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Monday Night Raw #1083: February 24, 2014

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Ray Logo

The Infamous Informer

Oooooooooooooooh WWE know how to wind you b!tches up don’t they???!!! Have you abandoned hope for Danny??? You went a

nd tried to get the WWE Network after they dun told you that it’s only available in the US…. THE GRANT SAYS Have patience!!! You really need to see your wrestling ‘god’ Chris Benoit fight?? What is wrong with you people??? Yes – today is unofficially called #ChrisBenoitDay… and I’ll tell you something else: I’m not interested in the wrestling matches this week… Hulk H

ogan is back! Undertaker is supposed to be back! Bare storyline and joke me ah deal wid!!!

All bets are off! WrestleMania XXX cometh! RAW #1083.. HOL’DAT B



…And before I begin, Every week leading up I’m gonna put up the big BIG WrestleMania XXX sign to make you know seh – THIS SH!T IS SERIOUS!

HE’S BAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCK!!! He escaped the TNA sinking ship! Dixie held on to his leg! He said – SHUDDUP!!! He

saw the WrestleMania sign!!!! He knew he had to be there! He was at the 1st WrestleMania, and on the 30th WrestleMania, he’s gonna host the event!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAT!! And I’m a Warrior fan! Welcome Back Hulk Hogan!


Come on – you can’t tell me that sign isn’t POWERFUL???!!!

Oh no – we gonna have a rematch with Batista and Bertie??? Like I said, this week, it ain’t about the wrestling matches… it’s about STORYLINE! That’s my focus this week!

Why is Brock Lesnar here as well??? I think I know the answer… if it is the answer I’m thinking…. I’m gonna mark out like a BIATCH!!!!!

Well I can say one thing, I’m glad they restored Bertie’s music! And they still booing my Wu-Tang friend Batista! So disrespectful…. DEAL WITH IT!!!!

Damn they booing Batista so much that even John Cena is thinking dayuuum!!! I must have passed the relay baton on!!!

Big ups to Jerry Lawler who pointed out the reason you jabronies are booing Batista, because of the Danny Bryan factor!!! WOW!!!! That’s the first time that was acknowledged!!! I’m stroking my shaolin long beard here!!!

Oh dear Randall f**ked up Batista’s runnings!!! And he’s… oh hang on… they’re chanting CM Punk… what can that muthaf***a do??? Now Batista is on some John Cena promo sh!t – “I don’t care if they boo me or not I’m gonna brukk up your blousecup Randall – DEAL WITH IT!!’” Oh I get it… is that his ‘go home line’???? You know what you need to do Batista? You need to call your friend The RZA… he will get the fans on your side again!

So hold up, what if Cesaro defeats Big E???? That’s gonna look embarrassing on Wack Swagger won’t it? I have a revelation on that We The People chanting crap… it’s because they supporting Cesaro’s fighting style, not the garbage that Zeb Colter spews out his dutty mouth!

Oh snap – I just missed Cesaro dropping that tilt-a-whirl slam on Big E!!! My own fault… I did say – f**k wrestling and concentrate on the stories!

Haha! funny… quick question – will YOU be purchasing the Royal Rumble 2014 DVD??

That’s what I thought!!!!

Considering that I’m not interested in wrestling matches, this match between Cesaro and Langston was quality… but why did Swagger come in and teef and f**k it up for Cesaro??? Well let’s be real… We love Cesaro, Swagger is WACK, and it’s only now the heediat clocked on.

I know John Cena ain’t no Stone Cold Steve Austin… he cut a promo talking about the WWE Network and any man has to go through Cena, Bray Wyatt stepping forward to f**k him up out of the title and all that… imagine if Austin cut this promo! He be like – I don’t give a rat’s @$$ about the WWE Network, Bray Wyatt you son of a b!tch – you cost me the WWE Championship so I want you to get your sorry @$$ out here so I can give you a can of @$$ whoopin, stomp a mud hole in your @$$ and walk it dry!

If three-man (The Shield) can’t manage The Wyatt man dem… what chance does John Cena have??? Him strong but him nah have the strength of 3 men, let alone 10 men!

STOP CHANTING THAT MUTHAF***A’S NAME!!! He ain’t leaving his room reading all them comics and sh!t!!!! You know what, listen to the wise words of DMX… I’m sick of you muthaf***az…

Dayuuuuum!!! In this contest between Christian and Sheamus, Christian give Sheamus three b!tch slap…. Sheamus turned and gave a menacing smile!!!! You know this dude loves to fight!!!!

“I should be the champion!!!” Grunts Christian… oh well… DEAL WITH IT MUTHAF***A!!!

Was that a seed planted???? Danny Bryan upset that he got teefed again, that he got out at Triple and said he wants to f**k him up at WrestleMania??? Triple is laughing off the idea! If you ask me, that sounds more satisfying than fighting for the title, think about it, fighting Triple Teef is LIKE FIGHTING FOR THE TITLE! Do you know what this could possibly mean? That YOUR SAVIOR CM Punk, should he come back next week in Chicago, could possibly be the third man and enter the title picture! I ain’t tryna gas you up or anything… I’m jussayin…

Big ups to WWE for acknowledging Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson (hang on – Canadian born???) Word????? You learn something new everyday!

Ric Flair and Booker-T in the hiz-house!!!! And now Danny is out to fight off my hero Kane… to think they had a crazy @$$ bond this time last year!

HA! HA! Mike Cole & JAY-BEE has argued about Triple seemingly laughing off Danny’s challenge… this is great!!!! Talking about – WWE Network just drop – Triple is a business man… great counter by Cole – yeah – a business man who is quick to jump in the ring with the likes of Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, even Curtis Axel!!! But can’t test Danny???? I’m saying hmmmm!!!

Who is that idiot that is chanting ‘NO’ after Danny kicks down my Hero Kane??? He must be a Dolph Ziggler fan!!! (Sorry Andrew Theaker of the STC!)



LAWWWWDD!! Danny’s rage was all he needed to kick out of Kane’s chokeslam! How many muthaf***az can say they have done that???!!!! Next minute – Danny with the Dragon Knee – BLAOW!!!! In Kane’s mouth corner!!! Kane nah get up – is TRIPLE TEEF TAKING NOTES??!!!

Say what??? Triple TEEF is a COWARD??!!! He hid behind his wife’s skirt?? Lawwwwd Danny has put Triple on BLAST!!!! I approve this match! Danny Bryan Vs TRIPLE TEEF at WRESTLEMANIA XXX!!! I gotta send for the STC Danny theme tune here!

Now this should be interesting, Emma-Lution Vs Summer Rae – I have it on great authority that these two gyal can wrestle…. you know what they say about gyal that can wrestle….!!!

I cannot believe those muthaf***az are still chanting that cry-baby’s name… so f**k!n disrespectful…

…and to think… that they wanted Eva Marie to dye her hair blonde… she may have no particular set of skills but I respect her for coming different.

Emma has a super move called the ‘Emma-Lock’??!!!! Is that how she gets down in the streets??? This girl is getting popular FAST… AJ Lee – I’d take notes!

OH SNAP!!! The Uso brudda box down Road Dogg while he did his DX promo!!! I was enjoying that!!! Next minute the Uso Brudda beat them! That means they got another title shot…. don’t they???!!!!!

I know I said I didn’t care about the wrestling matches this week… I may have to take it back! Now we got Bray Wyatt Vs Roman Reigns one on one! Straight Violence awaits!!!!

Is it me or does my dude Roman Reigns look worried in the ring? Nah – he just focussed and determined to brukk up Bray’s blouse cup!

Maybe it should be Seth Rollins taking on Bray? I mean, Seth smashed it at the epic gang warfare match!!!

You see The Wyatt Man dem and The Shield agreed that they will leave their bredrin in the back… but I don’t recall Dean Ambrose receiving that message… and during this message the crowd still chant CM Punk??? I understand Randy Savage but CM Muthaf**k!n Punk??? That sh!t is starting to make me dislike Punk again word up!!! Now they chanting Undertaker??? Ok y’all might as well chant Jay-Bee, Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole too! I know you want to!

Wait a minute – The Wyatts said they would stay back!!! TEEF!!!!!! The Shield had to come through quick time! The fans want a Part 2 of this ruckus! But it ain’t gonna happen at WrestleMania… sorry to disappoint you.

Oh my god…. BRRROCCCCK LESSSNAR… He’s here!!!! STC’s Lee Steadx is wishing, hoping, touching all the wood in the world, that he wants Brock to be in the title picture… if anything, the way I got it figured, that honor goes to CM Punk.. then guess what… he gets what he wants, to main event WrestleMania XXX in a triple threat and every muthaf***a is happy!!!

So you mean to tell me that Triple and Steph gave Brock an open contract to fight ANYBODY at WrestleMania??? UH OH!!!!! Brock wants to make history… I can’t lie, I am NERVOUS!!!

HOLY F**********************************K!!!! IT’S…….IT’S……….IT’S HIM!!!! He walked straight up to Brock Lesnar, took one look at the WrestleMania sign… Brock signed the contract, he pushed the pen in Taker’s chest…. MISTAKE! Taker stabbed the pen through Brock’s hand, signed the contract, then CHOKESLAM THROUGH THE TABLE- BLAOWWWWWWWW!!

Brock has conquered everything except one thing: Break the streak! But Undertaker has NEVER defeated Brock Lesnar….

The question is now – WHAT TITLE MATCH???? Does Philip Brooks have the answer???









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The Jobber Blogger #91 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 13/2/14


Jobber Blogger logo2

Well isn’t this fun! It’s half-term! Bloody brilliant half term! My job is riddled with Kids Films and an endless sea of Children running around screaming dropping things and making a mess. In short, making my life miserable! I have to go to work most every day, and some of these days are Early! EARLY! 8:45am! I’m not used to these conditions, I went to University!

So yes, it means I have valid reasons for Writing this up slightly later than my normal “weekend” routine. Though it could also be called “laziness” but I resent that. Resent it, applaud it, condole it, embrace it, and really… Really!! You think I’m lazy, you know how hard I work every week to Write this blog! 2hours! 2 Whole hours a week!

Okay so I am joking, I spent a lot of time on my projects and I am immensely proud of The Jobber Blogger, up weekly on MyIGN Page, Cage Amateurs UK and now The Steel Chair, with support and promotions from Total Nonstop Rewind! You don’t get that kind of Voluntary – nonpaid work by being lazy let me tell you!


Impact Wrestling Logo


Once again Manchester doesn’t disappoint. Last year when I was privileged enough to attend the TNA Shows, Manchester was “by far!” the best Crowd. But seeing as though over a year later and a certain someone still hasn’t paid me back from last year’s tour, then funds are a little low to do it again. I doubt he will even read this!

Moving on!

Manchester was on fire all night…. not literally, that would have definitely given the show a different “atmosphere”

Manchester on fire

Fire-Boo!!! Also I forgot to put Sugar in my over-sized Tea Mug…. BRB!

BRB! Flipping be right back! As if I used to spend my days on MSN using such slang as BRB! What lame-o’s. It’s like these internet kids today with their “blogs”…. idiots!

So anyway! Manchester certainly gave Impact that much needed “spidadil” that is a word… look it up.

Taz joined Tenay on the Commentary this week.. don’t know why he wasn’t on it the last two weeks. Yet again TNA didn’t have an announce table, which to me really sucks.

It ruins the show when you’re supposed to believe it’s live and they care, yet it’s taped weeks ago and then dubbed by Commentary.

As I most amazingly predicted last week, Dixie, Magnus and EC3 kicked off the show, and as I most amazingly predicted incorrectly was that the English fans would Cheer Magnus…. Nope.. they hated him.

Which means well done TNA, you turned him Heel successfully………… also Spud.

The whole point was aimed at the Investor Storyline, with Dixie stating that MVP or anyone else, has no chance of changing how she runs her company.

That MVP’s recent actions and threats are just “words” that they don’t care about. Funny thing, it feels like MVP has been around for a while now, yet this was actually his Second Day with TNA. It’s crazy.

Anyway, MVP obviously came out with his “rebuttal”…. it’s a real word, look it up! Samoa Joe joined MVP by his side when he announced that Magnus and Joe will do battle in the Main Event of Lockdown for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Which of course is when Gunner came out and through a…. briefcase…… in the plan of MVP’s, by saying he is Cashing in – next week – on Magnus.

And this in turn led to Dixie putting Gunner in a match against EC3 with Gunner’s Briefcase on the line, and MVP upped the stakes by putting EC3’s World Tag-Team Title Shot Briefcase up for grabs also.

Gunner and James Storm vs. EC3 and Magnus – Winner Takes AllSee, despite Dixie and co blabbed on a little too much for my liking with nothing really to say, having this Ladder match for the Two remaining Briefcases is an awesome start to the show.

So far nothing but bad luck surrounds the recent “Feast of Fired” Winners, Zema cashed in last week and got his ass handed to him, EC3 did nothing and now loses his, Gunner has had to retain and defend his Briefcase so many times, and then of course there’s Chavo… who didn’t get a chance to do any of that.

Though I’m sure MVP will bring him back, much to my dismay.. unless of course he returns as “PONCHO GUERRERO!” The fire’iest, feistiest, fired up Mexican to ever be… fired?

Poncho G FiredProbably coming in the next Wave of TNA’s Deluxe Impact – You’re Fired – Range of Wrestling Figures

Long story short, Magnus got involved, Storm got involved and MVP then made this a Tag-Team match.

MVP is like the Hulk Hogan, TNA wanted Hulk Hogan to be like. I take back my thoughts and reservations of bringing MVP into TNA…. I love him. He is straight to the point, awesome on the mic, he makes you believe his words and he can get it done in the ring. Perfect choice.

EC3 actually had a rather good showing in this Match too, including an impressive Top-Rope Splash on Gunner on the Ladder, which at once got the Crowd going crazy… and then they realised who he was and Booed the hell out of him.

In the end EC3 and Magnus got into a heated debate about EC3 trying to get down the World Title Contender briefcase, and then Storm cleaned house and Gunner got down the Cases for the Win.

Side note, I actually had a good idea which I think is awesome (coz I’m big headed like that) but what if Magnus got the Cases! Hear me out, the next time there is a Feast or Fired match, the World Champion should get involved, imagine if he won the Number One Contender Case for his own belt. What that means is if he loses his belt, he can then not only get his Contracted re-match, but yet a further Title Match.

Now if he remains Champion, you could flip the Perk, he could Cash In his Case to NOT Defend the Title. I think that’s awesome. Or, if he has a Number One Contender, he could cash his Title Defence whenever he wanted.

Loads of awesome ideas in there! I should write this show!

Also who else wanted Storm to turn on Gunner? It must be in the works, I think they made them both “Buddy Buddy” purely to try and throw people off the scent, but I’m sure it’s coming. Maybe when Gunner has his Title Match? Maybe after. Maybe if he wins? Who knows.

Maybe never… I guess?

Bromans and DJ Zema Ion vs. The Wolves and Samoa Joe

Bromans went crazy at Spud backstage, as apparently there was a Verbal Agreement between them and EC3 to not Cash In on a Tag-Title Shot any time soon, but obviously with him now losing that Case, they are probably going to end up defending the belts soon.

And in turn, this led to MVP putting them in a 6-Man Tag against The Wolves and a Mystery Partner.

What more can I say, I’ve been looking forward to seeing The Wolves in action since before they signed with TNA, lots of talk about the team. And they didn’t disappoint. They have a great look, good attire, awesome music and they deliver in the ring, hey it sucks to lose Sting, but if we get more talent like this… when that’s a good thing right?

Also not disappointing is Samoa Joe, who is always “over” no matter what Story they place him in. People love Joe. And for Joe to recently be taking a “Locker-room Leader” position, it makes sense for him to be out in the Spotlight. It’s been a long time since he’s been in the Main Event for any serious consideration. And Joe Thrives under that spotlight.

But that doesn’t take anything away from the Bromans either, who are easily carrying the Tag-Team Division themselves of late, and doing a fantastic job with it. More of Zema at ring side with his DJ Desk though!

I said it before, I want TNA to rebuild the Divisions, especially the Tag-Team Division, and with Bromans, Bad Influence, Storm and Gunner, The Wolves, things are looking pretty damn good. Maybe throw in EC3 and Spud. I want another Best of 5 Series, Wolves vs. Bromans would be fantastic, or Bad Influence.

Joe went to town on Zema Ion and picked up a Submission Victory for his Team.

Abyss – Unmasked 

I didn’t expect him to walk to the Ring without his Mask on, but then I am glad he did. It’s always weird seeing a Masked guy – Unmasked. Kane just hasn’t been the same since he took it off, and yes he put it back on.. .but it’s not the same. With Abyss though, I think they played it so well by having the Two Characters, we got to know Joseph Park before they connected the dots. Not to mention he is such a great Character Actor, always has been, but his work between both personalities is really incredible, especially for a Wrestling Show.

Abyss called out EY, and in his speech you could see him switch between Abyss and Joseph Park, and it just worked.

Abyss screams at EY “Who am I?!” and claims that he can’t be Abyss anymore.

I get that the segment maybe went a little too long, but it was powerful stuff. I really liked it. I love Abyss, and I am enjoying watching this “change”. I have a good feeling about where it’s heading next.

As to end the segment he said “I need to go away and find someone who truly understands me”.

Which to any long-time TNA fan knows could quite possibly lead to a return appearance from Father James Mitchell.

Abyss said before the Joseph Park storyline came about, that he feels unmasking the Character would be a good thing in adding more layers to him. And now Abyss is uncertain, confused, he could go away and come back better than ever, and I really hope he does!

Abyss Mitchel

 Rockstar Spud vs. MVP

Spud and MVP with Dixie had a great segment backstage, though anything with Spud in it, is gold. Not only did he put Tape across the floor of Dixie and MVP’s office, (giving Dixie more space and flowers) but Spud got in MVP’s face about him being Washed up. Which of course led to MVP putting himself in a match with Spud.

It was only a short match, something to put MVP over in the ring, and Spud is an excellent worker. The Manchester crowd got behind his “Ball-in” elbow drop, and MVP’s running Kick to the face of Spud led to the victory.

My only gripe is that I wish they cut MVP’s theme down on the Entrance part, it’s fine for his entrance, though he does seem to be walking to the ring before the actual Music starts. But when he ends a Promo with a snappy remark, or wins a Match, you want his Music to hit straight away, not the opening intro that takes far too long to get going in those circumstances.

Also on Impact was a Vignette for “Willow”. I shall add it if I can find it. If you don’t know, this is Jeff Hardy, probably rather obvious. Willow the Wisp is an old school Character of Jeff’s which he used to use before he went to the WWF. It’s something he messes around with if you watch “The Hardy Show” also of recent years.

How this makes sense… I don’t know.

He is advertised to be coming back at Lockdown, as Jeff Hardy. Whether he is bringing in another character remains to be seen. If he is coming back as Willow the Wisp, that makes no sense. Jeff under the pressure of Dixie’s reign quit…. but he then comes back and has apparently lost his mind.

I have a horrible feeling this is going to be awful, I love Jeff, I do my best to support him. He is very talented and very creative… the problem lay with he, himself, is not so good at doing the things he wants to be creative with. His promos usually suck. He doesn’t always look “that good”. His music is good… but perhaps not great. He’s never been good at selling a “character” or a promo, so for him to be this weird thing on World Wide TV… It might just be really embarrassing. I hope he pulls it off. But I’ve seen him do this character before…. and it’s just awkward, and embarrassing.

Though if it turns out to be Willow Smith, then by all means, let’s all Whip Our Hair Back and Forth!

Velvet Sky vs. Chris Sabin

hen Sabin is trying to be annoying and over the top… is when he is at his best. His “Twerk” on the Ropes to mock Velvet had me in hysterics.

Just like his “Will you get the hell out of my life!” from last week did.

And to further my evidence that Velvet, as lovely and great that she is… really does suck, she tried to Kick Sabin in the Groin… and hit his knee. Sabin started to sell before he realised she missed. So he asked “why did you kick me in the knee?” then she gets it right and hits him in the groin.

Sabin reveals his Cup, Velvet low-blows him from behind then starts hitting him like crazy before the arrival of the Alpha Female.

See I totally forgot she was debuting in TNA soon. I knew it was coming up, but I forgot, so it was a pleasant surprise. I do wish she didn’t wear what she wore though. I hope she’s a good addition, people in Manchester didn’t know who she was. Though more additions to the Knockouts the better. However isn’t ODB sort of like Alpha Female… and if Alpha Female wants to be a “Bigger” Knockout, then Lei’D Tapa has her beat there also. So she’s a strange fit in a addition that has two superiors or either side of her gimmick.

I will be really annoyed if Alpha Female comes across more impressive than Tapa, because Tapa really hasn’t had the chance to be “herself” yet.

Alpha Female TNA

 Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson – Casket Match

Backstage Bully went through Andersons things and found his phone, calling the picture of his kids “cute” then rang his wife saying it’s the phone call she’s been dreading. It’s tough stuff to watch, obviously we all know its Wrestling and therefore the Storyline isn’t real. But, it’s a real-life subject to be that brash and controversial about, kudos to Anderson for allowing it.

Bully wore a Liverpool Football Jersey to the ring just to provoke the fans more so… if I followed Football I might have understand the reference. (I got it… I was joking… though also Boo Football!) TNA certainly didn’t let their budget run dry on this match, as the Casket looks terrible, the lid fell off, it broke trying to put it back on, naff construction. I hope they don’t bury people in these things, it’s a Wonder the body doesn’t fall out the Bottom as it’s being carried by the Paul Bearers.

Aside from your usual “cheesy” moments, like Anderson having a Test of Strength with Bully trying to lift the Coffin Lid, it was a good match. It must be a difficult match to keep entertaining, it’s also a little bit stupid. Because it doesn’t really do anything. I suppose it’s not a nice thing to be put inside of. But then they can just get back out of it again really easy.

There was a great high spot with Bully Power-Bombing Anderson through a Table which led to an awesome TNA! TNA! Chant from the great crowd.

Bully tried to Pile-Drive Anderson in the Casket, but Anderson reversed into a Mic Check that sent Bully face first in the Coffin, he then got a nice “Pop” as he threw the Liverpool Jersey in also and Anderson picked up the Win… well as much as he could, as the Lid didn’t fit back on the Coffin.

Dixie and MVP closed out the show once more, this time backstage as Dixie prepared a Contract to “Buy-Out” MVP’s Shares.

MVP turned down the Deal and challenged her to a Lethal Lockdown Match – Team Dixie vs. Team MVP – Winner gets Full Control over the “Wrestling Operations” of TNA.

I am a little sick of seeing these types of Matches, it’s always people battling to control something, usually TNA. But hey, I like this Story so far, and I look forward to see where it goes from here.

Impact was awesome this week, a great packed show with awesome matches, surprise debuts, in ring debuts, crazy matches, and great segments!

Not to mention a crazy Crowd and TNA hit a Home Run.

Can’t wait for next week’s show also from Manchester with Gunner and Magnus (I believe) for the World Championship.

Till Then,

Dan Wilkinson

TNR Cover 12 (w facebook address)


Monday Night Raw #1082: February 17, 2014

Smack Talk Centre Ray Logo

The Infamous Informer

Ok straight up and down, I am refusing to read any spoilers or rumours that are WrestleMania related. I want to be surprised. But I was actually surprised by this rumour and this had me in stitches!

Now hold up – we haven’t gone back in time… or have we? Imagine that one Monday night… Vincent Kennedy says – “I have purchased Newcastle United Football Club??!!!” Yes people! That is the latest rumour. Imagine if Mike Cole, Lawler and Jay-Bee actually made joke of that on this weeks RAW!!! #1082 – HOLD DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZYes Cena keep hyping the crowd with that Road to WrestleMania sh!t… We all know one thing – YOU AIN’T GOING MUTHAF***A!!!

Word is that Antonio Cesaro – had a wicked match with Randall on Smackdown… word is that they also shortened his name just to Cesaro… yeah whatever – HE’S THE MAN TO WATCH IN THE CHAMBER!!! And Cena – don’t be stealing lines from my dude Undertaker – he was the one who says don’t be writing cheques that your mouth be writing!

Oh I get it, everyone that’s in the chamber gotta come out and talk their sh!t!!! Ok all y’all lyrics didn’t impress me – stop your noise and fight!

Or maybe not… my hero Kane is here! and he’s still the D.O.O. Can’t the authority allow Kane to set people on fire????

Oh snap – Kane’s in charge??? That’s it – set the world on fire like U-God!!!

Wait a minute – Jay-Bee said – “popularity doesn’t win championships – TALENT wins championships”… so how do you explain Daniel Bryan who has BOTH???

Look at my hero Kane watching the Christian Vs Danielson match with a smile…as if he’s planning something… Yes Kane I know you can’t wait to put Danny’s body in the casket, shut the lid, set the sh!t on fire and have Triple BURY the remains…. THE GRANT SAYS – When did Undertaker give the relay baton to Triple and said – ‘Ok now you gotta bury people???’

Oh lawwd – Christian lost again??? He got no momentum going into the Chamber… not a good look for the kid who wants one more match…uh oh Kane is speaking…

Danny has to fight my hero Kane???? OH SNAP!!! This ain’t cool rude boy! Triple is definitely behind this!!!


Is it me or does Stephanie in that poster above reminds me of Urotsukidoji cover??? Soz Steph didn’t mean to call you the Overfiend! You are so much prettier!!!

Urotsukidoji original

THAT IS TEEF!!! Kane’s job was to intentionally get disqualified and f**k up Daniel Bryan before the Chamber… anything to prevent him from winning the belt…

Here we go again… Fandango Vs Santino, Summer Rae and Emma in effect… I just found out that Emma looks up to Trish Stratus and Stone Cold Steve Austin as idols??? I’m sure Trish and certainly not Austin dance like that I’ll tell you that!

You see what happen when you flirt with gyal Santino? You lose!!!! You wait til you win… then you get on top of Emma!

Uh oh!! Roman you’re my dude but my ninja Mark Henry is out to put you in the Hall Of Pain…. THATS WHAT HE DO!!!

And just for no reason let’s throw in a pic of Renée Young… I cannot look at her and NOT have erotic thoughts in my head top…


Oh Renée you so fine – Damn where’s the recipe – you make a n!**@ wanna GOD DAMN!!! Can you cook darling???

I love this sh!t!!! The Wyatts asking The Shield if they are willing to DIE for this sh!t!!! Why isn’t this for WrestleMania??? I’d take a wack Elimination Chamber for an epic ruckus between the Shield and the Wyatt man dem at big Big BIG WrestleMania XXX! You may not like the mind games the Wyatt man be doing, but it makes the anticipation more gripping! It’s like smelling the KFC… but you can’t afford to go in the shop to buy that goodness!

Listen to the crowd with this Kingston Vs Swagger match… GET OVER IT – stop chanting the bwoy name (CM Punk) he ain’t chanting ‘I MISS THE CROWD! I MISS THE CROWD!!!’ He’s waiting for AJ Lee to come home so he can feel on her big fat fanny, pull out the jammy and kill the punany… and his tingz go deep, so deep and put her @$$ to sleep like his super move!

Yeah whatever Wack Swagger – you may have beat Kingston but Big E Langston will f**k you up at the Chamber!

How the f**k is Zeb Colter gonna talk sh!t while Big E is in the ring fighting?? I know what I would do…. I say no more…

How dare Colter diss Big E about not knowing his history…. as it’s February, as its BLACK HISTORY??? Oh my god Big E – If you don’t f**k him up – I WILL!!!

You don’t understand my blood is boiling right now! That’s like Remy in Higher Learning telling Omar Epps that he’s nothing… I’m sure I was one of my ancestors in a past life who tore off his chains on the slave ship and beat down the devils before I was shot….

Shout out to Ron Simmons! They featured him on Black History month… he was my first favourite in WCW before Booker-T…

So let me get this right so I can understand this: Any next generation superstar that wants to make a name for themselves, gotta go through John Cena?

IWC Translation: If you can’t beat my fireman’s carry that is called the Attitude Adjustment then I am liable to help ‘bury’ you alongside my good fren Triple Teef!!!

Word??? John Cena on the Steve Austin Show??? Now THAT I wanna hear!

Backing Cesaro all the way on this one!!! If he can defeat Randall, he can defeat Cena! It can be done! He’s not invincible! He can stay down for 3!!!

Why the F**K is Swagger and Colter out there again? I understand giving Cesaro support, but if I was Big E Langston I’d come back down there and box down Colter! Yes I respect my elders but how can you respect somebody who has a problem with your Ethnicity???

Amazing counter techniques by John Cena and Cesaro!!!! Cesaro got out of the 5 moves of Doom… Cena countering the Giant Swing! That’s a bad omen yo!!! Crowd chanting THIS IS AWESOME!!! A superplex from the outside from Cesaro!!! BUMBACLART!!! Antonio Cesaro, I got a song for you and it goes like this…

BIG UPS!!! Cena won the match, but Antonio Cesaro has a unique set of skills… SKILLS, that can f**k up anyone at any given time!

Oh man Titus how are you gonna let Darren Young rip off your good trousers like that on Smackdown??? Darren of all people man!!! Sorry Daz, I gotta back my boy Titus at the Chamber… be fruitful and multiply. And if that’s what Titus supports then I support it too!!!


Shout out to STC’s Anthony Cardenas – I think he’s on the money!!! He thinks Titus gonna brukk up Darren Young, go on to WrestleMania to fight Big E, which means Swagger is gonna LOSE the IC title fight at the Chamber! Now with Titus and Big E, I can’t call who will win!

We have seen Los Matadores on a winning streak since they come through… well it’s over for them because they got the Wyatt man dem!

Well not exactly… yes Los Matadores did lose… but they didn’t get pinned. Their partner Sin Cara got pinned… got hit with the Sister Abigail – BLAOW!!! (If they have lost a match then please forgive my ignorance – I don’t watch Main Event or Smackdown all the time… does Saturday Morning Slam still come on???)

Shout out to the dude in the background that holds the sign saying – JTG!!!

Seeing Jey Uso in action against Billy Gunn reminds me of Naomi…. damn you Aksana for taking out her eye like that… I know Naomi fine and all that but that doesn’t give you the excuse to have an imaginary d!ck and cum in her eye!!!


This might mean that AJ Lee may not have to defend her title til WrestleMania… I bet AJ Lee is clocking up the days of her reign now! She is getting closer to that 434 that her boyfriend who the IWC calls ‘God’ achieved!

I’m glad that Ladies Favourite Randall TEEF Orton can point to the WrestleMania sign in confidence. It’s as good as set in stone that Randall and Batista a.k.a. Triple’s bredrin’s are headlining the milestone event… if Danny is not in that match as a triple threat…I suggest that WWE does NOT put the title match last…. TRUST ME. It’s Best For Bus… actually NO – It’s Best For THE FANS!

Well we do know one thing – the Randall Vs Sheamus match has a hard act to follow after that Cena vs Cesaro match! Why have I got a feeling that this match may end in chaos???

Random thought – the inevitable match between Randall & Batista at WrestleMania… what if Ric Flair becomes special guest referee??? That’s living proof that it’s #BestForBredrins!

Lawwd – Sheamus back gotta be brukk up now – back drop by Randall through the announce table – BLAOW!!!

Good to see that the crowd is still in it! Just that I heard a few more CM Punk chants… I’m so glad I’m an Undertaker fan – life would be miserable right now otherwise!

Hold up – I don’t get it – what injustice did Sheamus do make the Shield come out and attack? Now Cesaro and Cena are up in there! LAWWWD – The Wyatt man come out!!! Trust me – it’s Ruckus! It’s the Elimination Chamber! It’s Trillmatic!









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Monday Night Raw #1081: February 10, 2014

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Ray Logo

The Infamous Informer

As this blog was written on the 11th anniversary of his passing, this blog goes out to the man call Curt Hennig a.k.a. Mr Perfect (Live On Live Long…)

Big ups to Mike Knoxxx and BDSIR Network Perfect Plex Radio – they put me on to a wrestling themed hip hop mixtape… they played some tune on their show and I was like YOOO!! I NEEDS THAT!!! And if you are a hip hop/wrestling head, YOU NEEDS THIS TOO!!! Fred Knuxx! RapMania!

Yo WWE! ever thought of doing an Aggression II hip hop album??? Matter of fact don’t bother, if it’s anything like that wack sh!t you play on your PPVs, I gotta steel chair back here ready to clap in your head!

Y’all asked for CM Punk, you get Betty White from the Golden Girls! NOW SHUDDUP! Before Mark Henry inducts your punk @$$ (Pun intended) into the HALL OF PAIN and says – THAT’S WHAT I DO!!! RAW #1081, HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZYeah let’s get this sh!t started! Betty White in the hiz-house! IWC – SHUT THE F**K UP… Gotta say Betty White came at the right time, she knew what happened to Mae Young (God Bless Her Soul) back in the attitude era and the Dudleys! Betty says she’s gonna kick some @$$! UH OH I think she means that sh!t!!

Look at the Authoritaaah killing teet at Big Show! haha!!! Big Show looking at Triple like ‘I ain’t forgotten muthaf***a!’ And as for Stephanie… Valentines draws near… come here girl I got something for ya…

Good to see that this crowd ain’t chanting CM Fool’s name!!!! YEAH I SAID IT! I respect the guy, tired of hearing about him. GET OVER IT. He would have left in July anyway!

Randall don’t give me joke!!!! Kissing Stephanie’s @$$ – I don’t blame ya!!! Daniel Bryan just put you on BLAST!!! Him talk about – Randall planting one on Stephanie’s lips!!! But come on guys… wouldn’t you???

Randall & StephanieI warn you readers from now – I WILL GO PROFANE on this blog this week! (What else is new Grant???) haha good point!

OK 6-Man Tag Team jump off! Rey Mysterio! The Rhodes Brudda, the Wyatt Man Dem! LET’S GO!

You know what’s mad about the Wyatt man dem? The more you beat them down, the more they like it! It does remind me of Mankind back in the day, I remember my boy Undertaker used to buss up his clart… but Mankind was smiling and sh!t!!! That’s f**ked up!

The commentators better watch what they ask for? Nominating each other to be in the Shield Vs Wyatt match at the Elimination Chamber??? You know Triple TEEF is listening…

Vince McMahon ‏@VinceMcMahon 9h

I have a date with @BettyMWhite tonight on

THE GRANT SAYS: …..DUTTY BWOY!!!! You wait til I tell Linda!!!

Oh lawwd – Rey Mysterio was gonna go for the 619 and ran into Sister Abigail – BLAOW!!!! Unlucky kid!

YES ROMAN!!!! You refer to Renée Young as ‘Babygirl’?!! YOU DUN KNOW!!

So that’s how it goes down in the streets? Emma-lution is gonna ride with Santino on some comedy sh!t??? Ok this is the time I should make my pudding.. then agin if Santino is fighting Fandango… that can only mean one thing… SUMMER RAE!!! I’d f**k her with her Strictly Come Dance frock on! (shout out to Susanna Reid… I never realised how fine she was until she went on that show!)

Susanna ReidI would tear her pu$$y up for breakfast! PUN INTENDED!!!!


Ok Sheamus & Christian! It’s all about this IRISH & CANADIAN FIST!!!! DESTROY THE FAKE @$$ AMERICANS!

Hmmmm interesting… Antonio Cesaro claims that he will be the next Undisputed champion and Swagger gave Cesaro a dirty look… yo I pointed that sh!t out first Michael Cole!

The crowd chanting We The People – unless you supporting Cesaro get out of my f**!ng face…

Loving this! Cesaro dropping them bows to Sheamus and the Great White is like – COME ON MUTHAF***A BRING IT!!!

OH SNAP! My stream froze as I type this! Serves my right for watching Raw illegally! What a good thing it wasn’t the Elimination Chamber!!!

…and now my stream comes back on, who do I see? Dolph muthaf***!n battybwoy. I hope my dude Bertie brukks up his arm!!! Right – to the kitchen! Make that pudding!

Grant & LeannaOk I’m back. now back to our regular scheduled programme… who’s the next Hall Of Famer??? We gonna find out – LET’S GO!

Oh snap!!! Did I miss Batista Powerbomb Bertie’s clart through the announce table???!!! F**k you Ziggler for making me miss that sh!t!!!


LitaLita HOF

What I wanna know is – why would the New Age Outlaws wanna spike Betty White’s drink??? What are they tryna accomplish? Answers on a postcard please – @MZATheInfamous!!!

Hmmm… The Uso brudda vs Rybaxel… do you think they will let Rybaxel win on the anniversary of Mr Perfect’s return to the essence?

What’s wrong Billy Gunn? You don’t look too well!!!

OH SNAP!!!! Curtis Axel lost!!! But it was the way it happened! The Uso brudda flew over the top rope, tagged his bredrin in mid-air!!!! F**k!n awesome!

Oh dear! I think Billy Gunn’s stomach hurts!!!! If I was the WWE locker room, I wouldn’t go in the bathroom, for about 35-45 minutes! Somebody open the window!!!


WWE announced their theme tune for Elimination Chamber: Nero – Doomsday. F**k that – it’s good but THIS is the STC official theme tune for Elimination Chamber! Shout out to STC’s Bossman – Jamie Maverick Shields!

Well Ambrose wanted an open challenge for his US title.. look who stepped through!!! THE DON!!! MARK HENRY! AMBROSE YUH GOOSE COOK! and Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins stirring the dutchpot like they making Saturday soup!

Oh dear! Ambrose get himself disqualified! I mean Mark Henry was fighting them off with his bad arm but then Roman Reigns with the spear – BLAOW!!!

Next thing you know the Wyatt man dem appear! Looks like a stare down on the chessboard!!!! F**k that – this is the official tune for this particular match!

WTF is Wiz Khalifa doing at WWE with his funny looking self? Foolish individual!

Shout out to Bobo Brazil!!!! Now we know that he did teach Rocky Johnson how to put Boots 2 Asses!!!!

DAYUUUUUM 6 Diva tag team jump off! Cameron and the Bella Twins! AJ, Aksana and Alicia Fox!!! GO LADIES!!!

I wanna take this time to say happy birthday to a true cougar in wrestling – LISA MARIE VARON a.k.a. Victoria/Tara!!! SHE JUST DON’T KNOW!!! She needs some young meat! I bet she can suck good cocky!!! It’s only strong ruff neck ninjas that can handle her! GOOD GAWD ALMIGHTY!!!


Victoria DOES NOT wanna meet me word up! She would feel the wrath of my anaconda literally!

OH SNAP!!! Cameron picks up the win over Aksana with her super move – Girl-Bye! You know what that is – revenge for what Aksana did to Naomi last week when she took out her eye! GWARN GIRL!

Don’t you think that russian chick reminds you of Drago’s missus in Rocky IV back in the day? She’d get it too!

Wait a minute – I thought my hero Kane wasn’t here???? OH SNAP! Daniel Bryan has snapped!!! Kicking my hero Kane all over the ring! Why have I got this feeling that this is how Daniel Bryan DOESN’T win the chamber? Yeah I said it… go on IWC get upset like you usually do, you see I don’t take this wrestling sh!t as serious as you do, I take it make joke. The minute you start getting serious about pro wrestling as a fan – YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

…and I don’t know why you’re b!tching for – I’m sure Triple H and The Rock faced each other more times than Randall and Johnny!


John Cena ‏@JohnCena 10h

Ok self, body is beat to hell, everything feels like slow motion, big night tonight. Focus up, begin to move, find a way #nevergiveup

THE GRANT SAYS: I don’t know how you see it, but was that a dart thrown at your saviour CM Punk??? So many stories surrounding his ‘departure’… including Punk’s body ‘beat up’….

Haha Cena did you seriously think that Randall was gonna fall for your 5 moves of doom??? You faced each other so many times! STEP YO GAME UP! YOU ARE FIGHTING IN FRONT OF THE WRESTLEMANIA SIGN!


Don’t think I didn’t see you IWC jabronies making a big deal about this and whose drink it was… THE GRANT SAYS, unless Mr Brooks is standing next to me and knocking that drink back and he got me to record that sh!t and put it on YouTube… then simply put you guys need to SHUT THE F**K UP!!!


Me garne ah mi bed, and gonna have dirty filthy dreams about Victoria… dreams of f**k!n a WWE b!tch, I’m playin.. I’m jussayin…!!!









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The Jobber Blogger #90 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 6/2/14

Jobber Blogger logo2Last week’s show from Glasgow got praise and negativity at the same time. This most likely because of a good crowd, a different look and I’m sure the debut of MVP played a part also. However looking back on it, nothing very exciting happened. Just your normal run of the mill matches and no great excitement on the Card front.

The same can be said for this week’s show, though the Ratings perked in the US in comparison to last week. Though this again will probably be spiked with the debut of MVP.

I can’t quite seem to find where I stand on all of these happenings. I believe CM Punk leaving the WWE is a work, it makes sense. If it’s not a work, then he comes across as a douche really, let’s be honest. Nor do I think his “Star Power” with the most deserving of quotation marks is really anything to go crazy over in the first place. Which of course leads to Sting. Things certainly look as if this time after many years, Sting is actually going to the WWE. Then there’s more information coming out from Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith’s plan to buy TNA and instead just decided to make their own company… perhaps. I really don’t know what to believe anymore. And if these are a work… then they’re working.

I recently watched the AJ Styles – Shoot Interview “Leaving an Impact”. Though the trailers / previews certainly edited it in a way that seems rather more shocking, in actuality it’s very tame. AJ is nothing but supportive of TNA, and has the door open. Though you can make arguments for TNA offering him a lower contract, but they did eventually offer him what he asked for, and he rejected. But AJ said he wants to work the Indies again, and what other chance will he have to do so. I expect AJ will be back in TNA some point this year. I don’t buy this isn’t in some way planned.

But hey, that’s the beauty of Wrestling, and for years and years people knew what was going to happen, and for the best part, we still do. Thanks to the Dirt Sheets and certain predictability areas, but for these topics, we just don’t know. And that’s a good thing! Impact Wrestling LogoTNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 6/2/14

I guess, part of me isn’t excited watching TNA anymore. I enjoy it, sure, but I’m not getting that feeling where you witness something that makes you excited! That makes you go on YouTube and find that certain Entrance theme for that certain Star and listen to it on Repeat and have the sudden urge to buy merchandise. Not had that since AJ had his Return Match at Slammiversary last year.

Abyss vs. Eric Young – Monsters Ball

I did state that nothing was quite as exciting, but I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to start Impact without Promo’s. Without Dixie. Instead it’s EY and Abyss attacking each other in the back and the Match picks up from there. A creative and needed change to the format. Despite the fact we all know that next week, it’s all about Dixie starting the show most likely.

I am still confused on this front, Abyss didn’t seem to turn up for a long time. Then he did twice randomly. Then only when Park saw his own blood for a small amount of time. Now he’s Abyss all the time for no reason and blood isn’t involved. I don’t get it. Do I need to get it?

To be honest, yes. If you’re going to put effort into developing something, least stick to it, or make it work. Tie up the loose ends, have it make sense. Give more development. The first Monsters Ball did nothing to get Park to realise he was Abyss.

It is awesome having Abyss on Impact though, he is one of those guys you associate with TNA, his look and character is phenomenal and sorely missed.

The match though was as you would expect, rather tame when compared to others, but with enough meaty high spots to make you enjoy it! Thumbtacks made their appearance, though EY flipped over the Monster from the Second Rope and Power-Bombed him to the Canvas. Abyss punched EY whilst he was perched on the top rope which sent him flying off Through a Table set up on the floor.

The ending came when Abyss removed Janice, a Cricket Bat variation, clearly not getting the original through Customs. EY then after numerous attempts Unmasked the Monster, which led him to violently Blackhole Slam EY and take the win.

Abyss then looked at himself in a small broken bit of a mirror. I actually like the ending, though not sure where it’s going to lead. Obviously I don’t want him to lose the mask, it makes his character. But will be interesting. EY did a post match Interview backstage and said his goal was to unmask him, but has no idea what happens next.

MVP made his way to the ring, which officially marks his true Debut with TNA. I do find it funny that people always moan about TNA bringing in stars from other companies, but yet everyone is behind MVP’s character as an investor, despite the fact he’s just yet another made star from a different promotion.

I knew of MVP, watched a fair number of his matches, but he was never someone I got behind. However, he did impress me on this show. His mic skills are very good, he has a great confidence and charismatic approach whilst confronting the audience and other stars. His confidence in turn sells the angle, so it’s all good.

The flimsy story is a little… flimsy? He had a lot of money saved up, saw what Dixie had done to TNA and therefore he invested his savings to get himself in TNA to change it. No one in his position would do that. Especially considering how outspoken he used to be about going to TNA. But alas, Dixie’s recent actions, must be met with Consequences, and MVP is all about bringing about that Change.

Part of me is now a little tired of seeing this “Power Struggle” as the main and only storyline to determine TNA in over four years. Hogan and Bischoff take over, Sting as the GM, Dixie out of control, Dixie back in Control, Hogan as GM, Aces and Eights threaten Power, Dixie goes crazy takes control, MVP is now in to change that. Can’t we just do something new. All it says to me is that they’ve tried something and it didn’t work, so they try something else by blaming the one in charge at the time. I think it is clever that they’ve placed all of the bad decisions on Dixie’s head and she’s carrying that weight as a Heel. So it would be great to see TNA rise up. But I doubt it’s going to do anything or amount to anything. I really hope it does. But how many times have we hoped now?

Spud made his way to the ring to tell MVP that Dixie would like a meeting with him, and MVP then made a match between Magnus and Kurt Angle.

Curry Man danced with Christopher Daniels styled ass to the Ring (it’s a legit thing)

danielsWhat did you think the Picture would be?

After he finished Dancing, Bully Ray wheeled the Coffin out, stood in the ring, booted Curry Man in the face, delivered an impressive but scary looking Pile-Driver and threw him in the Coffin then left.

So I don’t know if I was supposed to believe Curry Man is in a match, or if he was supposed to be fighting Bully Ray, but it looked as if Curry Man danced his way to the ring purposely to be placed in a Coffin.

Though I did realise that Bully Ray and Curry Man have similarly pronounced names. Bully Man or Curry Ray, could be a good Team idea.

In a string of “walk to the rings” Austin Aries was next up, who of course received a huge reaction (because he’s awesome and TNR’s / Jobber Blogger’s two time reigning Wrestler of the Year). Aries decided to take this time to talk about Option C and how he intends to do it once more this year!

That’s when the Bromans came out and Bro’d their way down the Ramp, and I was actually pleasantly surprised by the next part, as I couldn’t piece together why they had turned up.

Zema Ion attacked Aries from behind with his X-Division Briefcase, then hit Aries over the head with it, covered him, but only got a Two-Count.

Zema looked good though, and then went on to miss his impressive looking Corkscrew from the Top Rope and Aries then dropped him with a Knee Breaker, threw him backwards over his head, Corner Drop Kicked the hell out of him and then finished him off with the Brain Buster to retain his Championship.


I am glad TNA lifted the “Money in the Bank” Concept, it’s a good idea. And the Feast or Fired stipulation adds extra coolness to the concept.

Trying to Write this down really shows you how much “stuff” was in this show, and not enough Wrestling. Though something that pleased my rant from last week was in the show, where Christy Hemme had a talk with Sam Shaw about his weird Shrine Room (with the same pictures multiple times I might add). Christy saw the segment, and decided it’s creepy and only wants their “relationship” to be professional. Which is kind of ironic, given that a Camera Man was stood in his secret room.

I think it would have been better if Shaw went into the Room and the Camera Man tried to get a sneak peak, leading to Shaw beating him down violently. Or if the Camera Man sent like a lighting dude with his Smart Phone to sneak into the room, and then proceeded to get beaten down violently when Shaw caught him. But whatever.

The stupid part is that Christy must have seen his Violent Drawings, threatening the Waiter, Beating up that guy backstage (who was on this show and fine). You know, and that didn’t bother her about this weird guy she liked… but the shrine put her off.

Kurt Angle vs. Magnus

The first booking from MVP, and it’s designed to get Angle out of the ring. He’s supposed to be pretty banged up and not happy currently. Though to be fair, he wants to leave TNA, so screw him.

There wasn’t really a match here, they just did a few moves, Angle caught Magnus in the Ankle Lock then EC3 turned up and attacked him.

EC3 then went to town on Angle’s knee with a Chair, and submission locks, leaving Angle to be carried out on a Stretcher.

Though apparently Angle does a run in next week or something, so the whole idea was for nothing, as it’s supposed to get Kurt out of Wrestling to heal up. Given the length EC3 went to, to sell Kurt’s injury / absence, I would have to agree him showing up again seems a little stupid.

In what was probably the best and easily the funniest part of Impact this week. Chris Sabin had set up this backstage “date” room thing where apparently he and Velvet shared their first kiss some years ago.

Velvet eventually turned up, and a little unsure why the Camera crew were filming. Sabin told her about last week was a turning point for him, and how he sees what he did wrong, and now a Veil has been lifted.

He gets down on one knee and removes a Ring Box presenting it to Velvet, asking her “Will you?”. A teary eyed Velvet opened the box to find it empty, and Sabin continued “Will you just get the hell out of my life!?”

We all knew it was coming, but it was still rather hilarious.

Though Sabin challenged Velvet to a match next week, so… that will be weird.

Bobby Roode vs. Samoa Joe – Number One Contendership – World Heavyweight Title Shot

So this marks the Second match on the card, adding in a possible two others. One which was short and just to sell a run-in from EC3. The other short, but awesome spontaneous title defence.

Earlier in the night Bobby brought a Contract for he and Magnus at Lockdown for the World Championship to Dixie, but given Joe’s recent Number One Contender win, and MVP turning up, she couldn’t commit. Instead, she made this match between he and Joe.

It is a little annoying how winning anything now, actually doesn’t mean you earn what you won. Like Gunner with his Briefcase which he keeps having to defend. And Joe with his Number One Contender Win.

I am glad Joe is back on a Rampage, though I feel he’s not quite found his “Spark” back as he once had it. Roode on the other hand is pure awesome.

Least Impact had a great Main Event, though I made little notes on what happened during the match, I would encourage all to watch it. It’s not “put a star next to it Match of the Year contender” but it was still a great match.

Joe dropped Roode with the Muscle Buster and then got a Submission Victory with his Choke Hold keeping his position as the Number One Contender.

It does bother me though that Roode is looked at as a Looser now. Dixie even said “It’s not like you won your last match!” with regard to Roode being in the Main Event. And that annoys me because he lost to Kurt Angle in a Cage Match (with a close finish), after having a Winning streak in general, and especially over Kurt Angle for Months and Months. Stupid Heel Face rules and BS.

Impact closed the show with Dixie and MVP having a Summit in the middle of the Ring. Which would perhaps have been better if we didn’t get MVP talking earlier on in the night, followed by Dixie having numerous scenes backstage talking with Spud, to then Dixie and MVP talking backstage about coming out and talking about the future of TNA, in front of the World.

They could have just done it as a Headline to the show “Still to come!” etc.

And like anything TNA usually try and build up, it did nothing. The Future of TNA, which was Dixie blabbing on about Magnus and how people should follow her to Success. Then MVP saying “You are the Problem” and that they Agree to Disagree, he is bringing the Change, and her Running TNA as she wants to, “Is Over!”.

So it’s a good thing to move it forward… but it actually told us nothing… and did nothing. A little empty for a Finish I found, something to grab on to for next week would have been a much more exciting finish.

Still, not a bad show, I hope TNA are moving in a good direction, I really hope AJ, Hardy, Sting, Jarrett actually all play a part in MVP’s Change, but who knows?

Till then!

Dan Wilkinson


TNR Cover 12 (w facebook address)

The Jobber Blogger #89 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 30/1/14


The Jobber Blogger

Welcome to the Jobber Blogger #89! The second proper instalment over on and like always I ramble on endlessly about nothing!

Though perhaps nothing isn’t quite at hand here, as TNA embark on yet another (I’m sure to be awesome sell out) UK Tour, the question at hand is this: does it really matter?

I think the short answer is no. Nothing TNA does matters, Wrestling History is going to go on with them or without them, and unfortunately the WWE is always going to the power that controls the History of the Industry. Lots of rumours floating around that Sting is about to Sign a WWE Legends deal, everything from him just being involved with a WCW DVD to the Launch of the WWE Network and their WCW Content. To him being RAW’s General Manager and all kinds of stuff. Now this seems to be the most “official” word yet of Sting and WWE actually coming to terms, I would even go so far as to say that Hogan’s recent TNA departure and WWE involvement would partially be life line between Sting and the WWE also. I guess what I’m getting at, is if Sting goes to the WWE, he will be looked upon for all of his work outside of the WWE… in WCW. The WWE don’t care how many times he’s been TNA Champion, how many years he’s worked for that promotion, they won’t even blink an eye that he’s in the “Hall of Fame”. It just didn’t happen.

That’s the thing that bugs me the most, see I love TNA, that’s well documented, but if Bobby Roode went to the WWE, sure some people would know of his work, but it would never be mentioned. When Booker T went to WWE via the buyout of WCW – he was credited with his Five Time World Heavyweight Championship reign. All of the WCW guys carried their legacy, hell even ECW carried their legacy, and that was a terrible promotion.

But TNA, who had all the right faces, and all the right ingredients, they just don’t affect the WWE, Ric Flair returns with no mention of TNA (aside from his now infamous WWE 2K14 Panel with Foley) when Hogan returns, there will be no mention, when Kurt Angle inevitably returns, he will have just “Been gone” for several years. No one cares.

They’ve even said if AJ Styles were to wind up in the WWE he would be a mid-carder at best despite he carries a huge weight of Wrestling Greatness through-out the industry, to the point where Kurt Angle left the WWE purely to Wrestle Styles. It’s like everything TNA is doing, should they one day go out of business, it was all for nothing.

If they could gather the ratings and pull in higher numbers, WWE would have to pay attention. And one could think that this is the current trend in Wrestling today. Like any Wrestling fan I’m reading and trying to find out what’s going on with the Royal Rumble / Daniel Bryan / Batista and now of course CM Punk. Clearly the Daniel Bryan thing is a work, and it’s clearly working! Batista is just “one of those guys” from an era that wasn’t even that popular. I think he feels he’s a type of Stone Cold / The Rock, but nope, WWE sucked then and it sucks now. I never got on the Batista train, doesn’t appeal to me. And now the Wrestling Audience is smarter than ever, they know guys like Bryan and Punk work hard for their slot on the show, and then they lose it to some muscle bound Hollywood type who can’t Wrestle half as well purely because his name might carry some “cache”. Least he isn’t as insulting as The Rock’s “triumphant return” for those who grew up watching him to suddenly realise that he actually is terrible as a Wrestler.

Now in the same vein, I don’t look as CM Punk as anything special. I like Punk, but let’s not beat it round the bush, Punk got lucky as he was given the opportunity to “mouth off” and that’s what made his Career. Since then, he’s done very little till now. And only now is important because people don’t know if it’s legit or not, I would say it is a Work, but who knows? Even if it’s not he will go back to the WWE, no chance he’ll turn up in TNA, I’d love it if he did come to TNA, I think his look and style suits their product more so. But what would that mean to the Industry? Guess what, nothing. I bet over half of the WWE’s audience don’t even know TNA exists. And those who do, would probably tune in to see Punk, then tune right back out again. Their viewership would increase, but I don’t think it’s a wise investment. Punk would go back to the WWE, he wouldn’t be loyal to TNA, I don’t even think he likes TNA. His first stint there wasn’t very good, so I don’t think he’d be in a rush to go out. People who question if TNA could “afford” him is ridiculous, TNA are stupid with Money and they paid Hogan more than WWE offered him, and he still left. That says it all really.

TNA always struggle to capitalise on what they have, and granted they are smart enough to listen to their fans, but everything they do just ends up being subpar. I hope they do something great, but I just don’t think they will. If these rumours about Sting are true, then I would say that AJ Styles and Jeff Jarrett have officially left the company, and then if that is true, then TNA are in serious trouble.

Anyway, without this turning into a huge rant about why I like TNA, what TNA does wrong and why I don’t like the WWE, let’s just get down to the business at hand!

Impact Wrestling Logo


Yes, for the first time ever TNA Impact airs in the UK before the US. And it came straight from Glasgow Scotland, though they did label it as “LIVE!” it wasn’t. But that doesn’t really matter.

What matters is simple, TNA should just get a home over here and film it in the UK because it looks like a force to be reckoned with when they Tape over here, they pack out of the Arena’s (even on the Camera’s side) and they have crazy crowds. Of course I’m not being entirely serious.

Not to mention they did have some Audio problems through-out the broadcast, but least they didn’t Tape it and then Dub the Commentary on top of it, and I hope they don’t do that for the rest of the Taped shows, because it ruined it for me last year.

Magnus kicked off the show and was met with a sea of “Boo’s!” which I was a little surprised by. Though as he did point out, it is Scotland. I would imagine he would be cheered when they get to the UK Shows.

What made me laugh in a type of “ironic” way, is that Magnus and Dixie Carter represent what the Internet have always said TNA should do. As he put it “thinning of the heard / putting the old stars out to pasture to make room for the new”. And yet this was met in a negative light. Though for years everyone’s said that TNA’s downfall is all of these old guys that they bring in for hopes of a Ratings boost, and now look. Hogan and Bischoff have gone, Sting has gone, Nash has gone, Steiner’s gone, Bookers gone, Foley’s gone. Who is left? Angle is going to leave, and I can’t wait to slam the door behind him. You could make a case for Bully and Hardy, but Bully has had his best years in Wrestling in TNA, he isn’t the same guy he used to be, and thank him for being Loyal to them. Same can be said for Hardy, he’s had the best two years of his Career in TNA and he’s in a much better place in his life than he’s ever been before.

So the people get what they want, but they aren’t happy.

Such is life – C’est la vie, Monge tu and Duck a l’orange

EC3 stepped up to get in the face of Magnus when he claimed to “single handily” rid TNA of Styles, Hardy and Sting. The first of a few confrontations between the two. Angle and Joe however crashed the segment and despite Dixie Carter not giving her blessing – it all boiled down to a match – Magnus and EC3 (who Magnus handpicked I might add) vs. Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe – Contracts vs. Number One Contender Shot

I think Spud said it all really

Spud swears

 Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa vs. Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne

Even writing that I wrote Gail Kim and Madison Rayne, subconsciously I combined those two together more so than Velvet and Rayne. Not having the Beautiful People in TNA is a sacrilege. Of course having them in TNA without Angelina Love is a far worse crime. Also nice job on the Video Edits of Velvet and Rayne together (without Angelina).

Madison Rayne suits spoiled little jealous Blonde Girl so much more than she does her current role, just as The Beautiful People suit Heels far better than a Face faction.

Though how could anyone be angry at someone who had a hand in accidently hitting Earl Hebner in the face. Velvet hit her (bad) Bulldog on Gail for a two-count but when Gail kicked out she raised her hand and hit Earl in the fact,… that’s a lol moment.

Gail hits Earl

Madison hit a spear on Gail out of no-where, Velvet finished Gail off with “In Yo Face!” and took the win. Before I go on about how short this match was, I just had a brilliant thought. I Hope and Pray that X-Pac – Sean Waltman wrestlers somewhere in the indies, and does his X-Factor, for someone in the crowd to tell him off for stealing Velvet’s move! If there is a God in Heaven! Please! Let this happen and be on Video! Some child telling him off for stealing a Woman’s move would just be hilarious and the icing on the cake for his so-so career.So yeah, once again the team of the best Female Wrestle in the world, and her huge gigantic powerful scary body guard, were defeated by Wrestlers who can’t Wrestle and let’s face it, Velvet can’t even run the ropes right after all these years. I love them all dearly, but at times it’s just a little too “fake” to be believed.


Chris Sabin heads to the ring afterward to do the great “Bad Guy” move… but also had me laughing like crazy of “Say you’re sorry now, and we’ll go in the back and you can give me a massage”. Just like the short lived run of Joey Ryan who had the best line when he chose to introduce Matt Morgan rather than Hemme when he told her to go make him a sandwich. Needless to say, Velvet told him that they are over and left.

James Storm and Gunner vs. Bad Influence – Gunners World Title Briefcase on the line

James Storm had the worst segment on the show, though it was made slightly better by some guy in the front row making Animal Noises. He could have been cheering but I haven’t heard anything like that before. Storm called out Gunner to “put an end to this”.

And then we were subjected to this horrible segment where they made Bro-Love with doing things for their families and blah blah blah, and when Gunner was in the Marines, and blah blah blah, and then Scotland fans started chanting USA. And what the hell was happening?

I’m sick and tired of the whole “I did this for my Family!” speech, can’t you just do it for yourself. Am I supposed to think that you’re struggling to pay your pills and put food on your plate. I manage it by working 12 hours a week in a Cinema, I’m fairly sure you’re getting paid a hell of a lot more than me. If you can’t make that work then perhaps you should consider changing your life style. And not buy the most expensive Cheese and 1837 Bottle of Wine for your evening of “fine dining”.

What happened to them just chasing a Career in Wrestling, you want to be a Wrestler, you want to be the best guy, awesome, go out there, win the World Championship and do it for your own damn Career and legacy. I don’t want to watch sad back stories in my Wrestling show about how you can’t buy your children 3 games consoles and then afford to send them to the best School in the country and buy them a Porsche for their Graduation present.

I feel this is going to be a good Ranting episode, just wait till I get to Kurt Angle!

Thankfully Bad Influence got involved and so I bring back the long forgotten but most fabled element of my Blog:

kaz word 7 new

I’m now hoping Storm renames his character – The Monkey Fart James Storm and together with Gunner their Tag-Team name can be – Beard with no Brains. I’m game.So this of course ended in a match – with Gunner once again putting his Briefcase on the line. Funny because when he first decided to do it, Dixie had a issue with it, but then agreed as a way to make him pay for interrupting her. Since then Gunner has been defending it left right and centre.

The idea is that Bad Influence told Gunner he can’t trust James Storm, and much to everyone’s dismay, Storm didn’t do anything untrustworthy.

Gunner was impressive as always and worked with Storm to win – with a top rope Head-butt none the less. Then Storm and Gunner celebrated their victory and left for some more Bro-Loving…. beard style.

Earlier on in the night Kurt and Joe singled out Bobby Roode and threatened him so he wouldn’t get involved in their match with their contracts on the line. This led to Roode giving Dixie Carter an ultimatum. Roode only helped get rid of AJ and Sting for a Title Shot, and Roode demanded it be at Lockdown, and until that is agreed, he won’t be doing anything to help Dixie or Magnus further. Makes sense.

Spud was sent on an errand to find out who this “Investor” is, and do that he called out the Wolves.

Again, Spud stole the show, he got in their faces screaming and claimed to have seen a good bit of American television and tried to interrogate them with his torch. Till he just slapped Davey Richards I believe, and then was dropped by the Wolves and a double team move.

The Wolves had pretty good music, and I do look forward to them being used in the ring (which is coming up soon I believe).



Abyss and Eric Young vs. The Bromans (w/DJ Zema Ion) – World Tag-Team Championships

I am confused now.

I think there is a piece of this story missing. Park was still Park, even in Monsters Ball, and after Monsters Ball, then last week he showed up as Abyss… there was no “connection”. So is he now just Abyss and Park is no more. Or are we going to find out they are two different people. And why the hell did they stop trying to make sense of it all with Bully Ray.

I also don’t get why they got a Tag-Team Title Match. And I still think EY should go for a Mad Scientist look.

The match looked as if EY was in control of Abyss, till then Abyss just had enough and cleaned house including taking out some British Referee who had his 15 Mins of fame I’m sure.

Abyss then Choke Slammed EY and went crazy. Leading to next week’s Abyss vs. EY – Monsters Ball match, which is supposed to be the final part in EY’s plan.

I don’t really know what I want to happen anymore, probably just get Abyss back, though one would question why someone would chose to do that. And they’ve opened up a lot of good “horror movie” type stories, but then just walked away from them. So as always, they probably won’t capitalise on their potential.

Christy Hemme and Samuel Shaw had another segment, where they were at his house. I’m sure that wasn’t his house, because it looked terrible. Maybe they do get paid really badly and so I should apologise to Gunner. Either way, speaking of things being stupid, Shaw had his hand in the Candle which he didn’t realise. That’s a character trait. And it’s going to come in handy when he fights… flame man?

Still, Shaw then went to his room with a piece of Christy’s hair and put it on this Mannequin Doll he has of her in his Shrine Room.

Do you think somebody ought to tell him she posed for Playboy?

I like segments like these, but it’s where Wrestling crosses over into Television and it doesn’t work. It’s supposed to be as if the Camera men are following these two on their time off. That’s fine, but then why would a Camera man be in his secret closet. It makes no sense. Clearly Christy is capable of watching the show and therefore would have seen all of this anyway. It’s not TV, it’s Reality Entertainment. It’s a strange mix, that just makes you not buy into things, and then it makes even less sense. Like having a Motorcycle Gang without Bikes whose slogan is about Walking… WHAT!!?





Bully Ray makes his way to the ring pushing out a Coffin, then went on to talk about all the things he “used to be” and that Anderson took them all from him. The coffin symbolises the burial of The Aces and Eights and everything Bully stood for, so it is fitting that this culminates in a Casket Match. Or “Coffin Match”. Not to be mistaken for the “Coughing Match” which is entirely different.

Anderson and Bully got into another fight, but I am glad to see this type of Match. Sure it’s a silly gimmick match, and part of me wonders if Bully could actually fit in the Coffin he had with him, smart game plan really.

I do wonder where they both go from here, but I look forward to watch it unfold.

Magnus and Ethan Carter the third vs. Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe – Contracts vs. Number One Contendership

Basically, if Angle or Joe lost, they leave TNA. And if Angle or Joe pin either Magnus or EC3 they get a World Championship shot.

The investor added the stipulation that if anyone interferes in the match they will be fired. I still need to buy those shares, buying shares sounds great. I could buy a share in TNA and start demanding things.

Earlier in the night Magnus spoke to EC3 about how he doesn’t like him, and that he has to Team with EC3 and should he lose he must defend his title. Which is sort of silly, as Magnus agreed to the stipulation and also chose EC3 to be his partner.

That aside, I actually love that Magnus is a fighting champion. Sure he has a lot of help, but he’s not running from fights, he’s demanding them. He also isn’t afraid to show that he’s happy to be the face of TNA, but that doesn’t mean he likes who he’s aligned with, but he will do whatever he has to, to further his Career… I respect that. Screw this for my family crap.

The good news is that Samoa Joe made Magnus tap-out. That’s good because I always wish Joe was more old school. He was intimidating to watch when he first showed up in TNA, it was shortly after I finished up with my “Wrestling Training” attempt and I remember thinking “screw getting in the ring with this guy”. Joe was a force, and I felt sorry for his opponents. It wasn’t till I saw him in a Q&A I attended a year later where he seemed like a great guy outside of the ring. The last few years or so, Joe has been a shell of his former self, so I’m glad to see him be the one to get the Title Shot, though I do think Joe will be fired shortly after ala AJ Styles. But if Joe came back full force, undefeated, quick matches, impactful moves and unstoppable, I’m on board for that journey.

The highlight would be Dixie leading Spud to the ring holding hands and Spud keeled over from his attack earlier on in the night. What is more interesting is that Joe stated he and Angle will be staying in TNA for a long, long, time.

Now Angle has always said he would go back to the WWE, but of late he’s been saying “I can’t lie to myself any longer, I want to go back”. Well good riddance. I like Kurt, but if he doesn’t want to stay with TNA, to help build TNA, then leave. His pay check can go toward getting new talent or better invested in something to build the product.

What is more ridiculous is that Kurt now wants to be in the TNA Hall of Fame, asking Dixie to roll out her Chequebook and induct him, and invite the new investor.

So let’s get this straight, Kurt Angle, who has had a great run in TNA, gets arrested for DUI… again, and leaves for rehab. Upon returning he has beef with Bobby Roode who says Angle isn’t Hall of Fame material…. then Angle rejects the Hall of Fame.. proving Roode to be right… but still has a problem with Roode… despite he was right, and Angle showed it.

Angle then says he needs to cement his position within TNA once more, and win the World Championship once more, which to me, says “hey, I screwed up, I made a mistake, I went to rehab, but I’m back to be the best!”. So Angle injures himself and loses countless matches, then barely wins a Cage match against Roode by “falling” and then Joe wins the Tag-Match and gets a World Title Match.. and it’s then that Angle feels he has proven himself to be Hall of Fame Worthy?

Are you kidding me.

Angle hall of fame standards

That was Kurt’s Road to Glory and Journey to the Immortals. He’s happy with a losing streak, a close victory and a win by his Partner. That’s enough for him to want to be in the Hall of Fame? I still don’t get how he beating Roode by falling faster than Roode crawled is “winning the war” after Roode beat him three times in singles competition alone. I would revoke the Offer and tell him to get lost. Speaking of Revoking the offer, Dixie had a fit and shouted for this Investor to turn up. And he did, being MVP. Surprising everyone.  Well least he tried, but everyone was expecting it. And much to my dismay, I actually rather enjoyed it, and I look forward to seeing what happens next week.

Least TNA have learnt from that horrible “August 1 Warning” flop in their face.

So a good show, even if I had a good rant!

I’m sure Storm will turn on Gunner, and I hope to see MVP and the Wolves next week and look forward to more twists and turns in the road.

Till then!

Dan Wilkinson

TNR Cover 12 (w facebook address)

Monday Night Raw #1080: February 3, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Ray Logo

The Infamous Informer

I know you hate me, don’t you
I bet you sit and wish my time never came
You probably rather see me die in the game
You probably rather see me die in a plane
Well ya’ll see me up on top of my dough
I get my money sh!t changed…
(Scarface, In Between Us, 2001)

You jabronies act like the world has come to an end! Your saviour walked out on yo’@$$ for YOUR SINS… you can make it like the WWE didn’t book Mr Brooks in the main event of WrestleMania… but the TRUTH is – it is YOU who didn’t support Phil properly, you chant his name, but you don’t lead a straight edge life like I do.. you don’t put your hand in your pocket to support him… you would rather stream the PPV for free then complain afterwards because John Cena kicked out at 2. You claim to be CM Punk followers but you don’t follow his prophecies… That’s like reading the bible but you’re not being fruitful, and multiply!!!! YES, I am the Infamous Informer, Your favourite heel, and it’s YOUR FAULT!!! Don’t blame the WWE on some pass the buck sh!t… it’s YOUR FAULT! All this Best For Business sh!t is JUST THAT – BUSINESS… It’s not BEST FOR YOU!!!!


Life goes on – DEAL WITH IT! RAW #1080! HOL ‘DAT – BLAOW!!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZHere comes Mr 2 Belts! Ladies Favourite Randall TEEF Orton! Didn’t I see the Seahawks wield the WWE Title after they won the Superbowl? I think I did! I gotta find that pic…

And immediately the crowd are chanting for CM Punk!!! Forget it!!!! He’s not coming! He’s sitting in his yard eating yogurt, chocolate bon bons!!! Probably drinking Pepsi and sh!t!

Lawwwd have mercy Stephanie is telling Randall about himself! Is it me or is she and Triple throwing shots at CM Punk subliminally?

Randall is such a biatch that now the authority are actually considering making Danny the face of the company – that is if Danny defeats Randall?

I have a question for you wrestling dorks: Why do you always say that Triple ‘buries’ people? And he uses a shovel? Don’t you realise that he has a HAMMER in his office? He doesn’t use a bloody shovel you PEA – BRAINS!


6-man jump off!!! The Shield Vs Langston, Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston! I LIKE THIS! LET’S GO!!!

It’s good to see the crowd backing Rey here. That justifies the confusion about the rumble… Rey knows he was only booed because he was #30 and Danny didn’t get a look in.

Is it me or is Roman Reigns busted open after Langston brukk up his clart?!!

OH SNAP!!! So it ain’t just Bray that can talk that cryptic sh!t! Now one of the other bwoy can talk sh!t and whistle??? While the other dude with the buzzard mask don’t say sh!t??? WROOOOY! Gotta say this battle with the Shield Vs The Wyatts is WrestleMania quality! When was the last time you saw the Shield shook in the ring?

CAN I HAVE SOME DECORUM PLEASE!!!! AND SHUDDUP! BECAUSE I HAVE SOME BAD NEWS!!! (RECORD SKIP!!!) Hold on, Jerry Lawler tells Barrett that he may not be around next week? What does he mean by that???? Answers on a postcard please! Tweet me @MZATheInfamous! Don’t be shy!!

Yes I did hear that Christian was back in the hiz-house!!! Come on Christian! for your Canadian brothers! Do it for my Canadian girlfren!!! Don’t let that dyam arse Swagger beat yuh!

Grant & Leanna

YES!!!! Christian GOT HIM!! Hahaha!!! Swagger you sir are WACK!!!! If I was you Zeb Colter I’d kick him out of the States!!! WE THE MUTHAF***!N PEOPLE MUTHAF***A!!!

OH SNAP!!! The steel cage ah come down now???? New Age Outlaws! The Rhodes Brudda! Someone is about to get F**KED UP in that muthaf***a!!! LET’S GO!!

Betty White to be a guest star on Raw next week? I would have asked who in the blue hell she is but Jerry Lawler just told me so it’s all good… The Golden Girls is classic but what about Desperate Housewife? And how come I can’t get that Devious Maids pon my telly??? No secret – I have such a crush on Roselyn Sánchez…. every time I see her something happens to my d!ck…


JBL asks, who does the crowd chant for? The New Age Outlaws, or the Rhodes Brudda? Since they can’t decide, they opted for chanting CM Punk! How many times have I gotta tell you fans – CM Punk ain’t coming back!!!! Stop chanting his name – he doesn’t give a f**k about you!!! He didn’t get his muthaf***!n Ice Cream bars… now he’s a big baby!


AAAH – HAAA!!! Mike Cole  hit the jackpot! New Age Outlaws now tag team champions because of the corrupted Triple TEEF!!!!! Best For Business I was told…. well yeah! We like to see these mans because they still got it!

I think that was actually a 3 count right there by Ref Mike Chioda!!! Cody Rhodes got robbed! Cody thinks f**k that – I’m climbing to the top of this muthaf***a, Moonsault on Road Dogg – BLAOW! Then Billy Gunn thought – ah yuh b!tch!!!! Fame-Asser – BLAOW!!!! THAT WAS CRAZY!

LAWWWD HAVE MERCY!!! Zack Ryder dep pon de telly!!!! Oh yeah I heard that Titus O’Neill turned evil against Darren Young… this is the Infamous Informer and I’m your favourite heel and this was what Titus was thinking all along…

W’happen? Zack Ryder lost again? What else is new? Told y’all muthaf***az – Zack Ryder is WACK!!!! He’s been WACK since 19 HOW LONG! GET OVER IT! And y’all still chanting for he who is not in the f**k!n building!


WTF???? WWE Supports BLACK HISTORY MONTH???? Ahmed Johnson where you at rude boy??? What must be going through his head???

While this dance off segment is bound to be dry, let’s talk about Summer Rae… the latest woman to be in the Total Divas series!

Hang on, maybe I should talk about this! Summer Rae dancing… I can feel the fangs in my gums growing! Now we gonna see this Emma-lution woman dance… she cyan’t dance!!! What the hell was that???? Sorry Emma you’re not getting in the bed with the Infamous Informer!!! GET IN THE CHAIR!!! Better yet, take out my majestic member! Put it between your wet lips! And suck!


As much as I love Sheamus, he’s fighting Curtis Axel… this is the part where I put on my chocolate pudding… and you can’t have none! STOP CHANT THE BWOY BLODCLART NAME! GET OFF HIS D!CK! In Punk We Trust? I don’t trust that muthaf***a!


…AND I SAY YEAAAH!!! I WALK ALONE INSIDE THIS PIT OF DANGER!!! Batista in the hiz-house! Obviously the crowd have Tourette’s because they keep chanting one name… thank god for Bertie who is telling my good fren Batista about how it runs around the wrestling circuit – yes he’s talking for the IWC… but YOU BOO HIM… WHY???? You fans make me sick!!!

Dolph Z!&&l£r gets no time on my blog… with that said: I hope the Wyatt Family f**k him up!!! It’s Black history month – don’t f**k up R-Truth and Xavier Woods!

Uh oh my boy Mark Henry is coming back in effect next week! Brock Lesnar stay the f**k out the arena!!! (like he’s gonna listen to me!)

HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! YES! Drop that Sister Abigail on that Pink shirt wearing spaghetti head muthaf***a! Hang on stop – the Shield!!! They are not afraid of the Wyatts! And Bray is laughing! he welcomes the war!!! Yo Triple! Any chance we can extend this feud to WrestleMania? Get some weapons up in there? I dunno, parking lot brawl? New Orleans street fight??? Only that it’s in a real street???

Hold up – now this Yusef dude is in the main roster, who’s the russian chick???? YO! Y’all can keep your beloved CM Punk – THIS IS GREAT! Now my favourite Nubian Naomi is in the ring with Aksana, AJ Lee on commentary – 232 days as champion??? Only 202 days to go AJ! Then you can bugger off with your boyfriend too!

…and going by AJ’s commentary she is dissing my girl Tamina…. I’m telling you these two will fight at WrestleMania and I am backing Tamina all the way!!!

Naomi got whole heap a move, she just revealed her new supermove – a moonsault similar to RVD! I’m telling you this girl is reppin for Black History! I would love for her to win the belt but it’s already destined for AJ vs Tamina at WMXXX… can you feel it???

Now there is a hero to be proud of! Danny Bryan! You know what? I respect the hell out of Phil Brooks but I’m the Infamous Informer, Your favourite Heel and I’m just gonna go ahead and say it….

F**K CM PUNK!!!!!


Batista stole Danny’s destiny at the rumble but CM B!tch walks out? I don’t blame him in certain ways but Phil that’s a B!TCH MOVE!

Come on Danny!!! Do this for the Seahawks!!! They respect and honor you!

Seahawks Danny Bryan

And they continue to chant for that b!tch during this match? DISRESPECT!!!! Worst crowd ever!!! HA! HA! HA! Nah I’m playing!

Why don’t you chant for Mark Henry? He’s not here? Chant Kane! Chant Brock! Hell – chant Stone Cold Steve Austin! Chanting for he that does not exist in your building who doesn’t even care about your @$$ – so disrespectful to Randall and Danny! They are putting on a great match and this is what you do?

GOOD GAWD ALMIGHTY Danny is f**k!n Randall up with those kicks!!! (I don’t hear you Theaker!!! Your boy Ziggler got f**ked up earlier! Got nuthin to say to me now have ya??!!!)


Danny’s shoulder is exposed.. now Randall is gonna f**k up that shoulder. Randall does that – Danny cannot execute the Yes Lock effectively… he can do his super dragon kick though!

OH SNAP!!!! Randall lost to Danny! My hero Kane tried to TEEF! maybe Triple sent Kane to bait it up and it backfired!!! UH-OH!!!! But Randall & Kane are not done! CHOKESLAM!!!! BLAOW!!! I thought he was the D.O.O.??? That mean seh he can’t touch nobody! I think Kane wants to be fired!!!! He don’t care about no muthaf***!n suit!

Talking of not caring… nor does CM Punk… look at him, looks like he’s reading a comic… maybe it’s an anime comic… maybe it’s Urotsukidoji!!!!

Punk in his yard









BDSIR Network

Smack Talk Centre Raw


What a LA-LA at the Royal Rumble! Just like the bossman of the Smack Talk Centre said: ‘The PPV was like meeting a hot woman on a date, she’s into you, you’re into her, you’re about to get that Drew & Derwin on, you know that wonderful night, only to find out she has a D!CK!!!’ The record skips and you are running for the hills. Next thing you know you find yourself on Jerry Springer Show…

Limo Blow up

Isn’t it ironic? That last week on Raw, Triple Teef told Randall to ‘Fix It and Make it Right’??? Now after the Rumble, the atrocity that was Danny not even in the Rumble, my good Wu-Tang friend Batista won the thing, now it’s TRIPLE TEEF that’s gotta fix it…and MAKE IT RIGHT! I think Vincent Kennedy should give Triple the ’30 days to turn WWE around’… or he’s FIRED!!!


Threats to boycott WWE Network, Mick Foley about to throw the brick through the TV, controversy hitting BBC News… SH!T IS CRAZY! RAW #1079! HOL’ DAT BLAOW!!

WWF PROPA TINGZOk get out here Triple TEEF! i don’t know why you’re smiling about!!!

Damn the fans still bex about Batista!! Hold up Stephanie talking about the chamber… and Danny waste no time coming out here!!! that’s it Danny! Kick down Triple!!!! The hottest superstar out today and he can’t even enter the rumble??? BLASPHEMY!!!

YES! YES! YES! Tell that Triple TEEF! You want in the Chamber and compete for that World Wrestling Federation Title!!! Tell him say he’s keeping you down! I guess the script writers got to work big time!!! I suppose it is INJUSTICE! Send for the Shield!!!

Sheamus is back in effect rude boy! Here comes Cena with his glow in the dark shirt! What’s that in his back pocket? You’re not a blood! you’re not a crip muthaf***a!!! that’s like a green handkerchief or some sh!t!! What are you tryna start a Cenation crew to go against the Bloods and the Crips???

Wait – I thought WWE can’t use that Sin Cara character again??? I see him teamed up with Mysterio, who was booed at the Rumble but we all know the boos were not meant for him coming out at #30…. let’s not talk about the rumble too much, don’t wanna wind up your b!tch @$$£$! You think I don’t know about that video of your fat @$$ tearing up the house because Danny wasn’t in the rumble???

Six man tag team match announced for Raw! The Shield Vs Danny, Johnny and Sheamus! Winning team goes to fight inna de Chamber! Well I think we know the winners here… like we can see Randall defending his title against the Shield & Brock Lesnar in the Chamber! But wait! I wouldn’t put it past WWE to throw Roman Reigns up in the Chamber! WATCH DI RIDE!!!

I never thought I’d say this but… BAD NEWS BARRETT!! You got me!!! That big out podium, you want some decorum??? I like that word!!! I had to google that sh!t!!!

noun: decorum

behaviour in keeping with good taste and propriety.
“he had acted with the utmost decorum”
synonyms: propriety, properness, seemliness, decency, decorousness, good taste, correctness, appropriateness;
politeness, courtesy, good manners;
refinement, breeding, deportment, dignity, respectability, modesty, demureness
“he had acted with the utmost decorum”

Jesus Have Mercy that Summer Rae!!! (Down boy! Down!!!) I feel the eyes rolling into the back of my head top!!! I was told I was ‘not normal’… to those who say that, THE GRANT SAYS – Thank You For The Compliment!

Not feeling that WrestleMania XXX theme tune!!! F**k that theme tune – The Infamous Informer got his own theme tune!!!!


Can someone tell me why every time Fandango is in the ring that NXT chick Emma is in the crowd??? Answers on a postcard please! Nah f**k that – tweet me – @MZATheInfamous!!!

HA HA! Batista pointing at the fans with a sign saying – ‘BooTista’!!!! And smiling about it! OH SNAP!!! Hold up – what are the fans chanting? I can’t hear th… oh hang on I got it – DANIEL BRYAN!!!

Better choice of jeans by the way Batista… stop wearing that skinny jeans sh!t!

While my good friend Batista tells Randall that he don’t business who him a fight, perfect opportunity for BRRRROCK LESSSNAR to come out – remember he said he was fighting the champion!!!

Look at BROCK!!! Screaming like a Beast at the Viper! I think the Viper looked like he got a bad case of diarrhoea!

So that’s how it goes down in the streets? Either Lesnar fights Batista, or he fights Randall for the title, or ELSE…. No one leaves Cleveland alive??? OH SNAP!

What the f**k? Battle of Cleveland match? Dolph Ziggler vs the Miz? Ok this is the part where I get my tea…. it’s cold out here!

Ok I’m back…. who won that match I missed it???



Damn I love that entrance by the Uso brudda! I love the Samoan chant, When they say Us, we say Os… then the pyro – BLAOW!!!! One of my favourites since the Batista entrance!

Meanwhile… big ups to Smack Talk Centre’s #1 Dutty Bwoy Lee Steadx for this one!


Look at that fat muthaf***a! Makes me wanna give him two kick in his dutty mouth!

It’s the USOS TIME NOW!!! They defeated Dryback! I can’t believe one year ago Ryback was my Royal Rumble champion… look at him now… anyone would think he talked sh!t about Triple Teef and Stephanie!

Oh hang on – the next Hall Of Fame inductee??? Could it be the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith???

As much as I like Bertie, I want Kofi to win this one… word up man can’t they give Kofi a push after he defeated Randall and his wild @$$ stunts at the Royal Rumble??? Look past the fact that he’s a black man who is more than capable of taking Summer Rae away from Fandango… well that ‘s if he was a bona-fide yardy!

Did someone just have a sign saying ‘Sting Vs Taker WM30′???? My eyes are razor-sharp like The RZA! Oh no the fans not feeling the match! Cheering JBL and now Jerry Lawler! They’re not chanting Michael Cole as well?!!!!

That same fool with that sign I mentioned earlier now has a sign saying ‘Cena Still Owns Rock’… I don’t care how much you paid for that ticket – you could have got some pu$$y with that money! And change left over to buy some muthaf***!n toothpaste and mouthwash after you had your dirty stinking mouth full of hair!


Now the fans are feeling the match! Backing Kofi! Come on kid! Use your Guinness Punch skills! Use the ackee & salt fish! Calaloo! all that good sh!t us Jamaicans love to eat!

Oh snap… Bertie won… damnit! Yes – WWE2K14 is one of the hottest games out now.. that is until June when Ultra Street Fighter IV drop! It’s over for everybody tuh-blodclart!

Considering the New Age Outlaws are ‘heels’, they don’t convince me as heels! They are those guys you can never boo!

I love when the WrestleMania sign is hanging high in the arena… that sign makes you FIGHT YOUR BEST!!! Ever noticed that the quality of wrestling matches has improved???

Random thought – can you imagine if Goldust and Billy Gunn had a feud back in the New Generation/Attitude Era? Think about it, Billy Gunn’s alias is Mr A$$… and considering Goldust gimmick back in the day… Billy Gunn would be asking for trouble! Saying that, if it was TV14 now, Goldust would be going after Dolph Ziggler or Darren Young… imagine that sh!t! Even Darren Young wouldn’t want him!

NO WAY! Brock Lesnar fights nobody because the authoritaaah was rampin??? Now he’s dropping steel chairs on the Rhodes Brudda??? Doesn’t it remind you when Austin and Triple Teef were dropping Steel Chairs on the Hardys and Lita? My boys Kane & The Undertaker???? Hmmm… The Undertaker… (strokes long white beard)

YES!!!! GO LADIES!!! My Favourite Nubians! The Bella Twins! Aksana! Alicia Fox! Tamina! AJ Lee! They would all get my majestic member!

Good work by the camera man focussing on AJ Lee’s Bonita Applebum! that goes for Naomi’s badukadunk too!


Did you see that wild @$$ triple suplex???? I haven’t seen the guys do that! Hold on – Naomi pinned the Divas champion like – 3 times now??? WTF??? GIVE MY WOMAN A TITLE SHOT AJ! Stop being stingy! The battle of the @$$£$!!!

OH SNAP!!!! JAKE THE SNAKE DEP INNA DE HALL OF FAME!!! He didn’t make it to the rumble… but wrestlers be trippin’ when he throws that muthaf***a in the ring! I would be too! Them things can kill you! One bite and you’ve HAD IT!

HOF Warrior Jake

MAIN EVENT TIME! 6 MAN TAG TEAM JUMP OFF! WINNING TEAM GOES INTO THE CHAMBER!!! Michael Cole just mentioned CM Punk – I noticed we haven’t seen him today! Well bwoy after that chokeslam from my hero Kane he probably hasn’t got up from that! The question remains – does that mean that Kane will be fired from D.O.O.?

Crowd chanting for Roman Reigns! He is an OFFICIAL BAD MAN!!! Yo I loved when Michael Cole read the list of people’s that Reigns eliminated including JAY-BEE, in which Mr Layfield snapped – WILL YOU STOP READING THE STUPID LIST AND CALL THE MATCH!!! That sh!t is funny – JAY-BEE took off his jacket read to fight, Reigns dashed him out, and JAY-BEE put back on his jacket!!! I thought you were a wrestling…. GOD!!!

OH SNAP!!! The Wyatt Bwoy dem come to f**k it up for Cena! But that means they f**ked it up for the Shield to go to the chamber!!! Does this mean that the IWC may finally get the dream wank match that they have been craving for ever since the Wyatt Bwoy stepped on the scene? Could we see a 6-man Elimination Chamber Tag Team war between the Shield and the Wyatts???? It’s only right!!!! You can do it on WWE2K14!!!

Wait, I might be expecting too much then I get bex…. like a lot of these wrestling fools…










BDSIR Network

The Jobber Blogger #88 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – GENESIS: PART TWO – 23/1/14

Jobber Blogger logo2

The Jobber Blogger comes Whizzing in at 88mph like Marty McFly… only without purpose and motive. To think I’ve managed to whittle on for 88 issues just boggles my mind like those fish with the big eyes. Or boglins.


Why don’t we have crazy weird toys anymore, aside from my Marvel Mega Bloks collection (damn you Disney!) I feel strangely non-motivated to collect other types of useless tat. I like useless tat, and believe it or not I will spend good money on it. It’s like anyone whom reads this, spending useless amounts of their time reading my useless tat of a Wrestling Based article!

What isn’t useless tat though is this week’s Impact – the aptly named “Genesis – Part 2” where God thought to himself, Damn, better try harder next time, something about the world being created, a big bang or Mosses. Or combine them all to have Mosses taking the role of Adam and Eve and sailing by himself performing unsanitary acts to himself on a boat before he drowns horribly.

Yup… nothing sets up the following report like a controversial religious slur….. Wrestling!

Impact Wrestling Logo

TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – Genesis: Part Two – 23/1/14

Moving swiftly on from last week’s epiphany of eating Sultanas to Write my blog, I tried the same this week only to bite myself, so I suggest everyone reframe from doing so. They should be labelled with a health warning. Once I’m done talking about Wrestling I will be off to Write a Stern Letter to Tesco!

Impact kicked off with Dixie, Spud, Magnus and Dixie’s Lawyer – Creed. Whom fits two roles from The Office U.S, obviously having the name “Creed” and looking surprisingly similar to James Spader.

Creed Spader

This “new investor” Storyline has been kicked up quite a notch, after only being mentioned last week, to having him buying a great deal of shares to be able to sway the company. The nice little nod was to his intentions being “Wrestling Operations”. Which to me is a clear sign that TNA want to move the company back to the Wrestling greatness they once had. But this Investor is already calling the shots and setting up a “Hostile Takeover” – correct me if I’m wrong, but I didn’t think you could buy shares of a Company and then actually control it. I might invest my pennies wisely this month… probably in Tesco and add that Health Warning on the damn sultanas!

Of course I’m still eating them! What else would you have me do?

Magnus, Spud and EC3 made their way to the ring where I can quite honestly say Magnus impressed me on the mic. He’s never been a great talker, but this whole Heel Champion run even if it’s early days, is something he seems to be running with really well. Magnus’ main gripe was about Sting being a “man” and putting his career on the line for one more shot at the World Championship, but with this Investor in place, he managed to gain Sting an advantage by having someone in his corner.

Sting obviously confronts Magnus, a whole load of “I’m a Man” crap and Sell-out rubbish is thrown around, the biggest aspect is that the Crowd have adopted the “Paper Champion” name for Magnus, interesting to see how his home crowd reacts this week, I would cheer…. Personally speaking.

Everything breaks down in a fight, it is Wrestling after all, and we find out Samoa Joe is going to be in Sting’s corner in his Championship match.

Gunner vs. James Storm – #1 Contender Brief Case

It seems the way to win this match is to just get the case and hug it. Taz made reference to it being like “American Football” which if I dig out my old rant Banner – Hugging the case fits perfectly with that idea.


I actually expected the crowd to be more into this than they were, quite early on Gunner hit a Top Rope Fall-Away Slam on Storm which didn’t seem to draw much reaction. Storm got more of a response from pulling off a Top Rope Hurricanrana, which took me by surprise, like everyone else.

The ending came with Storm grabbing the Brief Case but Gunner got Storm in an Electric Chair so Gunner elevating Storm to his Shoulders sort of acted like an easier way for Storm to get the case, but then Gunner dropped him backwards with Storm dropping the case. They both did a little crawl on each other type of thing before Gunner just head butted the Cowboy and hugged the Case like his favourite Winnie the Pooh Bear.

Gunner hug pooh

I don’t think I was on my own thinking that this would be the match where Storm turns Heel. But alas, it’s not yet to be. I am somewhat glad Gunner kept the Case, I still think he could do with a little extra before he’s truly “ready” as a Character. I noticed he had a bit of an intro to his music now, though his music still sucks. I like his attire and ring jacket, I just think some crazy camouflage “War-Paint” would be rather cool, let him be scary and intense. Hell, try and get him over like a Soldier type of Ultimate Warrior.

Austin Aries vs. Chris Sabin – X-Division Championship – Velvet in a Cage

While I still don’t get what putting Velvet in a cage proves, surely she could have shown her independence and thus Sabin show his, and her not get involved by I don’t know… not going to the ring with him. But whatever, gimmicks be gimmicks.

What was nice and also terrible at the same time was Velvet’s “Impact 365” where she received a Present from Sabin. What stood out to me was her looking normal, she looks far better without the overdone make-up and trampy clothes. But hey, it’s her career. She decided to do an “Un-boxing” of her present for all of her fans. And within this box was a Teddy Bear (Which we never saw), a Gift Bag (which we never saw) and a Lead Pipe. Did it bug anyone else knowing that all of these items surely couldn’t fit into this one box. That aside, Velvet didn’t seem to know what to do with the Pipe, no that’s not a euphemism.

Velvet brought this big “not cute looking” gift-bag into the Cage with her. Now given the stipulation of this match, and should I be any type of competent official, I might have wanted to know what was in this giant blue bag, given that they check knee pads an all.

The match was good though, and for anyone whom would even Argue that Austin Aries isn’t the best Wrestler going today, then this Match was packed full with proof that he is.

I am actually rather glad that Velvet being locked in a Cage didn’t play more on the match than it did, for Sabin and Aries are capable of putting on a great match, and last year we saw them both steal the show many times. Though it did have a hindrance on the ending, as Sabin went to get the Bag from Velvet, he found within it a Teddy Bear. I might have even been Gunners?

Aries Bear FLy

Still, Aries proceeded to push the bear helplessly down the front of his trunks, an act I found far more offensive than the Christy Hemme stunt. One corner drop-kick and Brain Buster later, Aries won back the X-Division Gold.

I guess at the end of the day, Aries didn’t win cleanly either with Sabin himself being distracted by Velvet… so I’m sure we’ve not seen the last of this. And maybe next time she will just stay out of the match for everyone’s benefit.

The Wolves had their first Promo this week in the shape of a Video Promo. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see these guys in action. I’ve heard good things and having a Tag-Team debut in TNA has been long over-due. I said it in my “Best of TNA” Article that I want a great Tag-Team Division built this year, and in January we have one of the most talked about teams from the Indie Scene come to TNA.

They are heavily linked with this “Investor” Storyline last week saying that they aren’t here for a TNA Try-out match like Dixie thought, but they have been signed by this outside investor. Again, I didn’t know you could do that through Shares? Still, this mystery investor is said to be revealed this week in Glasgow Scotland. The current rumours are its MVP – I hope not, because he sucks. His own self encouraged chant was “Boring”. It could have been Ball-in… but as there was no Ball I decided to go with what just made more sense, and how I was currently feeling.

Bobby Roode vs. Kurt Angle – Steel Cage Match

Still seems a little silly Kurt needs to be Roode to get into the TNA Hall of Fame. But hey, that’s the stipulation, given that this is going to be seen as Angle’s great victory, it sort of over shadows the last how many times Roode won?

However that isn’t the worst part, Roode seemed to be in a self-mocking mood also as he wore this horrible 90’s (I can’t afford a trench coat) monstrosity to the ring.

Roode new Coat

I get that it’s Wrestling attire, but it looks so awful if it’s not attire or in the least bit stylish. He just looks like he’s come straight to the ring from a quick visit with the nearest Gimp.

Which quite nicely fits with another bad idea I had forgotten about. Kurt Angle has a tattoo! I had totally forgotten about that, though Ten Years ago it looked bad, now it looks like a Dirty Smudge on his Shoulder, like he’s been Wrestling Hardy and his face paint rubbed off.

Angle Tattoo

With all my joking aside, this match was a joy to watch. These days when you get a Cage Match they are usually a disappointment. Over the years they’ve been built up with these huge high spots and obviously not every match is going to have them. Though Hardy and Magnus in Dixie Land was also very good.  But Roode and Angle not only had a match I felt worthy of putting a Scribble next to, to remind myself in almost a year’s time when I write this year’s Best of TNA. But they put on one of the best Cage Matches over the last few years. Which is also great but this match now cements Genesis as having one of those “Must See Matches” like last year’s Triple Threat Main Event.

Angle climbed to the top of Cage after being egged on by the fans and performed his infamous Moonsault. Sure Roode moved out of the way and Angle had a nice bounce upon his landing. To be fair over the years when Angle has done that move before,  and his opponent didn’t move, he barely landed on them anyway. Roode was crawling out of the ring when Angle pulled him back in at the last second.

Roode hit his “Roode Bomb” which still irritates me as a name, for Kurt to kick out. What was more surprising was the awesome Angle Slam from the Top Rope which Roode kicked out off to yet another “flat reaction” from the crowd.

In the end Angle made his way up to the top of the Cage and when Roode realized he crawled his way out of the door, this ended up in a race to the Bottom which Angle won by falling the remaining distance.

If you didn’t watch this match.. correct it. now!

The Bromans with DJ Zema Ion cut a Promo – or better yet, a Bro-Mo. Which I actually found rather funny, they are becoming the best tag team in TNA, specially as Bad Influence have just been doing run-ins rather than anything themselves. Apparently EY and Park have a Title Match with them scheduled for next week. Not sure why, but they do. So EY headed down to the ring to get beaten up when Abyss joined the fight. The interesting note is that Abyss throttled EY till EY convinced him to let go. I like the idea of EY “unleashing the monster” and then not being able to control him. I still think EY should actually become a Mad Scientist, with his attire and gimmick.

I have no idea why Abyss showed up, nothing happened to make Park fully change… it’s all a little bit confusing.

Spud vs. Samoa Joe

With Samoa Joe being picked by Sting to be in his corner, Dixie put him in a Match against Spud. This marks the first singles Match Spud has had in TNA since they were last in the UK. Not to mention his first Singles Match on Impact in the US.

EC3 gave Spud a great pep talk backstage calling him “The British Dream” another idea I hope they run with. It ended with Spud roaring like a lion trying to get himself fired up.

Spud easily steals every backstage segment and almost every segment he is in. With Dixie saying he shouldn’t worry about facing Joe, as Spud won the British Boot-Camp he quickly added “yeah, by beating two girls!” which at once was highly amusing and a good slap in the face to Party Marty Scurll.

In terms of good promos though, Joe is one of the best, and tonight that was no different, coming at Spud with a fierce intent. The match was over as quickly as it started with Spud getting a few moves but over all Joe dominating the match. Muscle Buster straight to Submission Victory.

Sting (w/ Samoa Joe) vs. Magnus – No DQ – World Heavyweight Championship vs. Contract

Sting and Magnus had a little back and forth, but obviously the main part of the match didn’t kick off until Dixie showed up with EC3. Then it was an all out war between Sting, Joe and Magnus, EC3, Spud, Bad Influence, Zema Ion and Bobby Roode.

Clearly this was the match that got peoples interest as Genesis Part Two had the highest TV Ratings Impact  has had in over a year.

Sting battled on, but at every turn he was met with another obstacle. Until of course Magnus dropped him with the Driver and Dixie forced Earl Hebner to count the three.

Magnus held his Championship up high and tore Sting’s contract up in front of him.

I suppose the big question is what happens now, clearly this Investor Story is going to bring Sting back, and Jeff Hardy, and probably, let’s be honest, AJ Styles.

Now this could turn out to be Jeff Jarrett and his new promotion, or linked to it, with this Investor changing things in TNA and pulling power away from Dixie. Or Jeff Jarrett could have literally left the company.

Who knows.

What I do know though is that it’s exciting. Even if it is MVP revealed next week, I look forward to where this Story is going, the aftermath of Sting “leaving” TNA and the Wolves’ in-ring debut.

For us lucky enough to live in the UK – Challenge will Air this week’s Impact from Glasgow LIVE as it happens, before anywhere else!

So tune in!

Till Then,

Dan Wilkinson.

TNR Cover 12

The Jobber Blogger #87 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – GENESIS – 16/1/14

January 19, 2014 by DiVineDiablo


Jobber Blogger logo2

Could Sultana’s and Coffee be the next Trend when it comes to Writing Weekly Wrestling blogs? Obviously I don’t have them swimming in Coffee, it’s a bowl of Sultana’s and a Mug of Coffee in my lovely Rare – Big Boy Bloater Mug.


So TNA bring their first “Televised Special” in 2014 and it’s so Special it’s running for Two Weeks. Which has happened before, but then they just sort of had the same name the week after and didn’t actually Plug that the show continued. However they added to Genesis and pushed some matches back to next week, in what I assume is a Taped show in Huntsville and then it’s straight to the UK!

If anything this week’s show does more to clarify the recent happenings and rumours, and that those whom dare to Theorise outside of the box, it seems we might just be correct.

To get a great insight to what this Theory might be, well then, head on over to and read my Article!


 Impact Wrestling Logo


As I put my now empty bowl of Sultanas in for a good old washing, Genesis kicked off with the sad news of Mae Young – after her recent passing. Recent passing might sound a tad insulting, though it was reported she had died previously which was obviously not the case.

Mae Young will leave her stamp on Wrestling for all time, and I know I’ll never forget the events from the Royal Rumble in 2000 that have been burnt into my mind forever and no amount of Soap can ever clear that stain.

Rest in Peace.

Spud kicked off Impact, but actually it was Dixie, Spud merely just introduced her. But alas, Spud’s charms shine through and the more he has time to be on the Air and be himself, especially when interacting with the Audience, the more it’s quite obvious Spud can be someone very special used within his current role.

He’s the type of guy who can at once have Fans, and even those Fans hate him!


Dixie pretty much just wanted to rattle on about how AJ is in the position he is because he “Crossed the Boss” and in turn has ended up at the Start of his Career – Ring of Honour. She did emphasis that this “Story is Over!” which to me says it’s not, and that her trying to tell you it is, will get those un-schooled Wrestling fans to nod and agree.

It’s like those Russian Dolls now that Dixie is in charge, Spud introduces Dixie, Dixie introduces Magnus, it’s a whole running gimmick, only the wrong way round size wise:


I can’t tell if Magnus’ rant was legit or not, for he certainly must have a little bit of a gripe for him being in the best position of his Career yet being over-shadowed by someone “who might not even work for the company anymore”. “We can finally put this Petty, unnecessary business behind us” – “out with the old, in with the new”. Everything they say obviously stirs more chances of AJ coming back to TNA. Perhaps he will win the belt back from Magnus and leave taking it to Jarrett’s new company?

A whole load of Blah Blah Blag sheep later and Magnus gave Dixie AJ’s old World Championship for she is the “Champion of our Hearts!” – not mine, that still belongs to Spider-Man!


I love you too!

Dixie then brought out those who have United her TNA: Wrestling – The Bromans with Zema Ion, Bad Influence, Bobby Roode, Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa – bringing about the Genesis of Dixie Carters – TNA!

EC3 makes his way down to the ring when all of a sudden the lights went down and Sting popped up at the back of the Arena and the whole atmosphere was terrific. Just now you can see and feel the early stages of their inevitable pay-off – Sting saying “this is a House Divided!” and that in the end everything Dixie is doing will bring the Company “tumbling down!”.

Sting leads Joseph Park – Eric Young, Samoa Joe, Storm – Gunner and ODB to the ring to do battle against Dixie’s TNA. So yes, it’s another Faction thing, but at least it’s more interesting this time around, certainly when Jarrett’s company gets up and running. The whole “fight” as you’d expect, leads to a lovely impromptu 12-Man Tag!

The Bromans, Zema Ion, Bad Influence and Lei’D Tapa vs. Eric Young, Joseph Park, James Storm, Gunner, Samoa Joe and ODB – 12Man Tag

Huntsville Alabama is also a return Home for the first ever TNA Show was held in the very same Arena 8 years ago. So it’s quite a neat thing, probably no mistake either, as this whole Re-Branding of TNA is to undo the errors, and mesh the new with the old, and everything that made TNA great.

Speaking of Great, ODB lifted Zema Ion to deliver an Awesome Fall-Away Slam, but more Awesome was Lei’D Tapa just running her Down straight after. Tapa was presented ever so well in this match, and that’s just letting her be impactful and strong, clearly having Gail helping Tapa win defeats all of that. Though I just had another Theory about that too! More on that later should I remember! If not… then tough I guess?

The ending of this chaotic but awesome match to start the show was Kaz who ended up busting open Park’s lip, sending him into Abyss mode, which for the first time showed he is not in control. As he not only took out Bad Influence and Zema, but also dropped Gunner and Storm. So if they continue to play on that, that would be cool.

I still think a slow progression of Joseph Park would be great, it looks like his hair is slightly longer, I think if he just started looking rougher and rougher would be pretty awesome. Have little things like him being seduced by the Abyss Mask – and Janice – little things that seem to take away his “Human” side. Although maybe they’re trying to build Team TNA Old School like The Avengers and he be their Hulk… so that could easily suck?

Park Hulk

Samoa Joe then locked on his Choke to Daniels to pick up the Submission Win. In fact, Joe was on fire in this match, and clearly he would be right behind AJ Styles should TNA head old school in terms of who to push to the top.

Chris Sabin – Velvet Sky and Austin Aries have entered into this weird Triangle of… something.

Sabin caught Velvet and Aries talking backstage, to which of course he was upset about and decided to air it in the ring… as you do. Aries didn’t miss any opportunity to compliment Velvet… albeit in a very derogative insulting – slutty esk nature… but she seemed to like it,… so that says a lot.

Though the point of it all was that Velvet is sick of how Sabin has been treating her, and that to prove this, Aries challenges Sabin to an X-Division Championship where Velvet doesn’t get involved.

And to achieve this, she is going to be locked in a Cage at Ring-Side. Sure we’ve seen this before.. but the sensible part of my thinking just wants to slap itself. Surely if Velvet didn’t want to get involved… she just wouldn’t. You know.. being an individual an all. Though of course, she could mean that she doesn’t want Sabin to hide behind her or pull her in the ring… in which case… she could just not go to the ring with him. But no, we’re going to get probably a good match, which will no doubt be ruined with a silly gimmick like.. oh I don’t know, hanging a Woman in a Cage.

Also if Sabin wants to stay with her, then now he needs to Win. So Shallowness galore! Wrestling solves all problems. If only the Jeremy Kyle show was decided with such actions. My mother threw me out the window as a Child – Tables Match. I’m dating a slut and I don’t think the kids are mine, need a blood sample – First Blood Match. My Boyfriends an idiot – Buried Alive Match.

Now that’s television!

Samuel Shaw had a nice little showing backstage this week, I apologise for not remember the guys name, but backstage agent, compliments Shaw on his match and tells him not to stare at Christy. So Shaw pushed him on the floor and attacked him with his shoe. Though we couldn’t see the actual ramifications of Shaw’s actions, we did see him pummelling something rather hard. A lovely bit of blood splatter flying up or dripping off the shoe would have been a treat. But with Sons of Anarchy now gone in TNA and Dexter working its way in. I’m still hoping for the Breaking Bad involvement, maybe Sting goes crazy and decides to get his way back into TNA is to produce the best quality counterfeit merchandise with his trusty side-kick – Eric Young?

Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson – No DQ

Something about Bully seems off, I like his new direction, though yet again, letting Bully be Bully is far better than Bully being Scripted into a Bad-Guy role. He just being himself makes you want to hate him, but for all the right reasons. Bully being Written as a Bad-Guy with a gimmick doesn’t work to his full potential. However, I am enjoyed seeing where all this is going, I just think an Attire Change and Music Change might be needed?

Speaking of Attire change, Mr. Anderson is sticking with the full tights, only now they look better having his Skull Mic logo on them.

I don’t know quite what this match was supposed to achieve, other than just being brutal fun. They both took it in turns to throw themselves on a Guard Rail like kids on a trampoline showing off… only more grown up… and more stupid.


Anderson dropped Bully through a Table with his patented Shoulder Roll thingy, the less dangerous – Green Bay Plunge. Still, awesome using the move with a Table.

Bully brought out the Lighter Fluid and after mocking Anderson’s newly born Twins, Anderson dropped him with a Mic Check, and proceeded to cover a Table with Lighter Fluid before Bully hit him with a Low-Blow and a horrible looking Pile-Driver for the win.

I’m starting to wish they would stop with the Pile-Drivers now, that one looked rather bad.

Kurt Angle headed to the ring, this after his crazed mission of trying to find Al Snow backstage from last week’s “Family Emergence” when they rushed him away from the Arena.

Kurt finally found Snow who said nothing, but when on about his Job etc. More facts that Jeff Jarrett’s leaving is Storyline, because it is Al Snow who took his Job, and now look! See, it all fits!

Kurt called out Dixie Carter for an explanation of her actions, Dixie merely said that she was saving Kurt from himself. For Kurt would have backed AJ and Sting and she didn’t want him to suffer for that decision.

With he and Roode’s Cage-Match being pushed to next week for Kurt to calm down, he stated he would be at Sting’s side against EC3 tonight, and he doesn’t care what Dixie does. Quite simply he begged her to Fire him, so I am guessing Kurt will be getting fired sooner or later, then turn up with AJ, Hardy, Sting with Jarrett. See!?

In the end Bobby Roode attacked Kurt from behind and dropped him with his Death Valley Driver – Cutter move he has been using of late. An awesome Move I have been begging him to Name for weeks now, and what is it called…. The Roode Bomb. The freakin’ Roode Bomb! It’s not even a Bomb. Death Cutter? Roode Driver?  Billy Bob’s Tuck n’ Drop? Lift Dip and take a Sh*t? Roode Bomb!? I demand a re-count!

Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim – Knockouts Championship


Before the match Madison was being interviewed, when Lei’D Tapa confronted her, but more importantly, I am sure Tapa tripped, probably on her skirt, but alas she managed to stay in character and maintain her presence. Then she and Gail beat up Madison backstage.

This wasn’t the last time Tapa got involved as she lifted Madison in the air and chocked her violently in front of the Ref before she was sent to the back.

The end came with Gail running full force to the Corner only to have Madison elevate her and throw her backwards, then to drop Gail with her Finisher, which I don’t remember the name of. Hell, I looked away at this point then heard the Three Count, and I was shocked it was over so quick.

The crowd didn’t even seem to recognise that Madison hit a finishing move, it was dead silence, and then she won. Hey, it’s awesome to have Madison back, but Gail shouldn’t have been defeated so easily. Not after her battles with Taryn Terrell, on to Mickie James, through ODB, and then Open Challenge, to then lose to Madison, who I like.. .but she’s not that good.

The only solace now is that Lei’D Tapa probably won’t protect Gail anymore as she lost the belt, and Tapa could turn on Gail, putting her next in line against Madison. That was my theory from earlier on if you’re interested.

Though never the less, it’s nice to see Madison back and holding the Knockout Championship, and can you honestly say you’ve seen a more Purely Happy face than this after Winning the Gold for a Fourth Time!?

Madison happy face



This Promo video should get you exited! And I’m sure it’s true! TNA is issuing in a new Era of Wrestling and they are doing things no other company has done before, even if you don’t like them. And if this Jeff Jarrett story thing company invasion merger whats-it is true, then it’s going to be Huge!

Speaking of new Era, Dixie was backstage with the new Talent coming to Genesis – The Wolves, who have been making the rounds on the internet for some time. Davey Richards and that guy I forget. Though their Promo skill might need some work, I am happy TNA has actually brought in an actual Tag-Team. More interestingly Dixie brought them in for a Try-Out and they said they had their Try-Out and signed their contracts to which Dixie finds this “New TNA Investor”.

So that’s interesting too!

Ethan Carter the third vs. Sting – Special Guest Referee – Spud

The match was pretty much Spud stopping Sting from doing anything, and then letting EC3 get away with everything.

Till in the end Spud locked on the Death-Lock and Spud just jumped on Sting’s back, being thrown around like a Rag-Doll as he clumsily kicked EC3.

Sting then dropped EC3 with the Death-Drop and literally grabbed Spud’s hand to make him count when Magnus pulled Spud out of the ring, and took off his shirt to show that he is now the Referee.

EC3 rolled up Sting and Magnus fast counted him leaving EC3 the Winner.

The main reason behind this match, clearly, as because Sting and EC3 did very little to do anything really. Is that String then challenged Magnus to prove himself, and put the World Championship on the line against Sting.

And Magnus agrees to, because it’s Contract Season, and Magnus doesn’t want Dixie to re-sign Sting, so it’s now Championship vs. Contract next week.

I will admit, the Title on the line bugs me a little, because obviously Sting accepted the conditions to never Wrestle for it again. Now if Sting Won that Gauntlet and got into Dixie’s Tournament and Won that, then I would think that seems a little more deserving. But for him to say “I will never do this again” and then also say “Hey, let me do this again” and get away with it. That seems a little dumb.

However, if they played it as Sting could not Wear the Title, yet he could Wrestle Magnus for the Belt, and if Sting won, then it would Vacate the Title. Now that makes sense. But obviously he just can’t pick someone, so I think if Sting won, and Magnus lost the belt, Sting could then have the power to put Magnus in a Gauntlet against say Three Opponents whom Sting picks. Magnus runs the Gauntlet, he gets the belt back, but if he loses to any of the Three, they become Champion. Clearly it doesn’t matter for Sting won’t win and then he will be gone from TNA.

Which will make Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, Sting gone from TNA, throw in Kurt Angle probably soon to be fired, Samoa Joe, and you’ve got quite a Roster heading to Jeff Jarrett’s new Company.

It all makes sense and is coming together nicely!

Till then we have Genesis part Two Next week:

Austin Aries vs. Chris Sabin – X-Division Championship

Bobby Roode vs. Kurt Angle – Steel Cage Match

James Storm vs. Gunner – World Championship Shot – Briefcase

Sting vs. Magnus – Championship vs. Contract

Dan Wilkinson.

TNR Cover 12