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I just wanna take this time to thank Gangrel in an exclusive interview this past weekend. The guy is a don, real down to earth… and he’s STILL GOT IT!!! If anything, his fighting skills have improved! Big ups to PWL for such an EPIC show. You guys are killing it for the 2015!!!!

Look out for the exclusive interview on BDSIR NETWORK STC From The UK This Weekend!

Now lets turn our attention to these jabronies who say they won’t watch WWE but still tune in like the fools that they are!

Jamaican Jerk Pot Noodle in hand…Ani James on babestation. let’s do this!! RAW #1133!!! HOL’ DAT – BLAOW!!!

wwf-propa-tingzOk Roman Reigns is gonna speak…. take it easy on the kid…. like you could do better b!atch!

Haha Danny is truly killing me this week! First Total Divas now this! He says when it comes to looks he and Reigns are even… Even Reigns had to laugh! Oh no what’s the Authority doing here??? What’s up Stephanie baby girl!

Stephanie you fine but what sort of stupidness are you talking??? How are you gonna cuss Danny for putting Kane in a casket – B!TCH – you booked the match in the first place you dumb rarse! That’s the idea fool! Even Danny said that’s nothing compared to what Triple did (referring to having sex with a corpse named Katie Vick)… Stephanie – no one is exempt –

Kane & Big Show team up? Damn are we in the year 2005/06???? I wished it was that year to be honest!!! I’ve noticed that on the WWE Network for Free this month (for me that is) I watch more matches from the Ruthless Aggression era. So under appreciated….

I didn’t realise Triple Teef and Stephanie were at ringside – TEEEEEEEEF!!! They don’t care for disqualifications! They wanted Big Show & Kane to brukk Reigns & Danny up…

Oh hang on – that’s the REAL PLAN – to have Danny & Reigns implode… Danny accidentally kicked Reigns in his ‘money maker’ so to speak… and Triple & Steph like it! Now they say they gotta fight again… this time against the whole authority (J&J, Big Show, Kane, Rollins)… TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF!!!!!!

Oh wait a minute… didn’t Triple call Sting out to answer the Fast Lane request???? Keep that in mind people!

WHAT? Another DQ? Seth Rollins you are a PU$$Y! can’t handle Ryback so your pu$$yclart friends have to come in and teef… Randall where you at fool?

Sheamus is looking to return to the dance!!!! That’s what’s up!!!!!

Now it’s about Paige Vs Brie Bella… come on Brie!!!! Where’s Nikki at? You two got the spray cans again? LET’S DO THIS!

Great wrestling skills by Brie! Figure 4 Leg lock on the head of Paige! Danny taught you well! So I guess Danny was shooting blanks??? (Refer to my Total Divas blog this week!)

Take notes – Paige knocked Brie into Nikki in that contest, took advantage and got the win… I’m calling it now – Brie Vs Nikki for divas title… I’m convinced Brie is staying closer to her ‘enemy’!!!!


I’m so surprised that the US Title is on the line here… which has already gave me my judgment on this match… I like how they demonstrated the video how Cena took all that beating in over a decade… that ain’t sh!t! Try over TWO decades with the Undertaker… f**k that – what about a career spanning generations in Ric Flair N!&&@!!!

I don’t get it – why is Cena referred to as an old man??? How old is this dude – 37? Ok Triple is in his 40s, The Rock – in his 40s, even CM B!tch @$$ is around the same age as Cena… Goldust in his 40s…Brock Lesnar – in his late 30s – all these guys are STILL KILLIN IT! Shawn Michaels & The Undertaker – were both in their 40s at WrestleMania 25 – they got match of the year…. but John Cena is old????

It’s like Hip Hop – the best artists today are in their 40s… approaching 50 even! To say Cena is ‘too old’ you are as retarded as The Game! Took a shot at Jay-Z in the One Blood track, Yet no one cares about The Game no more…. the war to be a rap legend ended a long time ago fool!


Wait – Bray Wyatt is in the ring… destroy the battyman Ziggler… then start your cryptic sh!t grant-body-pbecause I am mad interested this time…

Mike Cole: Ziggler… his attitude is infectious…

JAY-BEE: I never thought that…

YES JAY-BEE! I don’t wanna shake my @$$! I don’t want spaghetti head top! I love women! BIG UP!!!

They continue the commentary..talking about – Bray Wyatt is so charismatic and has all these followers… I’m telling you this build up to the match with the Don of Dons is blodclart exciting! Dude hasn’t even arrived yet!

YES!!! THAT’S WHAT’S UP!!!! He brukk up Ziggler! That clothesline though – BLAOW!!!! There’s your hero IWC! YES WYATT!

OHHHHH SH!T!!! Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman are gonna speak their piece like Common/Notorious B.I.G.!!! I dunno, wouldn’t it be better to LOSE the match at Fast Lane??? I keep thinking of the 16 suplexes to Cena’s back bone…

OH SNAP!!! Paul Heyman is on that Bryan Williams sh!t!!!! This sermon is about LYING!!!! Breaking down how Roman Reigns and Danny Bryan are lying through their teeth!

Interesting: mixed crowd response when Heyman asks – is Danny the 1 to beat the 1 in 21-1??? I thought that’s who you’re backing to win??? You fickle fools!!!!

Improving on the New Day’s entrance… it’s awkward to watch them after the issues the BDSIR Network Perfect Plex Radio have with them… and I love these guys… Not to worry, they up against Gold/StarDust and all is not well between them two..

Dayuuum StarDust thought – f**k it – me garne!!!! All because Goldust called him – ‘Cody’… come on weirdos?!!!

MUTHAF**K!!!! that’s how to mark the f**k out!!!! Triple dared to call Sting out… does he know who he’s dealing with???? Turn out the lights! Hear the sound of the crow! Sightings of ‘Sting’ in the crowd! A flash of ‘Sting’ in the ring! Causing Triple to drop on his @$$! Titan tron f**k!n up Triple’s face before replying… I ACCEPT!!! And to think… Sting & the Undertaker could be at WrestleMania 31 but in separate matches…. OH LAWWWD!


Talking of OH LAWWWWD… look at Naomi’s attire! Excuse me for a moment I have a problem in my pants….


The Usos may have lost the match to Cesaro & Tyson Kidd, but to see their dad Rikishi officially inducted in the Hall of Fame…. none of that sh!t mattered!! Big ups to Rikishi!!! Yes he smashed it! We all loved it, especially when he did it for The Rock… and apart from that and Undertaker throwing dude off the cell… this was my favourite Rikishi moment right here:

I mean, you look at the elements, The Rock, Trish Stratus, Vincent Kennedy then Rikishi…. that sh!t had me rolling for weeks after that!

Dayuuum that Miz is a B!TCH isn’t he! Ordering Mizdow around like that and sh!t… Trust me – the day will come when Mizdow will F**K HIM UP!

…and last time I check, it was Ric Flair N!&&@ who made the figure 4 leg lock famous… not your b!tch @$$ Miz!!!! I feel as though the Infamous Informer of old is returning! You know the guy who cusses the wrestlers and… hold on Bray Wyatt is on!

Talking all this ‘death’ sh!t!!!! Here’s another muthaf***a who doesn’t know who he’s dealing with!!!! I have evidence that Bray Wyatt don’t want it with the Don of Dons!!!

Meanwhile Curtis wants this to trend on his twitter #AxelMania… F**KOUTTAHERE!!!! Dean Ambrose knock some sense into this fool!

Oh sh!t!!!! Now Barrett has BNZ!!! And he shut down Kim Kardashian! Let’s be real – I used to fancy that b!tch until Kanye started f**k!n with her… I wonder what Ric Flair thinks about this???

ric-flair-kardashianShout out to @kingvaughnjr720 for that one!!! She could be simply paying homage! After all she was at WrestleMania 24… the same Wrestlemania where Ric Flair ended his career!

Now thanks to my stupid laptop freezing up and crashing like that I have no idea what happened in the 5 Vs 2 Main event… what I do know is two things: One – I’m not going to WWE.Com to find out, and Two, When I rebooted my system I saw Roman Reigns spear the sh!t out of Danny Bryan… Well it’s a case of ‘Fast Lane’, we have a problem….








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