Monday Night Raw #1159, August 10, 2015!!!

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I know something that you don’t know, doo-dar, doo-dar, I know something that you don’t know, doo-dar-doo-dey!!!

BlondtourageI CAN RIDE TO THAT! Hell – I CAN RIDE ALL THAT!!!!


I’m mourning the loss of rapper Sean Price, but he would want the Infamous Informer, Wolverhampton’s Last Outlaw, Grant Body-P to continue talking trash on Raw for you guys! Just like life, RAW GOES ON! #1159! HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZWelcome to Monday Night Rollins!! Is Seth Rollins still in a good mood? Is he still gonna do his open WWE title challenge? I wonder what the criteria is this week?

OHHH SH!T!!! Seth is killing Cena with the Straight Outta Compton references!!! Cena too busy listening to Dr.Dre’s new album!!! Watch all the memes come out with ‘Straight Outta Action’ with Seth dropping the Sagat Tiger Knee into Cena’s nose corner!

Rollins is KILLIN CENA! Showing a pic of Cena with his nose all buss up! Seth is saying Cena is applying for Tough Enough! Yo Rollins! Don’t make my eye water!!!!

When you hear the siren, that means Rollins – you shut the f**k up and Cesaro will speak on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on!!!

Oh dear Kevin Owens f**ked up his lines!!!! Something Roman Reigns has NEVER done… wrestling fans – I like Owens but – YOU LOSE!

Randall comes out, he feels he deserves a shot… Everybody running their mouth, Seth just had to run his mouth too much didn’t he? ‘I don’t care what the Authority thinks…’ So this his how it goes down according to Triple TEEF… Randall, Cesaro, and Kevin Owens fight in a Triple Threat match. Winner fights Rollins for the WWE Title… Cena might not even make it to Summerslams!!!  Or so they will have you believe…

Beautiful lady… Go Ladies… Lovely Lady… GO LADIES!!! Lovely lady! GO LADIES!!!!

Team B.A.D. Vs  The BellaDashians!!!! You already know who I’m backing… if only I had 3 d!cks like the demon in Urotsukidoji 2 for all three of Team B.A.D….


Haha Y’all had to change your name! what happened to Submission Sorority? Did Stephanie McMahon whip you like a slave and say your name is TEAM PCB???

OH MY GOD THAT IS ENOUGH!StraightOuttaCompton(5)

Team PCB talking sh!t at commentary… Just remember what you saw at the top of the blog…

MUTHAF***A!!! See – F**K PAIGE. How the f*k can she say Tamina & Naomi don’t matter? BLACK WRESTLERS MATTER YOU DUMB B!TCH!

I respected her on Austin’s show last week but I’ve just lost that respect. F**K PAIGE. YOU DON’T MATTER B!TCH!

I completely forgot about that Stephen Amell fool… I hope Stardust buss up his blodclart!


What the f**k? I thought Los Matadores were the #1 contenders??? Yo WWE you’re f**k!n around right now! I understand it’s Summerslam and sh!t… just get it over with and draw for the Tables Ladders and Chairs and the stairs! These teams need to get that Summerslam money damnit!

I do like that sh!t by Los Matadores – Kofi running at him, and dude stops Kofi in his tracks, and OLE!!!! That didn’t stop New Day getting the win though…catch Big E wine up him waist!!! Is he dating Gabi Castrovinci or something?????

For real! Fatal 4 way Tag team match at Summerslams?! Los Matadores & Lucha Dragons jumping in the game! New Day are cool with that… they got Renée doing the New Day Clap… and she doing it in rhythm!!! Yo Ambrose – TALK TO YO GIRL!

Wyatt’s Vs The Shield 2 confirmed!! OHHHH SH!T!!!!! Everyone is bringing the ruckus at Summerslams!!!

Ay-yo, to that stupid muthaf***a throwing the Munny Inna bank Briefcase at Roman Reigns head top at a house show: I hope you are proud of yourself, was you going to WrestleMania 32??? Well you ain’t going now you dumb muthaf***a…the security should have boxed you down and broke your nose before throwing your b!tch @$$ out!

WORD? NXT Takeover, Summerslams and RAW sold out??? Vincent Kennedy getting that birthday money!!!!

Note: Vince McMahon’s Birthday is Aug 24, the day after Summerslam…

“…and that’s Vintage Orton… the BACKBREAKER to Owens…” – Mike Cole

Yes wrestling fools, what was that about Vince telling commentators what to say and what not to say??? YOU DYAM ARSE!

(apparently the word ‘backbreaker’ among other words are banned by Vince McMahon, according to the ‘experts’ who are known as FANS…)

This Triple Threat match is off the hook! Whoever loses out of Cesaro, Randall, and Kevin Owens… I WIN! And I’m sure YOU WIN TOO!

Well I lied… Randall wins by dropping the RKO on both muthaf***as… STC’s Ian Whitfield won’t be happy about that! He wants Cesaro pushed… #WrestlingIsStoryline – you gotta stick with the program! You can’t just give Cesaro the belt like that and throw off everything???

Hmmm… I wonder why they got Daniel Bryan in a Pepsi advert doing weight lifting??? That dude looks well and clear to wrestle… don’t you??? Whoa… I wonder… if Cena can’t make it back in time…

WHAAAAAAT!!! I will most definitely check that Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar special pon di BUUFTA AWARD WINNING WWE Network! How this match is still ‘sanctioned’ is beyond me… both dons gonna be at RAW next week… in Minneapolis Minnesota no less… Brock’s home town???? Might as well shut down every wrestling match from now – (except the divas…) Every wrestler must get their bouncer game right!!!

Byron Saxton – I am ashamed – you’re afraid of a man who wears a straw hat and walks round with an electric lantern? And all these idiots got their stupid iPhones lighting up for him? Foolish humans… I’m the daywalker. I wear a purple suit… I slay fools like Bray Wyatt with the Wu-Tang Sword!

Haha! The crowd chanting – SIT DOWN BYRON! Yeah Byron! Siddung and Shuddup!!!

I know it’s Miz TV… but Miz – Shut the f**k up – I wanna hear Danny Bryan speak!!!!

The YES movement is powerful!!! Yes Danny!!! You are the F**K!N MAN OK!

I think Danny Bryan should kick down the Miz! F**k all this I.C. title sh!t – no one is interested in that sh!t!!! Danny Vs the Miz at Summerslams – make it happen!

I do wanna read that book of Danny’s… Might make a purchase… problem is that too many hot hip hop albums coming out!

UH-OH!!!!! It’s the man whose super move reminds me of Sean Price!!!! One more time Big Show… punch The Miz thru schoolbuses again!

OH DAYUUUM! Ryback is here!!! Er maybe the I.C title is running! Could this be a fatal 4 way thing? Because Danny nah seh nutun about his health yet! After all….

…or maybe not… take as long as you need Danny… I still wanna read that book…

Divas three team elimination match at Summerslams???? OHHH SH!T!!! Well so much for what I saw on twitter earlier… there’s still next week though!!!

Let’s keep on the Diva ting… she says Dolph Ziggler is back after Summerslams??? What a shame.. I wanted to see him get buss arse again… why can’t Summer Rae & Lana go at it themselves and dun? The wrestling saddos like to cum in their y-fronts because they saw Lana’s panties…


That is some sexy sh!t – Rusev said – Summer – CRUSH! And Summer hit Lana with the accolade super move! FO’REAL THO??? I forgot how sexy Summer’s legs were!

Haha Stardust box down Stephen Amell! Amell now, jumps over the barricade, rushes the ring and throws lefts and rights at Stardust! Let me guess, by the knowledge I saw with Barrett & Neville, are Barrett & Stardust gonna team up against Neville & Amell???

Get the paperwork signed and sorted by 9am the next morning! Not 9.03, not 9.36! Red Arrow & Green Arrow jumping in the ring against Stardust & Barrett! at Summerslams!!! Remember the unwritten rule of celebrities and wrestling…

Now we know that Randall is in a lose-lose situation, because Sheamus will bait up Randall’s opportunity to main event Summerslams… however, Randall could miraculously win, then Sheamus cashes his cheque and f**ks Randall over… after all, Sheamus did hint at it!

More likely the latter… personally, I think Sheamus will attempt at a cash in at Randall shuts that down… enough talk! Let’s watch the match…

“there’s a lot of trolls on social media – Rollins does everything a champion should do…” AMEN JBL!!!! and AMEN!!!

Now wrestling fools… remember #wrestlingisstoryline… so don’t get mad when Sheamus f**ked up the wrestling contest… Randall stopped Sheamus cashing his cheque…

But I have a question: Why the f**k does the referee f**k about when someone cashes the cheque? All this long argument, just give the blasted thing to Lillian and make it happen!!! I know really wrestling fools… I don’t get angry like you!










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