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Monday Night Raw #1109: August 25, 2014!!!

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The Infamous Informer

I stand before you a damned fool… I usually do the knowledge on a lot of sh!t, but not this Ice Bucket challenge sh!t… I understand that it’s for a cause, but ask yourself: Is the money REALLY going there? Why did we not think of those in third world countries who are dying for a drop of water? Why did Band Aid make that song 30 years ago, and up-til now the kids are STILL starving? Why did I engage in an activity that my ancestors were subject to torture? I can’t hold myself completely accountable…since my favourite celebrities did the same thing. Don’t get me wrong – I loved watching y’all do the challenge online (especially some of the women on my FB list… GOD DAYUUUM!) If the money goes to the cause, fair play… but if not, and there’s no true cure for cancer, and the kids in third world countries are still to be fed…


I AM THE INFAMOUS INFORMER, WOLVERHAMPTON’S LAST OUTLAW, GRANTINGTON STEELE – (That’s what happens if certain divas come near me not mentioning any names – (Layla) AND THIS IS THE RAW REVIEW BLOG! EPISODE #1109 – HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZWord on the street is that Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair & Shawn Michaels is in the hiz-house!!! But why? It was Vincent Kennedy’s birthday on Sunday… Get this wrestling fans – Vincent Kennedy turns 70 NEXT YEAR – That day falls on a Monday, August 24…. just letting y’all know…

The first ever WWE Hall Of Fame Forum??? I’m sure they had one of these before that featured Booker-T & Bret Hart among others…. well anyway let’s see what this is saying…

They are gonna discuss John Cena Vs Brock Lesnar???? You know the conqueror is gonna show up… Hogan and Lesnar reportedly talking trash…

Dayuuum HBK doubts Cena! HBK thinks Cena might have to start considering retirement???? Surely not??!!! Ric Flair agrees with him!!! Dayum he’s not feeling it! Only Hogan thinks differently! Well he would, he’s all about hulking up on some bullsh!t and coming back with a leg drop…. Big ups to HBK and Flair, they keeps it real!

Cena – you said you gonna bring the fight to Brock! Last time you said that Brock German Suplexed your blodclart 16 times!

Forget David Vs Goliath… this is some Rocky Vs Drago sh!t!!!

Here’s another fool who thinks he can win against my newest hero Rusev!!! Swagger – IT’S OVER FOR YOU!!! last time you passed out to the Accolade super move… this time he’s gonna break your back and your neck! RUSEV – I’m not as attractive or as ravishing like Lana, but RUSEV – CRUSH!!!

YES JAY -BEE! You started the lyric game early! “Swagger needs to make amends! if he doesn’t he has to leave the country!” That only drives me to support Rusev even more!!!! Imagine that!!! that should be the stipulation right there!

I can’t lie – I thought Swagger had that much won when he got the patriot lock on Rusev. Rusev looked like he was gonna bite his own hand! NO RUSEV!!! Don’t let Vladimir Putin down!

Ha ha! I love that sh!t! Swagger screaming ‘We the People’ at Rusev, and before he could finish, Rusev kicks him down as if to say SHUDDUP!!! LET’S GO RUSEV!!! For me! For Putin! For the WORLD!!! And most importantly, for LANA! You want more of that sweet pu$$y don’t you???!!!


YES!!!! RUSEV BEAT HIM DOWN!!!! STAMPED HIM OUT!!! Where’s the flag at? YES! That is REPRESENTING!

So nice for Bo Dallas to check in on Swagger while the doc is checking his ribs out… I mean he’s right, all he had to do was Bo-Lieve!

Here’s another case of whoever loses, I win! RVD Vs Cesaro – winner fights Sheamus for the US Title at Night of Champions… I like all three guys so it should be a great contest come the PPV…

..and even though Cesaro vs Sheamus will be a great match… can’t help but feel that WWE dropped the ball here…it’s time for Rusev to go against the US champion… then you couldn’t call a champion!!! Rusev is undefeated!!! Or are they going to save that til a future PPV like say I dunno…. Survivor Series???

Right for all you jabronies who are wondering what’s the point watching Raw if Ambrose is not on tonight, here’s an answer…GRANT & LAYLA WWE2K15 Paige Vs Natalya! I am SO FEELING Natalya’s attire, shows off her sexy thighs…. dayum girl!

JAY-BEE YOU DID IT AGAIN! ” Can you imagine if Natalya has to tap out to her own move? She’d be thrown out of Canada!”

Well Natalya won’t be thrown out of Canada… but she lost to Paige’s supermove – The Paige Turn… but forget all that – What the deal with AJ Lee??? Hugged up Paige and called her  – her English Muffin??? Took her hand and kissed her? Damnit why doesn’t these two just get it over with and get some scissor action going???


Wait a minute – a eulogy for Dean Ambrose???? JAY BEE is killing me today! He says he’s gonna miss him! Look at Kane and Seth Rollins dressed in black! Yo Kane! Where the casket at? Oh yeah – last time you f**ked around with a casket your brother f**ked your head up!

I have a question Rollins: How are you gonna blame US – The WWE Universe for choosing the stipulation when they were all the same sh!t last week??? Falls Count Anywhere/No DQ/No Holds Barred = ALL THE SAME SH!T!

Ok Rollins you destroyed the Shield…. INJUSTICE! Roman Reigns is coming down the stairs! Kane & Rollins cannot handle the Rage of Reigns!

Right you IWC B!tches it is clear that Reigns is feuding with the whole authoritaah! One by one, until he faces Triple Teef. After that, he will send for the Rumble and win that mofo, go to WrestleMania and become…. CHAMPION! But here’s the twist – Brock WILL NOT be the opponent… you know why??? Because of one Dwayne Johnson… You forget Vincent Kennedy wants that money match for WrestleMania 31… He wants Brock Vs Rock II. Roman will most likely fight whoever the champion is by then. Will Sting fight Undertaker? Time will tell. Why is Hogan in training? He hinted at Cena… remember the words of the Infamous Informer… I have just predicted 4 matches right there!

Ok we gonna get a tag team championship match that I felt should have waited til Night of Champions but…. I’m gonna go with WWE’s madness and see where this goes… The USO Brudda! The Dust Brudda! LET’S GO!

Oh no! They went USO crazy! But did they fake that knee injury to get themselves disqualified? And if they did, Was that a ‘heel turn’ by The Dust Brudda??? Beating down the USO brudda like that??? Answers on a postcard please! Or holla at us at the WWE smack talk centre – – Request to join – DON’T BE A WEIRDO!

ANOTHER AWARD WINNING INTERVIEW PROMO FROM BRRROCCCK LESSSNAR!!!! He’s basically saying that for 12 years Cena was only the man because Brock went on to conquer other sh!t, which he did…he claims that Night of Champions will be Cena’s LAST NIGHT! Oh man!!!! As an Undertaker fan, I don’t feel so bad anymore, even though I’m over the streak thing!

Oh f**k… Miz & Ziggler are on… this is the part where I go to the toilet… I don’t even need the toilet – I’m gonna switch on my PS3 and have a quick game of Soul Calibur…

Say what? Damien Mizdow? The Miz’s stunt double???? Lawd have mercy – let me hit the PS3 switch…

In fact f**k that – let me see my favourite Ice Bucket challenge…. I got a bit of a Soul Calibur going on in my pants watching this!


Looks like my Soul Calibur is gonna stand at attention because now the Bella Twins are in the ring… and if Nikki Bella ‘hates’ her sister, shouldn’t she change her music???

Jerry Lawler is gonna see if he can reconcile the two… more like get a Bella sandwich!!!! DUTTY BWOY!!!

Oh snap – she just took a shot at the guys that can’t get any pu$$y! Taking shots at Danny! Jerry Lawler!!! I thought Summerslam was time of the month but now she wished death in the womb! Dayuum she assaulting Brie! I see you wrestling dorks hoping for a wardrobe malfunction and got your Sky Boxes hoping to hit pause if you catch a glimpse of Nikki’s panties! Ha! Your eyes have to be razor-sharp like mine hahaaha! I’ll be looking forward to your saddo Sky pause screen shots on Facebook!


Get it over with Bella Twins give the fans what they want – a good ol’ bra & panties match! (Calm down Edmund Mulhall!)

Oh man don’t tell me Kane is gonna fight in his school trousers again…. the new school term starts in two weeks! If he splits his trousers… oh boy oh boy!

Handicap match! Ka – f**k that – I’m calling him Glenn from now on… My hero Kane wears a mask and tombstones priests and sets people pon fire! This guy with Seth Rollins fighting Roman Reigns? His name is GLENN!

Clearly these guys are not here to win the match – they are here to f**k up Reigns! NO – WAY – I know they didn’t send for the cinder blocks again to drive Reigns head top through them like they did Ambrose… luckily for Reigns he had strength to fight off Rollins and Glenn!

I like how JAY-BEE & Jerry Lawler are arguing about the actions of Rollins & Reigns, Michael Cole stays out of it and then cuts in to talk about the WWE Network which 170 countries can get for $9.99! Great commentating guys!

Ok, Kofi Kingston is in the ring… time to pay attention. We gonna find out the truth if this ‘Black Men United’ faction will manifest or if it has disbanded like the dirt sheets say and you jabronies read and Bo-lieve…

Talking of Bo-Lieve, why did Swagger attack Bo Dallas for??? All Bo Dallas did was give words of inspiration…Sore loser…

Right we gonna see if Cena’s fighting style has cracks in it after that beatdown by Lesnar… don’t worry Cena – Bray Wyatt cannot drop 16 suplexes on yo’ @$$!

Wait a minute – is John Cena dropping suplexes on Wyatt??? Rude boy – he’s sending messages to Lesnar here! I wonder – is Cena gonna rise like the Undertaker and stick his tongue out???

Well Cena didn’t make it to 16 – The Wyatt man dem clocked on and shut that down quick! Hol on a minute playas! This ain’t Teddy Long but The Grant says watch this become a six man tag team match… because Big Show and my hero Mark Henry have got involved!

Ok let’s look at it on the real… Can Cena execute 16 suplexes? Or can Wyatt take that punishment? So basically they styled it out???

The authority made it a 6-man tag team match… did they really? I don’t remember seeing Triple Teef or Stephanie’s sexy @$$ there??!!! Unless it was Glenn who issued it… let me check their twitter real quick… in fact f**k that – it’s not important!

Wow! Cena came different yo! He didn’t send for his 5 moves of doom…but he dropped those Supermoves on all the Wyatt’s @$$£$! Well you gotta give the kids hope! Restore their faith in their hero!











The Jobber Blogger #121 – TNA: HARDCORE JUSTICE – 20/8/14


The Jobber Blogger

We’re getting intimate in this issue, it’s you and I reader, 1 2 1.

Or in other terms, it’s issue #121, but who cares? I like to be tantalising.

Speaking of things being Tantalising, what a mess TNA is in huh?

Bully Ray wants out because TNA just can’t negotiate his contract, and he’s said to not be the only one. With TNA’s TV Negotiations with Spike being up in the air, they can’t even think about re-signing any of their bigger named stars.

So that leaves us where?

TNA has brought back the Six Sided ring and done their best to push the product, but it’s not sticking.

Jeff Jarrett left, AJ Styles has gone, Bad Influence has gone, Chris Sabin has gone, Sting has gone, Hogan, Bully Ray claims to be leaving, Kurt Angle wants out. Tons of backstage personnel have left.

Spike TV is currently cancelling Impact.


Not to mention there is a major concern with Bound for Glory this year as it takes place in Tokyo, apparently the event isn’t even being plugged.

It will be a big arena.. with no one in it. Least the Japanese audience have the reputation of being “silent” so hey, it might not be noticeable. That’s called looking at the glass half full folks!

tnajapanAnother dumb thing TNA have done is the Hall of Fame. A company that hasn’t been around more than 15 years has its own Hall of Fame. It’s blatantly and painfully obvious they just want to induct those the WWE will no doubt induct down the line. Hey, its their money right?

But after 2014 is all and done with, what will TNA’s Elite Hall of Fame look like?

tnahalloffameThe very people that should be in a TNA Hall of Fame are still actively in their prime, and also don’t work for the company.

Whatever it is, TNA just doesn’t work. It’s as simple as that, it just feels like it’s a matter of time. They’re pushing it out there, and it’s just slipping through their fingers, one day, in a year or more, sooner or later, TNA will eventually close its doors at this rate.

The ironic thing is the guy who loved TNA more than anyone else, wasn’t allowed to have control, so he left, being Jarrett. That set off a string, with the likes of AJ Styles most importantly wanting out.

Now here we are, Bully Ray being the top guy, a Locker-room leader, talking high praise of TNA, rallying up the guys in the back, letting them know TNA is a secure place to work. Now he wants out too.

I thought Jarrett was storyline, I thought AJ would be storyline, now Bully seems to be storyline, but I’m sure that’s because they need an exit strategy.

It’s called Dixie Carter, who will be the death of TNA – but more on that later.


bluelineTNA: HARDCORE JUSTICE – 20/8/14

Yes, it was the return of Hardcore Justice! Which didn’t feel like a PPV, but they’re not supposed to anymore. What is an interesting fact, is that Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, Al Snow, Bully Ray and Devon all Hardcore guys, all from ECW, all in New York, on a show All About Hardcore! And none of them had a match. So that was nice. bluelineBram vs. Abyss – Stairway to Janice

You know, in a lot of ways, Abyss sucks these days. He’s kind of the same, he is capable of being the same, but he just doesn’t feel the same. He doesn’t feel like that force, and if I’m honest, he just doesn’t look like it.

I hope his current “thing” leads to him getting back to where he was. I’m not a fan of his new attire at all, and I wasn’t that keen on his old one. I miss the Denim Shirt look.

abyssthroughtheyearsOn the plus side it does seem like he is growing his hair back, so I guess Joseph Park is all wrapped up and done with. It was a good idea, it just didn’t really go anywhere, but yes, as I’ve said many times, that is TNA’s writing in a nut shell – good ideas, poor execution.

Which means the interesting dynamic is Bram. He’s like a more legit Abyss these days. He’s new, he’s arguably more intense. I hope he actually likes these kinds of matches, and they haven’t just booked him in them. Because if he genuinely likes the Hardcore style, then that’s awesome, because he’s very good at it.

With the build up to this match, I actually thought TNA might go real old school and bring out Barbed Wire Massacre, but thankfully they didn’t, because those were pretty damn brutal to watch.

Although the Stairway to Janice is a little bit of a dumb idea, and Abyss much like Mick Foley is always at the hands of his own weapons. So it would be nice if Abyss got to “stretch” a little. Though he did hit Joe with it not so long ago. I think that was Abyss? I honestly don’t remember anymore.

Bram dived through a Barbed Wire board, Abyss was tipped off a Ladder into the other, Bram took a Black Hole Slam onto the Tacks, but in the end Bram with Janice, once again took the win.

Realistically this should mean it’s over and done with, Bram wins. Which in my head says Abyss needs to go crazy. And then it’s done and better. Yes…

Bram and Magnus had an interesting little meet up backstage with Magnus looking at Bram as the bigger star. So they’re probably going to collide at some point. But currently with Bram being as dominant as he is, what chance does Magnus have? A Body Warmer? Really?! bluelineEC3, Spud and Rhino

This is something I wasn’t expecting to take away from this week’s show, and it’s called “I actually quite like EC3″.

ec3likeWhen did this happen?

I did however like it when MVP, Lashley and King beat him up in the back, but this very segment was the typical nerve grinding trash that annoys me, and I think I swung the wrong way to what they wanted.

On a side note, Spud’s hair cut is just getting ridiculously bad….

It could be worse, he could pour a bucket of Ice Water over his head. Because that’s a thing now.

Hey Ho! It’s gone Viral! But Hey Ho! Everyone’s lost track of the point of it, and they’re just pouring water over themselves… such is life, such is the internet, such are idiots.

Full God Damn Stop!

icebucketAnd People Say Wrestling’s Dumb

EC3 passed the Blame for Dixie going through a Table right onto Rhino’s soldiers. And sure, it’s the whole Storyline thing again, but really, wasn’t Rhino Hired for the sole purpose, of not letting that happen. So EC3 isn’t exactly Wrong.

I’ve suddenly found a Reason to dislike Rhino, because EC3 blamed him, he then went all Brock Lesnar type of High Pitch squeally talking about Ethan’s Ass.

Also something about Dirt Porn?

rhinodirtpornCould have meant Dirt Poor, but my mind only works a certain way, and if that way is funnier, I’m going with it.

Then Mr. Crappy Hardcore got his Ass kicked by EC3, and I liked it! I enjoyed Ethan kicking the crap out of Rhino, and even pushing Spud to the floor. So if that was your intention, well done. Also I guess this means EC3 and Rhino will have a match, and then once again, Rhino will get fired.

Because that’s how he rolls…. not literally…. but also,……. literally.


bluelineLow Ki vs. Samoa Joe – X-Division Championship

I guess it’s no secret, I’m not really that wild about Samoa Joe.

I like him, I’m glad he’s still around, I just don’t know where to place him. I’d happily have put him in a strong “TV / Global” Championship run. But he doesn’t quite fit the bill for the main events anymore. And I mean in the best of ways.

When Joe debuted, he was intimidating to watch, let alone think about being in the ring with him. He doesn’t command that presence anymore, but his reputation has stuck with him.

However, against Low Ki, in New York, as the new X-Division Championship, I’m glad to say, this is the first time I’ve seen that Joe, in a long time.

When he took the brunt of the chop and kick onslaught from Low Ki, then built up steam from mid ring to connect with his Forearm to the head. That moment when Joe turns around all fired up and the crowd are going nuts for him, That, right there, is Samoa Joe, and it’s freaking cool!

This was the X-Division of old, it’s not just about being a High Flyer, it’s about the competition, the competative nature, and Joe showed that, as did Low Ki in spades. This was the most competitive and exciting X-Division Match since Austin Aries’ original run the Championship in 2012.

As I said, this is supposed to mark a new re-birth of the X-Division, and Joe fits the bill better than anyone else right now to carry that torch. For that reason alone, despite how awesome Low Ki is, we all knew Joe wasn’t going to lose that belt.

A Short Muscle Buster later, and Joe picked up the win.

But in terms of the matches and the style that built TNA Wrestling, this was it. It’s just a shame a lot of the top stars and pioneers aren’t around to join in.

That doesn’t stop Samoa Joe vs. Low Ki from going into the Match of the Year Nominations though.

Because it was that good!


bluelineMr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw – I Quit

A bit of a random match to throw out there. It almost feels like Anderson and Shaw weren’t quite at the right point to have a match of this brutality again.

There really isn’t all that much you can say about the match either. But currenty, Anderson is still maintaining that level of what makes him cool. His new Anti-smoking program hits home too, so all is good.

Gunner came out to watch over the match, but in the end it was a nasty Arm-Bar that caused Shaw to Quit.

I’m struggling to find vast amounts of interest in this storyline anymore.

bluelineThe Hardyz and Team 3D tossed around this “idea” of chasing the TNA World Tag-Team Championships. Which of course involves The Wolves. Now really, this is old news. Despite it being just announced on Television, TNA themselves announced it a few weeks back, but what I didn’t know, was why I love this idea so much!

It’s not just The Hardyz vs. Team 3D vs The Wolves.

It’s a freakin best of x2 Series. Shame it’s not 3, but the 3 teams involved give it that much needed wiggle room.

The first Team to win x2 Matches, win the Belts. Each match gets a new Stipulation, so we’re going to have this series run for a little while, and no doubt the deciding match will be Full Metal Mayhem. Probably Bound for Glory.

Also awesome on Matt sticking around for the foreseeable future, that’s a boost!

bluelineOne of the other top promoted segments on this week’s show was Mike Tenays interview with Dixie Carter.

As I said last week, how the hell are we supposed to move on from Dixie’s “reign of terror” when she’s still part of the show.

Not only is she part of the show, but she’s coming back when she’s “healed”.

Now I love the fact they made her heel, against AJ Styles, that was perfect. Great timing. It started to run a little thin after AJ and Sting were “fired”.

I like the idea of putting Dixie front and centre of being the “problem” of TNA, and that gives people a source rather than just knowing the people behind the scenes are messing it up.

Which means this, no matter whose fault it is, Dixie on TV, doesn’t work. People hate it. People don’t want to watch it, people don’t want this in their Wrestling show, people don’t like seeing Dixie Carter, and more importantly, People Don’t Care About This Wrestling Storyline! To the point that TNA’s big Dixie vs. Bully – Tables lark, drew the lowest ratings, every single week. No one cares. Putting Dixie through a Table, that was cool, good moment, but that should have been it. It was finished. Now rather than it being the End, it’s back to being a New Beginning.

Who working at TNA has this constant plan for Dixie to be a Television Character. It was fundamental in Jeff Jarrett leaving, because he didn’t want Dixie on TV anymore. Yet despite the “All important Ratings” and despite how many don’t like it, they are still doing it. Stop!

Let it go.

I’m not saying never have her on TV agian, but for the love of anything fluffy and stained, let it breathe.

dixie tvThat’s a Direct Quote, by the way

bluelineAngelina Love (w/Velvet Sky) vs. Gail Kim – Last Knockout Standing – Knockouts Championship

Is it bad that the pre-taped attacked from Angelina to Gail from “last week” looked as though it was filmed prior to this match… given that they were wearing the same attire as this week, rather than last.

Picky I know, but don’t BS me, least put some effort into it.

What makes it worse is this whole “Angelina doesn’t deserve a title shot” crap. Frickin’ hate it when Face GM’s and Heel GM’s bend the rules due to the good and bad guys. If there is a Wrestling rule, just stick to it. Even if it’s a sucky run of mill screw job, just stick to the contractual rematch clause. It doesn’t dissapear because “she’s been bad!”

Winds me up!

Angelina LoveShe isn’t capable of being bad! Look at that smile! =D

Guess what? The match was awesome, once again the Knockouts showing why they are credible, and once again the New York fans respecting it. I like that.

The Knockouts rule!

Though my biased love of Angelina Love makes me sad she didn’t win, and after a lovely Botox Injection into a Steel Chair connecting with Gail, I thought she might actually do it.

But alas not.

I hoped for a run – in aid from someone unexepected to then align themselves with The Beautiful People, but that didn’t happen either.

In the end, Gail managed to defeat Angelina and Velvet, who was active through-out the match, and the closing moments were this horrible looking back slam / fall, Gail delivered to Angelina onto a chair.

Unlike most moves “onto a chair” Angelina fully landed on the chair, and it looked dangerously close to Gail getting her Arm trapped under her. Thank fully everyone seems fine!

Awesome match!

But poor Angelina =(

Angelina love title

bluelineAustin Aries vs. Eric Young vs. Gunner vs. James Storm vs. Magnus vs. Bobby Roode – Six Sides of Steel – Number #1 Contender Match – World Heavyweight Championship

What was awkward was MVP, Lashley and King taking centre stage before the match got underway. Normally MVP shines on the mic, but he seemed to be struggling and it just wasn’t all that pleasent, or all that enjoyable.

Despite my dislike for James Storm becoming Sanada’s new Mentor, I am now actually rather intrigued.

I still don’t see Storm in a “I am your greatness, I am the light” kind of way, like making him bow to him and crap.

However! I do see Storm as the kind of guy to start a Revolution, and a Revolution of the Japanese Culture is interesting. The Great Muta’s apprentice being pulled away from him by Storm, and Storm shaping Sanada into something darker to battle The Great Muta, as The Great Sanada – That, has my interest!JamesStormLightThe only problem now, is that Storm is 100% pathetic. In terms of he hasn’t won a match in ages, his only World Championship reign lasted a Week, and his first time so show Sanada how it’s done, he doesn’t even come close to winning his match.

So why, in all of the hells, would Sanada look at James Storm as the one to lead him to greatness, because Storm himself, hasn’t even achieved it.

JamesStormLightcrapI have to say this, and I hate to admit it, but this match sucked.

For a Main Event, in a Cage, it was pretty lame.

Felt rather rushed, nothing was really all that engaging. The double Tower of Doom from either side was cool. But with EY and Roode climbing to the top and racing each other down, I fully expected there to be another match or a restart or something of that nature to take place. But instead it just ended. It felt very anti-climatic.

Obvious Roode was going to win, but I’m glad EY did too. He is still holding onto that level of credibility since he won the World Championship. That is nice to see, wonder how long it will last?

bluelineGood show over-all, just the more TNA news you hear the more it taints the product.

Till then!

Dan Wilkinson

TNR Cover 12 (w facebook address)

Monday Night Raw #1108: August 18, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer







WWF PROPA TINGZShout out to The Jobber Blogger for putting me on to… All being well they will hear of the foul-mouthed nemesis of the IWC!

OH SNAP!!!! DANNY BRYAN’S MUSIC HIT! No way! You don’t think…But out came Stephanie! Sporting her new blouse! STEPH! STEPH! STEPH! Look at her bouncing around the ring like Danny would, but her t!tt!£$ bouncing around?? BEAUTIFUL!!! Best opening segment in along while! Steph we love you!!!!

How can you make this segment better? Bring out who is seemingly apart of the authority… Nikki Bella! Two women with fake t!tt!£$!!! It doesn’t matter… Nikki & Steph make me wanna have four hands! So I can give….4 thumbs up!!!!!

LAWD HAVE MERCY! Nikki talking trash about her flesh and blood!!!! Nikki & Steph chatting like they’re best friends! TwoSexy Steph 2 weeks ago Steph pedigreed Nikki’s @$$ into the canvas! Brie having none of this and was ready to forgive but – Dayum!!! Nikki slapping her sister in the face – WHAAAAM! Am I heartbroken? Hell nah! When Cameron & Naomi split, that hurt me…

By the way remind me to make adjustments on WWE2K14…

So w’happen, the German announce team gonna be on Raw every week??? Zeb Colter ain’t gonna like that sh!t! They won the world cup – they can do anything they want! Now shuddup!

Remember when The Big Show & Mark Henry used to be the deadliest of enemies? They broke the ring and sh!t! Now they are a team….that’s worries for the tag team division!

That means you Wyatt Fam! Sean Price Punch followed by the World’s Strongest Slam to Erick Rowan – BLAOW!!!! Right you IWC b!tches go ahead and say Show & Henry should put over the new talent – not ‘bury’ them as you call it – SHUT THE F**K UP! What’s the point in Show & Henry teaming up only to lose??? Don’t start me jabronies….

Miz what do you look like with that Kylie Minogue looking robe? Looking like a battyman and sh!t? You’re invoking your rematch clause? Good luck to you… I’m not watching these two fight again… I know y’all love him and y’all up his @$$… STC’s Andrew Theaker says he thinks that Ziggler should be the one to defeat Brock Lesnar for the title somewhere down the line… The Grant Says – that sh!t happens – that’s me done with WWE!!! (Yeah right Grant…!!!)

…and the rivalry continues! Seth Rollins been interviewed by Renee Young, Seth probably got a hard on looking at Renee only to get a cold ice shower by Dean Ambrose!!!

“Hey, it’s for charity!!!” That could be the lyric of the week!!!! YES AMBROSE!!! How the f**k can Seth fight Ambrose after that? DISRESPECT!!!!

I’m starting to wonder – does Paige have a crush on AJ???? She’s dedicated her match against Natalya, did she get ‘wet’ when she was in a mounted position? I mean I don’t blame her nah-mean?


Oh no!!!! AJ skipping around the ring costed Paige the match! She can’t do that! Does that mean Natalya can fight for the title? By the way Natalya – loving the attire! Dayuuum girl you got thighs!!!! Come here!!!

Uh-oh!!!! TRIPLE TEEEEEEEEF!!!! What does he want!!!! Oh hang on, Stephanie’s out again! Excuse me while I get the cocoa butter…

Stephanie looks like she’s wearing one of those skimpy nightgowns!!!! Dammit I got a song for Stephanie, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart…

Look, look, when your phone rings and his name shows
Baby you supposed to be excited to say “hello”
So if your phone rings and your mood drops
Then all that means is you should make a move ma

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! THIS IS BRILLIANT! They presented the new championship belt to BRRRROOOCCCK LESSSNAAAR! Triple Teef, Brock, Paul Heyman & Stephanie posing proudly with the belt! Last year Triple & Brock were trying to destroy each other! Brock destroyed Triple’s office!

The crowd chanting Lesnar! And Heyman giving another epic promo! Lesnar loves it when Heyman pronounces his name! SO DO I!!!!

WHOA! John Cena earned Heyman’s respect and admiration! He would have taken on Cena as a Paul Heyman guy! DROP THE BOMB ON EM!


Straight up & down I ain’t watching this sh!t….put back on AJ Lee & Paige! Better than that – put on Stephanie again! In fact let’s get a picture of Stephanie’s sexy @$$!

Stephanie Summerslam

I was hoping for a wardrobe malfunction but…. such is life!

Well hopefully that concludes the bullsh!t @$$ Miz/Ziggler feud, Miz lost again, time for Ziggler to keep it moving!

F**k me Renée Young… I mean I say this every week… YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT I’D DO TO YOU!

Swagger coming out on his own… JAY-BEE asking – where’s Zeb? WHO GIVES A F**K?! He deserved that kick in his head! Don’t feel sorry for that tedious old nearly dead! He disrespected my people. Big E Langston waved the flag and you muthaf***az booed him. You boo your own president but you put your hand on…. you know what…. I’m gonna calm down… just know that Karma is a B!TCH!

Come on Cesaro! Brukk up that fool! Go Tekken on his b!tch @$$! He let America down! F**K WACK SWAGGER! Nas is my hero! America is not what you think it is!

THAT’S IT JAY-BEE CUSS DOWN WACK SWAGGER! HE LET THE 50 STARS AND THE 13 BARS DOWN!!!! OLD GLORY IS ASHAMED! When The Undertaker represented America against Test at Summerslam 2002 – HE BRUKK UP HIS CLART!

YES CESARO! HE BRUKK HIM UP! Guess who comes out at the right time! Bo Dallas is here! He is an inspiration to us all!

Speak Bo!!!! Tell him he can get his confidence back if he BO-LIEVES!!!!

6-man tag team action! Randall & Rybaxel vs Sheamus, RVD & Roman Reigns! Yo why you booing Roman Reigns for?? What are you dumb or something? There’s a penalty for success? Why – because he doesn’t sit down and cross his legs like a little boy? He doesn’t read his muthaf**! comic books? No – I get it – Roman Reigns doesn’t wear pink brief… he doesn’t shake his @$$… you hate Roman because the women love him… You see – the more you boo men like Reigns… the more I detest Dolph Ziggler! Skills aside – my spirit cannot take to him!

I wonder why the crowd are starting to chant for Ryback these days???? Do you have any idea? Answers on a postc – oh I heard the commentators say they are in Ryback’s home town!!!!

Oh no! Ryback’s team lose again!!!! Why doesn’t Ryback brukk up Curtis Axel…. just for his hometown!QUESTION

QUESTION – What’s the difference between a No Holds Barred Match, a No Disqualification Match and a Falls Count Anywhere match? They are all the muthaf***!n same apart from the falls count anywhere! If the NO DQ match or the No Holds Barred match gets picked on the WWE App, you the WWE Universe are f**k!mg dumb fools, OK!!!!

…and just for the record, a ‘Street Fight’ is the same sh!t too! And ‘Extreme Rules’ match is the same sh!t! Just call it a muthaf***!n Hardcore match!

I can’t lie to ya, I am a crazy mofo… I cuss The Miz & Dolph Ziggler for acting like a faggot but when it comes to Goldust I just love the character! Goldust & Stardust Vs The Usos – sure to be a great contest – if Dust2Dust can get a win – we are in for a series of classic contests!

Who’s that now running up my fb inbox??? They always do it while I’m watching Raw or a PPV! So rude!GRANT & LAYLA WWE2K15

It’s ok, it’s STC member & RePPiN4U’s own James Henson…. he’s a wrestling fan like me, but he should know that when I’m watching Raw and entertaining y’all he should not holla!!! I don’t mind if it’s during a Ziggler match though… I’m jussayin!

OH SNAP! Like I said! Dust2Dust just beat the Usos! GET READY FOR THE NEXT CLASSIC!

HERE COMES MY NEWEST HERO!!!! Rusev with my sexy body gyal Lana! Rusev – kicked Zeb Colter in his head! And play the Russian anthem in celebration! SALUTE THIS MAN! Big up Vladimir Putin! And Zangief!!!!


I’ve waited a long time for this!!!!! Mark Henry shut down Rusev! and sent him for the Hall Of Pain! Jay-Bee is proud of him!!!! What’s wrong Lana? why do you look like that??? Is it dawning on you, that you heard the legend of the brothers’ manhood??? Don’t get me wrong – Rusev is my hero, but Mark Henry mayyyyyyn!!!!!! HE’S THE DON!!!! World’s Strongest Slam – then a World’s Strongest Splash to Rusev – BLAOW!!!! THAT’S WHAT HE DO!!!!

So there is the benefit of intellect within you WWE Universe! Falls Count Anywhere between Ambrose & Rollins! Triple says it is blood on our hands, well the GRANT SAYS – We don’t give a f**k!!!! We love Rollins! We love Ambrose! We don’t care who gets brukk up!

I wonder if Dean Ambrose could take this match near the river, take Rollins briefcase, and throw that sumovab!tch in that muthaf***a?!!! I mean, it’s not like Rollins needs it.. Brock Lesnar is the Undisputed World Wrestling Federation Champion!

There’s a reason they call Ambrose the Lunatic Fringe – look how much muthaf***!n chairs he threw in the ring! There must be about 16 of those muthaf***az! Ambrose sets up for the superplex – reversed – power bomb into the chairs – BLAOW!!!

Wait a minute – how come my hero Kane with the school trousers is finding himself out here? TRYING TO TEEF!!! Announce table set up, Ambrose sets up Rollins for the Dirty Deeds super move – but Kane – with a chokeslam to Ambrose on the table that didn’t break! It looks reinforced actually!

But Rollins and Kane were not done! Kane throws away the time keeper’s table, exposing a set of cinder blocks! holds Ambrose’s head down, Rollins with the curb stomp to the head top on the cinder blocks – BLAOW!!! OH LAWWWD they had to stop the match…. I mean I thought Kane was gonna set up Ambrose for the tombstone on the blocks! But yes that would have happened if my hero Kane had his mask on…

Damnit why does the UK have to be last to get the rarse network? I get it, because of David Cameron… He’s responsible! I wished Kane set up the cinder blocks and Seth Rollins curb stomped Cameron’s b!tch @$$ through that muthaf***a!









BDSIR Network

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The Jobber Blogger #120 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 14/8/14

Jobber Blogger hardyz copyOne Hundred and Twenty times, and I’ve blabbed on about crap! Oh yes, good old TNA: Wrestling, Impact Wrestling, WRESTLING WRESTLING WRESTLING!

What a weird and wonderful place you find yourselves in. So putting Dixie through a Table boosted the ratings to continue TNA’s current run of “a good month”, putting the much hyped, four month build up of putting a Woman through a Table the highest rated Impact show since February. Which means! Back in February they had a higher rated show and Dixie needn’t have gone through a Table.


This means nothing really. Well aside from the Network bosses who decide to pump money into your programme. And given that Spike TV isn’t looking so keen on renewing their deal with TNA, I suppose ratings mean everything.

Which is good news to know that the ratings dropped… a lot, this week. Despite this being a better show, but it’s wrestling, so who knows.

Also they didn’t spend four months building the main event. Though the WWE spent a whole year building The Rock vs. Cena and that sucked…. like, really sucked. Which is an interesting point I just made to myself, so I shall mention that later on!

So Spike might renew their current deal, who knows, but they won’t go out of business, but it’s certainly not good news.

What is worse news however is that Alberto Del Rio got the axe from the WWE for slapping some social media guy. Rightfully so, I’m sure. I’ll let you decide if I mean getting fired or slapping the guy.

… getting fired, obviously.

We all knew it would be the next step, there is the big news of a WWE talent getting fired, or quitting or being “released” then it’s the “Why?” then it’s the TNA factor.

TNA have made a career off of bad business moves of bringing in bigger named talent, dropping the belt on them, doing nothing, getting a few weeks of ratings, pissing off a lot of fans, pissing off the talent then big name star quits and it’s done.

Happens, every, single, time.

So yes, TNA apparently went right after or at least wanted to go right after getting Del Rio with the added boost of wanting to drop the Heavyweight Championship on him right away. So that’s awesome brilliant thinking. Are we seriously thinking that in 2014, after 12 freaking years, the same stupid guy has a job that does this and thinks it’s a good idea. Lets be honest, Del Rio, really isn’t all that good. Del Rio most certainly isn’t better than the talent you already have. And are you really, really, going to throw away your build up and planning and developing to just put it on the new guy whose name has some cache with a bigger company? Are we really still doing this?

For a company that has the best locker-room in the industry, they are damn lucky, most of them have still decided to stick around, because when your as stupid as to do this, all the time, you don’t deserve to be in business.

Sorry but, James Storm, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries. Sort them out first. Samoa Joe, Eric Young, Jeff Hardy, Bully Ray sort them out next. Then focus on your new talent in the following years. It’s just frustratingly pathetic, that I hope, and pray, this actually is a work, and TNA have finally decided to poke fun at the same mis-steps they always take.

Want to solve your ratings / network problem? Here’s a hint, Don’t Do The Same Thing Every Body Hates! AGAIN!

bluelineImpact Wrestling Logo


bluelineWell I started productively then thought you know what, I wonder how many guys came from the WWE and won the TNA title in little to no time at all. That goes to wikipedia, that goes to youtube, then you find your not even watching anything remotely relevant to why you went looking in the first place, and I guess that’s the beauty of the internet.

Or in other words, a waste of time.


Hot off the heels of Dixie going through a table, and yes to keep up to date with the time scheduel, this was 7th of August that the Impact show aired with Dixie’s power-bomb, funny enough days after this current TV Show was taped.

So they must have had to ruin a lot, or just one show?

I lose track, but it’s confusing, it doesn’t really matter, but I like to know that the Audience are at least up to date with what’s happening, otherwise it’s distracting.

Bully kicked off the show talking about, of course, putting Dixie through a table, and then went on to talk highly of Devon, and so Devon showed up.

Yes, we’ve all forgotten how Bully kicked him in the head, then joined up for The Aces and Eights, then also betrayed him, now they’re a team again.

It’s wrestling, got it.

Then something rather cool happened, we knew from the week before about this match, but just having Matt and Jeff confront Bully and Devon, in 2014, in TNA. It’s a little weird.

In a lot of ways the Hardyz seem much less accomplished that Team 3D, given that Jeff by himself has had more singles success than all of them combined.

Also this guy obviously didn’t know Matt was in town


Obviously we all know the history between these two teams, but again, it’s just weird to have the Hardyz back together as it is, through them in the same ring with Team 3D and it’s like what happened. I grew up with this, now it’s 2014 and the ring has six sides and everything’s gone crazy.

I guess we didn’t really need a banter filled history lesson, but I can let that slide for nostalgia purposes, what I really didn’t need was TNA’s horrible editing.

They do it all the time with the taped shows, maybe the segments go on too long, but it’s so un-organic it ruins what magic can be found.

The chants don’t build up they just “appear” with a crowd shot, then they’re gone and it’s back to talking, or a quick reaction from Bully, then back to Matt.

It’s very jarring and very annoying. And it really taints the moment they’re trying to create. The moment is there, it’s happening, but you’re cutting it out. I suppose I can live with the horrible editing of a forced history lesson promo to set the main event, because it’s one hell of a main event.

bluelineLow Ki vs. Homicide vs. Manik vs. Crazy Steve vs. DJ Z vs. Tigre Uno – 6-man Tag Team Scramble – X-Division Number One Contender Match

Yup, that’s a match type you won’t forget in a hurry.

Because of how the show is presented, you already know which guy will win. Given that only Low Ki got a Televised entrance, you know from that alone they view Low Ki as the favourite, biggest star, and clearly the one going to win. Given the last few weeks of TV Time, it’s no surprise either.

The jury is still out on whether Low Ki is even sticking around. I don’t think he’s signed a contract.

But whatever, he’s awesome, so I can get with it. I’ve never understood the appeal of Homicide. I don’t get why he keeps coming round. I know he has a fair history with TNA, but he doesn’t come across impressive in the least to me.

He does the odd flip or crazy jump, but that’s about as far as it goes, and he does that with no grace.

Poor Crazy Steve was the first to be eliminated followed by of course Tigre Uno. Yup, that trend continues.

Least he wasn’t the first to be eliminated, that would have really annoyed me. I’d rather Steve didn’t go straight away either, but given his character it fits.

What worries me is that it seems Uno knows he’s being underused, because he took his limited time and pulled out all the stops. He’s fantastic, I don’t get why they’re not using him better than just to fill matches.

I say it every episode he is on, but seriously:

tigre uno fn

In the end of course it was down to Low Ki and Homicide, again, don’t get the appeal.

But they did put on a good bout, hard hitting, fast paced, good wrestling.

Low Ki won… didn’t see that coming.

No chance he will defeat Samoa Joe in his first X-Division Championship defense, but it could start off a nice feud.

bluelineEC3, Rhino and Spud hit the ring to talk about last week’s actions of putting Dixie through a table. EC3 called for Bully to be fired, which brought out Kurt Angle – who is on the WWE track again, sick of hearing about that.

Kurt instead got them all arrested, I guess it was kind of funny. Maybe this is supposed to be the “end” of them too, but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of it. Which basically means, Dixie is gone, but she’s not gone.

The show was built around the footage from after the Show, Dixie’s condition, an interview with Dixie next week, EC3, Spud still around. It’s not done with at all. So what was the point? People don’t want it on the show, you’ve ended it, leave it. But we all know they won’t, so it’s going to go on, and drag out a little bit more, and a little bit more, until just like Dixie and Bully themselves, nobody cares anymore, and they didn’t care to start with. Move on.

bluelineMr. Anderson vs. Gunner

This match happened.

I’m not sure what the crowd was doing during this match but they seemed to go onto (I believe WWE’s Fandango dancing and theme) onto other random crowd chants.

Which means they were whole heartedly invested in this match up.

Samuel Shaw ran down to “break up” the fight, which led to Anderson punching Shaw, which led to Shaw beating up Anderson, which led to Gunner breaking them up.

It’s really not all that exiting, plus it’s on the same trend as TNA’s current trend of not trusting people. I’m fairly confident Shaw will turn out to be using Gunner all of this time.

And Anderson is really the one who is right, but looks like the bad guy. Been there done that.

bluelineBiggest news from Impact, JR Tweeted about Dixie going through a Table, and they showed it. Doubt this means anything at all, but JR has been positive about TNA for a while, surely they would listen to him and take his advice. I think it’s the actual “in ring” segments of Wrestling he enjoys… you know, from a Wrestling show.


bluelineAngelina Love vs. Velvet vs. Gail Kim vs. Taryn Tarrell – Knockouts Championship

Isn’t it far too soon to be playing the only card Wrestling can think of, the competition between friends. Angelina and Velvet are “butting heads” already, again, again I might add. We’ve been down this road before too.

With the same people.


I’m still rather confident there will be a “surve ball” in here somewhere and the Beautiful People pretending to have issues will be the downfall of Gail’s current Knockouts Championship run.

Least that is wishful thinking, I suppose that would have to go to Velvet. Which is cool, she’s only held the belt once, and it wasn’t for long.

Taryn dived off the top rope to the floor taking everyone down, living up to her crazy and short legacy.

Something I really liked about the New York fans is that they do seem to respond well to the Knockouts, and I mean the Knockouts actually Wrestling. I respect that.

To be honest I respect any Wrestling fan that actually gives respect to the Wrestlers. I was a little appaulled by some fans in Manchester when I was there last year who were booing the Knockouts and yelling for them to get out the ring. The Knockouts Division in TNA is one of their strongest assets, they need to grow it more if anything.

The Beautiful People wouldn’t let either of themselves win, and Taryn cleaned the ring (and somehow managed to take herself out of the ring with a clothesline), Gail then dropped Velvet with Eat Defeat and retained her Championship.

bluelineLashley, MVP and Kenny King vs. Eric Young, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode

TNA is a bit all of the place currently, I’m not quite sure where things are going to go.

Bully and Dixie has been centre stage so long now, that the World Championship really doesn’t feel that relevant.

They are obviously building Roode, but with Team 3D and the Hardyz etc taking the Main Events, it doesn’t feel like the right place for the Championship, or even that Roode seems to be the right guy to take the belt.

Another reason we don’t need Alberto Del Rio.

One thing is for sure though, and that this match was awesome.

MVP is still limping around, but King, Lashley, EY, Roode and especially Austin Aries are all on top form. Put them together in a match that is fast paced, impactful and continously moving, it creates something special.

It really is hard to look at Roode as the favourite, even though Aries lost to Lashley, and then again lost his match, just in the ring, Aries is on another level to everyone, always is. How do you put that in second place.

MVP hit Aries with his Crutch behind the Ref’s back leaving Aries ripe for the Lashley spear, and the win.

bluelineThe Hardyz vs. Team 3D

What can I say. Team 3D walked out in their old school Camo, Matt and Jeff, well they’ve always looked fairly similiair to how they look now. Though if they both rocked the black jeans, Matt with his black shirt and white stripe on the sleeve his big arm bands and Jeff the same with his arm bands (also how cool are Jeff’s Arm Bands) I would be giddy if they did that.

Still don’t think the music is impactful enough, but it works alright.

I don’t know if it’s just my childhood nostalgia, but this was something. My favourite Wrestling Promotion, my all-time favourite Tag-Team the Hardy Boyz facing off against their best opponents, Team 3D easily the best Tag-Team in Wrestling history. Just something to behold, in 2014.

From the get go I was hooked, but to make it all that much better, this match was fantastic!

Which if you remembered at the start of The Jobber Blogger I had a rant about The Rock and John Cena. Well as a young Wrestling fan, obviously The Rock was one of my favourites too, who didn’t like him?

Though 2003 Hollywood Rock heel run – his best work, ever!

Aside from that, let’s move on.

Rock wasn’t all that great as a Wrestler, obviously he as an entertainer, untouchable.

But as a young Wrestling fan, you don’t really pay attention to the neuances of Wrestling technicality.

Which is why when Matt and Jeff go up against Team 3D, it was magic then, and it was magic now.

Though the difference would be all of them have stayed active in Wrestling, Bully and Devon completely re-shaping themselves psyhically and mentally, Matt and Jeff going through what they have, and Jeff easily being in the best position he’s ever been, with his best Work he’s ever done, right now.

So yeah, it’s not apples to apples here.

If there is anything that bugs me about this match, is two things.

One, I feel Matt and Jeff could have pulled out a few bigger patented Hardy moves, but then, they should also save them for another time.

Two, Devon kicked out far too easily from the Twist of Fate and Swanton.

But of course the 3D is just pure awesome as a Double Team move, so credit goes to Team 3D, and even though I’m a Hardy fan through and through, no matter what. Team 3D should have picked up the win, and they did.

What more can I say, if you grew up in the same Generation as me, then you will no doubt feel the same as a I do.

Fantastic match, utterly awesome from in the ring, just to the moment of itself, to nostalgia to everything.

Match of the Year nominee, no doubt about it.


bluelineImpact was a packed show and it was a great show. A shame they took a dive in the ratings, because TNA do deliver a lot of great work, it just falls short.

Hardcore Justice is coming at us next week, and given that it’s still in New York, it’s going to be brutal.

Bram vs. Abyss – Stairway to Janice

Samoa Joe vs. Low Ki – X-Division Championship

Six-Sides of Steel – Number One Contendership Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

bluelineShould be awesome.

Something that is probably smart, but also not as awesome is TNA moving to Wednesday nights in America.

Thursdays have always been their thing, aside from when they had the guts to go head to head with RAW, and didn’t really make a dint. But kudos to trying.

TNA want the ratings, and WWE is thinking of shifting Smackdown back to Wednesday.

I think it really sucks that TNA at least won’t try and go head to head with WWE’s second rated programme. I understand it.

It just feels a shame, and it almost feels like a step toward the end of their Spike TV contract.

I hope the Spike bosses love the shows and Wednesday prove successful, either way, TNA needs to find a new home, because even though they make dumb errors almost constantly they still put on a great show.

And when they get it right, They Get it 100% right.

TNA fan till the end!

Till then,

Dan Wilkinson

TNR Cover 12 (w facebook address)

Monday Night Raw #1107: August 11, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer

With celebration comes tragedy….

Not only are we celebrating Hulk Hogan’s birthday, and Hip Hop’s birthday (41 years young, birthplace – 1520 Sedgwick Ave), We lose a comedy icon, the man call Robin Williams… can we please get a moment of silence….


Don’t expect the Infamous Informer to show compassion for someone he was never a fan of! Not that he wasn’t a fan, just like he never grew up watching Mork & Mindy…nah-mean??

ENOUGH OF THAT SH!T! This week’s chosen indulgence: Pretty much the same as last week! It’s all about Summerslam at the Hogshead STC! Get your sh!t sorted, do you wanna end up saying ‘I Can’t Get In Da Club’ because you didn’t prioritize????

We got a birthday to celebrate damnit! I’m not here to mourn – F**K THAT! Let’s run some joke, that’s what Robin Williams would have wanted. RAW #1107! HOL’ DAT – BLAOW!!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZOh snap! Presents all over the stage for Hulk Hogan…do you think Brock Lesnar will kick down all the gifts????

Paul Heyman doesn’t do promos, he does DISSERTATIONS!!!! WHOA!!!!

Did this epic dissertation just turn into Heyman dropping Hardcore Thuganomics???? DAYUUUUM!!!! That was real talk though, everyone Brock destroyed, we don’t see them again!!!! How come he didn’t bring up Triple Teef when his client Brock Lesnar broke his arm???

…and what does Heyman mean by when Brock wins the title, this is HIS HOME??? He’s not implying what some fans are thinking is he? That according to reports, Brock will hold the title all the way til WrestleMania? This is how I KNOW that it was just hatred against The Rock when he won the title last year… now you made The Infamous Informer REAL MAD…. you picked the wrong day to f**k with the don!!! Ask those 2 big ‘pansies’ who called themselves ‘wrestlers’ at the PWL event recently???!!! It takes two of em to call out the Infamous???? Next time I’m coming to that event with my Roman Reigns SWAT attire and a steel chair…

Talking of Roman Reigns… he gotta fight Rybaxel, and Kane has traded his mask for his school trousers again……OH NO!!!!! No more setting people on fire, no more tombstones on priests…. people this is Kane’s way of winding down his career….let’s be real…

I see signs with $9.99 in the crowd! Better than that – I see signs with the Wu-Tang Logo in the crowd!!!!! And James Patrick Park Jr could not represent with his Smack Talk Centre sign last week…. KMT!!!

You mean to tell me that the combined force of Rybaxel were not enough to stop Roman Reigns? You two are WACK!!!!! Then that sexy @$$ Renée Young asking Roman question…. I’d have a ‘spear’ ready and waiting for that sexy lady! But I gotta say that pic of Renée looking like she taking a p!$$ in the urinal was disturbing….

Renee Young Urinal

As Seth Rollins battles RVD, Dean Ambrose picked the stipulation: A Lumberjack match??? Theoretically this means every one on the roster gets paid for Summerslams…. however I’m not feeling it. You mean to tell me that all this time that’s how Ambrose wants to f**k up Rollins? What happened to an I QUIT match? Parking lot brawl? Even a Lions Den match? F**k that – send for the Punjabi Prison in that muthaf***a!

This must make the 50th time that RVD & Rollins have fought…. and every-time it is entertaining. What a shame it wasn’t a full-blown feud….

Why didn’t you trust your instincts Rollins? Now we know what was one of Hogan’s presents! Ambrose himself! Exploding out of that package, trying to put beats on Rollins, and as usual Rollins takes his briefcase and runs for his life! You see what I mean for a stipulation? Lumberjack match….. Damnit Vincent Kennedy, are you that brukk that you can’t afford even the basic blue steel cage????

Uh-oh…. Stephanie has a confession… is she gonna adopt the Vincent Kennedy walk???

Oh hang on – some girl named Megan has a confession???? Who is she – Danny Bryan’s personal therapist? I’ve got a bad feeling where this is going…

No way – Megan’s saying that she’s been riding on Danny’s d!ck???? What is this – a parody of that Jay-Z & Beyonce mistress sh!t going on???

Look at Stephanie’s face!!! Rubbin it in!!!! I don’t think Megan did anything at all – Stephanie’s like – ‘Here’s $9.99 – get yourself the WWE Network!’


Brie Bella has gone buckwild! You don’t see that Stephanie trickify? Wait a minute – Brie has learned a new move! The Yes-Lock!!! OH SNAP!!!! All this is, it’s Triple Vs Danny Bryan – the wives edition!

Shout out to BDSIR NETWORK co-host and STC Member Chris Spotface McClain who pointed out that Cesaro doesn’t get introduced no more, now it’s all about Wack Swagger…. so disrespectful! I sincerely hope Rusev CRUSHES Swagger’s backbone at Summerslams!

I didn’t even check for that Cesaro Vs Swagger match…. I don’t give a damn about it, nor do I care about Zeb Colter’s bullsh!t @$$ promo… let’s get to the interview with Jericho & Bray Wyatt…

Did you make head or tail of that interview with Bray Wyatt & Chris Jericho?  No? Me neither…. let’s see the Divas Champion AJ Lee and datGRANT & LAYLA WWE2K15 @$$ in action!

Dayum she fighting Eva Marie! And 10 seconds into the match Paige just had to skip in the picture, I thought it was All Red Everything??? OH SNAP!!!! EVA MARIE WIN!!! If it’s good enough for Heath Slater last week, it’s good enough for Eva Marie! Now she can fight for a Title shot!

Now Paige is dropping Hardcore Thuganomics on her ‘frenemy’!!!! I get it!!!!! It is Hip Hop’s birthday after all!

Speaking of Hardcore Thuganomics….here’s the Doctor himself!!!! Come on Cena, draw for your Book of Rhymes! Don’t let Heyman out rhyme you and make Hip Hop look bad on her birthday!

Well IWC, you just got called out by John Cena! When will he turn evil? When will he stop being that dude with the fruity pebble T-shirts? Cena claims he’s gonna go BUCKWILD on Brock at Summerslam! Cena punkin out Brock and now a capacity crowd chanting Cena’s name! I thought Cena Sucks guys? I thought he was the same old sh!t for 10 years? To fight a beast, you must become a beast! Well The Grant Says, to those PWL wrestlers, one of em named Old B*stard…. to fight The Infamous YOU must become Infamous!

Shout out to STC members Dawn Bayley and Josh Kohli!

Hang on – Brie Bella & Stephanie are gonna fight now? They’re not gonna wait til Summerslams???? Nah Stephanie is up to something surely!

OH HELL NAW!!!! Stephanie paid Megan to press charges and send Brie to jail! She can’t go Brie Mode in there???? Not again – not Prisoner Cell Block HHH!

Stephanie’s right – if you believe in the words of the bible – What goes around comes around…. looks like Megan is gonna get not just the WWE Network, but she might have a contract to fight for the divas title for up to a year as well!!!! Maybe even a 50 inch TV and a PS$/XBoxOne to play an advanced copy of WWE2K15 on it!

Now that Miz is here and Ziggler is about to compete, this is the part where I get my necessary refreshments…. hang on, Slater is fighting??? Hang on he could pick up another win here!

OH SNAP!!!! Too much focus on trying to beat on The Miz’s money-maker, Slater wins by count-out!!!! YES!!! (don’t expect me to support Slater again…)

Terrible sportsmanship by Ziggler, why he had to drop the Zig-Zag super move on Slater? All Slater did was held out his hand to say good game to Ziggler… and you support this fool…. I am appalled!

While Randall Teef Orton Battles Sheamus, and everyone on Facebook is putting R.I.P. Robin Williams, I just wanna take this time to give a shout out to a comedian that I personally miss…..

Live On Live Long Uncle Phil

…like I knew Randall was gonna win this, but it was how…. so here’s me looking on the Real Ebony Babes FB page, when I heard – BLAOW!!!! RKO to Sheamus as he left the top ropes! Yep – An RKO out of nowhere!!!! BORING – okay it was a good wrestling contest, which a few feel it should have been for the US title (Don’t ask me why – ask STC member Anthony Cardenas) I would rather see an altercation between Reigns and Randall… that’s how I see it anyway!

STC Summerslam banner

Enough foolishness! we have a birthday to celebrate!!!! Hulk Hogan SALUTE!!!!

Shout out to Mean Gene Okerlund and Jimmy Hart! Anyone would think WrestleMania is coming!

An emotional and epic video package for Hulk Hogan right there, I just wish it was that Jimi Hendrix tune they rocked for it though!

They even got Hulk Hogan promoting the network! It’s $9.99 brother! And you jabronies don’t wanna buy it? You cheap arse muthaf***az – GET IN THE CHAIR!

OH SNAP!!!! Nature Boy Ric Flair in the building brother! My grandma would be proud god bless her soul! Dayum Mr Wonderful Paul Orndoff is here! BACK FOOT! Teach the kids their wrestling history! His theme is epic rude boy!

Roddy Piper is here too! I can’t lie, that wasn’t a surprise! Piper looks like he still got beef with Hogan from all those years back!

NO! NOT THE NWO MUSIC! Kevin Nash & Scott Hall are here! In their NWO colours!!! Who said Scott Hall was in a wheelchair? GET IN THE CHAIR!!!

Hey Scott Hall – we started that Survey Says sh!t – you keep the…. UH OH….BROCK LESNAR???!!! OH MY GOD!!! He can’t crash the party!

About time Cena turned up! If he never turned up…bwoy…. you know what I would have loved??? If Unde…..Ah forget it!!!!!

Oh by the way… what was that about Sting turning up on Raw???? GET IN THE CHAIR!!!!!

Remember now…it’s all about Summerslams…. if you can’t get in da club, you have yourself to blame!











www.cageamateursuk.comBDSIR Network

The Jobber Blogger #119 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 7/8/14

Jobber Blogger logo2

Well, the infamous One Hundred and Nineteen issue of The Jobber Blogger! It’s taken a while to get this up and running.

Seems fate is against me this week, or at least timing, but it has helped me to “adapt”. Yes, in a string of “firsts” I’m going for something I’ve decided to call “Write’N Watch”.

Yup, WNW, or wNw for those nWo fans out there (salutes), I haven’t even seen Impact yet, so it’s all loaded up ready for me to breeze through and enjoy, and I shall make notes of each segment as usual, then jump across and get typing. Time is of the most import, and also time is the issue. Also power cuts.

A string of Birthdays, break-downs and power-cuts (oh my!) later, and it seems I’m ready to roll!

See you after the first segment!

Impact Wrestling Logo



Bram vs. Abyss – Monsters Ball

So yes, TNA kicks off with a Monsters Ball match, which is a pretty decent way to start a show where your Boss goes through a Table.

It’s all ECW based folks, and that kinda sucks. But Monsters Ball has its place within TNA, and thankfully so does Abyss.

What is a little jarring is how much they are plugging Dixie going through a Table, which is also the Intro Video package to this show, right after Bully and Dreamer talk about it (before it happens), making a promise. Then the video package saying it does happen, then Taz and Tenay asking the question “will it?”

I’m confused in this time-travelling plug of a show.

time travelSpeaking of Whaa, I like Bram. I’ve said it multiple times, but I like his image, music and his intensity.

Intensity is exactly what this match was, Abyss brought Janice into the match, but did the old “swing and a miss” into the Turnbuckle. That’s when Bram grabbed a Chair and took a swing, but Abyss elbowed it back into Bram. I only mention this because Bram’s selling of the elbow to the chair to his face, was excellent! I enjoy to watch people fall to the floor convincingly in a fake manor.

Also this guy


Also totally got you on The Jobber Blogger! I’ll MAKE YOU FAMOUS!

To the Seven people that might consider reading it.

Bram went back first from a choke slam onto the Thumbtacks (I don’t remember it looking that nasty before). In the end though, Magnus got involved stealing Janice from Abyss, Bram speared Abyss through the Barbed Wire board, then hit Abyss in the stomach with Janice and took the win.

Interesting that Bram has defeated Abyss again in a Monsters Ball match. Interesting indeed.

Also Bram took Janice with him after winning the match, fairly sure this is leading somewhere. If it’s anything like poor Dixie, then Bram will have to eat a good shot from Janice sooner or later.

Back to the show!


It feels like I forgot to come back and Write the rest of this. As it turns out. I didn’t.

MVP, Kenny King and of course Bobby Lashley took to the ring. Which is neat, it really does feel these three have taken a back seat, despite Lashley being the World Champion.

So it is nice for them to step up and get a moment to talk, even if it’s a little thin.

Though it is nice to see MVP floating around, I still don’t know where to place him in the company anymore, but once he’s fully back to being healed, either legitimately or storyline, we might have a better idea to see where he goes. Hopefully against Austin Aries.

On the plus side, MVP did make me chuckle whilst describing Aries’ recent World Championship match from last week, and I quote:

a double air linesI don’t know what it is about Wrestlers and their Ass obsession. Right on queue of “who else is there for Lashley to beat” out comes Bobby Roode. Who incidentally had this to say about MVP:

“I’m not out here to talk to your Ass!”

Would be a totally different show if he was… o.O

Fairly obvious Roode would be next in line for a shot at Lashley, though I wouldn’t be surprised if it took him a few months to get a Fair match, at Bound for Glory.

But if I’m honest, right now, I want Lashley to win. I miss having long Championship reigns, and they come with someone who is legit. TNA doesn’t have anyone who fits the mould of a undefeated World Champion better than Bobby Lashley.

Kenny King went on the attack with MVP to follow, which brought our Eric Young and Austin Aries. So there you have it…


The Bromans vs. Mr. Anderson, Gunner and Samuel Shaw

It was actually nice to see the return of this flimsy “when it fits in” storyline. Also The Bromans, I do like the Bromans.

But let’s not beat it around the bush, this match only took place to further the storyline between Anderson, Shaw and Gunner. As plainly obvious from this gem of an entrance

anderson this freakin guy

Anderson wouldn’t tag Shaw, and in the end pushed him out of the way to take the Tag for himself from Gunner, of course leading to Shaw “coming to the rescue” but Anderson got caught with a Roll-Up, and was pinned. Blaming Shaw, etc etc.

Least it’s better… and a lot worse, then where Shaw was before. I suppose his whole Creepy Bastard idea was rather neat, and the creepy moments with Christy.

Still think Gunner needs a bit of a boost.

I’m starting to think I’m just writing what you already saw, and then in that case… why!?

I would upload a Face Palm picture.. but I really don’t have the effort.


Team EC3 vs. Team Bully Ray – 8-Man Hardcore Match

I forget what the actual title for this match was.

But hey, it was pretty damn good! I’m not one for getting all into ECW revival territory… again, but it is cool when it’s done right. Thankfully it was done right. Shame it keeps getting brought up rather than moved on from, but they all have their connections to TNA anyway, so it does fit.

No idea if Snitsky and Ryclon are going to be hanging around now, same goes for Rhino and Dreamer. Be nice to see Rhino stick around, maybe even Dreamer. Who knows. It was short lived the first time Dreamer got involved and somewhat uneventful, but I’m glad he’s kept in touch and works behind the scenes.

Also Al Snow made an appearance, which usually isn’t that spectacular, but having the audience with their “heads” going crazy, is pretty damn cool, so I’ll give him that. His spring-board moonsault to the floor however, didn’t seem quite as impressive, but that is mainly due to the fact it looked like if he was actually caught, he would have plummeted on top of his head.

Crazy fast paced Hardcore match, and it was awesome. Also how cool is the 3D. When it’s done right and comes out of nowhere, it’s a super cool Tag-Team move. Glad Devon is back, nice to see Team 3D at work again, and a good choice for the Hall of Fame.

Also I think half way through the match Rhino suddenly remembered he left the iron on back at home…

rhino face


The Beautiful People tried their best to get Angelina Love her fair and due – rematch. But in turn Hot Mess herself, who for some reason struts around like a Drunk, decided to whine about how Angelina broke up the match between herself and Gail Kim recently.

This is the thing! A face, would always get a fair rematch, Angelina is due one, I know it’s storyline, but it bugs me, it doesn’t make sense. I hate having either “total Heel” control or “total face” control.

total face control

Least I can blame Kurt and feel somewhat better.

So yeah, next week, Gail Kim defends the Knockouts Championship against Angelina, Taryn and Velvet. Fairly sure Velvet and Angelina will throw a curve ball about “breaking up” and also Brittany should get involved… and then Madison. Then ODB, then whoever else.


Sanada vs. Samoa Joe vs. Low Ki – X-Division Championship

Storm kicked off the match, first with a backstage promo to Sanada, then to introduce Sanada. It’s just a weird fit. I can’t take it seriously, and don’t buy for a second a guy like James Storm would want to be a “master” having people bow to him. It’s just weird.

Tough love is put on Sanada regardless.

On the other side is Low Ki and Samoa Joe who had a little face off earlier on in the night. Low Ki did some rather Mortal Kombat inspired voice for his promo, which seemed very out of a place against a guy like Joe. Joe can cut a promo, because he does it from his heart, he’s himself, and he’s good at it.

I didn’t make many notes for the match itself, though very good. All three of these guys are the kind of talent you want to stay in TNA. Low Ki is just different to anyone else, which I suppose they all are, but Low Ki is a special bread, so I wanted him to get the Championship with the hope he will stick around this time. No idea if he will or not.

Sanada rolled up Joe into a bridge pin which was counted into Joe’s submission hold for the Tap-Out Victory.

Suppose it makes sense for Joe to come back into the division, he’s a fan favourite, and what better way to re-define the Division than to put Joe back as the figure head. Still want Tigre Uno to have a run. Or at least a match with Aries, make it happen!


And last but not least, Dixie for no reason at all goes to the ring with her hired hoodlums, insults them, fires Snitsky and Ryclon (good run). Then Bully, Devon and Dreamer take centre stage. I think I threw up a little when Dreamer said “extreme pipe bomb”. Thankfully King Mo punched him in the face so we didn’t have to.

I think it would have been a little better if it “happened” organically. Rather than booking a segment to do it. So it’s pretty much going to happen.

Either way, we can be picky all night, Bully pretty much put himself through the table and just pulled Dixie back closer to him. But what matters, is that it was a moment, and it was cool.

The entire TNA Locker-room stopped Dixie from leaving, and so Devon escorted her to Bully to powerbomb her through a Table.

The fans went nuts, TNA chants rattling my speakers and it was a moment that makes you proud to be a TNA Fan.

I love the crazy TNA Chants! That’s what bugs me the most about the ECW chants creeping in, we have something cool, that is ours, that is real, and that’s TNA. Support that and chant that, and it’s magical.

I think this is supposed to be the end of Dixie Carter on Television, which would be nice, least for quite a while. She’s had a good Heel run, and it’s the most fitting way to send her out.


I hope things are going to keep moving with this, and actually push a new direction for TNA.

Still no news I don’t believe on their TV Deal with Spike, they’re at least on air till the end of September with No Surrender.

Till then!


TNR Cover 12 (w facebook address)


Monday Night Raw #1106: August 4, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer

Peace & Blessings Wrestling fans around the world! My Name is Michael Grant a.k.a. The Infamous Informer, a.k.a. The Man In The Purple Suit, a.k.a. the 1 behind the 1 in 17-1… when My Client, RRRRRRon Killings, Conquered the Bo Dallas streak last week on Raw!!!!


Boo me all you want but I each and every week I speak the truth to you deluded wrestling fools! CM P**k doesn’t wanna know, Dolph Ziggler is WACK and you stupid muthaf***as supported the excellent Guardians of the Galaxy after you run down Batista to the ground… how stupid and dumb do you look now??? You sneer and go to the toilet during diva matches like b!tches in a club doing their make up taking selfies and sh!t and now the most talked about match at Summerslam is Brie Bella Vs Stephanie McMahon…


Now b!tch, get me my Real McCoy Man Crisps, my Aero mint chocolate, my Carte La’Dor Strawberry Ice Cream and my Jaffa Cakes, don’t forget my Pineapple & Grapefruit crush drink… sit down and SHUDDUP! RAW #1106! HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZBig ups to STC member James Patrick Park Jr. Live in effect at Raw this week but they took the Smack Talk Centre sign away from him???? WHAT SORT OF SH!T IS THAT??? The Smack Talk Centre must be too gangsta for the WWE!!! You f**k!n with the wrong n!**@ now WWE!


I wished I counted how many times this year Raw starts with the Authority coming out here… don’t get me wrong though… I love to see Stephanie’s sexy @$$… but it’s like 2000 when Triple used to come out talking sh!t like – ‘I AM THE GAME-ERRRRR…. I AM THE WWF CHAMPION-ERRRRR… And I AM THAT GOOD-ERRRRR!!!!’

What is this – a promo ramming the WWE Network down my neck back??? This a shot at the IWC – all 128,000 of em who withheld their sh!t after 6 months…

It’s also promoting the WWE Network going global after they clinched the deal with the Canadian Cable Company….


And guys, you can catch Stephanie McMahon riding on Grantington Steele on the WWE Network for $9.99 (£6.71) a month!!!


But according to Triple TEEF, you get to read on here about My hero Kane Vs Roman Reigns in a Last Man Standing Match for free!!!!!

If a steel chair is wedged between the turnbuckles, and Roman Reigns drives Kane headfirst into it… does that count as a chair shot to the head? ??? Hit me up on the TWITTAAAAR!!! @MZATheInfamous!!!

HERE WE GO!!! Roman Reigns has sent for the tables!!!! I hope Kane sets that sh!t pon FYYYYRRRRRRE!!!!

OH SNAP!!! Roman Reigns went for the Superman Punch, Kane with the sidestep – grabs him, Chokeslam through the table – BLAOW!!!!

Luckily for Reigns his SWAT gear cushioned some of that blow. Reigns able to recover, got the superman punch, ducks underneath Kane’s clothesline, comes off the ropes – SPEAR – BLAOW!!!! Kane tryna pull up with the ropes but it’s too late – 10 count!!!

Oh Kane….. I knew you should have set that muthaf***a on fire! Reigns would have lost for sure! Triple said he wanted to see the demon…. the demon got slayed yo!

Well if you wanna see tables set pon fyre you can see it pon de WWE Network, for $9.99 (£6.71)!!!

WHAT AN EPIC MMA/UFC STYLE PROMO PACKAGE BY BROCK LESNAR & JOHN CENA!!! But Brock said something that made me think – Yo WWE, you better rate this thing TV-14!!!! “I’m gonna leave John Cena in his own blood, urine & vomit…” Oh my god – OH… MY… GOD!!!!! (JR VOICE)

And if you wanna see the biggest fight of the summer then send for the WWE Network at only $9.99 (£6.71)!!!

Wait a minute…Sandow can’t come out to JR’s music????? After WWE treat him bad like that???? DISRESPECT!!!! Sandow you’re my dude but you gonna get buss arse for this surely!


Oh no next week on Raw is gonna be MAAAAAAD! Hulk Hogan’s Born Day plus surprise guests???? Ok let’s get to guessing… Rowdy Roddy Piper gotta be there… Sandow will be there probably dressed up as Mr America and sh!t… how about The Rock & Stone Cold Steve Austin??? Nah that’s asking too much! But is $9.99 (£6.71) for the WWE Network asking too much?????

I like the banter and jokes surrounding the WWE Network between JAY-BEE and Lawler… it’s almost classic heel commentary! If those internet muthaf***az complain about this…. it makes me wanna rage like Ken in Fist of the North Star and throw fists at y’all muthaf***az!


What sort of move was that by Bertie???? That was like a reverse suplex off the top ropes!!!! And Ambrose survives??? DAYUUUM!!!

Bwoy Bertie was a tough opponent for Ambrose! 15mins42secs is the time to beat for Seth Rollins… Winner of beat the clock chooses the stipulation…. if I was Ambrose, If Seth fails to beat the clock I’d choose an ‘I’ll F**K YOU UP’ match and take the briefcase!

OK LADS HOLD YOUR NUTS AND KEEP YOUR PALMS ON EM! Miss Tight Up Skirt herself – Lana is in the hiz-houuuuussse! And if you want her to grip your nuts all you gotta do is send for the WWE Network for $9.99 (£6.71)!!!!

LAYDEEZ!!! If you’re bi-sexual and want Lana to give you that good scissor lovin, send for the WWE Network for only $9.99 (£6.71)!

Lana has a good singing voice don’t you think??? If you want her to sing happy birthday to you, you know what to do…..

WWE NETWORK, $9.99 (£6.71)!!!

Damnit I was hoping that Rusev would CRUSH that Zeb Colter….maybe I’ll see it at Summerslam…. on the WWE Net…. wait a minute, I won’t have to do that since I will be with the STC LIVE at the Hogshead!!!!


Trust DRY ENGLAND to be last with the WWE Network… 170 different countries get it from next week and we have to wait til October 1????? What sort of sh!t is that???? F**k that – I blame Cameron…. I bet he’s trying to add WWE Network tax on that sh!t! If anyone deserves the Fist of the North Star punches… or if there is anyone I hate more than the IWC… it’s that muthaf***a who calls himself the prime minister! Get me in the ring with that bastard – I’LL F**K HIM UP!

Ziggler just beat Cesaro???? The Grant Says – I think it was a mistake that Cesaro broke away from Heyman….ever since then he’s been losing and sh!t… and Anthony Cardenas – it’s not ‘jobbing’ if Cesaro loses once! It’s just a loss! No wonder Ric Flair hates us using wrestling terminology!

Look at the creativity behind Cody Rhodes new Stardust character!!!! It’s amazing!!!! Even his fighting style is different to that of Cody himself! It’s a damn shame that they not at Summerslams… there’s 8 matches signed and not one of em are for the tag team titles! Maybe a tag team turmoil is needed here??? Even if it’s for pre-show?

Oh no My hero Kane has taken back off his mask…. I hope it’s not back to the school trousers he wore….. Undertaker talk to your brother man!!!!

Do you think WWE2K15 will clock on to the crowd holding their phones with The Wyatt entrance?

Damn Jericho just cannot get a break!!!! Every week the lights go out and he gets buss arse by Bray Wyatt! I keep telling that muthaf***a to bring a chair with him every time he fights the Wyatt man dem… he never listens…. and oh yeah, get a stipulation going or something!!!

WTF IS THIS? Fandango’s new partner is MUTHAF***K!N HORNSWOGGLE??? F**KOUTTAHERE… I’m getting my Ice Cream… Incidentally French Vanilla (Summer Rae) and Caramel Sundae (Layla) are at ringside…. and I’d get all up in their guts! They want their pu$$y sucked… ICE CREAM!


Oh no! Bo Dallas lost again on Smackdown by DQ??? Dayuuum! R-Truth is on a role!!! Maybe R-Truth should face the Underta…… oh wait…..

Look at JAY-BEE with the piece of paper saying $9.99!!!! If I see fans in the crowd with $9.99 as signs I am gonna crack up!!!

Ok people, 15 minutes. 42 seconds or less for Seth Rollins to defeat Rob Van Dam…. something tells me Seth will fail to this…

OH SNAP!!!! Heath Slater replaces RVD in this beat the clock challenge??? The Authority is being TEEF here…. F**k that – it’s all about Stephanie Vs Brie now!

Wait a minute – Dean Ambrose at ringside…. uh-oh!!! What if Ambrose f**ks it up and Heath Slater wins?????!!! Now it’s got interesting!

Hold up – how did Ambrose manage to open the briefcase and rip up the contract???? He can’t do that!!!! He just poured popcorn and soda all over that muthaf***a! How is Rollins gonna cash in his cheque??? He CAN’T!!!! Well there goes my guess of the ladder match with the briefcase up for grabs down the sewer…. shout out to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Das Efx!

OH SNAP!!!!!!! Heath Slater win!!!!! BLODCLART!!!!!! Ambrose you gonna pay for that I will assure you!!

Oh hell naw!!! I have to wait til Smackdowns until Dean Ambrose names the stipulation??? Ok I’ll make an effort to watch that sh!t!!!GRANT BODY THRONE - P

Once again – Stephanie & Brie get the main event segment….. twice in a row??? THIS IS WHAT I CAME TO SEE!!! THE CONTRACT SIGNING! WWE Fans stand up! Wrestling nerds sit the f**k down!

Usually I hate the crowd for this but this time I respect them for this! Brie is gonna f**k up Stephanie for herself, Danny, Nikki, Big Show, The Rhodes Family, and CM PUNK!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! YES!

What I saw next could be the funniest thing since GET IN THE CHAIR!

Stephanie signs the contract, slaps Nikki down! Before Brie could retaliate, Triple Teef pushes the table into the corner trapping Brie! LOOK AT THE SMILE ON HIS FACE!!! Stephanie with a Pedigree to Nikki – BLAOW!!!! OH SNAP!!!! Brie BEX!!! She slaps Triple!!!! But Stephanie grabs Brie, sets her up too! Pedigree into the canvas – BLAOW!!!!!

To those of you dyam arses who say Stephanie can’t wrestle, that she can’t fight, have you conveniently forgotten that Stephanie has been taking boxing lessons? That her husband is a 13 time Wrestling Champion who uses the hammer? So him teach her wrestling move???? Yeah you dumb wrestling internet keyboard warriors know it all don’t you? I actually remember Stephanie using the pedigree in the attitude era days… HA! I hope Danny has taught Brie how to use those pretty legs of hers to kick down Stephanie!












The Jobber Blogger #118 – TNA: DESTINATION X – 31/7/14


Well, I guess there is no time better to start writing this week’s The Jobber Blogger then right now. On Sunday! Yes, I am on time! Huzah!

I’ve not actually been and read back last week’s issue, but it did seem a bit of a rush around squeeze in, so if anyone didn’t like it, then I can apologise.

However, isn’t this interesting, I have just this week got back from my short trip away, which was lovely, thanks for asking. But right now, things are all blowing up.

Spike TV doesn’t seem interested in renewing TNA’s contract, which would effectively cancel Impact Wrestling. But let’s be serious for a second, one, Spike has not as of yet cancelled the show. Two, Spike are actually being pretty decent to TNA, unlike they did when they cancelled WWE Raw some years ago. All TNA need is a new network, or another deal with Spike.

This is why TNA isn’t going anywhere, despite people already writing which Wrestler is going where. Obviously this isn’t a good sign, but TNA is drawing Spike’s biggest numbers, which probably also means Spike’s biggest money project, is also TNA. So win some, lose some I guess.

TNA is a huge, million dollar company, that has its roots firmly set all over the globe. They are the number one watched Wrestling show in a good portion of Europe, someone will want them.

Again, people seem to think this is bad news, and a sure “good riddance”, yet WWE’s been through this before, it doesn’t’ mean anything.

What TNA need to do however is address what isn’t working. Paul Heyman recently said that people need to let go of ECW, and thank god he said that. Of course some people don’t like his words, but it’s almost pathetic now.

TNA just can’t let it go, and the only reason that is, is because ECW is more viable than TNA. How ridiculously bad is that. The best work TNA can do, is when they theme their shows to a flash in the pan company from over a decade ago. TNA has 12 strong years of history, but it’s clearly not working. At least in a branding sense.

It’s frustrating, year after year, TNA has the talent, the locker-room is fantastic. When they put on a Wrestling show, it’s the best Wrestling show going. When they bog it down with crap, no one cares. And it’s almost always bogged down with crap. Vince Russo is gone now, which is good news. They’ve got the Six-Sided ring back, they’re trying to push the X-Division (again) things seem to be rolling. Edge, and JR are publically saying how good the quality of the show is, when they just let their Wrestlers, Wrestle.

You would think TNA would have found their little slice by now, but it’s still all up in the air. But with that being said, at least they are still trying, and taking risks, it’s that which will always gain my respect as a Fan. Though why they drop some good ideas, and then green light some terrible ones, does baffle me a little. I think losing the Bound for Glory series is bad news, but then it wasn’t a perfect tournament, it needs refining, shortening down, but the idea behind it is great.


bluelineTNA: DESTINATION X – 31/7/14

Well if you didn’t guess by the banner, it’s Guardians of the Galaxy time folks! I’ve been riding this high for quite some time now. I don’t know what it is, but I am hooked, I’m itching at the finger to just buy anything related to the Guardians. I love the comics, I love the movie, I love the characters. T-Shirts, Toys, Prints, Collecatables, comics of course, everywhere! I’m obsessed!

Which brings us neatly to Destination X, where I am a little unsure of my final opinions on.

Well, it was a good show, no doubt, but it is a TNA show after all, so it does have some niggles.

Dixie, Spud, EC3, Rhino, Snitsky and Rycklon, or Ry cliff jean, I forget…

The whole point of this was to set up a match for next week, against Team 3D and Dreamer, pegged as “one final match”.

Which gets ruined for us all at the end of this week’s show, but more on that later.

Apparently Snitsky and Ryclon, are supposed to represent ECW. Which is a joke. Everyone knows that’s a joke. WWE’s “ECW” was a joke, hell, the original ECW was boarder line a joke in the first place. So yes, Snitsky was briefly in WWE’s ECW, and Ryclon, as Ezekiel Jackson, was the last person to hold WWE’s “ECW” World Championship. Funny enough, it’s the very same Championship which is classed as one of Bobby Lashley’s World Championship reigns. Also a joke.

I find it hard to care about this anymore, but thankfully this all ends next week when Dixie goes through a Table. Oh Wait, is that a Spoiler?… no, it’s on the show, this week’s show. TNA’s own show.

I guess we might as well get this out of the way here. The whole “Next Week on Impact Wrestling” is all about Dixie going through a Table, which is footage from next week’s show. Sure they cut it before she goes through the Table, but what a joke.

They’ve obviously seen that this big “storyline” is not as interesting as they thought, as the Ratings take a dive every time Dixie is on TV, no matter if she’s going through a Table or not.

So to try and boost the viewership one would only imagine, they run the clip of “next week, she goes through a Table, tune in to witness it”. If I was more like a Moriarty, I would not watch it on principle! But I’m going to watch it, because that’s what I’m like. Still kind of crap to spoil your own show. Doesn’t say a lot of good for the product is it. It’s Square Enix all over again.

please tune in next week dixie carter goes through a table

bluelineHardyz vs. The Wolves – World Tag-Team Championships

So I will be honest, I got a bit of a kick out of covering this match. Sure I do this for the fun of it, but just having established what little I have with The Jobber Blogger, it was pretty cool to be covering a Hardy Boyz match. They’re my team. They’re my childhood, so it was quite a thing.

What is weird though, is having the Hardyz passing the torch, I grew up with them in their prime, now they’re on the closing part of their careers, or at least sailing toward it slowly. It’s quite sad.

I would love to say they were just as good as I remember, on point, perfect, fast and efficient. But they weren’t.

Which obviously, they are a fair bit older, and although Matt is working with ROH and other indie shows, he just doesn’t seem quite as on point. I guess they haven’t team regularly enough either to get back into their old routine. I know they’ve done some shows at Omega, and recently with the Young Bucks (they should be back in TNA).

That slight criticism doesn’t sell them short by a long shot, this match was awesome! The Wolves are at the top of their game, and so is Jeff, I think Matt needs a little bit of time, but he’s only a step behind his potential.

What I will say sucks though, is the entrance theme. It sort of worked for Matt in his whole “Cold Blooded” idea, but it’s not Hardy Boyz. This is Jeff’s version where he put lyrics to it, which is worse.

So I do think that sucked a little bit of momentum from them, the original Hardy Boyz theme is iconic, it’s impactful, and it sets the pace.

I’d like to think if Matt decides to stick around, they might put the time into a new Theme. But who knows what he’s going to do right now.

I really didn’t make much notes about the match itself, other than how good it was, but when they picked up the speed toward the end of the match, is when it really started to shine.

Not to mention Matt got to go out on a high, he might have been the one getting pinned, but least The Wolves’ offensive is so hard hitting, people will understand.

What is possibly more exciting is the advertised Wolves vs. Team 3D vs. Hardyz for the next set of New York tapings, that, I can’t wait for. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them push a Full Metal Mayhem out of them all too.

bluelineDJ Z vs. Manik vs. Low Ki – X-Division Qualifier

This match, right here, is what the X-Division is about to me. I know there are another two matches on the card, but these three stole the spot light.

And they gave each other time to shine. All eyes are on the returning Low Ki, who is just awesome, I love Low Ki. But DJ Z draws the short straw, but he backs up his unusualness in the ring, and it’s great to see him get that time. A lot of the time he falls into the weak gimmick, much like Robbie E, but he’s a big threat, and very credible, so I appreciate him having his moment in this bout too.

I’d have preferred to see Tigre Uno thrown into this mix, and much like every week, it’s Tigre Uno’s position that is frustrating me. More on that later on.

In the end Low Ki is the one who picked up the win, defeating Manik no less, which further established Low Ki’s current threat having defeated DJ Z last week.

bluelineSanada vs. Brian Cage vs. Crazy Steve – X-Division Qualifier

It was actually quite a treat to see Brian Cage back after last year’s unsuccessful Gut Check outing. But despite being impressive, I just don’t find appealing as a Wrestler. His physique is his downfall. I just don’t feel there is a place for that kind of breed of Wrestler anymore, unless you are at the top of your game, like Bobby Lashley, otherwise you fall into the “I don’t know what to do with this” category, like Rob Terry.

Cage can move quick for a big man, but I don’t want to see that. As an example, Cage next to Crazy Steve, is just no comparison. Steve is appealing instantly, he’s got a quirky character, he moves perfectly to fit his character, he’s good in the ring, but he’s also highly entertaining, I’m already rooting for him, so there’s no competition.

Sanada (ironically for a Japanese man) is actually a fair bit taller than the majority of the X-Division competitors, he’s a big guy. But he exemplifies the X-Division style, so he’s a great fit (also glad he’s sticking around longer).

Speaking of Sanada, Storm kicked off the match by talking smack on Muta, and then introduced Sanada, with Storm now in the position of Sanada’s new mentor. Which seems absurd.

I don’t really like Storm in this position, but hey, it’s Wrestling. Whatever.

It will bug me that Storm isn’t the top heel though, because his potential is huge. Though not currently against Lashley, but one day.

In the end, Sanada picked up the win.

bluelineYes, TNA is teasing new stars! Which seems silly to sign new Wrestlers, and re-sign current talent, if they’re going out of business. Guess what folks, they’re not going out of business! Woop!

Just maybe a new network.

I do know who this is, so I wont say unless you want to know!

bluelineSamoa Joe vs. Tigre Uno vs. Hernandez – X-Division Qualifier

This is why I hate this match.

Tigre Uno is the filler. Tenay kicked off the match by once again praising Uno’s ability, and how close he’s been of late to winning the X-Division Championship. But there is one thing that tells the story of this match, and that’s Joe’s return to the X-Division, followed by Homicide’s return.

Never liked Homicide.

This puts Uno the odd one out, in a Division he’s arguably the best in. If Uno was against Manik, DJ Z, Low Ki, Sanada, Crazy Steve, that would be awesome.

Hell Uno vs. Aries, I want that match.

But here, he was just to throw around. It’s rather annoying if I’m honest, I think Uno is superb.

Joe took the win, making Samoa Joe vs. Sanada vs. Low Ki for the vacant X-Division Championship next week. My pick is Low Ki. Probably more hopeful than anything else.

bluelineAustin Aries vs. Bobby Lashley – World Heavyweight Championship

I think we were all fairly sure Aries wasn’t going to win this one. Lashley isn’t losing the belt till Bound for Glory, at the earliest. Which I would guess could be to Roode.

Aries impresses as always, but the thing that still seems odd, is that Lashley really isn’t all that established as World Champ, even now.

I’d much prefer he remain un-established than to have him cutting Promo’s every week about how good he is. But still.

I would like nothing more than to say that this match was match of the year worthy, but it’s not.

If anything, it bugs me a little bit.

Aries took himself out by missing his Suicide Dive to the outside, he hit nothing but Guard Rail, Lashley then speared him for the win.

Sure, this makes sense, but it’s also exactly how Jeff lost.

The difference is that Aries always does his suicide dive, whereas Jeff took a huge gamble by Swanton Bombing the steps, that was his downfall.

I’d prefer Lashley to be so strong, so unstoppable, that even when his opponent thinks they get the upperhand, and dish out their best moves, Lashley kicks out, and kicks out. Which in turn makes them take a risk, just like Jeff did, and that cost him the match.

This seemed less cool, and more like Lashley couldn’t win unless his opponent made an error.

So yeah, Lashley won.

bluelineOverall a good show, strong card, good matches.

But nothing quite ground breaking. The only storyline going on really is the Dixie Carter / Bully Ray mess that no one cares about.

Hopefully TNA have some big plans for when I imagine Dixie will be off of TV. MVP is out of the way. And it seems they are going more “old school” TNA. Which is a good direction, hopefully something works out. But then, it seems at the brink of every “new beginning” I’m writing, Hopefully. And still, no hope.

bluelineNext week should be good though, least with matches.

Low Ki vs. Samoa Joe vs. Sanada – X-Division Championship

Abyss vs. Bram – Monsters Ball

and EC3, Snitsky, Cyclone and Rhino vs. Bully Ray, Devon, Dreamer, and I hope no other ECW has been.

Till then!


TNR Cover 12 (w facebook address)

Monday Night Raw #1105: July 28, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer

Dayuuuuuuuuuuuuum! What the rarse did I wake up to this morning??? Spike TV can’t take this sh!t no more with Total Nonsense Atrocious Wrestling? No doubt, they made an ‘IMPACT’ alright, on the media and the IWC!!! Now all the WWE Fan Boys are hoping that TNA meets its end, they stole Triple and Undertaker’s shovel and they have worked hard to dig the grave! The real wrestling fans are concerned for all the talent that is there as their future hangs in the balance…by this Thursday coming… we will know for sure! Poor Danny Bryan, he just helped put a criminal to justice, and now his glory means nothing… similar to his WWE title reigns…

We are in for a big week in wrestling y’all… with that said, get me my BIG PIECE OF CHICKEN!!!! RAW #1105! HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZWord on the street is that Stephanie McMahon has invited Brie Bella to Raw!!! My love for women is untold, and I am so invested in this storyline! It’s hotter than John Witherspoon’s hot sauce… hell, it’s hotter than Lana!!! YEAH I SAID IT!


When the start of Raw involves divas in Brie Bella & Stephanie, YOU KNOW sh!t is going down!

Since Raw last week had NO Cena, this week let’s start with him…. is it the toughest challenge for Cena??? I dunno man… he has defeated Brock before…but Brock brukk the streak – from you do that…. Cena is in trouble now!


There you go! Cena told ya! He defeated the beast back in 2012!!!! Cena belie- no sorry – BO-Lieves he can win!!!!

Not according to Paul Heyman…. Cena will be BEATEN! Cena will be VICTIMISED! Cena will be CONQUERED!!!!

Ok Cena got real talk for Heyman…. oh yes the passion… he promises Heyman that he’s walking out with this sunovab!tch!!!! (Poor Austin impression Cena but… what the hell!)

COUNTERACTION BY CESARO!!! I know he didn’t just tell Cena straight that he CAN’T WRESTLE!!! Understand what Cesaro just said people! Cesaro just said what the Anti-Cena attitards have been typing on their keyboards for years!!!! Do you realise that the Anti Cena Attitards are clenching their penises and thrusting away until they damage their monitor right now???!!!!


Cesaro, on a mission… to out wrestle Cena all over Houston! If Cena defeats Cesaro right now….oh boy oh boy… how crazy would that be? But if Cesaro actually defeats Cena? That would be HUGE!!! You know the rules WWE! defeat the champion in a non-title match, he’s the #1 contender straight away!

Oh man this is one of those matches where Cena has to draw for moves he don’t use!!!! Like he did with Sandow, like he did with CM P**k!

An FU (AA) off the top ropes – BLAOW!!!!! Cesaro is main event ready if you ask me! All he needs is a compelling storyline! Ok all you Anti – Cena attitards – shut the f**k up… you don’t know the meaning of the word ‘buried’!!!! If Cena dropped the FU on your b!tch @$$ you ain’t getting up!

Oh dear! Triple tried to be reasonable with Randall… Triple is right – Randall you cannot have a title shot with Cena because 1 – No one wants to see that sh!t – and 2 – Roman Reigns already said he’s gonna f**k you up every chance he gets! And then after him, he’s going after Triple! With that said – if Randall fights Roman Reigns at Summerslam I’m calling it now – Roman Reigns will LOSE because Triple TEEF is gonna f**k it up!

…and the masturbating continues!!!! This time for good reason… Paige is in the building… with that horrible @$$ voice…I’m sorry…. for a 21-22 year old??? She sounds more like 52!!!!

Now the masturbating continues for bad reason… the CM P**k chants continues while AJ Lee was in the ring…. f**ks sake!!!

Oh hell naw!!! Paige why you call AJ crazy for??? You know what happens when you call that girl crazy??? You know what AJ, you might as well learn the Anaconda Vise submission and the GTS supermove…. if you do that…you might cure these wrestling nerds of this problem! The man is straight edge for god sake… he promotes being clean, and not taking drugs, yet these wrestling fools are ADDICTED to chanting for a man who cares not for them! Something wrong with that picture if you ask me!

What’s up Steph?!!! You don’t look yourself…. you escaped getting cigarettes for Bea Smith didn’t you? You avoided playing the ‘scissor game’GRANT - BODY - P with Joan Ferguson… didn’t you????


Why get bex at us Triple? Stephanie shouldn’t have been farce should she? No one told her to slap a ‘paying customer’ in the crowd???

THIS IS WHAT I CAME TO SEE! Stephanie & Brie  Storyl- hang on – JERICHO????

Oh no you know Jericho and Stephanie are arch nemesis! He got Houston singing this!!!! OH SNAP!!!


Then he pulled out old faithful! Asking Triple – Why the f**k didn’t he go to Stephanie’s aid straight away??!!! Simply put – she is a Trash bag, $5 dollar ho!!! (A pretty looking ho… that I’d wine & dine, take her to the movies… take her back to my crib… I will do all the rubbing…kiss her everywhere, Yes Triple – EVEN THERE!!!!)



Oh dear a shot to the head with the briefcase – BLAOW!!! Seth Rollins clapped Jericho down! We got a great match for later – Seth Rollins Vs Chris Jericho…BIG!!!!

6 Man tag team action! Miz & Rybaxel, Vs Dolph Ziggler and Usos…. bound to be a crazy hi-flying match… Can Ryback win another one???

HA! HA! Jailbird trending pon twitter!!!! Stephanie have criminal record!!!! Well if it’s good enough for Vincent Kennedy, it is good enough for Daddy’s Little Girl! JAY-BEE you are a funny muthaf***a! We should have our twitter and Facebook suspended for calling Stephanie a jail-bird??? So what should they do to users who have nasty pedophile sh!t on their Facebook or racist groups and all that sh!t???? Plant a bomb in their laptops and devices???? Actually that’s not a bad idea!!!!

Catch Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston & Big E at ringside!!! now sporting suits that my Uncle Danny would be proud of!

God damnit Ziggler won… well he’s in a storyline right now so until Summerslam, I won’t cuss… I’ll have to bite my tongue…

Er… Xavier… your work is not done… look at R-Truth acting a fool in the ring! Come for your brother! That ‘WHAT’S UP!’ sh!t don’t fly no more!

WTF!!!!!! R-TRUTH BRUKK THE STREAK OF BO DALLAS???!!! HOLY CRAP!!! Bo Dallas BEX!!!! Assaulting R-Truth! What you gotta say now JAY-BEE???? Greatest streak of all time??? GETTHEF**KOUTTAHERE! Undertaker never assaulted Brock after his loss… he took it like a man! Undertaker is a man of honor!

Damn why can’t somebody rip Lana’s blouse off???!!! Hold on – did Lana just cuss bad word???? Nah must be her fake accent!


While Zeb Colter talks his nonsense…. I thought I’d play this for my dude Lee Steadx of the STC, because that’s what he’s thinking when he sees Lana, knowing that Rusev is supposedly dating her…


RUCKUS IN HOUSTON BETWEEN SWAGGER & RUSEV!!!! Why have I got this feeling that this will be a submission match of some sort? Or an I Quit match? Loser has to quit talking trash about one’s country???? Both got submission super moves….

Props to WWE – I am invested in every storyline leading up to Summerslam!!!! Very good fellas!

Well apart from the Sandow/Adam Rose rubbish…. trust me to speak too soon!

Roman Reigns Vs My Hero Kane… well we know how this gonna turn out… awaiting Randall’s entrance to bait it up for Reigns…. but wait – who will my hero Kane fight???

Well Randall came a lot sooner than I thought! Randall, Kane & Reigns fighting in the crowd!

KANE! Chokeslam to Reigns! Left Randall to finish him off! Randall! With voices in his head! They are chatting to him! They telling him to f**k Reigns up all over the ring! DDT off the barricade! Set up announce table! RKO – BLAOW! The table didn’t break! Randall nah dun – a second RKO – BLAOW!!!! The table broke this time! Well done Randall you f**ked up Reigns but guess what? You still don’t get a title shot muthaf***a!


Oh my GOD – Summer Rae & Layla acting as Spanish cheerleaders??? With those boots and tights on? Tight leather dress and sh!t??? What more will these two do to keep my d!ck harder than Bruce Willis??!

Fandango lose again to Los Matadores!!! HA! HA! HA! Just the way playas play… every day all day! HA! HA! HA!

Naomi still looks bex… and sexy with it, Alicia Fox and Cameron looking like they run the school yard… and Natalya looking like….Natalya! I LOVE IT!!!! THIS IS WHAT THAT WRESTLING SH!T IS ABOUT!

Wait a minute – Naomi has a new submission super move???? Why isn’t my girl champion???? Ok I understand the situation right now!

Seth Rollins Vs Chris Jericho – this one should be wild!

Knowing that the last segment is between two women…. we haven’t seen that since 2005 when Trish fought Lita! I’m telling you this is how hot the storyline is!

Great contest between Rollins & Jericho as expected, but that codebreaker from the top ropes – BLAOW!!! – SEND FOR THE WYATTS! I’m telling you Jericho needs another game plan! He gotta get some steel chairs in reserve! Otherwise he will be slaughter every time!

BUMBACLART SO THAT’S HOW IT GOES DOWN! When was the last time you were excited about a feud with two females??? Mickie James Vs Trish Stratus perhaps? I bet it was! Brie Bella will drop all the charges if Stephanie agrees to a fight at Summerslam!!!! So Steph puts on this act that she’s the victim only to – WHAAAAAAAAM! Blast Brie in her mouth corner! And all hell has broken loose! Capacity crowd with the Yes Chant! and This Is Awesome! Stephanie vows to make Brie Bella her B!TCH!!!! Stephanie, mother of three, a principal owner of World Wrestling Entertainment, corporate partner with many organisations! About to get it on with Brie Bella! Just think of the root of where all this began! All because Daniel Bryan would not Get In The Chair…. had he had done that… things would be different right now…. expect Danny himself to be at Summerslam supporting Brie along with Triple supporting his wife: TRUST ME… this match is gonna be DON!!! Nikki Bella gets a pay rise too! How about that then??!!!












Jobber Blogger logo MikeLadies and Gentleman! Yes The Jobber Blogger has some serious Firsts to discuss!

Today, is Friday! You asked for it, probably didn’t though on second thought. But I am going away on Sunday, busy all day on Saturday, not back to Wednesday, busy on Thursday, so that means I needed to watch, and write up Impact on the same day! That’s almost like blasphemy in the realm of priorities that involve effort!

But you will be happy to know that the above statement is not the ground breaking first news. No it’s something far better, far unexpected! The Jobber Blogger has been put in his place, you might remember (doubt it) back in Issue #113, the No-One Cares guy! He is Real!


And despite what you might expect, he does indeed care, he stumbled on to the blog and has since been in touch! Yup, I’ve been told! Though in related news, he found it all hilarious, so there is that, which also means that I got away with it!

Oh how I wish the Rick Moranis look-a-like guy from New York found my blog from last week, that would tickle my mind for years!

rick moranis

Impact Wrestling Logoblueline


Yup, this was the second round up of TNA Tapings from New York, I do believe there is yet to come Destination X, then that might be it, I don’t remember.

But here is my initial thought, “meh”. Now that doesn’t mean they weren’t good shows, but they were supposed to be BIG, like push the company forward. But they were just ECW riddled, good matches, nothing really that spectacular. Hey, this episode ended well… just had some serious problems.


Bobby Roode vs. MVP – Falls Count Anywhere

So here it is, the verdict, MVP seems okay. So he was just selling it all rather well last week. I don’t however think he’s 100% by a long shot, but clearly can go, without issues.

Which at first, I thought this match actually wasn’t going to take place, the whole MVP not going to the ring, then Roode going to the back. I expected Kenny King to jump him or something to take over for MVP. But no, it went on as planned.

I don’t think this is over by any means, because although Roode got his hands on MVP, I guess the whole Eric Young dynamic will take this a little further. King and EY both got involved in the match briefly. But for the most part is was just Roode throwing MVP around but nothing get too serious.

In the end though, Roode applied one of the worst looking Sharp-Shooters I’ve ever seen (and he’s Canadian folks) and won the match.

It’s the kind of Sharpshooter that would scare Sting so much that he would leave the company and turn up at Comic-Con for a WWE Panel. Oh yeah, that happened too…



Jeff Hardy hit the ring, which confuses me.

Jeff had a really good match with Lashley last week, so this week he comes out and talks about “Willow heard the fans, but he’s not gone”, though I did like the “I will paint my face, wear a mask and Swanton the Steel Steps all to entertain you”. That was good, so credit goes there.

So what I expected was Jeff talking about his loss, maybe his sore back, but instead for no reason, he brought out Matt Hardy. We all saw it coming, we knew he was at the event, but I don’t get the connection.

Why did Jeff come back to the main event to just go into the Tag-Team Division right away, couldn’t someone else have battled Lashley last week? I don’t know.

Here’s my other problem. The Hardyz look old. Now I was a Team Extreme follower growing up, like serious follower. I wore my Hardy Boyz pendant with pride, Every Single Day for Years! YEARS!

But now seeing them together in 2014. It’s almost, odd. Everyone’s always loved Jeff, he looked awesome, he wrestled with a different style, he was reckless, people just gravitated to him. But for my money, Matt was always the better Wrestler. Now over the last few years, Jeff has become a full package, where Matt has nothing over him now, but age. And that’s a disadvantage.

Matt was always the smart one, he did his best to keep Jeff on the right tracks, always stood by him, Jeff went off the rails numerous times, but then Matt did, and Matt went off hard. I mean the whole Hotel fight with his wife recently just leaves a sour taste. I don’t know what went on, none of my business, but I find it hard to look at a childhood hero and see any kind of redeeming quality in him now. My other childhood hero being Jeff, sorted himself out, improved himself, put himself in the best position he’s ever been, and it shows. To see them side by side, I don’t think I crave another Hardy Boyz Tag-Team Run. I want to see them compete, but if I’m honest, Jeff is TNA. I want him here. Matt, I don’t mind so much. I was a big supporter of Matt coming to TNA, and he messed them around and he fell hard. He’s not really shown any sign of repairing that.

The Challenge was put out to The Wolves, and seeing both teams standing against each other. Hey, I’m a Wrestling fan, I’m looking forward to the match. But it doesn’t feel like The Wolves are going to over-come Jeff on his own, he fits in the roster. Matt is the dynamic that makes them feel old-news and that they can’t compete to the same level anymore.

Glad Matt seems to have sorted himself out, I look forward the reunion Tag Match, but I like Jeff on his own now. If I’m honest… he’s better for it.

Jeff Plane


DJ Z vs. Low Ki

I forgot quite how awesome Low Ki really is. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fully aware he’s awesome, but him just walking out on the ramp, his movements and mindset make him feel like a character. Yet it’s just him. He’s not wearing a mask, or doing any kind of gimmick, he just embodies this characteristic that is awesome to watch. Not to mention, he’s a true master of his chosen trade in Professional Wrestling.

I didn’t really write anything for this match. I know Low Ki was supposed to be at Destination X, so I do look forward to that, I don’t know if he’s actually signed with TNA, or if he’s just making an appearance, like Matt, Rhino, Devon and Dreamer.

Zema still has a weird aura to him, I like him… but I’m not sold on him. Never have been. There’s just “something” I can’t put my finger on with him, that to me makes him feel like he’s incomplete.

Either way, Low Ki won.


Bram and Magnus vs. Gunner and Anderson

Apparently Gunner and Anderson have been a Team of late, awesome that we got told things like this because they never showed it.

They were talking about the Tag Teams in TNA, when really there is two. The Wolves, The Bromans.

Bram and Magnus just doesn’t work, all eyes are on Bram, they won’t remain a Team, I’d guess they will be feuding by the end of the year. Gunner and Anderson, forget it.

That leaves The Hardy Boyz, which is a one off, and Team 3D, that have no interest. So just The Wolves and Bromans, I guess maybe the Menagerie, but not so much.

Maybe they could put Uno and Manik as a team, or something along those lines.

Bram and Gunner faced off for a good while, clearly trying to set something up between the similarities between them.

Magnus won the match by Pinning Anderson after his “Spine Shanker” move. Which sounds ridiculous. It’s like a weapon you would get with a 90’s Saturday Morning Cartoon character’s Figure. Or indeed sound like a Villain from the a 90’s Saturday Morning Cartoon…


Bram instantly carried on the attack, which in the end brought out the wild card in play is Sam Shaw. Shaw just decided to stand there and get attacked. Which is actually more interesting than him getting involved. To me, that’s trust building, when he probably has no intention of using it. Which just means Gunner and Anderson are not a team, because they are not finished.


Kurt Angle brought out Austin Aries to see if he is going to cash in the X-Division Championship for a shot at the World Championship. Which despite Aries talking in riddles, is exactly what he did.

Lashley and MVP confronted Aries, but Aries gave the usual speech about not backing down.

The main important thing to note is that Aries opened up this possible idea “Option D”. Where the X-Division Champion can cash in the Championship at any time for a shot at the World Championship. This sounds as simple as this, “we can reboot any errors quickly, or grab ratings quickly should we need it”. Plus adding to the problem of pretty much everyone being a former World Heavyweight Champion.

So now there are Two Belts in the company, which means you can get to the top by winning the easy belt to obtain. Is technically how it sounds.

The other problem, and this is the main one, is that the X-Division championship is supposed to signify the Division that TNA was built on. It’s the Championship that defines the company, it’s the championship that is prestigious and only held by those who really have been in TNA, to be in TNA. Sting hasn’t done it, Mick Foley, Kevin Nash, all of the big names to come and go, had nothing to do with the X-Division. It’s the Division built by AJ Styles, let’s be honest. So now, that Championship is just a throw away, and now not only as important, but just nothing on the importance level to the World Championship.

You can just win it, ditch it for a shot, lose, win it, ditch it. No-one wants to hold that belt for the legacy it represents, they want to win it, to just get rid of it.

I don’t like that. Option C makes sense, hold the belt as long as you can, if you make it to the big PPV of the year that puts the X-Division front and centre then you can cash it in for a main event match and the new up and comers get a chance at the Gold. Good idea. Option D, bad idea.

Also shows how much TNA need another Belt.


Taryn Terrell vs. Gail Kim – Knockouts Championship

I still don’t think Taryn has really done enough to “earn” the position she is currently in. After her limited, but impressive run on the active roster, she doesn’t feel like Number One Contender material.

However, both Taryn and Gail did put on a good match, which they hit a lot of top rope moves that seemed to connect with the crowd in a way most Knockouts matches don’t.

But, I still can’t look at Taryn in the same light, she doesn’t seem like she’s back in-shape for this position. I’m sure she will be, but right now, she just doesn’t feel “ready”.

Least Angelina and Velvet crashed the match and beat them up, I liked that part. Also Angelina was looking great, once again, Velvet making her look better. Clearly Velvet doesn’t look bad, I don’t know what it is though, but side by side, Velvet just seems to push attention to Angelina, who takes it naturally.

They work together in that regard. Aside from Angelina will always look like the leader .. which is a good thing, least to me.


The Great Muta vs. Robbie E

Yup, the Great Muta was invited to the ring, don’t know why, as I don’t think he knows how to speak English, so a speech would have been a bit of a waste of time. Speaking of waste of time, Robbie E decided to call him names, and so a match was put on.

I too, don’t understand what is so “Great” about Muta.

Someone started Whistling, then Storm came out (that’s a good idea, but poorly executed on Storm’s theme), Storm then spat Beer in the face of Muta, and started to attack.

The rest kind of wrote itself, initially I thought Muta was going to turn on Sanada, till this segment, where it was obvious Sanada was going to turn. Good news, Sanada has re-signed with TNA, so that’s cool.

I’m not so sure on Sanada looking up to Storm as a leader, rather than he just agree with Storm’s views.

Should be interesting though?

James Storm TNA business 2


EC3, Spud and Rhino vs. Tommy Dreamer, Bully Ray and Devon – Street Fight

I honestly thought Dixie would have gone through a Table on this show. But no, they’re going to keep dragging this one out.

Funny how the Dixie, Bully Ray segment drew the lowest ratings last week. Clearly a good sign right?

Dixie pandered to the ECW name, which was annoying, though kudos for Bully getting TNA Chants going. I respect that.

Dixie said she had some plan to connect the ECW name, I don’t know what she meant.

Big news part, Gene Snitsky and Ezekiel Jackson turn up in TNA. Yup, Big Black Guy no one knows, and crazy baby killing foot fetish dude, now with an obvious dyed beard and eyebrows.

That wasn’t a good ending. Ezekiel might fit the mould, shame they both didn’t join Aces and Eights last year.

No idea where this is going, or even why they would bring them into TNA. I don’t get the connection, and it really wasn’t all that of a shocking end.

And yes, EC3, Spud and Rhino won again. So now I care a little less.


Bit of an odd show, but least Destination X is up next week, the reunited Hardy Boyz battle The Wolves for the World Tag-Team Championships, a new X-Division Champion to be crowned (I think) and Austin Aries vs. Bobby Lashley – World Heavyweight Championship.

Should be fun, till then!


TNR Cover 12 (w facebook address)