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What a ting on WWE last week! They pulled out the ace – The Rock appearing and I wasn’t watching live…. DAMNIT! Then on Smackdown, they teased Triple H Vs The Rock for WrestleMania… wrestling fans are going crazy! If you not feeling it… yeah I see a few of you like – ‘again? I don’t wanna see them again after all these years’ simply put – SHUT THE F**K UP!

For years, you wanted Cena to go back to Hardcore Thuganomics, finally he has… with Wiz Khalifa for the WWE2K15 soundtrack? Rest assured, RePPiN4U WILL NOT be supporting that – too many hot hip hop is out now… and on top of that, Wu-Tang’s A Better Tomorrow is coming Dec 2…there’s no room for that John Cena sh!t here??!!!

Enough of that sh!t – can I get the bell tolling for an unexpected Undertaker appearance? No? Oh well… RAW #1116! HOL’ DAT – BLAOW!

WWF PROPA TINGZOH SNAP!!!! Ambrose is gonna beat Cena with the pole at the PPV? I say take that pole to the cell as well and beat down Rollins too!

How are you gonna come back from that Cena?

Oh hell naw Ambrose don’t listen to Cena! Shut up and relax?? Calm down? That’s telling Ambrose to not be himself!!! The fans love all that unpredictability and sh!t! Think about it people! Why do we love Ambrose in the first place? Was it for being calm and collective? NO, Is it for his heroic behavior? NO! He’s an anti-hero! Ambrose can’t think like you fool!!!!

Ok Triple & Steph this $9.99 joke isn’t funny any more yo, unless us UK cats get some fake @$$ US account we can’t see your bumbaclart network!!! Quite frankly, come Nov 1, I don’t think I’ll be excited anymore… I’ll be too busy playing WWE2K15 and sh!t!!!

We gonna kick this sh!t off with a triple threat tag team match up… now Ambrose & Cena are on the same team… against Usos and Dust brudda… long time since we saw one of these don’t you think?


While this contest is happening, I’m sorry if you are dissing the Real Housewives of Atlanta just because one of em is a guest host on Raw this week… you are a F**K!NG FAGGOT…OK!!! Yeah I said it! If there is one thing I cannot stand, is muthaf***!ng wrestling fans disrespecting divas and female celebrities. Try getting some pu$$y – oh hang on, WARCRAFT DOES NOT COUNT!!!


Well how about that then? These guys, actually worked together as a team and defeated the other teams! Wait a minute – what’s that Triple Teef doing back out here!

Er… that’s cool! So much for that match at Hell In  A Cell…. let’s do this sh!t RIGHT NOW!!! Contract on a pole match, No Holds Barred, Ambrose Vs Cena!!! THAT’S WHAT’S UP!!!

Say what? AJ Lee & Layla team up????? YES!!!! OH BABY!!!! Where’s your sexy legs Layla? Not feeling your Cancer attire… BDSIR LAYLA GRANTeven if it’s for the good…

WTF??? Why you do dis AJ??? How are you gonna beat on my woman??? Ha! It’s ok… I don’t like your husband anyway… I think he’s nuthin but a B!TCH! And his worshippers are the dumbest sheeple I’ve ever seen!


You muthaf***az all called that Randall equation only because you read the f**k!n dirt sheets… don’t act like you came up with it all by yourself… get the f**k outta here! As you may have guessed, I’m not in a good mood. I hope Randall f**ks up that battyman Ziggler.. I told you muthaf***az – WHOEVER LOSES – I WIN… You want Ambrose Vs Rollins – but you gonna get Cena vs Orton at the same time… you don’t want that… so who looks the fool now? B!TCH!!!

WTF was that? While Orton was floored, Ziggler says ‘Right here brother’ pointing to his d!ck???? You tell me Ziggler isn’t a faggot?

Uh-oh!! Why would Seth Rollins come down during Randall’s match????? It makes no sense…. or am I about to call what you jabronies didn’t call?

YES!!!! Ziggler tried the Frankenstiener, Randall with a counter – RKO – BLAOW! Randall wins!!!! Everything’s Going My Waaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

YES!!!! Seth Rollins follows up with a curb stomp to the battyman – BLAOW!!!! No wonder you muthaf***az are saying RAW is wack!!!! I love being me!!!! I might as well put on my purple suit!!!! I’m that n!**@ – KAZUYA GRANTSHIMA!

Remind me to do a Kazuya Mishima pose in my purple suit…. I feel as though I’m gonna need it!

And now… Wack Swagger is coming out to fight Rollins…. why doesn’t that muthaf***a go back in the locker room, he’s gonna get curb stomped too! The tables are turned! Saw the move on American History X by a racist, now this move can happen to a ‘racist’ too! DO IT ROLLINS!!!

I think Randall should come back out and observe… then after the match, Randall should hit the RKO on Swagger… I think this week’s RAW hasn’t been too bad!

Oh dear Swagger as a black eye… that was ME! THUNDER GOD FIST IN HIS IRIS – BLAOW! I don’t like racists!!!!!

Oh sh!t! Randall has come out here for true!!!! He went in the back, updated his twitter, and come back out! Oh yeah that reminds me – Smack Talk Centre has re-launched on twitter! FOLLOW US @stc_wwe!

Just like I said!!! Great counter by Swagger when he countered the curb stomp to the patriot lock, but Rollins lived up to his name literally with a roll up pin and grabbing all the tights he could… but Orton with an RKO to Swagger – BLAOW!!! Looked like Rollins and Orton were gonna come to blows… I smell a twist in this Hell In A Cell main event…and it smells stronger!

Word on the street is Renée Young & Dean Ambrose are f**k!ng…. looks kinda odd seeing her interview him… I’m jussaying!

Oh my days Lana is out here with her tight blouse & skirt… excuse me while I fix my trousers….

YES LANA! Put USA on blast! Christopher Columbus was a B!TCH!!!! School them Lana! Tell them the truth!!!! THIS IS GREAT! Oh lawwwd Atlanta are angry!!!!

SHUT-TUP!!!! Damn Lana you turn me on when you say that! I will have to fix my trousers again!

Hey – I did call Big Show to be the one to defeat Rusev… If I am right…. YOU WILL KNOW MY NAME!

Damn Rusev is getting f**ked up here!!!! UNBELIVABLE!!! Capacity Crowd are going crazy! Tell them Lana – SHUT-TUP!

STC’S Anthony Cardenas claims Lana is wearing No Bra…. it is #NoBraDay after all isn’t it?


Oh man…. Was that the right thing Mark Henry did? Rusev had the accolade super move… Henry came in and got Show disqualified… nah it’s ok… both of em surround Rusev… goes to attack Henry, turns around – PPPPPPPPPPPPP!!! Big Show punched Rusev through school buses!

This is straight up creativity what Sandow is doing! Everything Miz do… Sandow does on that stunt double sh!t! Even down to when he gets lick down!

Oh word? Happy Thanksgiving Day in Canada? Shout out to my lady getting in that turkey right now!


Haha Naomi & Cameron remind me of my sisters so much! Same way how they go on! I’m glad Naomi & Cameron aren’t related to me… I would be mad upset!!!! True story – I had a crush on one girl who lives near my moms… OHHHHH! She’s so fine… I wanted to step to her but didn’t know how… next thing I know she turns up at a family funeral… turns out she was my cousin…. thank God I didn’t go there… but at the same time I was like – NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

This should be good… Cameron, Nikki & Summer Rae Vs Natalya, Naomi and Brie…. Cameron & Nene Leakes clashed backstage… this should be good!

Nene looks like she can pull off two clothesline of her own! I hope Cameron doesn’t come to outta order and bright!

Arrrrgh man – what was the point in Nene being there??? She did nothing except cheer on her Total Divas…. god damnit where’s Ronda Rousey??? She will give you proper storyline!

ENOUGH OF ALL THAT SH!T!!!! Let’s do this No Holds Barred (WYATT INTERRUPTION – ‘DEATH!’)

Oh boy oh boy… these Wyatt man…. they are coming back to f**k sh!t up! Whoever had that idea that the Ascension were coming to join the Wyatt Fam – SLAP YOURSELF!!! One thing you must learn in today’s WWE – don’t expect so much… only when you don’t expect will you mark out when sh!t goes down… but when you do expect so much and sh!t don’t go down then you turn around say it’s sh!t…. NO – YOUR PERSPECTIVE IS SH!T!!!

..and as for you dirt sheet muthaf***az, John Cena makes a tune with Wiz Khalifa and suddenly Cena has another gimmick??? Can’t believe you guys get paid for writing bullsh!t!!! ENOUGH – let’s do this Main event…. er uh-oh… the Authority is out here, Seth Rollins wants to come out here…. so does Randall…. ok I truly smell it now! My hero Ka- er I mean Glenn??? WTF???? I SMELL THAT MARVELLOUS JAMAICAN CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP!

Dayum Ambrose really is a lunatic! Ambrose biting Cena’s hand to get out the STF super move! He’s not even getting the contract when he’s supposed to! I’ll tell you this – if Cena gets the contract, I’m staying out of wrestling groups until the end of the week!

Oh snap! It’s No disqualification! the Authority rushing Cena! It enabled Ambrose to get the contract! I hope you jabronies are happy! I told you…. WHOEVER LOSES – I WIN!! You wanted Ambrose vs Rollins…you got it – but in the process – you get Randall Vs Cena… a match that happened 3 or 4 years ago…. Deal With It…. BIATCH!!!!








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