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Jobber Blogger logo2Yes, Finally, we hit the New York shows.

And guess what. They’re alright. Not… great? Well, it was good! Really good!

But it had one main issue, least for me. They tried too hard. It was ECW all over the place. Taz kicking off the show, in the crowd. Doing his old catch phrases. Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer, then Rhino, Devon returning. Everything was BS from that one time in Wrestling that they managed to do something “different”. But it was a select kind of different, not a main stream type of different. “Everyone’s got the same look in their eyes!”.

TNA’s been plugging this whole ECW thing since day one, trying to be the edgy company, trying to find the similarities, now TNA is going back to their “roots” with the 6-sided ring. All this does is encourage people to chant ECW. I for one get a kick out of the organic TNA Chants. This isn’t ECW. Nor should it ever be. And the only thing more depressing than trying to re-create something that wasn’t all that great in the first place, is bringing back the guys that did it, for no reason other than that. Hey look, here’s Tommy Dreamer again, after his first really unsuccessful run in TNA, and now Rhino’s back. Hey Rhino used to be a big deal in TNA, then he left, then they brought him back for their ECW Revival, and got rid of him shortly after… now he’s back again.

TNA have just announced that they are bringing “Hardcore Justice” to their next TV Tapings in New York next month. Which pretty much means, hey look… ECW’s back…. again.

TNA is on a much bigger level than ECW, look at the stars they have. The calibre of talent. That’s not to say some of the guys from ECW weren’t talented, because they were, just not the majority.

TNA has the majority, and to label themselves, this company, which by all means is far Bigger and Better than ECW ever was, it just feels cheap. Focus on what makes TNA great. Rather trying to pander to an old audience of what, 4 years prime, 15 years ago, so that audience then see’s their old favourite under-ground stars telling you why you should like TNA. Here’s an idea, just show people TNA Wrestling.

Aside from the odd occasion, it seems liking TNA is becoming less of a “cool” thing. TNA chants used to dominate like the old ECW chants did, and still do. Yet during this show, ECW and ROH chants took centre stage. So well done on promoting everything else.


On the plus side, New York did bring out some lovely creepy folks I laughed at in the Audience, which is probably my new favourite section!

Queue Creepy guy staring at the back of TAZ!

taz fan big head


Impact Wrestling LogoTNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 17/7/14


Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer vs. Rhino and EC3

How bad is that, I just wrote above “vs. Rhino and ECW”… ugh

So yes, ECW kicked off TNA. Which as I stated above… was great.

Bully Ray is once again sporting the Biker Cut, this time it’s a Bully Ray – 5150, which looks much less cool than the Aces and Eights one. Here’s a thing, the one person the Cut looked worse on, was Bully Ray. So that’s ironic.


Rhino and EC3 came out after, with EC3 obviously playing the doofus, which really stands out with an ECW type of spot light. I’m sure that was the point.

Bully then got everything chanting Tables, and much to my surprise TNA didn’t even attempt to plug the fact that Rick Moranis was in attendance…

rick moranis

Well the 6-Sided ring is back, and I completely forgot it was till I started watching the show. I remember that being one of the big excitement moments, and now it’s back! It almost doesn’t look or feel quite as it did, given that it has the Impact Wrestling branding rather than the old school Black and Red from TNA Impact. Either way, it’s awesome to have it back, and I actually really enjoyed seeing how everyone Wrestled in it, who I haven’t seen compete in it before.

I think I mentioned this earlier, but for this Storyline to be where it is, and to the level it is, with Dreamer and mainly Rhino just coming back recently, feels a little odd.

I suppose when you have the history in place it writes itself… again. No idea how long Rhino will be sticking around for, we all know Dreamer is working with TNA behind the scenes, so he can easily pop up every so often.

Spud being the breath of fresh air he is in this old fashioned revival caused the distraction and EC3 pinned Tommy Dreamer. How much longer will this go on for you might ask, probably quite a while… maybe not, maybe even next week will be the end of it? So one.


8-Man Gauntlet – X-Division Championship

Yes Kurt Angle is booking matches out of his ears, least no cheat sheet this week. But newly crowned X-Division Champion Austin Aries has the deck stacked. But I like the fact Aries’ character is one of “bring it on, I’m better than everybody you’ve got”. And we all know it, believe and encourage it.

He’s like the legit Eric Young.

Not that EY doesn’t mean it, only Aries backs it up with reality.

So here’s the thing that bugs me about the X-Division currently, and certainly this match. Well two things. But they go hand in hand here, almost.

Sort of.

fish manI Legitimately did NOT make that photo!

Kurt FishI did however make this one! =D so proud!

Austin Aries, Eddie Edwards, Davey Richards, Manik, Crazy Steve, Tigre Uno, Sanada make the 8-Men competing for the X-Division Championship, pretty much guaranteeing he who wins will get the chance to cash it in next week for a World Title Match at Destination-X.

It’s just like last year, only if Aries lost (which would really suck) it would far, far better than having someone, like, oh I dunno, Chris Sabin, be the World Champion. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!

Chris Sabin champ sucks

Moving on.

Here’s the problem, Crazy Steve, one of the best new-comers to TNA, awesome character, he’s different, people love him. I get that, it’s awesome. I love Crazy Steve. He’s the flip side to him, he’s a goof character, we all get it, that means he can get away with some things, maybe eliminate Robbie E, or something from a match. But no, The FIRST, FIRST!!! Person to be eliminated was Tigre Uno.

tigre uno fn

Hey, I praise Uno every time he steps in the ring, no-matter who he is with, Uno stands out. Hence why Uno vs. Aries would be amazing. TNA beat this guys drum when he joined the company, but now he’s being the first guy eliminated, by the goof character. Really? Is that how you sell people on this highly talented athlete. This makes me think, if it’s budget cutting time, Uno is gone. If his contract comes up, he’s not going to re-sign. Why would he?

I hope he gets a really good outing at Destination X, and I really hope after the World Title picture cools off, Uno actually gets the chance to raise to the challenge. Say going into BFG as the X-Division Champion, even if he loses, that would be sweet.

So yes, in the end, it came down to Aries and Sanada, the last two left then becomes a Pin-Fall / Submission outcome, and your down with the over-the-top-rope stuff. So it was like a mini rematch from last week’s fantastic bout. This, was also fantastic, which on the flip side, last year was similar with Aries and Sabin.

Only Sabin just didn’t cut it higher than that.

Aries once again kicked it up a notch, and defeated Sanada, rightfully so and retained the X-Division Championship. Here’s the thing, Aries is either not going to cash it in, because he’s “too smart”. Or he will cash it in, and lose. I don’t see Bobby Lashley dropping the belt anytime soon, (spoilers for the main event) and quite honestly, I don’t want him too either.


Kenny King and MVP vs. Bobby Roode and Eric Young

EY and Roode are officially Team Canada’ing it up. And it works. Roode is awesome.

What I’m confused on, is MVP’s injury. Because either he’s really good at selling, or he really isn’t fit to compete. Which I get it, he’s not really doing any kind of Wrestling, but just being back in that environment is bad news. He might have agreed to this, he might be 100% fine and just putting it on. OR he might be injured, and if he’s injured, this match wasn’t fun to watch. I get the storyline bullet dodging, I’m cool with that. If he actually isn’t 100%, he shouldn’t be in that ring, at all. I’m perfectly fine with that and perfectly in support of that.

The New York Tapings left me very confused as to where on earth the fans were in relation to being up to date with TNA. I’m fairly sure they’ve missed almost a Month’s worth of Television and Storyline Development before this show. So nothing would have made sense. Let’s be fair, that really sucks if you’re a fan going to watch your favourite Wrestling show and having all of it spoiled for you.

In the end MVP and King used the Crutches to beat down Roode and EY, getting a DQ.

However next week, Angle booked Roode vs. MVP in a falls count anywhere match. So either MVP is actually fine, or something shady is going down.


Madison Rayne vs. Brittany – No DQ

It’s weird putting the Women on a show in front of the New York fans, the “ECW” Crowd.

But guess what, Brittany and Madison Brought It!

The Knockouts are fantastic! I love them. I want more and more of them, one Knockout match a show used to be un-common for a brief period of time. Hey, I love it when they main event. I know on average there aren’t as many “high quality” Women’s Matches on the same scale as how the Men compete. But Angelina and Gail tore it down, and Madison and Brittany hit it right back. If this keeps up, I’ll have to re-think my categories for Match of the Year.

It was hard hitting, highly entertaining and just awesome! It makes me so happy to see Brittany in this light, because it emphasises what a great asset to the Division she is, and that’s what you want to see out of new talent. Madison we all know is great, but she’s been on a different level lately too.

Madison dropped Brittany with her “Package DDT” which is an awesome move, and took the win. Also on a side note, seriously happy Madison seems to have switched her finisher, because what she did before, the “mood swing”, knee to the back fall over thing, it was a little awkward, and not always that impactful. This Package DDT… is fantastic!


Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Lashley – World Heavyweight Championship

So I gave ECW a lot of crap, and related it back to TNA. I love nostalgia more than the next guy, I guess ECW just wasn’t my thing. Not that I didn’t watch it, own some of it. I just don’t like a lot of it. I like the talent that came from it, and I understand the paying your dues, but Bully Ray is far more synonymous with the WWE and certainly TNA.

Regardless, this was a great show, the X-Division Gauntlet was great, Brittany vs. Madison was great, but it was easily Jeff Hardy and Bobby Lashley who stole the show.

I’ve said it before, but as a life-long Jeff Hardy fan, it’s amazing to see him at this stage of his career right now, doing the best work he’s ever done. Sure he’s had crazier matches in his past, and that part of his career could certainly look like his prime. But he’s never been delivering matches to this quality since he came back to TNA a few years ago.

So I shall say it, he’s certainly not for everyone, but I do feel those that are put off by his popularity or stance as a Face, respect his abilities and respect his position with TNA.

It actually felt really good to have Jeff Hardy back.

And Lashley, is legit. And I love that.

I love how he’s just big, tough, confident and highly talented. I love that he doesn’t talk, doesn’t back down. He’s what you want in a World Champion.

Not that I’m against EY, or Jeff or especially Austin Aries being Champ, just right now, I’m enjoying the Lashley train.

Lashley train2

It seems to be around this part of the year where you tend to get most of your “Match of the year” matches popping up, usually getting more and more as you head into the big PPV’s to close out the year.

This match, Hardy vs. Lashley, goes right into the Nominations. And it’s weird how just one moment in a match makes you feel on a different level, and that rises your excitement and involvement, and it’s that which boosts how you view it, for its entirety.

Yes, I’m talking about Jeff doing a Swanton Bomb from the Top Rope onto the Steel Steps. I’ve never seen that before.

I was shocked.

I expected him to do a Leg Drop or something, I didn’t expect him to a Swanton and Lashley to Move. Obviously they planned it, but it was awesome! Totally unexpected and a perfect finish. Jeff took himself out, Lashley speared him and got the Win. Perfect.


Dixie, EC3, Rhino and Spud closed out Impact, with Dixie showing she’s not afraid of Bully by going to the ring in front of his fans to protest the whole being “put through a Table” lark. Which obviously feels like it’s being put on far too thick, that sooner or later Dixie is going to have to go through a Table.

Bully has been losing for Months, getting his ass kicked, being put through Tables, by everyone. Yet he’s still built as this force. So sooner or later something is going to have to give, and you are in a Betting mood, I’d put a safe bet on the gears shifting next week.

Bully and Tommy Dreamer came out to battle, getting really close to putting Dixie through the table. Everyone escaped but EC3, and with the return of Devon, poor EC3 went through a Table.

So I might actually throw out my early prediction of Bully being a Heel. I think he’s face, with Devon, the hall of fame, and Dixie is going to have to go through a Table.. which seems absurd.

Till then!


Dan Wilkinson

TNR Cover 12 (w facebook address)

Monday Night Raw #1104: July 21, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer

SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO BDSIR NETWORK, The Perfect Plex team! I guest starred on their show this week and let all you jabronies know that Battleground was actually a good, but not great PPV, and you fools going on like Sting should be on the cover… The Grant Says: How about I put YOU on the cover of the local gyms saying this is what you gonna be like if you don’t come out the muthaf***!n basement!


BIG TINGZ AH GWARN THIS WEEK! But I’ll let the YouTube links further down the page tell the story… I got my double chocolate digestives, my pizza, my Supermalt, and a Aero bar for later (Redtube-ahem) LET’S DO THIS!!! RAW #1104, HOLD’DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZWord on the street is that idiot Flo-rida is gonna appear and give me headache with his wack sh!t, let’s hope BRROCK LESNAR drops the F5 on Flo-rida’s b!tch @$$ and he doesn’t appear again!


…and once again we start this sh!t with Triple TEEF…. hold up where’s your sexy wife at??? OH SNAP!!!! Triple TEEF is gonna complain online because Cena won!!! He’s gonna riot!!! He and his friend Mark is gonna stop watching!!!! Yo Triple!!! You could win promo of the year!

Sorry Randall, the fans don’t wanna see you vs Cena again… so no rematch for you muthaf***a!!!!

You mention Kane’s name Randall…. look w’happen!!!! Somebody gonna get chokeslammed tonight!!!

Kane don’t wanna babysit Orton again! All sorts of f**kery going on in the ring… time for Mr Justice himself to come down the stairs! Remember who Roman has beef with!!!

Trust that Triple TEEF to put Roman Reigns in a handicap match against Randall & My hero Kane!!!!

MEANWHILE… Paul Heyman is on that all important plane to pick up that PLAN C…

Paul Heyman Plan CSomething is seriously wrong with my internet connection – every week around this time now I am missing potentially crucial moments… and it’s been happening ever since I upgraded my broadband speed…

Thank you Virgin Media… I missed half an hour of RAW thanks to you b!tches… I DEMAND A DISCOUNT ON MY NEXT BILL!

Now I found out that the Wyatt Man dem buss up Jericho in his locker room… and now it’s time for the Wyatt Family Highlight Reel! Oh no! Battles don’t mean sh!t to Bray Wyatt! It’s all about de WAAAAAAAR!!!!!

Jesus have mercy look at the state of Jericho! Blood dripping down his ear and sh!t! What we gonna get at Summerslam? First Blood? YOU WISHED!!!!

Big up to STC’s Anthony Cardenas! Yes it is a bathroom break for when that fool Flo-rida enters the arena… I’d jump on the plane and get Brock my damn self!

Since the Miz & Dolph Ziggler are about to brukk each other up… I’ll might as well play Tekken… in fact let me put on Advert #1…

You see – this is how WACK Ziggler is, Miz is all about his money-maker (face)… The Miz would rather cover his face while Ziggler drops 10 elbow drops in succession… Ziggler you dumb @$$ you should have done that to his face! Now that would be F**KED UP! And THAT would impress me! that could have been you on the road to me liking you.. and you couldn’t even do that….. BLOODY USELESS! I don’t know what fans see in ya!


STC’s Felix Pizarro points out that The Rock’s moms is in the building… why would she be there???? You don’t think….

One thing I can say about Miz…he’s lucky that steel chairs to the head top are banned… he would be f**ked then! You know I would swing that muthaf***a like a baseball is coming at me in a Nintendo Wii game!

Urgh Ziggler wins…. that makes me sick to my stomach…. well that means Ziggler can fight for title maybe at Summerslam… make it pre-show pleeeeeeeassseeee!

WHOA!!!! Cesaro no longer a Heyman guy, now he wants to be a Triple Guy???? While these men (Rollins, Kane, Randall) are all on Triple’s d!ck…. this leaves a certain principal owner of WWE lonely and dissatisfied… So Steph… who was it you were looking at in that magazine eh??? I know I’ve been told I am sexually appealing… you want some Grantington Steele???

Stephanie Health & FitnessAJ Lee & Paige take on Emma & Natalya… I take it Emma is gonna ‘job’ here…. after teefing out of Walmart apparently… stupid dumb fans still on Philip Brooks d!ck chanting his name when four talented good-looking women are in effect…. I already aired out my anger and frustration out of those fools!

I like these little pairings they got going… Emma & Natalya, Alicia & Cameron, Summer Rae & Layla, AJ Lee & P- OH SNAP!!!! PAIGE HAS TURNED EVIL!!!! beat up AJ Lee all over the shop! Call Tamina!!! Oh snap – Tamina’s with me right now!!!! She’s just here semi-naked and waiting for me to finish this blog…. before she proceeds to DESTROY ME!


Layla I love you but first Fandango, then Ziggler, then Adam Rose, now muthaf**!n Wack Ryder!!!! Hang on quoteGRANT - BODY - P from JAY-BEE –

“Zack Ryder doesn’t know what to do with these women he’s a geek!!!!”


So that’s what happened when my internet went out…. Brie Bella had a ticket, then Stephanie just had to come down and cause trouble…Brie cusses Stephanie for treating Nikki like sh!t, and Stephanie gives her one slap IN THE FACE!!!! I don’t give a damn, if you are not invested in Stephanie Vs Brie Bella – YOU ARE A F**K!N FOOL, OK!!!! This is great!!!

While I was impressed that Flo-Rida pitched down that weakling Wack Ryder, he’s getting that pocket change on some bullsh!t…. I’m gonna hit you with the second advertisement…

EPIC FAIL when Flo-Rida told the WWE Universe to scream and I heard NOTHING!!!!! Have you got the message yet Flo-Rida??? YOU SIR ARE WACK!!!!!

HOLY SH!T!! THIS IS MARK THE F**K OUT MOMENT RIGHT HERE! STEPHANIE MARIE McMAHON ARRESTED FOR ASSAULT & BATTERY! Brie Bella sent the Babylon after Stephanie!! Steph tryna style it out like – ‘She hit me first’!!!! Er – yeah – Brie was under contract! Now she’s not – Brie was a paid customer to watch the show! Tell the Babylon – I’M STEPHANIE McMAHON DAMNIT!!!! I OWN THIS DAMN PLACE!!! DAMNIT I OWN THE WWF!!! LAWWWD! Stephanie gonna serve cigarettes to the top dog! The lesbian inmates are gonna have a field day! Prisoner Cell Block HHH!!!!


WHOA!!! Ryback win????? How come the fans are chanting ‘Feed Me More’ again????

What’s this???? Malcolm Xavier???? Confronting Kofi & Big E, ‘we don’t ask, we take?????!!!’ No way…. this is it! BLACK MEN UNITED!!! HIGHER LEARNING!!! Recruit Titus and R-Truth now! F**k that – Bring in Cameron & Alicia Fox!

UH-OHHHHH!!! Here comes Rusev!!!! The Ravishing tight up skirt Lana is with him!!! Your complaints have fallen on deaf ears!!!! That’s why triple took the p!$$ out of your b!tch @$$ earlier! Crying and Barling about the Attitude Era, Lana gives you attitude and you can’t take it like a b!tch! SHUT-UP!!!

Why the f**k is The Great Khali coming out here???? SEND FOR THE ACCOLADE! RUSEV CRUSH!!!!!

Word on the street is Rusev & Lana are f**k!n…. do you think Rusev gives Lana the accolade???!!!!




Stephanie resisted arrest??? Oh boy – Stephanie – you going to jail! Joan Ferguson will be overjoyed! A pretty face with a banging body entering Wentworth Detention Centre??? You know what Joan is like once she puts those gloves on!!!!

Oh dear! Cesaro was out to impress Triple TEEF! I don’t think he got very far, Ambrose got himself disqualified when he sent for the steel chair and lick him down!

Don’t you get the joke??!!! Triple is supposed to be supporting his wife down at the Babylon station, he’s more concerned of announcing Cena’s next opponent!!!! I guess business comes before family!

Right Triple, you ain’t fooling the IWC or the WWE Universe… we all saw the leaked promo… just announce the opponent already damnit!

We know Roman got beef with Orton…. WATCH OUT – Paul Heyman in the hiz-house! SEND FOR PLAN C!

HERE HE IS!!!! HE’S BACK! ROCKING THE EAT SLEEP CONQUER THE STREAK SHIRT!!!! (If only the lights went out and the gong sounded…)

Look at the smile on Triple’s face! And an epic speech from Paul Heyman about how Brock brukk the streak and Cena is gonna get destroyed…. Brock doesn’t make people forfeit their titles – he OBLITERATES THEM!

Let’s have a prayer for the Cenation, and the kids worldwide…. they do have faith after all… Cena DID defeat Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules 2012… Oh it’s true! It’s Damn True! So Brock fans: Don’t act like Brock is invincible!










Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer

Monday Night Raw #1103: July 14, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer

Ok so Germany won the muthaf***!n World Cup…. THAT AIN’T SH!T compared to my triumph!!!! I met the Supreme Clientele Champion himself – Ghostface Killah! My idol of 20 years!!!

GRANTFACE KILLAHNow that I’ve been in the presence of greatness, YOU are reading greatness. I appreciate that. I got my ginger nuts, my dairy milk bubbly mint chocolate, my Sprite, I’ve had a nap after the epic London trip… LET’S DO THIS!!! RAW #1103, HOLD’DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZWord on the street is that the icon himself Sting will appear on Raw to promote his addition on WWE2K15!!!! I have warned a certain STC member in the name of Stephen Cooper: If Sting DOES NOT APPEAR IN THE RAW ARENA…. the dreaded chair awaits!!!! Believe me – he don’t wanna go there!!!

So w’happen, they got Cena to advertise the WWE Network now? I think I’m used to Michael Cole advertising that sh!t!!! F**k that – The Infamous Informer and Shadfather advertise that sh!t better – It’s $9.99 a month which is £6.71 – which is around the national minimum wage so THE GRANT SAYS – if you working and you’re a wrestling fan… you better cop that sh!t before I clap you in your head!

You mean to tell me that while Dean Ambrose was getting buss arse by My hero Kane, Seth Rollins and Randall, John Cena and Roman Reigns were in the ring just watching that sh!t? I thought Ambrose was your ‘brother’ Roman??? Oh I get it… one of them was Kane…. but you’re both big strapping guys huh???? You both claim to be ‘Superman’ in your own right??? As Vincent Kennedy would say, ‘John Cena & Roman Reigns are nothing more than two, putrid… p-(censored)!!!!!’


Oh HELL 2 DA NAW!!! It’s that how it goes down? Everytime Miz fights his grill is gonna be on the titantron??? While I remind myself it’s not the attitude era no more, now would be a good time to ask Austin & Big Show to destroy the titantron!!!

I’d rather see Vladimir Putin’s dry @$$ grill up on that muthaf***a!

Word is that Wade Barrett will be at Battleground to present the Intercontinental Championship to the winner…. while Shadfather backs the Great Khali, I back The Miz!!! I hope Wade Barrett says “Congratulations you won the Intercontinental Championship, but I’m afraid I got some BAD NEWS!” And clap down the winner with the belt! It would be great!!!!

Damn the way Stephanie is all over Triple… I’m not interested in this next Dolph Ziggler contest…. Triple just GET IN THAT PU$$Y! Or do I have to go GRANTINGTON STEELE on your wife while you watch and you jerk your hammer?


HA! HA! Fandango as a solo dancer…. that’s right – because he’s a B!TCH!!!!! Since I hate both Ziggler and Fandango, lets watch this right here, when Summer Rae and my Baby Moda Layla saw sense and beat down the pansy!

YES! YES! YES! Now on Raw, Summer Rae & Layla just dissed Fandango! Now they dancing around Ziggler! THIS IS IT! They could cure Ziggler of his homosexual tendencies!!!!! I’m sorry, if I was Ziggler, I don’t care if it’s in front of 15,000 fans, I would be protruding in those wrestling trunks!!!!!


NO! Sandow dressed as some idiot in a McDonald’s???? EPIC FAIL! WWE YOU DROPPED THE BALL HERE! He could have dressed up as Sting to annoy the fans on some bullsh!t!


There could still be hope for STC’s Stephen Cooper yet!!!!

OH SNAP – 2 out of 3 falls tag team contest between The Wyatt man dem and the Uso Brudda at Battleground? Did you see the Wyatt tag team super move? I don’t know what to call it – f**k it – I call it the Buzzard Death Drop – BLAOW!!!! I’m sorry Usos – you cannot compete with that move!

Lana what you doing hiding behind that podium thing? Let me see your sexy @$$ legs in that tight up skirt!!! Anyway I’m backing your argument girl in this American/Russian détente thing going on here!Official_WWE_Battleground_poster_featuring_Bray_Wyatt

GOD DAMN – Lana makes that Russian accent sound sexy – imagine f**k!n her and she has to scream and holla in that language???!!! GOOD GAWD ALMIGHTY!

See that’s why Rusev gonna beat Swagger at Battleground – even the crowd boo their own president…. RACIAL MAN RACIAL!!!!!

But I gotta say – I can’t wait for this match!!!! Backing Rusev all the way! RUSEV! CRUSH! USE THE ACCOLADE AND KILL!!!!

OH MY GOD! WWE NETWORK DOING A PHILIP BROOKS SPECIAL! All the Philip Brooks fans are gonna rush to the chemists and get that essential cream to put on their genitalia!!! Chemists across the world are gonna make a huge turnover!!! Socks will be hard to find in Primark! Normal folk (that’s me and you) invest in an umbrella! There’s gonna be CM Spunk everywhere!!!!


…and the suffering of Nikki Bella continues! Listen to Stephanie wuk brain on Nikki, saying that Brie was selfish for leaving her hanging like that! Well Steph has a point, I mean, The Bella Twins are a package after all, fans like to see the twins… but let’s be real, ever since they got involved with Danny Bryan & John Cena the appeal has gone… I don’t know about you… I don’t fancy the twins anymore… like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian, when they got involved with Jay-Z and Kanye, the sex appeal was lost. Don’t get mad, I’m only being real!

You know – the team of Cameron and Alicia Fox could work here… do you think Naomi will come out to help out??? You never know!

Say what? Cameron Vs Naomi at Battleground???? WHOA! This PPV is gonna be great!!!

Even though I knew about this…. I JUST MARKED THE F**K OUT WATCHING THE TRAILER!!! TWO GENERATIONS OF STING ON WWE2K15!!! THE GRANT SAYS – I’m pre-ordering that sh!t!!!!! If WWE do the entrance like what they just did there…. HOLY F**K!!!!

Hmmm interesting…What’s wrong Randall? Afraid that my hero Kane won’t stick to the plan and make you the champion??? If that’s the plan we don’t need a plan B???? Triple looked at Randall as if to say – there is ALWAYS A PLAN B…

Talking of Plan B…. what’s this I hear? Paul Heyman quit? Or he was fired? All apart of the plan people! I was looking forward to him telling me that his client – Plan B himself – conquered the Undertaker’s Streak at WrestleMania!

YES!!! With the combined force of Big E & Kofi, Big E defeated Cesaro! Suddenly Heyman disappears and Cesaro loses????!!!!! Ok now guys, call up Mark Henry and Titus…..

Are people chanting ‘BORING’ to Bray Wyatt’s promo? do me a favour wrestling fools – purchase the muthaf***!n network for $9.99 a month – you have to purchase the cream separately – watch your f**k!n Philip Brooks documentary and F**K OFF!


LAWD HAVE MERCY – EVA MARIE DEP PON DE TELLY! Let’s see what she has learned….

Whoa Eva has improved a little bit! She has learned a few holds and submissions! And a back-breaker too! WOW! Only that her moves don’t look like they hurt…

I’d still f**k the sh!t out of her though! Grantington Steele that pu$$y – BANG BANG BANG!!!

Big ups to WWE – they got the Sting merchandise up for sale and everything! Come on guys! Get to contributing towards Sting’s retirement fund!


All I have to do is BO-LIEVE!!! Bo-Lieve that while he’s fighting The Great Khali, I’m getting some ice cream!!!

Hey I just had a thought…. Do you think Bo Dallas could win the Battle Royal?????

He just defeated The Great Khali via count-out! Maybe he may lose the Streak to don of dons himself???? Just a thought…

Oh no! Paul Heyman is here!!!! Here we go! He’s talking about Plan C! And he didn’t mention the Undertaker’s streak!!! Uh Oh guys and gals! stay close to your loved ones!!! Tell them that you love them!

Why does this muthaf***a Flo-rida keep passing through Raw? He must be broke because nobody buying his wack records or downloading his sh!t from iTunes! And RePPiN4U sure as hell doesn’t endorse his sh!t!


Wow Ric Flair looks good! Look at him looking at Renée like he wants to go buckwild and profile up in her @$$!

Oh no!! Ric Flair predicts John Cena gonna hold down the title at Battleground! Roman Reigns don’t like that sh!t! I tell you this: If Renée asked me that same question – who I think gonna win… I would say…. ME!!! Let’s me and you go in the back, play some Ghostface Killah, and make the Wizard of Poetry do the talking!


Uh-oh!!! at time of writing this, there is about 20 minutes left until I begin construction of the chair custom-built for Stephen Cooper!

It could be excellent strategy here, that Kane, Randall and Seth Rollins took out Ambrose earlier… let’s do the knowledge here, Ambrose says that anytime Seth tries to cash the cheque, he would come and f**k it up. So by doing that, they take on Roman and Cena, they brukk them up enough and then Seth can cash his cheque right there without worrying about Ambrose!

Nice to see Seth Rollins using the three amigo suplex right there! Ok who’s gonna use the triple German suplex?!!! Yes wrestling fools, WWE may erase Chris Benoit out of their history minus the network but his moves live on live long through various superstars!

Well Well Well! All guys in that match minus Seth Rollins be dropping their super moves on each other setting up the Fatal 4 Way jump off…. AND THE SHOW HAS ENDED!!!! You know what that means! Out comes the tool box! all the nails, all the wood, all the sharp edges… Let’s begin CONSTRUCTION!!! OHHHH STEPHEN???!!!!!!


(back story – he was on STC FB page today ranting and raving about Sting’s appearance on WWE Raw this week, he knew it was to promote the game, but he really thought he was gonna appear, and tried to convince us… I warned him only ONCE, that if Sting DOES NOT APPEAR… he would be given the GET IN THE CHAIR!!! AWARD…. his brother Ian Cooper is gonna love this, especially when WWE Network are doing a special on his idol???!!!!)










BDSIR Network


Jobber Blogger logo2

Welcome, my legions and legions, at least a few, fans! Yes, TNA IMPACT has commenced, and finally! FINALLY! We’re hitting the New York shows next week! Now you might come forward and ask me, hey, Jobber Blogger, hey, Dan, why no TNA News over on TNR? I’ll tell you why. Because everything was leaking about these awesome New York shows…. nearly 3 weeks ago! 3 WEEKS! Well two and a bit, but I like to be dramatic and exaggerate. Also who knows when you read this?

The fact is, TNA taped these shows and from the very early things I read, they were awesome! And that’s all I want to know. I don’t want any spoilers, and unfortunately the internet is riddled with them. So, I just decided to avoid reading anything related to them. Thankfully currently it’s old news, yes that’s right, next week’s show is old news. I HATE TV Tapings. It’s terrible. Live! That’s what you want. Filming two shows back to back also sucks, we know you did it, why keep everything on this crazy blurred lines “next week” “I had a week to think about it” blah blah black bollocks.

Was that too much?

too much face

So yes, I’ve put off actually getting started with Writing this in favour of drinking large mugs of tea and watching The GameOverGreggy show. But hey, there’s only so many times you can watch an American eat ridiculous American foods right. Am I right?

I feel I’m right.

i'm right



Impact Wrestling Logo


Guess what everybody! Kurt Angle is no longer the Director of Wrestling Operations! Which was the role MVP somehow managed to get with a title that makes no sense. But he got fired and that job went to Kurt Angle, but he’s had a name promotion, he’s now the TNA Executive Director!

Yep, these titles mean nothing.

TNA’s Executive Director of Wrestling Operations will surely be next, with his replacement being The Executive responsible for Directing the Operations of TNA’s Wrestling Based Television Programming Schedule of allotted Time Slots and Storyline Developments for all on-air Talent and Television Tapings which MAKE NO SENSE!

Good title.

Kurt Job Title

It’s very nearly the world we live in

Kurt kicked off the show with his “Cheat Sheet” once more, yay! There’s a good characteristic of the guy running the show – the one who has no idea what he’s done.

Kurt Fish

I’m sure he’s used that line in court too.

Was that too much?


So Angle announced the matches which TNA over-laid with Video, so if the start of your show was utterly boring enough having some guy yet again stand still talking about the matches you’re going to see, we instead will therefore make it that bit much more exciting by putting video over the top of him. Oh Wait? Couldn’t you have just have done that in the first place to explain the matches on the Card, WITHOUT having Kurt read from a piece of Paper?


To make matters worse, they re-dubbed Kurt’s announcement of the Knockouts Match, which just made the entire thing look so poorly made and cheap, and just, really, put a little more effort and thought into these things. It felt very “that’ll do”, we’ve put Reverb on Kurt’s obvious voice-over, so it’s close enough. Pfft.

So yes the interesting part was Kurt calling out Willow, and then calling Jeff Hardy “the most competitive Wrestler on the roster” which really, against the likes of Bobby Roode, James Storm, and clearly Austin Aries, it’s a little bit of a stretch. But Kurt wanted to reassure Jeff that he’s not MVP

Kurt not MVP

And certainly, that he isn’t Dixie Carter

Kurt Not Dixie

So with that being said, Willow can leave and Jeff doesn’t need to hide behind “violent” reasons of being “wrongly treated”. And yup, that was supposed to be the main theme of the show, it was just underplayed physically, and then with Mike Tenay’s constant ramblings on commentary about whether or not Jeff Hardy will show up just annoyed me a little.


Magnus and Bram vs. The Wolves – World Tag-Team Championships

So Magnus has shifted from the World Championship scene straight to the Tag-Team Championship scene by being teamed up with a new comer who is better than he is. So that’s something.

Not to mention a new comer who would be much, MUCH better off being teamed with the likes of Gunner or Storm (aside from the fact we’re all sick to death of Storm in new tag teams).

Here’s the problem, Magnus feels like the afterthought now. The Wolves are more impressive and entertaining in the ring. And Bram is just generally more entertaining, he’s very unhinged, he looks better, his music is better. He doesn’t wear a body warmer thinking it makes him look like a tough guy.


So I’m Immature…. what of it!

Davey Richards (again) turned up the pace, getting a Sun-set flip on Bram, with Eddie doing the pin-with bridge for the Win. This led to Bram getting annoyed and attacking the Wolves straight after the bell with Magnus trying to pull him off of them. So I’d say Magnus and Bram might be getting the belts sooner or later. I don’t know if that’s good or not?


Bobby Roode (who already looks awesome) just with a few weeks back to being a baby face, but his music is cool and Roode is just awesome. Totally down with it.

I did like that Roode talked about doing anything possible to keep the one thing you want the most. Which at first thought was a little gay as I assumed he meant beating up MVP. But he was talking about his World Championship run, so that was awesome, it was Roode levelling with the fans as to why he did what he did. Which makes sense, not to mention he’s still (in my opinion) the best World Champion of recent memory, in any Company. Not sure if that holds its weight as a Face to the same degree.

Anywho, MVP came out in a wheel chair, Roode went on the attack, King got involved, EY got involved, Bobby Lashley got involved. Etc.

I like it because you sort of forget that MVP, King and Lashley was “going somewhere”. This whole – no one’s put together a stable like this before, for only a matter of weeks before they’re now irrelevant.

Which to me, brings forth the most interesting Question in this current predicament, “What is MVP’s Place in the Company now?”

He came in as the new investor, it was different, interesting, turned heel and all that crap, but it wasn’t “horrible” despite we’ve seen it I don’t know how many times before. But now, he’s just MVP. He has no power, he’s not really a Wrestler on the roster. I don’t know where he is.

I don’t see him rising up to the Main Event scene any time soon. I think that time has gone with his injury and a new direction (a better direction).

So what is there that is going to keep MVP in TNA? Because I don’t think just being a Wrestler in endless grudge matches, is going to be enough. Time will tell.


Austin Aries vs. Sanada – X-Division Championship

So first of all, I do apologise to Linda, I made a note of course to mention this match up last week, but then it’s sort of like, why?

Because nothing really happened, so it just made more sense to give the back story when I have the actual match to talk about.

Yes Aries sat down with Kurt Angle last week to talk about his re-match for the X-Division Championship since losing it to Sanada before Lockdown. And so Angle gave him his re-match. This led to Aries and Angle having this weird “mutual respect” kind of talk about wanting to Wrestle each other to see who is the best. Funny thing is, Angle said he wants that match, but Angle won’t be cleared to compete before his contract is up. He’s already (apparently) turned down a new TNA Contract, and he’s recently stated that his next Contract could quite easily be his last, so everything points to him being out of TNA by the end of the year. So no Angle vs. Aries. Besides, there’s only one person who would disagree with Angle, and that’s Angle. Kurt probably was the best Wrestler, but Aries holds that position now.

And let’s look at the facts for that opinion, purely with this very match.


Of course if you’re a Wrestling fan, I don’t need to tell you it was awesome, hell if you were like me, you’d know it was awesome before the match even got started.

This puts Sanada in a great light, and obviously, just further increases the credibility of Austin Aries.

So it’s simple really, I was struggling to find reasons for why Aries could be the “Wrestler of the Year” again this year, but this match, makes up for all of those matches where he wasn’t even on the Show, because in one match, he’s out-done everyone else in the Roster for the last half of a year.

AustinAriesthebestSure we had James Storm talking to Sanada again, which I still feel is really out of character for the Cowboy, but I hope they have a good “development idea” for that story.

Also something else which was pretty awesome, there was one hell of an Austin Aries chant going on during Sanada’s entrance, and that Chant fit Sanada’s music perfectly!

Another reason Aries should be at the top, no-one else draws that much of a reaction, and it’s entirely based on his Work. Doesn’t matter where he is in the card, what kind of silly storyline, Austin Aries = legit, and Wrestling fans know it. On the flip side you can say Jeff Hardy draws the biggest reaction, maybe so, but his fan base is totally different, not to mention, he can also draw a negative reaction, especially when pitted against Austin Aries. So it’s just kind of baffling why Aries isn’t always in the lead within TNA’s rankings.

So what about this match? Just freakin’ watch it.

Awesome stuff, Austin Aries picks up the win and becomes the x5 time X-Division Champion.

Which comes to a realisation I had, which I shall get back to later!

And of course, this goes down into the “Match of the Year category” without a doubt, probably the runner…. not that I remember the others… also a good sign.


Bully calls out Rhino, and Rhino comes out with EC3 and Spud. So I liked the “shoot” kind of feel about this confrontation. Aside from the fact it’s firmly stuck in Storyline “whatever”. They mentioned Paul Heyman, WWE, being fired from TNA, all kinds of stuff, it’s cool. But also, somewhat irrelevant.

One thing I’m 100% against is that everything needs to be done for “reasons” and that people need to know them. I’ve always hated that. I like the fact that people want to know, but then why tell them? So Bully was over-bearing with his “WHY!!!!” “WHY RHINO!” “You were my friend” crap. I hate that too, especially from a guy like Bully Ray. He shouldn’t be after answers, it should be as simple as “I don’t care why, but I’m going to beat the crap out of him anyway”. Done.

In the end Bully got attacked and Tommy Dreamer came to his rescue. I also hate that the ECW guys have this “reoccurring” thing every other year or so. For someone that doesn’t give a flying crap, I’m even more sick of seeing it, again…. again…. again. I have a horrible feeling we’re not seeing ECW has-beens, and I’m sure it’s not the last time they all come out to play… again.


Angelina Love vs. Brittany vs. Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim – Knockouts Championship

Totally legit complaint that Angelina didn’t get a fair one on one re-match for her Championship. I know it’s storyline crap booking, but it just makes no sense. If you have a face fighting Champion, or face wanting a rematch, and they WANT as many challenges / opponents, fair enough. But to screw them out of it, and then they’ll just play it off as Angelina complaining. But if she was a face then it’s “this isn’t fair!”. Meh, you’ve made the rules, stick to them.

Brittany was very impressive in this match, which is awesome. We need more Knockouts with interesting characters and awesome in the ring. The ending of the match was quite an eye-opener. Brittany ran and jumped over Gail did a handstand into the ropes, bounced back into a standing Moonsault, which was impressive. Madison then dropped Brittany with this over weird hug, trapped head, drop thing. Madison then got took out with Angelina’s awesomely cool Botox Injection, for Angelina to then fall prey to one of the most Creative Finishers – Gail’s Eat Defeat.

The majority of the guy’s finishers suck in comparison to all of those.

Not to mention I believe Gail is now a x4 Time Knockouts Champion, Madison x5? Angelina x6. Which makes the Knockouts Championship, and the X-Division Championship the best Titles to hold. Also the Tag-Team belts too, with actual Teams, like Beer Money back in the day.

So you have developed Wrestlers, in this very competitive focussed Division and not everyone has Championship runs, some have a few, and the best have a lot. That’s how it should be.

Look at the World Championship Scene, Austin Aries, once, Bobby Roode, once, James Storm, once, Eric Young, once, Jeff Hardy twice with a possible (won back quickly), Mr. Anderson once (with a quick win back I think?), Bully Ray, once (again with a quick win back, so doesn’t really count). The list is sooooo long. It’s stupid. AJ Styles, Sting, Kurt Angle, these guys held the belt a lot. But now it’s flavour of the month territory, whoever fits. Magnus was supposed to fit, that’s gone. It’s a mess.

Things seem to be shifting in Roode’s favour, especially with the Bound for Glory series up and coming, so he might actually (eventually) and hopefully get there again. But hell, I want Aries there again. They rotate the players so much that over half of their roster at some point has been World Champion once. That sucks. I get that you have a lot of good talent, but people reach limits, then drop so quickly, the turnover is far too great. Yet when you have guys who should always be in an arms length of the belt, they should remain with that distance. Rather than going off of TV or just being shoved in some stupid storyline or naff tag-team.


20 Man Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal – World Heavyweight Championship Number One Contender Match

I didn’t bother Writing down everyone who was in the match, because it’s not relevant.

Jeff Hardy came back which was supposed to be the big part of the show. It kinda worked… just not enough.

The only thing I like about that, is it gives Jeff enough time to be Jeff, so that one day, he can bring Willow back should he need to go to that “certain place” for a crazy match.

Crazy Steve was the first eliminated, that sucks. We’ve barely seen him do anything, yet he has a huge followed, an awesome character and people want to see him. Yet The Freak has a good bit of TV Time in this match, and he’s terrible.

Knux seemed to injure his leg I thought, not heard anything (but then not been looking?) hopefully he’s alright. I honestly hoped for a faceoff between Knux and Bully as a “look where we are now” type of moment after the Aces and Eights.

Abyss (who wasn’t in the match for some reason) came out to fight Bram. Storm and Roode seemed to be trying to build toward something, but it just got passed by. It’s weird how Roode is becoming a top Good guy again as Storm is now the top Heel (in my opinion).

In the end it came down to Eric Young and Jeff Hardy. It’s almost difficult to now look at EY as a threat, I know he was Champion at one point in time, but really, what’s the point now. Is he ever going to get there again?

Also what if he did win, Lashley would just go through him with ease.

So yes, the returning Jeff Hardy won the Battle Royal and will go on to face Bobby Lashley next week for the World Championship. I bet he doesn’t win, and Kenny King gets involved, and then the Hardy Boyz reunite to fight them… probably.

Jeff gave a promo after his win (and I really didn’t miss those) where he described himself as “Extremely Rougher than most” which I think amounts to “nothing really”.


Lashley then came out and stood facing him. Which is better than a fight, I like a good stare down, and really, Jeff shouldn’t even stand a chance.


I’m excited for the New York shows, and you should be to!

Till then! 

Dan Wilkinson

TNR Cover 12 (w facebook address)

Monday Night Raw #1102: July 7, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer

Before this blog jumps off I wanna give a big, BIG!!! SMACK TALK CENTRE shout out to member Lee Steadx whose wife has given birth to a beautiful baby boy this week! BIG RESPECTS TO THAT MAN!

It’s the gift and the curse of my life, I know I will be a father of none, unless Layla wants to finish her wrestling career and settle down with the god….


YO! I got my walkers crisps, my homewheat (Y’all call it chocolate digestives but I’m old school!) my supermalt, I got strawberry ice cream for later, jaffa cakes… I’m ready for this sh!t, are you??? RAW #1102! HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZWord on the street is that Bret the Hitman Hart is in the hiz-house! Let’s hope this weeks Raw isn’t a 4/10! OK bad joke – the Infamous Informer can come better than that!

So w’happen? Triple Teef and Stephanie McTeef are on vacation??? No one to run the show??? No wonder Raw didn’t start with them two like it does always! Oh my days it’s gonna be anarchy up in here tonight!!!!

WROOOOOOOOOY!!!! Just like I said, not even 5 minutes in, Roman Reigns calls my hero Kane – Randall’s b!tch?? WAR UP INNA DE DANCE!!!

Officials trying to break it up, referees chokeslammed – BLAOW!!! Finlay is one of the officials now – did you know that??? Nah me neither – he got speared by Roman Reigns – BLAOW!

I’m not gonna talk about the Wyatt man dem Vs The Uso brudda unless something big happens… question – Raw this week is in Canada, why isn’t Jerry Lawler calling it ‘Bizarro Land’ like he used to?

One other thing – I hope 2K games put the Uso brudda in the new game as regular characters! Not no DLC sh!t!!! That goes for Cameron & Naomi, Paige, Curtis Axel (even though I’ll just brukk him up) that Bo Dallas kid, Rusev and especially that Lana… OH YEAHHHH!!!

Why are the Usos complaining about the legal man not being pinned??? You guys are more identical than the Bella Twins! I wouldn’t call the Bellas – twins no more!

Talking of Bella twins, they introduce Nikki but not Alicia Fox???? Alicia has been smashing it lately with her story-lines… RACIAL MAN RACIAL!

Both must fight with one arm tied behind their back… I’d tie both arms, bend em both over and twist their backs out!!!GRANT - BODY - P


…and why should Alicia have her hands tied in this match??? her ancestors were caught up in metal chains in 1555 and…. you know what – I’m not getting into that!!! I see the science though… treat Nikki Bella like sh!t so that we feel sorry for her – WELL THE GRANT SAYS that is no longer our concern – she wants to be married to John Cena so bad – and Cena doesn’t lift one finger to help… you think I’d let my woman be f**ked around like that???? A man must protect his first lady… I think Roman Reigns is right along with the fans – Cena SUCKS!

GOD DAMN LANA… you wearing anything under that blouse????

No way – Rob Van Dam is the next victim to Rusev???? Come on RVD – use your martial arts techniques! Lead by example on The Raid!!! Those guys got skills!

OK Rusev Vs Swagger at Battleground???? BACKING RUSEV ALL THE WAY! I keeps it real – I’m not supporting Swagger and Colter just because they turned face… f**k that!

One thing I’ll give Colter credit for – and I don’t do that often – is not cross the borders to Canada! Ha – my woman from Canada will f**k them up!!! Let alone the Infamous Informer!

JAY-BEE – are you an exclusive member of the Triple TEEF kiss his @$$ club? Stop wishing them the best on their vacation! I ain’t saying sh!t – you know why? because I wanna f**k Stephanie as well! I’d show that gyal how to twerk it – twerk it! Give her some loving then send her back to her husband & kids!


Hold up – if Dean Ambrose pulls off a figure four leg lock on Randall, how does that pay homage to Bret Hart? I know it’s a submission move, but the Sharpshooter is Bret’s super move isn’t it???? JAY-BEE – GET IN THE CHAIR!!!

Oh snap! It just hit me why Triple & Steph are on ‘vacation’… they don’t wanna be in the same building as Bret!!! HA! HA!!!

Now look what you done Randall! exposing Ambrose’s bad shoulder, now he throws whole heap of chairs in the ring… oh lawd – somebody gonna get f**ked up tonight!!!

…but the chair dem nah help him???!!! RKO into the canvas – BLAOW!!!!

WTF??? Fandango announces he’s in the Battle Royal at Battleground, and he shakes his hips in front of three guys Cole, JAY-BEE and Lawler? GAY!!!!

WTF??? Michael Cole asks Fandango – who he likes better – Layla or Summer Rae, this was his answer – ‘Fandango likes Fandango’…. and with that, I’M DONE! Bertie Vs Ziggler? F**K THIS MATCH!!!!

What’s more, Fandango does his gay dancing and Ziggler is distracted??? Making Bertie win the match? THAT’S THE MAN YOU SUPPORT…. someone who is staring at Fandango dancing like a queer???? F**k out my face Ziggler fans!!!


I can’t stand all this faggotry nonsense – here’s a pic of Rosa Mendes… just for no reason… actually the reason is to forget all that stupidness that happened…

Rosa Mendes 2

Aaaah I feel so much better now…


OK Bret don’t get excited – you’re in Montreal, you got goosebumps and you are hinting at one more match?? Goldberg where you at????


Oh lawwd -Damien Sandow is burying himself here, dressed up as Bret and running down Canada???? Maybe Bret DOES have one more match left in him! One punch in Sandow’s grill – BLAOW!!!! Sandow you’re my dude but you deserved that – word up!

Thank you Jerry Lawler! Sandow is a man who got skills – why the f**k has he gotta dress as all these different people and make a dyam arse of himself??? Sometimes it’s funny but sometimes I’m just sitting there like – (facepalm)…

If Sandow wanted to generate TRUE HEAT, all he had to do was dress up as Shawn Michaels… you know the fans in Montreal are still trapped in 1997???!!!


OK one-on-one action with The Miz Vs Chris Jericho…. just like Bret Hart said once, I know how this match is gonna go, exactly how it is predicted… the Wyatt man dem are gonna come and f**k up Jericho again!!!

Miz – word from the wise – don’t boast about being a movie star and keeping your face as your money-maker – don’t you think that would make guys in the locker room wanna f**k you up??? Like I don’t recall my STC ladies Dawn Bayley, Susan Brunton, Loz Blick, Ref Tonya Stevens, Ashley Vera, Beckii Tyson, Emma Edwards, Emily Brown, Rudie Rai Ryan talk about how good-looking and sexy you are Miz???? The Marine 4??? Hercules is coming out muthaf***a!!!!!

WHOA!!!! Did Jericho just counter Bray Wyatt and told him to shut the f**k up??? He can’t do that!!!! He’s ready to run up and beat him with the rocking chair he be sitting in, here comes the rest of the family! Er Jericho, why didn’t you take a steel chair with you???? and maybe your Fozzy guitar????

OK so maybe Paige hasn’t turned evil after all… seems like she gonna team with AJ against my favourite nubians the Funkadactyls….

No not the Canadian fans too? Don’t chant his name??? Oh it’s ok, they settled down…

Oh HELL NAW! Miss girl bye-bye is doing her nails and make up not tagging Naomi??? Now they fighting on some stupid sh!t…. dayuum…. I hope Naomi tears out that blonde head top of Cameron! It’s like one reps for Nicki Minaj and the other reps for Rapsody!

Remember last week Cesaro f**ked up Kofi Kingston??? If I was Kofi this week I’d be like – f**k a wrestling match – send for the kendo sticks, steel chairs, tables, the lot, set the sh!t’s on fire and bunn up Cesaro!

Kofi wins again, Cesaro was about to f**k him up again, but w’happen – Pastor Lang- er I mean Big E comes out of nowhere! Now all you gotta do Big E is round-up Mark Henry and Titus O Neill or R-Truth or Xavier Woods, get Ron Simmons as their manager and become Black Men United!!! You remember the tune! This should be the theme tune right here!


This is interesting, this week on Smackdown, Roman Reigns takes on the evil Rusev and his sexy @$$ Lana???? Now I don’t watch Smackdown much… but I might just tune in for this one! Maybe Lana’s orifices may become moist!!!!

HA! HA! HA! HA! Bo Dallas defeats El Torito, does a victory lap, and knocks down El Torito in the process??!!! All you gotta do is BO-LIEVE MUTHAF***A!!!

Main event jump off – John Cena Vs Seth Rollins, I’ll tell you how it’s gonna go down… Seth will deliberately get disqualified, continue the assault, then try to cash in his cheque… then again – Dean Ambrose will run through and stop that muthaf***a!

Do not adjust your sets attitards, John Cena just did an electric chair move with one arm! PUT THAT IN THE GAME 2K!

So let me get this right so I can understand this: You chant ‘Cena Sucks’, then you chant ‘You sold out’ to Seth Rollins… so who do you support???

Well I forgot about the Kane part…. well no doubt Roman Reigns will be on his way now that Randall is out here teefing as well!

Irrelevant – Seth just clapped Roman and Cena in his head – he’s gonna cash in his cheque!!!

Dean Ambrose says NOT TONIGHT, NOT ANY NIGHT ROLLINS! Kane goes to chokeslam Cena – gets speared by Reigns – BLAOW!!!

You know what, I’d finish this blog but since WWE Network is free this week, I’m off to watch the Monday Night War… f**k y’all attitards!!!










BDSIR Network

The Jobber Blogger #114 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 3/7/14


The Jobber Blogger

Well here we are, my first Day Off in over a week (new job included) and I’m spending it Writing up this week’s TNA: Impact! Yes that’s dedication folks! But you know what, I do this to myself and set it as my deadlines, I actually plan my week around being able to watch and Write up Impact, and I love that.

It gives me structure and I honestly feel it’s warranted and relevant, and I look at The Jobber Blogger as a type of “work”, so it needs to be done, and I’m happy to do it.

You will also be pleased to know Impact didn’t suck this week, in fact it was a good show! Some of it sucks, but that’s only in terms of how they’ve decided to film it.

But let’s not focus on that too much, I shall save that for when I get into it, and no, I won’t talk about my random Guardians of The Galaxy binge spending! Else we’ll be here for a while!



Impact Wrestling Logo


Yup, it was the day before Independence Day when this aired, and funny enough weeks and weeks before it when it was filmed. I’m sure the New York tapings were done on the 26th or 27th (or both) of June, which means this was filmed what, a week or so prior to that.

The Television Tapings suck ass. Sure back in the 1990′s it’s fine, who can spoil anything. But it’s 2014, everything that happens is splattered all over the internet, and I’m doing my best to avoid anything from the New York shows, because I’m sure they’re something special.

Which brings me to my most enjoyable and biggest gripe from this week’s show. The fans in attendance, have NO IDEA what’s going on. They would have seen Slammiversary and possibly the show after that. I guess they might have known Bobby Lashley is the World Champ, but they wouldn’t know that Kurt Angle is new Director of Wrestling Operations, or that Bobby Roode is indeed a good guy again. Unless TNA started their show by spoiling it. Which might be true, they did start the tapings in the UK I attended last year by filling people in on what happened.

I like the idea of people just turning up and the show they watch is like far in advance of the show they last saw. It’s a weird mix of when it airs, and how early it was filmed and how much more they’ve filmed already. It’s confusing and annoying, it ruins the “spark” for it not being live.


Anyway, Kurt Angle kicked off the show introducing himself as the new director of wrestling operations, and making his first order of business to reinstate Earl Hebner, much to the joy of some over excitable dude in attendance.


Stupid “firings” don’t mean anything, everyone knew he would be back, and never even went. The only decent thing was Feast or Fired, and thankfully Chavo got fired and we’ve not seen him since, Huzah!

Angle then got out a piece of paper calling it his “Cheat Sheet” because he’s made so many good matches he couldn’t remember them. Or in other words “we weren’t prepared enough”.

When someone apparently running the show needs a piece of paper to remember anything and read from it, that’s a bad sign going forward right?

Angle then made a series of matches, but Samoa Joe took offense to him being left off the list and decided to call out Kurt on being “just like everyone else”.

Sure Joe then spun it on the whole “you love the World Title, how long will it be before you give yourself a shot”, rather than the “we all know you don’t want to be in TNA, and hope to leave in a few months, so why would we trust you to do a good job!”

Which the latter would have been far better, if people actually call Kurt out on his pro WWE motives.

Either way Angle and Joe got a bit heated with Angle saying “that’s the Samoa Joe I want to see” and Joe saying “careful what you wish for”. Which pretty much means naff all. Joe’s been stale for many years now and keeps hinting at his “true self” and then never does anything. I’m a little board of Joe now, if I’m honest.


Knux and The Freak vs. Jesse and DJ Z vs. The Wolves – World Tag-Team Championships

We saw the very end of Jesse and DJ Z’s entrance and then the entirety of The Wolves’. TNA put so much time into making The Menagerie something “different” and their entrance best exemplifies that, so to continuously skip it, surely devalues them?

I was wondering where Robbie E is, but apparently it’s because of his Clown Phobia. So no idea what’s going on there, or if in fact he will be back to do something related to it soon.

Rob Terry wore a different mask in the ring to the one he wears for everything else, and I don’t hate it. I do however hate his stupid ridiculous neck tattoo. But for the character he’s playing it’s fine, but to think he looks that dumb in his personal life, well…. it’s kind of stupid really.

terry tatoo

Taz did have a bit of a slip up when talking about the Freak stating “even if he is a man!” which I’m sure he meant in a Man vs. Monster type of way, but obviously came across far more gender orientated. Funny stuff…

Davey Richards got the hot tag and closed out the match quickly taking a Win for the Wolves.


Bobby Roode vs. Kenny King – Street Fight

This marks Roodes’ first match back, earlier on in the show he went after MVP but got attacked by King, hence forth making this match. Angle found Roode and Roode told him what happened, so Angle tried to solve the problem, but it didn’t dawn on me till MVP and Kenny King started joking about the “principles office” and telling on people, at just how stupid and immature this all made Roode look.

I kind of hope it’s a running gag now, that if anyone attacks Roode it’s all “are you going to run and tell on me now?” I’d laugh.

tattle tale roode

Roode barely got any reaction despite the fact TNA are working hard to pushing him currently. I love Roode, and I think he’s back at the fan base level, but obviously those in attendance have no idea where Roode stands. Wrestling really is dumb at just how quickly people move around and jump between Heels and Faces.

Roode and King brawled around the arena for a good while, then brought a Chair into play. A good physical match, and if anything I enjoyed King’s mouthing off trash talking the most. In the end Roode hit his “Roode Bomb” still hate that name, on the Steel Chair and took the win.


Brittany called out Madison Rayne so she could apologise for not taking Madison’s advice seriously, and how she made an error blah blah blah. I can’t say I exptected Brittany to attack Madison, but I certainly didn’t rule it out. I thought it would be more that she would say whatever to bring Madison closer to her. To then eventually turn on her. But hey, just outright beating her up worked too.

I can’t help but notice that Brittany had a good bit of Blonde in her hair, Beautiful People…. mmhmm.


Ethan Carter the Third vs. Bully Ray – Tables Match

One of the main things to take away from this match is just how good both sides have been in their current positions on the roster. Bully is a ridiculous good guy, because he really shouldn’t be. I do think he’s great at getting the fans going, but better if he didn’t pander to the other baby faces quite as much. But either way Bully got the crowd going every step of the way, and just as a counter measure, EC3 did very little to draw the heat on him. So together, they work very well.

I think about this a lot, but Bully didn’t look at himself as a “TNA Guy”, he views himself as an ECW Guy. Which is fine, the “guys” are those who are usually responsible for building their respective brand.

But when you think about it, Bully was in ECW for I believe 4 years, the WWE for 6 years and TNA for 9 years. So next year, Bully would have been in TNA for longer than both ECW and WWE combined, which in my opinion, makes him a TNA guy. Not to mention the fact that he’s had the best years of his Career and his most success whilst being a part of the TNA Roster.

Either way, Bully had EC3 up for a Power-bomb through the Table when Rockstar Spud delivered a Low-Blow. This led to the return of Rhino, no idea if Rhino is “back” or just doing a couple of dates like before. I’m sure we knew he was coming back for the New York tapings.

Rhino ran for Spud, then stopped and Gored Bully instead, aligning himself with EC3. So interesting to say the least.

I do like a good return and Rhino’s was rather unexpected, even better when they return with a pop and turn. EC3 then put Bully through a Table for the win.

Despite how much Bully is walking around talking big, he’s been getting his ass kicked for ages now. I don’t remember the last time he won.


Gunner and Samuel Shaw turned up on Impact, last week was the final segment I presume of Shaw in his padded cell. Gunner being able to get him out as long as he is in constant care of him. This is a weird idea, the whole Shaw thing has been weird since the get go, but I don’t hate it, I’m intrigued. I like the fact that they bumped into Anderson first who obviously wasn’t best pleased to see Shaw. And then of course they went to visit Christy for the same reaction. I’m starting to think Shaw is putting it on, and Gunner will have to feud with him. Oooo, maybe Gunner ends up getting committed and comes back rather weird, now that would be interesting!

Gunner Warrior


Gail Kim vs. Angelina Love – Knockouts Championship

I don’t know how to word the introduction to this match. This is the kind of match that makes me “feel” something. And I shall explain that by saying it was fairly obvious who was going to win, but me personally, didn’t want that to happen, so I hung on to that hope.

Velvet kept getting involved, and Gail did an awesome job of selling her being pushed into the Turnbuckle post from the outside. But alas, poor Velvet got removed and Gail was on fire.

This pretty much just goes for the whole “Good guys dominate” now that Kurt Angle is in charge.

That hope I held on to was present when Angelina connected with the Botox Injection as Gail was climbing the Ropes, sending Gail to the floor. I was fairly sure it was count out victory time till she insisted on pinning her.

So yeah, Gail won.

I do very much so like Gail, don’t get me wrong, most cases I’m fine with her winning and being the Champ. I just love Angelina so much.

Regardless of all of that though, this match was fantastic! I’m even tempted to mark it down for Match of the Year nomination territory! Probably won’t be when I look back on them…. but I also will do it anyway! Coz that’s how I roll. Also role.

gail kim champ


Eric Young vs. Bobby Lashley – World Heavyweight Championship

Roode gave EY a motivational speech, which EY pretty much delivered to himself now I come to think of it. Either way, Roode and MVP came to ringside but both were sent to the back.

The match pretty much focussed on EY’s endless struggle to mount any offence on Lashley, and also injuring his leg in the process.

EY put up a fight, but Lashley dropped him with the Dominator and then Speared him for the Victory and retained his World Championship.


I do like Lashley currently, I think the whole “non talking” with MVP as his manager type of deal is maybe too much Lesnar territory. But Lashley is impressive, I like the fact he didn’t need to do anything to win, other than be himself.

I don’t look at him as James Storm level’s of danger, violence and bad guy territory, but currently, I’m happy for Lashley to beat down the opposition.

Though they did beg the question “who can match Lashley”. Which really, there isn’t anyone.


Till then,

Dan Wilkinson

TNR Cover 12 (w facebook address)

The Jobber Blogger #113 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 26/6/14

Jobber Blogger logo2What a weird week!

So yes, this is going up late again, I know. However, what you might not know is that this is probably the first time where I’ve ever watched Impact so late. Least since Challenge TV first started airing Impact on Tuesday nights. It’s been all go, and lots to do and to think of what is different in just one week…. is crazy.

Well, I have a new job, and whilst on the topic I would like to give a big thank you out there to the people that actually made it possible. This includes Dan and Jon from CageAmateursUK (now StrikeTapandGrapple) they were the first people to pick up my blog. Of course David from TheWrestlingPress, but in a lot of ways it’s The Steel Chair’s own Adam Carr that helped me.

To I think I started this blog purely to just write about Wrestling, give myself something to Write about each week and see what happened. But in turn, it led me to understand a lot about WordPress, SEO, and all kinds of website knowledge that actually helped me get my new job. So a big thank you to those and of course to The Jobber Blogger!

So yes, this might in fact move my plans a little later than… planned, but it’s all about settling in and finding the routines. This weekend has been packed, new induction thrown in, work all weekend then straight into a new job. It’s been go, go, go. But now I can actually plan my time a little better, so hopefully, The Jobber Blogger will keep to his newly out of time watch plan schedule of clock ticking chimes time.

So TNA Impact happened this week. I feel it’s almost bad on purpose to let everyone get excited for the New York shows. If that’s so, then they succeeded. Here’s why!


Impact Wrestling Logo



Angelina Love and Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell

Yes, Impact kicked off with a match, and I love the Knockouts! Well, okay technically there was a bit about MVP, Lashley and King arriving, but it’s not even worth mentioning…. aside from that there mention… which is there, before this part…. etc.

I love how Velvet Sky manages to make Angelina look so much better every week. Is that weird? Angelina having White leg warmers made her look better than the black ones Velvet wore. That’s Wrestling journalism 1-o-1.

So here’s the main thing I took away from this match.

Taryn whoAnd no, part of me is tempted to run my “Hot Mess” banners again from last year, with my never ending struggle to understand just what the hell that nickname meant. No, what I mean this time, is that Taryn is being billed as “someone”. And really, she left just before she got going. She was the referee, but I barely remember what she looked like, aside from what she wore and her hair colour. I remember Gail then treated her bad and Brooke Hogan added her to the roster. Then Taryn and Gail had what, two matches, then she left.

So for her to “come back” as this… Star, seems a little weird to me. Though Taryn was very good. Which then brings about my gripe, she seems much….. less good, now.

Of course part of me is just looking for how she managed to have a child and still look that slim, same with Madison. And then I am obviously more consciously looking for errors and “rust”. Clearly she will have been Wrestling and Training long before her recent return, but she does look a little “out of shape”. Not in a disrespectful way, but she seemed to struggle keeping up her stamina whilst running, and her top-rope cross-body block, whilst good, nearly missed.

Or here is the other side of that story, she’s teaming with Gail Kim. Now Gail Kim is perfect at Wrestling. Like literally perfect. Wrestling never looks more fake then when you watch the Women wrestle, least.. most of them. They seem to stumble a bit more, they’re a tad slower, maybe even more cautious. This isn’t a complaint, just an observation.

However Gail Kim is the opposite of that, she Wrestles, and does it extremely well, she’s very fluid, very fast, always on point. Which means when she’s working “with” someone, she can usually cover most of the other parts easily. However when there is her, and someone not as good, it shows.

All in all, I am glad Taryn is back, and I’m sure she’ll be up to speed in no time! In the end though Gail picked up the win on Angelina with Eat Defeat. Also just because you all asked so nicely, apparently…

Hot Mess 1


MVP and Kenny King made their way to the ring accompanied by random Girls, as that is clearly the sign of success and celebrations. You know, sex with strangers, and hence forth… disease.

This was big old Bobby Lashley “THE DESTROYER!”‘s celebration of being the new World Champion. Something else I found interesting, Lashley is just being called… Lashley. Seems they are giving him the Brook treatment.

brooke lashley

MVP prattled on about conquering the world because he has the World Championship in his stable. This still makes no sense.

EY came out fighting and got beaten down, leading to Bobby Roode once again jumping the guard rail to save him. And EY wasn’t annoyed that Roode didn’t do it earlier “last week” and help him, oh I don’t know… win?

Roode then had to the usual “Since day one!” speech that means your credible. Also he had to praise Eric Young’s work and fighting spirit, which is also another check box to be a good guy. And then last but not least, my new favourite hated phrasing “Time to get TNA back!” with the added bonus of “For each and every one of the fans!”

Oh how I hate that. Thankfully TNA swerved this same old crap nicely, so I’m pleased.

This blessing came in the form of a badly executed package of crap named Earl Sullivan Armstrong, who appeared like a cross between Clint Eastwood and Sam Neill, Sam Eastwood you could say… or Clint Neill.


Also sounds like a nail-product when spoken quickly with a bad accent.

This though is better than the Kevin Nash lookalike who turned up last time. Or that other chap who looked like someone else I don’t remember. Anywho, so this “Board of Directors” dude came out and fired MVP from the role of Director of Wrestling Operations, which is much better then just dragging this out to be a match for Bound for Glory. It seems maybe TNA wants to please fans, and going back to the six-sided ring, planning a really big show in the New York tapings and clearly finding Slammiversary was such a success when it had little to do with all of this crap.

Then Roode punched MVP.

batman flop


DJ Z vs. Manik vs. Crazy Steve vs. Sanada – X-Division Championship

The second best match on the card.

Again, they probably didn’t need the silly intro backstage to set up this match. The X-Division usually works best when they just… Wrestle.

There isn’t really much to say to be honest, other than Crazy Steve was awesome, Manik is impressive (unless he takes his mask off or talks) and Sanada won… obviously.

TNA really annoy me when they make things so obviously… obvious, then push it down your throat just in case you didn’t notice. How many times do I need to be told about The Great Muta and his connection to Sanada now, guess what, after 4 Months of heading it every time he’s on the Show… I don’t need to hear it anymore.

So when Sanada wins, Mike Tenay adds “The Great Muta must be pleased”.

Really? Must he be pleased. So basically he’s not going to be pleased, he’s’ going to be pissed. They are going to fight, something is going down. It’s obvious, you telling me directly it’s not, makes it more obvious. Don’t say anything… then it’s better. I can see it now, “The Mentor, The Apprentice, They Were Once Like Brothers!” SHUT UP! It’s Crap! CRAP CRAP CRAP!


that's crap


In what was yet another annoying segment, Dixie Carter and Spud made their way to the ring to celebrate Dixie gaining back control over Wrestling Operations. The very fact it was laid on so thick about Dixie believing to get it back, well you know what I’m going to say anyway.

And in fact, this guy in the crowd also wanted to say what he pleased, and TNA seemingly were happy to air it…


He could have meant, “no-one cares you suck” in which case people are happy to see Dixie. But I’m sure he meant, just that no-one cares what she was saying, and that she sucks. It was a weird mix of “informative fan” meets “idiot fan”. No-One Cares Dixie…. also you suck, the whole you suck part therefore means he like most are in fact… stupid.

Guess what, I don’t care what he says, in fact I’m sure No-One Cares about this guy’s opinion.

As always Dixie managed to draw a huge negative reaction, and I must admit, I chuckled when TNA showed a shot of an old woman in the crowd covering her ears. It looked like she was hating the loud response from the fans and how horrible Dixie indeed is. But then, I’m fairly sure she didn’t even want to be there and got dragged by some relative and hated the experience. Still…. chuckled.


Ronson Johnson Blackhead – the board of Directors guy then came back out to tell Dixie she wasn’t the new Director of Wrestling Operations. They’re going to need some snazzier, punchier titles, this is getting hard to type!

Of course, Spud stole the show with a Spit-Take which would only have been better if he had indeed took yet another sip of Wine, and then spat that part out too.

Blah blah blah, Dixie whined, Bully Ray came out (to an awesome reaction I might add) and Bully got his hands on Dixie, with her being pretty close to going through a table. Woop.


James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson

This was a little bit weird, fairly sure their feud wasn’t that engaging the first time. So now they’re dragging it out a little longer… because why not. I do think that Gunner and Sam Shaw could fit into this somehow, so there you have it. Perhaps they could be the bond between Storm and Anderson.

Regardless of anything, anyway, Storm is awesome. The best Heel on the roster by far, the very fact he’s not in the main event scene right now pains me. If only I could write TNA! I REALLY WANT TO!

Anderson hit his rolling slam thing…. mini green bay plunge, only he “injured” himself. Which I’m sure was a work, but it looked pretty damn authentic, so kudos!

Anderson tried to drop Storm with a mic-check but Storm held the ropes sending Anderson down by himself, he got back up groggy to yet another awesome Last Call Superkick.

What was more out of character perhaps, and also interesting, was James Storm seeking out Sanada backstage, giving up a bit of abuse and then adding on the pressure of Sanda’s X-Division Reign, and if he will cash it in for a shot at the World Championship, and not to “chock” trying to win the big one. So perhaps something could be interesting coming out of this.


EC3 and Tommy Dreamer had a fight!



Magnus and Bram vs. Abyss and Willow – Monsters Ball

I have to admit, I like the team of Willow and Abyss, I liked their promo, I like them together. Fits. Magnus still looks like a gay man.

gaymagnusAnd with a name like “Magnus”… that’s not good at all.

Yet again, Bram impressed me. I love how he moves around, I love his crazy stare, and really intense attitude. He’d fit well with Gunner and Storm. Not so much Magnus.

The Monsters Ball never disappoints, and this was the second in recent memory, and again, didn’t disappoint. Obviously the highlights were Willow climbing to the top rope only to have Magnus throw a chair at him and he fall off the top through the Barbed Wire Board, scary flash backs to Daffney, that Guard Rail looked too close for comfort.

Abyss then choke-slammed Magnus onto some Thumbtacks, which is weird, you don’t normally see Magnus in that kind of environment. In the end though it was Bram who did this awesome creepy stalking thing on Abyss then hit him in the stomach with Janice for the win.



So this took me a little by surprise, this year’s Bound For Glory is going to be in Tokyo Japan. This has me really, really excited. I honestly can’t wait to see it, I know this might sound like sarcasm, but I’m being serious,… seriously.

I’ve obviously seen Wrestling in Japan before (on TV of course) but not a full show like this, an American PPV, in Japan. That excites me, I’m sure we’ll see Sanada and The Great Muta and probably a lot of other Japanese stars too, so yeah, very unexpected, and totally pumped!


And of course the show then ended with the reveal of the “new Director of Wrestling Operations”. Which was also blatantly obvious. Though I’m slightly more interested then I was actually seeing Kurt in action, than when I just assumed it would be Kurt.

Also the no-one cares fan now suddenly cares.


MVP, Lashley and King made their way to the ring to confront Kurt, who didn’t back down, and even went a little… weird.

And then made a World Title Re-Match next week with Lashley vs. EY and then reinstated Bobby Roode.

Roode and EY then started fighting Lashley and King, and that was it.


This was Bobby Lashley’s first week as the TNA World Champ, and to be fair, I almost forgot he was the new Champion. It was very understated.

Either way, TNA have done a nice job of correcting the main dragging issues with their show and finally putting an interesting angle on it. Literally. Kurt Angle.



Till then!

Dan Wilkinson

TNR Cover 12 (w facebook address)

Monday Night Raw #1101: June 30, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer


Yes John Cena! 15 times World Wrestling Federation Undisputed Champion!!!! It’s the way he won the titles as well, he hardly did anything in the match, he lay down for like 25 minutes in the match… then he dropped his super move on Kane & Randall, climbed the ladder, and the way he smiled at the camera when he took the titles… let’s be real – THAT WAS F**KED UP!!!

Shout out to WWE for ruining the Summerslam main event – John Cena Vs Brock Lesnar for the title…why the rarse did you release the poster before Munny Inna Bank start? But wait guys!!! CARD SUBJECT TO CHANGE. But don’t bank on it like the PPV!!!!


Enough of that sh!t, we must move on. I got my pringles, my galaxy chocolate cookie crumble, my supermalt, I got strawberry ice cream for later, jaffa cakes… I’m ready for this sh!t, are you??? RAW #1101! HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZWord on the street is there is a returning ‘WWE champion’ in the hiz-house! Uh-oh… I can see the Philippa Brooks fans getting the Vaseline out…. oh jesus…

Uh-oh Triple Teef & Stephanie have a smile on their face… why the f**k is the crowd chanting Phillipa’s name? Yeah stop living in the past like Stephanie said!

Here comes the new World Wrestling Federation Champion! Ok you attitards don’t all rush to the toilet at once! Rub it in their face Cena! 15 times rude boy!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Cena is hoping to give Danny another opportunity to fight for the title! OH NO! Cena is on the cover of WWE2K15!!! It just gets better!!!! Stephanie dropping two foot to Cena’s music! I’m telling you! Stephanie is a hip hop head!!!


But you’re not a hip hop head Triple Teef!!! Don’t talk that hip hop sh!t!!!! HA! HA! HA! Don’t give me joke!

Triple just gave Cena that same choice that Vincent Kennedy asked Austin! You want the easy way or the hard way!

Well the hard way it is! Fatal Four Way jump off at Battleground! Cena Vs Roman Reigns Vs Randall Orton Vs my hero Kane!!! And if Cena becomes superman that night as usual, Triple will draw for his Plan B: Seth Rollins!!!

So after what happened at Munny Inna Bank, maybe Dean Ambrose will go after Kane either somewhere down the road or at Summerslams! Don’t mind me I’m just doing the science…

Word up, I’m gonna tweet Stephanie and ask her what tunes she’s into… don’t believe me? WATCH!

Seth Rollins – I am finding it hard to hate you…. you are still the don! We are treated to another contest with him and RVD!

Who tried to tell me that Seth Rollins Curb Stomp super move was weak? That’s right it was Ian Cooper! GET IN THE CHAIR!!!!!

WROOOOOOOOOY!!!! Everytime Seth Rollins is about to cash his cheque, Dean Ambrose will appear and f**k him up!!! So what if it’s Cody Rhodes Vs Damian Sandow over again from last year….but with more INTENSITY and more MILITANT!!

UH-OH!!! here comes Rusev!!!! Fly that flag in celebration! Rusev – don’t you have thought of f**k!n Lana??? You must do surely!

Who will be America’s next failure??? OH NO! It’s that bastard Swagger and Zeb SAM_3287Colter! They represent everything about America and go against muthaf**az crossing the borders!

Is it me or is Lana laughing at Zeb Colter’s promo?

I guess Colter has thrown away his deportation list! He sees the big picture! Don’t think for one single SOLITARY SECOND that I will support Colter & Swagger just because they just turned face. They still disrespect MY PEOPLE! We The People? The Grant Says ‘WE, THE TIMBERLAND BOOT UP YOUR B!TCH @$$!!!’

The Usos entrance gotta be one of my favourites right now! Everything they say comes from the heart and then the pyro – BLAOW!!! Not only will they be in WWE 2K15, but hopefully The Wyatt Family’s entrance with the audience with their cell phones on! Big up to Jerry Lawler telling JAY-BEE to put his phone down!

Haha! You jabronies may not like JAY-BEE & Mike Cole not calling the match but instead talking about the dirty clothes of Luke Harper…BUT I DO… so F**K YOU!


I’ve come to the conclusion that this ‘Whole World In His Hands’ thing depends on the crowd. See in certain cities they will sing that sh!t!!!! Other cities they are as dead as Fandango when I get my hands on him for kissing up my Layla!

Damn Nikki, they treating you bad because Brie sacrificed herself??? You gotta fight my girls by yourself? Oh well Nikki… good luck!!!

Since you jabronies have started sh!tt!ng on the WWE2K15 cover… maybe I should join in and see what it’s like to be a IWC b!atch… maybe Bo Dallas should be on the cover!!! I mean, he inspires millions the world over! All you gotta do is BO-LIEVE DAMNIT!

I’ll tell you this – Total Divas Season 3 gonna be MAAAAD if Stephanie and Brie’s storyline gets involved in the script!

Why have I got this feeling that Nikki WILL WIN this handicap match because Miss Girl Bye-Bye is acting a fool??? Oh forget it… They won but Miss Girl Bye-Bye is still acting a fool. What happened to U.N.I.T.Y. ladies?

Well ain’t that a b!tch… I’M AFRAID I GOT SOME BAD NEWS… Wade Barrett out the game with a shoulder injury… the Intercontinental championship is vacant. Shadfather says The I.C. Title is cursed, Mia Bonita says SmackDown is cursed, THE GRANT SAYS WADE BARRETT WAS CURSED EVER SINCE HE BURIED THE UNDERTAKER ALIVE IN 2010!!! You see? If Undertaker doesn’t get you in the physical, he’ll get you in the mental and spiritual. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Battle Royal jump off at Battleground for the Intercontinental Title… Well The Grant Says I have a feeling who is gonna win that… I’m gonna hold my tongue for now.

You what? Kofi Kingston defeated Cesaro during the commercial break? Now we back on and Cesaro beating down de black man? RACIAL MAN RACIAL!!!!!

This is f**ked up – is it because Cesaro knows Switzerland are gonna get knocked out the World Cup? Nah man – I like my Cesaro but Kofi has to go postal and beat down Cesaro like he did Randall!

YES! VINCENT KENNEDY!!!! Er wait a minute… that’s not VINCENT KENNEDY!!! That’s SANDOW KENNEDY! Oh hell naw!!! Hang on his impression might be good…

Oh dear Stephanie is not too happy!!!! She gonna send someone after Sandow for impersonating Vincent Kennedy…. NOT THE NOT SO GREAT KHALI!!! And he won as well! OH MY GOD NO! One chop to Sandow’s head top – BLAOW! Shadfather turn your head! I think he did quite well! What’s up Steph? Time of the month? You need some Infamous cocky with those vitamins girl???!!!


The former WWE Champion is here! The Miz!!! Thank you Felix Pizarro for spoiling it for us! GET IN THE CHAIR!!!

He was filming The Marine 4? Wait a minute – wasn’t Summer Rae in that film too? And I’m sure he’s taking shots at The Rock here talking about Hollywood and turning his back… sounds like The Miz is embodying that role again! He’s out to main event WrestleMania…. boring….boring…bor-

BREAK THE WALLS DOWN!!!! BUMBACLART!!!! JERICHO???!!!!! LAWD HAVE MERCY!!!! Not one, but TWO former WWE Champions! How I laugh at one of the guys on Perfect Plex Radio who said Jericho was out with Fozzy… you can NEVER believe anything Jericho says!

Yeah talk sh!t now Miz – PPPPPPPPPP!!!!!! Jericho just punched the Miz through school buses!

HOLD UP!!!! The Wyatt Man dem!!!! They just brukk up Jericho!!! This is gonna be an EPIC storyline! Suddenly I am looking forward to Battleground! Money In The What???? In one fell swoop, RAW is BETTER than the PPV!

Now time for my baby girl Layla doing her ting! Forget about Fandumbgay – I’ll F**K HIM UP! WWE book it – Fandumb!tch@$$ Vs the Infamous Informer at Summerslam!

Now the ponce is fighting another ponce in Dolph Ziggler… say what? Summer Rae offered a truce to Layla??? I don’t like the smell of Summer Rae’s pum-pum…black man loves his fried fish but not if it’s rancid as Summer Rae!


WTF is this??? Now Summer Rae is sticking her tongue down Ziggler’s throat???? URRRRGHHH DIRTY RATCHET!

See I said that this Stardust and Goldust was just a phase leading to the Summerslam Rhodes clash… but I dunno… because they are over with the crowd! I saw this match with them and Rybaxel on Munny Inna Bank, so I ain’t watching it again f**k that!

One thing worth noting – why are the crowd chanting FEED ME MORE at Ryback now???

Why do Goldust and Stardust look like they are in love with each other? I suppose you’re all off the hook Razor Ramon, Piper and especially Ahmed Johnson!

Are there still haters on Paige saying she should go back to NXT? BACKFOOT!!! AJ LEE IS BACK TOO??? MONEY IN THE WHAT???!!!

You mean to tell me that AJ Lee returns and all you b!tches can chant is CM Punk??? You wait til I go on radio… that’s all I’m saying!!!

Backside – we gonna get a rematch! AJ LEE! PAIGE! DIVAS CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH! HERE WE GO!!!


Can you believe that after all we just seen, we have come to the main event! And that Triple TEEF is at ringside! There might be a sledgehammer nearby watch out!

Look at Roman Reigns embracing the audience and that Triple TEEF looking at him!!! It’s almost like Triple Vs The Rock all over again!

UH-OH!!! my hero Kane is out to destroy Cena! So that Seth can cash his cheque! Tombstone Cena into the concrete – BLAOW! But don’t forget – Ambrose WILL f**k up Seth! REMEMBER ME TELL YUH!

LOOK W’HAPPEN NOW! Ambrose came to brukk him up! But then Reigns with the spear to Kane again – BLAOW! Then the stare down between Reigns and the evil, EVIL, TRIPLE TEEF!!!! THIS IS AWESOME? THIS IS MUTHAF***K!N DAN! Like I could live through Roman Reigns warrioristically, I don’t give a damn if that word don’t exist! The road to Summerslam has begun people!











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The Jobber Blogger #112 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING 19/6/14


The Jobber Blogger

What do you mean it’s up late! What’s up late! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!!! Well okay, so it’s a little late. But guess what, some of us have a life you know, and although most of mine revolves around wrestling and comic books and video games and oh my! But yes, sadly this week’s edition is a little late to leave the press-room. I have a good explanation though… I went away for the weekend, it was great, thanks for asking. I crammed in Impact on Friday but didn’t get home till Monday, then busy day Monday, yes including work, and same on Tuesday, and so here we are! Wednesday, and it’s The Jobber Blogger time!

Speaking of The Jobber Blogger time, I am officially hitting 2014 in the face with my face, I’ve started my very own blog page… hopefully that works wonders. Yes –


It’s time to kick it up a notch!

Impact Wrestling LogoTNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 19/6/14

I love the 19th.

But, did I love this week’s edition of Impact? It’s all starting to come back to me now, and yes, it was pretty good. BUT! And a big but, I might add, it did feel a little “short” in comparison to the greatness that was Slammiversary.

Let me fill you in on the reasons, Slammiversary was TNA – full force, Wrestling, Wrestling, Wrestling, and guess what, a show packed with Wrestling with the best locker-room in the industry, that makes one hell of a great show. So to come off of that and have Impact, albeit a good show, but it was less Wrestling and back to the ever flowing Storylines.

Part of me is getting a bit bored of MVP’s current ordeal, but hey, Impact shakes things up, so let’s go with that.

MVP, Lashley and King kicked off Impact, something I really didn’t need, but I get it. I just hate the format of “talking” and long, long, long repetitive talking to kick off a Wrestling show. Least we’re past the days of having Hogan stumble around on his announcements to boot. MVP was obviously “annoyed” over Eric Young’s successful title defence from Slammiversary. To add, MVP was also blabbing on endlessly about how he’s annoyed about the Board of Directors’ threats toward him. Some crap about this being his show, and he’s going to do as he pleases.

EY then came out, some weird Camera Angles later and they were just re-treading the same ground we’ve seen for weeks now. I don’t need to witness them yelling at each other. Either way, it did at least hit something worthwhile …. eventually.

Eric Young vs. Kenny King – World Heavyweight Championship

Yes, MVP wanted EY to defend his belt on the show, and Kenny’s “hot headed”.. ness, added to him making the challenge, and so the World title was to be defended right away.

Least on this show, it makes sense to have MVP talk it through before hand, it just find it annoying. Perhaps, they could have started the show with MVP backstage yelling about how much he’s annoyed and making the match as he walked toward the ring, and then boom, Impact starts, World Title match right off the bat.

Unfortunately the talking just gets worse and worse.

MVP and Bobby Lashley stayed at Ring-Side, which in turn brought out Samoa Joe, Austin Aries and the Wolves.

Obviously I didn’t expect Kenny to win, he’s a great talent and continues to impress. I honestly feel Kenny will play more of a role next month with Destination X. Either way, King set up EY for the Royal Flush, which was counted into a Small Package giving Eric Young the win, and retaining his World Championship.

After the match had finished however MVP, Lashley and King were still surrounding the ring, as MVP decided to take out his frustrations with the Time Keeper, slapping him around.

Joe, Aries and the Wolves came down to stop MVP’s assault on the Time Keeper which of course ended in a brawl. MVP then made Bobby Lashley vs. Eric Young in the main event, defending his World championship for the second time, and also placed Joe and Aries against the Wolves for the Tag-Team Championships.

All of this was at least good, it’s different than the usual, but it just took far too long.

– This is actually a re-edit, I got down to page four and realised I hadn’t mentioned the Firing of Earl Hebner. Earl Hebner got “fired”.

earlhebnerfiredtnaAustin Aries and Samoa Joe vs. The Wolves vs. Willow and Abyss – World Tag-Team Championships

I honestly didn’t expect Willow and Abyss to be a team in this match, I thought it would be the obvious, Bromans. But thankfully Willow and Abyss made for a more interesting dynamic.

Though did beg the question what happened to Bram and Magnus, but more on that later as it turns out.

Despite the fact that Willow debuted in the Lockdown Main Event, we’ve hardly seen him interact with other Talent. Sure he’s done it all as Jeff, but the new Character is a little weird, so to see it bounce back from other established stars was interesting, and yes, he did the crazy Back Plunge again.

I hope Willow and Abyss don’t become a “team”, I’m sure they won’t. Specially on the news that Matt Hardy is coming to the New York tapings to re-team with Jeff.

In the end it was in fact Willow who got singled out by The Wolves, and some double team moves later, The Wolves took the victory.

This is yet another sign that Willow really isn’t all that dangerous, clearly.

Dixie Carter and Spud made their way to the ring to call out Tommy Dreamer.

Dixie had such a negative reaction, that it really shows one of two things, either she’s really good at being a Heel, or there is something Wrestling fans just utterly hate about Women.

Very few people can just get under the fans skin to the extent that Dixie has. I would throw Vince McMahon (though he can easily swing to a face) and of course Eric Bischoff.

I’m fairly sure most people see Dixie as portraying a Character, but at the same time people do seem to think she’s the one making all the bad choices they hate. And actually removing Dixie will fix issues…. it doesn’t quite work like that.

So here’s what else is funny, Tommy Dream, Bully Ray and Dixie Carter all insisted that this House of Hardcore mess was not a “work”. Despite the fact that it clearly is, one, Tommy Dreamer works for TNA. Two, he wouldn’t turn up otherwise. And most certainly, three, he wouldn’t be given a mic, and then give a storyline fuelled promo that had absolutely nothing to do with why he was invited in the first place.

Wasn’t Dreamer supposed to be annoyed that Dixie screwed over his Main Event and his fans from his own promotion. Yet he spent the entire time talking about how great TNA is, and that Dixie isn’t the woman he once met who was passionate about giving back to the Wrestling fans.

Some crap about how he could see Dixie in her private Box at Slammiversary during the Von Erich’s match.

Either way, a good heartfelt Wrestling promo that touches on the real issues, always wins the fans over. And that’s exactly what Dreamer did, he won everyone over by talking about how great TNA once was. Dixie then kneed him in the Crotch, which was… better. Leaving Spud and mainly EC3 to beat up Dreamer. I guess this is just getting started right. Despite how absurd it almost seems to say Bully is working with Dixie (storyline) if Dreamer gets involved on Bully’s side, I believe Bully will turn all the more.

dixiecartertommydreamerThe Wolves vs. Magnus and Bram – World Tag-Team Championships

Yes after their successful defence earlier on in the night, MVP made the Wolves do double duty just like he is doing with EY. This time The Wolves had to defend against scary bearded man and George Michael.


This is what I feared, we’re being told that Magnus is different, he put on some silly body warmer to look different. But yet doesn’t feel different at all. He doesn’t Wrestle different, he doesn’t fight different. It’s just Magnus. Bram feels different.

The best part of this match is the reasons behind it, Davey Richards was on fire (as usual) but in the end Magnus just attacked with a Chair, and then Bram joined in, going to a DQ.

Abyss and Willow then ran to save The Wolves and also get their hands on Magnus and Bram.

After the match thought, we saw Magnus and Bram backstage who said that they weren’t out to Win a match, just to beat up The Wolves, and had been paid to do so. See, I like that.

Then Willow and Abyss attacked them again, including Willow diving in the air screaming… which was kind of cool.

Because Gail Kim is a good now all of sudden for some reason, she re-introduced the returning Taryn Terrell, based on the fact that Gail and Taryn had their infamous “Last Knockout Standing” match last year at Slammiversary, Taryn had gained Gail’s respect, and so she wanted to welcome her back. Which is funny because after that match they were still feuding, so Gail wasn’t that pleased or “won over” apparently at the time. Is that too picky?


But because Taryn beat Gail, then Gail beat Taryn, there was no “tie breaker” match, and so the challenge was issued.

The Beautiful People then turned up, stating how Angelina is the leader of the Knockouts Division. Of course they ended up fighting, with Taryn and Gail getting the upper hand. I still kind of hope for Taryn to join forces with the Beautiful People, but who knows.

Maybe Madison will eventually be “if you can’t beat them, join them”.

Bobby Lashley (w/MVP and Kenny King) vs. Eric Young – World Heavyweight Championship

 Yes, MVP made the stipulation that everyone else was to escorted out of the Arena. The only people left would be Bobby Lashley, MVP, King, EY and Brian Heber.

Brian was used in this position given all that went on with his Dad being “fired” and same old same old.

EY made a phone call to Kurt Angle to help him, Angle turned up but got held with Security, Lashley and King. All Angle said was “what are you doing MVP?” then MVP kicked him out, so a big waste of a phone call there.


EY actually managed to hold his own against Lashley, least for the main part. Which sort of sucks. I’d rather see EY have a chance, but for him more so to get beaten down, yet keep fighting. I would prefer that, rather than Lashley actually nearly being beaten.

EY hit the Pile-Driver on Lashley, but Kenny King pulled Brian Hebner out of the ring. In the end though, it was EY who missed his Elbow Drop only to be speared by Lashley, to then get the three count, and now Bobby Lashley is the new World Champion.

Kenny King then puts EY’s arm in a chair and starts to attack when Bobby Roode jumps the Guard Rail and everyone backs off. Yes, Roode is back from his suspension and even had his awesome “Off The Chain” music playing.

So let’s break this down.

One, it bugs me Roode made his return this way. Awesome to see him back obviously, he’s one of my favourites, however Roode surely could have helped EY before he lost the Belt?

Two, Lashley shouldn’t have had a hard time to defeat EY, would have been better if Lashley just wore him down and beat him up. Just like how he made quick work of EY before Slammiversary.

Three, it sort of sucks EY has lost the belt, they could have dropped the Belt at Slammiversary, which makes you think perhaps the original plan was to have MVP take the gold. Given that he won’t be cleared to Wrestle for a little while, the plans needed to change. Also dropping the belt on Impact would be more unexpected, and a Live Crowd helps.

Four, and this is the best one yet. TNA got a lot of stick for dropping the Belt on EY the very same week the WWE dropped their belt on their hairy bearded underdog. So now, you hear the rumours of Brock Lesnar making his come back to the WWE to properly Main Event Summer Slam for the World Championship, no doubt he probably winning also. So who better than to have Bobby Lashley, Bobbly Nobbly’s and all be the TNA World Champion, for TNA to say “look who is copying who now!” in TNA’s ever growing immature attempt to be relevant against the competition.


Either way, it was a good Impact, a little odd, nothing anywhere near as exciting as Slammiversary, but whatever.

Lashley’s World Title victory didn’t feel all that relevant, but I look forward to that more so in this week’s coming show. It’s when TNA hit New York (and we get to watch the shows) that will be special. It’s in New York, the 6-Sided Ring is coming back Full-Time, Matt Hardy, loads of stars coming back, should be awesome!

Till then!

Dan Wilkinson

http://www.TheSteelChair.comTNR Cover 12 (w facebook address)

Monday Night Raw #1100: June 23, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre Ray Logo

The Infamous Informer

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! 3 Lions On The Shirt turned into 3 B!TCHES ON THE SHIRT!!!! WHOEVER LOSES, I WIN!!!!


All you have left to celebrate is the 1100th edition of Monday Night Raw… Now there is a Munny Inna Bank Briefcase match, Seth Rollins a.k.a. Mr tandem engine is already in the match. Which 6 superstars will join him? And The Infamous Informer tells you this: If Dolph Ziggler is in that match… HE AIN’T WINNING SH!T!!! That’s not a prediction, that’s a SPOILER!!!!

Enough of that, LET’S DO THIS! RAW! #1100!! HOL’ DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZMissing 6 minutes of the opening segment of Raw because the laptop crashed is BAD FOR BUSINESS!


So let me get this right so I can understand this! Vickie can either get fired, or fight Stephanie McMahon in a match? Vickie I understand the legacy of the Guerrero name, but Vickie your name is Guerrero only by a piece of paper!!!!!

Intercontinental Championship jump off! Wade Barrett Vs Dolph Ziggler! One of em buried the Undertaker and got away with it… the other walks around with a SWAG here to show the world…. hmmm who shall I back????? NONE OF EM!!!!

4-on-3 Handicap jump off! Reigns, Sheamus & Cena Vs Randall, Bray, Cesaro & Bertie! Who shall I back? I just wanna see RUCKUS!!!! That’s how the F**K I roll!


WTF???? Now the Wyatt man dem come out to a f**ked up organ version of the Whole World In His Hands??? I thought they were shutting that sh!t down!

Jimmy Uso got clotheslined out of his boots rude boy! Jey ain’t coming out here not just to spectate f**k that! He’s out here to brukk up the Wyatt bwoy!

Is that Jey’s super move? ‘U-SO CRAZY’??? A body splash off the top ropes?!!!

Irrelevant, the Wyatt man just f**k up people whether they win or lose… but come the PPV, BWOOOOYYY!!!

What’s up Bray! Nice of you to drop in on the titan tron…. how come you muthaf***az don’t diss Bray and say he’s live via satellite?!!!

You know what? Vladimir Putin’s face is so DRY that I’m starting to think that he’s an official bad man!!!!


This should be interesting! Cameron and Paige at commentary, while Alicia Fox and Naomi are engaged in combat! Give me a chance to check out the attire!

It just breaks my heart that Cameron has beef with her sista Naomi…. don’t worry readers, I’ll be ok as soon as Layla comes on later…

I gotta agree with Cameron – she is one of the stars on Total Divas!!!! She gives me joke every week!

No wonder Shadfather is annoyed with Jerry Lawler! He should be throwing shots at Paige and Cameron left & right! Shadfather is right – fire Lawler and Hire Charlamagne Tha God!!!!12zCHARLEMAGNE-articleLarge

HE’S DA MAN!!!! Have you heard his interviews with female celebrities? Think Lawler in Attitude/Ruthless Aggression Era x10!!!! I look up to this man. He is an inspiration to us all! Howard Stern MOVE OVER!

Talking of inspiration…. BO-LIEVE!!!! The most inspirational superstar of all time in WWE?

Say what? Titus O’Neill loses to Bo Dallas and JAY-BEE calls it the greatest streak in sports entertainment???



He got something to say about the Briefcase Munny  Inna Bank ladder match….sssssshh…..

YOU HEAR THAT IWC DICKHEADS!!!! Triple said that the contact can be cashed in any time up to a year… so don’t pressurise the winner of the match!

The participants:






You’re improving on your English accent Triple!


Wait a minute…. where’s the 6th participant Triple? You introduce Seth Rollins who you say is gonna win this Munny Inna Bank, I got 5 in my list here! Ain’t there supposed to be 7?

Seth – words from the wise – wrestling fans don’t get over sh!t – they are still talking about the muthaf**k!n screwjob, they still debate about Chris Benoit’s death and the family, Seth – some of em think Philip Brooks is coming back!!!!!

Why the f**k did Triple laugh at the thought of RVD winning the match this year? RVD won the thing back in 2006! (One of my favourite years in wrestling I might add…)

I hope you make an example out of Seth, Mr Monday Night! It’s the 1100th show – REPRESENT!!!

It’s a nice idea to have someone win the title at the PPV, and then somebody from the contract match cashes in on the same night…. but truth be told, I don’t want that to happen. It seems kinda obvious though doesn’t it!

OH SNAP!!! I forgot about Dean Ambrose!!!! Baiting the match up right there between Seth Rollins and RVD!

Dean wants in the Munny Inna Bank contract match! I don’t blame him either! He says he wants to climb the ladder and grab the cheque… THE GRANT SAYS he’s more out to f**k up Seth Rollins! Dean gotta be the 7th dude!

PLUS! Danny Bryan gives his thoughts on him being stripped of the title on the pre-show…. BWOY!!!!! I just wanna say, just for the record, my hero Kane is not involved in a match yet…I’m just saying…

Really Wade Barrett? You gonna beat down Dolph Ziggler so much that he has to change his name??? I’m all for that – The lord is a forgiving lord, and I was created in his image, therefore, I forgive you Wade! DESTROY ZIGGLER!!! DESTROY HIM!!!

Now I think about it…. maybe Ziggler should win… I’m just doing the knowledge…

HA! Ziggler hit his Zig Zag super move, and Barrett rolled out of the ring! NICELY DONE!

Well thank you very f**k!n much Virgin Media, you did it to me again didn’t ya! I was actually engrossed in that Wade Barrett Vs Dolph Ziggler match and your internet connection just had to falter didn’t it? You best sort it out and make sure I don’t miss Vickie Guerrero Vs Stephanie McMahon! Dun know I’m backing Stephanie! Never liked the b!tch Vickie word up!!!

(Yes I am watching via stream because I’m a struggling broke n!**@ tryna make ends meet!)

Might as well play some good ol’ Tekken while I’m waiting…. F**K!

Just in time to see the match! THIS IS WHAT I CAME TO SEE!!! I didn’t know theyGRANT - BODY - P put mud wrestling in this sh!t!!! OH SNAP! Stephanie threw Vickie in the soup!!!! Vickie is outta here! Stephanie feel sweet! Singing the goodbye song while doing the Danny Bryan chant! She can’t do that!

NO!! VICKIE PUSHED STEPHANIE IN THE SOUP!!!! Oh my gosh that murky narstyness!!! I bet Triple is in the back ‘feeling’ himself right now!!! You know Steph is gonna get it later in the bed!!!

There hasn’t been a mud wrestling contest like that in years! Not since the Torrie Wilson days!!!!! WOW!!!! If only it was bra & panties and Vickie actually won the match… don’t get excited guys, TV-14 ain’t coming back…

Hmmm… Paige Vs Naomi WWE Divas title at the PPV… it’s a heartbreaking prediction I’m afraid… but you can catch me on YouTube this week with the Munny Inna Bank Prediction blog and I’ll tell you how I feel about it! Alternatively you can catch me and Shadfather and maybe more on the STC From The UK show on BDSIR NETWORK – Cheap plug but not cheap coz I pay the bills around here!

Instead of being entertained badly by Sandow dressed up as some president and Big E mashin him up… oh hang on!!! Pastor Langston???!!!! I like that promo right there! ‘Enough is Enough-ha! We-ha! This is our America-ha! We will stand-ha!!!!’ They say most black pastors are corrupt, so this is what Big E be doing when he’s not in church…. put your eyes back – SHE’S MINE!


Do you just ‘turn off your ears’ to Cena’s promo and just gaze at Renée Young’s sexy @$$? Things you wanna do to Renee’s sexy @$$!

MAIN EVENT JUMP OFF! 4 on 3 handicap match! the ladders are already there! F**k it – let’s do this ladder match right now!

This is interesting – the mighty Super Cena cannot best Cesaro in a test of strength contest!!!! HAHA!!!

You have no idea how high I am on this Bray Wyatt dude – he was once known as Husky Harris…. HUSKY MUTHAF***!N HARRIS! he had no skills, from that to WrestleMania XXX with John Cena, now he is in the main event, and could become WWE World Heavyweight Champion! HOW CRAZY IS THAT! DROP THE BOMB ON EM!

See that’s why you f**ked up Broadus Clay! You had some bullsh!t @$$ gimmick that worked for Cameron & Naomi!

Oh dear all is not well with these tags on both teams! You know this match ain’t gonna end decisively!

Damn son! Super moves all over the ……. hang on…. MY HERO KANE????

OH SNAP!!! I GET IT!!! KANE WANTS IN!!!! MY HERO KANE IS THE 8TH PARTICIPANT!!!! YES! I KNOW WHO I’M BACKING! But wait – BLAOW!!! Roman Reigns hit the spear on Kane!!!!!

Now that question is answered, looks like Big E & Rusev are gonna have a Part II, the contract ladder match is gotta be a show stealer surely! The Divas title match should be a great contest in Paige and Naomi, Plus Danny gotta give his views… Munny Inna Bank is gonna be DON!!!!









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