Monday Night Raw #1321, September 17, 2018!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

I wanna take this time to thank the PWL massive and crew for inviting me out to their event ‘An evening with BRAM’…it was at this moment I realised why wrestling fans enjoy these sort of events because they get exclusive behind the scenes stories…THE GRANT SAYS THIS: I definitely want to attend more of these events, especially if the wrestler is female!!!


REQUEST TO JOIN – DON’T BE A POTATO! DON’T BE A TRAGEDY like… Jeff Hardy. Yes I know you wanted to entertain the people, but how you manage to let Randall twist your earlobes with a screwdriver like that??? Damn homie!

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Before I go in, I just found out that WWE are going back to Saudi Arabia for the Crown Jewel PPV… so after the women get blessed with Evolution, they get dissed straight after… but I did go on record and say – I am all for Saudi Arabia PPVs because they come on at a nice time over here in the UK.

I gotta respect Renee Young’s professionalism. Mike Cole asked her about Dean Ambrose as a ‘different’ superstar coming back from injury and she’s talking about all this frustration and anger he had on his way to coming back… I don’t know about you guys, but if you got Renee Young as your woman…the word ‘frustration’ doesn’t exist unless you’re playing the game by Milton Bradley!


BARON CORBIN TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF!!!! Word is that Seth Rollins is not in the building… if Dolph invokes his rematch clause and Seth is not present, Corbin gonna strip him of the title??!!! SERIOUSLY???!!!!! Where Kurt at???

Wait a minute! Seth has arrived!!! It is Monday Night Rollins after all! One day somebody gonna curb stomp Corbin’s head top!!!! OUTTA ORDA!

Ronda Rousey wants to do the open challenge thang! Who wants to step up and test Ronda??? Come on  ladies you have the wrestling skills to overthrow her don’t you? Go on Alicia Fox get in there!


So… in the Bram interview that happened at Riley’s, it was revealed that when you go for a WWE tryout, you get paid £300… just like that for one day…. sheeeeeeeeet makes me wanna go for a tryout! So how much do you get paid for getting buss arse by the Authors of Pain? Yo I got bills to pay – that £300 may come in handy!

Interesting segment! Lio Rush cusses Elias for singing the same old sh!t and Elias asks Dallas ‘Who’s kid is this?’ Hahaha nice!

You see this match right here? Bayley Vs Dana Brooke? Loser becomes a B!TCH! You know why? Because in Bayley’s case she and Sasha came out introducing the ‘superstars of tomorrow’ with the Connor’s Cure thing right, in Dana’s case she acts like she doesn’t need Titus Worldwide… it’s a MUST WIN situation for both in my book!

Dana lose again… I bet Apollo and Titus are probably thinking – aah she was just good giving hed anyway!

The tag team women’s division continues  to develop here! Ember Moon and Nia Jax as a team??? Holy smokes! THAT IS A TEAM!

How old is Alicia Fox??? She’s 32 y’all!!! That means she was maaaad young when she started! Probably around Paige’s age when she started in WWE… Alicia could stay in the WWE for another 8 years if she wanted to! With her Nicki Minaj wannabe looking @$$!


Both RR & Braun are bex with Brock Lesnar! I think at this point it’s safe to call Braun a ‘tweener’ in this situation…


So THAT’S HOW IT’S GOING! I see jabronies on the internet complaining about this already… I know I didn’t just post a song about getting your d!ck sucked by a hot dimepiece!

The mood Braun Strowman is in… I don’t think Paul Heyman should run his mouth on the mic! Braun is liable to clap him down!

You mean… Braun is just standing there? I don’t understand this!

Braun is disappointing me! What happened to his T-1000 like run? If he ran after Heyman it would have been all over! Writers FIX UP!

Hahahahahahah where is Corbin going seriously? World Wrestling Federation Title Match? Ok Roman Reigns… f**k him up!

Damn Ronda got sellotape on her ribs! Did she have that in the UFC? I doubt it!

Ronda wants to be the best champion???? I can’t lie I’m catching feelings for this girl – I see where  Jamms co-host Shadfather is coming from!

Seems like Natalya wants to step up! Alright that’s good!!! LET’S GO!!!

HOLD ON – TEEEEEEEF! The Riott Squad already dun f**ked her up! er… what do we do now?

RUBY RIOTT STEPS UP!!! Ok here we go!!!! F**K HER UP RONDA!!!

The Riott Squad have rushed the ring! Did the bell even sound? I don’t think there’s a ref in that muthaf***a!

The Bella Twins???? Where are they going? You think they wanna get Ronda onto Total Divas? (Actually that’s not a bad idea… considering the women can go more sexually explicit on that show… and Ronda… GOD DAYUUUUUUM!)

Seth Rollins Vs Dolph Ziggler! Seth answered the challenge! If Dolph doesn’t win… then it’s gonna be difficult for me to decide who gets the b!tch of the week award!

Hahahahaha Corbin you f**k!n b!tch! why you throw a chair at RR like that for? You’re not Braun Strowman muthaf***a!!!

HEY TEEF – he’s changing the rules!!! It won’t help him… have you seen RR when he goes off? Ask Triple Teef!


Corbin believes he can win!!! He hit the Deep Six – BLAOW! The leg is hooked! 1, 2 and…. NO!!! Not so easy!!!!

Wackintyre and Ziggler are back to teef! the Shield coming through right after them! It is bare ruckus right now!

RR able to recover… hits the spear to Corbin – BLAOW! Here’s the cover! 1, 2 and…3!!! Corbin go and CLEAN TOILETS!!!



No one has a more broken soul than Triple TEEF! YES! Undertaker speaks the truth!

Delusion will be his downfall!!! PREACH!!!!

There was a time when Triple was wicked! Savage! YES! He used the hammer and used to ride with 10 man! That was the Triple I knew! He got rid of Austin for a year! Turned his back on all his friends! Married the boss’ daughter! Drugged her and put it in! Pretended to be Kane and had sex with a corpse! Retired Mick Foley and bragged about it! Beat up The Rock every week with his 10 men! That’s the Triple I knew! DIRTY TEEF!

Shawn Michaels cannot do any sly tricks! Because my hero Kane will be there too in Australia! So if Shawn wants to kick down the Undertaker… Kane will be there to grab Shawn by the throat and CHOKESLAM!!!!! CHOKESLAM!!!!

“I’m gonna take Triple H’s career, but it seems that he deserves far worse…”

YES! He was so dyam teef! (sorry if you haven’t figured it out by now… I’m an Undertaker mark… ) you think of all the evil Triple has done over the years! No Justice, No Peace!!!


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