Monday Night Raw #1135, February 23, 2015!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Have you lot finished b!tching? There is nothing you can do now… WWE will not be pu$$y whipped by you fans! Roman Reigns is fighting Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania and THAT’S THAT. If he had a great match against Danny Bryan at the Fast Lane joint, and Danny gave him props, and you still boo, then YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!!

As you may have guessed, The Infamous Informer has recovered and is out of hospital…and he’s even more outrageous and outspoken more than ever, tells it like it is and too bad if you don’t like it!

Let’s do this sh!t! RAW #1135, HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZNo Authority start-up? I was looking forward to all that ‘I am the Game-errrrrr’…. I’m the WWF Champion-errrr!’ But we get Randall!!! The voices in his head chat to him and dem say – You must kick Seth Rollins in his head!!!

Yes Randall! No 20 minute sh!t… got to the point… Seth Rollins – come and get buss arse!!! Er wait a minute – The Authority? Oh no we are gonna get that speech!!! NO!!!!! But that Stephanie though….Look at her dress!!!! Triple make sure you do what I WOULD DO!


I do like when the crowd boo for the RIGHT reasons… Boo the Big Show yes! “I’m tryna talk here!!!” yeah whatever Big Show – SHUDDUP!

Stephanie tells Randy to look her in her eyes…. I’m glad she told him that than me! I’d be fixing my trousers right now!

Randall is giving me joke here! So he looks her in her eyes, she talks about what the voices in his head said to him back in 2009… don’t remember? Check this out!

…and Randall’s smiling about it!!!! OH SH!T! He must have thought about kissing Stephanie…surely!
Randall & Triple TEEF look like they wanna fight each other again at Summerslams and sh!t!
Oh no! Bad News for Barrett? Dean Ambrose running round with his Intercontinental belt? He can’t do that!!!!

I hate Ziggler, and I hate Barrett… y’all know the Hashtag – #WhoeverLosesIWin!
Y’all know the other hashtag #GiveTruthAChance – at the Intercontinental title… yes! Make it trend! And get this hashtag out there too – #BlackWrestlersMatter!

So that’s what the beef between Sting & Triple was all about… that DX tried to invade WCW back in 98? Damn this Sting N!**@ knows how to hold a grudge!!!

So w’happen… Randall decides to rejoin the Authority??? He’s gonna team up with Rollins? HA! The voices ain’t gonna like that!

Good to see the Primetime Players back in the game… thank goodness, I hope they get that gold but bwoy, the Tag Team game is fierce though… Uso brudda killing em, Team Technician (Cesaro & Tyson Kidd) killin em, The New Day…. Er…. OH SNAP – The Primetime Players beat the Ascension!!!! LAWWWD! Oh dear you don’t beat these illuminati puppets! They will make you suffer for that sh!t!

Ohhh Danny! Why did you interrupt Roman??? Roman was gonna put the doubters on blast!


Danny came out and gave Roman even more props! Now I know it’s you fools with the problem! I’m backing Reigns all the way… I hope he wins that title, and when he does…. I would say you can hate me… but you hate yourselves!!! Yes you hate the way you look, you hate how you can’t leave your basement, you hate how women are more interested in watching 50 Shades of Grey then f**k!n with your fat @$$, they would rather have an orgy in the cinema, play with their pum-pum than let your stanking @$$ touch them…. I see it all now!

RECORD SKIP!!! PAUL HEYMAN??? Oh no…. you know this dude likes to twist up sh!t with his award-winning words!

…and Paul Heyman gives him props!!! GOOD LORD you fans are beneath me now!!!! F**KOUTTAHERE!


“Only a fool would say – you’re not the one!”
 OH SH!T!!!! The Infamous Informer got Paul Heyman and Danny Bryan on his side! HAHAHAHA!!!!


WHOA!! Sammartino Vs Reigns in 1975 – Reigns would beat him??? Ok hold on Heyman has admitted to lying here!

Hogan Vs André Vs Reigns in 1987?

Reigns Vs Stone Cold Steve Austin 1998? WHAT???? So what you saying Heyman? Reigns badder than The Rock? HBK? WHOA!!!

Reigns Vs The Rock 1999? No way! I’m scratching my head top here!

Reigns Vs Triple in 2000????? Nah Triple is too TEEF – he uses the hammer!

Reigns Vs Cena currently? Ok that’s realistic!

Heyman’s money was on Reigns at the Rumble??? Ok that’s realistic too! True say he might have read 100 dirt sheets saying the same sh!t!

Even Roman Reigns is like ‘A Wha de???’

I think Heyman’s promo only motivated Reigns! I saw nothing wrong with that promo reply by Reigns! WROOOOY I’m looking forward to this match… YOU FOOLS NEED TO WAKE UP!!!

Three women at once…. Naomi, Lillian, and Natalya… THIS IS NOT FAIR TO THE PENIS!

Forget the match – let’s talk about this in Total Divas terms… Naomi helped rebuild the marriage between Tyson & Natalya, but Natalya diss Naomi by helping her man take the tag titles from the Usos? DISRESPECT!!!!

You see what happen when you TEEF Natalya? Match ends in DQ… goddamnit!

MUTHAF*** – this guy done f**ked up now! Bray is calling Undertaker soft… and now, he wants to claim GRANT - BODY - PUndertaker’s soul??? Has he lost his god damn mind? Undertaker has f**ked up people of your calibre Wyatt! What are you, some wannabe f**ked up butcher killer? You think Undertaker is afraid of YOU??? He INVENTED FEAR! Can you teleport? NO! Can you bring sorcery at will? NO! You get bright because you beat Kane? With help of your fam? HA! Undertaker is gonna f**k YOU UP BRAY!

Sorry I went on a marking out moment!

Shout out to STC admin and my BDSIR Broadcast partna – Shadfather – that Goldust appearance caused a distraction submission! It wasn’t a roll up! Stardust bex because the crowd chanted Cody!!! HAHAHA!

Cena talks his sh!t, now Lana & Rusev come out and talk their sh!t…. the crowd are like – USA! USA! USA! Go on Lana… tell them to SHUT-TUP….get my D-hard…


OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Now to tear that blouse off like my name is the chojin!!!!

WHOA! Yo Cena I think you should admit that Rusev and Russia is better than Cena & America… because Rusev beat you… you supposed to be the DON in WWE, and Rusev beat you… plus my good friend Gangrel teach Rusev to fight! You can’t defeat him!

OH SNAP! Cena wants a rematch at big BIG WrestleMania! Rusev says HELL NO! F**K THAT! How about I drop the Russian flag on your b!tch @$$!!!

Notice – Triple TEEF hasn’t said a single word on RAW this week?! You ain’t Sting muthaf***a!!!

Talking of Sting, they just showed his profile on how Sting was the DON in WCW… Wrestling nerds don’t expect WWE to show his TNA sh!t… don’t be daft! Is that Cheetos I smell on your breath? Wash your mouth muthaf***a!!!


Has Nikki had more of a tan than Brie??? Oh sh!t the match dun already??? Oh well… cheque please!

Big up the Bushwackers! 2015 Hall of Fame!!! I love these muthaf***az!!!! That walk though! Get thrown out the Royal Rumble and still walking crazy! 26 Championships and still walking crazy!

Curtis Axel has been in the Royal Rumble for 29 Days, 26 minutes and 14 seconds! WOW!!! Y’all getting your money’s worth right?! Is this gonna be Royal Rumble by the numbers next year? Are you an #AxelManiac??? Ha! I’m not! I love my food, and so does Ryback!

Wow Axel as a #AxelMania sign on his brief!!! HAHA!!! Nice touch! Come on girls! Get to wearing that sh!t on your @$$ so I can slap it two times!


Where’s Jon Stewart going??? He don’t want none of Seth Rollins??? Is he insane??? He’s as bad as Wayne Rooney talking sh!t about Wade Barrett, at least they not as bad as Bray Wyatt who seriously needs to be sectioned!

Why are Glenn & Big Show dressed like they gonna fight? That’s right – they gonna TEEF!

Seems like Randall is working with the Authority well!!! Randall is a snake Seth!!!! I gave you fair warning – BEWARE! Shout out to Big Pun!!!

Who’s that dickhead chanting ‘You Can’t Wrestle’ at Roman Reigns? Well THE GRANT SAYS – YOU GOT NO BARS! So shut your b!tch @$$ up!

Check the science – Seth tags himself in, Randall gets bex!!!!

Danny tags himself in, Roman laughs it off!!!

Only because he knows he’s going to WrestleMania and he got nothing to lose!

Man… I thought Randall was gonna listen to the voices in his head… maybe he is! They’re probably saying…. Wait Randall… pick your spot…not now… we got from now til WrestleMania to get him!!!!