic rock music?

Ha! That blasted Rollins again teefing! If I was younger… I would probably be cussing the screen right now…. I find it hard to hate Rollins though… Triple H raised the bar for hatred on a heel! Very few have matched it.

See look you fools… Rollins has his issues with Ambrose… that needs to be sorted. But you jabronies wanted him to cash his cheque… I’m telling you – you wouldn’t know how to run a wrestling promotion… you would be out of business within 3 months….

Does Stephanie think that locking Dean Ambrose in a room guarded by security???? Ambrose is such a loose cannon that he’d probably walk through brick walls just to get his hands on Rollins!

Did Mike Cole borrow that suit from Vincent Kennedy???? What do you think folks????

Good booking by WWE to put Sheamus and the Usos to go against the Dust Brudda and Cesaro in six man tag team contest… arguably they had the best matches of Night of Champions…

Hold up – Seth & Glenn wanna be at ringside watching Randall Vs Cena??? UH-OH I SMELL ULTIMATE TEEF! Don’t tell me they gotta cinder block waiting for Cena as well??!!! Actually that might excite fans….

..and just as WWE were going to present the WWE2K15 trailer… it cuts into a commercial break…well not to worry, watch it right here! Don’t give me crap about ‘no gameplay footage… what if the super moves had that special camera angles? The idea of a trailer is to show you the flashy sh!t to sell the product! You don’t see what I see… that’s this weeks theme!

Oh man here’s my hero Mark Henry…. he let his people down, he let Lillian Garcia sing her heart out… he’s telling the fans to diss him basically… I know Rusev & Lana ain’t coming out to rub it in! Well they might as well!

I love it when Lana tells the crowd to Shut Up!!! Wait a minute – Lana wants Mark Henry to go against Rusev again??? Is that what you want??? WHOA!!!

Looks like Mark Henry still hurting… Come on Mark! Suck it up! You can’t lose again!

Rusev gets more and more impressive by the week! This guy is doing sh!t a big man like him is not supposed to!

Damn son…. BLACK PEOPLE – This is NOT a racist thing going on here! It’s simply wrestlonomics 101! That’s all it is! I can tell when a suspect racist thing his happening! I’ve seen Wack Swagger get worse than that from Rusev! Imagine if Rusev gets that US Title…. oh boy oh boy! The Ultimate Insult! USA might as well take a Japanese sword and perform a hara-kiri!!!

Say what? The Bunny is teaming with Adam Rose and is gonna fight? F**K THIS!!! You can speculate all day long that’s it’s a NXT guy.. probably is… what if I told you… that the bunny was KENTA/Hideo Itami??? Ok Ok I see you getting red in your faces and steam coming out your ears… I see your stomach growing and sh!t!!!! Calm the f**k down!

Hey the bunny got skills! Slater & Titus can’t manage him! I like that Jay-Bee cannot stand the bunny… one of these days the bunny will clap down Jay-Bee and I will be on the floor! I can see you jabronies creating the bunny on WWE2K15 when it drop…. you crazy people!!! Actually is Adam Rose in the game???? Probably DLC…

Wait a minute – you wanted support from your sister  in your divas title match Nikki??? After you done disrespect her and hit her with your Torture Rack super move?

So what – Nikki wants the Bella name all to herself? I suppose this is gonna lead to some stupid @$$ name on a pole match… If I was Brie I’d just give Nikki the name and done… be known as Brianna Danielson… or Brianna Bryan or whatever… end this foolishness you know why? Because I’m fed up of the wrestling dorks running these girls down, and they’d rather see Dolph Ziggler shake his @$$… they should be content he won the muthaf**!n title… lead by example – I hate Dolph Ziggler, so I changed the channel – I watched babestation… so why can’t these jabronies do it???

OH SNAP! #BunnyMania is trending! I bet Jay-Bee cannot be pleased! He was cussing like 5 minutes ago that it would never trend!

I’m starting to think that Nikki Bella has better wrestling skills than Brie!!! She has been really impressive! I think she should go for the WWE title… I think she can take Brock Lesnar!


When Glenn comes out with Seth Rollins, and it’s Seth’s music playing…. that tells the story right there… Glenn is now irrelevant… damn… I wanna take this time to say Live On Live Long to the son of William Moody… damn, A year and a half later and now the son passes away? That ain’t good yo…

Cena got another shirt again? Keep Calm & Never Give Up??? BACKFOOT!!! Let’s face it… Cena got another 10 years left in him at best if this is how he’s going on!

I’m glad Seth & Glenn jumped in on that boring @$$ wrestling match between Cena & Orton… I’m telling you… sometimes pure wrestling matches just ain’t the way… sometimes you wanna see ruckus… ok what’s this surprise?

THAT’S THE SURPRISE!!! Tryna set Cena up for the cinder blocks… I knew Ambrose could walk through walls! How did he do it though??? It matters not… when the lunatic fringe attacks… THAT’S IT!!!

Backside – I ain’t gonna lie – I was switching between this and Babestation… fix up WWE… if Roman Reigns, Danny Bryan etc are injured, utilise who you got back there! SH!!!!!!!!!T!