Monday Night Raw #1288, January 29, 2018!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

Womens Royal Rumble smashed it

Photo courtesy of Mike Knoxxx of SoulNSports/Perfect Plex- BDSIR NETWORK


I will keep it real with you. When they announced the men’s rumble halfway through the show, and how epic it was with Strong Style Kung Fu winning… I wasn’t sure the women could top that… but blodclaaaaaaaaat!!!

And that was just the Rumble! The NXT Takeover though! You don’t have to follow the storylines, but watch the PPVs… I thought Ember Moon was gonna lose…Alicester Black… that man…I’m not supposed to be a fan considering his demeanor and who or he stands for… but he’s too cool NOT to be a fan… and as for Johnny Wrestling… if that was the main roster that match would have been over 20 years ago!


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RAW 1288! I’m watching WrestleMania Orlando 24 on the Network… good lord this is so well put together…




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