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Monday Night Raw #1329, November 12, 2018!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

MAXIMUM RESPECTStan-Lee-and-Dwayne-Johnson

I think the world stood still. I feels like… we lost a grandfather. I won’t lie to you – I am not much of an emotional guy, and I gotta keep it 100. 95 years old people. He lived a fantastic life, don’t feel sad. Let’s continue to uphold his legacy. They say nothing lasts forever – that is WRONG. Stan Lee is Forever, Wu-Tang is Forever, and WWE is Then, Now and Forever!



REQUEST TO JOIN – DON’T BE A POTATO! DON’T BE A TRAGEDY like…future Marvel Movies. No longer will we see the cameos… don’t hologram him either…

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RAW 1329! SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST – ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE! Where’s my coffee and malted milk biscuits? LET’S DO THIS SH!T!

Oh I forgot! Corbin is still overdue to get BUSS ARSE by Braun!!! Come on Corbin! Let’s get this over and done with!

Stephanie??? Well she knows she can GET THESE HANDS ALL DAY! With Triple out the game (no pun intended) with a pectoral muscle… she should look at her man and say – bye bye! Look at him and say it’s a wrap – BYE BYE!

Well according to Shadfather of the J.A.M.M.S. Podcast, that’s what Natalya should DEFINITELY DO!

You think Stephanie is gonna slap Braun? I can feel it – it’s coming!!!!

So wait – if RAW wins the Survivor Series… Braun gets anther title shot against Brock Lesnar???? Y’all know if Roman Reigns said the same thing (Take the leukemia out of the equation) y’all would be complaining on the internet by now! That’s how FOOL some of you are!


Before that, if RAW wins… Braun gets Corbin! And Stephanie said DONE!!! Ok so maybe he won’t get slapped!

Stephanie is agreeing to everything! And so she should! She saw what happened to her man last year!


Hold on – if he doesn’t get what he wants… he’s gonna destroy WWE Headquarters??? And you know he can do it!!!

Clearly I should have watched RAW live because the YouTube edits chopped out a chunk – why did Ronda Rousey come out to Stephanie anyway? Can somebody fill me in like Craig David? (By the way – that song is wack!)


I think Ronda has an obsession with destroying Stephanie’s arm??!!! Stephanie is like – NO PLEASE!!! I sign your cheques with this arm!!! I’m not left-handed!!!!!

Look at Braun as Corbin comes out – he wants to f**k him up BIG TIME! You know what – I’d be like – f**k a title shot – let Bobby Lashley get that honor – Corbin yuh goose cook!

How dare he put his hands on Ronda! BREAK HIS ARM RONDA! DO IT! DO IT NOW!!!

Corbin turn around after he got dropped – there he is! Stephanie tryna restrain order!!! It’s times like this you wished it was Stone Cold Steve Austin because he never gave a f**k! He was straight gangsta!

I’m glad Tamina and Nia realised that blood was thicker than water… but now they fighting Ember Moon! Stop this madness!!!

Ember Moon hit the suicide dive and Nia didn’t budge an inch! UH-OH!!! Ember…. girl… RUN!!!!

Happy that my girl Tamina got the win with the Superfly but damn why has it gotta be Ember Moon??!!!!! Ok match is over – walk away now!

Nope – Nia ain’t listening to me!!! GURL STOP IT!!!!

OH NO! Dean Ambrose said The Shield made him weak! He took The Shield vest and bunn it up!!! You can’t be mad at Alundrya Blayze now – all she did was throw the women’s title in the trash BUT she took it back out and cleaned it up! She never threw it in the fire!

The only thing I like about Drew Wackintyre is his ‘Undertakerery’ like cloak he have on!!! My guess is Undertaker himself would wear it better!


Yes Finn Balor!!! Teach this muthaf***a some manners! Dissing Kurt Angle like that! You might have to turn into the demon king though… because this Drew Wackintyre has the power to be the #1 heel on RAW!

What a pu$$y… Drew Wackintrye with that classic heel trait – not quick to step in the ring with Finn Balor but instead sends Ziggler to fight him… KMT!

“Maybe I’ll consider lowering myself to your level…”


Do you know who Balor is Drew? DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE DOES???? You DUMB F**K!

Then he goes for a cheap shot! Now THAT is how to be a heel and be hated for it! Y’all muthaf**az don’t know what a heel is in this day and age!


Finn Balor is KILLIN’ these muthaf***az! GET THEM!!!!!

Balor got him!!!! He got Ziggler! Now KILL WACKINTYRE!!! KILL HIM NOW!

Look w’happen now! Finn Balor is in the RAW Survivor Series team! Drew Wackintyre ain’t gonna like this!!!!

Tag team Battle Royal! Winner becomes captain of Survivor Series RAW tag team! Oh look there’s Rhyno and Heath Slater! Remember them???

Oh dear they got eliminated… I was hoping they would be captains but ah what luck…

WOOOOOOOIIII look at the agility by the Lucha House Party! Fantastic! they wanna be captains for sure!

Oh sh!t – the B-Team are there! If they win this sh!t… Oh dear!

I’m impressed with the Ascension! These muthaf***az usually get taken out first!

Thank goodness – B-Team are eliminated… Bobby Roode & Chad Gable alongside the Ascension are left!

What a move! Bobby Roode set up the neckbreaker – Chad Gable comes off top ropes with a moonsault!

They deserve to be captains word up! But with the team they got… oh dear… Smackdown gonna wipe the floor with em surely!

“Becky’s good at dishing it out but she’s not good at taking it…”

Believe me Ronda… Becky is gonna learn to ‘TAKE IT’ if she sees me GOD DAYUUUUUUM!

Talking of Becky lynch… she’s trending on the twitter…What did she dooooooooo?

OH SH!T!!!!! Is Ronda implying that Becky Lynch likes TRAP MUSIC & MUMBLE RAP?

“You’re not just THE MAN, you are the MILLENNIAL MAN… you’re the skinny jeans wearing, V-neck sporting, avocado toast munching, wind shoe wearing, millennial man…”

Please Becky tell me it’s not true! GURL I thought you were into real hip hop!!!

Uh-Oh! Tamina and Nia wanna wish Rousey luck! Look at Tamina! She looks like she wants to sexually assault Rousey! I say LET IT HAPPEN!

Don’t forget – Nia got back her title shot at the Evolution didn’t she!!!!

Dayuuuum Stephanie really hates her brother doesn’t she? I mean, I love all three of my sisters!


And for the record – anyone of my sisters would f**k up Alexa Bliss!


They’re not chanting Suuuuuuplexxxxx City this time! They chanting AJ Styles! And Brock loves it!

Wait a minute where is Jinder Mahal going? He must be still bitter that he couldn’t get to fight Brock Lesnar… he should be happy the damned fool!!!!

Hold on – he wants to show Brock his ‘mantra’??? I don’t think Brock curves off like that Jinder! You’ve seen his wife haven’t you???

Hold on – Brock’s gonna speak! SSSSSHHHHHHH!!!!

Brock says ‘Come On In’! WHOA!!! Jinder it’s a trick!!! DON’T DO IT!

Brock’s going with it!!! He’s breathing in! He’s breathing out! SHAAAANNNTIIII! Uh-Oh, I think he’s having trouble with the SHAAAAANTIII part!

LAAAAAAAWWWWWD!!!! That clothesline was personal! so was that suplex! Brock has just gone KRATOS on these guys!

F5 to Mahal on the concrete floor!!!! Now Brock should take the mic and say – SHAAANTI!

The official Survivor Series RAW women’s team then…

Dayuuuuum Mickie! She knows she fine look at her!

Nia Jax… I still want her to brukk up Alexa!!! Sheeeeeeeeeet!

Tamina…the baddest b!tch before Ronda came along! She likes that ruff neck n!&&@ who can satisfy her! Tamina Howard! That’s her new name from now on!


Natalya has to fix up! About she’s barling over a pair of glasses…. silly girl go stroke your cat!

Once again Alexa Bliss wukkin brain – Sasha & Bayley has to fight each other if they want in the team!

Renee points out that Bayley is wearing her Survivor Series gear from last year! I’m sorry you gotta have a crush on Bayley or something to notice that!

OH SHEEEEEEEEEEET! Bayley hit the Belly 2 Bayley supermove to Sasha on the hardest part of the ring! SPINE BRUKK!

Hold up – Mickie and Tamina baited it up! Why did they do that? Maybe they have someone else in mind?

RUBY RIOTT is in the team! Nah that’s f**kery – Tamina – I love you but Smackdown got this in the bag again – they got Naomi, Carmella, Sonya Deville, Asuka and maybe Charlotte – RAW has no chance! RAW’s team is corrupted – they’re not gonna win!

The way Lio Rush is talking about Bobby Lashley – I dunno man!! Suspect Chin Music yo!

Is it me, or was Renee Young impressed by Lashley’s physique????? Yo Deano – talk to your girl!!!!!

Aaaah this ain’t right – is Impact still open? I like Bobby Lashley but what the hell is this? Bending over and sh!t? I’m here for the women!!!


Elias has phoned the NSPCC!!! Oh no!!! They should take Lio away! THIS IS NOT RIGHT!

Hey Lio Rush TEEEEEEEEEEF! he was hiding underneath the ring, held Elias legs and he couldn’t get back in the ring for the 10-count! Bobby Lashley advances! Well I can ride to that at least…

Survivor Series

How the f**k did Becky get in the building and catch Ronda Rousey like that??? WHOA!!!

The crowd has gone crazy! Maybe she should start rocking Austin 3:16 T-Shirts!

Is that CHARLOTTE I see too???? Let me look GOOD…

THAT IS CHARLOTTE!!!!! WHOA! When did she and Becky reconcile???? It doesn’t matter my team – the Smackdown team have gone in and brought the ruckus like it’s 1993 all over again!

Wait – Naomi baby NOOOOOOOO! That’s your cousin! That’s your family! STOP THIS RIGHT NOW! Blood might be thicker than water, but it seems Brand is thicker than blood!

Ronda Rousey licking down anything that’s moving! Look at Becky Lynch with the steel chair!!! NO NO NO NO NO!!!

Becky is so over that the crowd are chanting for her and this is RAW!!!

Steel chair to Rousey – BLAOW!!!!!

Lana talking Russian! WOOOOOIIIIIII!!!! Holy smokes!!!

When did Becky get busted open? WHO DID THAT???? INSTANT BAD BOOKS!!! I know it wasn’t Tamina… I know that much!

Alexa Bliss took foot a run!!! The pu$$y!!!!

Are you sure the world is talking about Ronda… Mr Cole? All I hear is Becky chants!

Suddenly I think the women’s Survivor Series matches should main event!!!


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Monday Night Raw #1319, September 3, 2018!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

I made it plain the jump… I NEVER CARED ABOUT ALL IN. But I have to give props where props is due. Cody Rhodes – YOU ARE THE MAN OK! I never watched your sh1t… but I heard your sh!t was off the hook. You have a wrestling future my friend. (Well you’re not really my friend… but your wife… I WANNA GET FRIENDLY WITH HER!!!)



REQUEST TO JOIN – DON’T BE A POTATO! DON’T BE A TRAGEDY like… Machine Gun Kelly. When Kevin Owens powerbombed him through the stage it must have malfunctioned his brain in the process…He dissed Eminem??? Best dig that grave… can’t say I’ll miss him though…


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RAW 1319! So why didn’t you watch ALL IN Grant? (I was at the GZA concert… Wu-Tang wins over pro wrestling ALL DAY!)

Before I go IN… remind me to pay for my WWE Network y’all… I need to see this… my moms favourite McMahon… just like her husband – she was SO TEEEEEEEEEF but my god I respect her big time… not to mention she sexy as f**k…

Stephanie all business

..and according to @_Aydenn_ on twitter, RAW was awful this week… he just came off watching ALL IN! He has no sympathy from me… or is he right???

Two things – they got Renee Young back on commentary! YES! And Chad Gable is killing the Ascension with suplexes! And not one muthaf***a is chanting SUUU-PLEX – CII-TY! Even Bobby Roode thought that was GLORIOUS! So the fans are the problem!

Alexa Blitch wants to Walk With Elias? So it’s not about Braun Strowman anymore? Urgh – DUTTY GYAL!!!!

Is Alexa really from Columbus Ohio? Irrelevant

YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! THANK YOU RONDA ROUSEY! I’m not tryna see Elias and Alexa get it on in the ring! This isn’t pornhub muthaf***a!!!

Hold on a second – Sasha & Bayley are fighting Ember Moon???? did I miss an episode of RAW or something???

Oh I get it – she was teamed with Dana Brooke… no heels/faces over here folks!

Oh no!!! Dana Brooke is through with Titus Worldwide? What did she expect them to do – hit Sasha and Bayley with Steel Chairs?


Er… why are Ziggler and Wackintyre attacking the Revival like that? I think I have missed an episode of RAW! None of this is making sense right now!

…Or maybe it DOES! Took out the Revival so that Wackintyre & Ziggler can get the titles! If The B Team win this… COME ON B TEAM!!!!

The one time I put my faith in the B Team, and they lose! Bloody useless!!!!

Are you serious right now? Alexa Blitch using the armbar to Natalya? Come on Natalya  you trained in the family dungeon! Don’t let this b1tch beat you? Don’t let Anvil turn in his grave!


OH NO! F**K! Anvil has seen disgrace in the afterlife! I thought the Hart family knew how to get out of submissions?

Hold on a second – where’s Drake Maverick going? He looks out-of-place with the Authors Of Pain!!! Or is that the idea?

Er – how did the Shield get arrested??? Even they are not above the law! I may have to rewind and come again!

I know Braun Strowman is powerful and Wackinytre is what I say he is – WACK, but Dolph Ziggler just said they are the most powerful force in history???? Er…. boys???? Get out here!!!

Undertaker Kane

Don’t you just love when The Shield come down the stairs the way they do? It’s just brilliant!

OH SNAP!!! Baron Corbin sent the locker room after The Shield! This is not good!

This is like a full-scale – ‘I’M GONNA KILL YOU! YOU’RE GONNA HAVE TO!’

Doesn’t justify why they got arrested though… anyway…

I’m not sure if Bobby Lashley wanted to go the comedic route but it made me chuckle, mocking Jinder Mahal like that!

I knew it! That dastardly Kevin Owens! he said it in his promo last week – that he hated how Bobby Lashley took Sami Zayn out the game! Didn’t you fools see that coming? Come on be smarter than that!

I thought Brie Bella had retired! Aaah f**k it – if she wants to wrestle again – why not? It’s up to her! I ain’t complaining!

The Bellas have still got it! That’s one for their Season 3 episode of Total Bellas! – Yep – women’s tag titles are on the way surely!

If you needed any more validation, Braun is officially a heel, riding with Wackintyre and Ziggler, and he just defeated Finn Balor… now he wants to break his back off the steel steps but wait! WOOP WOOP! IT’S THE SOUND OF THE POLICE!!!

One thing that puzzles me – why arrest WWE superstars when bail is pocket change to them?


It makes me wonder if Renee Young has fantasies about being in bed with ALL THREE MEMBERS of The Shield! You know women love men in uniform!



Holy smokes – they charged Seth Rollins right into the police van! BLAOW!!! Glass shattered and everything!

Braun threw steel steps after Roman Reigns! OH LAWWWWWD!

I have never seen The Shield get buss arse like this! It took 10 man, three of them being Braun and the Authors of Pain to f**k them up!

NOW… the main event… I see a thumbnail of Shawn Michaels and Undertaker in the ring! I think I need to click this link!!!! LET’S GO IN!

Does Triple Teef have more left in the tank than Undertaker? He probably does!! But he did practically all his career and he STILL couldn’t beat Undertaker!!!!

Fancy that? It took Shawn Michaels half a promo and just like that, the bell tolls! I bet John Cena feels REALLY BAD now doesn’t he?


Question – does arena smoke count as pyro??? BAD MAN FI COME!

“How long has it been? 20 years? I have took the best that you had, I have took the best that Triple H had, and I have put you both DOWN!!!”

At that point if I was HBK – I’d leave the ring!!! Well as soon as the bell tolled I would start hauling @$$!

Undertaker is saying is straight – he took HBK’s soul and career! Why do these two wanna continue f**k!n with Undertaker? Their egos won’t accept it! Very much like Machine Gun Kelly going after Eminem right?


HBK is a man of integrity! He speaks the truth! I wonder if he’s throwing shots here? because we all thought Undertaker retired at WrestleMania 33… and look what happened there?

HBK said he stayed retired out of respect for the fans! But they are chanting ONE MORE MATCH??!!!! A WHA DE RARSE?

This segment is gripping!!! I am holding on to every word from these two!

“Is it respect? Or is it fear? Because you could easily come out of retirement, and come for one person – ME… and I would put you down all over again!”

I think Undertaker is giving HBK permission to fight again!!! Holy f**k!

Sorry Wardle – you’re trippin… ALL IN got ALL IN your head! AND THAT’S REAL!

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Monday Night Raw #1312, July 16, 2018!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

Why are we surprised?


This is what I support! A company which seemingly gets away with stereotypical values, claims to be all patriotic and all that… we have to remember something wrestling fans, Vincent Kennedy and Donald Trump are BREDRIN!



REQUEST TO JOIN – DON’T BE A POTATO! DON’T BE A TRAGEDY like…The Croatian President… this woman is a freaky deaky! Look at her! She wants some French cuisine!


Poor Mbappe! He’s like – ‘lawwwwwd – this woman is gonna rape me! Hey I’m flattered but – you got a daughter??? Actually never mind – I’ve seen what happens on pornhub!!!’

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RAW 1312! OK WWE stop f**k!n about! It’s all about SUMMERSLAM!!!

Remember now – this YouTube sh!t is not in order… I don’t watch live anymore…

Braun Strowman actually has regret! he regrets not congratulating Kevin Owens on his win at the Extreme Rules joint! That was the closest those wrestling muthaf***az will get to ‘wanting the attitude era back!’


I’m not even gonna click the link on Mojo Rawley Vs Tyler Breeze…NEXT!

Bobby Roode Vs Dolph Ziggler – this isn’t for the intercontinental title is it?

Holy smokes! Mike Cole thought it was over, Corey Graves thought it was over and so did the coach, even I thought it was over! Ziggler hit the Zig Zag, Roode looked f**ked! 1, 2 and….Roode got the shoulder up!

Ziggler got him eventually though… no Drew Wackintyre around either…

How can Roode ‘think he’s god’ when he loses every week?

WHAT? Is that Alicia Fox I see on the telly? Holy crap on a cracker – IT IS!

Considering Sasha & Bayley are not friends again, Sasha ain’t letting Dana or Alicia beat Bayley up!

Shall I click on The B-Team Vs The Ascension? Decisions, Decisions!!! It’s three minutes long… there has bound to be some storyline here…

F**k it  – I don’t like the B Team, but you guys do so… let’s go in!

The Revival still looking on!!!! It’s time for WWE stop f**k!n about because Dash & Dawson – these guys are talented as f**k…

If Wyatt & Matt Hardy want to delete these fools… they should do it RIGHT… Stop this in-ring action crap and take it to ULTIMATE DELETION! Stop saying DELETE if you’re not gonna do it right guys!

Titus Worldwide Vs The Authors of Pain again??? Nah I’m not clicking this link. sorry guys!

But I will click on Sarah Logan Vs Ember Moon though…

Dayuuuuuuuuum Ember Moon’s attire though!!! Look at those TICK THIGHS! Her Wrestling panties struggling to cover her butt cheeks! Me & Ember Moon can be on some midnight marauders!!


Words from the wise – NEVER defeat Ember Moon by underhanded tactics! Did you see the look on Ember’s face? Or more importantly – her contacts? I’m telling you now – if this was attitude era…Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan would have suffered a blood bath by now!

Debra bloodbath

Screenshot_2018-07-17 (2) Twitter

How about…ah….NAH??!!!!

Oh no! Elias drops new album July 23? Now I know NOT to go out and buy that sh!t!

You think it’s gonna be a 7-track affair produced by Kanye West????


Wait a second – Sasha loves Bayley???? YES! Now Sasha… get in Bayley’s tongue! LET’S GO!

(what was that about Sasha/Bayley turning heel? Once again wrestling fans are the experts!)

Let’s talk about these triple threat matches? It looks like to me, the winner of both matches face each other next week, then the winner of that faces Brock Lesnar right?

Dayuuuum Finn Balor is straight beating down Double R with the steel chair! This will make the haters happy surely!

Holy smokes! Balor was dropping straight knees to Wackintyre, then sees Double R coming, moves out the way – Reigns with a spear to Wackintyre – BLAOW!!! No way can Wackintyre recover now surely?

After Claymores and Coup De Grace… it was Double R’s Violent Spear that got him the victory…. yo that was crazy!

In the other match, Lashley is straight killing Elias & Rollins with his power moves!

Now Elias & Rollins find themselves combining their force to take out Lashley, but only one can advance!

That has to be my favourite move of Rollins – the Superplex into the Falcon arrow – was that in last year’s game? I don’t recall!

Rollins burns it down and hits the curb stomp to Elias – BLAOW! Here’s the cover! 1, 2 and…Lashley stops that sh!t!

Lashley goes to charge at Rollins, finds the ringpost instead, Seth rolls him up! 1, 2 and…nope!!! Seth kicks him down, sets him up, Elias intervenes, only to be met with Lashley’s spear – BLAOW! We got Reigns Vs Lashley II next week! That’s how it’s going!

Holy smokes – Mickie James!!!! She got pum-pum shorts on! Nah that woman needs a good f**k! Her man ain’t doin’ it right!


Since when did Ronda Rousey become a one woman Shield? She’s coming down the stairs! Alexa gonna get f**ked up!

Rousey’s head top is braided! You know what that means!!! Alexa nuh read the news!

Here we go! Mickie & Alexa running for the hills!

Mickie nearly had her arm broken! LAWWWWWWWD!

Rousey is like – I’M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU!

She took out three officials plus Mickie and Alexa! SHE WANTS TO KILL!

Kurt put an extra week on Ronda’s suspension! Baron Corbin gonna snitch to Stephanie! But he can’t find his phone! Has he tried the lobby? Somebody call his phone – that usually works!

Kurt got his phone!!! It might be a good idea to break that muthaf***a Kurt!

Oh no! Ronda MUST conform! That’s if she wants the Women’s championship at Summerslams!!! Ronda it’s only one week!!! Hold it down girl! Alexa doesn’t like that sh!t! Well tough t1tt!£$!

Now I’m guessing that this was the first segment, but I’m gonna talk about it last if you don’t mind!

I don’t know why wrestling fans be getting all hot and bothered about Brock not showing up and sh1t, I didn’t know you muthaf***az actually cared about the Universal Championship!

Kurt was gonna strip Brock of the title!


What Brock Lesnar wants to do, is represent the WWE Universe, by challenging for the UFC Heavyweight Title WITH the WWE Universal Championship around his waist! I can ride to that but he gotta show up and defend more! He’s not afraid of the likes of Elias, Seth Rollins, Drew Wackintyre surely? This is a man (or beast) who has been at war with The Undertaker…. he can’t be sweating whoever is back there? Even Braun Strowman! Braun looks up to the Undertaker for Pete’s sake!

Don’t you love when Heyman feels threatened, he always says this – ‘I’m just an advocate’!!

It’s soon time for me to start putting together the SmackTalkCentre Summerslam gathering promo video…..but before that… let’s throw up a pic of that Croatian president… she would GET IT STILL!

Croatian President


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Monday Night Raw #1306, June 4, 2018!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!


Sasha lb wear

ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW SASHA???!!! GUUUUUUURRRRRRLLLLLL!!!! Sometimes… you have to use your cousin’s words against you…

On the Eastside, that’s the crew I choose
Nothing I do is new to you
I smack up the world if they rude to you
‘Cause baby girl, you’re so beautiful…




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RAW 1306! I’m not tryna be on the YouTube tip… I got big things poppin, little things stopping. And unfortunately wrestling fans… I class this as little things… more like your… (CENSORED!!!)

I think it’s safe to say that I can never watch RAW or Smackdown live because my streams no longer work good, and more often than not I’m yawning through the sh!t. With that said, me garne ah mi bed. YouTube highlights from now on…

You would think that by now Elias would learn not to perform in front of the WWE Universe every week… he always gets interrupted!

It’s like a Mexican stand-off! Only that Elias has his guitar, and Seth Rollins has his steel chair! Rollins just whacked the guitar out of Elias hands! Elias is looking like – heeeeeeeee!!!! All scared and sh!t!


Either WWE edited out the boos or we must be in one of those ‘non pro wrestling’ cities because Double R is getting cheered as he comes to the aid of Rollins!

Dayuuuuum 199 losses??? Do you think Curt Hawkins is out to beat the Barry Horowitz Losing streak record?

Ok just found out RAW was in Houston Texas…. Come on James Harden! Make it 200!!!

Hold up – Baron Corbin? What is the meaning of this?

Baron Corbin hit the End of Days! The official is calling for the bell! OH SNAP!!! James Harden just WON BY DISQUALIFICATION! WHICH MEANS Curt Hawkins LOST AGAIN! It’s in the record books!

Turns out that Baron Corbin is now the ‘Constable’ of Monday Night Raw? Ah wha de rarse?

Hold up – Bobby Lashley – where is your fashion sense? You’re wearing a tight up jacket with a muscle t-shirt, jeans and cap? THAT DOESN’T MATCH!

Sami Zayn is calling Bobby Lashley a liar! That his inspirational quotes on instagram don’t mean sh!t! He apparently has a fan club which you pay $19.99 to subscribe! Not even my good friend pictured below does that for that much! And she’s a model! Mother of 5 children, ladies and gentlemen I give you – HauteMamaOf5!



Just for the record, I haven’t subscribed… because if my lady found out, I would be sleeping on the couch!


But Sami says Bobby was never in the army!!! He can’t do that??!!!! I see Bobby getting bex now…

Dayuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum look at Renee Young! She’s talking to Woken Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt of all people dressed like THAT? I’m sorry if that was me I would have to say something… fix my trousers like The Rock or something!

You see? Matt Hardy has the idea!!! Look at him biting his teeth! Renee looks uncomfortable! Renee says she’s woken but I’m high-powered – I’d f**k her back to sleep…


Times like this I wished The Rock himself was on WWE doing these interviews with the likes of Renee, Charly Caruso etc… he’d tell em straight!

Oh dear… Natalya f**ked up her knee while fighting Nia Jax… you can see how this storyline is shaping up can’t you!

Nia Jax looks concerned actually… because Nia didn’t ‘injure’ the leg… Rousey is like – yo stay out of this!

What was that you fans were saying about Nia ‘turning heel’ in your memes? Shows you know a lot don’t you?

Jinder Mahal. JINDER MAHAL!!! HE SPEAKS THE TRUTH! He says Double R thinks there is a conspiracy against him when in actual fact he had the most opportunities! THAT IS TRUE! Jinder Mahal. JINDER MAHAL!

Guys – how can you NOT like Jinder Mahal??? This dude is funny!!!

“How dare you disparage my name!” He he hee hahahahaha JINDER STOP IT!

WOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIII!!!! And the fight is on!!!! JINDER MAHAL! ROMAN REIGNS! This is what I’m talking about!

Oh no! Alexa Bliss hurt her leg too! Come on Ronda get out here and see to your friend!


Wait a second! Alexa is leaving the building! Alexa is playing games!!! I never trusted that beeeeaatttch!

COME IN BAYLEY! She just helped the team win! Good on Bayley! Hahaha Corey Graves is bex! Gotta love it!

ARRRRRGHH TEEEEEF! Because Bayley wasn’t officially in the match, The Riott squad win! Baron Corbin exercising his authority! TEEEEEEEEEF!!!

This is what happens when you think you are god! You have to deal with the monster among men Braun Strowman! Bobby Roode gonna GET THESE HANDS!

I don’t think I’ve seen Strowman do that suplex before!

Er… Bobby… I don’t think ladders are allowed in this contest!

Ah I see! Bobby tricked Braun into doing that ‘running round the ring’ sh!t! He rolled under the ladder and now he’s laughing at Strowman! I don’t think that is too smart!



(At this point this week’s blog has come to an abrupt end. The Infamous Informer was in so much hysterics that he cannot continue this blog! What Braun Strowman did was absolute GOLD. To find out more of what happened on RAW this week, hit up YouTube and find out!)




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Monday Night Raw #1302, May 7, 2018!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!



WALKING OUT THE JOINT? It couldn’t have been THAT BAD???

Guys – he didn’t win the World Wrestling Federation Championship… you do know that right?

You know what – your actions makes me NOT wanna write this blog word up!



REQUEST TO JOIN – DON’T BE A POTATO! DON’T BE A TRAGEDY like…KANYE WEST. When Australia lock you off, and even Channel 4 takes the p!$$ out of you before Black-ish comes on… YOU F**KED UP!

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RAW 1302! Ok I do agree with you guys, Samoa Joe Vs Double R should NOT have been the main event… that’s taking the p!$$!

I got those big @$$ hula hoops, spicy chilli flavor, mint aero (actually I might put that back and wait for Smackdown because that’s Naomi flavour) and get the jaffa cakes… come on WWE give me some joke!

I am already experiencing problems with this stream, and with the mood I’m in, I might just switch it off, and put on that Cobra Kai thing on YouTube…  have you seen it yet? I’ve watched the first two episodes, and it’s already compelling! Good job Ralph Macchio!

Braun Strowman Vs Kevin Owens, winner goes through to Money Innah Bank… unlucky Kevin!!!

“THIS IS WHAT YOU DESERVE YOU COWARD!!!!”  Braun is f**k!n up Kevin Owens!

Check it – 4 superstars each from RAW & Smackdowns (Men & Women) will compete in the Money Innah Bank Ladder match… this is what I’m saying! STEP THEIR GAME UP! On the same token, this is on YOUR HEAD fans! You’re the ones like ‘cut down the PPVs’… so don’t come with your noise like ‘why is this guy not in it’??? SHUT THE F**K UP!

Happy Birthday Kevin Owens! Oh man! He really is getting birthday beatings!

HAHAHAHA!!!! The run around the ring and then box him down! PUT THAT MOVE IN WWE 2K19 PLEASE!!! What we do know… Braun is going to Money In The Bank… that’s worries for everybody!

The Big Dog is p!$$£d the f**k off!!! AND RIGHTFULLY SO! But what about Mr Lesnar? Aaaaaaah sheeeeeet he’s gonna beat the 434 streak for real!

Jinder thinks he should be in the Money In The Bank ladder match? He’s almost as insane as Kanye according to Jiggaman!


Sasha Banks Vs Ember Moon Vs Ruby Riott… winner goes to Money In The Bank… Sasha girl you fine but backing Ember Moon here!!! OWWWWWWWW!!!

OH SH!T! Something went down in the crowd to make security escort them out the building! What the hell happened? Answers on a postcard please! Crowd was chanting YOU DESERVE IT! Don’t tell me someone was masturbating over Liv Morgan?


The Riot Squad being teef with Sasha Banks! Bayley came down to help! But this enabled Ember Moon to hit the Eclipse on Ruby Riot – BLAOW!

Gotta love WWE right? Talking about Bobby Lashley’s career, and blatantly ignoring the

Renee ypung sexy ass

Photo courtesy of Edd Mulhall

TNA sh!t! Renee Young wants to know about Bobby Lashley the man… more like she secretly wants some BBC –


Check it – Jinder Mahal must defeat Chad Gable…if he wants to get into the Money In the bank… wait – the Coach just said Chad reminds him of a young Kurt Angle… Jason Jordan are you watching this???

Jinder Mahal got the Collass on Chad Gable – BLAOW!!! But Mahal wanted to buss up Chad Gable after that… oh dear…

After all that!!!! Kurt Angle gave Jinder a NAUGHT! What a b!tch!

Who would want to Walk With Elias when you can Strut Gloriously with Bobby Roode??

There’s my pick right there!!! Bobby Roode to win the Money Innah Bank! Imagine the storylines going forward! Braun is too obvious… he would cause the most ruckus….actually he would be a good choice as well!

Who wants to test Seth Rollins for the Intercontinental Championship? Oh no… Mojo Rawley? This fool? Yo Seth – send for the TANDEM ENGINE!

Gotta admit – Mojo Rawley is going IN against Seth Rollins! But he couldn’t withstand the curb stomp – BLAOW!

Look at Rollins swinging the belt like a helicopter like his name is Petey Pablo!

Fancy that… The Deleater Of Worlds facing ‘Daxel’… Brother must fight brother! (Wyatt Vs Bo Dallas) This should be good!

Oh it’s finished already? Sorry I was playing Street Fighter…


Finn Balor Vs Sami Zayn Vs Roman Reigns! Winner goes to Money Innah Bank! Imagine if Reigns won… oh boy oh boy!

OH SNAP! WWE is in the UK next week! Aaaah sheeeeeet! Get restraining orders ready for the following women: Natalya, Nia Jax, Naomi, Charlotte & Becky… if the Infamous Informer is within 10 feet of those lovely young ladies – arrest him on the spot!


Jinder Mahal baited it up for Reigns! He’s gonna pay for that I will assure you!

Finn Balor hits the Coup De Grace on Sami Zayn! Balor advances! Are you happy now muthaf***az? Balor is on a PPV! Now shut the f**k up!



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The Jobber Blogger – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 5/11/14

jobber blogger bonfireYup, that’s about as exciting as it gets.

I went to a Bonfire. It was a little one behind a local Pub, I watched it from a Distance…. was nice. Then went home.

Number One Hundred and Thirty Three! Good old #133 – reminds me of nothing.

You know, I’m struggling with TNA these days. It seems of late, though their program is usually fairly solid, and despite the odd expectation, it’s just a little… boring.

I’m not bored watching it, but my enthusiasm for the product is drifting. But then, as I constantly moan about, I’m sure that’s down to the fact it’s Taped. It doesn’t feel right, least not what we’re used to.

Which is an interesting and also non relevant thing, given what I will talk about in a minute.

I suppose when I pull it apart, TNA is pretty good. Bobby Roode is champ, The Hardyz are competing, the Tag-Team Tournament was awesome. I like the direction of the Knockouts currently, though a little more than just Havok would be nice, granted Madison and Taryn are feuding, but it’s taken a huge back seat to Havok.

Whilst on the topic of the Knockouts, I miss Brooke – Tessmacher that is, not Hogan.

She did an interview recently about being more involved with TNA again next year. Hopefully The Amazing Race will bring Brooke and Robbie E over as an on-air couple when it’s all finished.

I’ve never watched it, I don’t even know what it is…. I’m guessing their Racing? And that it probably isn’t as Amazing as the name implies.

Anyway, lets break down TNA Impact when I get to Impact.

redlinebootcampLet’s talk about British Bootcamp.

I mentioned Episode 1 two weeks back, but then I hadn’t got round to watching Episode 2 in time for last week’s Jobber Blogger. So now I’m up to date with all 3 episodes watched by my eyes.

Currently, Boot Camp is more exciting to me than Impact.

Should that be possible?

Episode 2 was alright, the high light was obviously that Andrews chap whose name I’ve gotten… aside from the Andrews part.

Episode 3 however brought it up a notch, everyone was good. I’m glad they are all going through to this week’s (tonight’s) show.

The idea of all of them competing on a Card, that’s awesome! So yeah, I’m pumped. I don’t know who I’m rooting for. I guess Grado has the advantage as obviously all that mess was a work.

I say obviously… it seems obvious to me, but then I could be wrong. Probably not though.

It’s this weird “Reality” meets “Wrestling” that never quite feels right.

TNA try their hand at it all the time, but it leaves far too many problems and plot holes… like the stars watching the product.

Which brings me to the thing I’m most excited to talk about!


Oh yes!

I am Biased! Granted, anything Rodriguez has his name on, I’m excited for.

I don’t know how much input he has on Lucha Underground, but it sings with his influence, or least the influence of the Mexican culture.

I’ve been looking forward to watching this for ages, it’s debut last week in America actually took me by surprise, I didn’t think it was so close to coming out.

But it’s hitting a lot of the Wrestling News and it’s viewership in just one week jumped 163%.

Ladies and Gentleman – It’s Good!

Now I don’t if we’re all excited because it’s something new?

Because not only is it something “new” but it’s something totally different for a Wrestling show. It’s got a good budget, it looks and feels like parts of my WCW memories.

It’s got new faces, and it’s got a whole Wrestling Legacy and Culture that rarely gets showcased to the level it’s capable of. That being Lucha Libre.

What is vastly different, is it’s a Television show, and it knows it.

Every single segment is beautifully shot, not always beautifully acted, it still has Wrestlers in it. But it’s Cinematic. It’s exciting.

It’s Storyline driven and already feels like it’s got an “arc” in place.

Also it made me like Chavo Guerrero! I’ve never liked Chavo Guerrero!

It’s got balls, it’s got direction, it’s got vision.

And above all else, it’s got Wrestling.

Matt Striker stole a good TNA quote “I dare you to tune into any other Wrestling promotion and find action like this”.

Hey TNA, now you need to compete with Lucha Underground, because Mundo and Puma, that’s the level the bar is now set at. And you are a long, long way from reaching it.

Something anyone who reads my ramblings will be familiar with is my love for Tigre Uno!

tigre uno fn

He is fantastic, and impresses me every single time I see him compete, which bugs me because TNA have done nothing to help him out.

Every time he has a match, or isn’t used, I moan about TNA using him better.

Hey, there is now a solution, which from now on, I shall use.

Release Tigre Uno.

Let him go to Lucha Underground and perform on that level, because he can, and that would be amazing.

Without turning this into a new blog about Lucha Underground, I will end it by saying I hope they keep fresh faces, I don’t want a lot of well known stars turning up. There are of course some exceptions. First and foremost – AJ Styles.

Global Force Wrestling is heating up too, and I’m excited to watch that. But right now, Lucha is doing something Wrestling shows have never been able to do.

And it’s Freakin Working!


Impact Wrestling LogoTNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 5/11/14

That might be the longest Intro to The Jobber Blogger in #133 issues.

It is tradition to start the show with a new Heavyweight Champion. Unless you’re the WWE and your Heavyweight Champions only compete 8 times a year.

But I digress.

Kurt Angle introduced Bobby Roode.

We’ve not had Roode as World Champion with his “Off the Chain” entrance theme, it matches.

Roode has always looked good with the World Title, and no that’s not taking it lightly, I think the TNA World Championship is a pretty bad design. I don’t hate it, I think it’s a little over the top and garish though. Not to mention it’s Too Big for most guys who have held it. It’s far too long in length and leaves the silly floppy strap at the back.

Yeah I’m picky. So what.

Roode now being World Champ actually feels like it matters. It’s not like Lashley has had a bad run at all, but Roode just seems to carry himself better. Or TNA least want to invest more time into him.

Saying that, AJ Styles taking the belt from Bully Ray and leaving TNA with it, that was far better. Well, only if you look past the fact that he never came back that is.

Tenay and Taz went on and on about how Lashley deserves a Re-match. Being such a dominant Champion. Which is laying the ground for a Face turn surely.

Because in my eyes, as a fan. Does Lashley deserve a Re-match? Me personally, I’d say yes, but that’s because I like him. Given that he was throwing out Low-Blows and Belt Shots last week, and that he’s won multiple times from the help from MVP and King. No, probably not.

What TNA is doing with Havok, is how Lashley should have been World Champ. It just didn’t quite work out that way.

MVP got on Roode’s case and offered up a Challenge of Roode vs. MVP for the World Championship. To which Angle said, and I quote “Roode, would you mind putting the Belt on the line?”

I get it, he’s words are not meant to be taken literal, but a few weeks back Angle himself told Lashley “it is your job do defend the belt whenever and wherever”. So in my eyes, “would you mind” doesn’t come into it.

Do I analyse this too much?


Samoa Joe and Low Ki vs. The Hardyz – Tag-Team Tournament – Finals

As much as I like Low Ki’s abilities, his presence, his entrance and how he carries himself. I hate, Hate, his promos.

He sounds ridiculous.

I said this before, but when he is next to Joe, it’s the dumbest thing you can possibly hear. Joe is fluent in the Promo language. He gets it, he’s wordy, intimidating, electric, dark, whatever he needs to be. Low Ki sounds like a $50 budget Mortal Kombat voice actor.

The intro package to this match which bounced back from Joe’s speeches to Low Ki’s, was hilariously dreadful.

Aside from that opening rant, I only wrote down that I love Matt’s Side-Effect move.

I’ve loved it since he brought it into his arsenal, it’s an awesome manoeuvre.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Tag-Team Wrestling, so this has been an awesome and surprising tournament.

Surprising because I actually didn’t think The Hardyz would win.

For me, they should win, because of who they are, what they’ve accomplished and how good they are as a team, especially given the experience factor along between them and their opponents.

But given that they’ve fought the Wolves before, then took part in the Tag-Team series and lost on all occasions, I just didn’t think they’d be getting through to Round three.

But here we are, so I am looking forward to it. I just feel with Storm’s involvement with Richards, it’s probably going to be a more sucky kind of story match.

Who knows.


Samuel Shaw and Brittany took to the ring… to do… something.

I’ve never liked Shaw’s attempt of a beard, being so thin and fuzzy, it just looked… horrible. But eliminating it to have a creepy porn star moustache. Yup, that’s worse.

And it didn’t stop there, Brittany was swinging on it, pulling it around, then pulling his mouth around and licking it. I didn’t need to see that.

Gunner obviously got involved, and resorted straight to bad mouthing Shaw and digging up the old “Creepy Bastard” chant.

Funny how Gunner went from being all noble, to verbally attacking him over someone else’ influence. You’d think given Gunner’s background in the Military and experience dealing with problematic individuals, who’d do less to attack them, and more to help them.

But then, it is Wrestling.

I don’t really care where this goes. Shaw is better the crazier he is, and Brittany just helps that. Gunner will just drift on to remain Gunner. The only reason I’d be more interested in this development is if Anderson gets involved again.


TNA’s got a Brand New Star.

See you later Chris Malendez and say Hello to Mahogany Simba!

tna simba

It’s true, I have no idea what his name is, so I just wrote down what sound as similar and also made me laugh a little.

I’m a professional don’t you know.

So far I’m not all that impressed. He’s a big Indian guy with Boobs, let’s see what happens when he gets in the ring.

tna-simba2Much Better

Suicide was a cool character, good look, nice colours, awesome mask, great entrance music. Then he became Manik, most of that carried over.

Now he’s heel – super shinny blue Manik, whose new mask lets him talk… and he walks up to people like Simba and say “Sup, my Dude”.


Does he look like a guy who says “Sup, My Dude?”

Well that Characters gone down the drain. What’s intimidating about that.


Bram and Magnus vs. Devon and Tommy Dreamer – Hardcore Rules

You know what, I’m not even going to bother really spending much time on this match.

I’m not a fan.

One thing I did like, was the ending, only because it actually surprised me. In terms of how it came to a close.

Bram went through a Table, which happened quicker than I thought, also I was fairly sure he was the only one who wouldn’t end up going through a Table.

Then the best bit being Magnus thrown into the corner which had a Bin wedged into the Ropes, he Leap Frogged back only to get a Low-Blow then shoved face first into the bin. I didn’t expect it, was good.

Dreamer hit a DDT right after and took the Win.

I think Bram will probably continue from this, hopefully, after he defeating Abyss so many times, losing to the likes of Dreamer and Devon seems unlikely.

Even though they might be the legends, Abyss’ onslaught is far deadlier.

So I would take a guess that “Magnus” will be the weak link in Bram’s defeat.


Spud had a little segment, I’m not sold on Spud’s face turn yet. I don’t think he’s reach much potential as a Face. What made him so great was being a heel. I always find the kind of character Spud was, is completely gone when he’s a face. Now he’s willing to fight, and Wrestling, and doing honourable things. It was funnier when he didn’t. Now he’s just like everyone else? Only less impressive?

Don’t get me wrong though, I do like Spud.

His Speech was good. So good that it brought out EC3 and Tyrus. Now, I’m fairly sure Spud won’t be the one to defeat EC3, but he might. I would hate that too.

Either way, Tyrus back when he was Brodus mentioned that the “Funkasaurus” gimmick wasn’t quite what he had in mind. I liked it, personally. But he didn’t want to do that. So here in TNA, I’m guessing he’s currently being more like who he wants to be…

tna-ec3-tyrusShould someone tell him that’s a Woman’s top?… He’s got the necklace and everything.

EC3 slapped JB, EY got involved. blah blah blah sums it up nicely.


Gail Kim vs. Havok – Knockouts Championship

I seem to be picking on Commentary and the rules between Good Guys and Bad Guys too much, but it’s never bugged me to this level before.

Gail came out fighting, but Havok took control. They fought up the Ramp where Gail kicked Havok closer and closer to the edge of the Stage, she then ran attempted to Kick her off the stage, Havok grabbed Gail’s foot then threw Gail off the stage instead. To which Tenay says “she threw her off the stage …. what a monster!”

Despite the fact Gail tried her best to Kick Havok off the stage mere seconds prior… but that’s fine. Because she’s a “Good Guy” and Havok beats her up.


Winds me up!

wind up complain

Everyone rushes to Gail’s aid, but yet she continues! Usual crap.

What wasn’t usual was Havok throwing Gail from her shoulders face first onto the Steps. That looked painful… and awesome.

I was expecting Gail to pull off an upset, which I would have hated. But Havok kept toying with her, to which I fully expected Gail to take advantage of. Same old, same old.

Thankfully Havok caught Gail finally and dropped her with a Chokeslam for the win.

Good match. While I don’t really buy into Gail’s “injury” stuff, so therefore I wasn’t exactly rooting for her, but it was a good match. I just wanted Havok to win. I found Gail wasn’t constantly selling the abuse she took, which did stand out a little to me. But who cares.


MVP vs. Bobby Roode – World Heavyweight Championship

You know how I started this with “Roode looks good with the Belt”. Where it doesn’t look good with his horrible crappy plastic pimp coat.

It looked good with his Robe. Why ditch the Robe?

Robe or nothing. Wear a T-shirt to the ring, that looks good too.

I have no idea why he thinks this coat is a good thing, it looks horrible.

Lashley and MVP had a little chat backstage, obviously Lashley is supposed to be annoyed that he’s not got a Re-match and MVP positioned himself into a match instead.

I’d rather it look like that yet Lashley came out and beat up Roode with MVP and it was all a plan to wear him down.

But no, MVP and Roode had a decent match which Roode won with a Roode Bomb. A straight forward, clean match.

I also still hate the name “Roode Bomb”.

Lashley then turned up and Speared Roode and left without helping MVP up. So yeah, I’m guessing their days are up.


Although not a bad show – it’s a run of a mill type of show.

Still no word yet on a new TV Deal for TNA, and I hope things do get a little more interesting soon.

Either way, Boot Camp is entertaining and Lucha Underground has my attention.

Till then.

Dan Wilkinson





TNR Cover 12 (w facebook address)www.cageamateursuk.com

The Jobber Blogger #130 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 15/10/14


The Jobber Blogger

Are you proud of me? I would be, also I am be. And I am also me. It all makes sense like Lion King and the Circle of Life. Only it means reduction. Which wasn’t really mentioned all that much in the film itself, though I do remember a McDonalds toy that left little to the imagination.

lion king wrongI guess that’s more borderline bestiality than it is the Circle of Life.

Well what a way to start off issue #130 – no doubt shattering some dreams and hearts and eyes of the two people that appear to be reading this every week… or at least viewing the posts and liking them. Then not reading.

Does anyone read this?

Yes, I know you do Linda, hell I don’t re-read my ramblings anymore, look at that < spelling error.

I don’t know if there is one, I didn’t check, I just played it safe and assumed.


It appears that I’ve lost my way already, that’s pretty good for a opening Paragraph / Segment isn’t it. Shows signs of things to come. I was going to say, Are you Proud of me?

It’s Friday, creeping up to 8pm and I’m writing the Jobber Blogger! Yes folks, I’m caught up and up to date!

Which is saying something given it’s crazy Writing week when the PPV’s hit, pretty much Watch Wrestling / Write Wrestling / Watch Wrestling / Write Wrestling / Watch Wrestling / Write Wrestling then I’m back on schedule.

So how was Impact after / before Bound for Glory? I’ll tell you how it was! Because that’s what I’ve chosen to do, whether you like it or not, whether you agree or not, whether you even read it or not, I will do it! This is The Jobber Blogger and I vow to do stuff!

bluelineImpact Wrestling Logo


I know how frustrating it may be on the days I don’t get my Jobber Blogger Blog posts Jobbering it up on a Sunday night to follow the UK Airing of Impact on Challenge. I feel your frustration, it keeps me up at night, and sometimes Linda sends me hate mail.

(You’re being featured a lot this week Linda 😉 be proud!)

Currently I’m trying to get Minecraft on my PS Vita and it’s all gone to hell! Not that I expected it to just “work” though in the back of my mind I thought “I bet this will just work, despite the fact I’m expecting it not to”.

Long story short, it doesn’t work, I own the PS3 Retail Version, supposed to recognise my save and allow Cross-Buy, BUT IT DOESN’T WORK! Now I can’t even throw money at the problem and buy it, the whole worlds gone to the poop when you can’t get things for Money! If I can’t get things for Money, why do I work! Tell me that!



You’ll be pleased to know that Impact was pretty awesome this week! I was impressed and entertained. I’d like to clarify that Bound for Glory was a really good show, I might have blurted out some more “negative” feedback of the show, it was a good show. Didn’t live up to the name of “Bound for Glory”, but that was probably more to do with the fact that it didn’t have over half of the TNA talent I want to watch on a TNA show on the PPV. No grudge matches, no decent talent, no Championship belts. It was a TNA – One Night Only – vs. Wrestle1 show.

Nothing wrong with that. Just nothing “Glorious” about it either.


Kurt Angle kicked off Impact with a whole segment to build up the Main Event the advertised last week with an announcement from Kurt Angle and a Video Package and a Mention.

So awesome to start the show by telling us what you already told us. If Sean O’ Haire were still alive, he’d be Senton’ing in his grave.

Big ups Sean O’ Haire, I am a fan. Also “I’m not going to tell you what you already know”. It was his catch phrase with the re-branded Spider Web look and awesome Entrance Music. It took place before his firing.

So… there you have it.


Kurt called out Lashley, which I still kind of forget he’s the Champ, Lashley has been a good Champ though, for the times I remembered it. The second Impact kicked off it felt like TNA again, and I like Lashley a lot in the Title Picture.

Kurt seemed rather miffed that Lashley declined Roode’s Challenge for another shot at the World Championship.

Shall I go into why this annoys me? I shall!

Kurt claimed that being the World Heavyweight Champion means he needs to defend the belt whenever and wherever. Never heard of that before, it’s not his duty.

More to the point Kurt was annoyed at MVP last week for the “mess” he made and how dare he book his own matches, he’s not in charge. Despite the fact Kurt didn’t stop any of it. Now he’s annoyed at Lashley for getting involved in the Match Kurt didn’t want to take place in the first place with a stipulation he didn’t agree with, agree to, nor want to happen.

Yup, I have no idea why he was annoyed, aside from the fact that the Script says as much.

Further to the point, surely Bobby Roode who earned a shot AND LOST does not deserve to get a re-match on the basis that “I was pretty good before I lost” I don’t remember that being a “I’ve earned this” way of life.

And the final point, Surely Roode asking for another shot should annoy Kurt just as much as MVP making a match did, because Roode would have done the exact same thing. Only he would have done it with the World Championship on the line, despite the fact he already had his opportunity and Lost!

End of. Kurt makes no sense.

I’m not really that bothered, but please, just pay attention to what you Write. This is like Star Trek getting their Delorean stuck in a Worm Hole where Johnny Five accidently clicked on Quantum Leap.


It Just Don’t Make Sense!


Madison Rayne vs. Havok – Knockouts Championship

Madison is drifting on down the Heel lake once more, but this time it’s a “why wouldn’t I have done that?” rather than just being a full blown Heel. She’s the Heel people don’t like because she did the smart thing rather than the Honourable thing.

But as she said, every Knockout for herself, why would she risk injury at the hands of Havok before her Championship match to save Taryn from taking a bump. Not worth it.

Also props to Madison, I like her new Entrance, with her head down then bringing the Camera Man to go behind her and follow her down the ramp. I like that. Very cinematic.

Now I had quite the rant about Velvet putting up a good fight against Havok at Bound for Glory, I suppose in reality, this match took place first, so Velvet could have been trying to top it. Which is fair enough.

Madison also put up quite the fight against Havok, though Havok seemed far more dominant against Madison than she did against Velvet. Which doesn’t make sense. Also for Velvet as a Heel, it makes less sense for her to be “full of heart” and the underdog. Which on the flip side, is a nice thing about Madison. She’s drifting toward being a Heel, but currently she’s still a face, so she went to battle by herself and put up a good fight, not backing down.

Though I did start to question the physical health of Earl Hebner, he’s not getting any younger…. I don’t think, I don’t know his medical history, or in fact his age.

But given he works on a general Human life scale, then he’s getting older. It seemed he dosed off during this match, or at least tried to squeeze in a sneaky Nap during a pin-count.


He could have been selling a kick-out though I suppose, but I think chances are he nodded off.

I joke. I kid. I can’t write anything funny….. also I laughed a bit.

Havok lifted up Madison and dropped her with the Chokeslam for the Win.

Though actually, Havok’s Chokeslam is known as the “Harlot Slayer!”

Which sounds like a Spider-Man Villain who hunts prostitutes… I like it.

harlot slayer


Magnus vs. Matt Hardy

This Makes Me Happy.

Yes, like most, some of, perhaps a couple of people, I was wondering on the future of Matt in TNA.

I know he’s not signed, this is more of a per-appearance deal, but now that the Tag-Title Series has wrapped, I wasn’t sure where he would go.

Then he popped up backstage in a promo where Magnus interrupted. Yup, it’s not really that relevant, “you’re not as good as your Brother” / “your jealous of your friend”, usual crap.

Again, as someone who is a life-long fan of the Hardyz, I can’t tell you how happy I am to see Matt in TNA, in a Singles Match, where he is “himself”.

I was looking forward to his first run, and we all know that didn’t turn out so well. So thank you TNA for giving him a chance to redeem himself. Matt’s a great talent, and is capable of a lot.

As someone who is a Fan of Magnus, but never really fully sold on Magnus, I am pleased to admit he seemed more like himself and also far better than I remember.

I literally had no idea what to expect when Magnus lifted Matt into the Power-bomb position, I thought Matt would probably do the usual punch to the face, land on his feet type of ordeal. Then I thought Magnus would just ram him back first into the Turnbuckle.

I did not expect Magnus to ram him into the Turnbuckle then actually Power-Bomb Matt onto the Ring Apron.

I don’t recall seeing that, and it looked nasty. – Nasty and cool.

The match came to an end when Matt caught Magnus’ mid dive from the Second Rope with a Twist of Fate.

The crowd seemed to have a mixed reaction to Matt’s move, I suppose it’s a fairly common thing to see now, specially that the traditional Cutter has come into play a lot recently by a lot of guys. Also I miss Matt taking his time with the Twist of Fate, seems to be more rushed, I liked the Taunt and Scream before the move.

Still, Matt’s in TNA and I love it! Hardyz vs. Bram and Magnus?


DJZ, Jesse and Angelina Love (w/ Velvet Sky) vs. Knux, Crazy Steve and Rebel

I am very happy that DJZ has the current look he does, it’s a big improvement of where he used to be pre-Bromans.

However I miss the DJ deck and annoying horn. I loved that during matches! Do more of it! All the time!

That makes sense right?

Not sure on the partnership of the Bromans and The Beautiful People. Bro’s meet Rock chicks, doesn’t seem to match.

Don’t hate it though.

Above all else, this match is best for one reason, Crazy Steve. It seems TNA are impressed with his popularity because he’s being used more and more, not only that, but rather than the being the crazy guy who doesn’t fight a lot, even lost his matches because he’s out of control and the first person to be eliminated from other bouts.

He put on a great outing in this match and displayed how much of a Credible wrestler he is without breaking or losing any aspect of his Character.

Also he won the match. Good things seem to be in his future, I think he’s got a Gimmick that can last, and transform when required.

Zema kept patting Rebel’s “rear” till Knux took him out, Steve going in for the kiss on Angelina, when Jesse broke it up with a press slam. Steve landed on his feet, jumped to the Second Rope, hit a Tornado DDT for the win.

crazy steve


Tyrus vs. Shark Boy

You know, I think I preferred the wrong thing out of this match.

I can say that I was not expecting “Tyrus” – Brodus Clay to be EC3’s new Bodyguard. Also, surely Rocktsar Spud was not “employed” to be EC3’s Bodyguard. Just saying.

Still a very good and pleasant surprise, no idea if he’s sticking around in TNA, or if he’s doing a Gene Snitsky.

I could also mention Big E, but “doing a Gene Snitsky” is far funnier as a saying. That should be used… Taz you listening?

Everyone Tweet that at Taz!

doing a gene snitskyt

Either way, whether he sticks around or not, they will eventually end up fighting, it just happens, even if I don’t want it to.

TNA – Breaking the mould.

EC3 had a big old Rant about being undefeated and how he’s defeated every TNA Hall of Famer. Devon stepped up then got attacked by Bram. Which is far more interesting than having EC3 fight Devon.

So in the end, EC3 revealed he had booked Tyrus a match against TNA Legend Shark Boy.

I’ve never been a huge Shark Boy fan, but the more I think about his gimmick, the more I like it. Now having him miss his entrance and run a video backstage where they find him out of shape on a sofa stuffing Doughnuts into his Mask, I love it!

Hence what I mean, I think I was more impressed and intrigued by Shark Boy’s decent into physics defying obesity than I was the debut of Tyrus.

…… Tyrus won.


Eric Young vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode – Four Way Elimination #1 Number One Contender Match – World Heavyweight Championship

Now anyone who knows me and reads this, knows I love any kind of Elimination Match. I Love em!

So I was happy.

Here is something I wasn’t expecting, I really miss Jeff Hardy being in the Main Events. Now again, big Hardy fan, but I can see why he isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I never disliked him as Champ, just you know, went a long with it. However now, after a good period of him not being in the Main Events as a main stay, I miss it.

I’ve always said Bobby Roode is the best World Heavyweight Champion of recent memory, least my favourite.

I don’t know if I’m ready for this Roode to be Champion. I enjoyed Heel Roode. I always enjoy Heel Wrestlers more, they tend to have longer Championship reigns. I feel a Heel can be a main stay, without really needing to do anything. You never “need” to turn them Face, only because your good guys are thinning out or to do something different. Heel’s tend to gain momentum on the card and with the fans. Faces decrease, and usually decrease quickly.

Currently should Roode be the Champ again, in my mind I see a good few Months run, till he ends up going against James Storm and his Revolution, where pay-back is a (you know what) and Storm gets the proper Title Run he deserves as the top heel on the show.

All four of these guys put on a great main event, timing was slightly off as EY and Hardy were setting up for simultaneous “Moonsault’s and Swanton’s” a good Album title incidentally.


EY missed with the Moonsault, Jeff missed with the Swanton then both were dropped with the Roode Bomb and Brain Buster respectively then eliminated.

Roode and Aries tore it down as you’d expect, in the end Roode caught Aries from his Corner Drop-Kick and delivered a Roode Bomb to pick up the win.

All four of them then stood in the ring displaying mutual respect.

I still find it funny that Angle chose the Four Guys who Lost against Lashley, to then challenge him again.

You’d think someone else would have a shot, who perhaps hasn’t been defeated already. Not arguing. Just stating.


Good show, looking forward to Next Week’s Impact, also the Wolves announced a 8-Team Tag-Tournament to find their next challenges. Seems like a long process, but looking forward to that too!

Till then!

Dan Wilkinson





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The Jobber Blogger

So yeah, let’s talk about that Elephant in the Room huh? Yes, it’s late, I am fully aware. I do apologise for the lateness of this week’s issue, and last week’s, but hey, I’m a little later this week. I’ve not been this late since I worked Part-Time – yup, do the math on that.


I don’t do math.

I could go on and on about why I didn’t get the time to Write this up till Wednesday night, but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is TNA: Impact Wrestling, so let’s get to that shall we?

bluelineImpact Wrestling Logo


Holy Cheese Nips – Bound for Glory is this Sunday. How crazy is that? It felt like it was ages away, hell it feels like nothing – at – all has been done for this PPV on Television. Aside from James Storm / Sanada / Muta there is nothing more. And that Story has been a B-Story at best running “here and there” in the background, now it’s the main event on the biggest show of the year. Awesome.

Still, I’m looking forward to Bound for Glory – if for nothing more than being up to date with TNA, I can’t explain how much I hate pre-taped Wrestling Television.

It’s all about the here and now, and that was a Month ago. Okay sure, that was an exaggeration, but you get the drift.


Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe – X-Division Championship

Aries kicked off the show to talk about what Championship he was going to Challenge for. That’s right, an Entire episode of Impact was to determine this position. Aries just rambling on is enough to bring out Samoa Joe who (now get this) Challenges Austin Aries.

Yeah that happened.

Aries battles through this tournament to get this great opportunity – to then be challenged himself by a Champion rather than the other way round and lose.

This just makes it feel more like a House Show.

The idea of Joe vs. Aries is exciting, because Joe vs. Aries #1 back in 2012 was the second best match that year. However this meeting of Joe and Aries – though good, not nearly as good.

I suppose I am a little biased when it comes to Aries, but really, you don’t need to be, because he backs it up himself. Aries, as per usual was on fire, on point and brilliant.

I guess I would have enjoyed the match a little more should Aries have taken the win. But I can’t argue. Least they’re letting Aries beat everyone to get shots lately, they seem to be putting him in the right places.

Both Aries and Joe struggled to get this promo off the ground for the two of them to do battle, but in the end, it didn’t really matter.

Which would have been much better if Joe came out to blab for no reason and Aries just walked out and discus elbowed him in the face – Bam – Match – Challenge set and accepted. As it was Aries went for the Last Chancery and was instead caught by Joe’s rear naked choke for the Win.

Though I can’t argue with a great solid match to kick off the show. Though I will whine, a lot.

A lot.



Eric Young vs. Ethan Carter the Third

The main story here is EC3 and Spud. Last week it was built that there were “issues” between the two, and this week cemented it.

EC3 gave Spud a good heel speech of “in what world, would we be friend?” then ruined his jacket.

This is obviously to build Spud as a face. Here is the problem.

It’s been there done that territory again, I think it always will be with Wrestling. People really like Spud, and that’s because he’s great in the Role he’s in. Making him face changes that role, and people care less. It always happens. People love Heels, Spud isn’t trying to be a “heel” but making him a face would alter his response from the crowd.

However he was extremely good at getting the Sympathy vote. So it might work, least for a short amount of time. Like Joseph Park.

EY who was set to fight EC3 later in the match came out to stand up for Spud, and thus the match took place.

Spud (reluctantly) helped EC3 win.

EC3 works well as a Heel, Spud works well being a naive heel manager. I think he’s capable of doing a good run as a Face, I just don’t think it will be the same. Time will tell. But sooner rather than later, Spud will turn on EC3.

Though now I’ve said that, I will probably be wrong… I hope I am.


Do you know what Annoyed me the most about this week’s Impact. It was the unnecessary “conflict” placed into the Tag-Team Series.

The Wolves with their “Wolves Nation” (which is a horribly bad name), decided to blab on about being a Good Tag-Team. That people didn’t think they were up to much. Let’s be fair, they did lose two matches straight.

Plus they’ve barely defended the Tag-Belts.

Still, it was a speech I didn’t need to hear. Of course this only got worse with Team 3D being un-characteristically negative. Sure Bully and Devon have probably played Heels more than Faces, especially Bully. But right now, their position in the Company is not to be big headed egotistical bad-guys all of a sudden. “You’ll never be as good as us, that’s just fact” – no offense to the Wolves, but they are probably right.

It was just un-needed. This was only to become worse with The Hardyz getting involved. Who not only blabbed on at Team 3D with yet another “history talk”, but they too downgraded the Wolves by stating how less they are in comparison. Another un-characteristic speech. Plus Jeff screamed about something I could have done without.

In the end they all end up brawling and this brings out the weapons which makes for the Full Metal Mayhem announcement.

I think everyone was fairly sure where this was going, they did re-create the old TLC announcement, only with “Tables, Ladders, Chairs…. Full Metal Mayhem!” which, whatever, I don’t care anymore.

Either way, this will take place next week, and I guarantee it’s the Match of the Year. Least I’m hoping it will be, I can’t wait for it.

I just think there must be a much cleverer way to get these guys to have disagreements and fight, without it being cheap, meaningless and let’s be honest, silly.


Manik (w/James Storm) vs. Shark Boy

Good ol Filler Shark Boy is back this week. I do like Shark Boy, but he’ll always be the one you don’t take seriously. But I love the parody, I revel in it.

Manik looking like a sleek super-hero AJ Styles – and also much less menacing then he used to, squashed Shark Boy with ease.

I like the idea, I don’t get how rough and tough scruffy Cowboy – James Storm, beer bottle in hand and giant Beer, works with sleek looking shiny attired Luchardor styled Wrestlers. I don’t see that match, but I don’t hate it.

Come on Tigre-Uno.


MVP (w/Kenny King) vs. Mr. Anderson (w/Chris Melendez)

Anderson who gave a pep talk to Melendez about sticking up for yourself, fighting these guys back, proving your ground. Then went into battle for him instead.

So not only is Melendez weak, incapable, but he needs people to do things for him too. I’m sorry, wasn’t this guy a tough, mean, driven War Hero who wouldn’t back down. Rather than someone who needs so much help and support.

It makes me like him less and less. I’d only like him more at this point if Anderson punched him in the face. Is that bad?

Kenny got involved on the Apron, Melendez pulled him down, Anderson distracted, MVP roll up – Win.


Bobby Roode came out to do his yearly “I’ve been home and had time to re-think my career” speech. A Trend James Storm started which AJ Styles did, and Roode has done it twice if not Three Times now.

Roode decided he’s only as good as his last match and Challenges Lashley to one more match – because he knows he can beat him.

MVP answered for him by saying No. That’s pretty much it.


Gail Kim vs. Havok – Knockouts Championship

Gail Kim and Havok had a fight earlier in the night, you knew something was up because Gail didn’t get the second entrance, she was attacked by Havok, who then threw her into the Ring Post and slammed onto the Floor “injuring her shoulder”.

Gail then did a terrible promo of being injured and demanding to Wrestle whilst Kurt Angle did an equally terrible job of acting alongside her. It was awful, like some weird low-budget porn.

Gail and Kurt

Gail still didn’t get the Champion entrance on the second time round, but I am extremely happy the Knockouts got to Main Event Impact.

I do like Havok, she is growing on me more and more, but I don’t yet see her as good as perhaps some others do.

Of course she pretty much destroys Gail and Chokeslams her for the Win and becomes the new Knockouts Champion.

So much for Taryn Terrell eh.

I have no issues with this.


A bit of a strange mash up of a Show, but certainly not a bad one.

TNA just doesn’t feel right currently. I’m expecting that to be different come next week’s Full Metal Mayhem, but how long will it last?

Bound for Glory I’m sure will be something special, I just hope TNA gets it all back on track for 2015.

Till then,

Dan Wilkinson





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The Jobber Blogger #104 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 1/5/14


The Jobber Blogger

Isn’t life great when things feel like a Chore? Yup, it’s one of those weeks again. The Jobber Blogger flies in a day late, but currently I don’t know what to think about this old crazy thing we call “Wrestling”.

The WWE hasn’t been my thing for a long time, and I love TNA. I really do. In fact this week’s show had me rethinking that phrase over and over, “I love TNA!” But then you hear the horror stories, and the backstage rumours and politics, and people leaving, and you just think, what’s going on?

Christopher Daniels has left TNA, Kazarian is looking to leave, and most people think when his contract is up in a few weeks, or whatever it is, he will be gone too. Change is never a bad thing, TNA has filled the gaps with some great new talent, pushed some fantastic older talent, and it’s in a good place. I suppose people will look at this as “They’ve lost yet another TNA original”. But hey, this isn’t the first time Christopher Daniels has left TNA, and it’s not the first time Kazarian has either. Gail Kim left, Angelina Love left, Bobby Lashley left, hell even Jeff Hardy left. But they’ve all come back. Sometimes things just don’t “work”. Doesn’t mean anything is wrong on either side, other than those sides just aren’t running as parallel as they once were.


This is an exciting year for Wrestling and for Wrestling fans, Jeff Jarrett, the guy responsible for pouring everything into TNA, is bringing GFW to the world, hopefully by the end of the year. No doubt it’s a fair way off from being anything “spectacular”. But this is ground one, for those people who didn’t know of TNA from day one to jump on board. Competition is the life blood of any business, people are always going to draw comparisons, and it’s never about running anyone out of business, but if you’re not striving to be the best, then you’re doing it wrong. Clearly neither GFW or TNA have what it takes to battle the WWE, but the contrast, similarities and friendships surrounding TNA and the now growing “force” of GFW, it will be real interesting to see some familiar faces and cross over’s.

But hey, that’s distant future talk, this is the right here and now, and this week’s TNA: Impact… did it right. Impact Wrestling Logo


Yup, we are in the Fifth month of the year, only a matter of weeks and we’re half way through the year, already. That’s crazy.

Impact kicked off with Eric Young fresh from retaining his Championship against Magnus at Sacrifice, looking for his next challenge. MVP keen on the idea pulled in Mr. Anderson, Gunner and Bobby Roode, as the three men who were victorious from Sacrifice. Here’s the thing I like, and yes this “spoils” it a little, but obviously storyline wise, it was Dixie Carter who screwed Bully Ray out of his Tables match, and so therefore MVP overlooked Bobby Roode’s victory. Yet allowed him to participate regardless. And they let Roode win. Roode defeated Gunner and went on to Challenge EY, that’s awesome. They in one move downplay his credibility, but then let Roode without cheating show how legit he is. I respect that. And that draws me into liking Roode (not that I’m not a big enough fan as it is).

To determine who battles EY, Anderson, Gunner and Roode each drew a Card, the two lowest numbers go to battle, and the highest number (Roode) faces the winner of the first match, with the winner of that match taking on Eric Young in the Main Event. A semi little tournament thrown together. And it’s great.

Sure Impact was a little “promo” heavy to kick off the night, and in all honesty I like it when Promo’s are unexpected.

Magnus made his way to the ring to moan about being left out of MVP’s little tournament. But Abyss stood in the crowd stalking his former “employer”. Yup, they still haven’t told us if Abyss is employed or not, which sucks. Mainly because he was never unemployed before. A good way to tell a story is to actually tell all of it, not just make stuff up that you never told and expect people to go along with it. Though I suppose we don’t have any choice but to go along with it.

Magnus and Abyss went at it, brawling, till Magnus escaped the fight. What was unexpected and most awesomely awesome was this guy I believe was called “Brad”. A scruffy British… scruff, and former good friend of Magnus who told him that he has lost who he is, and his suits are stupid. He even said Magnus is stupid and a shell of his former self, because now he has money and success, rather than going around pubs drinking looking like a homeless man. I think the word Brad was looking for, rather than “you’ve changed!” is “you’ve grown up”. Which I think is awesome about Magnus, and currently that puts him in a higher opinion for me, than he being some typical English drunken hoodlum. But new characters are always cool, especially with a violent “past”.

Going for the win for the most non-Wrestling segments on a Wrestling show this week did win, the third segment saw Bully Ray carrying a Table to the ring with “Dixie” spray painted across it. I do like however that Bully just brought it to the ring, pointed it out and pretty much said “By the end of the night, you’re going through that Table!”.

What I would have preferred is for this segment to just crash a Match, for no reason have Bully come out. That would work better for me, and break up the “chattiness”.
Anderson vs. Gunner

There really isn’t much to say about this. It was a rather short lived match. What did stand out to me though was Anderson. Anderson has been a little lost in the murky mid-cards since dethroning Bully Ray from The Aces and Eights. Whereas Gunner has been pushed to the Main Events, even battling for the World Championship.

Put them both together, despite that Anderson is the more experienced, Gunner still feels like he should be the betting man’s choice just given his recent Run. Yet having them both in the ring together, I found myself more on Anderson’s side. Which surprised me. I like Anderson a lot, I do think his best place was within The Aces and Eights, but he does seem to be in a better place recently, at least in his matches. He carried himself really well against Gunner, and that just makes me wish Anderson was perhaps given more room to be “Anderson” on a platform that meant something.

In a weird twist Ending, Storm got involved yes “again”… James Storm TNA business 2

Only Storm “missed” and ended up costing Anderson the match. He attempted his running kick to the back of the head in the Corner, but because Gunner reversed the momentum and threw Anderson in the Gunner, Storm ended up attacking Anderson, leading to the Hanger 18, and Gunner picking up the Victory.

Of course this pretty much just means Anderson is now going to feud with Storm and there is nothing else in it than that. But it’s a little lame that, that is the only way they can think of starting a rivalry. Though on the flip side, it’s far, far better than Angle’s “My son paints his face like Jeff”.

Ethan Carter the third vs. Spud – Exhibition Match

There is something superb about EC3 and Spud together, and Spud’s natural talent easily makes you like him the most, and more. EC3 is doing great work though, and he and Spud talking through the “don’t try this at home” speech was classic.

What was even better was Spud dressed as 2002 era Kurt Angle, shortly after having his head shaved. Angle Spud

Though to bring the mood down, Kurt Angle showed up, said he is finally going to face EC3 next week, and he’s going bring the pain.

What is a pain is Kurt Angle, he’s at the WWE return game again. When asked “if you were to go back to the WWE, who would you want to face” and his reply was “if?”.

That just pisses me off. And it pisses me off as a Fan, I’m sure there are a lot of people backstage in TNA who this just rubs the wrong way. Why pay a guy when he doesn’t want to be there. Get up, get packed, get out. Looking forward to when he’s gone if I’m honest, I like Kurt, I respect him, I respect his decision to go back, I understand it. Just don’t parade it everywhere, to me, it comes across incredibly insulting with regards to TNA, a company I care about. You don’t want to be there, fine, go away.
Gunner vs. Bobby Roode

Rather than having Gunner take on Roode straight after, and or Roode taking on EY straight after, there was a good bit of breathing room between every match.

Whilst on the topic of Gunner, I do want to say that they have done a great job with getting him over, and that he does a great job too. I still think there is more room to grow. It’s a little weird seeing someone as Scruffy as Gunner trying to get the crowd rallied and them behind him. He just doesn’t look like a “good guy”. He’s tough, built, battle tested, violent, scruffy looking. I honestly think if he tweaked his look to fit his Gimmick, he’d have something great. Go with the Army thing, I’d keep the colours, but change his attire. Make him a “warrior”. Gunner Warrior

His ring jacket is awesome, throw in some more unusual Wrestling attired but themed with the Army colours, add some Camouflage face-paint type of design, and you’re onto something pretty awesome.

Something I haven’t seen before was when Roode ran Gunner forward into the ropes, Gunner holds on, leans back causing Roode to fall and Roll backwards. Seen that plenty of times, but as Roode was rolling back onto his Knee’s Gunner had caught up with him and dropped him with a DDT. That was fantastic!

Though of course in the end Bobby Roode picked up the Win with his “Roode Bomb”. I do wish he chose a better name.

Dixie made her way to the ring after showing no concern to Bully Ray and his threats.

Dixie was surrounded by Security, three with her and a line to block the entrance way to the Ring. She was bragging about being the only woman in history to ever put Bully through a Table.

Long story short Bully came out, talked the Security round to getting out of his way, beat up on the Three guys in the ring and was face to face with Dixie.

After placing Dixie between his legs setting up for a Power-Bomb, MVP came out to stop the whole Segment.

I doubt they’d put Dixie through a table. I know they are wanting to build Bully as a big part of the show going into New York. No doubt having him against the Authority of Dixie is the plan. This is the problem with TNA, they recycle the same thing a few times without ever committing to an idea, and then it never see’s it’s true potential. Like they had an idea then changed their minds about who should be within it.

When Anderson first came back he was clashing with Dixie, and it was exciting, but never amounted to anything. AJ Styles, didn’t amount to anything. Most recently is of course Eric Young who was threatened to have a make-over, then didn’t amount to anything. And now it’s Dixie and Bully, which seems to at least have a direction. I think it’s the best choice so far, but who knows. Maybe Dixie will be going through a Table in New York?

Willow vs. Storm

This is one of those matches that feel “strangely placed”. Just having a Match on a card of this kind of clash, usually means something is in store to develop.

Especially considering they’ve been building Willow as a Character, but having him just come out to a Match, and come out first, feels a little strange.

I totally understand that Willow is a strange thing to get into, but I love it.

I think his theme is awesome, his look is awesome. And I love that Jeff is doing different moves under the mask. I know overall it’s pretty much the same onslaught. But it almost feels very old school Jeff Hardy with an unorthodox approach to high risk moves.

I hated Jeff’s adaption of the Twist-of-Fate which goes into a Stunner. I thought that sucked. I love the fall out Cutter, traditional move. However, currently as Willow, the Twist-of-Fate is done like the Stunner, only he holds onto the guy and stands back up himself. It’s weird, looks weird, and I like it.

Speaking of things I like, he did a Baseball slide and just slid out the ring in the same pose and dropped an Elbow drop on Storm who was on the floor! That was insane and awesome, and more of that!

The match escalated with the Steel Steps, and Storm reaching for his Beer Bottle, but Willow had his Umbrella…. yes that is a fair pairing.

Storm got pushy with the Ref, the match got thrown out and as Storm was leaving, guess what, Anderson got involved and Mic Check’d Storm to the floor.
DJ Z and The Bromans vs. The Wolves and Sanada

The Bromans had a good rant at MVP about how unfair Sacrifice was. And no, not for the last minute DQ rule, but for the 3 on 2 advantage they had, and it throwing off their offence and timing.

I actually didn’t write much down for this match, what I did Write was “FANTASTIC”.

This was a brilliant match, Wolves and Bromans have been tearing it up as it is, throw in Sanada and it was just fantastic.

People flying everywhere, great Tag-Team Wrestling, and how awesome are The Wolves?

This is the future of TNA, and it’s a future I am liking a lot!

Eddie Edwards dropped his Top-Rope foot-stomp on DJ Z to put him down, Sanada then landed his Moonsault and Davey Richards finished him off with the Final Foot-Stomp for the Win.

Watch This Match!

The Beautiful People – Beautiful Celebration.

Earlier on in the night Angelina had reportedly gotten a letter from the board of directors regarding her recent win as Knockouts Champion. Stating that now she is the champion she must show a more appropriate manor, for her actions reflect the Company.

Of course she and Velvet were not going to do that, and the main source of problems were of course their “attire”.

Angelina and Velvet turned up to this “celebration” in formal gowns, only to pretend to Strip off. By just removing their gloves, and then laughing about fooling everyone.

Yup, they wrote the letter themselves and used it to tease a striptease. I don’t see how any of this fits a Celebration.

Anyway, Gail Kim confronts Angelina, which is pretty awesome to have Gail turning face. She’s been Heel ever since she came back, and for her to represent the Knockouts Division makes sense, and so naturally she turns against those more “bad” than she is.

Gail goes on the attack, reaching for their Gowns to undress them, needless to say, they both escape.

But are then met by Brittany and Madison who Strip them both instead…. Yup, that happened.
Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young – World Heavyweight Championship

EY is awesome! I do fear he will be turned against, but he’s been a fan favourite for so long that I hope that isn’t the case. Having him front and centre and actively defending the belt is a good idea to keep him fresh and respected.

Not to mention that he with his awesomely wacky music amongst “EY” Chants, and standing tall on the Ropes holding the Belt over his head – it just works.

Earlier on in the night EY had a backstage interview where he said that Roode is the best guy to take Championship from him. Obviously the history between these two is great, and I’d actually really like that to be taken to a higher level.

Roode and EY feuding for a little while would be great.

Again going back to the fact that regardless of MVP playing dumb to Bobby Roode’s credibility, he himself backs it up, and so do those around him. I like that.

EY once again pulled out a Pile-Driver, which looked Horrible, though Roode obviously was fine. But still, it just unsettles me to watch.

EY kicked out of a Roode Bomb but in the end it was EY’s top-rope Elbow Drop which got him the victory.

A very good match between the both of them, but what was the best thing to happen, was EY extending his hand out to Roode, and picking him up.

Nothing more than that, but that was enough to make everyone feel good! Not sure what direction this is going in now, but I certainly like the mutual respect, and general respect being placed on Roode.

As much as this show was packed, next week looks to be a full card too!

EC3 vs. Kurt Angle

The Bromans vs. The Wolves – Tag-Team Championship – Ladder Match

and the Debut of The Menagerie

I am actually really looking forward to the Debut of Knux’s new stable of wild animals with a Circus, Carnival twist.

Till then,

Dan Wilkinson



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The Jobber Blogger #90 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 6/2/14

Jobber Blogger logo2Last week’s show from Glasgow got praise and negativity at the same time. This most likely because of a good crowd, a different look and I’m sure the debut of MVP played a part also. However looking back on it, nothing very exciting happened. Just your normal run of the mill matches and no great excitement on the Card front.

The same can be said for this week’s show, though the Ratings perked in the US in comparison to last week. Though this again will probably be spiked with the debut of MVP.

I can’t quite seem to find where I stand on all of these happenings. I believe CM Punk leaving the WWE is a work, it makes sense. If it’s not a work, then he comes across as a douche really, let’s be honest. Nor do I think his “Star Power” with the most deserving of quotation marks is really anything to go crazy over in the first place. Which of course leads to Sting. Things certainly look as if this time after many years, Sting is actually going to the WWE. Then there’s more information coming out from Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith’s plan to buy TNA and instead just decided to make their own company… perhaps. I really don’t know what to believe anymore. And if these are a work… then they’re working.

I recently watched the AJ Styles – Shoot Interview “Leaving an Impact”. Though the trailers / previews certainly edited it in a way that seems rather more shocking, in actuality it’s very tame. AJ is nothing but supportive of TNA, and has the door open. Though you can make arguments for TNA offering him a lower contract, but they did eventually offer him what he asked for, and he rejected. But AJ said he wants to work the Indies again, and what other chance will he have to do so. I expect AJ will be back in TNA some point this year. I don’t buy this isn’t in some way planned.

But hey, that’s the beauty of Wrestling, and for years and years people knew what was going to happen, and for the best part, we still do. Thanks to the Dirt Sheets and certain predictability areas, but for these topics, we just don’t know. And that’s a good thing! Impact Wrestling LogoTNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 6/2/14

I guess, part of me isn’t excited watching TNA anymore. I enjoy it, sure, but I’m not getting that feeling where you witness something that makes you excited! That makes you go on YouTube and find that certain Entrance theme for that certain Star and listen to it on Repeat and have the sudden urge to buy merchandise. Not had that since AJ had his Return Match at Slammiversary last year.

Abyss vs. Eric Young – Monsters Ball

I did state that nothing was quite as exciting, but I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to start Impact without Promo’s. Without Dixie. Instead it’s EY and Abyss attacking each other in the back and the Match picks up from there. A creative and needed change to the format. Despite the fact we all know that next week, it’s all about Dixie starting the show most likely.

I am still confused on this front, Abyss didn’t seem to turn up for a long time. Then he did twice randomly. Then only when Park saw his own blood for a small amount of time. Now he’s Abyss all the time for no reason and blood isn’t involved. I don’t get it. Do I need to get it?

To be honest, yes. If you’re going to put effort into developing something, least stick to it, or make it work. Tie up the loose ends, have it make sense. Give more development. The first Monsters Ball did nothing to get Park to realise he was Abyss.

It is awesome having Abyss on Impact though, he is one of those guys you associate with TNA, his look and character is phenomenal and sorely missed.

The match though was as you would expect, rather tame when compared to others, but with enough meaty high spots to make you enjoy it! Thumbtacks made their appearance, though EY flipped over the Monster from the Second Rope and Power-Bombed him to the Canvas. Abyss punched EY whilst he was perched on the top rope which sent him flying off Through a Table set up on the floor.

The ending came when Abyss removed Janice, a Cricket Bat variation, clearly not getting the original through Customs. EY then after numerous attempts Unmasked the Monster, which led him to violently Blackhole Slam EY and take the win.

Abyss then looked at himself in a small broken bit of a mirror. I actually like the ending, though not sure where it’s going to lead. Obviously I don’t want him to lose the mask, it makes his character. But will be interesting. EY did a post match Interview backstage and said his goal was to unmask him, but has no idea what happens next.

MVP made his way to the ring, which officially marks his true Debut with TNA. I do find it funny that people always moan about TNA bringing in stars from other companies, but yet everyone is behind MVP’s character as an investor, despite the fact he’s just yet another made star from a different promotion.

I knew of MVP, watched a fair number of his matches, but he was never someone I got behind. However, he did impress me on this show. His mic skills are very good, he has a great confidence and charismatic approach whilst confronting the audience and other stars. His confidence in turn sells the angle, so it’s all good.

The flimsy story is a little… flimsy? He had a lot of money saved up, saw what Dixie had done to TNA and therefore he invested his savings to get himself in TNA to change it. No one in his position would do that. Especially considering how outspoken he used to be about going to TNA. But alas, Dixie’s recent actions, must be met with Consequences, and MVP is all about bringing about that Change.

Part of me is now a little tired of seeing this “Power Struggle” as the main and only storyline to determine TNA in over four years. Hogan and Bischoff take over, Sting as the GM, Dixie out of control, Dixie back in Control, Hogan as GM, Aces and Eights threaten Power, Dixie goes crazy takes control, MVP is now in to change that. Can’t we just do something new. All it says to me is that they’ve tried something and it didn’t work, so they try something else by blaming the one in charge at the time. I think it is clever that they’ve placed all of the bad decisions on Dixie’s head and she’s carrying that weight as a Heel. So it would be great to see TNA rise up. But I doubt it’s going to do anything or amount to anything. I really hope it does. But how many times have we hoped now?

Spud made his way to the ring to tell MVP that Dixie would like a meeting with him, and MVP then made a match between Magnus and Kurt Angle.

Curry Man danced with Christopher Daniels styled ass to the Ring (it’s a legit thing)

danielsWhat did you think the Picture would be?

After he finished Dancing, Bully Ray wheeled the Coffin out, stood in the ring, booted Curry Man in the face, delivered an impressive but scary looking Pile-Driver and threw him in the Coffin then left.

So I don’t know if I was supposed to believe Curry Man is in a match, or if he was supposed to be fighting Bully Ray, but it looked as if Curry Man danced his way to the ring purposely to be placed in a Coffin.

Though I did realise that Bully Ray and Curry Man have similarly pronounced names. Bully Man or Curry Ray, could be a good Team idea.

In a string of “walk to the rings” Austin Aries was next up, who of course received a huge reaction (because he’s awesome and TNR’s / Jobber Blogger’s two time reigning Wrestler of the Year). Aries decided to take this time to talk about Option C and how he intends to do it once more this year!

That’s when the Bromans came out and Bro’d their way down the Ramp, and I was actually pleasantly surprised by the next part, as I couldn’t piece together why they had turned up.

Zema Ion attacked Aries from behind with his X-Division Briefcase, then hit Aries over the head with it, covered him, but only got a Two-Count.

Zema looked good though, and then went on to miss his impressive looking Corkscrew from the Top Rope and Aries then dropped him with a Knee Breaker, threw him backwards over his head, Corner Drop Kicked the hell out of him and then finished him off with the Brain Buster to retain his Championship.


I am glad TNA lifted the “Money in the Bank” Concept, it’s a good idea. And the Feast or Fired stipulation adds extra coolness to the concept.

Trying to Write this down really shows you how much “stuff” was in this show, and not enough Wrestling. Though something that pleased my rant from last week was in the show, where Christy Hemme had a talk with Sam Shaw about his weird Shrine Room (with the same pictures multiple times I might add). Christy saw the segment, and decided it’s creepy and only wants their “relationship” to be professional. Which is kind of ironic, given that a Camera Man was stood in his secret room.

I think it would have been better if Shaw went into the Room and the Camera Man tried to get a sneak peak, leading to Shaw beating him down violently. Or if the Camera Man sent like a lighting dude with his Smart Phone to sneak into the room, and then proceeded to get beaten down violently when Shaw caught him. But whatever.

The stupid part is that Christy must have seen his Violent Drawings, threatening the Waiter, Beating up that guy backstage (who was on this show and fine). You know, and that didn’t bother her about this weird guy she liked… but the shrine put her off.

Kurt Angle vs. Magnus

The first booking from MVP, and it’s designed to get Angle out of the ring. He’s supposed to be pretty banged up and not happy currently. Though to be fair, he wants to leave TNA, so screw him.

There wasn’t really a match here, they just did a few moves, Angle caught Magnus in the Ankle Lock then EC3 turned up and attacked him.

EC3 then went to town on Angle’s knee with a Chair, and submission locks, leaving Angle to be carried out on a Stretcher.

Though apparently Angle does a run in next week or something, so the whole idea was for nothing, as it’s supposed to get Kurt out of Wrestling to heal up. Given the length EC3 went to, to sell Kurt’s injury / absence, I would have to agree him showing up again seems a little stupid.

In what was probably the best and easily the funniest part of Impact this week. Chris Sabin had set up this backstage “date” room thing where apparently he and Velvet shared their first kiss some years ago.

Velvet eventually turned up, and a little unsure why the Camera crew were filming. Sabin told her about last week was a turning point for him, and how he sees what he did wrong, and now a Veil has been lifted.

He gets down on one knee and removes a Ring Box presenting it to Velvet, asking her “Will you?”. A teary eyed Velvet opened the box to find it empty, and Sabin continued “Will you just get the hell out of my life!?”

We all knew it was coming, but it was still rather hilarious.

Though Sabin challenged Velvet to a match next week, so… that will be weird.

Bobby Roode vs. Samoa Joe – Number One Contendership – World Heavyweight Title Shot

So this marks the Second match on the card, adding in a possible two others. One which was short and just to sell a run-in from EC3. The other short, but awesome spontaneous title defence.

Earlier in the night Bobby brought a Contract for he and Magnus at Lockdown for the World Championship to Dixie, but given Joe’s recent Number One Contender win, and MVP turning up, she couldn’t commit. Instead, she made this match between he and Joe.

It is a little annoying how winning anything now, actually doesn’t mean you earn what you won. Like Gunner with his Briefcase which he keeps having to defend. And Joe with his Number One Contender Win.

I am glad Joe is back on a Rampage, though I feel he’s not quite found his “Spark” back as he once had it. Roode on the other hand is pure awesome.

Least Impact had a great Main Event, though I made little notes on what happened during the match, I would encourage all to watch it. It’s not “put a star next to it Match of the Year contender” but it was still a great match.

Joe dropped Roode with the Muscle Buster and then got a Submission Victory with his Choke Hold keeping his position as the Number One Contender.

It does bother me though that Roode is looked at as a Looser now. Dixie even said “It’s not like you won your last match!” with regard to Roode being in the Main Event. And that annoys me because he lost to Kurt Angle in a Cage Match (with a close finish), after having a Winning streak in general, and especially over Kurt Angle for Months and Months. Stupid Heel Face rules and BS.

Impact closed the show with Dixie and MVP having a Summit in the middle of the Ring. Which would perhaps have been better if we didn’t get MVP talking earlier on in the night, followed by Dixie having numerous scenes backstage talking with Spud, to then Dixie and MVP talking backstage about coming out and talking about the future of TNA, in front of the World.

They could have just done it as a Headline to the show “Still to come!” etc.

And like anything TNA usually try and build up, it did nothing. The Future of TNA, which was Dixie blabbing on about Magnus and how people should follow her to Success. Then MVP saying “You are the Problem” and that they Agree to Disagree, he is bringing the Change, and her Running TNA as she wants to, “Is Over!”.

So it’s a good thing to move it forward… but it actually told us nothing… and did nothing. A little empty for a Finish I found, something to grab on to for next week would have been a much more exciting finish.

Still, not a bad show, I hope TNA are moving in a good direction, I really hope AJ, Hardy, Sting, Jarrett actually all play a part in MVP’s Change, but who knows?

Till then!

Dan Wilkinson



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