Monday Night Raw #1257, June 26 , 2017!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

Mae Young Classic

Let me get this right so I can understand this: You have Lita, one of the pioneering women in wrestling, knows her wrestling sh!t, one of the most beloved from your ever-loving attitude era, (and fine as a muthaf***a too) then you have Jim Ross, fired more times from WWE than you have changed your dirty brief, and you there you are STILL COMPLAINING ON THE INTERNET? Roy Lucier – TALK TO YOUR PEOPLE in your International Wrestling Fanbase group. Tell them that I said – SHUT THE F**K UP!



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Steph Raw


Looks like Lavar Ball & Lonzo Ball of the L.A. Lakers is in the house!!! Miz TV though? Is that wise? This I gotta see! I hope The Miz doesn’t say anything slick!

Double R starting the show! Is he still the #1 contender or so he claims?

Los Angeles wants Strowman to come out like – BRAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNN!!!!! I’M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU!

Double R has now put respect on Samoa Joe’s name! Safe to say Samoa won’t trouble Double R again!

Who called the ambulance to pick up the people? Must have been the Los Angeles crowd!

BRAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNN!!!!!! He man handled Double R! Threw him against the ambulance!!!! Then dashed him inside and mercifully, it drove away! The fans must have got their money’s worth now surely! They can go home happy now – that’s what WWE is about right? Putting smiles on people’s faces!


I like that!!! Finn Balor doing his entrance and the Hardy Boyz also spreading their arms out in unison! Los Angeles like – DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!!! That would be a wicked combination actually – Brother Nero, Broken Matt and the Demon Balor! Sheamus, Cesaro and Elias Samson would have no chance!

At this moment wrestling fans watching must be losing their sh!t because the commentators are not talking about the match – and promoting some film with some jabroni named Josh Duhamel…

Talking of movie productions… this Goldust/R-Truth sh!t doesn’t really entertain me. I want Goldust to go back to his cumse-cumsa sh!t that cracked me the f**k up back in 1996, after all – he said the ‘golden age is back’! And finally they are gonna clash – so no Shadfather – it’s not ending up on a pre-show! You are a funny muthaf***a!

Oh dear – R-Truth is bex! You know how I know that? dude ain’t spitting those bars to make the head shake… only to get buss arse by Goldust, with his own cameraman as well??? That’s what you jabronies do when you see a fight – record it on your gidgets gadgets and upload to WorldStar!


Let me get this right – A women’s gauntlet jump off? Winner stays on sh!t? Winner faces Alexa Blitch? You know what that is don’t you – trying to better what the Smackdown ladies have got (The superior and better looking and sexier ladies I might add- sorry Sasha – sorry Nia!)

The Big Baller Brand on Miz TV???? Uh-Oh… this gonna trigger Titus and Apollo Crews… watch them come out…

Where is the Miz going? He can’t be on the Big Baller Brand???!!!!

Wait a minute – Miz can’t call himself the Michael Jordan of this wrestling sh!t? DISRESPECT!

Dean Ambrose speaks the truth – nobody got bigger balls than him – they are deep in Renee Young pu$$y! Like God dayuuuuuum!!!! Like OWWWWWWWWW!!!!


The way Lavar Ball was going on – He look like he was gonna drop a mean clothesline on The Miz b!tch @$$!

Quick message to you wrestling b!tches who were complaining about that segment – remember – celebrities have been gracing the WWE ring since 1985 – starting all the way from Muhammed Ali. So simply put – SHUT THE F**K UP!


Well at least with Big Cass – you haven’t gotta ask – Why Cass Why? And he didn’t have to give an explanation! We knew from marning!

Enzo still seems to be in a good mood! Los Angeles are still feeling him!

A man to man talk? Why is Big Cass still got that music? Give him that generic rock sh!t! It worked for Braun!

Enzo still thinks he and Cass is family! Oh boy, this ain’t gonna end well….

Los Angeles crowd dropping the What? Chant…on Cass… Hold on – Cass is sorry? I dunno man… Mark Henry still has that award-winning performance…

I’m still not convinced… there you go – BLAOW!!!! Clothesline to Enzo on the stage!!!! I was just waiting!!! Where is that ambulance at – we might need it back!

Cass just picked up Enzo on some gorilla press sh!t and threw him down the ramp onto the concrete floor! That was vintage NXT writing right there! Remember when Samoa Joe did that sh!t to Finn Balor? THE GRANT SAYS THIS: After Mark Henry’s retirement speech, nothing can fool me anymore.

There’s the face the wrestling fans will accept to lead the company – Seth Rollins! I can’t lie to you – I cannot relate to Rollins! Oh wait there… the video game thing… Ok maybe I do! He would mash me up on sports games, but put on Tekken…. Seth doesn’t stand a chance!

Can somebody please tell me why we are seeing pointless spoilers with the women picking out which order they enter the gauntlet match? Ah foolishness that!

Oh no – here he com- whoa!!! Samoa Joe using stealth moves using that Coquina clutch submission on Lesnar! Well Heyman was right – we would be talking about this the next day!

Paul Heyman says this will be a long out fight to the death! No 1 minute 26 second thing! I hope that is a SPOILER HEYMAN!

Nia Jax is looking KRISSER by the day! I’m telling you – she is spending that WWE money for real! She using that performance centre to its fullest potential! OWWWWWWW! F**K OUTTA HERE with that Alexa Blitch sh!t! One of these days I will ask you guys what features you find attractive on Alexa!grant-body-p

Bayley gotta run the gauntlet first! Should be no problem – she won an ironman match!

Here’s my champion right here – Nia Jax! That BOTTOM… that BIG TICK THIGHS! them BREASSSSTSSS…. aaaaahhhh….

You can’t say that about Alexa and her flat body!


Bayley is out the game! Next up – Mickie James! You think her lesbian like powers will work on Nia?

Not this time! Dana Brooke – she has no chance! Make an example out of his fool Nia!

“Emma is impressive on the instagram” – I don’t know about that I’m not following her!

Dayuuuum Nia is killin em! Here comes Sasha! Just like UpUpDownDown -You gotta face the boss Nia! Sasha I love you but this time I love Nia just a little bit more!

Win or lose – this is a display of Nia’s endurance and stamina! I LIKE THAT!


Congratulations Sasha! That was a case of whoever loses – I WIN.

Now I turn my attention to STC & PWL’s Ian Anthony Cooper. DUDE – I told you – STOP READING THE DIRT SHEETS – STOP BELIEVING EVERYTHING THAT STUPID 434 PAGE SAYS. There you are posting all over STC and your page that Stone Cold Steve Austin was gonna appear. 434 Made You Look silly yo… what’s sad is I respect you but you traded your soul for riches…