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Monday Night Raw #1125, December 15, 2014!!!

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The Infamous Informer

Don’t confuse it with sleep, I might be the only person in the world who hasn’t watched NXT R Evolution. I’m taking y’all word for it! I heard it was DON! I’m not gonna argue or counter, matter of fact I got no bars simply because, I haven’t seen it! The truth is, I WAS watching it, I saw the first match with Kevin Owens & CJ Parker, but my stream went down, and I thought chu, me garne ah mi bed! I won’t have time to catch up on it now as I’m a busy man. If I don’t catch wrestling live, chances are I won’t catch up. Sorry guys!


I did however see the TLC joint, oh hang on – don’t forget the stairs! And it was a cool PPV. That’s it. But please, don’t compare it to NXT R Evolution. That’s like comparing the new Wu-Tang Album to Ghostface Killah’s 36 Seasons. A lot of you are doing that and it doesn’t make sense. You’re not acting without the benefit of intellect.

Ziggler – New I.C. champ! Cena’s going to the Rumble! Now we know not to f**k with Wyatt’s rocking chair! This means RAW! #1125! HOL’DAT – BLAOW!

WWF PROPA TINGZShout out to Chris Jericho – he’s in the building!!! And he’s running the dance this week! Shout out to all the jabronies still figuring out who that anonymous laptop GM is…. you WASSACK!

Jericho has come for his Slammy award that Fandumbgay rudely accepted last week! Somebody gonna get buss arse, and somebody gonna get f**ked!!! (Yes I’m talking to you Rosa Mendes!)


What’s up Heyman!!! Where’s your friend at? Watching Real Housewives of Orange County with the WWE Championship belt??!!!

Why you got beef with Jericho homes???? He won the award for Extreme moment of the year as voted by the fans! Did you vote on the WWE App Heyman? Dude I’m a big fan but shut the f**k up!!!!

Jericho wants his $200 as well! Heyman give up the money! You owe him that sh!t from 1995! Dude – that should come with interest! Oh hang on Heyman addressing Rollins…. UH-OH!!!

Suddenly Rollins is addressing Heyman! I thought he was ‘buried’ Internet Wrestling Attitards??? You don’t know the meaning of the word – SHUT THE F**K UP!

Hold up Rollins – how are you gonna call Cena a coward when you got two-man behind you fighting with you???? Now look what you done – you call his name and Cena comes out! Come on Cena – PUT HIM ON BLAST!!!

That he did! Rollins – you’re not a MAN!!!! A man stands on his two feet – he don’t hide behind Triple Teef & Stepha- oh hang on I would get behind Stephanie!!!!


Jericho got the Money, Power & Respect so, since Paul Heyman won’t give Jericho back his $200, I suppose he’s gonna beat it out of him! I would! Christmas is coming – Jericho gotta get that turkey for his family!!! PAY UP!!!

Seth Rollins Vs John Cena in a steel cage match… yeah let me see your stooges interfere in that one Rollins!

You gotta be kidding me… people can choose between a No Holds Barred match, or a Street Fight, or an Extreme Rules Match???? I’m not Vincent Kennedy…. but all those matches are the same sh!t!!!! One of these days I wanna interview Mitchell Cole and ask him what the difference is!

I’m not a Ziggler fan, but why are WWE referring to him as ‘the future’??? He’s been in this wrestling sh!t from 2006 as a member of the Spirit Squad and sh!t… that’s nearly a decade yo!

Oh dear…. Eric Rowan isn’t doing very well is he? He keeps getting punched through school buses… all you gotta do is put on your buzzard mask and look at Big Show funny… I promise you, he’s not the master of his own bladder!

I love The New Day! Full of positivity.. just like me!!! I can’t help but feel that during their interview with Renée Young dastardly dark thoughts were going through their head! I mean Big E was sweating for crying out loud! Renée is HOT!!!! Now STC member Dawn Bayley can back me up on this, but if three black men are around one attractive woman such as Renée, bad things are bound to happen… she’s seen me and my boys around a female…


Bella Twins Vs Natalya & Alicia Fox… makes me think of that new Total Divas advert… I’m a bit upset that Naomi isn’t in it this season, but those divas get a n!**@ d!ck hard!!!

Look at Jericho… he’s hosting the highlight reel… I hope he says some hot sh!t to Lana!!! I WOULD!!! If she said SHUT-TUP to me… I’d tell her – YOU SHUT-TUP!!! Stick this d!ck in your mouth!!!

Y2J Lana

GET HER Y2J!!!!! OH NY GOD NO!!!! He thinks something is not right between Rusev & Lana!!! Rusev so ‘stressed out’!!! he wants to show Lana his ‘Sputnik’!!!! OH NO!!! Lana & Jericho, trying to ‘SHUT-TUP’ each other!!! Was it me or was Lana going red in her face? Because we know that in real life Lana & Rusev are f**k!n!!!! Jericho killed me in this segment!!!!

Picture them married, Lana & Rusev, K.I.S.S.I.N.G.  They remember the first time, Lana & Rusev… F.U.C.K.I.N.G.!!!

Rusev tried to keep a straight face!!!! That was BRILLIANT!

HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER!!!! RYBACK???? Ok – I am confident – Ryback can take him!!!! I believe Ryback can win! Rusev had to retreat yo!!!!

#DoTheKnowledge moment – They just showed the vignette for The Ascension….. one of ‘em looks like Undertaker’s younger brother on some ministry sh!t! They on the come up!!! But yo – guess who came out to fight straight after? The New Day…. just doing the knowledge…

You are joking…. you cats in Detroit could NEVER be chanting for CM P**k…. I don’t get it… The New Day Vs Gold/StarDust… you are seeing WRESTLING…. that’s what you want right?

Now you’re chanting NXT… well f**k off to NXT wand watch their product!!!! Understand who I am: I am The Infamous Informer, and I hate negative wrestling fans! SAM_3844Here’s a remote – change the channel! And Shut the f**k up!

So that’s what their super move is called? The Midnight Hour! I like that sh!t!!!!!

You know what else I like? Even though I see Glenn in his Sunday School Trousers, there is always hints of my hero Kane trying to come out… he just told Adam Rose he and Glenn are fighting…. Party’s Over Tell The Rest Of The Crew!!!

Mitchell Cole – STOP calling Glenn the Big Red Monster! The man wears Sunday School Trousers, he doesn’t bring fire & brimstone anymore… he’s as human as you and me!

Or maybe not…. he just double chokeslammed Adam Rose & The Bunny…OH SNAP!!!! The TOMBSTONE!!! TOMBSTONE!!! KANE JUST TOMBSTONED THE BUNNY!!! (In my best JR Voice!)

I don’t know why Jericho bothered to go into his wrestling attire just to fight Paul Heyman… I’d just throw on something like The Rock would wear when he fought Mankind!!!

Rock bioMaybe Jericho should have taken that $200 cheque that Heyman wrote… because Heyman uttered the dreaded words – BRRRRROCCCK, LESSSSNAAAR!!! Hang on – HE’S HERE???!!!!! OH SNAP!!!! He just smiled in Jericho’s face…. Jericho was like – Er…. f**k that – the best defense is a great offense! Well that didn’t go so well – F5 – BLAOW!!!! What makes matters worse, Fandango decides now is a good time to come out! Looks like Fandango is gonna hold on to that Slammy a lil’ while longer!!!

Ha! Fandango dancing with Rosa Mendes and NOT putting it in – INJUSTICE!!! Roman Reigns is coming down the stairs!!!! He just speared Fandango out is dancing shoes!!! Now what does this Big Slow want!!! Reigns warned him – Come down to this ring and see w’happen to yuh! Superman punch in the mouth – BLAOW!!!! Even Big Slow was like – LAWWWWWWD!!! Found himself retreating for the hills like a dyam arse! Roman Reigns should have taken off with Rosa… that’s what I would have done! I got a spear for her too.. after all she loves being sexual and walk naked all over the house!


WWE doing more sh!t regarding Sting & The Undertaker on the WWE Network…. I’m saying hmmmmmmm….

Look at Naomi watching her man whupp The Miz’s @$$… Jimmy Uso – You are the second luckiest bastard on this planet I swear down! (So who’s the first Grant???) Who else??? ME!!!! Infamous Informer, Wolverhampton’s Last Outlaw, Grant Body – P! When your girl plays Tekken, Call Of Duty, Need For Speed, is a WWE/UFC fan, and loves the Wu-Tang Clan, plus she’s a Native/Canadian, then me and you can have a conversation!

Well that cage….. it’s coming down…. Seth & Cena gonna fight…. and Brock is in the building… Oh boy…. somebody gonna get buss arse tonight!

Oh hell naw!!!! Ho Ho Ho Hogan on the Christmas show next week??? Cage Amateurs UK can I get the week off???

If Seth Rollins wants to teach Cena a lesson, why did he try to escape the cage so quick????

When will Cena learn that his 5 moves if doom no longer work??? Guaranteed his opponent will counter that technique or kick out at 2 somewhere?

Dayuuuum! Seth & Cena destroying each other in that muthaf***a! Cena hit the FU/AA super move from the top of the cage! Cena got this!!!!

OH SNAP!!!! CENA & SETH DEAD NOW!!!!! Now my common sense and instincts would say – LEAVE THE CAGE and RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!! Oh no too late – Brock’s in the cage! I think he’s just gonna say hello to Cena… 3 German Suplexes!!! BLAOW-BLAOW-BLAOW!!! All that while Seth is watching…. I would have been GONE!!!

Wait a minute!!! (JR VOICE) Paul Heyman & Rollins are shaking hands!!!!! OH HELL 2 DA NAW!!!! Rollins just become the new Heyman guy on some Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Shang Tsung Quan Chi sh!t???? Hmmm… I think Rollins is clever here if you ask me! Do I wanna get buss arse by Lesnar? I think I’ll pass! join forces…. hey – if you brought a new car… you would buy insurance on that sh!t wouldn’t ya??!!! Exactly – so SHUDDUP!!!!







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Monday Night Raw #1124, December 8, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

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The Infamous Informer


It’s the image that shocked the world, broke the internet, got muthaf***az bussin a nut.. wait a minute… This is the THIRD TIME I’m starting the blog off this week! To me it’s like, every time WWE pulls off something controversial, this guy pictured above steals their spotlight. Now he’s a UFC fighter… I wanna know how my people at Cage Amateurs UK think about all this… mixed opinions across the board, personally I think Philip will actually do better than the nay-sayers are thinking and get this – those nay-sayers are CM P**K worshippers!!! they have turned their back! You see me? I’m a Rock fan… when he moved into movies I still supported him and he is still the man, OK! When Brock had his UFC time in there, I supported him. Even though he broke my dude’s streak, he’s still the man… OK!!!! Whatever happened to loyalty?

SLAMMY AWARDS!!! If you didn’t vote on the WWE App, You can’t say sh!t!!! RAW, 1124, HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZBig ups to Seth Green! You know why? He just put all the other garbage awards on blast! They all phony, they are all pre-determined and sh!t… we know FULL WELL Iggy Azazel could never win best Hip Hop Artist?????!!!!

Damn look how little Seth is to Miz & MizDow!!! Ha! Enough of that sh!t… who gets the THIS IS AWESOME! award??? We find out after Dolph Ziggler Vs Seth Rollins!

At the TLCS PPV joint, Ziggler faces Luke Harper for the Intercontinental Title in a Ladder match… that will be an exciting contest.. Ziggler has earned my respect, but F**K DOLPH ZIGGLER!!! Backing Luke Harper all the way son!

YES Rollins! Curb stomp that b!tch into the canvas!!! It doesn’t change the fact that I don’t like his @$$!

Sting wins the award! Let’s be real he turned the internet upside down! that is until CM B!TCH decided to speak out… attention seeking B!TCH!!!!

Wait a minute – Seth Rollins – you can’t accept that award in Sting’s absence???? (I think you’ll find he can Grant…) Him too outta orda & bright!

Side Note – Seth – I still can’t ‘hate’ you…. you supposed to be the top heel and I can’t hate you… DAMN!

Earlier Slammy Awards: The Rock won insult of the year (when he dissed Lana), The Usos won Tag Team of the year, Dean Ambrose won best breakout star, hashtag of the year – #RKOouttanowhere and Fan participation – goes to ‘You Sold Out’ to Seth Rollins… can’t argue with those apart from the last one – every time the Authority came out or AJ Lee would fight the crowd would take their d!cks out, start wanking as they cry – ‘CM P**K!’


Oh snap – the New Day beat Dust2Dust??? BRILLIANT!!! Wait a minute – not John Meningitis???!! NO!!!!!!! Ok who won Shocking Return of The Year???

Well we know who WON’T be winning…. my good Wu-Tang friend – Batista! Y’all hating… thank god I’m not like you!!! Look at Batista now – starred in one of the blockbusters of the year and now him dep pon the new James Bond Joint…. when I play this video below, I am sure Batista will approve…

Laugh at them Batista! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

YES…. my dude, my first hero The Ultimate Warrior wins the award…. rightfully deserved!

Wise words from Paul Heyman to Seth Rollins: You wanna be the future? F**K UP JOHN CENA!!!

WORRRRRD!!! Charlotte dep pon Raw???? WICKED!!!! Where’s the cocoa butter… (Sorry Ric!!!)



I see the science though, promoting that NXT R-EVOLUTION sh!t this Thursday!!! I’ll be on that no doubt!!!!

I know y’all hate that show, but I’d love to see Charlotte on Total Divas…. that way we see Ric Flair n!**@!!!

Nah f**k that – we need a tribute song for Charlotte! You think Charlotte could make it to be 16 time Women’s champion??? OH SNAP – Natalya beat Charlotte????!!! WHOA! Er…

Ok here we go – OMG moment of the year… I know where this is going… I’m ok don’t worry…

Well it was no surprise! The 1 behind the 1 in 21&1 claims that award…. DAMN YOU HEYMAN!!!! DAMN YOU TO HELL!!! Ok I’m alright now…

Oh lawwd I never clocked it from last week!!!! Ambrose destroyed the rocking chair????? HE’S DUN IT NOW!!!!! Dayuuum that’s what Bray Wyatt did in retaliation on SmackDown??? F**ked up the throat of Ambrose with the chair? Imagine if this was TV-14 mode…. good gawd almighty…


Out of Darkness, cometh light… in the form of Dean Ambrose out of an ambulance???? OH SNAP!! So er.. what does this mean??? Does the loser leave in an ambulance on some TLC Ambulance match sh!t???? Please WWE make this sh!t happen!

It’s only right that the original dutty bwoy gets to present the Diva Slammy award… Well I know who won’t win… my bamboo Layla… but that’s ok, I don’t complain on the internet and I don’t lock myself in a basement…I don’t smell of bad odour…

YES!!! AJ Lee wins diva of the year!!!! I cam run with that!!!! RESPECT!!! Oh dear the Bellas and Paige are bex about it! To that the GRANT SAYS THIS: Paige – SHUDDUP!SAM_3845 Brie – STOP YOUR NOISE! Nikki – TAKE OFF YOUR TINGZ!!! You wanna baby? Taste my super sperm!


Oh snap!!!! Luke Harper Vs Eric Rowan in singles competition??? This should be good!

I can’t help feeling that these two are merely sparring with each other… like you can’t see any intensity with this sh!t… at the same time they are not afraid to destroy each other for no reason!

Ok this LOL award… it ain’t gonna be in my taste… personally I think when Triple TEEF was singing Another One Bites the Dust to Cena… ok the mother’s day shout out from MR.T was a good one…

Or the princess pudding – yeah that one gotta win! Vickie & Steph throwing themselves in the soup… that was brilliant! hated Vickie but to see Steph like that – OHHHHHH!!! Remind me to buy the Stephanie McMahon Fitness DVD for my fam for Christmas… I can tuck into my mince pies watching that sh!t!!! OH YEAH!!!

Mizdow wins!!! Well ok I give him props! The creativity and energy behind that sh!t… wait there – The Miz can’t accept the award??? OUTTA ORDER & BRIGHT!

I think Lana should get the ‘every man wants to f**k her’ award… F**K that – she should get the ‘every woman wants to get a strap-on and f**k her award!!!’ That includes the straight women!


Shout out to the Shield – Best faction, Danny Bryan Vs The Authority – Best Feud, yes it was emotional still…. that TRIPLE TEEEEEEEEF!!!!! Danny & Brie gets best couple… I gotta agree there! Then again there is me & Layla…

TLC Kick off – New Day Vs Dust2Dust… backing New Day ALL DAY!

Here’s my latest hero! Ryback!!! Respect to that man! People get hurt in wrestling – it is what it is… Ryback threw CM B!tch through a table… BIG DEAL! You don’t know pain??!!! The Undertaker, threw Mankind off the top of the cell, chokeslammed him through the cell onto the canvas, worse than that, Terry Funk got chokeslammed out of his smelly trainers… until you experience that… SHUDDUP B!ATCH!!!!


Shout out to JAY-BEE – he acknowledged Vincent Kennedy’s hit song – STAND BACK! I think that should be re-released for Christmas #1… do you know how many downloads that would get on iTunes??!!!!

WHAAAAAAAT!!! Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat to present the Match Of the Year award? I say Seth Rollins Vs Dean Ambrose Hell In A Cell… but I never voted on the WWE App… so lets see what they got…

WORRRRD!!! Team Cena Vs Team Authority won the award!!!! I can’t front – that match was don!!! Ziggler takes the award…F**K Ziggler – Sting should take that sh!t! He shut down the authority! Ziggler didn’t do sh!t!

Summer Rae is obviously bex she didn’t win diva of the year… well firstly Summer, you don’t teef next gyal boyfriend! two, you don’t disrespect Natalya at her own yard! And three, you don’t d!ck tease Fandango! Four, you ain’t even that nice!


Good to see Rob Van Dam in the hiz-house!!! Let’s see who wins the Extreme moment of the year!

Brock Lesnar gotta win this surely!!! He f**ked up John Cena big time! Saying that… My hero Kane did drop three tombstones to Danny Bryan and f**ked up his neck…

Rock-stone!!! Chris Jericho wins! the cross body off the top of the cage to Bray Wyatt!!! Props to Jericho! I disagree but hey… I didn’t vote so therefore… – wait a minute – Fandango – you can’t accept the award – where you going???!!!

Trust my stupid @$$ laptop to crash on me… it was a slow @$$ process to get back in it… to discover that Roman Reigns has won Superstar of the Year??!!! WHOA!! I bet the IWC are up in a frenzy here… just remember you b!tch @$$ low-lifes without the benefit of intellect, you didn’t vote on your muthaf***!ng WWE app, so shut the F**K UP!!!!

Since I’ve seen Big Show Vs Cena like 400 times, I wasn’t tryna watch this sh!t again… but what happened at the end was the Team Cena Vs Team Authority sh!t…. this time with Tables, Ladders, Chairs & Stairs! Ruckus all over the place including the Big Show punching Ziggler & Cena through school buses, Ryback dropping meat hook clotheslines, then Seth Rollins and his stooges dropping the triple powerbomb to Cena through the table – BLAOW!!! even Triple & Steph had to stop halfway through intercourse to watch that sh!t!!!!









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Monday Night Raw #1123, December 1, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Monday Night Raw #1123, December 1, 2014!!!


It’s the image that shocked the world, broke the internet, got muthaf***az bussin a nut.. wait a minute… didn’t I start last week’s blog like this? It matters not! CM P**K, YOUR SAVIOR (He ain’t mine) finally broke his silence! He said a lot of things, and no doubt, it will impact this weeks RAW! Expect a lot of CM P**K chants loud as f**k… expect the laptop GM to be booed out of the building… can we get a surprise appearance by Edge to break that muthaf***a? Make no mistake: This week should be an explosive one…


WWF PROPA TINGZ…and here we go, Michael Cole under the orders of the laptop talking sh!t… Has Cena come out to break the laptop??? I hope so! This is your chance to get cheered for once fool!

Somebody got a ‘Staph infection sign’!!! Making reference to the CM P**k podcast… expect that to be confiscated…. god damn that muthaf***!n lap top – Cena break that sh!t! Stop chatting! Thank god Cena sorted that sh!t! Just close that blasted thing! That’s what I do when jabronies come up in my Fb inbox!!!


Seth Rollins: Who’s next to take over RAW? JBL? Ha! the fans like that idea! Batista… not so much… Eric Bischoff…. well he was entertaining still I can’t lie!

Will it bunn Rollins to ask Cena nicely to bring back the Authority? If I was Cena I’d tell Rollins to join the Cena kiss my bl- er I mean white @$$ club! Hang on – that lap top is still working???

Seth Rollins Vs John Cena Tables match at the TLC joint – if Cena loses, he can forget about fighting Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble! I LIKE THAT!!! Come on Seth!!! (We know that ain’t happening!)

RUCKUS IN DI DANCE! Seth and the stooges attack Cena, Ryback joins the ruckus! I’m surprise the crowd didn’t boo him for you know… CM P**k reasons… Glenn shows up in his Sunday School Trousers, Eric Rowan takes off his buzzard mask ready to throw fists and kicks, Bi-Polar Show intervenes with his dry self and punches Cena through school buses, Luke Harper gets involved… it all ends with Seth Rollins powerbombing Cena through a table – BLAOW!!!! THAT’S AN OPENING! GREAT START GUYS!

Tag Team Turmoil jump off! Winner fights the tag team champions Miz & Mizdow! Oh snap it’s the NEW DAY!!! They are all about A Better Tomorrow!

Remind me to do some sort of modifications on WWE2K15 to make The New Day official! I’d rather like the name – Black Men United – but I’m just a fan… what do I know?

Oh ny god no… Adam Rose & the Bunny are a team? Can you imagine if they become the #1 contenders??? That would be f**ked up!!!

Thank god that’s not the case! Usos are the #1 contenders! Anyway enough of that sh!t!!!!

Wait a minute – what do Miz & Mizdow want with Naomi??? I know she sexy as f**k but….they want her to join Hollywood??? I gotta raise the people’s eyebrow here!

Look who pulled up in the limo! VINCENT KENNEDY!!! UH OH!!! Somebody’s in trouble!!!!

Slammy awards next week!!! Hosted by Seth Green??? I don’t know that fool! This only means one thing… it’s about that time to present the annual STC awards! More details on the FB group – – request to join – DON’T BE A WEIRDO!

Follow us pon di twitta – @stc_wwe! That’s how the f**k we roll!!!

Back to the action – I think Bi-Polar Show just hit Eric Rowan in the back with the steel steps – BLAOW!!!

Right kiddies! Who do you want to partner with AJ Lee? Alicia Fox, Natalya or my choice – Naomi? Use that WWE App on your HiPhone6! Truth be told I would choose all 3 because my love for women is untold, but I bet those IWC B!tches would try to vote for CM P**K… hahaha get off his d!ck!!! Do you know that there are actually jabronies out there who think this podcast sh!t is a work? Shows how deluded CM P**K worshippers really are – GET IN THE CHAIR!!!


F**K me that Rosa Mendes can dance!!! All that Spanish fly Rhumba sh!t… if Fandango ain’t getting in that pu$$y he’s truly a battyman!

Hol on – what happened to Wack Swagger? did he get deported??? Nah – turns out Zeb Colter’s leg got f**ked up!!!! Oh seen!!! I get it now! I think Rusev did it!

I have to confirm the rumours – I am not human…. I have to hold my sack and fix my trousers every time Lana says – SHUT-TUP!! God damn I wanna ramm my cocky up her ‘Putin’!!!


Say what? Is Sandow THAT over that have now put the stunt tag titles on for sale?! Them sh!ts gonna sell more than the Tag Team Titles???

OH SNAP! Mizdow won using the Figure 4 Leg Lock!!! Actually f**k that – My Uso brudda just slapped up The Miz in his money-maker! STAY AWAY FROM MY WIFE!!! I agree! It kinda reminds me of that storyline when Kurt Angle wanted to put it in Booker T’s wife….


The question remains – is Dean Ambrose Vs Bray Wyatt (TLC match) gonna be the main event? Or is it gonna be Seth Rollins Vs John Cena (Tables match)???? Remember I told ya, it will be under scrutiny by the Internet Wrestling B!tches…

Talking of b!tches… here are some that I like to see on the telly: The Bella twins! I just wanna know who is gonna team up with AJ… sorry guys it’s not Paige… I still don’t see the fascination… I’m sorry! To flip this in the way how The Rock said it: Grant Body P

So let me get this straight, we go from the powerful Trish Stratus, to the thong song wearing Lita, to the leggy Stacy Keibler, to the Sultry Melina… to my baby mother Layla… all the way to…….. PAIGE???

That’s what’s up! come in Naomi!!! Shake dat @$$! WATCH YOURSELF!!!

I was wondering when those CM P**K chants would kick in….

Thank goodness for the fans who actually have sense and chant AJ Lee… the others are GAY! Maybe the fans who have sense are fed up with the worshippers…

So suppose Cena loses that match at TLC (which he won’t), who does become the #1 contender? In fact f**k that – Paul Heyman counters the IWC’s b!tch @$$ ways… Brock Lesnar is must see!!!! If he was there every week he wouldn’t mean sh!t! In fact – Don’t blame Brock – don’t blame WWE – BLAME YOURSELVES!!! YOU are the ones who wanted Brock to become champion, but when this wise man here tried to tell y’all pizza eating morons that Brock wouldn’t be there every week you thought I was talking sh!t because I don’t read the muthaf***!n dirt sheets… unlike you jabronies I use the benefit of intellect…trying to reason with you is like arguments with your woman – Even if you make sense the woman always thinks she’s right… was I being sexist just now? You DAMN RIGHT!


So if this six man tag team match is the main event… does this mean Vincent Kennedy got the last segment? UH -OH!!!!

The answer is No but Raw ends as it pretty much began… Cena’s team – or should I say Ziggler’s team – wins the match, but Bi-Polar Show just had to get involved didn’t he? F**k all that – check it – Now they calling Erick Rowan ‘Big Red’??? You see Glenn, f**k around and next man takes your name…. and guess what else – we’re not gonna hear from that stupid laptop either… all that guessing sh!t you was doing… you wonder why I didn’t partake – simply put – IT’S STUPIDNESS!!!!







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The Infamous Informer


Monday Night Raw #1122: November 24, 2014!!!

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The Infamous Informer

Sting-WWE-Survivor-SeriesIt’s the image that shocked the world, broke the internet, got muthaf***az bussin a nut.. it got me pulling a muscle in my thigh. Mark out moment of the year? I THINK SO!!! Even I gotta give props where props is due… big up to Dolph Ziggler… the WWE gave him his moment. For those select few muthaf***az who STILL thought this PPV was wack… you know what – KILL YOURSELF. I’m DUN with you b!tches.

For those who are still down with the WWE, welcome. I am your host, Infamous Informer, Wolverhampton’s Last Outlaw, Grant Body – P!!! Let’s enjoy this sh!t… who’s gonna be the new boss man?

RAW#1122: HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZWait a minute you two jabronies (Triple& Steph) can’t be up in here!!! Sting sealed your fate… now get the f**k outta here! Unless you gonna give me some pu$$y Stephanie…


Look here Triple Teef – don’t cuss us!!! Your team lost – look how long Seth Rollins covered Ziggler while Sting buss your arse – you mean to tell me he rested off and still got pinned? WTF???? NO!!!! DANNY BRYAN?!!!! Let me guess – is Danny the new boss man??? OH SNAP!!!! Tell me it’s true!!!! That’s what you get for f**k!n around with Danny too much Triple!!!! Your B+ player is now the A+ BOSS!!!! Now go to your room! And SHUDDUP!

CONFIRMED!!! Danny is the man!!!! Well at least for tonight!!! Get Team b!tch @$$ Authority out here… Mark Henry you let a sell out Sean P your @$$ through school buses… Look at Glenn… I used to look up to him… Now Danny got him selling popcorn and sh!t…. f**k me… he used to set fire on people and sh!t….

Luke Harper gotta fight Dean Ambrose for the I.C. title… we know the Wyatt man dem – even though they on that solo tip, they are still fam… I’ll leave it at that!

OH SNAP!!! Either Rusev has to fight in a battle royal for his US title, or he must pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America… I know which one I’d pick!!! Even Mark Henry had to laugh at that sh!t!

Talking of Mark Henry, he’s gotta fight Ryback and sh!t!!!! I don’t think Mark is sweating that sh!t!

Or maybe not… man can’t get up after a meat hook clothesline…. how I shake my head…

…and as for Seth Rollins, I can’t see what the problem is… because Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury are talented in their own right, they can take John Cena and Dolph Ziggler surely???

Oh dear! Vincent Kennedy is bex with Steph & Triple! I did try to tell Triple, he must use di hammer… he didn’t do that – had he did it – the Authority would still be in power… I like that though – he was like – GET IN THE CAR!!!!! HA! HA!

But I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news….

Vincent Kennedy said he’s NEVER sorry for anything he’s done… I’m not so sure because the CM P**K worshippers will pull you up for this….

UH-OHHHHH!!!! Looks like Bray Wyatt’s brother was about to be f**ked up by Ambrose! I knew Bray looks out for his fam!!! He’s straight assaulting Ambrose and burying him with those chairs yo! Understand this: Their match at the TLC joint is gonna be straight RUCKUS!!! Just how I like it! f**k all this arm drag and camel clutch sh!t… all that front facelock and fireman’s carry sh!t… I wanna see someone get f**ked up!!!

Looks like this ‘New Day’ will have to wait… I support them … they are fighting for A Better Tomorrow!!! Only 1 week left Wu-Tang fans!

While Santino and that Cable Guy dude talk sh!t about wrestling… here’s a commercial break, in light of the ‘New Day’….

How crazy is that? Because Mizdow is the stunt double, he’s got replica tag team championships!!! Haha that’s cool! The creativity just keeps on going!

Wait a minute what is The Miz tryna pull here??? While MizDow is struggling to fight against the Dust Brudda?

MizDow did all the work wearing em down and sh!t… and Miz comes in and finishes them off? All to protect his so-called money-maker? Why doesn’t somebody take a steel chair and lick him in his head? (those moves are banned Grant) DAYUUM!!!!!

HAHA that’s f**ked up! Glenn has to serve chips and not bunn them up… Paul Bearer must be turning in his grave and as for his brother… he must have disowned him by now!

Now is Sgt Slaughter going down to face Rusev a smart move??? Smart money tells me it’s not!!!

You don’t think Rusev & Lana are really gonna put their hands on their hearts and do this are they??? Lana sounds like she’s about to get raped hahahaha!


Seems as though Rusev would rather fight the entire locker room then…

…or maybe not… Rusev about to f**k up Slaughter, here comes that idiot Swagger… does he really think he can take Rusev for the US Title? He failed before, he will fail again!!!

I gotta be real – this Raw is slow-paced this week… where’s the divas? Put them on! That Ani James lady is on babestation – don’t let me put her on!

I think Glenn is actually enjoying his new job! I would throw mustard all over Santino’s fool fool @$$ too!

GOD DAMNIT I HATE THAT FANDANGO!!! First Summer Rae, then Layla, now Rosa Mendes??? He must have f**ked one of em… surely??? Well he better not have had a piece of my Layla… I’LL KILL HIM!

I just found out that the killer of Mike Brown has not been indicted…f**k me…

Now look at this big fool named Big Show… only tried to save his job on some bullsh!t now it’s backfired on his brown nose @$$…

Those crocodile tears don’t sit well with me Big Show… Chu – send for babestation…


She has no idea what I’d do to her…… some say I’m not human….that I turn into the beast around women like Ani James….

YEAH THE MUTHAF***!N Divas are on!!!! What’s that you jabronies were saying that AJ Lee is leaving the WWE to play happy families with CM P**k… seriously you… oh I forgot… I’m talking to myself here… those Internet Wrestling B!tches don’t read my sh!t because my sh!t hits the fan!The MAN in the PURPLE SUIT!


Oh dear…it was only right Brie turned evil anyway… talent is not sexually transmitted!!!! You can’t say that AJ!!!! Do you know how much men would love to run up Nikki’s pu$$y? Get all up in her guts????

Am I seeing right? The Bunny & Adam Rose Vs Tyson Kidd & Natalya??? This is a mixed tag team match right???? See I wasn’t gonna write about this sh!t but I’ve wondered… have you jabronies created ‘The Bunny’ on WWE2K15???

OH NO! Ryback is hungry! He’s heading to the concession stand! I gotta bad feeling about this! Remember Glenn! The customer is always right!!!!

Now I bet those b!tches who haven’t handed in their wrestling card are probably on some ‘Why do they have to team Ziggler & Cena together…’ more like ‘why does Cena have to share the top face’s spotlight?’ Seriously you b!tches, if you happen to be reading… SHUT THE F**K UP. It’s all you f**k!ng do… I’m not a Ziggler fan but I’d look like a fool if I didn’t give the man props… and mama don’t raise no fool!!!!

Well the people (kids) have voted on that WWE app… 93% landslide! Seth Rollins teams with J&J Security a.k.a. Patterson & Brisco!!!! Come on guys get in there! It’s only Cena & Ziggler! If that was me I would be throwing punches left & right!

Oh Mercury & Noble couldn’t you do better than that???? Supposed to be top flight muthaf***in security and…. what the f**k?

Just when it doesn’t get any worse… the muthaf***!n laptop GM is back next week? Where’s Edge when we need him??? You know Triple did say we will be begging for him back… I think he’s right! TRIPLE!!! COME BAAAAACCCCCK!!!! Sorry Danny,, but Raw was WACK!!!!







BDSIR Network

The Jobber Blogger #135 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 19/11/14

Jobber Blogger logo2Well isn’t this something huh? Uncharted territory for TNA. Yup, I get two weeks off! How about that.

Though on one hand that sounds rather daunting and I’ve not written The Jobber Blogger every week since… before it even started. That’s some kind of astrophysics nonsense right there!

But alas, I am only taking the break purely because TNA don’t have any more Tapings to run.

This week’s episode of Impact was the last episode of Impact to ever air on Spike TV.

But what they are doing is a series of Clip Shows highlighting some of the best action from 2014.

Which actually is quite exciting in itself, but this means I can actually get my head round to looking at my own “Best of 2014” article, so it’s all good… in the hood.

goodinthehoodHad to be done…. I didn’t make it though.

But worry not you crazy TNA fans, because TNA have a new home set for 2015 with Destination America!


Yes Destination America is in parts connected to Discovery I believe, and given that they run EY’s “Off the Hook” it’s clear sailing for the next few years.

It’s either a 2 year or 3 year deal they’ve signed, but Impact isn’t out of business. In fact, quite the opposite.

Dixie apparently didn’t want to sign just any new deal, she held out to get MORE TNA than just Impact.

Extra shows, like an American Bootcamp perhaps, or dare I say it, a second TNA show a week, because Impact is great, but TNA is packed with stars and potential stories that don’t get covered every week.

Either way, it’s exciting times. Apparently TNA are hitting 2015 with a complete overhaul, new logo, new graphics, and now they have a Television Deal they can finally get Wrestlers signed long term.

So yes, I am excited for the future of TNA.

Which brings me to one of the reasons I don’t rate WrestleZone as an editorial based website.

Comments like “TNA is the biggest joke in the Wrestling industry”.

I don’t get that.

Now don’t get me wrong, TNA is full of flaws, trust me, you can 134 issues of The Jobber Blogger and I’ll detail them all every week.

But TNA is also a company that takes risks, albeit a smaller group of risks recently, playing more to “what worked” before and trying to pull some momentum from the WWE. It’s not like WWE is the legit Wrestling programme either, seems to me they put their foot wrong more than TNA do.

Still TNA carries with it this theme that people think it’s a joke. For me, as a Wrestling fan, I love TNA. I think TNA has lost its way the last few years and it doesn’t seem to quite feel as proud of itself as it once did, and as a fan who wears the TNA logo on his shirts with pride, that pride has slipped because of it.

It does feel that every time I write The Jobber Blogger I end most of my rants and thoughts with “I hope”.

And I’m sick of hoping and TNA not delivering, but now the ball is firmly in their court, they have a brand new deal, and by the sounds of it they are not going to let this opportunity slip by.

So 2015 should be very interesting indeed for us TNA fans.


I actually quite like throwing in a little Write up about Bootcamp every week. Though by the time anyone reads this the latest episode of Bootcamp will have aired and my ramblings are about the previous week.

This was “filler” week. A program about them travelling to America, sure it gave us a little bit of an insight to the guys behind the Wrestling persona.

Compared to the roll Bootcamp was on, this took a step back, but I understand why. Given what next’s week show is going to be about, then I am on board.

All this show did for me was make me dislike Grado, a lot.

I wasn’t keen on him to start with, I don’t think he’s got anything going for him outside from some crowd support, but he’s not “impressive”.

Seeing him drinking and picking his nose, PICKING HIS NOSE, constantly. Nope.

Don’t like him.

And that’s it really, he seemed like a bit of a mess and picked his nose all the time, and I don’t want to see him anymore. Kay Lee Ray for the win!


lucha-underground-tnaredlineAnd of course, before I jump right into IMPACT, one of my main thoughts about TNA taking some time off and running a clip show, is that there is a new Show in town, and it’s awesome.

The more time TNA have off, the more it plays in the favour of Lucha Underground.

It’s a fantastic show, I can’t get enough of it. Of course it amplifies some of Wrestling’s stupidity, Wrestlers seem to have this idea that they are “good actors” because they act in Wrestling. Difference is they don’t act well. Some are good, most are not. My point is that when you take a show like Lucha which creates these awesome Cinematic backstage segments, and you then fill it with the stars who can’t at all, it’s an awesome looking but cringe worthy amateur film.

Regardless, Lucha is refreshing, intense and completely awesome. I love it. Highly recommend.

Impact Wrestling Logo

bluelineTNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 19/11/14

So yes, the last TNA Impact Wrestling show of the year, and at the time perhaps the last Impact show as we knew it. But as I stated above, TNA seems to be kicking it into a new gear for 2015.

Which is good news, as Impact opened with Bobby Roode – fresh off his “promotional” week, funny how they couldn’t get him booked for one show out of 6 possible days.

I’m not even going to get into it anymore, I give up.


Roode was fired up from the actions of Lashley last week, but to dance around the subject rather than go in face first, Roode gave us all a speech about how everybody in the world has a friend!

FanhebnerThat guy doesn’t have a friend.

But yes, Lashley beat up EY last week and now Roode is furious.

So out came Lashley and they went at it. Truth be told, I liked the setting of this fight, I’m sick to death of the security running in to break up every fight, that’s a terrible idea, especially when it so over used like TNA do.

However this week felt right, the grudge between Lashley and Roode feels right and them going at it in the crowd looked awesome.

We’ve been promised Roode vs. Lashley match number 3. Now here me out, if TNA sign Lashley to a long term contract, then I want Lashley to destroy Roode. Roode is my guy, I love him to bits. But if Lashley is going to stick around in TNA for the foreseeable future – which I hope he is, they have one shot to do this right, in my eyes. Now obviously make it extremely hard fought, but Roode only just beat him to win the title in the first place.

Now Lashley is ticked off and charging through guys, he dominated Aries and beat him down, it was awesome. Roode should take Lashley to his limits, but Lashley should prevail. That’s what I want.

But, if they go with Roode retaining, then I want Storm to bloody up Roode and take the World Championship.

Either option is good, but Roode holding the belt for a long run, I’m not as keen on currently. But then I just prefer Heel Champions, and I like long runs with Championships, usually on Heel Champions.

Who knows, I don’t care, more TNA! Just do a good job and I’m happy… Do my idea, and I’m ecstatic!

bluelineTaryn Terrell vs. Gail Kim vs. Havok – Knockouts Championship

The story of this match is that neither Taryn or Gail could have possibly defeated Havok unless they both took her out, and even that was a challenge.

Now I like that about Havok, her look and persona, I’m not 100% on board with, but I like it enough to be interested.

Taryn is my least favourite though, but she has my respect, hard working and hard hitting, and that puts the Knockouts and Women’s Wrestling in general on a scale I love to support, I can’t say a credible thing about Women’s wrestling if it was an ordinary Diva’s match. Even some years ago…. maybe more so some years ago.

But the Knockouts, they back it up, and I love it. Hence Kay Lee Ray being my favourite, I want more of it, I want them in the main events more, I love that. Gail and Taryn have pushed further with Women’s wrestling in recent years, and it’s awesome to see. Havok adds to that perfectly given her pure size and power, throwing Gail and Taryn face first into the steps and guard rail respectively from her shoulders, cringing sight.

Though I think Havok’s slam to Gail on the floor was the worst.

Either way this was one of the best matches through-out 2014 for the Knockouts, one of the best, I have my own personal favourites. A category I’m still toying with for my “Best of 2014” article.

Gail and Taryn both dived from the top rope taking out Havok twice with Cross-Bodies, a Eat Defeat and Cutter later and Havok was out of the picture.

Gail went for a Roll-Up on Taryn which was counted giving Taryn the win.

Given the contract status of Havok, I’d say a Taryn vs. Havok match would be in the pipeline, and honestly I don’t see how Taryn could win in that situation – believably.

I had a feeling Taryn would pick up the win, and though she was my least favourite in the match, I guess it feels right. I’d rather her have the belt than Gail have another reign so quickly. Of course I’d rather Havok retained. But then that’s a whole other rant.


Kenny King vs. Chris Malendez

Having Malendez on a flagship show of a network called “Destination America” is no bad thing.

However I just can’t get into Malendez. I knew I would have difficulty going in, he is fantastic, impressive, inspiring, all the things he should be. More so for how he dealt with his injury and rose above it to achieve his dreams regardless.

That is awesome.

But is he presented as awesome, he still carries this “you can’t do that” attitude whilst he competes. People will naturally look at it differently given his condition, but then it’s Wrestling, it’s not Ballet as the saying goes, for surely someone in his position to get into a Company that is so competitive as it is, let alone with a physical set back like he might have, naturally people are going to exploit it.

Just by looking at it, it seems like he doesn’t belong. This isn’t me saying he doesn’t belong, I’m talking in terms of how Wrestling is portrayed as a form of entertainment, then of course the guys in the back are going to single him out. He can’t compete on the basic level with them, let alone in the Main Events. That sort of attitude, but yet given his situation it feels as if Wrestlers treating him like that is a bad thing, but it’s not. It’s totally normal and deserving.

My point being since his debut which was hyped up, I’ve not seen Malendez do anything. Now this is booking, nothing more. But you can’t tell me how good he is, then show me nothing that solidifies that.

He hasn’t won, he’s been beaten up a lot, and now he’s got his ass kicked. Yes he’s impressive and done some things I wouldn’t expect, but he’s not actually done more than that. So I’m not siding with him currently.

Could change.

MVP showed up and beat down Malendez with a chair. As my previous rant, I like Heels, so I am naturally drawn to that, so yes, MVP attacking Malendez with a chair wins me over. So perhaps my perspective is vastly different from those who might prefer the faces.

Anderson ran out to his aid, but Malendez is injured.

Ethan Carter the Third called out Rockstar Spud and I loved this segment!

I like EC3 enough, I like much better than I did a year ago, now Spud was awesome, he was the saviour of TNA for quite some time. I’m sure everyone was sick of Dixie, but having Spud out there was brilliant, made it all worth it. I’m still not convinced this Face turn will hold up to what people like about Spud, but I’m hoping it will.

This however, goes a long way to making that so. I said some weeks back, when Spud and EC3 actually square off, Spud should get his ass kicked.

Now before I go off about what I liked from this segment, I shall state that I laughed a fair bit to the comment from EC3 about JB:


I know I shouldn’t have found that funny, but I did… a lot.

Spud power walked out and kicked EC3 in the nuts and it was on. Both EC3 and Spud had some battle scars afterwards, but the pair of them made it feel much more real, more so than even the likes of Roode and Lashley.

EC3 just pummelled Spud into the ground – violently.

Tyrus then joined in and EC3 then cut Spud’s silly hair.

It was disrespectful and degrading, but awesome. Spud needs that. If Spud is looked at as a real threat, he loses his appeal. If he can fight, but lose, he retains that quality we like so much.

In this case, people will warm to him more so, not to mention maybe even put over EC3 in a more legit light.

Good stuff!

bluelineTommy Dreamer vs. Bram – No DQ

Given the benefits to TNA by being on a Channel titled “Destination America” I do wonder about TNA’s global reach.

Magnus, Bram, “The Freak”, Spud, Bootcamp 2. British.

TNA is a proud Worldwide show which I’m sure won’t be a problem, in fact I guess it might even help, if Magnus was the Champion again, that would certainly annoy some people.

Or a lot of people, but I meant because he was an Englishman, not because he wasn’t a great Champion. We’ve had a lot of World Champs this year. AJ, Magnus, EY, Lashley and Roode. AJ was still in TNA at the start of the year, how crazy is that. So was Sting. Sad times.

Anyway, back to the match.

Despite my recent dislike of “that era” coming around “again” in TNA, I didn’t mind it as much this week.

I think Dreamer on his own is a good thing, plus he himself doesn’t seem to hold onto ECW, I love that he pushes TNA, even if the crowd aren’t as much into it.. which makes, less sense?

Bram and Dreamer put on a brutal, hard hitting match, shame Magnus got involved again, I was feeling a turn coming, either he on Bram, or Bram on Magnus. But no, just the surprise involvement of Al Snow.

Which was cool to see, Al seems in a much different place these days to where he used to be, and he’s in great shape, so that’s all good.

I still think Bram should win all of these matches.

Luckily he did defeat Dreamer after throwing him head first into the Chair wrapped in Barbed-wire then connecting a Jumping DDT for the win.

bluelineDJ Z vs. Tigre Uno vs. Manik vs. Low Ki – X-Division Championship

I am unsure of why Joe was written out with injury. Must be some kind of Contract / Money reason, rather than purely Storyline.

I don’t need to say it again of how much I love Tigre Uno? Or do I? Because he is awesome.

All of these guys are awesome and had a fantastic X-Division Match. I think it was fairly obvious where the Belt would go, which only means Low Ki and Samoa Joe are going to keep this thing going a little longer, which honestly I’d rather it wind down, than gear up again.

I think Manik taking the gold would make more sense, but of course I want more Uno, but whatever.

Low Ki hits a Top-Rope Ki-Crusher on Uno and takes the win and becomes the new X-Division Champion.

bluelineLast week I said the “Next Week on Impact Wrestling” segment at the end of the show actually got me excited! And it was because of MVP attacking Kurt, we didn’t know it was Kurt, but who else would it have been?

MVP beat down Kurt in the back earlier on in the night, but Kurt then took to the ring to Call out MVP.

MVP is livid, sick of this place and how it operates, which is good, I like this MVP. It didn’t take long till MVP and Angle were exchanging blows which was almost weird to see. This is Kurt Angle after all, but he being out of action and also dressing Smarter for some reason makes him feel less – Wrestler orientated and less ring ready.

Anderson ran out to get revenge on King and MVP for their attack on Malendez, Bobby Lashley came out to help out MVP and King – which is awesome in itself, I don’t want them to break up. And of course Roode came out to battle Lashley.

So yes, we’ve seen this time and time again, but given that this was the last show for at least a Month, it had more meaning in it.

I want things to be changed up, take MVP and Angle out of the ownership position, I don’t even want a Director as an on air character anymore. Least not like it has been for soooo manny yearrrrs!

It just felt good, and again, totally looking forward to TNA in 2015!

So for now, that is the end of The Jobber Blogger for a while I guess…. I don’t think I will be Writing up a Clip show?

I don’t know yet, see what happens.

I shall get to work on the “Best of 2014” Article and hope everyone has a good few weeks!

Till then!

Dan Wilkinson




TNR Cover 12 (w facebook address)

Monday Night Raw #1121: November 17, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer

You know what? Every year I delete the data from my WWE games off my PS3 to make space for the new one… for some reason one mind told me NOT to delete 2K14…. I’m glad I didn’t… now I’m hearing that the PS4/XB1 versions of the game ain’t all that either… like dayuuuuum! Seriously it might as well have been an upgrade like Street Fighter, where I downloaded the upgrade to Ultra Street Fighter IV and sh!t… don’t get me wrong, I like the game… but not able to put Ain’t No Grave to Undertaker’s entrance or Method Man’s ‘Kane’ to Kane’s entrance is unforgivable…not to mention NO LAYLA in the game… HEINOUS. 2K Games: GET IN THE CHAIR!!!!

Will the Authority survive? Or will the IWC be subject to Cena’s rule? Everybody, wants to rule the world… shout out to Tears For Fears…. RAW #1121! HOL’DAT -BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZNow we gotta deal with this grumpy cat… which I’m sure is WWE taking the p!$$ out of the IWC because what are they? GRUMPY! Yeah I said it! Don’t mistake me, Infamous Informer, Wolverhampton’s Last Outlaw, Grant Body – P! for one of YOUUUUUU!!!!

Oh no not the authority!! RAW opens with ANOTHER Team Authority segment???? Ok backing Team Cena! ARE YOU MAD???? After what Triple pulled last week…. LONG LIVE THE AUTHORITY!!!!

Ok Stephanie you just described Kane as sick and twisted monster… you gonna give him his mask??? You better!!!!!

Enough chat from Triple & Steph…. Ryback is out here – Feed Me More of that pu$$y Steph!


Why you bringing up old sh!t Steph? Footage of Cena running down Ryback and sh!t…. they had their beef back last year… I see what you tryna do Steph! Working brain and sh!t!!!

Ok Ryback playing that ‘Austin’ role… I’m on the side I’ve always been on, and that’s MINE!


YES!!! Patterson & Brisco start brukk up Ziggler! Rollins lick him down with the briefcase! The match nah start yet! THIS IS GREAT!

OH SNAP! It’s for the Intercontinental title and sh!t! Come on ref let’s go! Ring the bell damnit!

OH SNAP!!!! KISS MI NECKBACK! LUKE HARPER – NEW INTERCONTINENTAL….. CHAMPION!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!! I feel like dancing like Triple Teef and sh!t!

….and Seth Rollins – Curb stomp to Ziggler – BLAOW!!!!! WROOOOOOOOY!!!!! First Great Khali is let go, now Ziggler get buss arse! SHOUT OUT TO ICE CUBE!

Oh my god this grumpy cat is real! I thought it was a still picture that posted memes!

What is this? The Bunny wants a piece of Natalya??? Who gives a f**k about the Adam Rose/ Tyson Kidd match? well certainly not me! The Bunny got taste in women if you ask me!!!

Mi nah understand all this nonsense between Bray Wyatt & Dean Ambrose… f**k all that cryptic sh!t – just fight damnit! I do know this: Both of em are not all there in their headtop!

In Prisoner Cell Block, they call it Solitary. In WWE. they call it the doghouse! Talk sh!t, and you get f**ked up every week. In the case of Cesaro…. he’s about to be f**ked up by Ryback…

Will you three muthaf***az (Cole/Lawler/JayBee) stop talking about what would happen if the Authority loses at Survivor Series and call the damn match???? Two talented muthaf***az – Ryback and Cesaro and that’s all you mans can chat bout…. BLODCLART!!!

STC Survivor Series 2014

Lana, I am disappointed at you & Rusev, I thought you would have desecrated the US title by now and created a Russian title….

That is f**ked up – to advertise the Survivor Series that is FREE… while UK cats still have to pay £14.95 for that rarse!

Oh Lana just said SHUT-TUP to the fans…. my tingz stand up again!!! And Lana put the US on blast about Kim Kardashian showing her @$$ all over the internet! WTF?!!! Lana wants to show the world her topless pics??? Have we gone TV14 suddenly??? Well fear not, if Lana won’t show us… I WILL!!!


Heath Slater – WHERE ARE YOU GOING??? Send for the Accolade Rusev!!! If Swagger could beat him, Big E, Mark Henry, Big Show… what chance did you have???? You dyam arse!

Er Erick Rowan…that cat is not Renée Young….. er…. even Miz & Sandow look confused… making these Wyatt man look fool… they supposed to be scary and sh!t!

What’s Stephanie doing? She’s not about to trouble Big Show is she? Remember when she slapped him up and f**ked with him? She’s f**k!ng with him now….

WHOA!!!! Induct Big Show into the Hall of Fame 2015 if he steps down from Cena’s team? Think about it Show! Remember how Steph & Triple f**ked with you last year!!!

WTF? Suddenly Sheamus is an illegal citizen? Is this where you come in Zeb Colter? Well do your job jabroni! Oh that’s right – Rusev f**ked you up at Summerslam! YOU B!TCH!

Hang on – they fight for a championship opportunity? I thought Cena got that already! Nah I smell a rat here! Stephanie wukkin brain as usual to take down Team Cena… all this Authority dissecting sh!t they doing is only telling me that Team Cena gonna win at Survivor Series… I hope it’s not the case! But I’m not gonna tweet my displeasure at Triple! I’m not like you Internet Wrestling B!tches! All Stephanie has to do is give back Kane his mask! No need for this divide & conquer sh!t!!!

There you go! I knew full well neither was getting title shot! Rusev & Mark Henry out to finish the both of em! OH SNAP!!! Mark Henry setting up the announce table! Mark Henry with the world’s strongest slam to Sheamus – BLAOW!!! THATS WHAT I DO!!!!

I can’t lie Brie looks sexy dressed up as AJ!!!! GOD DAYUUUUM!!! Sorry Danny… and sorry Philip for that matter… I gotta send for the Cocoa Butter…GRANT THAT'S WHAT I DO


If you gonna chant CM P**K… you might as well chant Cena & Danny as well!

UH-OH!!! Was Brie meant to do that? Pin her sister like that??? Er that was cool considering she was meant to be Nikki’s assistant which was a ridiculous storyline if you ask me… and I love women! There is so much Nikki could have done… supposed to be hated but it only has guys wanting to f**k Nikki Bella even more!

Look at Brie celebrating like a fool with AJ on that Danny Bryan sh!t… AJ with a kick to the mid section of Brie… DDT into the canvas – BLAOW!!!

8 man tag team contest??? On Raw? Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Championship match at Survivor Series??? NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! It should be the other way round! Why call this sh!t Survivor Series? You might as well call it WWE…….WWE…. Fully Loaded or some sh!t like that! WWE wonders why the Smack Talk Centre ain’t organising sh!t til the Royal Rumble! But believe me when I say – that sh!t is gonna be OFF THE HOOK!!! THEY SHOOTING! AH MADE YOU LOOK!

Trust the Miz to act like a B!TCH! Tags MizDow, the crowd loves him. Then he tags himself back in instantly… I hope he gets BUSS ARSE!

So… if the Authority has f**ked up Cena’s team apart from Cena… who else gonna sign the contract for this match??? I wonder if Vincent Kennedy might come out and switch sh!t up??? Ok I’m probably asking too much…

What’s wrong with Triple Teef? he sounds worried and sh!t…. now he’s tryna convince himself – THEY…WILL…NOT…LOSE!!!

HA! HA! Triple don’t give me joke… looking for Cena’s ‘teammates’… We can’t see them!!!

Triple is killing me! He’s going to sleep through Cena’s promo!!!! He can’t do that!

HAHA! Ok that was funny… Cena says when he’s done with Rollins he will be cleaning toilets!!! HA! HA! I gotta rate Cena for trying to sway me to back his team!

Seems like it will take more than beat downs to take out Ziggler & Big Show – but here’s the twist – Eric Rowan has joined Cena’s team???? BACKSIDE!!!! So has Ryback!!! So wait there – Sheamus is out the game now…. what de rarse??!!! I should back Team Cena but I’m sorry – my hatred for Dolph Ziggler run deep – I can’t put it aside – plus two of my favourite dudes – Rusev & Mark Henry ride for the Authority… did Cena just put Triple TEEF through the announce table??? HE CAN’T DO THAT!!!!

He just did – BLAOW!!! Now I know Team Authority GOT THIS!!!!











The Jobber Blogger #134 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 12/11/14


The Jobber Blogger

Well it’s Saturday evening and I’ve got plans for Tomorrow, so we’re going to Jobber Blogger it up!

You know what I’ve been thinking, what am I going to do with my life? Sure I have a good full time job, but who knows what will happen in the future right? They might sell the company, they might need to reduce costs. My job could be rapidly reduced and I wouldn’t be in control of it. That makes you think that I should spread my wings and start looking for other opportunities. After all I’m not getting any young… currently, unless my Vanilla Tea has an awesome side effect. Least when I’m much older, I’d like to think maybe 87, 88 years old, then I can start back tracking and getting younger again.

Ah, what would life be like?

Anyway, that’s a slight tangent. This got me thinking to what it is “I” want to do with my life. The short answer, I guess would be Writing. My list of interests, passions and not to be big headed, but skills, go from Writing to Graphic Design, Film, Editing, Music, Drawing. It’s a fairly lengthy list. If I haven’t mentioned it before then I did actually try and make my own feature film, I went at it like no bodies business, but I got caught on certain setbacks and in the end it didn’t really amount to anything. Either way, Writing is at the core of it all. My quickest answer is Comic-books and Movies. That’s what I want to write, I love it. Now I do write in my spare time and I used to Write A LOT in my spare time, but spare time it much less …. spare.

Though my Blog IS my writing. I do this every week without fail, and I’m proud of it. But where has it got me? Sure it’s helped, sure it got me my current job, and continued work will no doubt pay off..right?

But is my Blog getting in the way of me Writing Scripts? Quite possible.

Either way, this intro is perhaps one of more “traditional bloggy” intro’s I’ve even written in The Jobber Blogger, so if you’ve read this, give me a shout out, leave a comment, that would be neat!

I guess what I was getting at, is that I do love the routine the Jobber Blogger has given me, and I am proud that I keep this up as I do, whether many people read it, though I know some do. Thank you to those who are loyal! Means a lot, I’d like to know who you are though!

Aside from Linda and Jon.

And we’re back!

Stopped for something to eat and then got watching Game Scoop…. and Video Reviews of Video Games! Ahh!



I shall keep this short and sweet!

Boot Camp episode 4 was awesome! I loved it. Sure the matches were cut short due to time constraints and some of them felt rather heavily edited.

But the matches we saw unravel the best, were the best.

Trying to look back on it now, but a number of the matches were much better than the matches those had who got through.

For example, the opening match between Noam and El I don’t remember his name, was fantastic. I think in the end it comes down to this.

What does TNA need?

Which is a nice surprise. Given that the higher ups tend to shove as much talent into a Division that is already crammed full.

The high flyers were good for the X-Division, but are they needed? The mid carders were good, but nothing “special”.

I think they chose the best talent of the lot, despite Sha Samuels who didn’t make the cut, as I thought his intensity was on a much better level. I bought into him.

Grado is the sticking point. Because what we saw of his match, was nothing.

He did 3 clotheslines and won.


The rest of the match he just put over Sha. Which is fine, part of Wrestling.

His skill is getting people behind him, but will that sell in America? How long will it last, and without the licence of Madonna’s music, who is going to sing?

For me, my favourite from the get go is still there, and only stronger now.

And that’s Kay Lee Ray.

She’s different, she’s excited, she’s passionate, and she’s a she!

TNA is packed full of guys, aside from lacking “Tag-Teams” the Knockouts Division would look lovely with some more talent that actually compete in it.

She’s perfect for that, so that’s where I stand!

Impact Wrestling Logoblueline


Impact kicked off with James Storm and actually answered my question of “how would that work?” and did it well.

I am please that Storm is giving this Character his all, but it’s just… eh.

Shame we had to put up with Eddie and Davey fumbling around the Mic in this “story”. I know it was supposed to grab the audience, but really it little sense to have Davey even “consider” Storm’s words.



The Wolves vs. James Storm and Abyss – World Tag-Team Championships

Thankfully I seem to Love Violence. Least of the entertainment sort.

Storm used his Bull-Rope to tie Davey’s foot to the Ropes and repeatedly smashed a Chair and then a Briefcase onto Davey’s leg. Awesome.

Now I actually completely forgot that Storm still had the Feast of Fired Briefcase for a Shot at the World Tag-Team Championships.

So well done TNA, I wasn’t expecting that.

I knew Abyss and Storm won the belts, so I assumed Abyss would join Storm’s “revolution” but I couldn’t piece together how it was going to happen.

Now the Title Change apparently was due to The Wolves’ contracts being up soon, and without a New TV Deal in place, the Tag Belts were put on guys sticking around.

Funny that TNA, the TNA guys who have been with your company for the longest time are those who are still here, so you’re giving them the Belts, because they are loyal. Shame you only do it now, and not when it mattered…

I look at this in two ways, I’m excited to see if Abyss will have a “Change” like Sanada and Manik, I want Abyss to go crazy again, and it’s just not happened, at all since… years.

I’m sure that makes sense somewhere.

On the other side, are you as sick as I am that Abyss is always teaming up with somebody to be a Side-Kick for a while, before he finally breaks free and lets the Monster loose, then disappears to then re-appear as someone else’s sidekick.

Why doesn’t Abyss start a faction? That’d be different.


Madison vs. Taryn Terrell

To say they’ve been feuding a little back and forth, they built it to this match, and it was a clean win for the Face.

Which means is that the end of it?

Come to think of it, I’m sick of that too. The Face always chases the Heel, till the Face wins then it’s over. Why doesn’t the Heel win?

The only time I can think of that happening is WrestleMania 19 when Rock finally defeats Stone Cold at WrestleMania.

And that was great, from what I remember.

Madison vs. Taryn though, was very good.

They’re both good Wrestlers, though I’m more of a Madison guy.

Taryn picked up the win with a Cutter. Least it was slightly better by elevating Madison off the ropes beforehand.


Kenny King took to the Ring to explain MVP was having a Photo Shoot. And should you be interested in those pictures, then I have an exclusive!


King then went on about Lashley, MVP and himself being a strong unit. Which I hope they remain to be.

Chris Malendez and Mr. Anderson come out to answer King’s Challenge of a one-on-one match between King and Malendez.

In this situation though King and Anderson stand out stronger. I like Anderson’s position, and I love King’s sucker-punch to Anderson.

Sorry Malendez.


Jesse, DJZ, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky vs. Knux, Crazy Steve and Rebel – Tag-Team – Handicap – Elimination

You might be asking yourself, what was the point in this match?

It’s a good question.

They started feuding months ago, it grew because of Robbie E’s fear of clowns, which led to him leaving for a while, to coming back, to leaving for more.

And it’s still ongoing. Not even an end in sight.

All this match did was put over Crazy Steve. Which is great, but shame for them not to put him over until it was obvious he was a fan-favourite.

Jesse is probably the most forgetful guy on the roster for me. I honestly forget he’s around.

I love Robbie E, and I think he and Jesse work brilliantly together as The Bromans, sucks they aren’t in the Tag-Title picture to be fair.

But one thing you rarely see, is why Jesse is on the Roster. In this match, against Crazy Steve, he showed some great potential.

It’s a side of him we barely see, so perhaps that should be focussed on, I’m up for having Jesse one on one with Crazy Steve. blueline

Storm Slapped Manik for introducing him to big Indian guy!



Tyrus (w/EC3) vs. Eric Young (w/Spud)

I’ve suddenly lost interest in Writing this.

Spud is certainly stepping up, and so far people are responding to it. To be fair I am actually looking forward to Spud vs. EC3, whenever it happens.

The idea of having Tyrus in TNA long time doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Clearly, I don’t know anything.

But with him losing, one would imagine EC3 would turn on him fairly quick, EC3 probably win, Tyrus fired. Something along those lines… “insert Gene Snitsky line here”.

The good news is that Lashley beat the crap out of EY, finally.

Austin Aries ran to the rescue and Challenged Lashley to a match in the Main Event.


For some reason Samoa Joe was “injured” last week and has relinquished the X-Division Championship.

No, this makes no sense.

I don’t know what the point of this is, I’m guessing the belt is going with Low Ki. But hey, Tigre Uno gets the job of being a filler.

I’m still hoping he goes into Storm’s revolution.

Or as I said last week, goes to compete for Lucha Underground, which is the best solution.

Also whilst on the topic I haven’t seen this week’s episode yet… and yes, it’s bugging me!

lucha-underground-tna blueline

Samuel Shaw (w/ Brittany) vs. Gunner – No DQ

So this a weird one.

Gunner and Shaw, I don’t really care. I didn’t dislike watching it unfold by any means, but I don’t really care.

Between the two of them, Shaw is far more interesting to watch. I think Gunner is full of potential, but he’s not going anywhere. He’s the same as he was. So he’s good.. but he’s not really, must see.

I do think he’s capable of it, I just think he needs a good Gimmick, a good Character to get behind. I’d like Gunner to be committed, Gunner vs. Shaw in a Committed match like Shaw had with Anderson, only Shaw won.

Gunner forced to stay in a padded cell, send him insane, bring back some “war memories”. That would be a cool character. Just saying.

My original point was that Gunner and Shaw on the surface as a storyline, not that compelling. But boy did they have a great match. And Gunner brought it.

Almost straight from the Superplex onto the Chairs, with Brittany screaming for Shaw, Gunner just pulled him out and Power-Bombed him onto the stairs. Was awesome.

I expected Shaw to take a win honestly, but it was Gunner who defeated Shaw.

I actually hope this isn’t the end of their feud, and I really like my story idea for Gunner… do that.


Lashley vs. Austin Aries

So Lashley was pissed off because MVP was at a photo shoot, and Roode had the night off for promotional reasons.

Either that or this happened…

mvproodetnaMaybe that’s why Lashley is so annoyed?


I love that Lashley is finally the Destroyer he should have been originally when he had the World Championship.

Aries is the best guy to go through, because he’s going to stick up for guys, but he’s also the best Wrestler on the Roster, if Lashley dominates him, then who else can stop him?

I love that this “match” just turned into Lashley beating down on Aries.

Spear on the outside to a Count Out, then a Powerslam on the Ramp and a Cross-face to send a message.

Solid main event.

Can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to Lashley just beating people up. That’s if he actually continues to do it, rather than it being a One Off. blueline

I’ve never been more excited for the next episode of Impact like I was when this ended. The “Next Week on Impact Wrestling” segment actually made me think Taped Television is worth the effort.

The Lashley and Roode confrontation looks good, but as you’d expect.

I love the clip of MVP beating up someone backstage with King asking him “why?”.

Now I’m fairly sure who it is, but I love it when things get shaken up!

Till next time!

Dan Wilkinson





A little shout out goes to The Steel Chair.

Thank you for letting me Write for you and for allowing me the platform to put up my Ramblings to more eyes!

It was greatly appreciated!

I shall continue to give you my input and work!

TNR Cover 12 (w facebook address)

Monday Night Raw #1120: November 10, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer

First things first I, Poppa, freaks all the honeyz… er hang on wrong intro….

First things first man you f**k!n with the worst, I’ll…. er oh dear that’s not it either…

First things first, I, the Infamous Informer, Wolverhampton’s Last Outlaw, Grant Body – P! wants to give a shout out to STC members Billal Ilyaz and Charles King – they represented tonight in Liverpool England for RAW live… from what they’re saying without revealing spoilers, Raw was a good show.. well I’LL BE THE JUDGE OF THAT!!!!

No WWE Network so was it Judgment Day for the WWE in the UK? RAW #1120… HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZShout out to my newest hero Rusev – NEW WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION U.S. CHAMPION!!!! I wonder if he’s thrown the belt in the bin yet?

OH SH!T!!! The UK have a song for Cena! JOHN CENA SUCCCCKS! JOHN CENA SUCCCCKS! Haha I’m not a Cena hater but that is brilliant!

Cena’s got another new muthaf***in shirt… there’s one for your WWE2K15 customisation…

For real? Zack Ryder was gonna join Team Cena? He’s out for 6 months? BEST NEWS I’VE HEARD SO FAR!


UK chanting for Ziggler…. damnit Authority f**k him up so he can be outta here for 6 months!

OH HELL NAW!!!! Cena calls out Ryback to talk Survivor Series plans… guess who has to come out…. TRIPLE TEEEEEF!

Stephanie looks sexy as usual but look who’s riding with the team! Mark Henry! They got Seth, Kane – er I mean Glenn, now Mark??? Cena got who? Ziggler? Swagger? Straight away I know who I’m backing! (I know Triple you gotta laugh! Cena’s team is WACK!!!!)

Hang on Stephanie you can’t use God Save The Queen for her new entrance??? And as for you Triple, did you call yourself GOD???? OH NO YOU DIDN’T!!!! BLASPHEMY!!!

For real? Mark Henry Vs Ziggler????? WICKED!!! I got my Mark Henry shirt on!!!!

Look at Stephanie bigging up Ryback??? Do you want his d!ck too???GRANT BENT ON DESTRUCTION


Jesus have mercy – did Cena just call Triple a WANKER???? He can’t do that???!!!

So what’s it gonna be Ryback? Authority or Cena? He ain’t afraid of no Authoritaah, but Cena pays for Nikki’s t!++!£$ – Ryback with a spinebuster to Cena – BLAOW!!!!

First match – Seth Rollins Vs Wack Swagger… curb stomp his b!tch @$$ Rollins!!!

While that’s happening – big up the Liverpool crowd – not only did they chant ‘Where’s Our Network?’ they also had a sign crossing out the $9.99 and in its place – £6.31!!! SUPERB!!!! Stephen Cooper they might not be as smart as you but you gotta give them credit for their sh!t!!!

I’m glad Rollins got to the ropes when Swagger got the Patriot Lock… Rollins can’t do the curb stomp and sh!t!

YES!!! Rollins Curb Stomped that muthaf***a through the canvas – BLAOW!!! THAT’S WHAT’S UP! Now if Mark Henry can take out Ziggler as well… that will make me a happy man!!!!

Yeah Seth – do it again! Curb stomp – BLAOW!!!

NO!!!! The announcers advertised the Network on UK shores! WWE just Curb Stomped us!!!! Unless you’re as clever as  Stephen Cooper or my ninja Shadfather who got the sh!t unofficially at £6.31!!!

GOD DAYUUUM ALICIA!!! Come here girl!!! Makes me think of that tune… Alicia needs some Gangsta Lovin’!

Naturally the UK are backing Paige… yes that no curves no batty no t!++y pale looking like she dead last week sketal!!! (You wouldn’t say no Grant…) Er… YES I WOULD!


YOU WHAT STEPHANIE? No politics in WWE??? So why does Glenn dress like he’s running for governor? Why did your moms run for senate twice, lose, thus making the product PG???? Stephanie you’re sexy as hell but even you’re not exempt….

Here’s my dude RUSEV!!!! The DON-DADA!!!! I’m surprised he hasn’t threw the US Title in the bin! It is a ceremony, so maybe he will do something heinous to that title??!!!

UK crowd chanting ‘Who Are Ya???’ SHUT-TUP!!!!

I’m sorry – That Russian anthem is powerful!!!! A lot better than that God Save the Queen sh!t!!!! But not as powerful as Jamaica Land We Love!


Oh we got a rematch for the US Title? Ok cool! Sheamus you are a don but I dunno fella!!!! Rusev is very powerful! Can he be overcome?

For the record, I’ve played as Rusev on WWE2K15… Rusev is the f**k!n man – OK?!!!!!

HOLY SH!T!!!! Rusev with a fall away slam to Sheamus on the announce table! That’s f**ked up!!!! Every week Rusev comes with a new skill! What did I say? RUSEV IS THE F**K!N MAN – OK!!!!

What is that Rusev is trying? a Guillotine choke? RUSEV – YOU ARE THE F**K!N MAN – OK!!!!!

Oh – TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF!!! Why the f**k did The Authority’s stooges f**k with Sheamus??? Rusev wins by count out – I get it – that Stephanie sent Patterson & Brisco to bait it up! (Grant they are Mercury and Noble – ) I know who the f**k they are – SHUDDUP!!

Shout out to STC’s Anthony Cardenas – who actually reminded me that Sheamus shut down Noble’s career! Have they got it pon di YouTube???

OH SNAP!!!! Bad Bwoy Rusev has joined Team Authority! That’s it – Cena team DEAD NOW!!!!

Ok we got some Los Jobberdore nonsense… I’m off to watch some babestation… this week… Charmaine Sinclair… one of my ex’s was built like her… I admit, I was intimidated… but I knocked out that pu$$@y! BANG! BANG! BANG!!!!

Charmaine Sinclair


MizDow is the f**k!n man! OK!!!! It takes a lot of energy to mimic the sh!t That idiot Miz be doing!

Cena’s ‘team is F**KED! Swagger is out the game… Ziggler & Cena  are thinking F********K!!! In comes Triple Teef… dancing and sh!t!!!!! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! I am backing the Authority 100%… if Triple & Stephanie keeps doing funny sh!t like that… why end it?

NOW THIS IS THE SH!T!!!! Now every time Ziggler comes out, those funny looking eyes comes on the screen and sh!t??? HA! HA! I LOVE THIS! Somebody else come to f**k up Ziggler! This gets better and better! But enough of that – here’s my GRANT THAT'S WHAT I DOdude Mark Henry! F**k David Vs Goliath – this ain’t no bible story, this is WWE muthaf***a!

Yes Mark! Throw the chair at Ziggler! F**K this match! F**K HIM UP! Oh sh!t – The Big Show???? DAMNIT! He’s joining Team Cena??? Well he got the Sean Price punch… that stands for something I suppose… I bet Danny Bryan & Roman Reigns… even Randall feels sick now… that would be the team right there!

So let me get this right so I can understand this: A new day is coming? So this is how Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are repackaged? as leaders of the sister act church choir? Ok where Big E at??? Mr Kick In The Door himself?

Now we got Sheamus joining Team Cena… Oh not bad!!!! Cena needs one more… hmmm… the only way you can get me to back your team Cena is if you call HIM…. or HIM…. but I cannot see that happening!

Nikki I am disappointed in you! You not using this slave thing to your advantage! Brie doesn’t seem unhappy in all honesty!

Why did Eric Rowan appear during Adam Rose’s match? ‘She’s not here…’ who you looking for Eric??? Oh I know…. (No not Sister Abigail you fools…) Renée Young!!!! I’m telling you he wants to put it in!!!!

Seems like the Authority are uneasy about Ryback… why have I got this feeling that is a TRICK Ryback playing Trick pon the Authority???

Ok – now I’ve seen everything! Dean Ambrose is afraid of Bray Wyatt! What I just saw was f**ked up! Wyatt knows about Ambrose’s past and sh!t!!!

Main event time! UK SING OUT!!! JOHN CENA SUCCCCKS! JOHN CENA SUCCCCKS! Best fan made theme tune since Kurt Angle’s ‘YOU SUCK’ if you ask me!!!!

That’s so f**ked up! Triple bans Cena from Ziggler from ringside in his match with Mark Henry but here in the main event the whole Authority comes out to support Ryback???? TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF!!!!

Where’s Ziggler at? Sheamus? Big Show????? Come and support!

I’m surprised when Ryback threw Cena out the ring, the Authority including Triple Teef – didn’t stamp out Cena! He would have sure as hell done it in Attitude/Ruthless era!

Is it me or has Ryback improved his fighting style?!!!! Please forgive me for losing faith in you the first time Ryback… when everyone turned their back to support their loser CM P**k, I was still with you… but then you kept losing and losing and losing and losing and losing and losing and losing and losing and losing and losing and losing and losing and losing…

Why the f**k did Glenn come in the ring and teef? Now look w’happen… him and Ryback ketch up! Yeah – they all coming in the ring to stomp out Cena… but Cena’s massive and crew are coming through! About blodclart time!

Oh dear that didn’t last very long – World’s Strongest Slam to Big Show – BLAOW!!! Ha! Where’s Ziggler? I thought he was down with the team???

Hold on – SWITCH! Ryback – he calls himself the Big Guy – I call him the One Man Army Ason! Never been tooken out! He just single-handedly mashed up the Authority’s team! Oh dear Triple & Steph an’t be happy with that sh!t! Or are they? Oh that’s where your favourite battyboy was… getting beat down by Luke Harper! Turns round to the Authority like – Yo I’m down with the team!

OH SNAP!!!! I think the battle lines are drawn now!

Team Authority – Seth – Glenn – Mark – Rusev – Luke Harper


Team Cena – Cena – Ziggler – Sheamus – Big Show… and Ryback???

Early prediction – I’m calling it now – Survivor Series, but it looks like Authority got this in the bag… but the voices in his head will chat to him, he will appear and out of nowhere – RKO – BLAOW!!!!! Team Cena wins…Remember I told ya…








BDSIR Network

The Jobber Blogger – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 5/11/14

jobber blogger bonfireYup, that’s about as exciting as it gets.

I went to a Bonfire. It was a little one behind a local Pub, I watched it from a Distance…. was nice. Then went home.

Number One Hundred and Thirty Three! Good old #133 – reminds me of nothing.

You know, I’m struggling with TNA these days. It seems of late, though their program is usually fairly solid, and despite the odd expectation, it’s just a little… boring.

I’m not bored watching it, but my enthusiasm for the product is drifting. But then, as I constantly moan about, I’m sure that’s down to the fact it’s Taped. It doesn’t feel right, least not what we’re used to.

Which is an interesting and also non relevant thing, given what I will talk about in a minute.

I suppose when I pull it apart, TNA is pretty good. Bobby Roode is champ, The Hardyz are competing, the Tag-Team Tournament was awesome. I like the direction of the Knockouts currently, though a little more than just Havok would be nice, granted Madison and Taryn are feuding, but it’s taken a huge back seat to Havok.

Whilst on the topic of the Knockouts, I miss Brooke – Tessmacher that is, not Hogan.

She did an interview recently about being more involved with TNA again next year. Hopefully The Amazing Race will bring Brooke and Robbie E over as an on-air couple when it’s all finished.

I’ve never watched it, I don’t even know what it is…. I’m guessing their Racing? And that it probably isn’t as Amazing as the name implies.

Anyway, lets break down TNA Impact when I get to Impact.

redlinebootcampLet’s talk about British Bootcamp.

I mentioned Episode 1 two weeks back, but then I hadn’t got round to watching Episode 2 in time for last week’s Jobber Blogger. So now I’m up to date with all 3 episodes watched by my eyes.

Currently, Boot Camp is more exciting to me than Impact.

Should that be possible?

Episode 2 was alright, the high light was obviously that Andrews chap whose name I’ve gotten… aside from the Andrews part.

Episode 3 however brought it up a notch, everyone was good. I’m glad they are all going through to this week’s (tonight’s) show.

The idea of all of them competing on a Card, that’s awesome! So yeah, I’m pumped. I don’t know who I’m rooting for. I guess Grado has the advantage as obviously all that mess was a work.

I say obviously… it seems obvious to me, but then I could be wrong. Probably not though.

It’s this weird “Reality” meets “Wrestling” that never quite feels right.

TNA try their hand at it all the time, but it leaves far too many problems and plot holes… like the stars watching the product.

Which brings me to the thing I’m most excited to talk about!


Oh yes!

I am Biased! Granted, anything Rodriguez has his name on, I’m excited for.

I don’t know how much input he has on Lucha Underground, but it sings with his influence, or least the influence of the Mexican culture.

I’ve been looking forward to watching this for ages, it’s debut last week in America actually took me by surprise, I didn’t think it was so close to coming out.

But it’s hitting a lot of the Wrestling News and it’s viewership in just one week jumped 163%.

Ladies and Gentleman – It’s Good!

Now I don’t if we’re all excited because it’s something new?

Because not only is it something “new” but it’s something totally different for a Wrestling show. It’s got a good budget, it looks and feels like parts of my WCW memories.

It’s got new faces, and it’s got a whole Wrestling Legacy and Culture that rarely gets showcased to the level it’s capable of. That being Lucha Libre.

What is vastly different, is it’s a Television show, and it knows it.

Every single segment is beautifully shot, not always beautifully acted, it still has Wrestlers in it. But it’s Cinematic. It’s exciting.

It’s Storyline driven and already feels like it’s got an “arc” in place.

Also it made me like Chavo Guerrero! I’ve never liked Chavo Guerrero!

It’s got balls, it’s got direction, it’s got vision.

And above all else, it’s got Wrestling.

Matt Striker stole a good TNA quote “I dare you to tune into any other Wrestling promotion and find action like this”.

Hey TNA, now you need to compete with Lucha Underground, because Mundo and Puma, that’s the level the bar is now set at. And you are a long, long way from reaching it.

Something anyone who reads my ramblings will be familiar with is my love for Tigre Uno!

tigre uno fn

He is fantastic, and impresses me every single time I see him compete, which bugs me because TNA have done nothing to help him out.

Every time he has a match, or isn’t used, I moan about TNA using him better.

Hey, there is now a solution, which from now on, I shall use.

Release Tigre Uno.

Let him go to Lucha Underground and perform on that level, because he can, and that would be amazing.

Without turning this into a new blog about Lucha Underground, I will end it by saying I hope they keep fresh faces, I don’t want a lot of well known stars turning up. There are of course some exceptions. First and foremost – AJ Styles.

Global Force Wrestling is heating up too, and I’m excited to watch that. But right now, Lucha is doing something Wrestling shows have never been able to do.

And it’s Freakin Working!


Impact Wrestling LogoTNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 5/11/14

That might be the longest Intro to The Jobber Blogger in #133 issues.

It is tradition to start the show with a new Heavyweight Champion. Unless you’re the WWE and your Heavyweight Champions only compete 8 times a year.

But I digress.

Kurt Angle introduced Bobby Roode.

We’ve not had Roode as World Champion with his “Off the Chain” entrance theme, it matches.

Roode has always looked good with the World Title, and no that’s not taking it lightly, I think the TNA World Championship is a pretty bad design. I don’t hate it, I think it’s a little over the top and garish though. Not to mention it’s Too Big for most guys who have held it. It’s far too long in length and leaves the silly floppy strap at the back.

Yeah I’m picky. So what.

Roode now being World Champ actually feels like it matters. It’s not like Lashley has had a bad run at all, but Roode just seems to carry himself better. Or TNA least want to invest more time into him.

Saying that, AJ Styles taking the belt from Bully Ray and leaving TNA with it, that was far better. Well, only if you look past the fact that he never came back that is.

Tenay and Taz went on and on about how Lashley deserves a Re-match. Being such a dominant Champion. Which is laying the ground for a Face turn surely.

Because in my eyes, as a fan. Does Lashley deserve a Re-match? Me personally, I’d say yes, but that’s because I like him. Given that he was throwing out Low-Blows and Belt Shots last week, and that he’s won multiple times from the help from MVP and King. No, probably not.

What TNA is doing with Havok, is how Lashley should have been World Champ. It just didn’t quite work out that way.

MVP got on Roode’s case and offered up a Challenge of Roode vs. MVP for the World Championship. To which Angle said, and I quote “Roode, would you mind putting the Belt on the line?”

I get it, he’s words are not meant to be taken literal, but a few weeks back Angle himself told Lashley “it is your job do defend the belt whenever and wherever”. So in my eyes, “would you mind” doesn’t come into it.

Do I analyse this too much?


Samoa Joe and Low Ki vs. The Hardyz – Tag-Team Tournament – Finals

As much as I like Low Ki’s abilities, his presence, his entrance and how he carries himself. I hate, Hate, his promos.

He sounds ridiculous.

I said this before, but when he is next to Joe, it’s the dumbest thing you can possibly hear. Joe is fluent in the Promo language. He gets it, he’s wordy, intimidating, electric, dark, whatever he needs to be. Low Ki sounds like a $50 budget Mortal Kombat voice actor.

The intro package to this match which bounced back from Joe’s speeches to Low Ki’s, was hilariously dreadful.

Aside from that opening rant, I only wrote down that I love Matt’s Side-Effect move.

I’ve loved it since he brought it into his arsenal, it’s an awesome manoeuvre.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Tag-Team Wrestling, so this has been an awesome and surprising tournament.

Surprising because I actually didn’t think The Hardyz would win.

For me, they should win, because of who they are, what they’ve accomplished and how good they are as a team, especially given the experience factor along between them and their opponents.

But given that they’ve fought the Wolves before, then took part in the Tag-Team series and lost on all occasions, I just didn’t think they’d be getting through to Round three.

But here we are, so I am looking forward to it. I just feel with Storm’s involvement with Richards, it’s probably going to be a more sucky kind of story match.

Who knows.


Samuel Shaw and Brittany took to the ring… to do… something.

I’ve never liked Shaw’s attempt of a beard, being so thin and fuzzy, it just looked… horrible. But eliminating it to have a creepy porn star moustache. Yup, that’s worse.

And it didn’t stop there, Brittany was swinging on it, pulling it around, then pulling his mouth around and licking it. I didn’t need to see that.

Gunner obviously got involved, and resorted straight to bad mouthing Shaw and digging up the old “Creepy Bastard” chant.

Funny how Gunner went from being all noble, to verbally attacking him over someone else’ influence. You’d think given Gunner’s background in the Military and experience dealing with problematic individuals, who’d do less to attack them, and more to help them.

But then, it is Wrestling.

I don’t really care where this goes. Shaw is better the crazier he is, and Brittany just helps that. Gunner will just drift on to remain Gunner. The only reason I’d be more interested in this development is if Anderson gets involved again.


TNA’s got a Brand New Star.

See you later Chris Malendez and say Hello to Mahogany Simba!

tna simba

It’s true, I have no idea what his name is, so I just wrote down what sound as similar and also made me laugh a little.

I’m a professional don’t you know.

So far I’m not all that impressed. He’s a big Indian guy with Boobs, let’s see what happens when he gets in the ring.

tna-simba2Much Better

Suicide was a cool character, good look, nice colours, awesome mask, great entrance music. Then he became Manik, most of that carried over.

Now he’s heel – super shinny blue Manik, whose new mask lets him talk… and he walks up to people like Simba and say “Sup, my Dude”.


Does he look like a guy who says “Sup, My Dude?”

Well that Characters gone down the drain. What’s intimidating about that.


Bram and Magnus vs. Devon and Tommy Dreamer – Hardcore Rules

You know what, I’m not even going to bother really spending much time on this match.

I’m not a fan.

One thing I did like, was the ending, only because it actually surprised me. In terms of how it came to a close.

Bram went through a Table, which happened quicker than I thought, also I was fairly sure he was the only one who wouldn’t end up going through a Table.

Then the best bit being Magnus thrown into the corner which had a Bin wedged into the Ropes, he Leap Frogged back only to get a Low-Blow then shoved face first into the bin. I didn’t expect it, was good.

Dreamer hit a DDT right after and took the Win.

I think Bram will probably continue from this, hopefully, after he defeating Abyss so many times, losing to the likes of Dreamer and Devon seems unlikely.

Even though they might be the legends, Abyss’ onslaught is far deadlier.

So I would take a guess that “Magnus” will be the weak link in Bram’s defeat.


Spud had a little segment, I’m not sold on Spud’s face turn yet. I don’t think he’s reach much potential as a Face. What made him so great was being a heel. I always find the kind of character Spud was, is completely gone when he’s a face. Now he’s willing to fight, and Wrestling, and doing honourable things. It was funnier when he didn’t. Now he’s just like everyone else? Only less impressive?

Don’t get me wrong though, I do like Spud.

His Speech was good. So good that it brought out EC3 and Tyrus. Now, I’m fairly sure Spud won’t be the one to defeat EC3, but he might. I would hate that too.

Either way, Tyrus back when he was Brodus mentioned that the “Funkasaurus” gimmick wasn’t quite what he had in mind. I liked it, personally. But he didn’t want to do that. So here in TNA, I’m guessing he’s currently being more like who he wants to be…

tna-ec3-tyrusShould someone tell him that’s a Woman’s top?… He’s got the necklace and everything.

EC3 slapped JB, EY got involved. blah blah blah sums it up nicely.


Gail Kim vs. Havok – Knockouts Championship

I seem to be picking on Commentary and the rules between Good Guys and Bad Guys too much, but it’s never bugged me to this level before.

Gail came out fighting, but Havok took control. They fought up the Ramp where Gail kicked Havok closer and closer to the edge of the Stage, she then ran attempted to Kick her off the stage, Havok grabbed Gail’s foot then threw Gail off the stage instead. To which Tenay says “she threw her off the stage …. what a monster!”

Despite the fact Gail tried her best to Kick Havok off the stage mere seconds prior… but that’s fine. Because she’s a “Good Guy” and Havok beats her up.


Winds me up!

wind up complain

Everyone rushes to Gail’s aid, but yet she continues! Usual crap.

What wasn’t usual was Havok throwing Gail from her shoulders face first onto the Steps. That looked painful… and awesome.

I was expecting Gail to pull off an upset, which I would have hated. But Havok kept toying with her, to which I fully expected Gail to take advantage of. Same old, same old.

Thankfully Havok caught Gail finally and dropped her with a Chokeslam for the win.

Good match. While I don’t really buy into Gail’s “injury” stuff, so therefore I wasn’t exactly rooting for her, but it was a good match. I just wanted Havok to win. I found Gail wasn’t constantly selling the abuse she took, which did stand out a little to me. But who cares.


MVP vs. Bobby Roode – World Heavyweight Championship

You know how I started this with “Roode looks good with the Belt”. Where it doesn’t look good with his horrible crappy plastic pimp coat.

It looked good with his Robe. Why ditch the Robe?

Robe or nothing. Wear a T-shirt to the ring, that looks good too.

I have no idea why he thinks this coat is a good thing, it looks horrible.

Lashley and MVP had a little chat backstage, obviously Lashley is supposed to be annoyed that he’s not got a Re-match and MVP positioned himself into a match instead.

I’d rather it look like that yet Lashley came out and beat up Roode with MVP and it was all a plan to wear him down.

But no, MVP and Roode had a decent match which Roode won with a Roode Bomb. A straight forward, clean match.

I also still hate the name “Roode Bomb”.

Lashley then turned up and Speared Roode and left without helping MVP up. So yeah, I’m guessing their days are up.


Although not a bad show – it’s a run of a mill type of show.

Still no word yet on a new TV Deal for TNA, and I hope things do get a little more interesting soon.

Either way, Boot Camp is entertaining and Lucha Underground has my attention.

Till then.

Dan Wilkinson





TNR Cover 12 (w facebook address)

Monday Night Raw #1119: November 3, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer


So Vincent Kennedy gets me all hyped up because WWE Network is not only coming to the UK, but the first month is free and I get all the content including the Survivor Series… 8pm Monday he said, I could sign up… did the YES chant like his name was Danny Bryan… all day I was like ‘Come on…. Come on!!!!’ Like my name was Cartman… then at approximately 7.48pm, a tweet from WWE Network says – the UK sh!t is delayed until further notice… Fans are furious, and whoever is responsible for the failure of this task has gotta be fired for their incompetence surely…

Not to worry, I got my ginger nut biscuits. My fruit twist fanta. What else I got? My Jamaican Ginger Cake, I got some apple pies back there. WWE2K15 on PS3 LOCK OFF, Sophia Lares on babestation on standby just in case and I’m waiting for the new Wu-Tang joint to drop on Hot 97. LIFE IS GOOD! RAW #1119! HOL’DAT – BLAOW!

WWF PROPA TINGZYo… if they unleash the new Wu-Tang joint while RAW is on, then forgive my negligence for RAW this week. WWE deserve it anyway, for gassing me up for the blasted Network and then pulling the plug-in the 9th inning…

Word on the street is Sheamus defends his WWE US Title against Rusev exclusively on the network after Raw… yeah rub it in muthaf***az….

HOLY SH!T!!!! Suddenly I’m not angry with the Network! VINCENT KENNEDY HIMSELF IS HERE!!!!

“Have you missed me???” HELL YEAH I’ve missed you Vincent Kennedy! Oh sh!t – he’s talking about what the UK have been steel chaired in the head on…

HOLY SH!T!!! Say what??? If the Authority loses the Survivor Series match…. The Authority is SHUT DOWN???!!! When Vincent Kennedy comes out, you know sh!t is about to go down!

See we all marking out about that sh!t, but we don’t know what happens if Cena’s team loses….

Damn I missed that Trick or Street Fight match between Ambrose & Cesaro on Smackdown.. word on the street is Cesaro is gonna get brukk up every week because he was talking sh!t about Cena in an interview…. you know only the IWC can talk sh!t about Cena!!! No more King of Swing… none of that sh!t!

Look who’s appeared to watch this match-up? Bray Wyatt! Where’s your popcorn homie?!!!!

As soon as Ambrose beat Cesaro, Bray Wyatt garne about his business!

Right we just learned that Seth Rollins is the ‘leader’ of Team Authority… damnit I was hoping for Triple Teef himself to dust off the hammer!!!!

Triple sounds like he can count on Randall… Stephanie already knows how Randall has voices in his head top and they chat to him???? You don’t trust snakes…. especially a Viper??!!!!

So hang on, when did the Bella Twins pass the baton on to the USOs to do the twin magic super move???

It should say at the bottom – WWE Network is free all month for new subscribers…. except you muthaf***az in the UK!


Oh dear as much as the crowd loves the USOs, they don’t like when they kicked down Mizdow! That is how OVER MizDow is with the fans!

So dayuuum! Sheamus has to do double time! He’s competing in a match…. then after that he’s out again to defend the title! Can you imagine if Rusev wins on WWE Network that everyone around the world can watch for FREE except the UK???

Considering what happened on Total Divas…. I’m surprised that Nattie is still supporting her husband Tyson Kidd in this match against Sheamus…. I wonder what it took to bring them back together…

AWWWW – TEEEEEEEEEEEEEF!!!!!! Tyson & Sheamus, fighting on the outside, then Tyson puts Nattie in harm’s way and uses her as a shield, thus Sheamus losing by count out! He deserves to get kick down by Sheamus – BLAOW! Will Sheamus do that to Rusev? well I can’t tell you… because I’ll be in my bed bussin ZZZzzzzzzzz’s by then!

Bloody Hell Dolph Ziggler is actually wearing decent attire…. his entrance music is still pu$$yfied though…

Ok this is how it goes down: Glenn would be joining Seth in the team… along with Randall???? I dunno man!!! We all forsee Randall f**k!n it up for the Authority don’t we?

Oh I see what’s going on here! Triple Teef is working brain with Ziggler! He’s exposing the fact that Ziggler is far from God but he works God Damn Hard! Could Triple turn Ziggler evil here?

Oh snap!!! Ziggler just refered to the stooges as ‘jabronies’!!!!! Can he do that? I bet The Rock is laughing right now!

OH SH!T! Triple deserves an award for this! He just threw darts at the IWC if Ziggler gets f**ked up!!!! He called you all 12 year olds who tweet your displeasure! HA! HA! HA! Now look what you done Ziggler! You gotta fight Seth Rollins for your IC title…. I’m backing Rollins here… I hope he curb stomps your b!tch @$$ out!

Jerry Lawler – Don’t sing ‘Oh Happy Day’ too early just in case the Authority wins at Survivor Series! That’s like a contestant on Deal Or No Deal discovering a few blues before discovering the £250,000!

So yeah, who would take over if Team Authority lost? Teddy Long? Hulk Hogan? Eric Bisc – WAIT A MINUTE!!! Randall Orton! RKO to Seth Rollins – BLAOW!!!! OH SH!T!!!

Anyway back to this thought…Who would take over? Paul Heyman? Stone Cold Steve Austin? RIC FLAIR N!&&@??!!!!


Dayuuum it’s all poppin off! Triple’s like: Ok Randall, this is how it goes down! You and Seth Rollins must fight…. after that, you get it out your systems, then we go to war against Team Thuganomics! Because I’ll be damned if we lose to a team that refuses to kick out at 2!

WHAT THE F**K was that with all those eyes??? That was very Wyatt-ish…. dude… if BDSIR Network boss man Mike Knoxxx is scared of Bray Wyatt…. he’s a strappin black man… maybe it’s not shameful for me to be afraid of him??? He’s that Children of the Corn flava… that movie is disturbing yo… I never want to see that film ever again!

Do you know what I wanna know? Why is Titus O Neill a jobber? Don’t get me wrong I like Ryback but bwoy…. Titus should be killin’ sh!t right now!

Do you know what else I wanna know? Where’s Curtis Axel at? Never mind Renée Young is on…

Looks like Team Cena got The Big Show! Oh snap – Mark Henry ate at Big Show’s yard? They played WWE2K15 together? They went on the pull and all that? Dropping two foot with the women at Faces nightclub Wolverhampton? And this is what Mark Henry does????


Well two bad bull meet up! The Big Show! Mark Henry! Reinforce the ring yes! Last time the ring brukk up! If Team Cena got Big Show, you think Team Authority gonna get Mark Henry?

Dayuum Big Show is killing Mark Henry with those elbow drops yo! Look at Triple & Glenn looking on! They tryna assemble their team!

That’s it Cole, keep reminding us to subscribe to that blasted network for free… knowing full well that we can’t have it! That’s like dangling a KFC in my face and the doctor says I’m on a 24 hour fast!

Mark Henry just inducted Big Show into the Hall of Pain! World’s strongest Slam on the steel steps BLAOW!!!! THAT’S


WHAT I DO!!! And throw the shirt over Big Show!!!! That’s my dawg right there!!!!

WWE Network has a 90% satisfaction rate????? Right now the UK has a 0% satisfaction rate!

Oh sh!t! I’m glad Nikki shut down that interview with Brie… but Renée turned to her left… looks like she got an admirer… Eric Rowan????!!!! He wants to put it in!!

Well wouldn’t you????

Ok AJ Lee is out here… and normally I would cuss the crowd if they chant THAT name… but I’m bex with WWE & Sky Sports… and I’m not usually bex like that so f**k it… chant his name – CM PUNK! CM PUNK! CM PUNK! CM PUNK!

That felt good! GRANT BODY – P!!!

Come on Brie! If Nikki told you to slap AJ across her face at least make it convincing! My sister would have done it and said – ‘That’s for marrying that idiot CM P**K!!!!

WTF was all that about? A New Day is coming? You got that right! F**k what’s happening on Raw – it’s only Wack Ryder… the new WU-TANG JOINT IS HERE!

CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW! (I can do what I want – this is my blog muthaf***a!!!)


UH-OH!!!! Stephanie looking to recruit Rusev into Team Authority????? If he joins…. it’s definitely CURTAINS for Team Cena!

Look at The Authority applauding Randall!!!! They are so proud of him! F**k that – look at Lillian Garcia… She’s that chick – you have to make LOVE to her… you can’t f**k her… that’s just WRONG!!! Now Nikki Bella – I would f**k… Lana – I would f**k… but Lillian? You make LOVE to her yo! You put on that Raheem DeVaughn music and let that passionate side come out!

Good lord – Randall is f**kin up Rollins! I bet Rollins wished he was in that Hell In a Cell now!

Dayuum Triple Teef must be stressed! he had to loosen his collar and tie!

Say what? Seth Rollins wins???? WOW!!!!! You think Randall is gonna take the L like a man?

Seems like it, he’s shaking the hands with the authority….

MAYBE NOT! RKO to Rollins again – BLAOW!!! Randall’s a one man army! He even boxed down Triple Teef! The voices in his head are in full force! They are chatting to him! Until the Authority got the better of him, and Seth Rollins hit the curb stomp on Randall off the steel steps – BLAOW!!! Busted his head open and sh!t!!! That will stop the voices for sure!!!

Randall Keith Orton has turned good people… all because of YOU! Your viral vines did it! But we will get confirmation once he officially joins Team Cena! I hope you IWC muthaf***az got your fap on when you saw blood…. I don’t care about the WWE Network anymore – I wanna hear that Wu-Tang joint… Wu-Tang AGAIN? AAH YEAH AGAIN & AGAIN!!!








BDSIR Network