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The Jobber Blogger #96 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 13/3/14


It seemed like such a Distant dream every once in a while when I just said I wanted Angelina Love back in TNA Wrestling. And yet as I skimmed over Wrestling news I glanced an article that to my eyes looked as if it said Angelina was back in TNA. I however refused to look further as I didn’t want to spoil anything, and by god, she’s back!

Yes, I am pleased and happy that Angelina has come back to TNA, her rightful home. Though part of me feels this is a passing trend, everyone loves TNA at some point, then they want to leave.. then they come back and love it again… then they want to leave. I suppose it has a lot to do with TNA struggling to keep things fresh and just don’t have the room for more stars on their Television Broadcast. Which sucks, I know they would find it difficult to run another show, but with Hogan and Sting now gone TNA has been packed full with new stars, Lei’D Tapa, EC3, Alpha Female, The Wolves, Tigre Uno, Brittany, the returns of Bobby Lashley and Angelina Love, addition of Sanada (don’t know how long he’s sticking around). All I can say is, I Can Not Wait till Kurt Angle packs up and leaves and let’s get some more!

It’s Wrestling time folks! And it was a blast!

 Impact Wrestling Logo


Should I maybe have started with apologising that this entry is rather late. I always have the best intentions but this past week has been packed full of “things to do” and unfortunately all of those things which took longer than expected had a Deadline to meet, and though I set myself Deadlines with Writing The Jobber Blogger, the former took precedence. However, don’t even dare contemplate the thought of me “not” Writing up a show. It’s been too long now to even consider not doing it. So sure, I’m writing it and posting it on the same day the next show Airs in the States, but that’s life! Get over yourselves!

Or on yourselves. Whichever you prefer… also Angelina.

Angelina 002

MVP kicks off Impact this week hot off of his Victory from Lockdown. Though the “Impact Zone” is rather small, least the TNA fans packed it out and actually made for a rather good crowd. No bad thing considering they are going to be the same crowd for the next Month’s worth of Television.

MVP declares “Dixie Land” officially closed, and even addressed Bully Ray whom will be treated “fairly” regardless of his past actions.

I do find it funny that Bully went from being the Top Heel to Dangerous Heel, to good guy with one action. It’s quite a jump from threatening to Pile-Drive Anderson’s pregnant Wife one week, to being put in a Coffin another week, to now being a Good-Guy. Still, it’s Wrestling and we love it for its many eccentricities.

MVP has a 3-Act structure (like most things) in to deal with Talent, Motivate – Validate – Participate. Sounds like the check list you would cover before partaking in an “Adult Movie”.


Magnus and the new look – Abyss make an appearance. I’m not sold on the new look of Abyss, I am glad he has kept a mask however, but it doesn’t look so good. I get what they were going for though. From behind he looks very intimidating. But from the front… not so much.

Magnus Abyss

Though it could be worse…

Magnus Wanker

All in all, this led to MVP bringing out Samoa Joe and setting a World Heavyweight Championship Re-Match for next week, but as of now, it’s Wrestling time…. folks….. and it was a blast?….

Samoa Joe vs. Abyss

So yeah, I don’t know what is happening with Abyss. I hope this is just a “phase” in his many phases. I like that his Character is so easily manipulated yet so unpredictable that you wouldn’t dare risk it. He’s been mute, he’s been to an Asylum, he’s spoken, he’s been “American Made” Red and Yellow, he’s been Joseph Park and now he’s a link between two aspects of psyche. This is a confused Abyss trapped between his once dangerous “hardcore” ways and his rational timid mind of Joseph Park. Only of course enthused with Magnus’ upgraded ideals.

Joe and Abyss battle it out like Two Big-Guys would, Joe’s fast capture Powerslam was impressive with the speed he connected given the size of Abyss. Not that he hasn’t done it before of course.

The biggest take-away from the match was Abyss bringing Janice back into the mix, given Joe is still “suffering” from the shot from Lockdown. Eric Young however makes the save and we haven’t seen the last between EY and Abyss.

Joe confronted EY later on in the night and told him to get out of his business, but for Joe’s Title Match – Rematch next week, Eric Young is going to be Chained to Abyss for the match… seems like a stupid idea. But.. Wrestling….?

Gail Kim (w/Lei’D Tapa) vs. Brittany

It’s new Knockout time, I believe Brittany is the indie Wrestler under the name of Santana, which seems a little more “unusual”. Brittany sounds like…. well Brittany, a dumb young American girl. Whereas Santana has a ring to it. Though that’s sticks and stones and niggles and gripes.

It’s great to see yet more new Knockouts, especially ones that can Wrestle. That isn’t to say Lei’D Tapa and The Alpha Female can’t, but at the same time, TNA hasn’t let them off the leash… so how would we know? Brittany on the other hand and quite clearly move between the ropes.

Gail dominated the match though, and in a ruthless form, which is actually impressive, and pretty awesome.

Then of course, that thing we all knew was coming happened. It was only a matter of time, I just had hoped they would have handled it better. Tapa got involved in the match and accidently squashed Gail in the Corner. Funny how outside interference like getting in the ring and physically attacking someone, doesn’t count as a DQ.

Regardless, Brittany played off the mistake and took the Win. Which of course leads to Gail getting in Tapa’s face and then those two fighting.

It’s a shame TNA can’t seem to think of a more creative way to break people up. It’s either angriness of betrayal involving the World Championship.

Couldn’t Tapa have just one day turned on Gail for no reason, at all, what so ever. Tapa is a Monster of a Woman, you wouldn’t want to mess with her. Her momentum was cut short ever so quickly the second they paired her up with Gail. You could at least play on it as if Tapa was just with Gail to get herself known and then ditched her at the first possible second. Even tie it into why she “needed” Gail’s help to win matches. Of course she didn’t but she wanted Gail to feel superior. Then BAM! Tapa breaks free, goes unstoppable. It makes sense… why not do that? Why does everything involve freakin’ “Reasons”. Winds me up!

Wind Up Thug

Bobby Roode and the rest of Team Dixie were furious from the actions of Bully Ray, and though everyone pointed Blame at Roode, he pointed it constructively toward Bully. Thus when Bully arrived they jumped him and beat him up. Makes sense.

The Bromans (w/ DJ Z) vs. Sanada and Tigre Uno

I actually hope Sanada does stick around in TNA, he’s pretty damn awesome. They were certainly playing it as if he is sticking around. Though I do remember reading he was only involved currently. Sanada and Uno made a great team, diverse yet similar in style. Though a mixture of Japanese and Mexican Wrestling, it’s a style you miss from watching TNA. And it seems they are bringing back that flavour of Wrestling, and if this match is anything to go by, then hell yes!

I shall reiterate, I can’t wait for Kurt to leave!

That isn’t me saying I dislike Kurt, I like Kurt, but he wants to leave, and it’s painfully obvious. He’s saying it all the time off the Camera, but even on the Camera he just looks fed up. Everything he says, even when he’s praising TNA, it just sounds so second hand, he means it.. but he’s not that bothered. It’s almost as if he’s saying “Thank you for keeping TNA around, you keep doing it, it’s great… also I’m leaving, so you do it more so?… Good!” I’m sure his contract will free up a good bit of money, more new stars like this, and I’m sold. Hell, put that money in an envelope with the name AJ Styles on it, and get him back!

The match was fast paced, and fantastic, Sanada and Uno pick up the win with Tenay doing all he can to push the idea that these two challenge for the Tag-Team Championships. Kind of greedy given that Sanada is already the X-Division Champion, let alone The Wolves? Though Destination X isn’t far away, and someone will need to grab that belt for “Option C”. Here’s my prediction, so mark you’re calendars. Samoa Joe gets screwed again next week, and Magnus talks Joe out of the Title Picture, Joe instead grabs himself the X-Division Championship and cashes it in for one more shot.

Also The Bromans had a whining session after the match when Bully crashes in and beats them all down.

Rockstar Spud and EC3 hold a tribute to Dixie, mourning her loss of controlling the Wrestling Operations. Spud is TV gold, put him with a giant picture of Dixie he clings to and strokes, it’s win win!

Team WinWin

Spud proceeds with a “Reading” to honour her when MVP announces that Spud is no longer the Chief of Staff, but is not on the active Roster. Starting with him taking on Willow in the Main Event. With EC3 taking on Bobby Lashley next week, as Lashley has now officially resigned with TNA.

Lashley face

EC3 had a few words about Bobby Lashley backstage, and then Bully Ray beat him up. I love backstage segments, plus the idea of Bully on a rampage is awesome!

Samuel Shaw vs. Mr. Anderson – Street Fight

Shaw brought his Mannequin of Christy to the ring with him… which is sort of weird, though I also really like that idea. I actually hope he takes it with him everywhere from now on. It doesn’t have to be Christy, it can evolve, like Christy was his closest fascination that gave Birth to the idea of who this Mannequin becomes in his mind, and she goes places with him. That’s a good gimmick!

The Creepy Bastard chant stuck around for Impact, so hopefully it continues, I think they will do all they can to keep it around. Creepy Bastard is a pretty good Moniker, let alone marketing tool.

Given the twist ending from their Lockdown Cage Match, this time they had Anderson take the victory he would have had before. Anderson made his advances on Shaw’s Mannequin, kissing it, then throwing it at Shaw and dropping him with the Mic Check from the distraction for the Win.

Angelina Love is Back!

Of course she gets her own Heading!

It’s weird, I don’t get why I like her so much. And no, it’s not a Crush thing. I don’t look at her and find her attractive, I mean she is, but not to me personally. I just like her. I like her attitude, and character, and music, and The Beautiful People is a great faction. Mainly as Heels. She’s a different type of Knockout, sure she’s the more “risky” style of Women’s Wrestler, given her chosen attire, general look and certain affections with the middle rope.

But she does it in a way that’s a Strong Symbol for Women, not that she’s been used, or seen in a trashy way. She has an attitude to back her up, and she’ll kick your ass. I think that’s appealing.

Angelina of course called Velvet to the ring, both rocking the old school “Angle on my Shoulder” Beautiful People theme. It’s an awesome theme, and quite easily puts anyone associated with it in a different league. It’s what makes The Beautiful People stand out. I so hope Madison dyes her hair blonde and gets back in the group.

Though to be fair, I don’t think Velvet will reunite with Angelina, least not yet. In fact I fully suspect she might, then Angelina will turn on her, with “jealousy” reasons.

Still, getting Angelina back in any form is better than a TNA without her! Angelina proposes The Beautiful People get back together, which Velvet says she needs to think about, given her success as a Singles Wrestler… Okay.

Angelina 001

Rockstar Spud vs. Willow

Is it bad that I LOVED Willow’s entrance. Everything I didn’t quite get on board with about Willows debut at Lockdown was corrected with Impact. I do however think they shouldn’t have said “This is Jeff Hardy”. They could have given him an attire which didn’t show off his Tattoo’s, or have his Arm-Bands. His theme music is cool, but obviously take out Jeff’s voice and it would have worked just as well. I don’t mind Jeff having an alter-ego, most people who know Jeff Hardy’s work outside of Televised Wrestling know of Jeff’s Willow the Wisp Character anyway. But nothing really happened to have Jeff switch to this side of his personality.

Willow 002

Still, it probably sells Jeff to those who don’t know who Willow is “under the mask”. But then that could have been better to find out in a shocking way. The good news is that Willow is much more aggressive, so Jeff is exciting to watch regardless. Let alone Jeff has had his best matches in the last couple of years of his entire Career, so to have him explore territory he has never done on this scale before is exciting to witness.

Willow’s look is fantastic, Jeff has such a creative mind that as I said before, when he wants to wind down from competing, someone needs to get him into the Creative side of Wrestling. His ideas for Wrestlers, Gimmicks, stipulations, attire, themes, promo’s, camera work, will be amazing and truly different to anything you would have witnessed before.

The long black coat, the spinning Black and White umbrella and the menacing mask with the pale eyes is a brilliant look. So is the patented screaming cackle.

Willow 001

There is a tinted filter over the entrance, a blur on the edging, and it just sings when you watch it. I am on board to see where this goes. And even if Jeff goes back to being Jeff in the near future, having Willow established as his Dark Side makes Jeff unpredictable, like the fabled and brilliant character changes like the transformation of Mankind into Cactus Jack.

Now on to Spud, who does a brilliant Job of selling Willow, let alone Spud just generally being awesome at all he does. Kudos go out to TNA for spotting his talent outside of his original gimmick portrayal.

The back story to this encounter goes to when Spud pushed Jeff off of the Ladder in his World Title “Dixie Land” match. And to get his own back, Willow hangs Spud upside down in the Corner and hits him very hard with his Umbrella. Which I bet hurt. This of course led to a DQ, so Willow took out the Ref, set up a Ladder, put Spud’s leg in a Chair which he violently crushed. Then did a Body Splash from the top of Ladder onto Spud.


Bully Ray closes out the show by talking about his actions from Lockdown. Which I think are fair enough. The whole “going into the Coffin made my entire Career flash before my eyes” was a bit stupid. I get the metaphor, but the Coffin really wasn’t all that special to signify the despair he talks of. Given that it broke before he went in it.

Bully declared that if Bobby Roode got a taste of Power, he would just end up being another Dixie Carter, and he therefore saved him from himself. And did the right thing by TNA.

Roode and Bully closed out the show with a heated Fight, which saw Bully PowerBomb Roode through a Table.

A great Show post Lockdown that not only brings in New Talent to get excited about, but it brought back some old Talent, a spin on some current Talent and set in place some awesome new Storylines and Rivalries.

If you’ve been wanting to get into TNA, or back on board with TNA, this is the show to do it!

And I can’t wait for this week’s!

Which is tonight, tomorrow, the weekend!

Till then!

Dan Wilkinson

TNR Cover 12 (w facebook address)

The Jobber Blogger #97 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 20/3/14

Jobber Blogger Boom

What goes around comes around as they say, mainly in Australia as I imagine the open grounds are a rather nifty place to throw your Boomerang.

BoomerangShout-Out to The Superior Foes of Spider-Man

It took me a few days to get caught up with The Jobber Blogger last week, and then I am back and on schedule to get it done today… hopefully… Sunday.

Still, the thing is, I praised TNA from Lockdown through to Last Week’s show, and this week’s show is just as good. What isn’t good is the rumoured bad morale backstage, let alone apparent hope for Jeff Jarrett’s promotion to take off so talent can probably jump ship. I don’t know what TNA is doing behind the scenes. It is worrying, that doesn’t mean that I think they’re in danger of running themselves out of business via money. But decisions being made behind peoples backs, Vince Russo working for them without them admitting it? It all sounds rather dodgy. The big issue lay with the contracts, cutting down Talents contracts. That sucks. I don’t get why either, I understand making cut backs and saving money, but that’s an insulting way to do it. Come better or worse you need to look at TNA as a whole, and clearly there are some major problems. They have been in business for 12 years this year, they have a Television deal worldwide, in some territories they are the top Wrestling Promotion, they have had Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Sting, associated to their company. They have had countless top name Stars, huge home grown stars, massive shows. And look at them. Still in an studio taping their shows Months in advance in the space of two days, can’t afford to tour, only a couple of hundred fans in attendance (probably free tickets). That’s terrible.

Whatever there is, it’s certainly halting TNA’s growth. And switching the characters in control on Television is not going to change that. Personally I can’t find a fault with their product, what they put out is a fantastic Wrestling show and I can’t get enough of it. But I guess I fall into the minority.

AJ Styles put it best, when the Founder of TNA, the guy who put his savings, effort and life into this promotion decides that it’s time to leave… then that’s a huge problem. Something is amiss backstage, and I hope they can sort it out. If talent are as unhappy as the rumours claim, when Jeff Jarrett’s promotion is up and running, then ROH throw out their connections, why would the TNA guys stick around? That’s when they start to crumble. Perhaps behind the scenes they know that already, so they bring in new talent, cheaper talent, and use their time now to put them over, so when the TNA originals call it a day, TNA at least has developed stars still.

But I don’t know the Wrestling Industry from a business standpoint, least trying to run a global promotion, so I shall just stick to writing about what I watched in my imperfect, meaningless, derogative manor, riddled with spelling errors and grammatical flaws!

The Jobber Blogger does it best! Like a boss, on a boat, in the sea! That sunk!


Impact Wrestling Logo


In what was an exciting way to start the show, Eric Young and Abyss brawled it out backstage which eventually took to the ring. It was hard hitting and violent, with Abyss choking EY with the Chain over the ropes till he was Red in the face, literally. This of course takes EY out of the picture for the main event. No idea how the brawl got started, but it certainly makes for a more interesting way to start the show other than Promos.

Something I forgot to mention from last week, is that Magnus managed to secure Abyss with Money. Now that doesn’t seem right? I get that Money makes the world go round, but I don’t believe Money to be the deciding factor in Abyss being his “Muscle”. I would hazard a guess that it’s not the reason at all, eventually. When Abyss inevitably turns on Magnus… or Abyss ends up costing Magnus and Magnus turns on him… I don’t know.

Ethan Carter the Third vs. Bobby Lashley

Straight from a brawl into Wrestling, which is even better! I hope this actually sticks around. I’ve had enough to promos to kick of “Total Nonstop Action” that has no action from the start. I’m more sick of that then I am of Al Snow and his gang of Muppets stopping every fight.

Al Snow Muppets

I remember Lashley when he showed up in the WWE, being billed “as the next big thing” after Lesnar had worn himself out of Professional Wrestling. I also remember that Lashley didn’t really take off that well and then found himself out of a job. I don’t quite know the full story, but part of me remembers it being linked to Crystal / Krystal who he was dating from the Diva Search thing, and her being let go. Something about Lashley taking a stand over it and losing his job also. Probably one of those hopes I have that Lashley thought himself big enough to sway Vince, and inevitably found out… he wasn’t.

With that said, Lashley is intense, and I’m glad he’s around actually. I do remember his exit from TNA being somewhat controversial at the time, also with Krystal (hope she doesn’t come back). Whoever thought bringing in Booker-T’s wife was a good idea should be fired… probably Booker-T and his wife.

EC3 managed to get in a Low-Blow and made a run for it from Lashley only to be confronted by Willow, who took to a violent assault on EC3, repeatedly throwing him into the Ring-Steps and following it up with trapping his leg in a chair and stomping on it. Then also climbing a Ladder but EC3 managed to escape.

Shortly after EC3 confronted Magnus as to why he didn’t help him. But of course, with Dixie no longer around, Magnus has no loyalty to EC3. So that’s nice.


Gunner made his way to the ring in what turned out to be a Good Segment, but also sucked to start with. I don’t need a guy like Gunner telling me how much he appreciates everyone, thanks everyone, telling me about his time in the marines… again, and then awkwardly talking to and hugging his “Dad”.

Least Storm got involved, which isn’t that much of a surprise. Storm remarked on the story that Gunner’s grandfather died when his Father was young, as to not see him achieve anything, and Storm claimed that if he could see you both now, he’s probably glad he’s Dead.

Which is nice and risky for Wrestling…. also I laughed a bit.


So yes, Gunner and Storm and done by a long shot and a brawl took place, though Storm snuck in a cheeky Superkick, handcuffed Gunner to the Ring and dragged his Dad around shouting trash at them both. And then of course Storm smashed a Beer Bottle over his Dad’s head. Which was pretty freakin’ awesome. Normally the Beer Bottle looks stupid as it shatters too much, but it looked and sounded great and his “Dad” sold it rather well too. Which makes me question if they are actually related.

Mike and Taz were shouting about how disgusting Storm’s actions were, but I loved the fact that the Beer Bottle Smash was repeated multiple times during them saying that, with it progressively going slower and slower in motion to the point where it just became increasingly comical.

Noo Beer Bottle Smash

And now they are set to have a match next week “Unlocked” which I guess means (without Cage). So I have no idea. Probably the same stipulation as a No Holds Barred, Street Death Match….the same thing really.

Lei’D Tapa vs. Gail Kim

I didn’t write down a stipulation as Gail only moaned backstage and stated that if she beats Tapa, then Tapa is gone from TNA. It sounded more like a threat, rather than a fact.

The announcers didn’t even talk about it till after the match.

And this is exactly why it sucks so much!

Finally we get to see Lei’D Tapa in action on her own, without Gail Kim, and she’s against Gail Kim, the best Female Wrestler going, and the match was fantastic!

Tapa was so impressive, to the point that it really pisses me off that we never got to see this side of her, she was stuck to being Gail’s “tall bodyguard” and nothing more.

They both went at it, it was intense and I was thinking, if these two at a good solid feud, their matches could increase to those you look at in the same category of being “Meaningful” and remembering them.

And of course, Gail then dropped Tapa with Eat Defeat, which I thought she would kick out of, but no. She lost, and now she’s gone from TNA.

Like legit, she confirmed it after Impact via Twitter, but it seemed Tapa had something else lined up and has now gone from Impact Wrestling.

What a freakin’ waste. She’s the best thing to happen to the Division in a long, long time, and then they don’t let her do anything relevant, and then she leaves. Awesome TNA, that was great.

Still, she will always live on in my blogs!

TAPA TongueLei'D Tapa Train

ODB vs Lei'd Tapa

Tapa Sock puppet

Tapa This Big

Lei'D Bane

Lei'd Tampon

Angelina Love calls out Velvet Sky for an answer on getting The Beautiful People back together.

I guess part of me doesn’t understand why them being back together makes any sense. Are they just going to be friends again? There aren’t Tag-Team belts to win anymore (thank god). So I don’t know. Still, Velvet had a string of reasons not to, with Angelina being possessive and always looked as herself better than Velvet and always held her back. And with that string of negativity, she decided it was a good idea to get the band back together!

Angelina then went on to call out Madison, and offer her the chance to rejoin. But of course Madison wanted no part of it, as she was easily the “lackey” of the group, and now she’s the Knockouts Champion with quite an established career.

Backstage Velvet told Angelina to just talk to Madison and work it out, and then Angelina beat up Madison instead, which I guess was option B?

This goes back into the realm of Wrestling / Reality, surely Velvet will know that Angelina beat up Madison right? She only need watch the show to find out. Who knows, crazy Wrestling gibberish!

Bromans (w/DJ Z) vs. Tigre Uno and Sanada vs. The Wolves – TNA: World Tag-Team Championships

I think I called it best when I said TNA needed to re-define the Tag-Team Division. I Love, Tag-Team Wrestling. And this right here, was a perfect example of it!

It was fast paced, intense, hard hitting, high impact, totally awesome!

The Wolves are easily the best Tag-Team on the circuit right now, they are on point perfection. Which doesn’t take anything away from the Bromans, or Uno and Sanada who are also great.

In fact whilst on the topic, Tigre Uno is very impressive! I for one look forward to seeing him lock horns with multiple different guys in TNA, especially one Austin Aries.

DJ Zema started taking “Selfies” pictures of himself with the X-Division Championship, which is where Sanada changed course and took out DJ Z.

This left Uno the victim of a Bro-Down from the Bromans for the win and to retain their Tag-Team Championships.

Something I didn’t expect to see on this week’s Impact, or any Impact for that matter was a video package of Kunx tracking down his long lost love.

I fully expected big Knuxy to be fired and well on his way to somewhere after the Aces and Eights closed their doors. But I am glad he’s sticking around, least for the time being. The last few months of The Aces and Eights that had Knux step up showed that he was actually rather impressive, good mic skills certainly. I don’t know where this is going, but it seems TNA have gone for a Dark Theme with their newer additions, Samuel Shaw, Bully Ray, Willow and now Knux. All about being creepy, weird and horror movie styled love interest adventures. I just had an image of Bully in a Wig….


Speaking of Bully in a wig, he was “invited” to Nashville to see Dixie Carter (who hasn’t been seen since Lockdown anywhere!) she’s gone all AJ Styles.


Instead Bully decided not to wait for Dixie and barged into her office and started a big ol rant confession on why he screwed her out of controlling the Wrestling Operations, but spent his time talking to a chair. Which no offence, was rather obvious no one was in the chair.

Bobby Roode then crashed in and beat up Bully Ray, shouting at him and dribbling in his ear.

BobbyDribbleBobby Dribble

Samoa Joe vs. Magnus – MVP / Abyss Chained Together – World Heavyweight Championship

With EY being taken out by Abyss at the start of the show MVP was trying to find a replacement. The only person he asked was Willow, trying to get him on board to seek revenge for Magnus’ involvement in Hardy losing the World Title.

Which for everything cool about Willow’s look and entrance, this quickly proved that he sucks as a Character in front of Television cameras. Jeff really isn’t that good with Promo’s, he can Write them well, he just can’t deliver them well. So it just looked awkward, be better if they could put a Reverb, Blur filter on him every time you saw him. So it would sound cool and look cool. Otherwise it just looks sort of…. dumb.

Also please ditch the Jeff Hardy t-shirt.

In the end MVP decided he should “Participate” as a part of his three act involvement with Talent.


Joe and Magnus had an alright bout, Joe playing on the injury from having Abyss attack him with “Janice” from Lockdown. In the end though Joe locked on his Choke, which Magnus counted with a Jaw Breaker causing Joe to fall back into the Ref, taking him down…. obviously.

MVP did his best to restrain Abyss, who got his hands on a bad of thumb tacks. MVP took him down then unlocked himself from Abyss to move the Bag of Tacks as far away as possible. Which of course left Abyss enough time to get a chair and beat down MVP, then throw the Chair at Joe who was attempting his Suicide Dive through the ropes. This knocked Joe down, Magnus covered and Won.

Least MVP did the right thing? I expect Joe will be angry at him, but then it was Joe who decided to focus on Abyss not Magnus and that led to his downfall, not MVP.

Who knows!

Logic be damned!!!

Logic Be Damned

A good show though, still a few little surprises, and currently TNA have had a string of good shows, even if they don’t show in the Ratings.

Here’s hoping they can turn things around in 2014, and actually grow. But then, we’ve been hoping that every year….. for years!

Till then!

Dan Wilkinson

TNR Cover 12 (w facebook address)

Monday Night Raw #1087: March 24, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Ray Logo

The Infamous Informer

Straight up and down, let’s give it up and say Happy Born Day to my dude, The DON of DONS,  21-0 and soon to be 22-0 at big BIG WRESTLEMANIA: The True Master: THE UNNNNDERRRRTAKERRRRRR!!!

That’s my dawg! THAT’S MY DAWG!

Ok enough of that sh!t!!! I got my Chocolate Digestive biscuits, and my cup of tea when the diva dem come on! RAW #1087!! HOL’ DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZWhat a beautiful smile on Stephanie’s face!!! Yet she so evil! That’s my moms hero! RECORD SKIP – No Danny Bryan this week???? GETTHE F**KOUTTAHERE! Maybe he’s gonna come with the beer truck like in 1999!

GWARN Stephanie!!! Tell them!!! The fans need to be led with someone with intellect! Those CM Punk chants won’t help you!!!

That’s better! Chant Danny’s name!!! Where’s Vincent Kennedy when you need him? He would say “SHUDDUP WHEN I’M TALKING!!!”

Is it me or his Batista’s mic a bit mash-up??? YES IT WAS! Oh dear! Even the Mic knows Batista has no mic skills!

Then again I take it back! Batista says Stephanie has been drooled on a LOT!!! Yeah I was drooling too! What did 5 fingers say to the face Batista? SLAP!!!! Randall is deddin! Not for long – spear to Randall – BLAOW!!!

Wait a minute – Scooby Doo and the Mystery Machine is in the house? Does that include Daphne? Last time I check – Daphne got the hots for John Cena! Nikki Bella ain’t gonna like that! Daphne was there throwing her pu$$y at Cena like that…. THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT!

STC WrestleMania 30 Poster

Fatal four-way jump off!!! Winner fights Big E for the Intercontinental Championship…er wait, at WrestleMania??? Well in that case, I don’t want my dude Sheamus to win then… I do want him to kick Ziggler in his teeth just like Tamina did to Nikki Bella!!!

OH SNAP!!! Did you wrestling trainspotters see this????

CREDIT: Jazz Kumar at Powerbomb Pro Wrestling News

Batista you’re my dude but that’s what you get for wearing skinny jeans you dyam arse!

Damn this fatal 4 way contest is crazy! Even I gotta say that even with that fool Ziggler in effect! This changes NOTHING!!! I still hate that muthaf***a!



NO!!!! Bray Wyatt singing the Whole World In His Hands!!! Brilliant!!! Cena you are in trouble now! You have a right to be scared of this muthaf***a! RUN!!!

Oh my days Scooby Doo is here for real! With Sin Cara!!! Shout out to Anthony Cardenas – they could have let JTG wrestle here, like how it’s in his hometown of Brooklyn??? And the fans are chanting for Philip!!! Yo fans I have a question – WHY???

UNBELIEVABLE! If you didn’t see Smackdown, What if I told you, that the Shield got DESTROYED by The New Age Outlaws and My hero Kane??? You wouldn’t believe me, would you? That has to be a match at big BIG WrestleMania surely!

UH-OH!!! During a contest between Los Matadores and Rybaxel… look who turns up… THE SHIELD!!! RYBAXEL YUH GOOSE COOK NOW!

How many times this make for Ryback to be f**ked up by the Shield??? Triple powerbomb into the canvas – BLAOW!!!!!

Instead of having a weekly interview on WWE.Com, we get to see a live interview with Michael Cole and TRIPLE TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF!!! TRIPLE TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF!!!!!

BIG UP TRIPLE TEEF!!! Taking shots at the Internet Wrestling Community in this interview! He sees apathy… I see it too! Back in the day, Triple would use the hammer but guys like Cactus Jack, The Rock, Undertaker and Stone Cold would fight back this evil! These days, people would cry like a B!TCH!!!! People are crying like B!TCHES over WrestleMania, even after they got what they want – Danny possibly in the main event… I co-sign with Mike Knoxxx of the BDSIR Network when he says y’all need revoke your wrestling fan cards because that’s what you are… A B!TCH!!!!  We don’t need you! Go and watch Big Brother… That’s more appropriate for your B!TCH @$$!


Talking of b!tches, Summer Rae may act like a B!TCH on Total Divas, but I’d still tapMIKE DOGG THE PHENOMdat @$$! Get between her sexy legs and ramm it inna her!

Look pon this! Goldust taking the p!$$ out of Summer Rae, and w’happen, Summer twiss up her ankle… what a shame, you want me fix it for you girl? I’d twiss up more than your ankle…. and twist your back out too girl!

This could be the one time we may never hear the blasted CM Punk chant, when Hulk Hogan is out here!

I though for a split second that Arnold Schwarzenegger was doing the Vincent Kennedy walk! Yo Arnie? You still got that WWF Title?

Hold up – Arnie and his bredrin wants in the Battle Royal??? But…but….but…!!!! Well he did box down Triple!

Maybe Arnie has another box left in him! YES! BOX DOWN THE MIZ! Him too outta order and bright!!! About ‘You don’t belong here’!!!! Feisty wretch! Him nuh read the news? Nobody talking about his dumb @$$ at WrestleMania XXVII… hell – NO ONE TALKS ABOUT WRESTLEMANIA XXVII!!!

Interesting – WWE still endorsing The Rock and his Hercules movie… something tells me we haven’t seen the last of the great one… not saying that we will see him at big BIG WrestleMania this year…

While the Big Show battles Titus O’Neill, the crowd thought it was a good idea to chant the name of he who doesn’t care… Well the people’s champion did tell you…

Meme courtesy of STC admin - Ian Cooper

Yo have you heard that new track dedicated to the Wyatt man them by my dude Consequence? The tune is DON! Yo this is RePPiN4U: Represent the Real Hip Hop… this tune is crazy!

That should be their WrestleMania theme tune word up!!!

Damn the fans don’t like Cena very much do they? Still chanting Fruity Pebbles and sh!t, fully backing Luke Harper! When Cena was washing his face him start hallucinating the buzzard mask behind him, like when Randall did it in 2005 and he thought Undertaker was standing behind him…

Come on Cena!!! You can manage Luke Harper surely! That’s a nice twist in the crowd! The guys are like ‘LET’S GO HARPER!’ the kids are like ‘HARPER SUCKS!’ that’s cool!!

OH SH!T!!!! THAT IS F**KED UP AND AWESOME! The Wyatts turned out the lights, next thing you know Cena is tied up in the ropes and they put the buzzard mask on him!! BLODCLART!!!!! YO JAY!!!! I bet he’d be marking the f**k out when he saw that!

OH YEAAAH!!!! Funkadactyl time!!! Grantie’s Angels!!! Look at their attire! Why haven’t they posed for Black Men’s Magazine yet??? Never mind AJ Lee’s 281 day reign…

OH NO!! This might be the most f**ked up Divas title match at WrestleMania ever! AJ gotta defend her title against every single diva??? I WIN AGAIN!! I’m looking forward to this sh!t! Did you see the look on my Tamina’s face when she found out she’s in the match? Who am I backing??? I back all of em!!! OH YEAH!!!


BIG UPS TO THE LATEST HOF INDUCTEE!!! RAZOR RAMON!!! Yes I heard you IWC Dickheads questioning Ramon’s achievements… I throw my toothpick at you muthaf***az… SHUUDUP!!! Just like Jake The Snake… he went to Yoga Rehab and come back powerful! MY NINJA! SALUTE!

razor ramon hof

Hold up – Seth Rollins paying homage to Eddie Guerrero with the three amigo suplex!

Yo JAY-BEE – I notice how you mention everybody birthdays apart from one man… I suppose that’s part of his gimmick, like Undertaker is not supposed to celebrate a birthday…

GUN SHOT BY JAY-BEE!!! Michael Cole says that Dean Ambrose is the longest running US Champion, and Jay-Bee says ‘well yeah because he doesn’t defend it!!!’ echoing what the fans have said for months now!

That was a superb tag team contest between the Shield and the Real Americans! Seth Rollins once again the superstar! But The Shield nah dun! Them grab hol’ of Cesaro, set up the announce table – Triple Powerbomb through that b!tch – BLAOW!!!!

LOOK PON THIS! My hero Kane and the New Age Outlaws – IN SUITS!!! It’s the Authority vs the Swat Team at WrestleMania! I expect RUCKUS!!!!

Oh well no sign of JTG… never mind Cardenas, there’s always the Battle Royal!

So Brock Lesnar is sporting a new shirt – Eat, Sleep, Break the Streak!!! NEVERRRRR!

Paul Heyman can always talk that sh!t all day… but Brock is like – ENOUGH OF THAT SH!T! LET’S FIGHT!

Undertaker’s like – I built this casket for you muthaf***a! When you see the druids, you know sh!t got serious! Undertaker is f**k!n with Brock right now! Open the casket if you’re bad BROCK!

OH SNAP! Nobody inna deh! Did you ever think Brock would get shook??? Yes the mighty Brock Lesnar could have doo-doo going down his leg… The casket lid close, it open back… OH SNAP! the Undertaker’s in it! THAT’S HOW TO DELIVER A MESSAGE!









BDSIR Network

The Jobber Blogger #95 – TNA: LOCKDOWN – 9/3/14


The Jobber Blogger

Doesn’t it feel like a long time since we saw a TNA PPV? I don’t even remember when the last one was. I believe it was Genesis that ran for Two Weeks at the end of January. I suppose straight after that we were in the UK for a Month. Now, I did go on a bit about the UK Shows. See, I love the UK Shows! Sure the Audio is a bit iffy, the Camera’s don’t look quite so crisp, the stage sort of sucks. But the People turn up to watch, and that’s amazing! It looks great because there is a huge crowd. This huge crown in turn is loud, which creates great atmosphere and the Wrestlers themselves up their games and feed off of this crowd, it works ever so well.

So it was Lockdown this past weekend (or right now in the UK) and it seems they took the name to literal, as they clearly didn’t let everyone in the building.

Straight away TNA goes from looking like a Huge wrestling company, to being a slightly better attended basic Wrestling show in your local Leisure Centre. Albeit it with some pretty big names from the Business.

And that is the problem with Lockdown, it just doesn’t “feel” good. It’s hard to get excited when the crowd doesn’t build that reaction. Things just sort of fly over-head. This in turn is a huge shame, because Lockdown was packed with awesomeness! How much awesomeness you ask… well let me tell you!


TNA: LOCKDOWN – 9/3/14

Bad Influence and Chris Sabin vs. Sanada, Yasu and The Great Muta

Should I skip over the part where I always believed the Great Muta to be a women’s Wrestler?

I don’t quite know what is going on, I like that TNA put some Japanese Wrestlers in the ring, but Sanada is the new X-Division Champion, I believe he is at least sticking around for a little while. Yasu seemed to be hated by his own team mates, and well The Great Muta had some chants and excitement. But I fully believe that is because people knew his name and wanted to see him in the ring…. rather than they have any idea of who he is. Though that could just be me?

I believe Kaz and Daniels rocked an early NWA – Great Muta attire for this match, but Daniels’ X-Men logo on the side of his tights spoke louder to me than…. words, spoken really loudly.

Like getting a Karaoke machine but using it to just amplify Farts out of your window…. Of course I never did such a thing… o.O

Aside from the fact that Sanada just reminded me of the Japanese Gaming Market, he was actually rather good in-between those ropes! I look forward to him actually getting a “role” on the show as the X-Division Champion, and to see where that goes. The whole thing is weird though, now I knew Aries lost the belt, but Aries didn’t even mention it, TNA didn’t mention it. They made a point to tell you about the time-travelling Tag-Team Championship debacle, but Aries losing his Main Event – World Heavyweight Ticket? Nothing.

Muta sprayed the mist at Kaz, which is what led to the downfall of Team TNA, with Sanada’s Moon Sault securing the victory. Muta seemed very angry, like you’d expect a Japanese Wrestling Veteran to be. He seemed to shove Yasu out of the way to get his Mist Pellets, and even at one point in the Match was kicking Yasu whilst he was on the floor. No respect for your Younger Generation quickly working their way to make you unemployed… bastards!


What started as clever Word-Play, turned into a rather Gay Personal Request

Samuel Shaw vs. Mr. Anderson

What can you say about this one? Shaw declares that Christy Hemme avoiding being at ring-side is not “keeping it professional”. And so to one-up her, he threatens to Jump off the top of the Cage to the Floor. So now his character is not only perverted, but a perverted stalker, perverted stalker creep, perverted stalker creep with rage, but a perverted stalker creep with rage and suicidal tendencies….. bastard.


Is it bad I sort of liked that given the non “PC” nature of this Story / Character already, had Anderson come out and tell him that he should kill himself, by jumping off of something even higher. The whole thing is a little odd, and I sort of don’t like it. But at the same time, I don’t hate it either. In fact I actually like that Anderson has still got the crowd chanting “Creepy Bastard”. I just want that to be a thing that sticks with him… always.

The main thing I wanted to get out of this match was to actually see Shaw perform. We’ve seen him a couple of times before via Gut Check, but this is the first time he actually got to be his new Character and have a full Match. And he didn’t squander that opportunity, he and Anderson both matched up well, an awesome looking Back Suplex from the top rope and a rather nasty looking Mic Check into the second Turnbuckle. Whilst on the subject, Shaw sold the first Mic Check to the floor pretty damn good. It’s such a stupid move, so props to Shaw on that one.

Though of course this is just getting started, and obviously it needed to come with as many “dumb” ideas as good ones. Like oh I dunno, Christy Hemme coming to ring-side in the first place, let alone cheering on Anderson, let alone standing next to the giant open hole and being pulled in the Ring by Shaw. I would imagine that most people would just “avoid” the situation.

For me though the dumbest part of all was Earl Hebner fumbling around to get the Cage Door open. He took his sweet time to climb the Ring Steps, then he had to find the right key on his Lanyard, then he was struggling to get it in the lock. Of course this was to fill time before Shaw ran into the Door knocking Hebner to the floor. But the fact that you’re referee is so ill prepared to referee a match is ridiculous. It’s as if he would put on Gloves, dust down the Canvas and place a Knee Support Pad to kneel on before Counting. Who does that?

I love the fact that this made TNA’s official PPV – Photo’s Page

Anderson escaped the cage, but with Shaw pulling Hemme back in the ring Anderson made his way back in the cage to save her. Shaw then choked him out and escaped just as Hebner came to, and Huzah! A Victory.

EC3 as the newly declared “American Icon” issued out an Open Challenge seeing as Kurt wasn’t able to compete. And thankfully this segment was pretty damn good!

I don’t know who I was expecting to accept, but I certainly wasn’t expecting Bobby Lashley to return. Funny really, Lashley always looks too nice in the face to be as beefed up as he is. Not to mention his soft high pitched voice. It’s comedy gold, and incredibly unfortunate. Not Brock Lesnar level of girly scream unfortunate, but still, unfortunate.

Lashley two face

Lashley though didn’t Wrestle, he just Power-Slammed EC3 and then Speared him. The reason they didn’t have the Match was because he “isn’t on the Roster”. Though reports claim that Lashley is sticking around, so expect to see him soon.

Manik vs. Tigre Uno

Uno has been plugged a few times of late, and someone I was most excited to see debut. Having him do battle with Manik is a great choice also. Whilst I don’t think we’ve even started to scratch the surface of Tigre, his Debut was indeed impressive.

I actually didn’t really make many notes, it’s one of those matches you just need to Watch. He’s got a lot of hype behind him, Manik is great to watch perform anyway. And the match was very good, Tigre hit his finisher the “Sabre Tooth Spalsh”. Which is just as crazy as you would hope. Tenay said Uno is one of the best risk takers in the business, which I don’t know if that’s good or not? I guess so if you want to see crazy matches and moves, and then also maybe not? Either way, throw him in the X-Division, get Manik on screen, bring back Kenny King, Sanada, Aries, and you’ve got a pretty awesome mix!

James Storm vs. Gunner – Last Man Standing

This is probably my favourite match of the night. And that isn’t selling the Main Event short, but the whole feel is just what reminds me of the Wrestling I love.

Straight away Storm walks out with a New Entrance theme, a bit of a more “edgier” look, though the recently died hair and beard wasn’t really necessary. But I love that from PPV’s, you want things to be different and to change. Gunner had new attire also, but still the same naff entrance theme.

Straight away is a brawl, and I love that. They turned it into a street fight straight away, which also added the weapons to the ring before they actually got in the Cage to start the match. Though I still don’t they needed to be contained within the cage for a Last Man Standing match, though the added stipulation was a great bonus.

Yet again, it’s not often you can get with tying people by their Necks to things, but that’s what Storm did to Gunner, even if it didn’t hold for long. Throw in some hard hitting intensity, then you pretty much cover why this match was great. Storm throwing the chair at Gunner mid air before his attempted Diving Head-butt and of course the Superplex through the set up Chairs to close out the match were the highlights.

Gunner took the Victory, which is another step in his development, and rightfully so, I am sold on Gunner. I want him to get a new Theme, and give him Room to develop and you’ve got an extremely credible Wrestler.

Gail Kim (w/Lei’D Tapa) vs. Madison Rayne – Knockouts Championship

It’s weird to see the Knockouts in this type of environment, and in turn any time you see a more “crazy” match from Women’s Wrestlers, you tend to automatically praise it.

A lot of that goes with the unusual nature of the environment, but Gail and Madison put on a great match. Is it better than Tara and Mickie, probably not. But it’s the second best.

Taryn Terrell might be the Stunt Woman who doesn’t mind taking some pretty big knocks, but Gail seems to have no problem with it either. Her cross body Dive into the Turnbuckle which she connected with all Cage was pretty intense. Her Top Rope Neck-breaker to Madison also ranked up on the danger metre. Not that I think Cage matches need to be “Dangerous” per se.

Lei’D Tapa had her moments of shouting and attempting to Climb the cage, but it was Madison’s Top Rope Spear which won her the victory. Which is surprising, I actually thought Gail might win this one, I’m glad she didn’t though. Madison is having a rather good Run currently as Knockouts Champion.

Samoa Joe vs. Magnus – World Heavyweight Championship – Joe’s Rules

I don’t know quite what to make of this one. It’s border line of being quite irrelevant. I always think if your World Champion isn’t closing the show, that something is wrong.

And I couldn’t help but think that Magnus just doesn’t feel like the Champion. I mean, I know he is, but there are so many more moving parts in TNA, especially with the “battle for power”… again. But Magnus doesn’t seem all that relevant. I mean he was, when AJ was around. But you rewind a year to when Bully Ray took the Belt from Jeff, that meant something. Bully was the guy, though not as good as should have been. AJ was the guy, briefly. Hell, the World Championship hasn’t felt as important since it left the waist of Bobby Roode.

So here’s the problem, Joe is built up as being that unstoppable force, so now you need him to be stopped. Furthermore Magnus needs to still be relevant and also competent, surely?

Aside from some pretty good action in the ring, nothing really happened, yes Magnus got busted open, which you don’t often see. To be fair I would quite like Magnus vs. Joe in a No Holds Barred match, let them get gritty and violent. Would certainly change Magnus’ image, and he’s clearly rather capable.

So Joe controls the match, Muscle Buster, Choke, victory? Then this is where it gets weird. We’ve all seen the hand come through the ring before, but given what the match was, it seemed so strange to taint it in the way they did. You can let weird things happen in weird Wrestling matches, but Samoa Joe vs. Magnus, it seemed almost cheap. Which is no doubt why the crowd responded with a slew of “Bullsh*t” chants.

Joe tried to battle his way back to the surface of the ring but Abyss… Joseph Park followed him (still unmasked) and Blackhole Slammed him down, with Magnus locking on Joe’s submission Choke for the victory.

I doubt this is over, but the pairing of Magnus and Abyss is just as disappointing as how the match went down. I didn’t expect Joe to win, but, I dunno, I at least expected Magnus to cheat-win, differently.

Maybe I just have my heart set on Abyss coming back with James Mitchell, and so this way, he’s no different, just teamed with Magnus. Time will tell?

Team MVP vs. Team Dixie – Lethal Lockdown

Austin Aries and MVP kicked off the match which would be good, interesting, weird and out-there at the same time.

I mentioned last week, but giving Davey Richards the position they did, would instantly put him over Eddie, and with a new un-known team, that’s pretty crazy to do so early. Let alone how good they are as a Team, they’ve already planted a pretty hefty divide. When Davey hit the ring he was met with “Fu*k em’ Up, Davey, Fu*k em Up!” Chants. Where did that come from?

Dixie had been blabbing on all show about her “Secured Victory” from New York, and also how Jeff Hardy breached his contract when he walked out of TNA, so he was banned from the Building.

Obviously the final entrant was “Willow”. Which makes little sense to me. I don’t know what they were going for. Did Dixie sign “Willow” as a new Star? Did MVP have a hand in him joining. Why bother making him a “Character” like the video vignettes, which are pretty awesome, and then just have Jeff make his own entrance theme, which sounds exactly like you’d expect a Jeff Hardy entrance theme to sound like. Then he just looks like Jeff, Arm-Bands and everything, with his same move-set. So what’s the idea? Having Jeff debut a new Character, that’s cool, I get it, I’m on board. But when it’s just Jeff, dressed different and squealing like a woman, I don’t know what the goal to achieve was?

Either way, things got interesting when Dixie’s Special Referee / Enforcer turned up in the form of Bully Ray. Who also wasted no time putting a Table in the match.

From a match stand-point, it was great. And for these reasons let alone the stipulations of the match, with the added bonus of Willow / Bully, would make it the best match on the card.

The Wolves went Double Coast to Coast on Jesse, inside a Bin, leaning against an Upside down Robbie E. Aries Brain-busted Davey on an opened out Chair. Aries missed his 450 Splash and landed on a Bin, being followed by an impressive Twist-of-Fate / Swanton Bomb.

But it was Bobby Roode looking to Roode Bomb…. someone through the Table when Bully Ray stopped him. Also Bully then knocking down Roode leading to MVP’s Yakuza? kick for the Victory.

Seems fitting that twice in a row Bully has been the double crossing guy at Lockdown. We all knew he was turning Heel last year, but I toyed with the idea of him screwing Dixie out of her company, but wasn’t entirely sure he would.

So the double screw job / backfire was a pretty decent way to close out Lockdown, not to mention what it means going forward with MVP taking over “Wrestling Operations”.

Needless to say I look forward to the future of TNA, I hope they implement some great new Changes and shake it up.

Sucked the crowd wasn’t “fuller” and more lively for the show, but overall Lockdown was just as successful an Event as you’d hope.


On to Impact, for the Aftermath!

Till then!

Dan Wilkinson


Monday Night Raw #1086: March 17, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre Ray Logo

The Infamous Informer

So then wrestling fans! Did you enjoy watching the Talking Dead? Seeing your boy Philip all up on the panel? You got your Vaseline there applying it to your genitalia? But you couldn’t cum because he mentioned absolutely NOTHING about WWE or his return? Like I told you last week…

Deep down you know it’s best for yourself but you
Hate the thought of Punk being with someone else
But you know that it’s over
You know that it was through
Let it burn
Let it burn
Gotta let it burn!!!!!


Ok enough of that sh!t!!! I got my Jamaican ginger cake, strawberry cheesecake for when the diva dem come on! RAW #1086!! HOL’ DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZUsually every other Raw starts with Triple walking with his beloved walking hand in hand to the ring…. where’s your girl at Triple??? Sure she’s not here with me???

Hold up – my friend Batista has just cussed down Triple for possibly making it a Triple Threat match? Last time I checked Batista, you STOLE Danny/CM Punk’s spot, that’s why the fans them turn dem back pon yuh!

Even Randall has come out here cussing! Triple is trying to tell them it ain’t gonna happen! All we need now is Ric Flair to come out here! Then lo and behold, another RAW moment!

OH MY DAYS!!! I have just heard the most f**ked up scenario in this segment! Danny – you MUST defeat the evil Triple TEEF!!!! Because if you don’t , then TRIPLE will enter the championship match!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Evolution in the main event???? OH MY GOD NO!!!! That’s Internet Wrestling Armageddon!!!!! This must NEVER HAPPEN AT ALL COSTS! PEOPLE!!! WE MUST SUPPORT WRESTLEMANIA! NO STREAMING ALLOWED!!! Batista BEX! Now he realizes that it’s a mistake returning in the first place! I can hear the IWC right now: “Yeah and f**k off to where you came from…” Sounds borderline racist doesn’t it!!!

STC WrestleMania 30 Poster

In the end of the Real Americans Vs Uso Brudda contest, one man fly over the ring and clocks Swagger, but the other Uso Brudda tried the same thing, but got caught by Cesaro’s SHO-RYU-KEN!!!! Oh dear!!!! US-NOOOOO!!!!

Hold up – they be advertising that WWE Slam City animated thing, and they say – the same WWE Attitude????!!!!!! Better choose your words carefully WWE? You know the IWC catch on to everything!

What the f**k did Barrett say? Inebriated???? Did I even spell that right? Yes people, that means intoxicated! I need to use that word!!!!

Shout out to Hornswoggle (better known to me as Little Bastard) remember that? That’s his TV14 name by the way! Gotta represent for St Patrick’s Day! That day means nothing to me – due to my health issues I cannot drink alcohol, particularly Guinness!

Oh hang on – was Titus O’Neill and Sheamus fighting each other? Sorry I missed it…

OH NO! Arnold Schwarzenegger gonna be on Raw next week??? That brings back memories… doesn’t it Triple Teef??!!!!

WHOA!!!! John Cena is afraid of Bray Wyatt!!! He admits it!!! OH SNAP!!! Bray Wyatt says that Cena is filled with evil… HE’S RIGHT! Look how he treats Nikki Bella!


That is f**ked up!!!!! Bray Wyatt wearing a John Cena shirt????? What is it this week??? F**ked up week??? Wyatt said he wants to be like Cena! He wants to go back home to that ‘plastic girlfriend’ in the castle!!! A SHOT AT NIKKI BELLA!! If this was TV14 mode I know where I would take this storyline!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


WTF was the dude sounding the ring bell for? It’s a NO DQ match between Randall and Danny! Tell him Randall! He should be fired straight away! Either that or drop an RKO on his @$$!

OH THAT WAS MAAAAD! Danny with the Kendo Stick, beating down Randall and kicking him down at the same time! accompanied with every YES! chant!

OH SNAP!! I thought my friend Batista left the building! Maybe he just needed fresh air… cleared his head top! Came back, speared Randall! Danny takes advantage, scores the win, but afterwards Batista took Randall, Batista bomb – BLAOW!!!!  That makes it even now after Randall dropped the RKO on Batista earlier, notice – the crowd chanting – ONE MORE TIME! To Batista… I thought y’all hated him???? You fickle fools!!!!

Ok nice convincing video promo Paul Heyman! But your boy ain’t beating mine!MIKE DOGG THE PHENOM Ok I’ll tell you right now – My name is the Infamous Informer, and I am the advocate of the man call – The UNNNNDERTAKERRRRR!!!!! I lead the Undertaker Million Man March… and if the recent Sting interview has anything to go by, Brock Lesnar WILL…REST…IN…PEACE!!! Saying that John Cena did want to fight Undertaker at WrestleMania 30… Ok Cena it’s not the desired reaper, but you’re fighting a different reaper nonetheless!

Even Stephanie is trying to make Triple Teef see sense! What if he wins the WWE World Heavyweight Title? What then???? Triple’s like – I GOT THIS! Stephanie’s like – ‘you better…’ well that means one of two things: One, this may trigger Vincent Kennedy to return, or two, Stephanie might leave him…and my phone might start ringing off!!!


Big ups to Goldust, doing this wrestling sh!t for 20 years, and he brukk up Fandango! Fandango you WACK!!!! Go sidung! Summer Rae gon leave you, word up!

According to my hero Kane, it was Jerry Lawler that secretly helped Danny Bryan Occupy Raw last week… listen to JAY-BEE rub it in! Lawler’s innocent surely!

Injustice! Send for The Shield!!!! Jerry’s forced into the ring! Didn’t he have a heart attack some time ago???

SWITCH!!!! The Shield do what’s Best For Business! They turned on Kane and brukk him up!!! Dammit Kane why did you trade your sorcery for this Authority nonsense???!!! The Shield should be sh!t scared of your @$$! Has the Shield as a whole turned face? Thank goodness that rumoured triple threat match between the three isn’t happening at WrestleMania, sounds good but not epic enough for WrestleMania! Triple Power Bomb to Kane through the ring – BLAOW!!

YES! This is what I’ve waited for right here! Total Diva time! Naomi is back in effect as well, even though she’s gotta Gabrielle/Sagat thing going on with her eye! Remember this?

Listen to the Bella Twins trying to get Jay-Bee’s d!ck hard, telling him they got tattoos on their body, and inviting him to twitter to have a look pon their hinstagram!

Wait a minute – has Naomi got a new supermove??? a turnbuckle moonsault similar to what RVD does???

Now she has pinned AJ, now the champion wants to take it out on Tamina, you don’t wanna do that madam! Tamina pitches her down ONE TIME! Nikki Bella beat AJ, so has Naomi, I think Natalya has too! Where is this going??? I smell a divas championship scramble at WrestleMania! (come on Grant you’re not WWE creative!) Oh yeah… I’m not…sh!t…

BIG UPS TO MR T!!! NEWEST INDUCTEE IN THE HALL OF FAME!!! Excellent choice for the celebrity wing! Imagine that at big BIG WrestleMania XXX, Hulk Hogan, Mr T and The Ultimate Warrior will reunite! How crazy is that! DON’T THIS SH!T MAKE YOU WANNA…JUMP! JUMP!

Big E. Ryback. Curtis Axel. Dolph Ziggler. Sandow. Big Show. Bertie. My dude Mark Henry. All competing among a few more in the 30-Man Battle Royal. I wished they gave Sandow back the mic though… It’s Barrett that’s running away with that though!

Wait a minute – Batista just said to my girl Renée Young that he’s never quit anything of his life????? Are you sure about that my friend???

It hurts me to say this Batista but…. GET IN THE CH… Oh wait….

OH SNAP!!! Undertaker on WWE Main Event this week? You know I gotta watch that! I don’t check for Main Event!

WTF? Is that an Eminem track for this John Cena Vs Bray Wyatt match for WrestleMania???? Back foot!!! Is that a hint that Eminem might be in the building in New Orleans? Probably performing for Cena’s entrance? More likely we might get a performance from Kid Rock too… Cena is fighting for his legacy? WTF does that mean? Now they tryna make it out like it’s a big profile match… now all the Eminem purists are hunting that Legacy tune down as we speak… unless of course it’s already on the MMLP2 album that the Infamous Informer thinks it’s not all that it is hyped up to be… (it is on the album Grant…) oh seen!

Now it’s time for some real talk from Danny and Triple…

So you mean to tell me that all this sh!t that Triple did to Danny, was apparently Best For Business… not personal… but you see Triple, if you just let Danny become champion in the first place your business would have boomed!!!!! And I thought we would go through a show without a CM Punk chant… oh snap – Stephanie called the cops on Danny! Put the handcuffs on him, but here’s the twist – they’re not real cops! They just guys from developmental! And now, Triple TEEF went and destroyed a helpless Daniel Bryan! Have you heard of the art of fighting without fighting? Well this was the art of using the hammer without USING THE HAMMER!!! Look at Stephanie with those b!tch slaps! The look on her face! That is straight Vincent Kennedy! The EVIL TRIPLE TEEF that I hated in 1999/2000/2001 is back in full effect in 2014!!! You mean to tell me that this is simply gonna be a single match at WrestleMania? NO WAY. That beatdown was personal. THAT NO GOOD SON OF A B!TCH!!! JR would have went OFF!!!

It might mean ‘Call to The Kingdom’ in Latin, but when I see it displayed on Triple’s titantron it simply means to me ‘UUUUUSE DE HAMMER!’









BDSIR Network


The Jobber Blogger #94 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 6/3/14

Jobber Blogger logo2

I am Energised! And yes, let’s hope that leads to some Star Trek references this week! But no, it’s not Star Trek that energised me, it’s not even that dream I had about Jeff Hardy which I no longer remember… or blanked from my mind. Rather, I have been stocking up full of that glorious thing we call Nostalgia! What is it about these things we loved as a Child that just tickle your excitement bones for remained of your life. I watched The Matrix when it first came out, and I love it to this day, but it’s not something I find myself geeking out over. But from the ages of 10 and down things like Biker Mice from Mars, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the 90’s Spider-man cartoon get me giddier than Miley Cyrus’ next bright idea of being “controversial”.

Miley Ness

I suppose I have that nostalgia with Wrestling too, but it’s just not as strong. Sure the old school Hardy Boyz entrance theme still rattles my giblets, and just thinking of SummerSlam 2000 has my slobbering like Anderson in the midst of a Biker Gangs arrival.

Anderson Dog

I am so prepped and excited for Lockdown that if I watched this in this current mind set, I would no doubt give it a 10 out of Horse, which ironically is the new scale Tesco use to gauge how much “Beef” is in their Beef…. also horse.

…. Wrestling!

Impact Wrestling Logo


Oh holy high hell Batman, we’re going back to America! I love the British crowds, but I am sick of them now. Perhaps just taping one show a night would be better? Or better yet, Air Live again one night, then Tape, then try and keep it up to date.

Though as a “Go Home” show, which I also shouted repeatedly whilst watching, TNA did however manage to keep up their streak of “Good Wrestling Television”. As opposed to their up and down streak, and even a year or so ago their patented “Total Nonstop Promos” streak.

But alas, I digress, not everything can be about Wrestling, in a Wrestling show.

Bobby Roode and The Bromans kicked off the show, and further ruined the Space Time Continuum by just HURTING my head with these incessant Title Changes.

TNA come to the UK, a few days in the UK they go to America, The Wolves defeat The Bromans in America at a house show, they come back to the UK, a day later they are in Japan where The Bromans win the belts back… and now they’re back in the UK.

Doc Brown

Was it really that important? What makes it crazier is that TNA planned this… this wasn’t a random “you know, we should drop the belts, to give the House show audience something good, or even drop the belts in Japan”. This was planned, Two Title changes that happened over a Month later than when they filmed these UK Shows. I get that they probably wanted some Titles to change hands in the Wrestle-1 event in Japan, and to do that, they obviously wanted the belts on The Bromans, so therefore they needed to lose them.

The Wolves are fantastic, and I don’t by any means want them to have the Belts already, I barely know this team. They are impressive, and they are quickly becoming one of my favourite teams, and Davey Richards’ recent talk of WWE/ROH and TNA gained him some huge respect in my eyes. But The Bromans have been building to this moment, not to mention Bad Influence, TNA teams, losing out to some new guys in a matter of weeks (days if you look at it in actuality). I think a Title Change after Lockdown makes sense, but right now, you’ve messed with my head and now my hair has no style.

Bad Hair Style

Aries interrupted Roode, in what is yet another great Austin Aries move, I’ve always said, I want him as slap bang in the middle of a Face/Heel you could get. The fabled “Over Heel”. I made that up.

The crowd love him, even though he’s not going to suck up to the good guys. Aries aligned himself with Roode, makes sense from a TNA point of view, MVP represents yet another “WWE guy” with some new talent, as at least Roode, Aries, Robbie E and Jesse are established TNA guys. Aries also wants a slice of Roode’s 10% ownership, yet another reason why I love that Aries teamed with Roode. The Bromans were quick to jump on the ownership bandwagon also.

MPV with The Wolves (and yes, a cut down Entrance theme this time, it’s like they read my blog last week and went back in time to correct it on a show they recorded a month ago…) Arghh!

Without any surprise really, MVP announced that Jeff Hardy will be joining his team at Lockdown. Which gives MVP a pretty big advantage.. even though Jeff is a “WWE” guy too, though I think you could make an argument for him being as much of a TNA guy now as he is a WWE guy.

The most intriguing part of this was Dixie saying she was in New York last week… also ironic given that this show was filmed right after last week’s one… she’s lying to us all! Unless she was just on the phone to New York for an hour before this segment filmed. Clearly mine and Magnus’ warnings of London didn’t ring true enough.

Regardless, she said, and I quote “I was in New York to secure my Victory for Lockdown”. Not an exact quote, but when does that ever stop us journalists. What that means, I don’t know. But it’s exciting to think about.

Though of course what is perhaps the most thought tickling, is Bobby Roode and Jeff Hardy back in the same ring, after of course, what happened last time…

Jeff escapes Roode

MVP and The Wolves vs. Robbie E, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode – Man Advantage for Lockdown

Yes, the winning team in this 6-Man Elimination Tag-Team match gets the “Man Advantage” for Lockdown. Oh how I love Elimination Matches, I want more of them. Maybe even one of those Timed matches where the final pinfall / submission winner before the clock runs out wins. Like the old Hardcore matches, but only with a significant belt.

There was a lot of moving parts in this match up, but the biggest story driven element is that of Austin Aries saving Roode from defeat multiple times, and eliminating Eddie Edwards, not to mention helping Roode cheat to pin out MVP.

In the end it came down to Roode and Aries against Davey Richards, but that was cut short when Aries went to town on Richards’ shoulder with a Chair, getting himself DQ’d and the match thrown out.

Davey was then given an ultimatum, he had an hour to Rest Up and restart the match between himself and Bobby Roode, or forfeit the match to Roode – More on this later.

Samuel Shaw vs. Eric Young

Plenty of meaty awesome-sauce from this one. Not only was Odo Shaw rather good, but having EY come out in London to a mass of EY Chants was a sight to witness. Never understood why EY has been pushed further than he has, he’s a fantastic Wrestler and easily one of the best Characters in Wrestling. Sure, I miss his crazy bandana neckerchief and angry short removing attire, but EY is EY.

To make it even better Anderson filled in for the role of Christy Hemme, everything from announcing himself as the Ring Announcer to announcing Sam Shaw as “Creepy Bastard” which was even more hilarious this week than last, to yet another Creepy Bastard chant (I hope this sticks around).

It’s a little weird to have a guy Wrestling in the attire Shaw does, but I guess that does sell his character, plus he does have some rather crazy looking tattoos which don’t fit quite as well, I wouldn’t have thought.

Shaw brought a cup of Tea to the ringside with him, and yes, it’s our Cat-Nip people, I crave it, like Miley Cyrus craving attention for being controversial.

Miley NessWhat?… Too many in one Post?

Shaw through this Tea in the face of EY, who he then shoved into Anderson. This knocked Anderson down for a brief second when Shaw locked on his Submission Choke hold once more. And with Anderson out of the way, Shaw went on his journey to find Christy Hemme…..o.O

EC3 hit the ring to declare himself the “American Icon”. Which I have no problem with.

Angle though confronted EC3 having taken a disliking to his “American Icon” moniker. EC3 left without confrontation, and then returned quickly to attack Angle, and also to attack Kurt’s leg once more.

Though Angle was only Wrestling two days prior to this match, we all know his Leg is more banged up than TNA are trying to let on. It’s rather obvious as Kurt doesn’t look stable on his feet at all. So to know that, and then watch EC3 attack his leg again, it wasn’t somewhat difficult to witness.

It now appears that the Kurt Angle vs. EC3 match at Lockdown has since been cancelled, maybe Kurt isn’t 100%, maybe they want to sell the Storyline slightly longer and have Kurt and EC3 in a Cage next Month? Or even at Slammiversary. Or maybe they took JR’s comment of Kurt Angle being booked in a Mid-Card match to heart and called it off.


Kenny King  – King of the Night.

I like that Kenny is coming back, he’s awesome, though it’s almost a re-branding with it saying “Coming Soon”. He’s been quite a few times before.

I hope this time he gets to stick around a little while longer, and actually make more of an Impact. He’s got a lot of Talent, TNA need to use that.

Gail Kim, Lei’D Tapa and The Alpha Female vs. Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne and ODB

And going from the talented Kenny King, we find this mess. See, I love, LOVE! That we have Lei’D Tapa and The Alpha Female in TNA, I want more fresh faces in the Knockouts. I’ll say it again, I Want Angelina Love back and let’s reform the Beautiful People.

But it just bugs me how much Tapa and Alpha suck, Velvet Sky… I’ll say that again – Velvet Sky, defeated The Alpha Female.

How does this happen? How is it Lei’D Tapa isn’t a Force to be reckoned with. Velvet isn’t going to do anything to beat these two, it’s not like it’s even a struggle for her. She just wins, as if she’s beating Madison. Least Gail Kim can sell Velvet’s ability, and that’s believable, put her up against these huge towering power-houses, and Velvet is still hitting them around like they’re nothing.

Throw in Gail trying to help them to win… what kind of booking is that?

Samuel Odo Shaw finally tracked down the whereabouts of Christy Hemme, and blinded by…. something, he clearly couldn’t tell that it was a Wig. Kudos to Anderson for selling the skit, despite how dumb it might have been.

Anderson Hemme

When I say dumb, I by no means meant that I am not happy this took place. I rather enjoyed it. In as least a creepy way as possible.

Gunner and Storm had their little last minute interaction before Lockdown, saying that Gunner is a different man when locked inside the cage. Gunner said that, not Storm… just to clarify. Instead of just being your usual Cage-Match, it’s now a Last Man Standing – Cage Match. Which is awesome!

I’m hoping for good things from these two, I know they’re capable of it. This whole journey was been to put Gunner on the map, and it’s working. This is his chance to shine. If his bout with Magnus is anything to go by, then this could be fantastic.

I’m hoping to chaos, and surely they can get outside the Cage too under the rules of the match?

Storm hit a cheap shot on Gunner, and finished him off with his Last Call – Superkick.

Bobby Roode vs. Davey Richards

That’s the first time I’ve written Davey’s name as a Match header. It is odd to think of them as Davey and Eddie. They don’t sound like Wolves.

Roode tried to get a Count-Out Victory, but obviously Davey came to the ring to compete. MVP talked him round to fighting backstage, and Davey said some crap about MVP’s speech in Japan (which hadn’t happened at that time).

The props go out to Davey, though he did run shoulder first into the Turnbuckle, get dropped with the Roode Bomb and then locked into the Cross-Face and Tapped out.

The whole thing sells Davey, which is a good sign, unless you want them to stick around as a Team. Already Davey is being played off as “The” guy from The Wolves. The second you plant that seed, Eddie loses his position. Furthermore it creates that “he’s going to turn”. Which is ridiculous to put in place this early. I don’t expect anything to come from it. Other than Davey being a Team Player. I honestly hope to see The Wolves a Tag-Team…. always. At least for a good few years.

Roode then locked on the Arm-bar after the Bell Rang, and then made a run for it before MVP and Eddie got to the scene. So now, Davey is going in “injured” to Lockdown. I’m still unsure of who I want to win. Probably MVP with the idea of complete “Change”. Though a Bobby Roode controlled TNA working with Dixie isn’t a bad idea either. Win Win?

Team WinWin

Samoa Joe and Magnus had one last “Face Off” before Lockdown. And no, they didn’t exchange Faces.

Typical last minutes intense speeches which will no doubt be added into the Video Promo. Magnus responded with a Joe like Head-Butt, though it wasn’t enough. This encouraged Joe’s wrath  and he beat down on Magnus and then made him Tap-Out.

Lockdown is Live Tonight if you’re lucky enough to be in the US. If not, then it’s up Tomorrow if you’re cheeky enough to seek it out Online. And it will be airing on Wednesday here in the UK!

The Card is as follows!

Manik vs. Tigre Uno

Bad Influence & Chris Sabin vs. Great Muta, Sanada & Nakanoue

Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw

Gunner vs. James Storm – Last Man Standing

Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim

Team Roode – Bobby Roode, Austin Aries and The Bromans vs. Team MVP – MVP, The Wolves and Jeff Hardy – Lethal Lockdown

Magnus vs. Samoa Joe – World Heavyweight Championship – Joe’s Rules – Knockout / Tap-Out

I hope to have my Lockdown Write up posted for Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest!

Till then, enjoy Lockdown!

Dan Wilkinson

TNR Cover 12 (w facebook address)

Monday Night Raw #1085: March 10, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre Ray Logo

The Infamous Informer

Judgment Day has passed. I have seen the results. Now the fans have started to turn their back on whom they once called their hero…. but let’s pull up a little bit. That pipe bomb he dropped, he basically told you that he DOES NOT GIVE A F**K… Do you need me to bring up the speech? I’ll just draw a little excerpt of it…

“Oh, hey, let me get something straight. Those of you who are cheering me right now, you are just the biggest part of me leaving as anything else, because you’re the ones that are sipping out of those collector cups right now; you’re the ones that buy those programs that my face isn’t on the cover of, and then at 5:00 in the morning at the airport, you try and shove it in my face so you can get an autograph and try to sell it on eBay because you’re too lazy to go get a real job!
I’m leaving with the WWE Championship on July 17 (2011), and hell, who knows? Maybe I’ll go defend it in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Maybe I’ll go back to Ring of Honor. [Waves to camera] Hey, Colt Cabana, how you doing? The reason I’m leaving is you people because after I’m gone, you’re still gonna pour money into this company. I’m just a spoke on the wheel, the wheel’s gonna keep turning and I understand that…”

There it is!!! RIGHT THERE!!! He left, you still brought the WWE Network. You’re still buying merchandising, you ordered big BIG WrestleMania XXX. Who’s the real winner in this? YOU??? Our Survey Says…. FAIL! Until he does decide to come back and surprise the hell out of you all, LEFF DE BWOY ALONE. IT’S OVER. DEAL WITH IT LIKE BATISTA. (Thank God I’m an Undertaker fan…)

Now let’s get back to what’s really good! RAW #1085! HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZRight as announced last week, Hulk Hogan has something that he wants to tell us. So let’s the original dan gargon speak! Don’t boo him IWC! That’s rude!!!

So hold up… there’s gonna be a 30-man battle royal for the André The Giant memorial trophy at Big BIG WRESTLEMANIA???? Something about Battle Royals and ladders and WrestleMania make that so magical… and Hulk Hogan has pulled another one out the bag!

Record skip!!!!! John Cena has entered his name in the 30 man battle royal??? Wh-wh-wh-what about John Cena Vs Bray Wyatt???? So much for all these internet claims! Now we know who’s gonna win that muthaf***a!!!!


Coming out in their Hawaiian shirt and their lantern and his rocking chair… the Wyatt man running down Cena & Hogan about their false sh!t, but turns around and calls himself a god???? First Jay-Bee, then CM Punk, now Bray Wyatt??? Wh-wh- JESUS HAVE MERCY!!! Thank God Cena changed his mind, now he wants to brukk up Bray at WrestleMania!!! Ok guys we can stop panicking!

Hold up – Cena just defeated Luke Harper in a roll up pin! YES – not an AA, Not the five move of doom… none of that sh!t!

Gotta say this is a moment for generations, for the kids, Cena and for us growing up, Hulk Hogan… all they need now is the Great One himself….shame they can’t work out a quick plan for him to appear at WrestleMania XXX like he promised?

STC WrestleMania 30 Poster

Oh lawwwwwd The Authority just called Batista an A+ playa???? Even I as a Batista fan has to disagree there as far as Batista’s spear move at least!!! Now they want Danny to apologize for his actions last week? We all know that’s not gonna happen… there’s more chance of Danny getting in the chair by order of Vincent Kennedy than him apologizing to the authoritaah! Remember what I told you Danny… all you gotta do is mention Shawn Michaels and you will get what you want!

So Ryback wants to put his name in the hat for that 30 man jump off at Wrestlemania XXX? Makes sense if you ask me – he best win that muthaf***a! He ain’t won sh!t since he made it ‘big’! One thing I can say: At least WWE have shown a remedy for the large abundance of talent!

… and Drybaxel lose again!!!! Maybe I should change my mind about Ryback winning the battle royal… remember back in the day? When Ryback would brukk up two, even three-man at once??? Now he can’t manage the Usos??? HA! HA!

Loving that segment with my hero Kane and The Shield… telling them to exercise their demons – key word – DEMONS against the Rhodes Brudda… I liked how the Shield twisted the whole ‘Demon’ thing on my hero!!! Particularly Roman Reigns…. Hmmmm… it’s a long shot but is it WWE’s way of twisting up storylines? Maybe have Roman Reigns fight my hero Kane? F**k that – I’m just gonna watch this thing like everybody else…Isn’t it funny how back in the day the Shield used to brukk up Kane and put him through tables?

Hold up – Big E is jumping in the 30 man jump off too??? Er…. what about the Intercontinental title defense???? You see Big E I have to ask these things because my nemesis (IWC) want to know – they like to see championships defended and if not it becomes a problem…

MIKE DOGG THE PHENOMI’m glad the commentators corrected themselves when they said Brock Lesnar has never been in the ring with Undertaker….at WRESTLEMANIA!

Big ups to Paul Heyman for breaking the streak down and comparing it to other guys like Hogan, Austin, Cena and Edge who had a streak… but also  lying to the Undertaker like that by saying – ‘he worships him and the streak’???? No you don’t Heyman! Last week you crossed your legs in the ring and said you want to see the streak brukk!!! So Mr Messenger Walrus! Go back and tell the one who banging Sable on a regular that if he shows up at New Orleans he’s gonna get BUSS ARSE STRAIGHT UP!

I was wondering how long it would take for the Memphis fans to chant CM Punk’s name… thankfully it didn’t last very long either… matter of fact I’ve got a tune for you CM Punk fans, and it goes a lil’ something like this….sing along if you know the words…

Deep down you know it’s best for yourself but you
Hate the thought of Punk being with someone else
But you know that It’s Over
You know that it was through Make it burn, Make it burn…make it BURRRRRRRRN!!!!


Well the Shield mans dem held it down against the Rhodes Brudda… exercising the demons just like what my hero Kane told em to do!

Hold up – Natalya just said that everybody talking about Total Divas???? I know it starts up next week, I’m a big fan but girl – NOBODY ain’t talking about that sh!t!!!

Gotta big her up though, she just said on commentary – ‘Enough is Enough and it’s time for a change’ as in we need a new divas champion…. see what she did there???

OH SNAP!!!! Nikki Bella just used that torture rack move on AJ Lee and beat her!!! Walking round like that Diva’s title belongs to her while Natalya looks on??? So much for my AJ Lee Vs Tamina WrestleMania prediction!

I rate Renée Young interviewing LL Cool J right there… it’s a wonder he didn’t lick his lips at her on some Doin’ It, Doin’ It, Doin’ It Well sh!t!!!


Renée: “If you could pick a WWE superstar to join your NCIS team who would you pick?”

LL: “I’d pick the Bella Twins… I gotta couple of missions for em….”

DUTTY BWOY!!!!! I’m sure you have LL!!!!

OH SNAP! Danny and the Yes movement are going to plan to occupy Raw… ‘What does he mean?’ asks Jay-Bee? Er… what he means is that the Memphis crowd… which happens to be a legion of dorks in Danny Bryan shirts have taken over the ring and no wrestling match is running until Triple says YES to Danny’s WrestleMania challenge! Is it me or is that WWE’s sly way of trolling the IWC? HA! HA! Holy crap!!!! This is actually next level!!! And he didn’t use the name Shawn Michaels!!! Oh here they come!!! TRIPLE TEEEEEEEEEEEF!!

They have 30 seconds to comply!!! Oh dear look w’happen! Send for the security! Er only 2???? Is that all you got??? Lawwwd Stephanie BEXXX! They disrespected the McMahon name!!! WROOOOOOOY!!!! Where’s Vincent Kennedy???!!!!


Sketch courtesy of STC member Lee Steadx

Ok where are all you haters? All you doubters that said you are gonna stream WrestleMania XXX? I liked how Mike Cole described the situation as the ‘Caviar’!!!

Now the Memphis Crowd has gone hype as we enter the Memphis street fight between Sheamus and Christian! Guitars are destroyed! Chairs all over the shop! Drums are being banged! Kendo sticks are swinging! I bet The Honky Tonk Man and Jeff Jarrett are fuming right now!!!

..and after all that Christian got brukk up! Brogue Kick through the drum into Christian’s grill – BLAOW!!!!

Triple and Steph are so bex that they have left the building!!! Maybe they need to let off some steam… maybe they’re off for a quickie… it’s usually the remedy for situations like this! Can you believe that some wrestling fans are STILL not excited for this WrestleMania sh!t in some FB wrestling groups?? That’s it – last straw… I am taking myself out of those groups… y’all too miserable. You wanted Danny in the title match, you wanted Danny to kick down Triple, now you get both, and you’re still complaining? You wanted The Shield Vs The Undertaker??? What Danny just done, Philip could NEVER DO…. MAKE IT BURN MUTHAF***A!

I GET IT!!! Now I know who’s gonna win that 30 man jump off! It’s this man right here! Alexander Yusef!!! That Lana – F**********K!!!! look how her blouse & skirt tight up! I love that sh!t!!! That would make my super sperm shoot out like a super soaker!


Now the main event has started, Danny & Big Show Vs Randall & Batista!

Jay-Bee says don’t believe in miracles, but Danny just dropped the Dragon Knee on Randall – BLAOW!!! He manages to do that to Triple at big BIG WRESTLEMANIA – it’s worries for Randall and Batista!

THE GRANT SAYS THIS: The day after the Royal Rumble, I actually phoned in to Mike Knoxxx Perfect Plex show on BDSIR NETWORK. That night, Mike Knoxxx asked me if WWE can fix this mess they made. I said an emphatic – YES. ladies & gentlemen, WWE have FIXED IT. Now I’m gonna delete myself out of those miserable wrestling groups… they are doing me no favours.











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The Jobber Blogger #93 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 27/2/14


The Jobber Blogger

Oh yes indeedy, it’s been a weird Week. It all started last Monday night when I awoke with bad stomach cramps and proceeded with Sickness and Diarrhoea the likes you dream about. Not that you spend your time dreaming about being ill, though in a similar related manor my dream last night was about IGN’s own Colin Moriarty. For some reason I was on my way to visit him and he lived in these towering apartment bloks. He lived near the very top and the only way to get close was to use this elevator like a Window Cleaners moving platform to scale the building. Obviously and most conveniently this lift only went to about 3 levels below that of Colin’s apartment, so to get any higher you needed to construct a Ladder which consisted of multiple little wooden blocks that screwed together. So having a dream where I’m climbing this flimsy wooden ladder up the side of this enormous building balancing on a window cleaners platform…. not fun.

What was rather fun was this week’s TNA: Impact! Impact Wrestling LogoTNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 27/2/14

The last show of February, and I really can’t wait to get back to the states. I know I mentioned how awesome the British crowds are, and they are. But after a while you feel like you’re just stuck in this endless void of time. They were in the UK for a matter of days… why has it been over a Month and they’re still showing this programming. I hate taped shows.

I believe there is one last show from the UK and then it’s Lockdown, thank god! And then on to bigger and better things. Finding the enthusiasm for TNA at times can take more effort than to Write this blog.

MVP kicked off the show with a little nod to Gunner who will “get his title shot” as soon as MVP is in charge. But of course first things first is indeed the chocolate starfish, is my man Fred Durst. Magnus and Joe will Main Event Lockdown, and MVP had the contracts in hand to confirm it. No Magnus rules this time, no it’s “Joe’s Rules!” I want to ask my work if I can include a “Dan’s Rules” in my new contract. I don’t really have anything to request, I just like the mention of my name as it soothes my growing ego. Joe’s Rules are Win only by Submission or Knock Out. No escaping the cage or Pin falls. Of course this already sets the stage for Lockdown and some phoney way of Joe being knocked out. The second they add a stipulation which gives leverage and wiggle room for a Heel win… you know who is going to win.

Speaking of winning though, Dixie apparently was winning this week, as she wasn’t in attendance from London, quite simply Magnus just reminded her it was London, and she skipped the show. A Wise Woman. I remembered the show was from London and contemplated not watching.

So yes Joe Head-Butted Magnus ala Joe and Angle’s face off, only much less meaningful and relevant… also Joe looked much more out of shape.  Like being head-butted by a Whale in Street Clothes… don’t tell him I wrote that.

Bromans vs. Bad Influence vs. The Wolves

In spite of Dixie’s absence, she gave Bobby Roode a hint of Power, and nope, not a Power Bar! roode power bar 1Old Habits

 With Bad Influence and The Bromans begging to be placed on Team Roode at Lockdown, he gave them both a chance by competing in a Triple Threat Tag-Team Match with The Wolves.

The Wolves also wore the Belts to the ring, selling their recent victory on a house show… in America. So the physics of Time and Space were well and truly bent as TNA travelled back to America for a week, before coming back to the UK… no surprise people think they’re bad with money.

Poor Robbie E and Jesse had to lose their belts before actually losing them. What?

The Wolves and Bad Influence controlled the majority of the Match, no bad thing given that having these teams go, is fantastic. Though yet again sells the legitimacy of Bad Influence short. Sure we have Taz talk them up on Commentary, but they are the team who lose, despite always being strong in story lines.

To make matters worse they never gave Robbie E or Jesse the chance to Tag in. Until the ending where Robbie E whom was in a different corner to that of his team, blind tagged his way in and won the match. Is it bad it bugs me was allowed the Tag, from the Wrong Corner? What is the point of Tag-Ropes if you don’t need to use them?

Realism people! How am I supposed to believe these Wrestling Ref’s are so far up their own arse’s that they throw the Heels from Ring-Side, are stupidly blind to the Face’s Tag-Team’s, so strong ethic that they don’t let the slightest thing slide for the Faces, but the Heels get away with the exact same tricks, every time! Then they can Tag from the wrong corner!!! And win!?Arghh!!! TNA! TNA! TNA!

Not only does that put the Bromans in Lethal Lockdown, but it puts Bad Influence out of the picture. This is bad because Roode is the captain.. having EGO in that match makes sense? They made it to the end of the Bound for Glory Series via teamwork. Why would Roode pick the team who lose, purely because they won with a fluke victory? Crazy people!

Ethan Carter the Third vs. Doug Williams

EC3 also had Power to once again chose his opponent. And to his credit he chose on the best Wrestlers there is. England’s own Doug Williams. Still a little sore that TNA let him go in the first place. Having him Job to EC3 made it slightly worse. Doug didn’t seem to be as “spot on” as he once was, but having EC3 get away with a Low blow in front of Hebner, and then hit the One Percenter and win was a little grim.

Least he didn’t win cleanly. And it was nice seeing Doug back, albeit it briefly… once.

i doug itThe Cowboy James Storm didn’t waste any time and called out Gunner. Which is awesome, I like it when we have Heels who don’t just run and hide. Of course all of this boils back to when Gunner pushed Storm out of the way to climb over him and win the shot at the World Championship. They skimmed over the “saving him from Bobby Roode” towel throwing. Apparently Gunner handing him the Tag-Belts was the icing that broke the Camel’s back.

Ice CamelStorm threw a couple shots at Gunners background as a Marine “nobody would miss you” I guess we can’t have a Heel turn without someone being spoiled and whining a little with name calling. More to the point why does Storm have to “explain” anything, he hates him, simple, kick his ass, fight!

A little later on in the show and Storm and Gunner broke out in a Parking Lot Brawl which of course was broken up by that pesky Al Snow who gets involved in everything. And now we have another match for Lockdown, which should be pretty good. Not to mention Storm makes a good Heel, one week in and he’s the most exciting he’s been for a long time.

Bad Bones vs. Samoa Joe

…..bitch please!

Kurt Angle – Hall of Fame

Yes, finally Angle is inducted into the Hall of Fame. Why this happened? Who knows. Well aside from TNA’s bragging rights over WWE. At least with Sting they went to the effort of making it meaningful, giving him a Video Package, getting a room booked, getting Wrestlers to turn up and make speeches. Kurt, it’s a story line, it sucked, he gets a crappy watch, rattles of a load of Crap I don’t believe and limps away.

Hell, the highlight was that the TNA Hall of Fame logo was perfectly placed on JB’s Crotch.

JB Hall of FameAngle said the same crap you’d expect him to say “The TNA hall of fame is about the fans” and he couldn’t have done any of this without the fans, and TNA wouldn’t exist without the fans. And blah blah blah. I found it a little disturbing to find out that Kurt’s wife is his Rock. Kurt wife rockUnfortunately I didn’t find it moving, or meaningful, TNA’s World Championship isn’t recognised as a World title, why would their Hall of Fame be any different, it’s ridiculous enough as it is. Who is going to go in it next year…. Don West? Who else is there?

To make matters worse EC3 then crashed the segment, reading Angle’s doctors note about his injury, and that EC3 ended Kurt’s Career. Kurt did the scripted “No Tear!” in his knee speech and punched EC3. But after years of watching Kurt perform, I’ve never seen him in more pain than he was in this whole segment. He struggled to walk… Kurt Angle… struggling to walk. It was awkward to watch, punching EC3 seemed like a bad idea given his unstable position. But yet, Angle’s next match will be at Lockdown. This could be like his match last year with Wes… so non eventful. Or he could do something crazy and injure himself even more. He’s apparently already said he’s not going to re-sign with TNA, and expects to be back in the WWE by the end of the year.

Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky vs. Lei’D Tapa and Alpha Female


I don’t know if I am supposed to think The Beautiful People have reunited. Given their entrance together, but it’s just not the same without Angelina.

I don’t know what word describes this match better than “Disappointed”. Lei’D Tapa still hasn’t been let off the leash, and what we saw of the Alpha Female was a clear sign of she’s where she is, because of her look. Coz she certainly didn’t do anything well in the ring. Which is more annoying because Tapa quite clearly can Wrestle, and yet she’s not allowed to do anything currently.

And what is worse than all of that, is that Gail helped Tapa win. Gail Kim…. helped the team of Lei’D Tapa and the Alpha Female win. They needed help?

What kind of crappy ass debut is it that this huge beast of a woman, teamed with this even huger beastier of a woman, can’t defeat two little skinny blonde girls, one of which can’t even run the ropes. Yet another wasted debut from a credible talent.

This also puts Gail vs. Madison at Lockdown, and yes, every match is contested in a Steel Cage again… about time.

Samuel Shaw hit the ring to show people that he’s not creepy, and he is purely “misunderstood” and his Quote was quite fitting “To be great, is to be misunderstood”. Works for me, clearly they’re going for a more Dexter look, but I think he looks more like Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Odo ShawNot a bad casting, now they can make another addition to the TNA: Deluxe Impact wrestling figures, given they’ve already included Commander Riker from Next Generation.

Commander RikerShaw actually had some pretty decent music, so I hope his push continues to somewhere interesting. Anderson didn’t waste much time before he confronted Odo, and quickly got the crowd chanting “Creepy Bastard” at Shaw.

Shaw called Christy Hemme “easy” which resulted in a good old fashioned slap in the face, and Anderson was in to save the day. Well, save by being locked in Shaw’s pretty impressive looking submission hold. Given Anderson is a little more fuzzy in the face, they both dressed the same, looked the same, and from a Distance there was a typical “which one do I shoot?” moment?

Flexo shoot flexoBobby Roode vs. MVP – Austin Aries special Referee

Roode and MVP have been trying to recruit Aries to their Team, and so in the end given it’s a game of Trust, Aries got MVP to make him special guest referee, to judge for himself as to which team he wants to represent.

Aries’ novelty “No trousers” attire soon wore off and became uncomfortable to watch, which I am sure is exactly what he was going for.

However the ending was the selling point, MVP lining up Roode ran full force, as Aries connected with a Spinning Forearm taking down the Charging MVP. Roode hits the….. Roode Bomb… And bob’s your neighbour, once removed, who got arrested for peeping at you through his curtains.

I am Team Roode. I’m also sick of all this Dixie nonsense, but Roode and Aries represent TNA, MVP doesn’t. Makes sense.

James Storm could align with Roode, another TNA original. Samoa Joe, maybe not. But you never know.

 Roode power bar 2Die Hard

I have no idea if MVP will win or Roode will, but I am invested and interested  to find out. Quickly moving on to next week’s show from London, then back to the states!

Huzah, Hurray, Hairy Man.

Till then,

Dan Wilkinson

TNR Cover 12 (w facebook address)

Monday Night Raw #1084: March 3, 2014!!!

Comic courtesy of STC Admin Ian Cooper

There is no other intro to describe the opening of this weeks Raw. And so with that, let’s get into it.


WWEJudgment DayOH SNAP!!!!! HE’S HERE!!!!! PUNK MIDAS!!!!!! THE CHICAGO CROWD HAS GONE MAAAAAAAAAAD! SWITCH!!!! Paul Heyman????? Wait a minute??!!!!! That’s not who the fans wanted to see???!!!!

Even Paul Heyman believes Punk Midas deserves louder than that!!! Didn’t he get brukk up a few months ago???

Paul Heyman has actually crossed his legs in the ring!!! Now he’s telling the story of a man who the WWE thought couldn’t amount to a rarse!!! All that Hell In A Cell business don’t mean sh!t!!!! Has Paul Heyman turned face suddenly??? Who claims CM Punk is not in the building? The crowd are having NONE OF IT! Remember – Paul Heyman will lie between his teeth to authority! So he’s lying to the crowd right now!

WHAT????? Heyman points the blame at the fans???? Ok let me hear him out!!!! This could be true! He says that under Heyman, Punk was the longest reigning champion, and as soon as CM Punk became the IWC’s hero, Punk couldn’t do a rarse! Hang on – he blames The Undertaker???? For CM Punk’s short comings??? He wants revenge – he wants BRRRROOOCK LESNAR to end the streak!!! Now you and I know that is not gonna happen! Even the Undertaker chants have been drowned out by CM Punk!

Brock says the Undertaker is afraid of him… Undertaker is afraid of NOBODY I can assure you!!! And as for you Michael Cole…saying that Undertaker has never faced Brock Lesnar??? Have you conveniently forgotten 12 years ago???? GET IN THE CHAIR!!!!!

Hold up – Mark Henry still wants to test Brock Lesnar??? He’s my hero and everything, but he can’t manage him! That’s 3 times Mark Henry got f**ked up! F5 through the table – BLAAAOW!!!

You sure this is a PG show????

13,731 strong in the All State arena in Chicago chanting Punk Midas name regardless of who is in the ring!!!! Usos Vs New Age Outlaws for the tag titles… the match could be don, unless CM Punk shows his scrawny carcass, the fans don’t care! Or maybe they do! They are backing the Usos here!

I want to sympathize with STC member Andrew Theaker, he is tired of this CM Punk sh!t… but how can I do that when his hero is my nemesis – Dolph Ziggler??? This CM Punk sh!t means nothing to the Infamous Informer a.k.a. Wolverhampton’s Last Outlaw a.k.a. Grant Body -P!

The Chicago crowd, plus the WrestleMania sign, = the stars fighting their absolute BEST in the ring! The Usos have done enough to stop the crowd chanting Punk Midas!

LAWWWWWWWWWWWWD!!!! The Usos have done it! Jumping over the ring, tagging his partner, taking out Road Dogg, ducks Billy Gunn’s clothesline, kicks him down, climbs top ropes, dive off onto Billy’s carcass – BLAOW!!! NEW TAG TEAM TITLES!!!!

So that’s who that special guest is! He’s in that Need for Speed film!!! I wanna take this time to give a special birthday shout out to my lady Leanna Bergman, she is the Queen of Need For Speed, top of the online league table, big Wu-Tang fan. She’s my heart… Love you girl!!!!


Haha! Look at the announce table crew fixing up the table… Big E and Cesaro engage in wrestling competition and just like last week, Wack Swagger baits it up for Cesaro! Well The Grant Says this: there’s your Intercontinental jump off right there for WrestleMania! Swagger, Cesaro, Langston. That’s how the f**k they roll!

Raw is straight up Fast & Furious rude boy!!! The Shield. The Wyatt man dem. RETURN TO THE 36 CHAMBERS!!!! LET’S GO!!!

The match hasn’t started yet and the crowd are like ‘THIS IS AWESOME’!!!

BACKSIDE!! Luke Harper has new clothes!!!! Did the staff at Primark have a heart failure???

OH SNAP! Seth Rollins walked out on his Shield bredrin??? Can he do that??? Oh dear!

The announce table gets brukk up a second time!!!! Roman Reigns with the spear to Eric Rowan – BLAOW!!!

But it was the Sister Abigail to Dean Ambrose that ended the Armageddon… oh boy…

Do not forget the Chicago crowd is led by the sexiest cougar in wrestling history – Lisa Marie Varon!

Lisa Marie Varon @REALLiSAMARiE 6h

Time to get ready to go to @WWE Raw. Super excited to see everyone.


Ok Chicago crowd, Emma-lution and Summer Rae are fine as hell but you are free to chant Punk Midas…. I give you permission!!! I’m not down with that gimmick of Emma’s word up!

Wait a minute didn’t Tajiri used to do that spider move on the ropes? Looks so much better Summer Rae doing it! But Emma got the Emma-Lock on Summer Rae and she lose again!

Next match: Sheamus Vs Christian, continuing their rivalry… I feel bad for you guys… that’s all I’m saying!

The crowd are so fickle, one minute they are into the match, then they saying ‘this is awful’, then they cheering Sheamus, then they chanting for Philip…. mek up yuh mind nuh man???!!!

Even after Sheamus victory, Christian still assaulted Sheamus backstage… yep – they gonna fight at WrestleMania… I doubt it will be normal match here!


It’s not often that I back the Bella Twins but I will on this occasion… that Aksana took my girl Naomi out the game, she must suffer a thousand deaths!!!! Only joking Aksana I love you but you are in my bad books right now!

Well done Nikki for pinning Alicia Fox – but Aksana was the target!!! What you doing girl??!!! No matter… on with the show!

WWE are serving justice right now! Is this kiss the fans @$$ Raw? Our hero Danny Bryan goes up against the evil, EVIL BATISTA!!!! Talk about hostility!!!! Even John Cena has to pray for Batista here!!!

OH SNAP!!! Danny just said ‘WE ARE GONNA HIJACK RAW!’ Danny must have heard about the twitter account that opened called @HijackRaw!

Uh oh!!!!! Here comes TRIPLE TEEEEEEEEEEF!!! You know he’s gonna get booed out the building! Just don’t boo Stephanie please!!! Then again they might call Stephanie a Slut like attitude era days!

He still wants to f**k up Triple at WrestleMania! And Triple is like NAH!!! The crows are calling Triple an @$$hole!!!! F**K that – you want the attitude era back? Just go to Chicago!

Now Stephanie is on it like – WE MADE DANNY!!! OH SNAP!!! Danny just killed it! Why doesn’t Stephanie put on some wrestling trunks and challenge at WrestleMania and Triple put on a skirt!!! OH SH!T!!!


This is wild YO! Triple tells Danny to get out of his ring, Stephanie calls for Kane, Danny rushes him! Security comes out! BLODCLART! Is this a PG show??!!!!! Danny let me tell you a secret, you have to physically assault Triple or even Stephanie to get him to fight you…. or compare him to Shawn Michaels… that usually works! Ask Undertaker!

Ok so this Need For Speed dude drives into the ring with this fool Dolph Ziggler, the crowd is going crazy… don’t know why… Ziggler ain’t sh!t, and I hope Bertie brukks him up!

Dammit, Bertie let the battybwoy win, thanks to that Need For Speed dude Aaron Paul… yeah anyway…. Hall of Fame time!









BDSIR Network

The Jobber Blogger #92 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 20/2/14


The Jobber Blogger

I did say last week that Manchester didn’t disappoint, and last week’s show was the best, till this weeks. Clearly those who attended the show had the best night on the Impact tour I’m sure. Of course that does sell London short… but then London sucks.

London sells itself short by being London, and trust me, I was there last year. The crowd wasn’t nearly as good as Manchester, London isn’t fun to be in, and I was attacked by Chavs trying to leave the horrible “capital” of this country.

I say attacked, one of them tried to command me as to which Turnstile to use, and when I proceeded to not see him as an “Authority” figure of the Tube Station, what with his trousers tucked into his socks and him spitting like a Camel in the middle of the desert. So therefore I just went to the turnstile furthest away from this foul creature and his slaggish looking friends, for him to follow me and push me through the Turnstile so he didn’t need to pay… needless to say the whole thing was rather frightening in the early hours of the morning, but then he got jumped by security and I laughed a little inside. I’ve yet to take a trip to London and enjoy it thoroughly without scratching and crawling my way out as soon as physically possible. So yes…. Boo London!

I guess you could also say Boo with regards to the recent Passing of Nelson Frazier Jnr, though why he only just realised he probably lose some weight is beyond me. Too little too late.

He was always an odd one, not that I’m implying I’m glad he’s dead, quite the opposite. But I never much cared for his characters… gimmicks…. attire o.O

I baffles me why he and Gangrel made a surprise return, and he got kept on and Gangrel was never seen again. Then they dressed him in Pyjama’s and had him rubbing himself on people. Well done WWE, that certainly sucked.

Impact Wrestling Logo


I am writing this up on Monday morning, the very same Monday that Hulk Hogan makes his long-awaited Return to the WWE, along with the returning Undertaker, and if they’ve actually made a deal, then I would hazard a guess at Sting too.

Which excites me so much to read about the news stories tomorrow and try and find the effort to find the videos of those segments alone and watch them. God forbid I need to actually “watch” the show. With all this “WWE Network” news floating around, though we will have to wait a while before it hits the UK, I was even tempted looking into purchasing it. But then… I would only want to watch old footage, and probably a lot of WCW footage. And also it’s not worth my money.

What is worth your money though is TNA, and Impact this week was yet another “Ball-In”, and also out… and also running home. I don’t understand sport.

It’s like all the times I was mocked at school for liking Wrestling and not Football “eww, you like oily men hugging each other in their underwear!” said the football fans who clearly don’t notice their idols hitting each other on the ass, taking their shirts off and hugging and then showering together….

Magnus called the shots to get Impact rolling, bringing out Dixie for him to make an announcement regarding MVP’s challenge from last week. Which makes little sense as Magnus doesn’t really seem all that bothered about Dixie’s regime, or Spud or EC3, he just wants the belt. Which I guess in turn means he wants Dixie in power… but then isn’t going to be associated with the Lethal Lockdown match…  so who cares?

A whole load of talking and some name calling later, Magnus and MVP get into trading blows.

Who knew telling someone you want to treat them, take them walks, rub their tummy and have them follow you around would lead to such violent outbursts.

Magnus MVP Bag

Spud did his best to keep the Wolves at bay backstage whilst EC3 joined in on the beat down of MVP, but it was Gunner who brought the fight to Magnus.

The Wolves eventually got through Spud and security and as Magnus and EC3 went to flee, Magnus pushed EC3 “to the Wolves” and made a run for it.

Samoa Joe vs. Bromans and Zema Ion – Handicap Match

To further Joe’s recent rise of credibility, they had him take on and single handily defeat the TNA World Tag-Team Champions and Zema Ion in a 3 on 1 match.

Joe “wanting a fight” issued the challenge, and then asked for all of them to take him on. To be fair, normally something like this would make everyone else look weak, but with Joe’s recent “return to form” I will let it slide. This is a side of Samoa Joe TNA hasn’t let out in a long time. And it’s fun to watch.

I’m glad he didn’t just make quick work of them all and the Bromans with Zema actually controlled a good portion of the match – with a new 3 way running knee in the corner Team move.

Joe eventually got the upper hand and singled out Zema, a short muscle buster and submission hold later, Joe picked up the win. This not only gives him serious momentum but credibility heading into his Title match with Magnus. At this rate, Joe is going to seem unstoppable, if not for some shady shenanigans.

Which I am sure will lead to Joe’s downfall.

A backstage segment I didn’t expect to see this week was a depressed Bobby Roode seeking the advice of one James Storm. Roode’s blow up last week has led him to have some “serious thinking” about where he is going to take his career next. All of that aside, it was great to see Roode and Storm together. I like that they played on the strain of the business, that makes sense. That competitiveness that is Professional Wrestling, that makes sense for Roode to sacrifice everything for that chance at the World Championship. I get that. Though so did James Storm, which is kind of funny given how annoyed he was at the time. It’s wrestling though, people get over the most craziest of things to be friends once more. If the fans can change the Rock’s opinions of Rikishi after he ran down Steve Austin with his car… then a beer bottle is nothing, right?

Gail Kim (w/ Lei’D Tapa) vs. Madison Rayne – Street Fight

This sort of came out of nowhere. Sure they had their issues, but after Madison won the title, we’ve barely seen anything of their feud. And now all of sudden it’s at such a fever pitch they need to settle it in a Street Fight?

Better yet was the rather touching Video Package they ran before this match. All about the Wrestlers and their reactions to the UK Tour this year. With a new team like The Wolves who could have gone in a much different direction, but went with TNA, it was awesome to have them talk so highly of their run currently. However the video took a rather strange turn when it just said “not everyone got along” and then Madison and Gail were shown fighting, and so we have this match…

Madison Rayne also debuted new music, it’s the same song, but a more Acoustic – light hearted feel no doubt to fit with her current change of heart.

I was a little surprised that Lei’D Tapa didn’t play more of a role in this match than she did. Sure she attacked Madison a little. But given it’s stipulation, I expected her to be more forceful. Gail took a dive face first into a Chair pushed between the ropes, and I believe Madison booted the Chair in Gail’s face also. Tapa got involved however toward the end and acted as the distraction, Rayne taking wild swings at her with a chair, but Gail attacked Madison from behind with the Knockouts Championship and took the win.

Though she won, she was bleeding from the nose, so not sure if it was more serious, or just a nasty knock. But it’s certainly weird to see it from a Women’s match. Perhaps this Street Fight is paving the way for the returning crazy Taryn Terrell in the near future?

James Storm wasn’t satisfied with just giving Roode a much needed Pep Talk. Instead he went to chat with Gunner. If the segment wasn’t awkward enough with them both sitting around with just T-shirts on, but Storm’s best attempts of a Pep talk, kind of sucked.

Gunner Storm pants

Gunner decided to give Storm the World Tag-Team Championship briefcase, for some reason. Something about when he’s won the World Championship, they can then fight for the Tag Belts… which they could do if Gunner had the briefcase anyway.

Storm’s attempts of prepping Gunner for the big leagues pretty much consisted of having him babble on about how he’s been there, which is short lived in the first place. The best sentence was “and you’re praying for… and just, holding that belt up high”.

Bad things Sentence

Bobby Roode took to the ring to make a heartfelt speech, the type of speech that quickly turns him a face. “Proud to call Impact my home”, that he can’t put up with Dixie Carter anymore and to top it all off he thanks the crowd. And then just like that they forget he screwed over AJ Styles and Sting and helped Magnus every step of the way.

To be fair people love Roode regardless of if he is a Heel or not. He then claims this is his last night as a Pro Wrestler, before Dixie tells him he’s under contract, and doesn’t get to make those choices.

The actual interesting part aside from seeing a good guy out of Roode, is Dixie wants him to be the Captain of his team. See, initially I thought Dixie would bring him on board and he would screw her team over and give power to MVP to get back at her for not giving him the World Title shot despite his helping hand in putting over Magnus.

Now, Roode is her Team Captain, because if he beats MVP’s team at Lockdown, he will get 10% of the company. And his lawyers get to draw up any type of contract and she will sign it no questions asked. So now, I am sort of hoping that Roode beats MVP’s team. Clearly before it seemed like MVP would win so they could start “changing ” things within TNA. But having Dixie in control, and Roode, I think would make a much more interesting angle.

The Online GutCheck winner – Bad Dog someone, a German guy, was being interviewed backstage, where Anderson and Christy Hemme were seen looking at Anderson’s child photos. That’s photo’s of his recently born twins….

Earlier on in the night Samuel Shaw attacked some random British luggage guy or someone of a similar role “British Wrestler” no doubt. So Shaw attached Anderson and in the process knocked Hemme down also. He then carried her backstage whilst she was unconscious and stared at her… before she regained consciousness. No quite sure how far they are going to push this one. It’s borderline now, there isn’t many other places it could go before it gets rather dark.

Still, I like the idea of Shaw and Anderson feuding, though I do feel it’s probably to put over Shaw more so. I guess this means Bully isn’t coming back anytime soon after he barely fit into that coffin last week.

The Wolves vs. Bad Influence

With the likes of Hogan and Sting freeing up some contract money, we’ve seen TNA bring in a good few new faces. Even if they haven’t made their debuts yet. The Wolves are leading the way, a fantastic team and a great asset.

They actually just won the Tag-Titles at a house show, no doubt that will be on next week’s show… I don’t know how this works, as it was taped ages ago, but airs next week, but this house show was the other night. So okay.

Who better for The Wolves to do battle against than Bad Influence, I want a best of Five Series this year. This match was pure awesome – that’s all you need to know.

Oh and The Wolves won..

There was yet another Video Package for Jeff Hardy’s “Willow” Character. See, I like the videos, they are done well and he carries a great eerie feel with them. How this will transfer onto Live Television, is a completely different matter entirely. I hope well….

Gunner vs. Magnus – World Heavyweight Championship – Magnus Rules

I still feel Gunner needs some new music if he’s going to be pushed to the extent he currently is. But Gunner is awesome, his video package during the show about his time in the Marines and his lifelong passion for Wrestling really lets you in on his life. He’s a guy we still don’t really know. It wasn’t until last year when he randomly teamed up with Storm that people really started to take notice of him.

He wore a new Red Ring Jacket to the Ring which also looked pretty awesome. So he’s getting there in terms of being a force to be reckoned with.

The match was made a “Magnus Rules” match from the Bell, which is no DQ with a fancy name. Or like how a No DQ / Street Fight / Death Match are all the same thing.

Magnus quickly turned to calling out his backup, given a little blow-up earlier on in the night between he and EC3 for “throwing him to The Wolves”, it was The Wolves and James Storm who came out instead.

Of course crazy booking took over, still don’t know if Vince Russo is behind this or not, I certainly hope not. But needless to say EC3 – Bromans and Spud soon made their appearance.

The Wolves and Storm battled the Bromans and EC3 away from the ring side as Gunner dropped Magnus with an impressive Power-Bomb / top rope Head-butt but Spud put Magnus’ foot on the rope.

Gunner distracted by Spud was hit from behind by Magnus and the World Championship, leading to only a Two-Count, but the fans went crazy!

When TNA ever do anything like that, usually the crowd is rather quiet, maybe because they know what’s going to happen, but maybe not. Still, the atmosphere was fantastic, Storm came back out to get rid of Spud and Gunner went to the top rope once more, only this time Storm hit Gunner with The Last Call superkick on his way down, and Magnus took the Win.

We all knew it was coming sooner or later, and it was good when we finally got there. I’m excited to see Storm as a Heel once more, he’s been dragging his feet for too long. Not to mention I’m sure a Gunner vs. Storm Cage-Match at Lockdown is happening, which would be a great match to boot.

I was actually surprised by how good this match was, sure it’s riddled with run-ins, but I was expecting something good, but nothing special. To me, this match was Awesome, so was The Wolves vs. Bad Influence, and for that reason it puts this show above most in recent memory!

Next week – Bobby Roode takes on MVP and Kurt Angle goes into the TNA Hall of Fame for some reason!

Till then,

Dan Wilkinson

TNR Cover 12 (w facebook address)