Monday Night Raw #1258, July 10, 2017!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

Roman Wanted Dead or alive

Y’all wrestling fans give me joke! Can ou believe it – y’all hate Roman Reigns so much that when he did that crazy sh!t you want him arrested for attempted murder? Like Braun didn’t try that sh!t a few months earlier? Like H**k H**@n didn’t try that sh!t with The Rock back in 2002? Like Austin didn’t try that sh!t with Triple H back in 2000? Sh!t – take it back further than that – that Brian Pillman sh!t in 1997 – HE’S GOT A GUN!!! You sensitive no pu$$y getting muthaf****az – GO TO YOUR ROOM! Jerk off to your Trish Stratus posters on your bedroom wall!


As for Bertie… I’m no Paige fan – but domestic violence? Even if Paige wasn’t the victim – Paige could look at that like – that could have been me… I’d better watch out…

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RAW 1259! This road to Summerslams gonna be long bwoy!!!!

Steph Raw

Right – I got a pizza, and that nice cold drink I was telling you guys about in the Smackdown blog. LET’S DO THIS SH!T!

Dry music Big Cass! Come better than that!

Seriously Big Cass??!! You gonna go after everybody in the locker room? Even Brock? You sure you wanna do this Cass? You are the future of this sh!t? One day you are gonna be the Universal Champion? But you gotta get past Brock?!!! You will main event big BIG WrestleMania? Nobody can touch you? Somebody play that guitar riff PLEASE!!!!

WELL IT’S THE BIG SHOW!! Not exactly the guitar riff I was looking for but it’s a start!

The Big Show!!! Beating down Big Cass!!! Good lord Big Show is BEX!

Actually I DON’T doubt Big Cass – the dude reminds me of what would happen if Big Show & Edge was stirred in a dutchpot!

Wait a minute – Gallows & Anderson still have contracts? I know, fascinating isn’t it? I like how the Hardys are teasing the ‘Broken’ side to them! One thing about the WWE Universe (and the IWC) – do NOT tease and NOT follow through afterwards!

The question remains – will Broken Matt Hardy & Brother Nero make it in the WWE2K18 game?????

Gallows & Anderson knock off the Hardy Boyz! YES! I have never seen this broken gimmick in the flesh… only because I have disdain for TNA… Oh snap now The Revival are finishing off what’s left of the Hardy Boyz! Anyone would think they cashed in Money in the Bank the way these guys are going!

The what? The Mizzie Awards??? This segment better be good guys!!!

I get it – they just gonna award themselves awards and sh!t? Oh get the f**k outta here!! Guys – I challenge you to make me laugh…

…and you FAILED! But Miz should not be talking sh!t about Seth Rollins either! Glad he came out to deliver beatings on that muthaf***a!

Was that a tease of a Shield reunion? Guys you best reconcile. I remember Triple & HBK – they tried to kill each other yo! Look at em now!grant-body-p

Alexa Bliss is here! This is the part where my d!ck gets hard… unfortunately the results are negative… and it’s nothing to do with impotence! She does nothing for me guys I’m sorry!


I guess Bayley is up next for the women’s title – she pinned Alexa in that tag team jump off…

Oh man RAW is slow-paced yo… it’s like – I’m only looking forward to what happens with Double R, Braun Strowman, Brock Lesnar & Samoa Joe… with that said – I’m gonna continue this sh!t in the morning.


Welcome back, Welcome back, Welcome back, and I hope you are still joining in at home! It’s a new day, yes it is! I praised the lord, now I’m playing catch up. Watching that Cedric Alexander dude – he is a problem! And that Akira Tosawa dude – ha! ha! ha! he is sure to get another shot at Neville! Nice poetic justice I see there too!

So far I’m not feeling RAW… then suddenly there is something to look forward to NEXT WEEK??? We gonna find out who was on the phone to Kurt Angle sending him messages, selfies, naughty pics… come on you saddo hackers get in there and find out what the f**k is going on! You like reading dirt sheets! You like to find out sh!t before it happens!

You think it’s Stephanie????? Kurt did say ‘I love you’…


3 guys coming through the crowd, one man in the ring surrounded – sounds familiar Seth Rollins???

Dean Ambrose is like – f**k that – we are the originators! we did that sh!t first! f**k outta here! Beating down The Miz with the steel chair! MARVELLOUS!

“You actually think you deserve a shot at this? You don’t deserve sh!t buddy!” (Brock to Roman Reigns)

OHHHHHH SHEEEEEEEET!!!!! Not sure if Brock is right or not but I know the fans liked that sh!t!

Now a triple threat match at Summerslam involving Samoa Joe? Now that could work!

“The reality is, I kicked your @$$ last night!” (Brock to Samoa Joe)

Er… Brock, the reality is, (and I can say it because I’m behind a laptop) you got your @$$ BUSS but you hit ONE F5 (and a few suplexes) and you won! More like Samoa Joe was f**k!n you up!


Good lord! Samoa Joe talking to Brock like he’s a piece of sh!t and there is Double R in the background with a smirk on his face!

Next week – Samoa & Double R battle it out – winner fights Brock Lesnar at Summerslams… there is 5/6 weeks left of build up people… don’t expect this to be a simple outcome!

I think I shall head to my nearest GAME joint and pre-order my WWE2K18… You think Kurt Angle Vs Seth Rollins is a future match up waiting to happen? you know 2K games like to stir the pot!