Monday Night Raw #1164, September 14, 2015!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

It’s all about the ladies tonight!!! On this day, Nikki Bella has TIED with AJ Lee in her title reign. However, should she defeat Charlotte and the EVIL PCB, the miserable @$$ IWC will blow their top while I REJOICE! If Charlotte wins, she prevents Nikki’s Kardashian Reign of Terror, Justice is restored and the IWC wipe the sweat off their foreheads, while I REJOICE! #WhoeverLosesIWIN!

Then there’s Team BAD… who are robbed of every turn to become champion..I love Tamina. I love Sasha… but that Naomi… I have been in love with her as I have been with my real life lady. I sing this track to my real life lady. Trending on twitter today was #NaomiAppreciationDay or #GiveNaomiAChance… I’m not the only one in love with Naomi. even Trish Stratus, perhaps the greatest women’s champion and Hall Of Famer gives Naomi props…

Trish Stratus giving Naomi Props

Photo courtesy of The Wrestling Wrealm

They best make the Divas title match the final segment on RAW this week! RAW #1164! HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZInstead of complaining about Triple Teef taking 20 minutes to get to the point… apparently they got a massive announcement… what is it – they brought TNA because they won’t be on TV no more???

Oh for real??? Sting is fighting in the ring on RAW??? Vs The Big Show??? Damn we rewinding back to the Monday Night War and sh!t! But it’s A New Day! The best muthaf***az on RAW right now!

NOOOOOOOO!!! Stephanie dropping two foot with the New Day! And Triple Teef is joining in!!! He got to the point in 10 minutes!!! That’s a record!! OH MY DAYS I know Steph is a hip hop head but Triple…… YO!!! That just made my day!!!!! Quick!! get a GIF out here and fast! we need to show the people!

Look how long Lillian’s hair has grown! Look how long my d!ck has grown!!! Damn I gotta fix my trousers like The Rock!

Rock Lillian



I think the crowd are really chanting NEW…DAY ROCKS now!!! Xavier is killing it with the trumpet!

Does Xavier realise that the Tag Team Titles are on the line against the PrimeTime Players??? He better not f**k around with the trumpet too much! The New Day are so over that even Sasha Banks has to hang out with em!

New Day mash-up the Primetime Players, but don’t forget the Dudley Boyz!!!! They fight at the Night of Champions joint!

AAAAH SH!T!!!! Ric Flair is in the house???? Oh man! Er… Nikki… UH-OH!!!! Is your moms here? Is John Laryngitis here???


Ok this is the part where I boo!!!! I DISLIKE PAIGE!!! Imagine if she loses again… OH MY DAYS!!!!

Sasha is the opponent!!!! HERE WE GO!!! Brukk her up like a BOSS!!!

That was a mean German Suplex to Sasha by Paige though! Good Lord – Is her name Paige Lesnar now?

YES!!!! Sasha came back with the submission victory! And dash Becky and her ugly friend out the ring!!! YES! Paige lose THREE TIMES!!!! Yo Shad! You feel me though right?!!!

Ok! So Last week on RAW, the Wyatts f**ked up Randall. On Smackdowns… they f**ked up Uso. They will f**k up anyone who dares to join the Shield. Hmmm… who’s gonna be the mystery partner??? Good storyline swerve WWE!

Is The Miz sure he wants to interview all three Wyatt bwoy dem?

Watching the segment about Connor The Crusher… it made me think… You think Danny Bryan might be the mystery partner? Just that WWE and Danny ain’t saying sh!t?? You know for element of surprise? I’m not ruling it out!

Miz is either brave or stupid…. just because Undertaker f**ked up Wyatt at WrestleMania does not mean The Miz can stand up to him now… he’s stupid if you ask me!

SHAME! The Miz f**ked up his line! Or maybe that was part of the plan! He said – ‘I am not apart of The Shield at Hell In A Cell’… HAHA FOOL! That so-called celebrity doo-doo is coming down his Louis Vuitton drapes!

Uh-OH!!!! The Shield are coming down the stairs!!! They don’t care!!!

So there is a THIRD guy ready to go against the Wyatt bwoy them??? I wonder if wrestling fans are gonna hit the buckey shop and place their bets?

Ok sing along if you know the words! John Cena SUCCCCCKS! John Cena SUCCCCCCCCCCCCKS! BIG TUUUUNE!

I F**K!N LOVE SHEAMUS ENTRANCE!!!! I’m sure every week I say that!

On a real, If I was Sheamus… I wouldn’t cash in at NOC… you know why? Because next month is the Hell In A Cell. You don’t wanna defend your title in there???!!!

Excuse me while Cena Vs Sheamus is on… I need to take a nap… action, reaction. cause and effect!

BDSIR STC NOCUrgh that match bored me…. if these two have a future feud, please no single @$$ matches!!! Throw the chairs and tables and kendo sticks in that muthaf***a!

No No No No Ryback!!! Don’t sing like Elvis again!!! It’s bad enough that Triple Teef was dancing! Ryback and Kevin Owens gonna have a row at the Night of Champions joint. Owens running down a book which inspired Ryback…

Damn Owens who boxed you in your head top??? You probably deserve it! Hahahah!

Well anyway….that confrontation didn’t impress me much like Shania Twain….I should have went back to sleep… enough of this! Put on Sting Vs Big Show!!!!

What a great promo by Nikki & Charlotte! OHHHH SH!T – this is what we have waited for people! Can Charlotte Flair end the Kardashian Charade? Or will Nikki realise her goal? And have AJ P**k forced against her will and give props on twitter?

But is it bad booking on WWE’s part? depends what they have planned for Sting Vs Big Show… weWWE2K16 GRANT BODY -P! know Seth Rollins gonna come through and teef…maybe Seth Rollins will use di hammer??

But the time has come! #WhoeverLosesIWIN! It doesn’t matter to me! Even Trish Stratus has given Charlotte props! Oh man! She has to win now!!! But I smell controversy! I smell it as strong as KFC!

Nikki’s fighting style has continued to improve! Now she getting all technical with it! Working with the left arm of Charlotte!

Oh lawwd! Nikki, continuing to put in work….but Charlotte, the #1 contender, counters to a powerful powerbomb to Nikki!

NO! TEEEEEEEEF!!!! The Bellas used Twin Magic! Charlotte hasn’t done it has she??? Little confusion there… Charlotte thought she won… Stephanie clocked it, and now Charlotte won by disqualification and Nikki keeps the title which means…. NIKKI HAS DONE IT!!! AJ LEE get to your twitter! Personally… if that was me, I would have restarted the match. But Charlotte can fight again and if Nikki tries to teef – she loses the title! Doesn’t matter – she got the 295, and by Sunday, she will get the 300!!! YES!! NIKKI HAS WON!!!

I’m gonna head to twitter right now and congratulate Nikki! It’s a celebration B!TCHES!


Suddenly, this storyline between Dolph & Rusev has become wack…with Lana and her little panties out the picture I’m no longer invested. Am I looking forward to Night of Champions? Well… not really… I gotta be honest… boring @$$ single matches, no stipulations… but there is that Shield Vs Wyatt business which is interesting and we don’t know how the title match gonna turn out…

For real? The stream is just gonna crash like that? So now I don’t get to see Sting fight The Big Show? Ha – F**kouttahere… just know that I WON. I see you out there yelling out expletives like ‘f**k WWE’! You should have stayed on the winning team!TEAM GRANT BODY- P!!!

I dedicate this tune to myself. Enjoy being angry… SUCKAS!!!!!