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The Jobber Blogger – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 24/10/13

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Well don’t they say “better late than never”? I know I’ve used it before as a saying, but I would first of all like to Apologise to my Blobbers for the lateness of this Blog! Still, tough luck and grow up and quit your complaining. Work is work and work is busy! You’re lucky I do this at all!

Of course that’s a joke, even if I often fear that those whom don’t know me will just be outright offended. Regardless, I’m writing this!

Speaking of pointless complaining, apparently that’s what has been surrounding this week’s Episode of Impact. Why though.. I don’t get it. Haters be haters.. and they also tend to be idiots… so there is that.

Impact Wrestling Logo


Dixie Carter kicked off the first Impact post Bound For Glory, and she did so by debuting a brand new “Dixie Land” Theme Song! Okay so it’s pretty much a “Heel” Version of her old song, personally I would have just got the original song and done something a little like this:

Yup, that was a rather lengthy detour from Writing this Week’s Jobber Blogger. But still, my first venture into adding Creator Owned YouTube content into my blog.. aside from Plugging the TNR Podcast which seems to have died a fiery death!

Dixie’s new Dixie Land slogan sounds like the Dreams of Walt Disney and the twisted yet socially acceptable version of Michael Jacksons backyard Theme Park. They want to push this that much, that they even have a “Dixie Land” T-shirt up for sale… surely they could have jazzed it up a little more…

Dixie Land tshirt

Dixie had the Ring all laid out to Praise the new World Champion: AJ Styles. Blabbing on about made a mistake, and proud to call AJ the new TNA: Champion.

AJ of course made an appearance but wasn’t buying any of it, the full use of “Evil Ways” yet again was a great touch! Dixie said her recent attitude was all about “Motivating” AJ, and from the Slump he has been on for over a year, she did what she could to give his Career that much needed boost. Of course part of that actually rings true, she even offered him his own Private and Personal Locker-room nearly as nice as hers, his own Watch, and a Fancy Convertible.

Obviously AJ didn’t succumb to any of Dixie’s high price tag offerings, the whole thing had a lovely mixed message of “I get what you’re doing here” but on the flip side, if this is how she “really acts” then no wonder TNA are losing money. A more interesting thing to question, is all of this actually worth more than the $50’000 she offered him prior to BFG?

Bully made his way to the ring, going on about AJ being lucky to have beaten him on Sunday, the usual shtick. The whole thing ended in a fight between Bully and AJ, which is when the lights go down and Mr. Anderson made his return.

How great was it to see Anderson back, he left at the highest level he has been in his Career thus far, in my opinion. Sure you could say he’s been World Champion before, but I think Anderson had finally found that sweet spot of not just being that reoccurring Gimmick, but a way to blend all of his ideas and all of his personality perfectly into a Story. And that was achieved because of The Aces and Eights. So I am glad he decided to stick around with TNA, and his return was “Impactful”.

After Anderson beat down Bully Ray to the point where he tucked tail and ran, he picked up the mic to do what he does best. Anderson went on a Rant about how much he is sick to death of Bully week in and week out. But the whole thing was cut short when Dixie made her way back to the ring this time with security and called for Anderson’s Arrest, stating he isn’t allowed in her ring. Anderson fought down some of the Security before letting himself get arrested and yelling “Good Bye” as he was taken out of the Arena.

Sure, you could say a lot of it was very “Stone Cold” inspired, but Anderson has always had that part of his Character down to a tee. Having Dixie as a Heel boss really builds some amazing friction already between her and Anderson, having him get arrested made it feel fresh, exciting, and the taste of an era we all cherish.

Gail Kim (w/Lei’D Tapa) and Brooke vs. Velvet Sky and ODB

A Knockouts Tag-Team Match is always a good thing to see, though there was very little friction between Gail and Brooke, despite Brooke was the one who took the fall from Lei’D Tapa leaving Gail to win the Knockouts Championship mere days before at Bound for Glory.

I really hope TNA do breath some new life into the Knockouts Division, but these four easily fill out the best of the best they have to offer currently. The addition of Lei’D Tapa of course is most exciting, but I still can’t get as excited about her potential whilst currently being assigned to Gail’s bodyguard.

In the end though it was Gail who tried to bring a Chair into the match which got the Referees attention, and that led to Lei’D Tapa getting involved and taking out Velvet with her Big Boot, and Gail Kim picked up the win.

 Ethan Carter the Third vs. Dewey Barnes

I don’t know how to spell this guy’s name, I didn’t pay that much attention and my desire to research it is nil and void.

What isn’t nil and void is my desire to point out the bizarre ring introduction from Christy Hemme, for she said “The Following!” then stopped, then repeated “The  Following!” then stopped, then finally did the introduction to EC3 and the Match at hand. Three times the Cham, EC the Third? Coincidence?… Probably.

This Dewey Barnes chap had some rather catchy Entrance music though, so that’s a positive for him, and Carter’s awesome front falling DDT / Cutter thing is awesome. It was what I found awesome from the BFG match and totally forgot what happened…. so there it is.

Sting and Magnus had a backstage segment where they made amends for how Bound for Glory ended. Magnus declared he “didn’t show the right  amount of Respect for what Sting did for him” and Sting just hoped he put Magnus on the Map, and passed the Torch. Well it was a nice thought Sting… but.. no, I don’t think you did.

Either way, they finally shook hands and made up! Aw, isn’t that all sweet!

Barney Magus Sting

Kurt Angle made his way to the Ring to tell everyone he knocked himself out doing his own move. That seems like a stupid Finishing manoeuvre, but hey, I didn’t win a Gold Medal, so what would I know.

Angle Defeated

Angle always likes to Share how much damage he did to himself in his matches, which is funny really when the other guy did very little of it. Angle went on to talk about how Sting’s speech made Angle realise that he had more to achieve before he could be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame.

Roode interrupted Kurt to brag about how be beat Kurt fair and square. And that two years ago it was Angle who cheated to Defeat Roode in the main event of Bound for Glory, and for two years Roode lived with that defeat.

Kurt wants a Rematch, but apparently he isn’t Cleared to Wrestle, so they did the all “Never said anything about Fighting!” and brawled, and next week (this week) on Halloween (tomorrow) we get the BFG Rematch… or so they say.

But anything that gives us Roode and Angle one more time, is certainly a good thing!

The Bromans, who now have New Music rather than Robbie E’s old “Bro Off” Dance Music, they had their very own Championship – Cele’Bro’tion.

Which pretty much just means they ran around drinking Champagne and popping Streamers. The potential within the Bromans is there, almost like a Modern Day and not as Good E&C. But the Streamers go a long way to making something work. In fact they should just have loads of them and run to the ring Popping them.

James Storm and Gunner got involved, as always, of course we all know that Storm will just get in everyone’s business.

James Storm TNA business 2

Storm and Gunner announced that they will be cashing in on their Rematch Clause for next week on Impact. Bad Influence also got involved, along with EY and Park, which ended with Daniels smashing the Champagne bottle on Park’s Head, busting him open and.. well you know the rest.

Bully Ray vs. AJ Styles – TNA: World Heavyweight Championship – Rematch

Earlier on in the night Bully told Knux and Garrett to go down to the Prison and make sure Anderson doesn’t post bail. I was hoping from some “on location” videos from TNA this week, but alas, that was not the case. Though not all hope was lost!

AJ once again used Evil Ways entirely, and Bully entered to the Lyrical version of The Aces and Eights theme. This match unlike their BFG Bout was much more Fast Paced, but that goes without saying really. They are obviously working to a Time Slot. I can’t tell if AJ meant to land on his Face or not during the match, but Bully pushed him in the Air for what looked like a Standard Back-Body Drop, but AJ just crash landed on his Face instead. I imagine he meant to do it, but it looked horrible. I mean horrible in the sense of it was cringe worthy, not that it looked like an error.

The match of course wasn’t on the same level as their BFG Title bout, but that’s what you would expect. Though don’t sell it short, it’s most definitely worth your time checking out. The ending came with Earl Hebner (ref) being knocked down, AJ applied the Calf Killer to which Bully Tapped. Eventually Bully made it to his feet and hit AJ with his Steel Chain, and then his Bully Cutter, the ref came round for a mere two count on AJ.

Bully picked up his Chain once more when Anderson turned up, with Bully distracted, AJ applied a Crucifix and rolled Bully up for a Pinning Victory.

Anderson then with Handcuffs still dangling from one wrist, ran into the Ring to beat down Bully Ray once more.

So one would expect that Knux and Garrett did the opposite, and got Anderson out of Jail for him to make it back to the Arena in time. Which I am sure is what will happen, so the Chances of Anderson taking over The Aces and Eights is extremely high, and this, I could not be happier about!

To close the show Dixie made her way to the ring to confront the still World Champion with a new TNA Contract.

The contract apparently not only has more money, but other perks including the Convertible from the beginning of the show, as well as things in place to keep AJ settled to TNA and Dixie’s bidding one would assume. AJ claimed “A fantastic Contract from a Horrible Person” and he is fed up of Dixie making money from the TNA Original’s blood sweat and tears.

AJ then rubbed the Contract on his Rear End, and said Dixie doesn’t respect him,. the TNA World Title or TNA. And he will take the Championship to the People. But he will take the Car.

TNA Ended with AJ getting in the Convertible and Holding up the TNA: World Championship as he drove out of the Arena.

Sorry if it seems a little Rushed this week, don’t let that be a representation of the this week’s Impact.

For my money this show was one of the best they have ever done, I love the current direction of AJ and Dixie. Having Anderson back in full force puts him on a level he hasn’t been at before. The potential between Anderson and Bully and not to mention Anderson and Dixie is huge. They have everything in place now, and it is building. The show was fantastic, how some people could complain about it baffles me. It was everything I could have hoped for and more, and I only hope now that they take this ground work and run with it.

I can’t wait to see what TNA has in store down the road!

Till Then!

Dan Wilkinson

TNR Cover 12


Monday Night Raw #1066: October 28, 2013!!!

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The Infamous Informer

Monday Night Raw #1066: October 28, 2013!!!

I should continue my beef against the IWC about Hell In A Cell PPV, but this time I turn my attention to the everyday folk of Facebook: Why the f**k are you changing your profile pics into a muthaf***!n giraffe? If you get a riddle wrong you are suddenly a giraffe? If I get a riddle wrong I ain’t changing sh!t! I’m STILL the hip hop reppin, fried chicken eating, supermalt drinking, Tekken @$$ whoopin, diva loving, Infamous Informer! The other thing – All this Bit Strips stupid crap… everyone on that sh!t… the only way you see me up on that sh!t is if my sexy lady started the app… anyone else apart from her invites me to that crap – watch how quick I BLOCK THAT SH!T!!!



Ok we kicking the show off with the new World Heavyweight Champion – John Cena! All Cena haters line up and go to the toilet!!! Form an orderly cue and try to hold the p!$$ or doodoo in!

And the crowd are letting him know that whether he’s back or not is irrelevant, Daniel Bryan is the man running tingz!

Somebody let Cena know that he’s not the man any more, and you know what? I’m glad this is the last week we gonna see the WWE superstars wearing pink n sh!t… I respect the cancer fighters but this pink sh!t is unbearable especially when Cena is rocking the colours!

Oh snap!!!! Damien Sandow is assaulting Cena crazy! Targeting the elbow! Hold up – he’s not gonna cash his cheque is he??? OH SNAP!!!!!! HE IS!!! Sandow using the benefit of intellect here!!!!

World Heavyweight Championship jump off! We are really gonna see if Cena got that S on his chest!!! Can you imagine if Sandow wins here??? This gon’ change everything!!! Then STC’s Negrodamus could be on the money!

Shout out to STC’s Anthony Cardenas! If Sandow wins the title, can you imagine the revenue on bath robes worldwide?!!!! But Sandow I must stress: That it was Ghostface Killah who invented the bath robe!

1381439539_Ghostface Bathrobe

So I hear that Sandow’s new super move is called ‘You’re Welcome’…. I’m not sure if Cena is ready for that!!!! This match is great! YOU’RE WELCOME – BLAOW! OH SNAP – Cena kicks out at 2!!!! Cue Superman theme! F**K that – this is RePPiN 4U – Represent The Real Hip Hop!

Cena is really that n!**@!!!! Defeated Sandow!!! Don’t feel bad! Maybe the unification rumours could come to light!!!! Cena has done it again, but has STC’s Negrodamus done it too??? He was the one who predicted all this!

From one championship match to another! Dean Ambrose forced to defend his title again to Big E Langston! Well that’s what you get for running gone Ambrose because you couldn’t manage him! HOLD DAT – BLAOW!

Oh well so much for that – the Shield ain’t letting that sh!t happen – The Usos coming through means a 6 man tag jump off… maybe Big E should ‘GET IN THE CHAIR!!!’ Let’s be real – his haircut game is f***ed up!!! I’ve said that for months!

While this 6-man tag is running the Money Inna De Bank Anthology DVD is out very soon if it isn’t out already… that is a cool addition!!!! 8 years of crazy sh!t on a 3 disc set? Yes please!

The Shield are still that unit!!! Messed up the Usos and Big E!!! But is Ambrose getting drunk with US Title power? We noticing minor things with Roman Reigns… let’s be real – he does win the majority of the matches for the Hounds Of Justice!

Uh Oh somebody got some explaining to do!!!! Well the Grant Says HBShizzle hasn’t gotta explain much to me, Daniel Bryan kicked down Triple, HBK kicked down Daniel Bryan for kicking down his bredrin. Plus you know HBK, he loves the spotlight… he’s always controversial… why do you IWC jabronies look p!$$£d off???

Well HBK explained himself, I understand the ‘Don’t Trust Anybody’ code, hell we all lived by it during 97 – 2001, but he said – Don’t trust Brie Bella???? WHOA!!! Over the line there HBShizzle! get trapped up in the Yes lock by Daniel Bryan! You know what? HBK stated that he has always been there for Triple Teef, where was Triple when HBK got caught up in the Yes lock????? I’m saying hmmmm!!!

OH SNAP!!! Why did the Wyatt Family f**k up Danielson like that???? Is this anything to do with my hero Kane???? Just throwing it out there…. Yo the WWE creative are just throwing sh!t around right now! Hold up let me sit back and do the knowledge and I’ll get back to you…

Shout out to Jerry Lawler – I done the science with that HBK situation before you did!!! I ain’t talking about the next match f**k that – I think a commercial break is in order… Los Matadores Vs 3MB – F**K THAT!



YES! RePPiN4U will be at the Hammersmith Apollo live this Saturday to see Redman, Method Man & Busta Rhymes!!!!

Talking of Busta Rhymes I love my B!tch…. here comes my baby Tamina!!! AJ Lee!!! Oh no they gonna fight the muthaf***!n Bella Twins again??? Might as well go into another commercial break, and that’s bad coming from me because I love the ladies……………………………………………………… …………………………………………………………….

…………………………………………………sorry I was just thinking of tasting Tamina’s sugar….

My hero Kane is back! And he gotta fight Miz after he chokeslammed his clart at the Hell In A Cell PPV! I’m good with that – KANE – KILLLLLLLL HIM!!!!

Hold up…. Kane calling out Stephanie McMahon of all people???? Er… why????

WTF?????? My hero says the monster is hers to unleash???? Takes off his mask and gives it Steph and she’s wielding it like her name is Myunhi Hausen from Urotsukidoji?????

Faust Urotsukidoji 2

Switching gears now from my hero to STC’s hero – CM Punk!!!! This feud with him and Heyman should have ended at the PPV, so why the f**k is he fighting Dryback Mountain in a match voted by the brainwashed WWE Universe???

So basically we get the same match we had at the PPV only without the Hell In A Cell… it’s a street fight! CM PUNK! RYBACK! HOLD DAT – BLAOW!!!

…and after a Randy Savage elbow through the table and an anaconda vice, Ryback lose again!!!! OH DEAR…. WAIT A MINUTE – The Wyatts again???? This time they f**ked up CM Punk!!!! And just like what happened with Danielson, Bray Wyatt utters the words – ‘The devil made me do it’…. who is the devil exactly???? My hero Kane? Triple TEEF? nah its this fool surely…

Next match! The muthaf***k!n racist b!tches Vs The Rhodes Family!!!! YES!!! Goldust and Cody! f**k up these ignoramuses!!!

OH SH!T…. Goldust tapped out to Wack Swagger’s Patriot lock…. F********K! You know what that means…. they in line for a tag title shot… ain’t that a b!tch….

It seems that Bertie is not done with Cena… who wants to f**k up his arm!!! I smell an I Quit match… maybe at the Survivor Series????

How dare STC member Ash Blick say that 2 Divas matches are bad for business!!! Hasn’t he got homework to do or something??? Shout out to fellow Cage Amateurs UK TNA specialist – the Jobber Blogger, his company do Knockout only PPVs!!!! Now THAT is GOOD FOR BUSINESS!!! And the joke is – Ash Blick is a TNA fan! He doesn’t know a woman’s worth!!! I feel bad for him!

What is disrespectful is Natalya coming out to The Great Khali’s music…. what sort of sh!t is that?!!!

Big ups to Powerbomb Pro wrestling News… they caught a twitter amusement:

So @BrayWyattWWE destroys Kane, then goes after Bryan and Punk … Hmmm, is @WWEAJLee dating Wyatt now? #RAW #PastBFs

THE GRANT SAYS: Mind CM Punk doesn’t block you WWE Universe! You know how he feels about AJ Lee!!!

That wasn’t a bad wrestling contest between Summer Rae & Natalya! But Natalya – mind you don’t hurt Summer Rae’s sexy legs with that sharpshooter too much – she has to keep the d!cks hard with her Strictly Come Dancing skills!

OH NO!! It’s the Randall Orton WWE Championship ceremony! I’d so love to know how this is gonna end! Danielson taken out, CM Punk taken out, the Big Show banned from the building…. so surely this should go without a hitch… YES????

Hold up – WELLLLLL…. IT’S THE BIG SHOW!!! How the rarse did he get in the building? He’s not supposed to be in here! Ain’t he got a restraining order???? And plus, if he’s fired, why does his music continue to be played? How come the production crew aren’t fired??? The Usos and the Rhodes beating down the Shield!!!! It’s all out ruckus on the stage now! Carving a path for the Big Show!!! Triple TEEF leaves the ring – he don’t wanna be knocked the f**k out for another 3:31 minutes!

OH SNAP!!! The Big Show isn’t afraid of being arrested! He hints at ‘friends’ who can bail him out!!! Yes it’s giving me that little hope that it could be HIM pulling strings for the Big Show!!! (who’s HIM?? Well have you been paying attention jabroni???)

Big Show makes Triple TEEF well aware that if the lawsuit goes through Triple and Steph could be more broke than me!!!! Randall tries to teef by clappin Show upside the head with the championship belt… Triple TEEF directing Randall to Strike First as his shirt suggests but then suddenly – PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!! Randall just got punched through school buses! Oh no the ladies ain’t gonna like that! They love Randall’s handsome face!

Wait a minute! Triple TEEF backing off jacket now??? I’m surprised he hasn’t used the hammer by now!

The GRANT SAYS THIS: There are two things I am looking forward to, actually that is a lie – THREE things: One, Triple’s next interview with Michael Cole…. Two, WWE2K14 – Big up to our peoples in the states killing that game! Getting their character creation on, WrestleMania Mode, Undertaker Streak mode and all that! THREE, and most importantly, the Redman/Method Man/Busta Rhymes show LIVE this weekend! Me and the RePPiN4U team will be there, look out for an exclusive review on the event!!!! Plus a special article on  Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers – My story, where I take you back 20 years ago and tell you Rhyme & Reason how one of the greatest groups in hip hop history  impacted my life!










Powerbomb Pro Wrestling News

The Jobber Blogger #73 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – BOUND FOR GLORY – 20/10/13


Jobber Blogger logo2

I’ve finally come to the realisation that I just wouldn’t be able to keep a Full-Time job. Actually, like most, and the majority and especially every issue of The Jobber Blogger I start off with a Sentence and then utterly correct that sentence the sentence after. I have not just come to any realisation, nor do I think a Full-Time job is actually above my level of “doing things”. I like to keep myself productive, it’s like they say “Productivity is the heart of my arse”… pretty sure I just made that up and it makes little sense, but if that isn’t a T-Shirt Slogan, I don’t know what is. But I feel obliged to Stand By my slogans, tag-lines and grammatically incorrect phrasing. Does that make sense to you, you say? Well, I know how you mean. Take that, it’s on the Internet! You know who I’m talking about! And like Wikipedia proudly exemplifies “Everything you read on the Internet is true!”.

So TNA threw out their Annual “Bound for Glory” Pay Per View Event, and not in an “overall” opinion manor, but there were highlights, of course, and then certain things didn’t live up to the Hype. Now me saying not living up to the Hype is me saying it was bad in parts, because it really wasn’t, it’s just on average, my expectations were higher than what was delivered. This paragraph, especially the last Sentence is a trademark of my “Spiffing” Good Grammar…. another T-shirt idea.





First things first, this year’s Bound for Glory Banner (without going back and checking every other BFG Banner) remarkably resembles Ye’ Olde NWA / TNA font, a subtle hint / subliminary reference me thinks?

TNA BFG logo

As always, the show kicked off with a rather nifty opening Video Package detailing the journey of one AJ Styles leading to his Main Event Match with Bully Ray. For my money, TNA really has great Story telling, to think this all happened well over a year ago, with Claire Lynch, through to Christopher Daniels beating him, losing last year at BFG to not Wrestle for the title for an entire year. Leaving, the mysterious new look, new attitude, it’s a Rebirth of TNA and they put their “Poster Boy”, the Face of TNA front and centre and they broke him down, sent him down, brought him back better than ever. The old saying goes “Don’t put all your eggs in the one basket” but AJ Styles is what made TNA, and if anyone can shift them into a New Era, a new Direction, it’s AJ Styles they need on the front lines. And Bound for Glory is all about AJ Styles.

This for the record is a great thing. AJ has been on fire of late, since his Return he has been something new and extremely interesting / entertaining to watch, partner that with this ominous “New Direction” and TNA has become a very interesting place.

Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries vs. Chris Sabin vs. Samoa Joe vs. Manik – X-Division Championship – Ultimate-X Match


The whole “not living up to my expectations” is pretty much entirely centred around this match. I will first lay out why I was excited for it, 1- it’s the X-Division, “THE” Division that built TNA, and with a new direction, surely this match goes a long way to revamp the Division. 2- Chris Sabin has been an X-Division Wrestler since day one in TNA, Samoa Joe has been one of the corner stone’s of the X-Division, let alone TNA. 3- Austin Aries is in this match. 4- It’s Bound for Glory.

Now on the flip side, I can name one thing that I honestly feel let this match down, and not in a totally negative way that I wish it wasn’t there, just wish they did it differently. And that one thing is: Jeff Hardy.

Yes, Hardy launched his Career with Wrestling a totally different style, yes you can argue he helped to develop this “X-Division” Style of Wrestling long before TNA even existed. But the X-Division matches generally are fast paced, full throttle and of course that has it’s fair shares of errors and mistakes, but they naturally are expected, and part of the adrenaline, not to mention part of their talent in how quickly the performers correct them. There was however one point toward the start of the Match where Jeff just looked like a headless chicken, really at a loss of what to do, and tried to get involved but that made him stand out all the more. He was the proverbial “Sore Thumb”. To make matters worse, as I feared from Impact, but he introduced Ladders to Ultimate-X.

Sure, I get the appeal, I’m a lifelong Hardy fan, I love Ladder Matches, but bringing a Ladder to Ultimate-X is like wearing Wrestling Platform Boots.

Ultimate Boots Image

The whole idea and concept of this match is to struggle and climb your way to the Ropes above the ring, and shimmy across to the centre where you try and get the Belt down. The Belt isn’t That high off the Canvas in the first place. Bringing a Ladder into the match ruins the entire concept. You can reach the belt with a Foot Stool, the whole point of the Match is the concept of the match. If you could just go “you know what, screw dangling upside down trying to get the belt down, I’ll just wear stilts to the ring” then these matches would have sucked years ago.

I like the idea of putting Jeff Hardy in the X-Division, and yes an X-Division Ladder Match would be great. But this is Ultimate-X, part of the excitement is to see Jeff Hardy bring his Style to a new Match-Type. He claimed “I Want to do something I’ve never done before” which either implies he wants to be a part of an Ultimate X match… which he failed at. Or what he really meant was “I want to Ruin everything”… which he succeeded at.

On the positive side, Jeff had new music again as he always does at Bound for Glory, which is exciting, I always like new Music, specially from Jeff. Further more Joe and Aries got a great reaction from the Crowd… Jeff…. not so much.

There was some great high points in the match, Manik once again stood out the most for being so fluid in the ring, and he actually corrected a lot of the minor “errors” through-out the match that actually really played in his favour as a performer.

The ending was a bit naff, Jeff dropped Sabin with the Twist of Fate, Sabin instantly rolled out the ring then had a shouting match with Velvet Sky about her getting in the ring to Stop Jeff from winning. Should it bug me when someone connects with their finisher which normally would lay them out for a while, or result in a victory, but on the other occasion, it just takes them out of the way but they’re really not that hurt from it. Sabin could clearly get right back up and in the ring. Anyway, Velvet was pushed in the ring by Sabin, Jeff was distracted and moved her out of the way, and Sabin ran up the Ladder behind him and got the Belt.


Bad Influence made their way to the ring to have a good rant about how they should be on the Card at Bound for Glory. And in the truest words ever spoken from one Frankie Kazarian “Not since the Premier of Broke Back Mountain have two men been screwed more than Bad Influence”.

Of course this whole Segment served a Purpose, but anyone who is a fan of TNA will actually agree with their words when they spoke about this being about TNA, and they “Are” TNA. Still, they then went on to complain about not Winning the Bound for Glory – Pre-Show Tag-Team Number #1 Contender Match, but they should be put in the Tag Championship Match anyway.

Eric Young then confronted the duo claiming they Created a Monster. Now I didn’t see the Pre-Match, I’ve since tried to find it, but I will continue looking, because it does sound interesting. Either way, Bad Influence then beat down EY and Abyss Returned, with his old and awesome Music. Abyss took out both Daniels and Kaz then picked up EY showing an alliance. I really hope Abyss sticks around this time, he has had what, 3 appearances since Slammiversary? He won the TV Title, then was never seen again. I just hope they finally Wrap Up the Joseph Park / Abyss Storyline or at least get it going again in an Interesting way.

The Bromans (w/Mr. Olympia) vs. James Storm and Gunner – World Tag-Team Championships


Now, despite what I wrote in the title of this match, at first I thought Robbie and Jesse were just being occupied to the ring by a Walking Cloud. I would say “discoloured” or “pollution” but no doubt that would be flagged as Racist. But really… when did this ever become a Good Look?

mr olympia image

Gunner was wearing a new Ring-Jacket, which actually is pretty cool, though it’s just something to Wear to the Ring, it goes a long way to creating a “Look, Style, Gimmick” that really suits him. I still think some crazy Face-Paint wouldn’t go a miss either. The Tag-Team name of “The Sinner and The Saint” was thrown around. But let’s face it, Americas Most Wanted, great team, Beer Money best team (in terms of home grown TNA), but yet another James Storm team, again. Enough is enough.

Unless Storm just wants to be a Tag-Team guy all the time, with multiple different teams, he’s like the Band you loved but keep coming back with new members till you just don’t care anymore.

If anything AMW put Storm on the Map, Beer Money put Roode in the Main Events and this new ensemble is just making Gunner look good and Storm look increasingly irrelevant.

Gunner Jacket Image

Here is a good bit of Blog Journalism that not everyone might have got, the Image on the back of Gunner’s Trunks is the Eddie Logo from Iron Maiden’s 2006 Album – “A Matter of Life and Death”. Clearly Gunner is obviously more of a “Rock” guy anyway, but “AMOLAD” is an Album Written about War, and Gunner being a Former Army Man himself, obviously the connection fits perfectly. Part of me thought I could hear an “Iron Maiden” chant breaking out.. but then I probably just made it up myself like when you see faces in your carpet… watching you… whilst you sleep. If you sleep face down on your carpet anyway. A good tip is, get a bed.

Gunner Maiden

Speaking of Gunner being impressive, he performed a great Fall Away Slam from the Top Rope. James Storm fell of the Ring-Apron and had a Nasty Cut on his Leg (not that this was his contribution to the match).

My favourite thing about this match, even though The Bromans are easily the “Clowns” of TNA, both Jesse and especially Robbie E are great in the ring. And they showed it in spades, and the crowd ate it up, which was an awesome reaction to get for them both.

The ending was fine, albeit somewhat confusing. Robbie E threw one of the Tag-Team Belts into the Ring, this distracted the Ref, then The Bromans performed a Double Move and Won the Match. But the whole Throwing of the Belt was really unnecessary. Mike Tenay was yelling on commentary about “illegal double team!” but both teams were performing Double Moves with the whole “Breakdown” of the Tag-Match lark going on, so really they did Nothing illegal.

I am glad that they picked up the Win, since Gunner and Storm won the Belts the Division has been bland, and we’ve barely seen them since. So hopefully New Champions might shed some new light on the Division going forward.

The Hall of Fame – Induction


Let’s not beat the drum anymore on just how pointless the TNA HOF really is. For a company that’s 11 years old and all of its home grown talent hitting the Prime of their Career, it’s going to be many, many, many years before any of them should be in a Hall of Fame. Which means the guys TNA puts into the Hall of Fame are those who are older “legends” from other companies… which defeats the point. It reeks of “We’ve inducted Sting before you WWE, and we’ve inducted Kurt Angle before you too!.. So Nerr!”

Regardless, just like last year’s HOF Induction Ceremony, it looks… awful. TNA have some of the best Cameras on the Market, they released a whole Video about how good their Cameras were because of the great Resolution and Frame Rate they capture at. You watch any of their “Super Star” video reels, they look awesome. Their video packages are such a high standard. So why the high holy hell, for the last 2 years running does their “Hall Of Fame” ceremony look like it’s been filmed from a proud Father sat in the Audience using their Trusty Old Cam-Corder. It’s terrible. They get people’s heads in the shot, it’s resolution is crap, there is only the one camera the entire night so it pans back and forth badly. The sound is naff quality. And the room looks like a School Play with some badly lit curtains a projector screen and a basic Microphone.

Nothing says “Hall of Fame” like an Amateur production.

Furthermore, everyone knows this is Wrestling, it’s a Storyline based show, so the President of TNA: Dixie Carter was not at the Ceremony because it suits her “Current Heel Turn”. Who cares? It makes more sense she is there. For Christ’s sake, Jeff Jarrett who hasn’t been seen on TNA since Kurt Angle himself beat him at Lockdown a few years back in one of TNA’s most personal feuds for Jarrett to leave the company was sat next to Kurt Angle. Not only that, but Kurt’s ex-Wife who is Jarrett’s current Wife was on the table too, and they are all clapping and having a great time. Surely that’s more confusing to the average “fan” than having the Boss in the Audience?

Anyway, so to Induct Kurt into the Hall of Fame, Sting was sent out, seemingly without a Script for it was the most half arsed speech I’ve ever heard. I sort of like the idea of the previous Inductee to Induct the new inductee. But Sting had a great lot to say about Kurt’s in ring skills and relevance to the industry, then he went on to say “he’s also a family man… he’s got kids, in the audience.. a nice wife… errr” it’s like, what is that? So Kurt came out to do an even more half arsed “thanks” for saying “you have no idea how much this means to me”…. “I can’t put do it justice with words”. Well that sounds like the most polite “this is sh*t” to me. Sting then gives Angle a Watch, and also Angle knows how to open a box, unlike Hogan who tore the back off the thing, then the front.. then just opened it.

Angle then “respectively” declined the offer to the Hall of Fame, which I couldn’t tell if it was a Work or not, but did genuinely seem upset, it could be legit. Because everything was going well till he got arrested yet again for DUI then went to Rehab and came back just in time for his Induction. That doesn’t sound like a very good legacy to leave behind. So I get it. I just don’t get it also.

Gail Kim vs. Brooke vs. ODB – Knockouts Championship


There is a huge “Why?” about this Match. As I mentioned last week, since when did Gail Kim earn the chance to be in this match? As she was defeated by ODB for ODB to Wrestle for the Knockouts Championship in the first place. Since then Gail hasn’t been near the title picture, nor was she involved in the Brooke / Velvet number one contenders matches. She did feel somewhat out of place, for at least ODB and Brooke are both relevant for this Match and for Television / Storylines currently. Not to reiterate, but Gail didn’t do anything to earn her way into this match.

Brooke was impressive, though her lack of a second name still seems strange to me. ODB did a really good job of carrying the match forward for both Brooke and even Gail. To be fair though, the most notes I wrote about this match was just quotes from Taz on Commentary. Getting Fan Access (WWE) mixed up with Fan Interaction (TNA) and the rather hilarious by play between him and Tenay. Plus Taz’s continued rant about Referee “Stiffler” was just classic.

Either way, the Ref was taken down, and then Lei’D Tapa made an appearance, like I’m sure most people expected. ODB had a drink from her flask but was beaten down on the Entrance Ramp, Tapa then made her way to the Ring where Brooke jumped from the Top-Rope on her, only to be caught and Power-Bombed back into the Ring. This is where Gail pinned Brooke and Won the match.

Lei’D Tapa then got the Knockouts Championship, and what I was hoping, was she would hand the belt to Gail in a, “I’m next in line” type of Manor. But instead she handed it to Gail and Gail jumped on her and hugged her. So this is my problem with that. One, I still don’t think Gail deserved to be in this match. Of course she is deserving of it, but if you’re going to put in the match, actually make that known rather than just having your commentators announce the week before “also Gail is in it”. More than that though, Lei’D Tapa was interesting because she was different, she’s this big, powerful Knockout, that I really want to see more of. She’s like a Good Awesome Kong. The problem now is that she’s just Gail’s lackey. She is no longer threatening, she’s just a “bodyguard”. She instantly looks weak because Gail is jumping all over her and celebrating. She isn’t intimidating, or dangerous, or anything like that. She now just comes across Wimpy and Pathetic, like a Female Bane.

Lei'D Bane Image



Bobby Roode vs. Kurt Angle


Simply Put – Match of the Night.

With Angle turning down the Hall of Fame it pretty much just made everything about why these guys are fighting,… true… or wrong, depending on how you look at it. Angle was annoyed because of the “mockery!” and how Roode claimed he was undeserving. Angle retaliates with Violence. Then he gladly sits at a Ceremony, eats catered food, listens to loads of guys spill their guts on what he means to them and the industry. Then walks out and says “meh”, what a jerk. And he has the audacity to get annoyed with Roode for being completely and entirely Right about Angle from the get go.

Reasons and Logic be damned, I like the fact that this match wasn’t a big “built up” Story feud. It felt like a good old fashioned Wrestling Match, perfectly Placed on the grandest Stage TNA offer.

The match was fantastic, and I love it when I get so into a Match that I just really want someone to Win, even though I know it doesn’t work like that, but still. I cringed when Angle applied the Ankle Lock on the other Ankle to which he normally does, it bent horribly… the wrong way. The counters back and forth were fantastic, not to mention Angle countering the Cross-face, rolling through and turning it into an Angle-Slam.

One of the best moves was from Roode when he dropped Angle with a Death Valley Driver turned into a Neck-Breaker ish Cutter move. Roode uses a number of “Signature Moves” like the Spear, Cross-face, Spine-Buster and Northern Lights Suplex, but he’s never had that one “FINISHER”. So I really hope he develops this, as that.

I even got high hopes when Angle applied the leg-vine to his Ankle Lock and it looked as if Roode was going to “Pass-Out”, Brian Hebner (ref) picked up Roode’s arm for what I imagine would be the “drop 3 times it’s over rule” but Roode looked up on the first time he lifted his arm, and it looked as if Brian put Roode’s hand on the Rope. This was met with a huge “Boo” from the Crowd. But at that moment I thought, what if Brian Hebner is going to Screw Kurt Angle because Angle turned down the HOF Induction. I thought that would be awesome. Evidently not, it all became rather confusing though, but then just was forgotten.

The finish was just as impressive with a Top Rope Angle Slam which led to a 9-Count, Roode made to his feet, Angle didn’t move, Roode then fell on Angle and got the 3 Count. Angle still didn’t move.

I can’t tell you how glad I am that Roode won. To be fair I want Roode to win everything, he’s fantastic, but with everything else surrounding this match, I wanted him to beat Angle all the more. I would be happy for Angle to be Heel to be honest, it almost felt “right”.

The stupid thing was the EMT’s run down and bring out a Stretcher, and yet again, for the second time in Recent Memory, I Hope and Pray, that these people are just Actors or wanna be Wrestlers, not actual trained Health and Safety EMT’s.  Because they badly placed Angle on the Board, and didn’t fasten it, and then tried to Push it to the Ring Apron where it looked amazingly Awkward, and Angle nearly fell off the board multiple times. Comedy aside, this looks worse than the amateur HOF Ceremony.

Anywho, Angle then did the “I’m too proud” and got up and walked off. I only wish he actually sold the fact he was injured in the first place, because he seemed just fine.



Ethan Carter the Third vs. Norv Ferman


I think that was this guy’s name, local Wrestling talent, picked for his “look”.

A good debut by EC3, the idea he is Dixie’s nephew is a little odd, see how that develops. But I really like his gimmick, his music and his charisma thus far.

A basic Squash match, but no bad thing either. I wrote down “Good Finish”… I don’t remember his move.. .but apparently it was good….. Carter won.



Magnus vs. Sting


For those of you who read my Blogs, I mentioned I hope this match actually is a “Classic” that will put Magnus on the Map, like the Flair vs. Sting match of old. Well, it wasn’t.

It was a weird mash up of confusion. And I love Sting, but let’s be honest, he’s never been “that” good in the ring. And these days he just seems to do the same thing… multiple times…. a lot. It’s just back hands, Splashes, and Suplex’s, with his finishers and the occasional Drop kick. Sting is very good at getting you on his side though, a la vs. Bully Ray in Sting’s last ever World Championship Match. I still think Sting needs to fight Aries, and it needs to be “big” because Aries will get Sting to perform at the best of his ability, because Aries wouldn’t let him do any less. Their brief bout before was awesome, so it is something I highly anticipate.

Anywho, Magnus had new attire, I like new music and new attire for Big PPV’s it’s good. His new attire is good too. But this weird mash up comes off of them being “friends / allies” yet Magnus who isn’t really moving that quickly to being a “heel” is taking “opportunities” like underhanded things and un-sportsman like things. Sure the whole, do what it takes to win thing makes sense, but it just seemed a bit strange so suddenly. What was more Sudden was Magnus flat-out mocking Sting, that seemed bizarre.

And then that bizarre got more bizarre with Sting doing Ric Flair’s infamous “fall on the face” which made no sense.

Is Sting trying to be Flair, and Magnus trying to be Sting? Is that their only claim to fame, Magnus’ best chance of being great is to try his best at replicating something that happened 20 years ago. And was Sting trying to emulate Flair? What was going on?…

It was fine, but average, which was what I feared, it certainly isn’t going to be something you look back at and think, yep, that put him on the Map. Because it didn’t. Magnus vs. Aries… that might.

Magnus made Sting tap with his Kingsland Cloverleaf, again, the Tap came suddenly.

Magnus then went super pompous and celebrated at every Corner, leaving Sting to follow him around trying to Shake his hand, Magnus then shook his hand in a very belittling manor and left.



Bully Ray vs. AJ Styles – World Heavyweight Championship – No Count-out, No DQ


The No Count-Out, No DQ was a stipulation added after Impact. I don’t have a problem with it, but it could have been emphasised better than Dixie putting it on Twitter.

It also means “Something is going to happen”.

Earlier on in the night we Saw Bully Ray talking to what looked like open Shower Cubicles… which is… weird on many different levels. But he went on about The Aces and Eights fooling everyone once more “They thought you just Split, they thought you were Dead, and they thought you would never Trust me Again”. Which in turn sounds like he means DOC, Anderson and Devon in that order. It was interesting to say the least.

Bully had a Promo before the match where he quoted Axl Rose… this hot on the heels of him claiming to be Darth Vadar makes for a very mixed signal.

Darth Bully Rose Image

Since AJ came back at Slammiversary to fight Kurt Angle and he walked out to “Evil Ways”, I knew that he and Bully would clash at Bound for Glory. They had that look, that theme, and just from the music and the setting / atmosphere both created around it, it was a Collision Course.

So I was so happy to have AJ walk out purely to Evil Ways and not his Phenomenal Theme, it was the perfect setting for the Match. To make it even better Bully walked out to the Lyrical version of The Aces and Eights theme.

Little subtle details like this, but it’s those little details that really set the Stage for the Match.

Obviously Bound for Glory over the years has been the PPV where something big went down to determine the Storylines going forward. The formation of Immortal, The Aces and Eights invading just to name the most current, and obviously this year is will AJ Styles take the title / power and change TNA for the better. But a No DQ basically means all bets are off, Aces and Eights could turn, Dixie Carter could align with The Aces and Eights, Hogan could come back, anything big. But nothing like that happened, which isn’t a bad thing by any means.

But it also means that Bully and AJ are capable of having a fantastic 5Star match, they’ve already had one before in their Last Man Standing match last year. But the run-ins made for a stop start type of pacing. But the idea was AJ Styles was battling to Win, because he had to Win at any cost.

Bisch ran in first, gave Bully a Hammer, this led to nothing in the end. AJ standing up to Bully and taking his powerful Chops to the Chest was a great scene, as each Chop left fresh hand prints on his chest, yet he wouldn’t back down. Knux then came down, Chokeslammed AJ, Bully pinned him, only got a Two Count.

AJ did a Spring-Board 450 Splash from the Ring through the Announce Table… pretty much landing Face First on the floor, which looked horrible, but then a great Big Spot for the Match. Taz gave Bully a knife, again, he cut the Canvas to expose the Wooden boards of the Ring beneath. Bully then called out “The Boys” who I guess is whomever he was talking to in the Shower earlier on, but no one came down to Help him.

Dixie then made her way to the ring and handed Bully a Chair, AJ spring boarded back in the Ring hitting the Chair at Bully. He then hit another Springboard 450, but Dixie threatened Heber if he counted the Three, causing Bully to finally kick out with Hebner’s slow reluctant count.

In the end of course, AJ hit Bully in the head with the Chair, landed Spiral Tap from the Corner and Won the Match.

He celebrated and then left through the Crowd with Dixie looking on as AJ secured the TNA World Championship.


Clearly the odds where in AJ’s favour to Win the belt, but you never know. I can’t say how happy I am to just have AJ back as World Champion, it’s been far too long. Though I do love the journey he has gone on, and I seriously hope and can’t wait to see where this direction goes next. I think everyone is hoping for a “Revamp” to TNA, with AJ to lead the change.

Regardless, a great Main Event, and a great Bound for Glory.

Let’s hope this coming Year in TNA is fantastic and takes them to the Level they deserve to be at. Say what you want about them, but their Locker Room, their Story Lines and their product of Wrestling, is what I always loved about Professional Wrestling, and it just baffles me more people don’t like it, or don’t get it, or don’t watch it, or don’t know about it.


Till then.


Dan Wilkinson.

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The Jobber Blogger #72 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 17/10/13October 20, 2013

Jobber Blogger logo2

Well hasn’t this been an interesting week. Well okay so it’s sort of the start of the “interesting” week. But with it being Half Term, yes The Jobber Blogger himself is busy this week. And yeah, so what, I like to fill my days off with other activities and the such. Either way, it is a Sunday night, and I’m cracking open the ol Word Document to spill my deep seeded feelings and opinions on this past week’s TNA: Impact. Impact Wrestling Logo


Of course the other reason is right now, Bound for Glory will be starting in the States, and with me having very little time this week to get caught up with my Ramblings, it’s about time I get a move on with it, for Watching, and Writing up of Bound for Glory will be soon upon me.

Dixie, just like last week, kicked off Impact, but this week she was followed by Two Guards, one of them was named Atlus, or maybe Atlas, I don’t remember. That is my best attempt of a joke mentioning the name it read on the Neck of his Uniform. I assume the other guy was called the same, even if he did look like the type of dude who would be kept as far away from Children as possible. Saying that, the other guard has been seen around Impact for quite some time now, I would guess that his name is in fact not Atlus, and that it could be a name for the Arena they filmed in, either that or he works for that find Video Game Publisher who brings us great Games from Abroad with top notch localisation. But I would assume that isn’t the case. Of course to keep things relevant, Atlus has since been bought out by Sega, and the guy in the crowd was showing the world his displeasure with such a buy-out!

Booing ManWith the recent talk of the Carter Family selling off TNA, perhaps Sega would in fact invest in a Wrestling Promotion. And the chance of that happening is… it’s just not going to happen.

Booing Man 2So yeah, Atlus and Atlas carried out a Briefcase for Dixie, and Dixie “doing what is best for the Company” decided to get rid of that Pesky 3 Month long Bound for Glory Series idea, and just let anyone beat up AJ Styles and take him out of the Main Event, and in the process getting themselves a Shot at the World Championship against Bully Ray, and earning a lovely $50’000. Now this apparently is the Money that AJ turned down last week, and remember that Dixie told AJ that this money is the most amount of Money he has ever seen his entire life. Now I know Math isn’t my strong point, that’s why I decide to give off worthless opinions of a Wrestling show each week, but on average Minimum Wage, least here in the UK, you earn £6.31 per hour. Now working a Full-Time job at 40Hours a week will earn you a little over £1000 a Month. I rounded it up, but who cares. So you will be on £12’000 a year, or there about. Now remember that this is Minimum Wage, anything more skilful than shall we say, sweeping a floor or working the tills, tends to pay above that. So within 5 years of working Minimum Wage you will see that amount of Money. Which means Logically AJ Styles would be Wrestling for Minimum Wage for 11 Years with TNA, and not even got close to earning $50’000. Sure, he doesn’t Wrestling “full time” 40 hours a week, but hey, TNA must be really underpaying their Talent.

Regardless! That is all piddle trollop folks!

Piddle Trollops

Of course AJ would be earning big money, and $50’000 is “Chump Change” to a Main Event Wrestler, in TNA or not. Still, the Theme of the night was a $50’000 Bounty on the head of AJ Styles, and Bully Ray was the first to step up… least vocally. Soon to be followed by Magnus, who was darn tootin’ annoyed that Dixie was “besmirching” the Bound for Glory Series by being rid of its Winner so quickly. This of course coming from Magnus’ heard work through-out the Series, yet no-one complained that Anderson got a Main Event Title-Shot by not even getting close to Winning the Series. So you know, swings and roundabouts, wrestling and logic.

In the end Magnus took this motivation to Challenge Bully to a fight, with his Reasons being, and I quote “$50’000 might be Chump Change to you, Boss, might even be Chump Change to you, Champ. But it sure as hell isn’t Chump Change to me, or to the good folks of Tulsa Oklahoma” Well first off, that’s just outright insulting to anyone who lives there and does more their lives than running the Till’s at Wallmart. I digress, he goes on to say “Look at me when I’m talking to you (points to Dixie Carter) you can understand how serious I am, when I tell you, that I’m so sick and tired of hearing you talk each and every week, so you can take that $50’000, Bully Ray, I will fight you tonight for Free”.

How the hell does that make a lick of sense? But hey, it’s Pro-Wrestling, and actually I’m glad that for the first time Bully actually stepped up on Air to say that Magnus has all of this “Tools of the Trade, next Big Breakout Star” and then call him a disappointment. Obviously I think Magnus is rather good, but I don’t need everyone on the Show to be saying that to me, it makes me dislike him. Which is good for a Heel turn right? Still, Magnus, Whom only a few weeks ago said he doesn’t see it in himself, took offence at Bully agreeing with him, not seeing it in him either, and so they had a fight. Yay!

Same Guy 001

Christopher Daniels vs. Hernandez vs. Robbie E vs. Eric Young – 4 Corners Match – Winner Tag-Team Advantage at Bound for Glory

Okay, so I shall just spell out what this match was. Before Bound for Glory starts, there is an Hour Long TV Only part of the show where Bad Influence go up against EY and Park, Bro’Mans and Chavo and Hernandez. The winner of that what I assume must be a Gauntlet Style, or Elimination Style, or Something style match, will go on to face Storm and Gunner on Bound For Glory itself. So this match is to determine the “Man Advantage” meaning whom wins this match, their respective team will “Enter” the Match last, thus having the best advantage to be the Number #1 Contenders.

That’s a whole Paragraph of Nothing. They really need to emphasise more on the Tag-Team Championships, because whenever we see any team go on about them these days, deep down we know they’re lying, they didn’t want to be a Tag-Team. There is no “Glory” for the Tag Belts anymore it seems, and Tag-Team Wrestling is some of the best, so I really hope TNA’s “New Direction” includes a great Tag-Team Division Revision. Now that’s a Tongue Twister.

I think it’s on one hand a good thing to give the “BFG – Pre-Show” a Match with significance, but it also means the Tag-Team Match at Bound for Glory itself seems a little Thrown on the Card, because they sort of feel it has to be. In the end however it was EY with his Top-Rope elbow drop on Christopher Daniels, but Robbie E creeps up from behind and throws EY out of the ring and Stealing the Victory.

Same Guy 002+

Gunner vs. Knux

This all came about with AJ Styles heading to the Ring to speak his mind on this “Bounty”. I believe he was attacked before this by Jesse Godders. AJ called everyone out declaring “I’m not going to Run, I’m not going to Hide. Come and Get Paid”. I really like what they’ve done with AJ these last few Months, sure I didn’t think they needed to bring him back to help Main Event Mafia against Bully Ray. But in the Long Run AJ still Feels the same. I like that he appears to be a Lone Wolf still but getting beaten down every step of the way, but still fighting back. Thanks to AJ not stepping down, Knux and Bischoff from The Aces and Eights stepped up to take out AJ. Which is when James Storm and Gunner came down to help out AJ, leading to a very interesting Stare Off between AJ and Storm. This has me thinking that AJ is banding together the TNA Originals, so I fully expect Storm and Gunner to Drop the Tag Belts at BFG and Storm to be on AJ’s side going forward.

I don’t quite get why Gunner and Knux had a fight on the show, it would have made more sense if Knux and Bischoff could move forward with a Tag-Title Shot. But alas, they can’t, least not any time soon. Saying that, I am glad the two of them squared off, because it really shows the Potential in Gunner. If I can find it, then I shall attach a Clip of his Impressive Fall-Away Slam on Knux.

Same Guy 003

The main point was that Bully earlier on in the night got Knux and Bisch all fired up to take out AJ, and each of them having each other’s backs, and with Knux struggling, he calls out for Bully, who didn’t come to help him, and Gunner connected with a Spear picking up the Win.

As much as I think AJ is going to have a one-sided Battle against Bully at Bound for Glory, I think a turn from The Aces and Eights, maybe even a Return from Hogan and Anderson will be what finishes off Bully Ray’s Title Reign. I am still holding out hope that Bully is either “downgraded” and needs to prove himself in the Club, or he is outright kicked out. But still leaving The Aces and Eights as a Faction, Motor Bikes or not…. hopefully not.

In other news Brooke now fully cementing herself as a “Whore” is in the Back taking Photos of her “Rear”. Just like all Ladies do. Hooray!

Chris Sabin (w/Velvet Sky) vs. Samoa Joe

Before Sabin and Joe took to the Ring, Sabin was seen backstage wanting to try his luck at Cashing in on Dixie’s Bounty by taking out AJ Styles. Velvet reacted by claiming Sabin seems “different”… she’s only just noticed…. Well, if she didn’t know…


I’m so glad that Catch Phrase didn’t take off… along with her Catwoman esk 50’s Whore look.

Joe however found Sabin backstage and talked him out of trying anything with AJ… in as less of a gay way as you can possible make that sound. This also clarifies that alliance between AJ and Joe, also TNA originals, etc, Change etc.

Sabin and Joe being Two of the 5 involved in Bound for Glory’s Ultimate X Match for the X-Division Championship. Though Sabin had, had enough of Joe and made a run for it, using Velvet as a Shield (again) but then dropping Joe with a DDT on the Stage trying to get a count out. In the end it was Joe who reversed a Roll-Up into the Rear Naked Choke and took the win.

This led to Austin Aries running out and Attacking Joe for getting involved last week and adding himself into the Ultimate-X match, which then led to Jeff Hardy getting involved and then finally Manik.

There was however a big play on Ladders, obviously that is Jeff’s speciality, and one was involved in the closing moments of this segment. So there is a good chance that a Ladder will make its way into the Ultimate-X Match.

Magnus vs. Bully Ray

Both Magnus and Bully showed why they are the Present and Future of TNA Wrestling. No doubt about it, but Magnus is really good in the ring, and of course Bully is a great Talent to work with, no matter who it is. But this match acted as feeding more fuel to the fire between Magnus and Sting.

Magnus had the Champ on the ropes, really on a roll since his recent “losing streak”. But Hebner got knocked down (obviously) and Bully grabbed his Steel Chain to gain a Cheat Victory, Sting got involved, Hebner was distracted by Sting and the Steel Chain and Bully Low-Blowed Magnus and picked up a Win.

Thus this making more issues between Sting and Magnus, I actually really hold out Hope for this match. I want this Match to be “Something” to really mean “Something”. They are “Bigging” it up, with Flair putting Sting on the Map. And I hope they both deliver a Top Ratings Match, but I also have a lot of doubt of it being a Classic. I’m sure it will be good though.

Kurt Angle made his way out to the ring to tell everyone that it’s “Great to be Back” and that Bobby Roode reminds Kurt of himself 5 Years Ago. Though Roode’s “Hall of Fame” ceremony made it personal. I guess there is a big element of Mockery in E.G.O’s Hall of Fame that would annoy Kurt, but then that also makes Kurt really big headed and a glory hound to be annoyed at something so petty. Roode countered Angle’s statements by saying that he doesn’t want to be Angle, maybe some years ago he did, but that he views himself better. I’m sure Roode doesn’t stand a chance of Winning, but I’d really like him to. Though no mention of Kurt being gone because of Rehab, which would have been a nice “mature” touch. But meh, whatever.

Daniels and Kazarian got involved, and in the end it was Roode who made Angle tap out to his Cross-Face. Shades of Angle and Benoit all those years ago. But here’s a nice titbit for you, I always hated Chris Benoit, especially when everyone found out about the “incident” and I always found Benoit to be insanely Over-Rated. I never liked any of his matches, and he was the utter Sh*test World Champion I can remember. And I never swear.

Benoit wishes he was as good as Kurt Angle, and can only dream of being as good as Bobby Roode.

AJ Styles – Bully Ray – Contract Signing

Well, Dixie’s Plan to get AJ removed from the Main Event at Bound for Glory didn’t really Pan out very well. Though Bad Influence did give AJ a good beat down in the back, but he fought back and sprayed them a Fire Extinguisher before making a Run for it.

Contract Signings are still kind of Silly, least in Wrestling, but they are mildly entertaining also. Bully Signed first then gave AJ a history lesson of Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes, and how Bully is going to end AJ Styles and put him and his Family on “Hard Times”. Then he referred to himself as Darth Vadar, which lost him a lot of Respect. It’s like what’s the point of Gaining Points with the Wrestling references to then undo all of your good work by mentioning Pop Culture.

AJ Bully Star Wars

AJ did the usual “talk back” then signed, and of course then they both had a good old Fight. But more importantly AJ took the Brief Case off of Dixie Carter and threw her $50’000’s all over her.

A good show from top to bottom, and certainly feeding the fire leading into Bound for Glory.

I can’t wait to watch BFG and I will be back as soon as possible to give you my thoughts and opinions!

Till Then!

Dan Wilkinson

TNR Cover 12

Monday Night Raw #1065: October 21, 2013!!!

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Monday Night Raw #1065: October 21, 2013!!!

Peace y’all! before I run joke with y’all on this week’s Raw I wanna give a few shout outs real quick: The first, my dude STC member Jazz Kumar – he hooked me up with the UFC 166 because I wasn’t able to watch it live… I caught the Gilbert Melendez Vs Diego Sánchez fight, BUMBACLAAAAAT!!!! Just when I thought the Jon Jones Vs Alexander Gustafsson fight was incredible at UFC 165… if you’re a UFC/MMA fan and haven’t caught up yet, you need to see that sh!t!!! I wanna big up my dude James Henson of the STC, we gotta strong connection in hip hop and he’s the new admin at RePPiN4U so big ups to him putting in work, most appreciated! And of course big up Cage Amateurs UK for interviewing me, now you know I’m not just a joker who appears not to take this wrestling sh!t seriously – believe me I DO! Just that I am a fan FIRST, and I enjoy it for its entertainment value. some of y’all take too serious then you end up miserable then I end up disliking you!!!

With all that said, let’s get into it… RAW #1065! HOL’ DAT – BLAOW!!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZI have a question, since Triple’s entrance theme is ‘Bow Down to the King’, knowing that my ancestors were Kings before they were enslaved, doesn’t that mean Triple TEEF (and especially Stephanie – OH YEAH!) has gotta bow down to ME???!!!!

Shout out to The Big Show who punched Brad Maddox thru school buses on SmackDown last Friday!!! That was almost as great as him boxing down Triple!

Stephanie was right on point with her first line: “Oh you’re just jealous…” Damn right I’m jealous! I wished it was me ravishing your fine @$$! Triple remind me to interview you!!!!

WHAT DE RARSE!!! BIG SHOW DEP PON DE TELLY!!!!!! This dude was fired – how him get pon de telly??? He must have used The Rock’s via satellite resources!!!!

Now this is some funny sh!t – Stephanie wants the cameramen to lock off the satellite connection but Triple is addressing Big Show about ‘Respect’!!! I’m just waiting for the static and this picture to come up…

closedown girlNow if you remember that screen, YOU ARE OL’ SCHOOL!!!

Oh snap!!! Now I get it! The Big Show is suing for slander and unfair dismissal! He took my advice!!! Very smart on the part of Big Show – it’s not Vincent Kennedy he’s suing! He would lose for sure! This is one for Judge Judith Shendlin!


Oh sh!t! I believe Big Show can win! That’s why he told Stephanie to put a sock in ut pa, BE QUIET!

Stephanie knows she’s losing this argument already! So what does she do? LOCK OFF HIS BLODCLART! I’m enjoying this already! This is GREAT! Th-th-th-tha-THAT’S ALL FOLKS!

So on with the show! Introducing, Dean Ambrose!!!! Record skip – Daniel Bryan???? A WHA DE??? Yes chants all over the arena! You know the authority doesn’t like that sh!t!!!

Now the announcers suspect Big Show has insiders hooking him up! I mentioned this on the BDSIR network, It is far-fetched I cannot lie but I’m convinced this man has something to do with it considering his past friendship with Big Show…


Just throwing it out there… I’d laugh my @$$ off if I was right! Then you will know the true power of the Hip Hop reppin, rice & peas & chicken eatin, supermalt drinkin, diva loving Infamous Informer!

Look at Daniel Bryan’s unique submission fighting skill! Not many can match him! But superb display of counter-technique and psychology by Ambrose: Hear him talk to Danielson – “Are you alright? What was that? You wanna keep going???” The ref is supposed to say that sh!t!!!!

What the f**k is JBL talking about? We have yet to see the greatest hell in a cell match of all time???? What are you on crack music??? Unless this year’s participants climb on top of that muthaf***a and fight (which they won’t…) stop your noise and get back to sniffing that white powder sh!t!

Hold up – Danielson using the Kip-up move now? I think HBShizzle been teaching the kid some more moves! Yes kicks to the chest, counter-technique into the Yes-Lock – TAP OUT! Great contest! You probably won’t hear me talk about a wrestling match in that much detail again!

See I like the fact CM Punk has the idea of what Hell in A Cell is about… it’s about ruckus, it’s about Hell in a Cell wallpaperbeing sadistic, it’s about putting your opponent through hell… f**k all this arm-lock and fireman’s carry sh!t – f**k all that technical sh!t!!! We don’t do that over here! 3 men enter, (CM Punk, Ryback, Paul Heyman,) one man leaves – that’s the BEST INNA DE WURL!!! Something that Heyman has called himself lately… I’m saying hmmmmmm…!

WTF is this? Santino, Hornswoggle and the Not so Great Khali dressing up as Elvis? GET THE F**K OUTTA HERE! I’m off to check my Facebook and twitter I’ll be back right after these messages and after I pay these bills

(how about an advertisement while you’re waiting???)

Welcome back! Welcome back!!! And I hope you are still joining in at home!!! (Shout out to Sir Bruce Forsyth!) Dolph Ziggler Vs Randall Orton, LETS GO!

Straight away I’m backing Randall, let the voices in your head talk to you!!!

Michael Cole – DO YOUR RESEARCH AND JOURNALISM YOU FOOL! Yes Randall has been in four Hell in A Cell matches… but he hasn’t been successful in all of them! The first match he had against the Undertaker, who won that match???? Who got BUSS ARSE in that muthaf***a??? That’s right, the TRUE MASTER of the Hell In the Cell… so SHUDDUP!

Let’s have a look at some Twitter amusements, shall we?

Shawn Michaels@ShawnMichaels 11h

Hmm, going to consider investing in a pair of “Power Underwear”…just have to figure out where one buys such a garment:-) #RAW #HBShizzle

THE GRANT SAYS: Well if they make you become an @$$hole like Triple TEEF or a dutty bwoy like Vincent Kennedy, I suggest you stay away from Debenhams! To me personally Power Underwear is on some Victoria Secret sh!t… observe…


YES!!! Now that is powerful!!!!!! (Shout out to STC members Edmund Mulhall & Lee Steadx….. DUTTY BWOY!!!)

Brad Maddox@BradMaddoxIsWWE 13h

Doctor has informed me that my post-concussion symptoms are too severe to attend tonight’s #raw. Try and enjoy it without me


Oh snap! Did you see that awkward landing Ziggler took from that belly to belly suplex? YES! The voices are talking to him! YES! RKO in mid-air – BLAOW!!!! How do you like that Ziggler fanboys??? SHUDDUP! Go and watch X-Factor with your boyfriend! WHAT??!!!!

GRANT - BODY - POh yes!!! my girls AJ Lee and Tamina in effect! Whoever they are fighting I hope they brukk em up! Unless it’s Cameron/Naomi/Layla that is….

What? AJ Lee Vs Brie Bella for the WWE divas title AGAIN??? No stipulations???? WWE Y’all gotta fix up on the ladies stipulations man!

They’re fighting the Bella Twins in tag team action? Tamina, break Nikki’s legs again!!!! DO IT!!!! (Nikki you gotta sexy body just that you’re dealing with the Baddest b!tch here, and Tamina- I love my b!tch!!!)

Why the f**k was Dolph Ziggler the #1 trend on twitter at the time? What the f**k did he do apart from getting buss arse? Maybe that’s why he was trending!

Don’t you think Tamina’s leather attire kinda makes her look like the female member of The Shield??? Yeah ok we want NO fourth member! I agree as well…just that Tamina looks so bad@$$!

Was it me or was Brie trying to get the crowd to chant for Nikki Bella??? Look Brie I know it’s your sister… but the crowd was like…

Brie’s second win in a row over the Divas Champion has sealed her fate for the Hell In A Cell PPV… That’s all I gotta say about that!

What? The Usos must face The Shield for #1 Contenders match for the WWE Tag Team titles? What sort of sh!t is that? The Usos are ALREADY #1 contenders, The Shield get a rematch clause anyway, so why is this necessary? Just Triple Threat that muthaf***a!

Look at Paul Heyman as he looks at Renée Young!!! Yeah I know Heyman! Gotta check out the goods!!! Renée Young is finer than a muthaf***a! I’d wipe the dust off that pu$$ay!!! WROOOOOOY WHAT A PROMO BY HEYMAN!!!! That man is hype for the Hell In A Cell! YES! This ain’t no wrestling match… this is a straight up ruckus!

Was it me or was the tone in Ryback and Curtis Axel’s voice sounded borderline racist when they called Big E Langston a rookie?? It sounded like they really wanted to say ‘n!**£r!’ Yes ladies and gentlemen, Big E Langston turned good last week on SmackDown when Paul Heyman referred to Langston as a ‘rookie’…. yeah that’s why Langston is DLC on WWE2K14 and you’re not Curtis Axel you DYAM ARSE!!!! DROP THE BOMB ON EM!

Great video package of the mentor/student connection between Shawn Michaels & Daniel Bryan… better than those tired @$$ packages of Cena’s ‘comeback’…. Oh SNAP…. THEY’RE HERE???!!! Oh Sh!t it’s the Wyatt Fam!!!

Wait a minute I saw this tag team match between the Rowan/Harper and Miz/Kingston! URGH…. I’ll be back after the break…………………………………………………………………………………

…and The Infamous Informer is back (I had the John Witherspoon guts…I’ll leave that to you to figure out!) and if this match (Bray Wyatt Vs The Miz) is official I have a prediction for it – but you guys at Smack Talk Centre/Powerbomb Pro Wrestling News and my new friends over at WrestleTown will have to wait til I’m on video for that one!

Now that Big E Langston is a face, he needs some good music… and quite frankly, his current tune is wack… here’s what I think Big E’s music should be…


So let me get this right so I can understand this; last week Langston helped CM Punk fight off Axel and Ryback, this week on Raw Langston is taking on the both of them, while CM Punk is backstage engaging in coitus with AJ Lee???? You think I don’t know Punk Midas???? Er question – what happened to Lita??? Wasn’t her pum-pum good enough???


I get it, so it took Paul Heyman to interfere for you to throw AJ Lee off your d!ck for a hot minute and go after em with a kendo stick????? HA!

Oh no who let that filthy pig in here??? Vickie pulls a ‘Teddy Long’ and makes it a tag team match… isn’t Teddy Long in the Hall Of Fame yet? VINCENT KENNEDY FIX UP!!!

What the……??? As CM Punk is struggling to overpower the man call Ryback, Paul Heyman is there holding out his hand at the apron saying “Tag Me Punk!!!” HAHA! Now that’s funny!

OH SNAP! Big E Langston! If you get a massive pot, you throw Ahmed Johnson in there, some Bobby Lashley, The Ultimate Warrior (finishing move – Ultimate Splash), you get BIG E!!!! Kick in the door wave in the 4-4! All I heard was Axel crying – don’t hit me no more!

OH SNAP! FUNKADACTYLS IN THE HIZ-OUSE!!!!! GOD DAYUUUUUM!!! Yo James Henson! How are you gonna say these women ‘don’t do it for you’ bredrin???? DUDE!!!! Have you lost your mind??? Brooke Tessmacher is fine no doubt but she ain’t sh!t compared to these two! YES JAZZ KUMAR I SAID IT!

Oh no not these muthaf***!n B!tch @$$ Americans, I wanna go for another commercial break but that Giant Swing by Cesaro and the Los Matadores can’t be missed!  Oh F**K it here’s another commercial break

stop the blodclart complaining! Raw gives you commercial breaks, why can’t I???

WTF is that???? A bull whip from Zeb Coulter???? Looks suspiciously like those whips they used on my people in slavery!!! MUTHAF**K – THE GLOVES ARE OFF NOW – YOU WANNA F**K WITH ME ZEB COULTER??? Vincent Kennedy – Triple H – Stephanie – set the match for WrestleMania XXX – Infamous Informer Vs Zeb Coulter non-sanctioned match!!! I’m gonna F**K HIM UP!!!

Confirmed – Curtis Axel Vs Big E Langston for the I.C. belt in the YouTube match…. not happy about that but never mind!

YES!!! FEELIN THE COMBINED MIX OF GOLDUST & CODY RHODES MUSIC!!!! Bravo Jim Johnston! Why isn’t he in the hall of fame???? VINCENT KENNEDY FIX UP!!!

I’m so glad the commentators feel me on this one – this tag team contest between the Usos and the Shield should not be happening considering the conditions, but I like both teams so whoever loses, I WIN!!!

This is a great contest, but why the rarse has Dean Ambrose have to run his mouth to the new tag champions???? Now’s he’s getting his arse buss… or is it part of the plan??? Blodclart! ruckus all over the place! No #1 contender! That’s it – Triple Threat that muthaf***a!!!

Look at Triple TEEF applauding Danielson as he comes to the ring!!!!! Come on man Triple is as funny as hell!!! And HBK is a funny muthaf***a!!!!

I’m glad Randall acknowledged that he defeated Sheamus & John Cena but he SURVIVED against the Undertaker in Hell In A Cell… that is true. We have seen the Undertaker do worse in that thing word is bond!

You know these contract signings never end well in WWE!!! Let’s see how this one turns out, Randall has signed the contract… GASP! Daniel Bryan!!! You can’t call Triple & Steph selfish spoilt brats???!!! After Triple applauded you????

NO!!! Triple just disrespected Edge, Jericho & Rob Van Dam!!! We would be working for Ted Turner if they were the face of the company??? Yo Triple! Ted Turner would have to work for ME RUDE BOY!

WHOA!!! I know Danielson did not tell Triple that he should send for his wrestling gear and test him in one on one combat!!! I smell a Survivor Series match up… don’t you??? Well that depends on the outcome of the PPV…

NO TRIPLE!! How you gonna disrespect Shawn Michaels and his protegé like that??? I was wondering when HBShizzle was gonna speak coz he had a mic in his hand!

This is wild yo!!!! HBShizzle is putting his own best friend on BLAST!!!! What happened to the DeGenerate? How come he’s turned into a dry bread? What’s his beef with Danielson! Look at Randall getting paranoid!


Come on Triple! say those magic words your father in law said! “DON’T LET HIM IN HERE!!!”

Randall in shock! The Big Show! Telling Randall to turn around! Danielson with a knee to the face – BLAOW!!!!! Look at the face of Stephanie! The look of her father!!!! LAWWWWWWD!!!

BACKSIDE!!! I gotta order this PPV somehow some way! But yo! I’m gonna leave you with what I think should be the theme song for this sh!t!!! PEACE!








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The Jobber Blogger #71 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 10/10/13

Jobber Blogger logo2

Let’s all rejoice, my loyal “Blobbers” for the imminent and somewhat untimely release of my Blog is once upon among us. Yep, that opening sentence will indeed make as much sense, if not more sense than the estimated 3000 words which shall follow.

You know something that plays on my mind, I have been doing this Blog for a little over a year, and by little over a year, it’s probably a Month and a Bit, probably because I already forgot which date marked my year. But that is irrelevant details, clearly I want more people to read my ramblings, the very thought of having Discussion let alone criticism and death threats, is something every Writer wants. I feel my “Blog” gives off a different style of opinion / break down of the Events over in TNA: Wrestling land, but of course I want some Feedback.

What do you guys like, or dislike about my Blog? What would you want more of, any ideas to help it grow? Certainly an audience is keen motivation to continue it, but after 70 issues out there in the world, with one comment on IGN and a few other loyal readers along the way, the reception to these are minimal.

Tell me where to stick it! But do so in nice thoughtful ways, with humorous ideas and mannerisms, like the old fabled “Shut Up You Git, Else I’ll Poo In Your Hat!”

Impact Wrestling Logo


The newly hated Dixie Carter kicked off Impact this week by addressing the Closing segments of last week’s show, and the somewhat “flat” Quitting of Hulk Hogan. He who shall remain nameless from hence forth, she declared whilst riding on a trusty steed. Nope, not quite, she did however insist Hogan renames nameless from this point forward and had a big rant about how “Egotistical, self-serving” he was. The funny part about all of this, is that Hogan has a great Fan-Base, no doubt about it. But he also has a lot of people who don’t like him, either they get caught up in Hulkamania in person, or they just get shouted down. Regardless, Dixie spoke the “internet tongue” about Hogan, yet was met with a negative reaction. Which is only funny because Dixie has turned Heel on the back of the current complaints about the Company, all of which is yet again blurring the lines between TNA’s Storyline and “reality”.

Dixie continued her heated rant moving on to AJ Styles about putting Bully Ray in a match with Samoa Joe last week, so she is going to give Bully a Break, and do the return this week. Which really, seems rather fair, let’s be honest.

There is a strange divide building, The Aces and Eights were created to Battle TNA Management and bring the “power / belts” into their Faction. Half of this was sort of achieved, but now it seems Bully is siding with Management. And on the public front, everyone’s favourite TNA Star – AJ Styles has done nothing but spoke positively of having Hulk Hogan with TNA. So could a possible AJ endorsed Hogan alignment be coming up after BFG to bring about New, Old Changes to TNA, but at the hands of Hogan to try and swing the “haters” in the other direction? Who knows!

Sting stepped up, as he usually does to play the “Good guy – in the middle” to solve everyone’s problems, but this act got Dixie on his case also, saying “Everyone’s contract (in relation to the recent Lay-Offs?) are under Review” and how dare Sting book his own match for Bound For Glory, so Sting was given a Tag-Match partnering with Magnus, and if either of them lost, they won’t make the BFG Card.

Something very noteworthy of this entire segment was just how much the Crowd hate Dixie already, and it is impressive, sure they have used the “Changes” as motivation and she as a Figure Head, but Dixie always got a lot of love and praise from the Crowd, maybe it’s because she’s a Woman and playing the “Dumb, Rich” card to create more Heat. Obviously on the flip side, Sting always gets a good reaction, but he got a Great Reaction just from playing off of how much the audience loathed Dixie. An interesting thing to come which could create great tension, especially with the rise / push of AJ Styles to represent the “old”, this really does make you think TNA have been planning this “Change” for quite some time, and wherever they are looking to take the Company, I think a lot of people are going to be pleased.

Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy

I guess when most people Write Blogs, they either just break down the show, throw in some narrow minded “they should have done this” crap and then “Score” it. Well, sure, I like to include my opinion, but I know full well my opinion is Worthless, I am not going to let it feed any negativity toward TNA should my opinion be of that nature. And I am not going to be so moronic as to “Score” a Show or Matches. I will give you my opinions, but that will be as far as it goes. I like to mention each Match / Segment so that readers can read which part they wanted to, and to give little break downs of the match / show / opinions and news.

I find it incredibly tedious to actually break down and write about a match, I will simply tell you to watch it or not, again, my opinion. Most of the time I just mention details or talk about irrelevant things. For instance Jeff Hardy was sporting his more Old School attire once again, this I approve of, he looks like the Jeff Hardy I grew up watching, not that it really matters in the grand scheme of things, but he looks awesome, it’s always been one of his appeals.

Aries on the other hand seemed to be wearing new ring gear, or at least not much worn ring gear, which with Bound for Glory right around the Corner, you would think he would save them till then. Aries also dropped an Elbow Drop just as Jeff was trying to move out of the way and he caught him properly on the head, it looked Painful!

“It looked Painful” is a crappy description from a Wrestling Writer.

Put it this way, in a straight forward “Wrestling Match” between both Aries and Jeff, this has to be my favourite. And sure enough, they are both going to Raise the Bar for Ultimate X coming up at BFG, so if this is just two of the “5” guys competing, then we are going to be in for a Treat.

Speaking of being in for a treat, a Brain Buster from the Top Rope to finish the Match, I simply wrote “What!!!????” How insanely cool / dangerous did that look!

Aries picked up the Win in what I class as another “Match of the Year Contender”.

Samoa Joe made an appearance straight after the match to put himself in Ultimate X also, now making it a 5-Way, all I can think of is “Poor Kenny King”. There is still time for King to join the Match too. It does seem like the X-Division is being focussed on, no doubt again in relation to the “Change” fast approaching TNA.

Jesse vs. ODB

It has been a while since a Woman has Wrestled a Man one on one, and off the heels of Jesse’s loss last week, he threw out the Challenge to the Knockouts Champion. Rather silly really because EY would have beaten him off of his Elbow Drop, and Park would have beaten him off of his Splash, put them both together, plus ODB’s Splash, he wouldn’t have won anyway.

But logic be damned,  it’s Wrestling, and that’s why we love it!

Logic Be Damned

The more important points to mention are Eric Young and Joseph Park’s “Road Trip to Bound for Glory”. Where the duo take a 10-day Road trip to the Biggest show of the Year. This could of course mean they might win in the Tag-Team Challenge before the Event starts for the chance to Wrestle for the Tag-Championships. Pure speculation.

TNA Wrestling

Also Lei’D Tapa made her second appearance (Post Gut-Check) and beat down ODB in yet another impressive display. But more on this later when that pesky Logic comes back into play.


The “Extraordinary Gentleman’s Organisation” or E.G.O Held their “Hall of Fame” Ceremony. However first of all, I managed to spell each word of EGO wrong on my first attempt, so yay for spell check, and furthermore, Kaz and Daniels’ Comic-Book nerd background certainly comes into play for the name in the first place.

That being said, this Hall of Fame ceremony was blatantly obvious where it was going to end up, and frankly it’s “Pay Off” wasn’t as entertaining as the Ceremony itself. Also I seem be using quotation marks an awful lot in this blog, isn’t that good, I feel like Fred Durst writing “Hot Dog” to see how many F’Words I can fit into one song and then counting that number as part of the Lyric. In a completely unrelated manor, as a Young little Limp Bizkit fan growing up, one I find it highly amusing that at one time the WWE Called them their “Favourite Band” publically, and then shortly after they performed a song called “Crack Addict”. Oh how I wonder if they would publically endorse them now, and yes, I finally bought myself a Copy of “Gold Cobra” their newest album, and it’s rather good!

E.G.O’s HOF Ceremony had numerous high points, like Kaz and Daniels’ dressing up as the fans with a hefty throw back and insult with their homage to “Dumb and Dumber”. Taz’s “I want a suit like that” deserves a good ol mention too.

The Jobber Blogger

But the highlight came with Bobby Roode playing just as Stupid as his EGO Partners, and for someone like Bobby Roode who as at once a dangerous top of his game competitor, can also be the more bumbling fool too. We have seen this side of him before, even though he was always the more serious side of Beer Money, his run with Aries was nothing but comical, and he weeping over Kaz’ home made “Video Montage” was great. Also the Video Montage had me in stitches.

And then the moment everyone was expecting, Kurt Angle returned after Roode’s speech about how he deserves the Hall of Fame spot more than Angle. And yes, Angle looked in great shape, so I for one hope he put as much effort into his Alcohol Addiction that he did into Working Out, but he came back on fire. So much so, that he German Suplexed Kaz right on the back of his head, maybe even on the Microphone placed on the floor that seemed to really shake him up. Angle is now set to compete at Bound for Glory taking on Bobby Roode in what could be yet another potential show stealing match-up.

Velvet Sky (w/Chris Sabin) vs. Brooke – #1 Contender Match – Knockouts Championship

This was the rematch from last week after Lei’D Tapa delivered a beat down on Velvet. And since that match Velvet is now “injured” and ripe for the pickings, to one Brooke Tessmacher. Also now she has officially dropped the “Tessmacher” name, it’s been a long time coming, though “Don’t Mess with Tess” was a good Slogan. It still baffles me why they don’t just call her Brooke Adams, because one, it’s her name, and two, it’s a good name. Just calling her “Brooke” sounds disappointing on delivery, or just strangely over emphasised on her Ring Entrance.

Sabin is now full-on rocking the 118 guy look and being more of a jerk by covering up Velvet. Personally I think most men wouldn’t want their “Better Halves” to display themselves as much either, but we all know this is just a joke. Though it is weird to see him with his Girl Friend that flirts with everyone and rubs her ass on the ropes, it’s like he’s hired a Hooker to accompany him to the Ring.

In the end it was Sabin trying to give Velvet advice that led to Velvet being caught by a Roll Up from “Brooke…..” and losing the Match.

Even stranger is that apparently the Winner of this match goes on to Face ODB AND! Gail Kim at Bound for Glory. We all know Gail is great and everything, but since when did she qualify for this match? If anything, she is the most undeserving as it was ( I believe) ODB that beat her to get to Mickie, to Win the Championship in the first place. Surely it should be Lei’D Tapa who should be in with a Shot after her recent attacks, or just ODB vs. Brooke….

Bad Influence vs. Magnus and Sting

It appears as if the Main Event Mafia is pretty much no-more, though I guess Angle is finally back, but then The Aces and Eights are pretty much done for as well, so who really cares. What everyone should Care about, is Bad Influence and how great they are.

Like expected the theme of this Match is that Sting is better than Magnus. As Magnus was the one who took the main Beat Down, and Sting had small runs of being on the attack. In the end it was Magnus who landed his Impressive Top Rope Elbow Drop, but then proceeded to be “cocky” and try to win with the “Kingsland Cloverleaf” which Daniels broke up.

This leading to Sting tagging himself in and cleaning up the mess and Winning the match, leaving Magnus to be shown up.

It’s simple, but clever matches, sure we’ve seen it time and time again, and there hasn’t really been much “innovation” brought into matches since the days of “Lie, Cheat And Steal” from the late Eddie Guerrero. Still, it served its purpose and Magnus’ Heel Turn seems even more prominent. He’s pretty much always been a Heel, and every time they’ve tried to Push him, it sort of seems flat, least this past Year seemed to have worked well, but to Turn him Heel once more, could work in both directions. Personally I think he works either way, so long as he isn’t the typical Heel or typical Face in both regards.

The Aces and Eights vs. AJ Styles – Handicap Match

Bully chose which Match AJ Competed in, and he obviously gave this chance to his Brothers, Knux and Bischoff. Earlier on in the night they complained at Bully for only being the Three of  them left. But Bully didn’t miss an opportunity to blame it all on Mr. Anderson. Saying that Anderson is the one who caused the break-down of The Aces and Eights. Interesting, as his Mention brings him back into Story, specially where Bully is concerned. So a possible Anderson return is very likely currently. Personally I still want Anderson to come back, de-throne Bully and re-build The Aces and Eights, I think there is a lot of Gas left in the Faction, with or without Bully. I fear they are just planning to End it altogether though.

Just before AJ took to the ring, Dixie Carter confronted him, offering him a Check that was “More Money than he has ever seen” to just pack his bag and leave the Company. They haven’t really explained why Dixie hates AJ so much, they just seem to Clash. Obviously AJ tore up the Check and through it back at Dixie.

Long Story short, AJ showed just how Phenomenal in the Ring he really is, he looks the best he’s been in a long time, if not ever. I personally really like AJ’s new look and I think it suits a change, and also acts as great motivation for him as a Character to grow, both in the ring technically and as a Character whilst not competing. He defeated the Odd’s doing what he does best, and not in a “Super Cena” kind of way, in an out-smarting, quick moving, impressive, never giving up attitude that actually gets people behind you.

It eventually boiled down to Knux and Bischoff making an error and AJ winning from a Quick Roll-Up victory. However the celebration was cut short as Bully made his way into the Ring and proceeded to give AJ a Beat Down with his Chain in an act of “Getting the job done himself” in front of Knux and Bischoff.

Of course we expect AJ to take a beating going into Bound for Glory, but it also cements Bully as a Bully and as the toughest guy on the Roster that you don’t want to willingly cross paths with.

Though it was a steady (get the job done and stories in place) show from top to bottom, it still is building great momentum heading toward Bound for Glory. And what we see next week, and especially Bound for Glory itself, I think TNA is going to be coming out of their biggest show in a fantastic position.

Till Then,


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Monday Night Raw #1064: October 14, 2013!!!

Smack Talk Centre Ray Logo

Monday Night Raw #1064: October 14, 2013!!!

Now that the Big Show is unemployed (or is he? I’m about to find out) Triple & Steph say that he is unemployable… well The Grant says that is not true! He could actually be the  security for the job centre in the UK! Admittedly this would not benefit so-called job seekers that are scamming the system and if they try to get in the face of authority, they only need to say one thing: “BIG SHOW – KNOCK HIM OUT!!!” ……PPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!! Can you imagine the danger money Big Show would be paid? The other option, he was unfairly dismissed after all… take Triple and Steph to the employment tribunal! Sh!t if The Infamous Informer has done it once in his career (and won, I might add) Big Show can do it too!

Now there are petitions to bring Big Show back… how come there wasn’t one of these when AW got fired last year? Suddenly y’all care about the Big Show????

Racial man, racial!!! Enough of that sh!t!!! RAW #1064! HOL’ DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZOH SNAP! This week’s Raw is from the same building that the very first Hell in a Cell match took place! And who won that epic war? HBShizzle!!!! Well barely… Undertaker f**ked him up BIG TIME in that match! Damn what did HBShizzle do to make Undertaker so mad back in the day??!!! Y’all already know!


St. Louis is also the hometown of the evil one himself, Randall Orton! Let me guess, he’s gonna warn HBShizzle to call the match right otherwise he’s gonna get kicked in his head??? Hold up – Randall can’t disrespect his own people can he???? ‘not bright’? Is he essentially calling them Jeremy Kyle Jabronies???


HBShizzle where are your manners???? Listen to Randall when he’s talking sh!t!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!


Randall, I know you’re a legend killer and all that, but I gotta ask you – how are YOU gonna try to intimidate HBShizzle? This is the guy that was the referee in the Triple Vs Undertaker match at WrestleMania XXVIII – he ain’t sweating you I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT!


Oh SNAP!!! Randall had a match with The Miz scheduled, but The Miz thought – f**k that – I ain’t waiting for my crappy music to hit, I’m gonna rush Randall and f**k him up after he tried to f**k me up a few weeks ago!

Sorry Miz it ain’t the evil Randall you gotta worry about – it’s the more sinister Wyatt Family you gotta think about! they didn’t even say ‘We’re Here’… they just appeared, you looked as if to say – WTF? then Ranadall with an RKO – BLAOW!!!!!!

WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA!!! Wait a minute, Brad Maddox – How are you gonna put out a tag team championship match between the Shield and The Rhodes fam when the Usos are officially #1 contenders???? Shout out to Mike Knoxxx of the BDSIR Network for pointing that sh!t out too…. RACIAL MAN, RACIAL!!!

Don’t you just love when people fix each other’s ties and jackets etc on WWE?!!!! That’s what Paul Heyman be doing to Brad Maddox to sway him to add a bit of seasoning to the rematch at the Hell In a Cell PPV between CM Punk and Dryback… and rightfully so!

Maybe Maddox has added too much seasoning! Get this – there’s that good ol’ game WWE likes to play, it’s called Beat The Clock. If Ryback defeats R-Truth quicker than CM Punk defeats Curtis Axel, Paul Heyman chooses the stipulation. Conversely, if it is the other way round, Punk Midas chooses the stipulation…. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

As much as the Infamous Informer loves JBL, he has to sword swing at him lyrically: YO JBL?

HowXavier Woods are YOU gonna disrespect Xavier Woods??? The man put out a petition to get Big Show back in effect, WWE stars have signed it such as The Bella Twins, The Miz and even John Cena, you sitting there talking about – what sort of name is Xavier, – That is the same name as the boss man in the X-Men Marvel comics you big dummy! Furthermore, this dude wields two degrees, a masters and soon to be a PhD, and you are gonna sit there and diss him? My bredrin named his son Xavier, and can make beats and the age of 2!!!! Do you want me to send Undertaker after you again? It can be arranged you borderline racist pig!!!!

Yes the Infamous Informer will cuss his own favourite stars if he has to! Only The Undertaker and The Rock are exempt from the rule!

Lawd have mercy Los Matadores Vs 3MB again???? F**K THIS SH!T!!!!

WTF did I just hear? That little Torito dude has a twitter account? You can follow him if you want but not the Infamous Informer!!!

…and the win streak continues for Los Matadores! I’m not impressed – they have only defeated 3MB like 1064 times!!!! (See what I did there???)

UH OH!!!!! Here comes Triple TEEF!!! How’s your jawbone rude boy? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Hear the crowd! “YOU GOT KNOCKED OUT!!!” You know what they wanted to say really!!!


I’m sorry Stephanie I’m still laughing!! Carry on what you were saying! Look at Triple TEEF’s face! WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

They helped out with Big Show’s mortgage damnit! Big Show treats them with DISRESPECT and INSOBOARDINATION and YOU CHEER????!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

…and you internet wrestling d!ckheads say Stephanie can’t cut a promo… she said it – Triple ruled the Attitude era with an iron fist – don’t you mean an IRON HAMMER????

You can’t chant “What?” when Triple is talking???? THAT’S RUDE!!!!! He is the World Wrestling Federation DAMNIT!!!

Oh, it’s not the ‘What?’ chant that he doesn’t like… it’s the ‘YES!’ chant!!! Why you getting angry for Triple? You’re the one that’s TEEF!!!!!

So you mean to tell me that all that time Triple Teef wasn’t the bad guy??? Now he’s gonna go full-scale TEEF???? Oh dear we have done it now!!!!

Here comes the creator of the YES chant!!!! I assume he’s the one that’s gonna go through the most hell!!! Austin Vs McMahon ain’t gonna be sh!t now! This could bring it all back to TV-14!!!! (Ha look at you getting excited….you fool go sidung!)

Capacity crowd chanting YES! with their new hero! Look at Triple & Steph’s face! They look like steam is coming out of their ears!!!! WROOOOOOY!!!

Wait a minute! BERTIE! Why did he assault Danielson for no reason??? Oh SEEN! He’s his opponent? Ok let’s get it on!!! HAHA TRIPLE TEEF chanting YES!!! Oh no this is great!!!

You gotta love R-Truth for this! Knowing full well it’s a Beat The Clock challenge, he’s deliberately ramping about and greeting the fans, at the same time making Dryback mad! Haha R-Truth trickify!

Even Jerry Lawler loves it when the crowd chants ‘Goldberg’ every time Ryback is out there… I suppose it’s accWWE Goldbergeptable now that WWE have released the best of Goldberg matches and all that!

Now the crowd are chanting for JBL and Jerry Lawler! All they be doing is running joke on commentary! It’s only a matter of time before we hear ‘Michael Cole’!!! Go on fans you know you want to!

So now all CM Punk has gotta do is whupp Axel’s @$$ in 5:44 or less….well if he’s the ‘Best In Ah De Wurl’ I’m sure he can do it!

It’s better to give than to receive… so Stephanie decides to give Brie Bella an engagement present: a match against Tamina! YES! YES! YES! Stephanie is so kind!!! Now THAT is BEST FOR BUSINESS!

You know I look on how stunning my favourite Nubians – The Funkadactyls are and I think to myself… I so wished they were in the TV-14 era…. sure they would lose a bra & panties match but imagine that…. GOD DAYUUUUUUUM!!!!

I knew those muthaf***!n Real Americans would start on Los Matadores… the new tag team that the fans love and these muthaf***az wanna start on em… I hope they use their bullfighting skills that Vega taught them, use the knife they kill the bulls with and kill this Zeb Coulter muthaf***a! And the only reason the crowd are chanting ‘We The People’ is because of Antonio Cesaro!

All of a sudden Xavier Woods petition has been taken down from It’s because he’s black ain’t it?!!! Not to worry, the petition has been shared on social media and has gone viral – YOU CAN’T STOP US NOW!

SILENCE!!! Tamina Snuka is on… Go girl! DESTROY THAT BELLA WOMAN!!! I love Tamina’s new ring attire! Official bad gyal!!! I love my chick!

I actually like JBL’s defence here, Mike Cole’s like… why is AJ Lee allowed to be at ringside but Nikki Bella isn’t? JBL has the answer one time – Because the Bellas are TEEF – they use Twin magic – they swap places and the ref doesn’t see it and that’s how they win! VERY GOOD JBL! I will cuss if I have to but will compliment you if I have to! Like what Gordon Ramsay does in Hell’s Kitchen if you will!

YES! YES! YES! My girl Tamina mash-up Brie!!!! That’s what’s up! Now while Tamina drops the superfly move on Brie, allow me to put you on to this exclusive Facebook group run by my ninjas Jazz Kumar and Brent Armstrong, they recognize a Woman’s Worth, and they want to pay homage to Eva Marie, one of the newest divas on WWE and she has only had two wrestling matches, and based on her wrestling talent, she should be in the Hall Of Fame NEXT YEAR! YES! Above the likes of Randy Savage! The Ultimate Warrior! Even the Undertaker!!! Click on the pic below and be apart of it!!! HAHA!


OH SNAP!!!! CM Punk beat the clock! He had 12 seconds to spare! He could jump on top ropes and drop the Randy Savage elbow on Axel in that time for good measure! What’s the stipulation gonna be??? I say CM Punk Vs Heyman… neither Axel or Ryback can interfere and teef! Let’s hear it from Mr Midas…

Looks like the handicap match is running!!! That’s gotta please Heyman because that’s what he wanted yes??? Well er… no because it’s CM Punk Vs Ryback AND Paul Heyman inside HELL IN A CELL! Now that’s what I like to see! Paul Heyman sh!tting himself at the news!!!! Then these images follow…

Great wrestling contest between Bertie and Danielson even though it was a match set up out of spite by Triple Teef and Steph… but what’s Randall doing up on the titantron? I gotta bad feeling about this…

Good on Randall, he’s going to check on Brie, after all, she did get hurt by Tamina and AJ earlier…. he’s such a nice man isn’t he…..???? HE’S GONNA PUT IT IN!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Rather, it was just a trap and Danielson walked right into it… Brie was unharmed… Danielson walks right in the training room and Randall drops the ambush! Then he gives Brie one look as if to say this: “What’s your man gotta do with me? I ain’t tryna hear that see!!!” (Shout out to Positive K!)

So now the tag team championship match is No DQ???? Straight up The Shield’s alley! But to see Steph wrap her lips around Triple afterwards… GOD DAYUM!!! Anyone would think Triple might just tear her @$$ up in that room backstage! Well wouldn’t you????!!! I WOULD!!!!

Big ups to Michael Cole – he points out that the Usos are the TRUE #1 contenders to the tag team titles… so with that documented, Brad Maddox: YOU’RRRRREEE FIRRRRRRED!!!! Well at least that’s what I would do if I was the boss man, it would be BEST FOR BUSINESS!

Big ups to STC’s Negrodamus: The Shadfather – he did say that The Rhodes Vs The Shield at Battleground might as well have been the main event…now it’s the main event on Raw!

Hey TEEF – Dean Ambrose caught Cody’s leg to help his boys! (but it’s no DQ…oh snap!!!)

I was wondering when Dean Ambrose was really gonna get involved… it’s NO DQ – Triple put this on this ring for me and you! Take advantage man… take advantage!

Catch Goldust chair swinging! It’s all legal!!!! There’s no Dusty Rhodes this time! That’s the equalizer right there! I’m glad this wrestling match turned into an all-out ruckus! That’s what this is about rude boy!

This is why Roman Reigns is my favourite out of the Shield – Goldust getting speared through the barricade – BLAOW!!!!


Cody Rhodes & Goldust – NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!! BACKSIDE!!!! Did you see that Triple Teef? He was VEXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!! The crowd chanting YES! with the Big Show!


THE GRANT SAYS THIS: Even though it was a NO DQ match, don’t be surprised if Triple TEEF strips the Rhodes family of the tag team gold and gives it back to The Shield…. that could happen as early as Smackdown!











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Monday Night Raw #1063: October 7, 2013

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Monday Night Raw #1063: October 7, 2013!!!

Some so-called wrestling fans just DON’T GET IT, do they? Especially those that DID NOT PAY for the PPV by online streaming or watched it in the UK when on this occasion, it was free. So let me get this right so I can understand this: Triple Teef and Stephanie board a private jet and tweet that they gonna be at Battleground, Damien Sandow teases he will cash his cheque but doesn’t because he out-thought you idiots, RVD & Bertie had a crazy hardcore match, AJ Lee’s win represents wrestling skill and  no reliance on reality tv, Cesaro’s Giant Swing on Khali showcased more untapped potential, The Rhodes Family fought a heartfelt match and now Goldust is back on the roster, and the main event still has an uncrowned champion…. knowing that Hell in A Cell is the next PPV, and muthaf***az are STILL b!tching??? I realise what you d!ckheads must do….




Was it me or did you hear the Vincent Kennedy in Stephanie’s voice when she told Big Show to SHUUDUP!!!! Oh lawwwd somebody VEXXXXXX!!!! Big Show punched everybody through school buses at Battleground… maybe the Big Show needs to Get In The Chair!

Now, while Stephanie is here running Big Show down to the ground, Show delivers a gunshot – He knocked out Bryan because he was TOLD my Steph!!!!! So the idea was to screw Danielson out of the title to begin with!

Yo Steph! How you gonna play me girl? Tryna say that you and Triple wasn’t at Battleground??? Ladies & Gentlemen of the Smack Talk Centre, Powerbomb Pro Wrestling News and Came Amateurs UK, The Infamous Informer has OFFICIAL PROOF that Steph & Triple WAS at Battleground! I’m gonna let it out here exclusive on RePPiN4U: Represent The Real Hip Hop! You’re like ‘This is why I clicked this link!!!’ You ready???? HERE WE GO!!!

Stephanie McMahon@StephMcMahon 6 Oct

. @TripleH On our way to #Battleground

That’s your official twitter, is it not???? You are a corporate executive, are you not? So you just lied to the world on TV that you was not at Battleground???? Stephanie McMahon: GET IN THE BED!!!
Did Big Show just call Triple a ‘son of a b!tch’ husband???? GASP!!! You have just gained some balls now huh????
Steph to Big Show: What did five fingers say to the face???? SLLLLAAAAAP!!!!
Dayuuum she’s straight slapping him and Big Show is smiling about it! WTF??? Kick him in the d!ck Steph!
Well she did verbally…. YOURRRRR’E FIRRRRRRRED!!!!! I knew there was a catch when Goldust grabbed his contract! There was only room for one job after all! Look at the face of Steph! All I see is Vincent Kennedy!
So much for the free YouTube match, we get to see Dolph Ziggler Vs Damien Sandow again! Come on Sandow!!!! Use your brain to out-think the show off!!!
F**K!!! How could you let Ziggler beat yuh Sandow???? God damnit I would have called the Shield straight away to buss your arse….. and Ziggler’s for that matter!
Not liking that but lets talk about the finer things in life…. THE LADIES!!!!GRANT - BODY - P
Natalya, JoJo, Eva Marie in 12 t!tty action against Aksana, Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes!
Was it me or did Natalya feel up Alicia Fox’s Bonita Applebum when she went for the roll up pin??? This is great! THIS IS WRESTLING!!
Wait a minute – I didn’t see what JoJo could do in the ring…. was that meant to be their in-ring début? I would ask for answers on a postcard or tweet me at @MZATheInfamous but what good would that do when you muthaf***az are queueing at the toilet? Men SHOULD NOT be queueing – that’s a female trait! (No disrespect to the ladies of course…you know Grant loves you!!!)
Ok Stephanie baby girl…. you gotta fire Anthony Benigno: the journalist that writes the Raw reports on You know why??? Look here I’ll show you…
“Make it dos for Los Matadores, who followed up their début victory over 3MB with a second win over a new permutation of the rockers’ ranks:”
Now I watched Smackdown last week, and Los Matadores defeated 3MB there too.. so that makes it TRES victories!!!! Stephanie… you know what to do… and while you’re at it hire the fried chicken eating, supermalt guzzling, styling & profiling, hip hop reppin, diva loving Infamous Informer as your new writer!!!
Ok so let me get this right so I can understand this: Dryback didn’t like the fact that CM Punk punched Ryback in his d!ck so he could get the win at Battleground??? So I take it you don’t like Chyna? Triple Teef? Ric Flair? THEY INVENTED THAT MOVE! (Er no they didn’t it was Johnny Cage) (actually no it was scorned women…) alright – alright you have a valid point there!
So here’s Dryback calling out the Wolverine while Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman are in the ring, while we know CM Punk will go out swinging and not care, another joins Punk and these two have something in common: THEY SPEAK THE TRUTH! R-Truth come cross! Ok playas, it’s gonna be a tag team match!!! God Bless Teddy Long!
Is it me or are WWE pushing R-Truth lately? Bear in mind that he didn’t win the Intercontinental Championship at Battleground? R-Truth defeats Curtis Axel in the tag team match… I’ve asked myself that a lot in this blog lately! IS IT ME??

Wait a minute…. didn’t the Wyatt Family sacrifice Kofi Kingston at Battleground? Here he is fighting Randall like nothing happened to him…. we haven’t seen my hero Kane in WEEKS!!!! Yeah I know he’s on his See No Evil 2 sh!t but lets keep it storyline shall we wrestling fools???!!!

One thing I’m surprised at – The voices were not in Randall’s head – it seemed as if he showed ‘mercy’ to Kofi! He didn’t kick him in his head, he didn’t set up the chair in between Kofi’s neck…. nothing! Maybe he would have done but Danielson rushed the ring and attacked Randall! Now THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! BRING THE RUCKUS! THEY HATE EACH OTHER! BRING DOWN THE CELL!!!! SHOW NO MERCY!!!!

Hmmm… should this be the Hell In A Cell theme song for the STC/Powerbomb???

Oh my god who let Vickie Guerrero in here? Why isn’t she fired??? Was somebody baking pizzas again??

Hold up, wait a minute – Bertie must defend his World Heavyweight Title against who??? John Cena???? Hang on – wasn’t he injured for like 6 months??? It’s only been two months!!! No no no this is not right!!!! What happened to #1 Contender spot??? What did Bertie do to deserve this?

John Cena comeback

Ok I speak to the entire wrestling world, fans, IWC, everybody (yes even the IWC we must unite as one here – ) I’m not the biggest John Cena fan in the world, I don’t dislike him either… but Cena MUST LOSE at the next PPV! We MUST BACK BERTIE IN UNISON! Either that or if Cena wins we force Sandow to cash in his cheque! We must set a twitter trend!!! #SANDOWCASHIN!

Look W’happen – Ricardo Rodriquez just pinned Bertie! SHOCK! HORROR! SHAME! DISGRACE! Now look what you’ve done Vickie, Cena…. you made Bertie brukk up Ricardo’s arm with the steel chair… are you proud of yourselves now? Cena just couldn’t keep away could he? He just couldn’t let Danielson & Randall get their shine…. STC member Singer Manny is right – the man is selfish tuh-rarse!!!!

The Real Americans Vs Santino & Great Khali: So good you just had to see it twice!!!! Er WWE you’re not helping giving away free matches like this! You think I would let the fans see this again? They should have seen it the first time ah bumbaclart!!! F**k it – LET’S SEE IT AGAIN! AH YEAH AGAIN & AGAIN!

Even racist bigots know how to have fun! Check it, Wack Swagger throws Hornswoggle into the ring, Cesaro goes for the Giant Swing… and ‘does his back in’!!!!! HA! HA! I like that!!!

The Wyatt Family said that they are gonna get em all… now it looks like The Miz is next!!! I don’t consider The Miz a ‘hero’…. GET HIM WYATT!!!! KILL HIM!!!!! Oh no! Just like Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Miz got away in the transport module! THE GRANT SAYS THIS: The Miz and Kofi Kingston must combine their force for the time being against these guys, and if the fire explodes and my hero Kane returns… then they even aren’t they!!!

Ok Well done WWE for messing up my prediction that Big Show was gonna be added into the championship match, nah really I mean that! Your job is to throw the fans off every time! Now Randall and Danielson must fight in the Cell, with a guest referee? Who is it gonna be? As much as I rate Booker T he has come off with some bullsh!t lately… some sh!t that black people would not approve so he’s disqualified, I don’t know where Bob Backlund is going with his nutty self, Linda McMahon couldn’t be senate so what makes him think the WWE Universe gonna vote for his crazy @$$? Somebody get a straight jacket for this muthaf***a!!! Yeah imagine him putting the chicken wing on either Randall or Danielson…. that’s gonna work out well isn’t it?

Now… Shawn Michaels… he’s the man for the job! If he can officiate the Hell In A Cell match between Triple and Undertaker – he can officiate ANY match in my book. Oh no they got HBK to plug the WWE app! The way he said it… so sarcastically! Vintage Shawn Michaels muthaf***a! And thank God he had a shave! I respect the beard but HBK’s was unacceptable quite frankly!

Vote for HB-Shizzle???? Wait a minute – you’re not a hip hop head Shawn!!! Like I haven’t seen you throw up your W… you always did the crotch chop and sh!t!!!

Never mind the Shield assaulting Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes & Goldust – wasn’t the Big Show fired???? Did he Sean PPPPP the security through school buses???? He’s not supposed to be here!!!!

Look at Triple TEEF hiding behind the Shield!!!! HAHA YOU PANSY!!!! I thought you were the best of the best??!!!!

Hang on, it seems The Shield may not be able to stop the juggernaut that is The Big Show! Triple is hoping that the Shield weaken him so that he can back off his jacket, loosen his collar and cuff links and beat down The Big Show! Look at Triple screaming orders! “FINISH HIM”!!!! Yo this ain’t Mortal Kombat muthaf***a!!!

OH SNAP! The Big Show took out The Shield! Your bulletproof vest ain’t sh!t Triple!!! Yuh goose cook now! PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!! Triple TEEF just got punched through school buses!!!! Look at the crowd!!!! All you needed was Good Ol’ JR and the glass to smash!!!! Danielson standing over Triple and the YES chant heard worldwide! I knew I had trouble sleeping last night! OH SH!T!! Danielson fixed Triple’s Tie!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Now that’s ill!!!!

THAT WAS THE GREATEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN! But the question remains! How come Big Show suddenly had the balls to stand up to Triple? How come he deliberately got himself fired? Is he really fired? Or did he sign a new iron clad contract with somebody else behind Triple’s back? You gotta think these things!!!

Just to end this blog, lets slap a big old pic of that Sean P punch to Triple by The Big Show!!!









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The Jobber Blogger #70 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 3/10/13

October 7, 2013 by DiVineDiablo

Jobber Blogger logo2

Back to Ye’ Ol’ Mondays! Aren’t they fun, and no, I haven’t been working this Weekend, just how things have fallen. I knew I had Monday evening free to Write it up, and of course IGN’s own Matt Fowler doesn’t get the Wrap-Up online till Tuesday, of course he does mainly Cover Raw, but I like to look at it as a One Up regardless!

I have been giving my loyal “fans” some thought this past week, also because Jobber Blogger Super Fan – Linda, didn’t leave feedback from last week, so that’s a rather Hefty Black Mark against her name now. I’m sure she won’t take that seriously.

Also “Blobs” just don’t seem to cut it as a Snappy Enough name to continue the Theme of what I was going for. I am, however, The Jobber Blogger, so I would like to now claim that my Loyal Fans are, Blobbers! Yes, it’s a much more sensible title that I didn’t just randomly think of on the spot.

Speaking of randomly thinking of things and also rambling about things on the Spot, behold the remainder of this Blog!

Impact Wrestling Logo


I’m sure everyone noticed this, but the “Previously on Impact Wrestling” Voice Over Guy, and of course TNA’s usual Voice Over Guy  was different this week. And I shall be the very first in saying “he sucked”. And let’s leave it at that.

I for one would think I could do a good VO for TNA’s video packages, of course I would try and read it like a Half Arsed Solid Snake with grizzly throat pronunciations and strange face pulling. Long Live David Hayter!

Keither Sutherland Image

 AJ Styles’ kicks off Impact this week, and continues to use his “Evil Ways” theme for the opening of his Entrance. Something really awesome about this Theme is just how quickly it numbs the crowd into Silence. I think that is a testament to AJ’s current position. AJ had a few things to say, number one that he likes Hulk Hogan, which he has in fact come forward in interviews and said Hogan has been nothing but Positivity since he joined TNA, and he has stuck around for 4 Years, he is only looking at leaving now purely because TNA might not resign him. AJ was out to talk about Bully Ray, and this marks the first time they have actually really acknowledged each other since AJ won the BFG Series.

TNA continue to push the fact that AJ is not under contract, which I highly doubt, least if he is not, then he will be agreed to something, I am sure of it. Still with AJ having “nothing to lose and everything to gain” he declares he is “All In” against Bully Ray.

Bully made an appearance to talk back at AJ about how AJ claimed he “Hopes to Win”. I honestly don’t remember him saying that, but I’m sure it was in the script. Still, AJ arranged to have Samoa Joe battle Bully Ray in the Main Event, which seems a little odd. It’s like Bully needs to prove himself, rather than AJ taking the fight to Bully. Still, it looks as if AJ is creating a “Old School” TNA Faction, his “Band of Brothers” and Samoa Joe is at the top of that list.

 Kenny King and Chris Sabin vs. Manik and Jeff Hardy

So this was a little unexpected. It did actually take me a little while to think who would be teaming with Manik, seeing as Aries was Ring-Side. Then of course it makes perfect sense to have Jeff be that guy, seeing as Manik’s “Dream Match” a few weeks back was with Jeff.

I honestly found it hard to fathom why King was in this match, least with how it ended. I for one am a big Kenny King fan, and I am glad to see him back, but he does seem to be used as a “Filler” currently. Either way, I was also surprised he didn’t have his head bandaged up from his Match against Aries, which only took place an hour or so before this one (taped on the same night) which of course led to the wound being re-opened.

A good solid match overall with Sabin continuing his “Heel Ways” but the finish came with Manik doing his front knee drop thing, and Jeff following that up with a Swanton Bomb for the Win. Sabin then attacked both Manik and Jeff, and Aries ran in the ring to attack Sabin. I was expecting a One on One Sabin vs. Aries match, but instead Aries challenge Sabin to fight himself, Manik and Jeff Hardy in a Four-Way Match. Which I don’t think is quite how it always works. And then Jeff Took it up a Notch, BAM! By making it an Ultimate-X Match, which Jeff has never competed in. So basically, both Aries and Jeff made themselves an X-Division Championship match at Bound for Glory, and poor Manik had to go along. Apparently he Agreed, but of course he would. My point was, what happens to Kenny King now? Is he just back on the Side-Lines? And why does Sabin get to be a Jerk and get Two Title Matches back-to-back. He jumped Manik one week, got a Title Match the next, and now he acts like a Jerk to annoy Three Guys, and they include him in a Championship match just to get revenge. Wrestling Logic, how I love Thee!

Book of Logic Image

One of my favourite scene’s of this week’s Impact was Hogan and Sting shooting the breeze backstage. Sting saying he has Hogan’s back, and both of them discussing Dixie Carter’s “Power Trip”.

Dixie’s assistant then hands Hogan a Watch, which he “HULK’S UP” to Tear Through, and rips the top ribbon, and then the bottom of the Box off, before he just lifted the Lid to reveal a Watch.

Though Hogan’s line of “She is worse than Bischoff… he never gave me Anything” was priceless.

Magnus vs. E.G.O – Gauntlet Match

After EGO’s continual assault on Magnus he has taken it upon himself to Single-Handily defeat them all one after the other to prove himself the better man. It’s been a running thing now to have Magnus lose and for him to take that loss hard.

First up was Christopher Daniels, who really doesn’t get much chance to Showcase his abilities, because Daniels’ is fantastic between the Ropes. After a BME Attempt, Magnus’ caught him with his Foot, and then dropped him with a Driver (Magnum Driver?) to pick up the Win.

Of course next out was Kazarian, who yet again is fantastic between the ropes. But it was Magnus with the “Kingsland Cloverleaf” that led him to a Submission Victory. Also whilst on the topic, the Texas Cloverleaf has always been one of my favourite Submission Holds, and Kingsland Cloverleaf has an awesome ring to it. So kudos for that!

And last but not least, Bobby Roode. Before Roode made his way into the Ring, Kaz hit Magnus with a Low-Blow, a good back and forth match between the two, but in the end it was Roode with an “Ankle Lock” funny enough, to which he also lay down and applied the leg scissors for the Win. It was a Blatant “Kurt Angle” Finisher, which I am sure is planting Roots for Angle’s Return. What annoys me about this is that it makes Bad Influence look Weak, and they are far from it. Let’s be honest, Magnus has just become a more “Main Event Player” since the BFG Series. Put him up against AJ Styles and Magnus comes across the Under-Dog, yet TNA is built on AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels, and Daniels has and can beat AJ, which means he has the better chance of defeating Magnus. I know the logic behind it, but still, to have them defeated for Roode to be the “Big Dog” of the Pack, is kind of Silly. Roode is the Cemented Main Event Star in EGO, but Kaz and Daniels are top contenders in their own right and more than capable of beating Magnus in a Singles Match, rather than being defeated back to back.

Either way, Magnus stood up after yet another Loss and was treated with a good reaction from the TNA Crowd, Magnus of course flipped out and through yet another Strop. Which is when Sting decided to come and calm him down.

What followed was much better than I anticipated. Magnus, after Months and Months of being called “the future” of Wrestling, obviously just fell short of Winning the “big one”. And with everyone “seeing “it” in him” he doesn’t see it in himself. The whole thing was cleverly crafted, obviously Sting went on to talk about grabbing the opportunity, and Magnus saying he fell just short of it and that Ric Flair was who put Sting on the Map, and who is going to put Magnus on the Map. Which is when Sting offered up the Challenge of he facing Magnus.

It was well done, though Sting’s “ME!” came a little out of No-Where, the idea of Magnus vs. Sting is great, I actually hope they can have a big “Put him on the Map” type of Match. I’m sure it will be surrounded with Magnus turning Heel and joining Dixie Carter, or at least turning heel against Sting. Time will tell.

EGO had an awesome backstage Segment with Kaz and Daniels singing Roode’s “Off The Chain” Song, and then dropping the Bombshell that next week they are inducting Roode into EGO’s Hall of Fame taking the spot light from Angle’s BFG Induction. For one, who cares if they have their own ceremony, two TNA’s HOF is dumb and stupid, I can admit that, and everyone can see it’s their way of trying to Grab any kind of Glory away from the WWE First. And with a Company whose owners are considering selling the business, when you’re future is unsure, why do you have a Hall of Fame?

Brooke vs. Velvet Sky – #1 Contenders Knockouts Championship Match

First of all, Chris Sabin didn’t want to come out and help Velvet, that might be because he was about to go shoot the next 118 Ad

Sabin 118

And the biggest mess of all, Brooke Tessmacher is now simply “Brooke”.  I don’t have a problem with them dropping the Tessmacher name, it’s dumb and crap and they might as well just name her “THE SLUT!” because Tessmacher sounds like a Porn Name. Her Real Name of Brooke Adams is an awesome name, why not use that?

Before the match got started Lei’D Tapa turned up, BROOKE!!! ran off, and Velvet got the crap kicked out of her. It was a good debut, though it perhaps could have done without this

TAPA Tongue

Either way, having Lei’D Tapa debut like that was Strong, sure she’s going to be compared to Awesome Kong, but I’ve always found Kong overrated. Tapa’s debut would only be better if she hadn’t already turned up in a more “Human” form via Gut Check, this kind of Debut works much, much better!

Speaking of Debut’s, we even got our first “glimpse” of Ethan, and personally, I loved it! But words don’t do it justice:

Samoa Joe vs. Bully Ray

It was a rather odd idea having this match, my thinking is they wanted to show an alliance between AJ and Joe, but if AJ leads a new Old School TNA Faction, and Bully Ray or Anderson leads The Aces and Eights, and then there’s EGO and Main Event Mafia, TNA is breaking up into Factions. Too many Factions!

Regardless, Joe is looking more Old School, which I’m sure is no coincidence, he and Bully went back on forth in a good match. In the end it was Hebner who got taken out, Joe made Bully Tap (yay predictable!), Bully got his Chain, hit Joe, Hebner saw it, Bully got DQ’d.

Bully then threw Hebner to the floor and proceeded to removed the Matt’s on the outside to expose the Concrete to Pile-Drive Samoa Joe onto. This is when AJ jumped the Audience Barrier and attacked Bully, then retreat to Celebrate in the Crowd.

Yes, AJ got kicked out of the Building earlier on in the night by Dixie Carter, which would be better if he and Bully talked, Carter threw him out, then AJ made a deal with Hogan to get Joe to fight Bully. That would make more sense. Either way, doesn’t matter.

AJ’s celebration in the Crowd is also reminiscent of CM Punk, still, AJ has the added bonus of being the Face of TNA, and issuing in a possible and much requested Change for TNA.

Hulk Hogan’s Decision

Hogan making his choice of either being a Team Player or not was the Theme for this week’s Show. Obviously the ending was what they were building to, but what it was really seemed a little dull for an entire theme to be based around. I mean Dixie didn’t really give him much of an ultimatum, nor did she give him a time frame.

The whole segment seemed to be a little flat, even with the “pay off”, but basically Hogan blabbed about how he’s not happy how Dixie has been doing her Business, but he gets it. And that her “offer” whatever the hell it was, was an amazing offer, for somebody else, and he quits.

Her offer was pretty much work with me to run things, which wasn’t really much of anything to be fair. And yes, Hogan’s contract was set to expire, and both parties are looking for him to Re-Sign but it all comes down to Money. So Hogan quitting is just a way to get him off of TV should they not come to a deal. I actually think Hogan as a new Aces and Eights President to battle Dixie would be cool. The main issue I find, is I think Hogan is a team player, I don’t know how much of this “backstage heat” is legit or not. The fact is, I think having Hogan paid to be an On-Air character is limited. A role of GM is good, sure, but he’s not Great at it, nor I don’t think he is needed, he would be better used elsewhere. Or they should have a bigger plan for him than just in the role of GM.

Still, say what you will, I would prefer it to see Hogan stay with TNA, his name is priceless in gaining any professional attention, either from Fans and of course from Marketing to Business Deals.

Not to mention having Dixie cling to his Leg down the Entrance Ramp was a great touch. Though it is funny how quickly the Audience has gone against her, and how quickly she has been reduced to a Tramp, the phrase “Take a Ride on the Dixie Train” did wonders to the Crowd. Now she’s a grovelling, clueless, rich, sleazy mature woman. But, she is very convincing on Air, and I actually think I prefer her in this Role, and going forward, that could be Pivotal for TNA.

Good things one would hope are around the Corner!

Can’t wait for Bound for Glory where they really Shake Things Up!

Till Then,

Dan Wilkinson

TNR Cover 12


Monday Night Raw #1062: September 30, 2013!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Monday Night Raw #1062: September 30, 2013!!!

What’s this I hear? You can’t get online on GTAV? What’s all the complaining and b!tching for? Consider yourself lucky your PS3 or XBox 360 failed on you with the red/yellow light of death! I thought the streets would be quiet like when England plays Germany in the world cup! Now you are forced to socialize, or even worse, read this blog and hear me diss your favourite wrestlers – YES it’s the Hip Hop reppin, fried chicken eating, Supermalt guzzling, stylin’ and profylin’, diva loving, wrestling fan hating Infamous Informer!

Dangerous ground
Tre pound seven spin around for my bredren the clouds come down
War and peace, I take it to the street
Land shark on my lawn chop the thumbs off a thief! 

En route to Battleground! RAW #1062! HOL’ DAT – BLAOW!!!


Wanted to know where Big E Langston disappeared to? Well here he is!!!! CM Punk wanted a fight, well he got one alright!

…watching this wrestling contest, all it is, is that it’s showing that if CM Punk can defeat Langston with the Go To Sleep super move, he can do that to Ryback at the Battleground PPV… well The Grant Says….. No no no I don’t do predictions here! I get behind the camera to talk predictions so be on the look out for that! All I do here is run joke where appropriate!!!

I’m sorry I don’t understand the sh!t Bray Wyatt and his fam be talking… Kofi Kingston had a steel chair in his hand as if to go Jafakecan and say ‘Unno stop your noise bwoy and tek some beaten in your head-cup!!!’ With 6 matches confirmed for Battleground there must be a segment between Kofi and the Wyatts surely…. Kofi I think you will need help though! Where’s that dude who speaks ‘the TRUTH’???? I mean, he got that ‘Little Jimmy’, the Wyatts got that ‘Sister Abigail’… better call your bredrin Kofi!!!


Wolverhamptons Last Outlaw

Ok it’s the moment y’all been waiting for (Well I wasn’t waiting quite frankly…) It’s the début of those Los Matadores… first thing, let Lillian Garcia announce you with her Spanish fly @$$! What the f**k is up with that bull???? This is some BULLSH!T!!! Pun intended!!!! (nah Grant give em a chance – you don’t wanna be like them IWC idiots….) yeah true say! Let’s watch…

Ok so they got some kid called El Torito, and they got some impressive super moves…. nice! It’s only a matter of time before they feud with those idiotic so-called ‘Real Americans’… I’m not feeling the entrance theme though… and what’s with the pink attire? not feeling that either… I don’t care if it’s #RiseAboveCancer, you can support the cause without having to wear pink! Well anyway, this is what their entrance should really be like… yo check it…

Play this music, and I’ll be over with the Los Matadores!!!! Come Rosa Mendes! Strictly Come Dancing with me! Do the Lambada!!!

So they are finally called ‘The Authority’… no need to call them the ‘Corporation’… F**k that, I’m gonna call em how Eric Cartman calls em… The Authoritaaah!!!!

WWE Battleground 2013

WWE Battleground 2013

So hold up, last time I check Steph, wasn’t there only one job???? Now you’re saying there are now two jobs??? Yo I wanna job! I’m studying Journalism! One of my modules involves getting work experience! Sh!t I’ll do this sh!t for free! Er wait, All I need is a new PS3, WWE2K14, a new TV to play it on, some Wu-Wear, and some food inna mi belly at night!

This is the storyline I am engrossed in though, the Rhodes family. Admittedly I wasn’t so hot on the Rhodes until NOW. So this is how it goes down, the Rhodes will face The Shield at Battleground. If they win, they are employed with WWE. They lose, that’s the end of the Rhodes family… and Dusty Rhodes joins them in the job centre? So wait there… Dusty is working for WWE as well? I don’t understand that Triple.. Dude is like – 68 – isn’t he already retired? Furthermore, what if Dusty works for somewhere else??? Erm…Hexplain yourself Triple!!!

I don’t think Triple needs to explain himself at all – The Shield come and explained it for them!!!!! Triple Powerbomb into the canvas – BLAOW!!!!! But wait… suppose The Shield LOSE at Battleground???? How are they gonna report to the Authoritaah???? OH BOY OH BOY!!!

Er… why are the crowd chanting ‘CM Punk’ while Curtis Axel and R-Truth are fighting??? Oh I just answered my question did I??? Oh ok!!!!

Now they’re chanting ‘Boring’???? Er Punk Midas…. you might have to send for the Cult Of Personality here!

OH SNAP!!!!! HERE WE GO!!!! Why you getting worried Heyman? Isn’t your lover Dryback gonna save you this time? I’m sure he will!!! (Shout out to STC member Icy Fresh!)

As for you Axel… you’re there getting fired up like a fool and you forget that R-Truth still in the ring! Laid you out – BLAOW!!!! That means he’s liable to take your I.C. Title!

Look at Heyman! He’s like – ‘ah you got me!!!! Now let me go and just wipe my doo-doo bottom!’

Big ups to R-Truth for stating he wants that title, and getting that fine @$$ Renee Young to say ‘What’s Up!!!’ I’d be like – Renee what’s up wit you girl??? wanna Come Dine With Me??? Yam & dumplin, Rice & peas, chicken, they good for your hips girl!

Before I continue on with my favourite part of the show I wanna give a shout out to WWE Hall Of Famer Trish Stratus who has just given birth to Baby Maximus! Big respect to her, not so much respect to her baby father who hasn’t wrote that book I asked him for yet! (What book?) Yeah the book of him engaging in coitus with Trish! How many wrestling fans the world over have dreamt of that and this guy has LIVED IT?!!!!!!

Dayuum Alicia Fox you have put some meat on that @$$ haven’t you! And your fighting style has much improved! You wanna tribute video like Trish??? Join the queue!!!!

Big ups to Brie Bella on that win… so what is that super move called? the Bella factor? I also find it amusing that one minute Nikki Bella was in crutches and could hardly walk and now she’s back in them clear heels!!!! Girl you NASSSSSTAAAAY!!!

I could talk about the Alberto Del Rio vs Zack Ryder match, but nah – f**k that lets talk about this instead… Well it looks like bad news for us Undertaker fans, those cryptic #RestInPieces tweets by WWE was not talking about a return, but from what I made out, this Todd McFarlane dude has something to do with it… I think he’s bringing Undertaker to the comic book franchise! Now I’m not a comic book head.. but I wouldn’t mind reading that good sh!t!

OH SNAP!!!! Tell me I’m not hearing right! Is Paul Heyman that much in love that he wants to make an honest man out of Dryback???? OH MY GOD NO HE’S TOOK HIM BY THE HAND!!! What are we teaching our kids???? STOP THIS MADNESS!!!

“Ryback… you big bad ‘beautiful’ man will you become a Paul Heyman Guy????” WWE is confusing the kids!!!! This is disgusting! The WWE ‘Universe’ does not support it! NO! NO! NO! Like Daniel Bryan!!! Before Dryback said the dreaded Y-word, The Cult of Personality does not approve! Jumps over the barricade and…. WHOA!!! He mash-up him knee???? Must be a trick surely!!! The doctors took long enough to come out and check on him! He’s a Wolverine….use your healing powers Punk what’s wrong with ya!

Ha-haaaaaaah!!!! He is WOLVERINE! There was nothing wrong with his knee! Used it as bait so he could somehow reach for the kendo stick and lick down Heyman, Axel and Dryback with it!!! Good trick CM Punk but you gotta come better than that – Mark Henry’s retirement speech was superbly done!

YES! YES! YES! Ziggler lose to The Shield again!!!! Are you jabronies satisfied now that Ziggler is WACK??? he can’t beat them! I feel it for the Usos though, #1 contenders for the tag titles – but can’t face them at Battleground because of the Rhodes family B.U.T. I can’t complain, the Rhodes storyline is red hot!

You’ll never guess what, I’m gonna big up The Real Americans! (GASP!!!) I know! How can you NOT respect Cesaro’s giant swing? It is incredible! Cesaro – just do the right thing and turn face against Wack Swagger and Zeb Coulter, who I’ve also gotta big up because they are reppin the pink for the fight against Cancer…. well to me they are pu$$yholes anyway so they got the right colours on! Seriously there is NO NEED to wear pink in the fight, as long as you contribute and support, you ain’t gotta wear pink… f**k that sh!t! I’m the Infamous Informer and I approve this message!

Oh no Cesaro threw the snake away (Santino’s prop)… how is Santino gonna win??? He has to rely on his wrestling skills now!

Oh SNAP – surprise pinfall and Santino got him!!!! HA! It’s all about this Italian fist!!! GWARN SANTINO!

The latest Big Show episode has brought me to a conclusion I should have seen a long time ago… This is leading to Big Show Vs Triple Teef… I thought it was probably Triple Vs Daniel Bryan… now I’m not sure which one is coming first… Apparently the po-po was gonna arrest Big Show for wilding out until Stephanie put the brakes on… saves Big Show from getting arrested but tells the po-po that she talks to show’s wife and she tells her that his sexual prowess is lacking as well???? This is getting out of hand surely! You can’t say them tings!!!! Big show sees the Triple H Thy Kingdom Come canvas on the wall and proceeds to give it the Sean P treatment….unfortuantely Show I have… well rather Bruce Lee has a few words for you…

Uh-Oh!!!! Er Randall how are gonna go there by bringing Brie Bella into this???? That’s personal rude boy – this is not what’s best for BUSINESS!!!! Oh I get it… you fancy her don’t you!!!!  You want to PUT IT IN!!!! Because you have no pum-pum in your life right now!!! You can pick any woman you want Randall – STC member Dawn Bayley will sacrifice her fiancé just to have her way with you!!

It’s all out ruckus now! Randall practically said to Danielson that he would f**k Brie better than he can! Er Brie, why you coming down to ringside for? I know you wanna defend your man, but all you have done is put the voices in Randall’s head…. they chat to him!!!!

Brie – don’t just stand there – find a kendo stick and lick down Randy! Look what you made him do, set up Danielson on the announce table – RKO – BLAOW!!!! It’s no good telling Randall to leave him alone – Randall be like – you want me to leave him alone? then come and suck this c@ck!!!!

Just think – it could have been worse – Randall could have kicked Danielson in his head…

Dangerous ground
Tre pound seven spin around for my bredren the clouds come down
War and peace, I take it to the street
Land shark on my lawn chop the thumbs off a thief…..muthaf***a!!!!