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The Jobber Blogger #89 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 30/1/14


The Jobber Blogger

Welcome to the Jobber Blogger #89! The second proper instalment over on TheSteelChair.com and like always I ramble on endlessly about nothing!

Though perhaps nothing isn’t quite at hand here, as TNA embark on yet another (I’m sure to be awesome sell out) UK Tour, the question at hand is this: does it really matter?

I think the short answer is no. Nothing TNA does matters, Wrestling History is going to go on with them or without them, and unfortunately the WWE is always going to the power that controls the History of the Industry. Lots of rumours floating around that Sting is about to Sign a WWE Legends deal, everything from him just being involved with a WCW DVD to the Launch of the WWE Network and their WCW Content. To him being RAW’s General Manager and all kinds of stuff. Now this seems to be the most “official” word yet of Sting and WWE actually coming to terms, I would even go so far as to say that Hogan’s recent TNA departure and WWE involvement would partially be life line between Sting and the WWE also. I guess what I’m getting at, is if Sting goes to the WWE, he will be looked upon for all of his work outside of the WWE… in WCW. The WWE don’t care how many times he’s been TNA Champion, how many years he’s worked for that promotion, they won’t even blink an eye that he’s in the “Hall of Fame”. It just didn’t happen.

That’s the thing that bugs me the most, see I love TNA, that’s well documented, but if Bobby Roode went to the WWE, sure some people would know of his work, but it would never be mentioned. When Booker T went to WWE via the buyout of WCW – he was credited with his Five Time World Heavyweight Championship reign. All of the WCW guys carried their legacy, hell even ECW carried their legacy, and that was a terrible promotion.

But TNA, who had all the right faces, and all the right ingredients, they just don’t affect the WWE, Ric Flair returns with no mention of TNA (aside from his now infamous WWE 2K14 Panel with Foley) when Hogan returns, there will be no mention, when Kurt Angle inevitably returns, he will have just “Been gone” for several years. No one cares.

They’ve even said if AJ Styles were to wind up in the WWE he would be a mid-carder at best despite he carries a huge weight of Wrestling Greatness through-out the industry, to the point where Kurt Angle left the WWE purely to Wrestle Styles. It’s like everything TNA is doing, should they one day go out of business, it was all for nothing.

If they could gather the ratings and pull in higher numbers, WWE would have to pay attention. And one could think that this is the current trend in Wrestling today. Like any Wrestling fan I’m reading and trying to find out what’s going on with the Royal Rumble / Daniel Bryan / Batista and now of course CM Punk. Clearly the Daniel Bryan thing is a work, and it’s clearly working! Batista is just “one of those guys” from an era that wasn’t even that popular. I think he feels he’s a type of Stone Cold / The Rock, but nope, WWE sucked then and it sucks now. I never got on the Batista train, doesn’t appeal to me. And now the Wrestling Audience is smarter than ever, they know guys like Bryan and Punk work hard for their slot on the show, and then they lose it to some muscle bound Hollywood type who can’t Wrestle half as well purely because his name might carry some “cache”. Least he isn’t as insulting as The Rock’s “triumphant return” for those who grew up watching him to suddenly realise that he actually is terrible as a Wrestler.

Now in the same vein, I don’t look as CM Punk as anything special. I like Punk, but let’s not beat it round the bush, Punk got lucky as he was given the opportunity to “mouth off” and that’s what made his Career. Since then, he’s done very little till now. And only now is important because people don’t know if it’s legit or not, I would say it is a Work, but who knows? Even if it’s not he will go back to the WWE, no chance he’ll turn up in TNA, I’d love it if he did come to TNA, I think his look and style suits their product more so. But what would that mean to the Industry? Guess what, nothing. I bet over half of the WWE’s audience don’t even know TNA exists. And those who do, would probably tune in to see Punk, then tune right back out again. Their viewership would increase, but I don’t think it’s a wise investment. Punk would go back to the WWE, he wouldn’t be loyal to TNA, I don’t even think he likes TNA. His first stint there wasn’t very good, so I don’t think he’d be in a rush to go out. People who question if TNA could “afford” him is ridiculous, TNA are stupid with Money and they paid Hogan more than WWE offered him, and he still left. That says it all really.

TNA always struggle to capitalise on what they have, and granted they are smart enough to listen to their fans, but everything they do just ends up being subpar. I hope they do something great, but I just don’t think they will. If these rumours about Sting are true, then I would say that AJ Styles and Jeff Jarrett have officially left the company, and then if that is true, then TNA are in serious trouble.

Anyway, without this turning into a huge rant about why I like TNA, what TNA does wrong and why I don’t like the WWE, let’s just get down to the business at hand!

Impact Wrestling Logo


Yes, for the first time ever TNA Impact airs in the UK before the US. And it came straight from Glasgow Scotland, though they did label it as “LIVE!” it wasn’t. But that doesn’t really matter.

What matters is simple, TNA should just get a home over here and film it in the UK because it looks like a force to be reckoned with when they Tape over here, they pack out of the Arena’s (even on the Camera’s side) and they have crazy crowds. Of course I’m not being entirely serious.

Not to mention they did have some Audio problems through-out the broadcast, but least they didn’t Tape it and then Dub the Commentary on top of it, and I hope they don’t do that for the rest of the Taped shows, because it ruined it for me last year.

Magnus kicked off the show and was met with a sea of “Boo’s!” which I was a little surprised by. Though as he did point out, it is Scotland. I would imagine he would be cheered when they get to the UK Shows.

What made me laugh in a type of “ironic” way, is that Magnus and Dixie Carter represent what the Internet have always said TNA should do. As he put it “thinning of the heard / putting the old stars out to pasture to make room for the new”. And yet this was met in a negative light. Though for years everyone’s said that TNA’s downfall is all of these old guys that they bring in for hopes of a Ratings boost, and now look. Hogan and Bischoff have gone, Sting has gone, Nash has gone, Steiner’s gone, Bookers gone, Foley’s gone. Who is left? Angle is going to leave, and I can’t wait to slam the door behind him. You could make a case for Bully and Hardy, but Bully has had his best years in Wrestling in TNA, he isn’t the same guy he used to be, and thank him for being Loyal to them. Same can be said for Hardy, he’s had the best two years of his Career in TNA and he’s in a much better place in his life than he’s ever been before.

So the people get what they want, but they aren’t happy.

Such is life – C’est la vie, Monge tu and Duck a l’orange

EC3 stepped up to get in the face of Magnus when he claimed to “single handily” rid TNA of Styles, Hardy and Sting. The first of a few confrontations between the two. Angle and Joe however crashed the segment and despite Dixie Carter not giving her blessing – it all boiled down to a match – Magnus and EC3 (who Magnus handpicked I might add) vs. Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe – Contracts vs. Number One Contender Shot

I think Spud said it all really

Spud swears

 Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa vs. Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne

Even writing that I wrote Gail Kim and Madison Rayne, subconsciously I combined those two together more so than Velvet and Rayne. Not having the Beautiful People in TNA is a sacrilege. Of course having them in TNA without Angelina Love is a far worse crime. Also nice job on the Video Edits of Velvet and Rayne together (without Angelina).

Madison Rayne suits spoiled little jealous Blonde Girl so much more than she does her current role, just as The Beautiful People suit Heels far better than a Face faction.

Though how could anyone be angry at someone who had a hand in accidently hitting Earl Hebner in the face. Velvet hit her (bad) Bulldog on Gail for a two-count but when Gail kicked out she raised her hand and hit Earl in the fact,… that’s a lol moment.

Gail hits Earl

Madison hit a spear on Gail out of no-where, Velvet finished Gail off with “In Yo Face!” and took the win. Before I go on about how short this match was, I just had a brilliant thought. I Hope and Pray that X-Pac – Sean Waltman wrestlers somewhere in the indies, and does his X-Factor, for someone in the crowd to tell him off for stealing Velvet’s move! If there is a God in Heaven! Please! Let this happen and be on Video! Some child telling him off for stealing a Woman’s move would just be hilarious and the icing on the cake for his so-so career.So yeah, once again the team of the best Female Wrestle in the world, and her huge gigantic powerful scary body guard, were defeated by Wrestlers who can’t Wrestle and let’s face it, Velvet can’t even run the ropes right after all these years. I love them all dearly, but at times it’s just a little too “fake” to be believed.


Chris Sabin heads to the ring afterward to do the great “Bad Guy” move… but also had me laughing like crazy of “Say you’re sorry now, and we’ll go in the back and you can give me a massage”. Just like the short lived run of Joey Ryan who had the best line when he chose to introduce Matt Morgan rather than Hemme when he told her to go make him a sandwich. Needless to say, Velvet told him that they are over and left.

James Storm and Gunner vs. Bad Influence – Gunners World Title Briefcase on the line

James Storm had the worst segment on the show, though it was made slightly better by some guy in the front row making Animal Noises. He could have been cheering but I haven’t heard anything like that before. Storm called out Gunner to “put an end to this”.

And then we were subjected to this horrible segment where they made Bro-Love with doing things for their families and blah blah blah, and when Gunner was in the Marines, and blah blah blah, and then Scotland fans started chanting USA. And what the hell was happening?

I’m sick and tired of the whole “I did this for my Family!” speech, can’t you just do it for yourself. Am I supposed to think that you’re struggling to pay your pills and put food on your plate. I manage it by working 12 hours a week in a Cinema, I’m fairly sure you’re getting paid a hell of a lot more than me. If you can’t make that work then perhaps you should consider changing your life style. And not buy the most expensive Cheese and 1837 Bottle of Wine for your evening of “fine dining”.

What happened to them just chasing a Career in Wrestling, you want to be a Wrestler, you want to be the best guy, awesome, go out there, win the World Championship and do it for your own damn Career and legacy. I don’t want to watch sad back stories in my Wrestling show about how you can’t buy your children 3 games consoles and then afford to send them to the best School in the country and buy them a Porsche for their Graduation present.

I feel this is going to be a good Ranting episode, just wait till I get to Kurt Angle!

Thankfully Bad Influence got involved and so I bring back the long forgotten but most fabled element of my Blog:

kaz word 7 new

I’m now hoping Storm renames his character – The Monkey Fart James Storm and together with Gunner their Tag-Team name can be – Beard with no Brains. I’m game.So this of course ended in a match – with Gunner once again putting his Briefcase on the line. Funny because when he first decided to do it, Dixie had a issue with it, but then agreed as a way to make him pay for interrupting her. Since then Gunner has been defending it left right and centre.

The idea is that Bad Influence told Gunner he can’t trust James Storm, and much to everyone’s dismay, Storm didn’t do anything untrustworthy.

Gunner was impressive as always and worked with Storm to win – with a top rope Head-butt none the less. Then Storm and Gunner celebrated their victory and left for some more Bro-Loving…. beard style.

Earlier on in the night Kurt and Joe singled out Bobby Roode and threatened him so he wouldn’t get involved in their match with their contracts on the line. This led to Roode giving Dixie Carter an ultimatum. Roode only helped get rid of AJ and Sting for a Title Shot, and Roode demanded it be at Lockdown, and until that is agreed, he won’t be doing anything to help Dixie or Magnus further. Makes sense.

Spud was sent on an errand to find out who this “Investor” is, and do that he called out the Wolves.

Again, Spud stole the show, he got in their faces screaming and claimed to have seen a good bit of American television and tried to interrogate them with his torch. Till he just slapped Davey Richards I believe, and then was dropped by the Wolves and a double team move.

The Wolves had pretty good music, and I do look forward to them being used in the ring (which is coming up soon I believe).



Abyss and Eric Young vs. The Bromans (w/DJ Zema Ion) – World Tag-Team Championships

I am confused now.

I think there is a piece of this story missing. Park was still Park, even in Monsters Ball, and after Monsters Ball, then last week he showed up as Abyss… there was no “connection”. So is he now just Abyss and Park is no more. Or are we going to find out they are two different people. And why the hell did they stop trying to make sense of it all with Bully Ray.

I also don’t get why they got a Tag-Team Title Match. And I still think EY should go for a Mad Scientist look.

The match looked as if EY was in control of Abyss, till then Abyss just had enough and cleaned house including taking out some British Referee who had his 15 Mins of fame I’m sure.

Abyss then Choke Slammed EY and went crazy. Leading to next week’s Abyss vs. EY – Monsters Ball match, which is supposed to be the final part in EY’s plan.

I don’t really know what I want to happen anymore, probably just get Abyss back, though one would question why someone would chose to do that. And they’ve opened up a lot of good “horror movie” type stories, but then just walked away from them. So as always, they probably won’t capitalise on their potential.

Christy Hemme and Samuel Shaw had another segment, where they were at his house. I’m sure that wasn’t his house, because it looked terrible. Maybe they do get paid really badly and so I should apologise to Gunner. Either way, speaking of things being stupid, Shaw had his hand in the Candle which he didn’t realise. That’s a character trait. And it’s going to come in handy when he fights… flame man?

Still, Shaw then went to his room with a piece of Christy’s hair and put it on this Mannequin Doll he has of her in his Shrine Room.

Do you think somebody ought to tell him she posed for Playboy?

I like segments like these, but it’s where Wrestling crosses over into Television and it doesn’t work. It’s supposed to be as if the Camera men are following these two on their time off. That’s fine, but then why would a Camera man be in his secret closet. It makes no sense. Clearly Christy is capable of watching the show and therefore would have seen all of this anyway. It’s not TV, it’s Reality Entertainment. It’s a strange mix, that just makes you not buy into things, and then it makes even less sense. Like having a Motorcycle Gang without Bikes whose slogan is about Walking… WHAT!!?





Bully Ray makes his way to the ring pushing out a Coffin, then went on to talk about all the things he “used to be” and that Anderson took them all from him. The coffin symbolises the burial of The Aces and Eights and everything Bully stood for, so it is fitting that this culminates in a Casket Match. Or “Coffin Match”. Not to be mistaken for the “Coughing Match” which is entirely different.

Anderson and Bully got into another fight, but I am glad to see this type of Match. Sure it’s a silly gimmick match, and part of me wonders if Bully could actually fit in the Coffin he had with him, smart game plan really.

I do wonder where they both go from here, but I look forward to watch it unfold.

Magnus and Ethan Carter the third vs. Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe – Contracts vs. Number One Contendership

Basically, if Angle or Joe lost, they leave TNA. And if Angle or Joe pin either Magnus or EC3 they get a World Championship shot.

The investor added the stipulation that if anyone interferes in the match they will be fired. I still need to buy those shares, buying shares sounds great. I could buy a share in TNA and start demanding things.

Earlier in the night Magnus spoke to EC3 about how he doesn’t like him, and that he has to Team with EC3 and should he lose he must defend his title. Which is sort of silly, as Magnus agreed to the stipulation and also chose EC3 to be his partner.

That aside, I actually love that Magnus is a fighting champion. Sure he has a lot of help, but he’s not running from fights, he’s demanding them. He also isn’t afraid to show that he’s happy to be the face of TNA, but that doesn’t mean he likes who he’s aligned with, but he will do whatever he has to, to further his Career… I respect that. Screw this for my family crap.

The good news is that Samoa Joe made Magnus tap-out. That’s good because I always wish Joe was more old school. He was intimidating to watch when he first showed up in TNA, it was shortly after I finished up with my “Wrestling Training” attempt and I remember thinking “screw getting in the ring with this guy”. Joe was a force, and I felt sorry for his opponents. It wasn’t till I saw him in a Q&A I attended a year later where he seemed like a great guy outside of the ring. The last few years or so, Joe has been a shell of his former self, so I’m glad to see him be the one to get the Title Shot, though I do think Joe will be fired shortly after ala AJ Styles. But if Joe came back full force, undefeated, quick matches, impactful moves and unstoppable, I’m on board for that journey.

The highlight would be Dixie leading Spud to the ring holding hands and Spud keeled over from his attack earlier on in the night. What is more interesting is that Joe stated he and Angle will be staying in TNA for a long, long, time.

Now Angle has always said he would go back to the WWE, but of late he’s been saying “I can’t lie to myself any longer, I want to go back”. Well good riddance. I like Kurt, but if he doesn’t want to stay with TNA, to help build TNA, then leave. His pay check can go toward getting new talent or better invested in something to build the product.

What is more ridiculous is that Kurt now wants to be in the TNA Hall of Fame, asking Dixie to roll out her Chequebook and induct him, and invite the new investor.

So let’s get this straight, Kurt Angle, who has had a great run in TNA, gets arrested for DUI… again, and leaves for rehab. Upon returning he has beef with Bobby Roode who says Angle isn’t Hall of Fame material…. then Angle rejects the Hall of Fame.. proving Roode to be right… but still has a problem with Roode… despite he was right, and Angle showed it.

Angle then says he needs to cement his position within TNA once more, and win the World Championship once more, which to me, says “hey, I screwed up, I made a mistake, I went to rehab, but I’m back to be the best!”. So Angle injures himself and loses countless matches, then barely wins a Cage match against Roode by “falling” and then Joe wins the Tag-Match and gets a World Title Match.. and it’s then that Angle feels he has proven himself to be Hall of Fame Worthy?

Are you kidding me.

Angle hall of fame standards

That was Kurt’s Road to Glory and Journey to the Immortals. He’s happy with a losing streak, a close victory and a win by his Partner. That’s enough for him to want to be in the Hall of Fame? I still don’t get how he beating Roode by falling faster than Roode crawled is “winning the war” after Roode beat him three times in singles competition alone. I would revoke the Offer and tell him to get lost. Speaking of Revoking the offer, Dixie had a fit and shouted for this Investor to turn up. And he did, being MVP. Surprising everyone.  Well least he tried, but everyone was expecting it. And much to my dismay, I actually rather enjoyed it, and I look forward to seeing what happens next week.

Least TNA have learnt from that horrible “August 1 Warning” flop in their face.

So a good show, even if I had a good rant!

I’m sure Storm will turn on Gunner, and I hope to see MVP and the Wolves next week and look forward to more twists and turns in the road.

Till then!

Dan Wilkinson



TNR Cover 12 (w facebook address)




Monday Night Raw #1080: February 3, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Ray Logo

The Infamous Informer

I know you hate me, don’t you
I bet you sit and wish my time never came
You probably rather see me die in the game
You probably rather see me die in a plane
Well ya’ll see me up on top of my dough
I get my money sh!t changed…
(Scarface, In Between Us, 2001)

You jabronies act like the world has come to an end! Your saviour walked out on yo’@$$ for YOUR SINS… you can make it like the WWE didn’t book Mr Brooks in the main event of WrestleMania… but the TRUTH is – it is YOU who didn’t support Phil properly, you chant his name, but you don’t lead a straight edge life like I do.. you don’t put your hand in your pocket to support him… you would rather stream the PPV for free then complain afterwards because John Cena kicked out at 2. You claim to be CM Punk followers but you don’t follow his prophecies… That’s like reading the bible but you’re not being fruitful, and multiply!!!! YES, I am the Infamous Informer, Your favourite heel, and it’s YOUR FAULT!!! Don’t blame the WWE on some pass the buck sh!t… it’s YOUR FAULT! All this Best For Business sh!t is JUST THAT – BUSINESS… It’s not BEST FOR YOU!!!!


Life goes on – DEAL WITH IT! RAW #1080! HOL ‘DAT – BLAOW!!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZHere comes Mr 2 Belts! Ladies Favourite Randall TEEF Orton! Didn’t I see the Seahawks wield the WWE Title after they won the Superbowl? I think I did! I gotta find that pic…

And immediately the crowd are chanting for CM Punk!!! Forget it!!!! He’s not coming! He’s sitting in his yard eating yogurt, chocolate bon bons!!! Probably drinking Pepsi and sh!t!

Lawwwd have mercy Stephanie is telling Randall about himself! Is it me or is she and Triple throwing shots at CM Punk subliminally?

Randall is such a biatch that now the authority are actually considering making Danny the face of the company – that is if Danny defeats Randall?

I have a question for you wrestling dorks: Why do you always say that Triple ‘buries’ people? And he uses a shovel? Don’t you realise that he has a HAMMER in his office? He doesn’t use a bloody shovel you PEA – BRAINS!


6-man jump off!!! The Shield Vs Langston, Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston! I LIKE THIS! LET’S GO!!!

It’s good to see the crowd backing Rey here. That justifies the confusion about the rumble… Rey knows he was only booed because he was #30 and Danny didn’t get a look in.

Is it me or is Roman Reigns busted open after Langston brukk up his clart?!!

OH SNAP!!! So it ain’t just Bray that can talk that cryptic sh!t! Now one of the other bwoy can talk sh!t and whistle??? While the other dude with the buzzard mask don’t say sh!t??? WROOOOY! Gotta say this battle with the Shield Vs The Wyatts is WrestleMania quality! When was the last time you saw the Shield shook in the ring?

CAN I HAVE SOME DECORUM PLEASE!!!! AND SHUDDUP! BECAUSE I HAVE SOME BAD NEWS!!! (RECORD SKIP!!!) Hold on, Jerry Lawler tells Barrett that he may not be around next week? What does he mean by that???? Answers on a postcard please! Tweet me @MZATheInfamous! Don’t be shy!!

Yes I did hear that Christian was back in the hiz-house!!! Come on Christian! for your Canadian brothers! Do it for my Canadian girlfren!!! Don’t let that dyam arse Swagger beat yuh!

Grant & Leanna

YES!!!! Christian GOT HIM!! Hahaha!!! Swagger you sir are WACK!!!! If I was you Zeb Colter I’d kick him out of the States!!! WE THE MUTHAF***!N PEOPLE MUTHAF***A!!!

OH SNAP!!! The steel cage ah come down now???? New Age Outlaws! The Rhodes Brudda! Someone is about to get F**KED UP in that muthaf***a!!! LET’S GO!!

Betty White to be a guest star on Raw next week? I would have asked who in the blue hell she is but Jerry Lawler just told me so it’s all good… The Golden Girls is classic but what about Desperate Housewife? And how come I can’t get that Devious Maids pon my telly??? No secret – I have such a crush on Roselyn Sánchez…. every time I see her something happens to my d!ck…


JBL asks, who does the crowd chant for? The New Age Outlaws, or the Rhodes Brudda? Since they can’t decide, they opted for chanting CM Punk! How many times have I gotta tell you fans – CM Punk ain’t coming back!!!! Stop chanting his name – he doesn’t give a f**k about you!!! He didn’t get his muthaf***!n Ice Cream bars… now he’s a big baby!


AAAH – HAAA!!! Mike Cole  hit the jackpot! New Age Outlaws now tag team champions because of the corrupted Triple TEEF!!!!! Best For Business I was told…. well yeah! We like to see these mans because they still got it!

I think that was actually a 3 count right there by Ref Mike Chioda!!! Cody Rhodes got robbed! Cody thinks f**k that – I’m climbing to the top of this muthaf***a, Moonsault on Road Dogg – BLAOW! Then Billy Gunn thought – ah yuh b!tch!!!! Fame-Asser – BLAOW!!!! THAT WAS CRAZY!

LAWWWD HAVE MERCY!!! Zack Ryder dep pon de telly!!!! Oh yeah I heard that Titus O’Neill turned evil against Darren Young… this is the Infamous Informer and I’m your favourite heel and this was what Titus was thinking all along…

W’happen? Zack Ryder lost again? What else is new? Told y’all muthaf***az – Zack Ryder is WACK!!!! He’s been WACK since 19 HOW LONG! GET OVER IT! And y’all still chanting for he who is not in the f**k!n building!


WTF???? WWE Supports BLACK HISTORY MONTH???? Ahmed Johnson where you at rude boy??? What must be going through his head???

While this dance off segment is bound to be dry, let’s talk about Summer Rae… the latest woman to be in the Total Divas series!

Hang on, maybe I should talk about this! Summer Rae dancing… I can feel the fangs in my gums growing! Now we gonna see this Emma-lution woman dance… she cyan’t dance!!! What the hell was that???? Sorry Emma you’re not getting in the bed with the Infamous Informer!!! GET IN THE CHAIR!!! Better yet, take out my majestic member! Put it between your wet lips! And suck!


As much as I love Sheamus, he’s fighting Curtis Axel… this is the part where I put on my chocolate pudding… and you can’t have none! STOP CHANT THE BWOY BLODCLART NAME! GET OFF HIS D!CK! In Punk We Trust? I don’t trust that muthaf***a!


…AND I SAY YEAAAH!!! I WALK ALONE INSIDE THIS PIT OF DANGER!!! Batista in the hiz-house! Obviously the crowd have Tourette’s because they keep chanting one name… thank god for Bertie who is telling my good fren Batista about how it runs around the wrestling circuit – yes he’s talking for the IWC… but YOU BOO HIM… WHY???? You fans make me sick!!!

Dolph Z!&&l£r gets no time on my blog… with that said: I hope the Wyatt Family f**k him up!!! It’s Black history month – don’t f**k up R-Truth and Xavier Woods!

Uh oh my boy Mark Henry is coming back in effect next week! Brock Lesnar stay the f**k out the arena!!! (like he’s gonna listen to me!)

HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! YES! Drop that Sister Abigail on that Pink shirt wearing spaghetti head muthaf***a! Hang on stop – the Shield!!! They are not afraid of the Wyatts! And Bray is laughing! he welcomes the war!!! Yo Triple! Any chance we can extend this feud to WrestleMania? Get some weapons up in there? I dunno, parking lot brawl? New Orleans street fight??? Only that it’s in a real street???

Hold up – now this Yusef dude is in the main roster, who’s the russian chick???? YO! Y’all can keep your beloved CM Punk – THIS IS GREAT! Now my favourite Nubian Naomi is in the ring with Aksana, AJ Lee on commentary – 232 days as champion??? Only 202 days to go AJ! Then you can bugger off with your boyfriend too!

…and going by AJ’s commentary she is dissing my girl Tamina…. I’m telling you these two will fight at WrestleMania and I am backing Tamina all the way!!!

Naomi got whole heap a move, she just revealed her new supermove – a moonsault similar to RVD! I’m telling you this girl is reppin for Black History! I would love for her to win the belt but it’s already destined for AJ vs Tamina at WMXXX… can you feel it???

Now there is a hero to be proud of! Danny Bryan! You know what? I respect the hell out of Phil Brooks but I’m the Infamous Informer, Your favourite Heel and I’m just gonna go ahead and say it….

F**K CM PUNK!!!!!


Batista stole Danny’s destiny at the rumble but CM B!tch walks out? I don’t blame him in certain ways but Phil that’s a B!TCH MOVE!

Come on Danny!!! Do this for the Seahawks!!! They respect and honor you!

Seahawks Danny Bryan

And they continue to chant for that b!tch during this match? DISRESPECT!!!! Worst crowd ever!!! HA! HA! HA! Nah I’m playing!

Why don’t you chant for Mark Henry? He’s not here? Chant Kane! Chant Brock! Hell – chant Stone Cold Steve Austin! Chanting for he that does not exist in your building who doesn’t even care about your @$$ – so disrespectful to Randall and Danny! They are putting on a great match and this is what you do?

GOOD GAWD ALMIGHTY Danny is f**k!n Randall up with those kicks!!! (I don’t hear you Theaker!!! Your boy Ziggler got f**ked up earlier! Got nuthin to say to me now have ya??!!!)


Danny’s shoulder is exposed.. now Randall is gonna f**k up that shoulder. Randall does that – Danny cannot execute the Yes Lock effectively… he can do his super dragon kick though!

OH SNAP!!!! Randall lost to Danny! My hero Kane tried to TEEF! maybe Triple sent Kane to bait it up and it backfired!!! UH-OH!!!! But Randall & Kane are not done! CHOKESLAM!!!! BLAOW!!! I thought he was the D.O.O.??? That mean seh he can’t touch nobody! I think Kane wants to be fired!!!! He don’t care about no muthaf***!n suit!

Talking of not caring… nor does CM Punk… look at him, looks like he’s reading a comic… maybe it’s an anime comic… maybe it’s Urotsukidoji!!!!

Punk in his yard









BDSIR Network

Monday Night Raw #1077: January 13, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Ray Logo

The Infamous Informer

What a week in wrestling last week eh??!!!!

Too Cool & Rikishi have STILL GOT IT.

DDP & Booker T acting a fool before getting caught by Ron Simmons…

Roddy Piper standing up to The Shield.

The entire wrestling world in absolute shock when Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts music hit and he came through the curtain.

Surely WWE can forgive Dean Ambrose for marking out when Jake threw ‘Damien’ on him???

Mae Young trolling the wrestling fans… “R.I.P. Mae Young….” (I’m still here muthaf***az!!! And I’ll get my ‘puppies’ out one more time if I see another FB status saying that sh!t!)

The WWE Network has now been announced… and THE GRANT SAYS THIS: those who are NOT sending for it DOES NOT have a VALID reason, and is NOT a TRUE WRESTLING FAN. You are no longer entitled to say sh!t when someone becomes WWE Undisputed Champion…Us crazy folk in the UK gotta wait til early 2015!

Anyone would think it was my birthday… OH SNAP!!!!!!

I don’ expect this weeks Raw to top last week… but you’ll never know. RAW #1077! HOLD ‘DAT  – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZIs this how it goes down in the streets??? The Usos Vs Daniel Bry- er I mean Danny Wyatt and Bray Wyatt to jump off the show? I approve this intro!

Shout out to Jerry Lawler who is back in effect this week on commentary! Wearing his old school jacket as well! Shout out to JAY-BEE (JBL) for pointing out that the fans will chant for Daniel Bryan no matter what his personal chess moves are!!!

By Harper & Rowan getting involved and causing a disqualification… is that Bray Wyatt’s way of styling out the fact that he can’t last in the ring more than 5 minutes???? (Shout out to STC’s Anthony Cardenas!!!)

So let me get this right so I can understand this: For every loss/disqualification… Danny Wyatt sacrifices himself to Bray??? He really is the ‘dog’ in Unleashed!!!


Unleashed Jet LI

Remember the great contest between John Cena & Damien Sandow last October? Well ever since then that has burning Sandow’s soul like Ether and he hasn’t been the same… he couldn’t defeat Cena with his bad arm… now that Cena is 100%…. can he beat him now???

Sandow now has a new super move submission? He realises that he has to step his game up now that there is only one belt!

Hold up – did Cena just use another new move??? WHOA!!! He’s gotta face the wrath of Vincent Kennedy surely!

Meme courtesy of STC member Lee Steadx

Cena wins! Well what did you expect IWC jabronies? He has to gain momentum going into the championship match at the Royal Rumble!!! NOW SHUDDUP!

OH SNAP!! Old School Raw NAH DUN! The New Age Outlaws team up with CM Punk to take on The Shield in a Smackdown rematch??? YEAAAAH BOYEE!!!

Dayum my girl Chilli from TLC is down with the WWE Network??!!! Well from time she’s getting it, What’s your excuse for not getting it you dumb muthaf***az?Chilli

Chilli @officialchilli 9 Jan

I can watch every @WWE PPV ever?.. past n present? WCW n ECW too?? Mannnn gotta get @WWENetwork Feb 24th! Luv my wrestling:)))

RECORD SKIP!!! The Wyatt Brudda (Bray & Danny) Vs The Uso Brudda AGAIN??? In a Steel Cage match? But the sh!t is chained up? And My Hero Kane got the key??? This is basically a tag team mini Hell In A Cell!!!!


I loved how JAY-BEE was cussing that Zeb is somebody’s grandfather… Well THE GRANT SAYS that if he has any grandkids… they too should be overjoyed!!! YEAH I SAID IT! Let’s play some SEAN P!!!

WHAAAAT!! You wanted the muthaf***!n Attitude Era back!!! Look here now! New Age Outlaws in effect!!! CM Punk! The Shield! If you’re not down with that, they got two words for ya!!! SUCK IT!!!!

Lillian Garcia – MUTHAF**- That red dress she have on…. I wanna tear it off!!! NO I’M NOT POSTING A LINK OF THAT TUNE – LADY IN RED! We don’t do that over here – this is RePP!N4U! Represent The Real Hip Hop!!!

I find it interesting that JAY-BEE loves pointing out that The Shield took out The Undertaker and he hasn’t been seen since… that’s it Jay-Bee keep stirring the pot.. if I know Undertaker, he’s on some Batman Ninja Stealth sh!t, and will take out The Shield one by one!

Holy – did Roman Reigns just do the DX Suck It chop to the New Age Outlaws??? DISRESPECT!!! And I like Roman Reigns!

RECORD SKIP!!! The New Age Outlaws turned their back give CM Punk??? But why???? TELL ME WHY!!


Think about it!!! The New Age Outlaws – they are apart of whom? D-Generation X! Who is the founding members of that crew? Shawn Michaels & Triple TEEF! Who has CM Punk being disrespecting lately? TRIPLE TEEF! They are all bredrin! TRIPLE TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF!!!!! Some of you have done the knowledge already.. and I smell it – CM Punk Vs Triple TEEF and WrestleMania XXX???

Hang on – The Funkadactyls Vs AJ Lee & Tamina? That’s 4 of my favourite women! NO! THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!!!BDSIR LAYLA GRANT

AJ Lee – 211 days of WWE Divas Champion!!! GWARN GIRL!

Cameron takes the L… but AJ Lee and Tamina continue to be TEEF! Naomi BEXXX!!!! So hold on… does this mean Naomi could be in line for the Divas title at the Royal Rumble?

WHAAAAAAAAT!!! And to think… that WWE put out a DVD called the Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior, Had several superstars running his clart… and now they induct him in the Hall Of Fame! THAT IS #BESTFORBUSINESS!!!

Ultimate Warrior Hall Of fame

Remember back in the days? When Randall was so TEEF that he even got Kofi Kingston BEX??? Now I see a happy-go-lucky Kingston going to the ring! Come on Kofi!!! Where is that RUTHLESS AGGRESSION! What happened to the guy that took a baseball bat and f**ked up Randall’s car? Went to Madison Square Garden and f**ked Randall up???

OH SNAP!!! KINGSTON MUST HAVE HEARD ME!!! Kofi Kingston just defeated Randall Orton!!!! LAWD HAVE MERCY! Randall talking sh!t about everybody wants to f**k him up…now that means Kofi can actually fight for the title!

UH-OH!!! Now the voices in his head are talking to him! They told him to knock Cena’s dad the f**k out!!! Randall you’ve DONE IT NOW!!! You don’t beat down next man’s family suh like that!!! DISRESPECT! That’s somebody DADDY – FOOL!

OH SNAP!!!! My girl Chilli from TLC just retweeted The Infamous Informer!

Chilli retweeted you


Rybaxel go sidung!!! You ain’t beating The Rhodes Brudda them! NOW GO TO YOUR ROOM!!!

Yes!!! Bertie is coming out to have a contest with Rey Mysterio! You know what that means! Lillian speaking Spanish!!! I said it before… if a woman is talking Spanish to me while I’m working her pum-pum – my super-sperm will shoot out like a champagne bottle after shaken! FREE AT LAST! FREE AT LAST!!!

Now I understand!!! Bertie mash-up Mysterio arm because he’s Batista’s bredrin!!!! Bertie you are a don but Batista is gonna f**k you up!!!

Big up the New England Patriots!!! They reppin at Raw with the classic WWF Championship Belt!! You know the one that Hulk Hogan, Yokozuna and Bret hart and famously known for holding???


OH SNAP! The Usos! With a double back drop to Bryan from the top rope – BLAOW!!!

UH-OH!!! The Usos win again!!! Does that mean Danny Wyatt is gonna get f**ked up again??

SWITCH!!!! Bray went for the Sister Abigail super move! Danny said – NAH! F**K THAT!!! He kicked Bray all over that damn cage!!! Took off his boiler room attire! Rid himself of the Wyatt name! The Dog turned on his Master!!!

If you want my honest opinion, I think this storyline was meant to go on longer… but WWE must have picked up on this video recently… OBSERVE….










Monday Night Raw #1076: January 6, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Ray Logo

The Infamous Informer

Daniel Wyatt

Can you believe the jury is out on this? Has Daniel Bryan (Or should I say Daniel Wyatt) turned evil/heel? What I saw was a RELUCTANT Daniel Bryan who felt in his heart that the DUTTY MACHINE won’t let him become champion so he might as well join the Wyatt Family. If that’s the case then the Wyatt Family should be a large family of black people!!!!

Shout out to Tony Norris (Ahmed Johnson) and Mike Knoxxx who have debated this as of late! Y’all need to check Perfect Plex show BDSIR Network every Monday Night before Raw, Every Friday at midnight (UK time) for the Iron Curtain show, and of course STC From The UK every Saturday night! NO Blog Talk Wrestling Radio Show can touch what they do!!! Click on the pic below to take you straight to the Best Damn Show In Radio!!


Hey you know everybody’s talking about the “good old days”
Everybody! The good old days
Well, let’s talk about the good old days…
 (Gladys Knight, sample on Wu-Tang Clan – Can It Be All So Simple) OL’ SCHOOL RAW! #1076 – HOL’DAT – BLAOW!
WWF logoYES-SA!!! Ric Flair look good! He doesn’t look like that drunken mess he was when he promoted that WWE2K14 and allegedly cost JR his career… lost some weight too…

OH NO! Don’t tell me the voices in Randall’s head is saying – its old school, so I gotta be the legend killer and kick my former mentor in his head!!! Yo Randall, Do you think the authority decided to have John Cena fight him again was for the fans to like??? Believe me Randall the wrestling fans DON’T like it! You mean to tell me that Ric Flair & Triple Teef hand-picked Randall 10 years ago to be the don and Randall turns round and calls the former 16 time world champion OVERRATED??? He sounds like one of them internet wrestling spoilt brats on a keyboard! IT’S RIC FLAIR N!**@!!!!

Word on the street is Rikishi is in the hiz-house! In the ring are The Usos and Rey Mysterio… Now there are 4 in the Wyatts… jussayin..

Look at Danny!!! In his Wyatt uniform! I don’t know about you… but Bray hollering at Danny to get in the ring and fight Rey Mysterio and the Usos kinda reminds me of Unleashed with Bob Hoskins and Jet Li….

Look at Danny’s fighting style!!! He really does fight like a dog!!!! Next thing you know he’s gonna have a collar round his neck!

OH SNAP!!! Roddy Piper has The Shield in Piper’s Pit???? WROOOOOY!!! This should be good!!!!

Well let’s be real we all knew that my good friend Batista is competing in the Royal Rumble… Well THE GRANT SAYS if he wins or not…. I WIN!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Just like the Million Dollar Man!!!!!

Shout out to my hero Kane who just told Bradley Boy about himself! If Kane gets fired or Bradley Boy ‘gets him fired’…. the mask comes back on…. AND THEN!!!!!!!

HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! You best behave yourself Bradley Boy! And Kane fixed his tie!!!! F**K!N BRILLIANT!!!

Hold up – Ryback looking on as Curtis Axel competes against my dude Big E Langston… Is it me or is Ryback eyeing up the Intercontinental Championship??

BIG UPS TO Roddy Rowdy Piper!!! Yo I wanna remind you that Goldust is back there rude boy!!!!


This feud had me in hysterics!!!!! Good Times!

Yo I’ve seen Roddy slap Superfly Snuka upside the head
with a coconut… but I don’t know if he can handle The Shield!!! Or Maybe he can! If Reigns can defeat CM Punk, does that mean him better than his comrades???? UH-OH!!!

Watch the twist! CM Punk comes through with back up!!!! The New Age Outlaws rude boy!!! Yes you attitards send for your vaseline! Jerk like you never jerked before!!!!

Word??? Monday Night Raw is airing live in Japan??? I think it’s only right that GRANT - BODY - Pthe New Japan Pro Wrestling should be aired live over here!!! FIX UP!!! Shout out to all the NJPW crew over at the International Wrestling Fanbase!

The old schools announce table KILLS IT!!! Wires all over the shop! It’s gotta be a working health hazard surely!

Dayuuum Danny Wyatt wants to contribute to his new-found family… I don’t know man this ain’t gonna last long at all!!! Coz it’s like – “we adopt him and suddenly he’s calling the shots? F**K THAT!!!”


One other thing Michael Cole…. why tell us to download the muthaf***!n WWE App when you show us what happens in the wrestling match anyway????

HA! HA! The fake Americans lose again!!!! You see Zeb? Racism gets you NOWHERE!

SHOUT OUT TO DDP!!!! So w’happen, you’re not stalking Michelle McCool anymore???? (GEDDIT????)

Promoting his Yoga DVDs… he and Booker-T are doing Yoga techniques… I wanna see Trish Stratus do that sh!t!!! No wonder Ron Simmons entered the building and said….



This should be good! Great Khali! Damien Sandow! Who’s gonna be the guest referee? Bob Backlund? Arn Anderson? Sgt Slaughter? The WWE Universe jabronies voted…

SEND FOR THE SARGEANT!!!! I would have voted for Bob Backlund personally! THE CHICKEN WING!!!

While this contest is happening lets just throw in a pic for no reason…

Dawn Marie

10 years ago, if I ever got my hands on this woman her @$$ would be in a wheelchair!!!!!

Hold up – Sandow’s foot was on the ropes and Slaughter counted the three for Khali! Don’t reason with Slaughter Sandow! Look w’happen – He put your brain in the Cobra Clutch!!!

Now he’s dropping two foot with The Great Khali and Rajin Singh! Yo Cole & JBL – stop with the twerking sh!t – if it ain’t Eve doing it I don’t wanna know!


Catch Brock’s new shirt! Eat! Sleep! Conquer! Repeat!!!!! THAT’S WHAT’S UP!

WHOA!!!! Did Heyman just say that NO MMA Fighter can test Brock Lesnar??? I beg to differ! As soon as Brock got BUSS ARSE by Alistair Overeem, the so-called Beast Incarnate took his foot and ran back to the WWE!

So while Heyman talks about one man reigning supreme my hero Mark Henry wants Round 2!!!

OH SNAP – He done gone and broke Mark Henry’s arm… THAT’S WHAT HE DOESN’T DO!!!!

BACKFOOT!!! THE BIG SHOW????  Has he come to punch Brock Lesnar through school buses??? Now last time I check – Big Show actually defeated Brock Lesnar for the World Wrestling Federation title!

BACKSIDE!!! Brock tried a sneak attack – Big Show grab up Brock and dash him across the ring to BLODCLART!!!! WROOOOOOOOOOY!!!!!


Diva tag team action! Bella Twins! Alicia Fox! Aksana! It is only right as it is old school Raw, this pic should go up…

Photo Courtesy of Anthony Cardenas!!

Photo Courtesy of Anthony Cardenas!!

Happy Birthday Jacqueline Moore! The sexiest 50-year-old I’ve ever seen!

Ha! Ha! You see what happen when you go Brie Mode???? YOU LOSE! 1, 2, 3 – Aksana wins!!! Play that pum-pum music!!!!


If I was 3MB I’d turn back….. Time to drop two foot with Too Cool & Rikishi!

Michael Cole – as much as I love Too Cool… you can’t call em Hip Hop twins!!! DISRESPECT!!! THIS IS HIP HOP TWINS!


Big up to the crowd chanting ‘You Still Got It’ to Too Cool & Rikishi!

Hold up – How come the Godfather has appeared with a whole heap of legends and no hoes??!!! BLASPHEMY!

I wasn’t feeling this Bad News Barrett but that podium KILLS IT!!!! HA! HA! HA! HA!

Big ups to Mene Gene Okerlund! Big ups to the New Age Outlaws who just introduced CM Punk!!!! You know what attitards! I forgive you – KEEP FAPPIN!!!!

This is it now! The Main Event! Can Roman Reigns brukk up my dude CM Punk??? LET’S GO! HOLD DAT BLAOW!!!

You dun know if the New Age Outlaws and the Shield are at ringside YOU KNOW RUCKUS is bound to happen!

OH SNAP!!! CM Punk Vs Roman Reigns – THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! You ain’t lying! The whole of Raw has been awesome!!!!

BUMBACLART!!!! ROMAN REIGNS DEFEATED CM PUNK!!! That means….. that means…….!!!!!!!!


Understand what has just happened! WWE kept that under lock and key! Here was us hoping that Austin or the Undertaker was gonna come out… but Jake The Snake???? What we just saw was worthy of a PPV quality. I DARE ANYONE TO COMPLAIN. What a Raw… next stop – My Birthday!!!! YES! The birthday seazon has begun! BRING ON THE WOMEN!!!













Monday Night Raw #1075: December 30, 2013!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Ray Logo

The Infamous Informer

YO!!! This is RePPiN4U: Represent The Real Hip Hop. We don’t do that Auld Lang Syne sh!t over here!!! What has that stupid song got to do with New Year anyway? What does that sh!t even mean??? Answers on a postcard please or tweet me @MZATheInfamous!!!

En Route to 2014!!!! RAW #1075!!! HOL’DAT BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZ WWF LOGOCM Punk wonders if 2013 was his year…. course it wasn’t… I mean, you had some epic matches and sh!t… but compared to mans like Daniel Bryan and the Sh-

SIERRA-HOTEL-INDIA-ECHO-LIMA-DELTA – SHIELD!!! UH -OH! You don’t need to call their name 5 times! Call them once and THAT’S IT!!

HAHA!!! Is that how you manipulating them CM Punk?? Making The Shield fight over who’s the official don of the three??? The crowd chanting for Roman Reigns… but it’s gonna be Seth Rollins taking on Punk? I don’t recall the last time I saw Brad Maddox with his dry bread @$$! Didn’t he get brukk up or something? Answers on a postcard please!!

Fantastic wrestling contest between Punk and Rollins… and the crowd will let you know… THIS IS AWESOME!!

What was Seth Rollins thinking trying to do the GTS super move on Punk??? If you lose now you know why Rollins…

But that’s how to kick off the last Raw of the year! Big ups to both men! But yo… Rollins lost…. is the bond of brotherhood in the Shield gonna break even more???

Can’t fault Maddox for his managerial skills! Basically Daniel Bryan gotta run the Wyatt Gauntlet!!! Hey – That’s BEST FOR BUSINESS!!

Word on the street is Stephanie gotta big announcement that should make me mark out…. go on girl… make me cum in wrestling terms!!

…and you FAILED!!!! Randall must defend his undisputed title against JohnBDSIR LAYLA GRANT Cena in a normal @$$ match…. what part of blockbuster is that??? HOLD UP – WAIT!!!! Before you fools start b!tching… this could turn out interesting… and even if it was against Brock Lesnar (Yes I saw your wishful thinking…) You would STILL b!tch… why??? Because…. actually NO – I’m not gonna rant here… wait til STC From The UK show on BDSIR Network this weekend…

OH SNAP – Triple has an announcement too??? It’s gotta be about the Rumble itself surely!!!

What’s this – Dolph Ziggler Vs Curtis Axel??? This is the part where I make my late night pizza… Chicago Town baby!!! (but it will be a good wrest-) I DON’T GIVE A DAMN!

OK INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP JUMP OFF! The reigning, defending champion Big E Langston, Vs the ponce Fandango!!! LET’S GO!!

Can you imagine if Fandango wins the title? Summer Rae will give him some Kentucky!!!!

According to Michael Cole, Big E says all he wants, is to people to remember him… YES WE WILL… as long as your haircut game remains f**ked up!!!

Good to see Fandango stepping up his submission game!!! Take out the legs of Langston, the bwoy cannot use his Big Ending super move!

Good on you Michael Cole for emphasizing the word ‘prestigious’ when you described the Intercontinental Title… did Triple tell you to say that???

Hold up – I smell my pizza….

Another great wrestling contest by Fandango and Big E!!! Word is that there was a house show in Canada at the same time with half the roster representing…. I’m saying this could be a good thing!!!

Big ups to Booker T!!! He brought all the party people and all the b!tches out!

Big up to the crowd giving the What? chants to Wack Barrett as his promos don’t mean sh!t… and f**k you to all the jabronies who says Austin’s chant is tired and disrespectful… just because the What? T-shirt that couldn’t fit your fat @$$!!!


OH SNAP!!! Sandow says if he can’t win this next match he’s gonna quit??? NO!!! I must back Sandow… even if the WWE Universe votes in Kingston!!!

WHOA!!! They voted for Khali????!!! Shout out to STC’s Negrodamus – Shadfather… he will be pleased!!!

Come on Sandow!! It’s not like you was in the doghouse like Dolph Ziggler!!!

YES!!! Sandow pinned the not so great Khali! I am relieved!!! Maybe that’s why the WWE Universe voted Khali! They want Sandow to stay! OH SNAP!!! Khali’s shoulders were actually up when the ref counted to three!!! UH-OH that ref might face the authoritaah now!!!

And just for no reason… lets throw in a pic of my baby…

BDFQrfuCYAA9j3Q.jpg large

You just don’t know what you do to me LAYLA!!!

Ha! Ha! Yes JAY-BEE! (JBL) He just said that Broadus Clay is better beating people up instead of dancing around like a waterbed!!! BRILLIANT!!

Yo Xavier Woods!!! Where the Funkadactyls at??? I hope they’re not in Canada! I won’t be best pleased!

OH SNAP!!! My Favourite Nubians have their own titantron video!!! And using the same entrance music!!! Plus they are in a 10-diva tag match later… and Eva Marie is going to be in it!!! YES!! This is gonna be great!!! If there is anything I like… it is trolling the IWC!! Because I HATE THEM!!!

UH-OH!!! TRIPLE TEEF!!!!! TRIPLE TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF!!!! You better have an announcement that will make me do an entrance like Batista!! (OH SNAP!!!)

I like how it has #BESTFORBUSINESS in the top left of the screen… because…

And he’s come for one thing… The WWE World Heavyweight Championship! He says – NO ONE CAN BEAT HIM!!! One man begs to differ – my hero Mark Henry… but wait… my dude tries to test Brock… a charge through the barricade – BLAOW!!!! Brock nah dun! F5 to Henry into the concrete floor – BLAOW!!!

Photo taken courtesy of Powerbomb Pro Wrestling News

So here’s how it goes down… the winner of the Cena/Randall match is pretty much the LOSER… because they have to fight Brock NEXT! As far as Cena… he has defeated Brock before so for Cena it should be no problem… but Randall… I dunno ladies!!! Your pretty boy may get f**ked up here!!

Ok – GO LADIES TIME!!! Go ladies, lovely lady… GO LADIES! Beautiful Lady!!!

Eva Marie is gonna start the match??? WHOA!!

Oh dear no one wants to work with Eva!!! The girl got no skills!!! But Cameron… GOD DAYUUUUUUM!!!

Is that how it goes down in the bedroom? Askana dropped what look like a bulldog into an elbow in the head-top on Nikki Bella?!!!

…and just for no reason… let’s throw a pic of my favourite Nubians… if only they were single…

Cameron Naomi wildin


Time for Daniel Bryan to run the Wyatt Gauntlet!!! Is he gonna make it? What I don’t understand is… certain people (Anthony Cardenas) say that they are getting bored of Daniel Bryan… er… how???? Dude you need to get at me pon mi Facebook because I don’t think you dep pon mi twitter!!!

What’s wrong Bray??? Daniel Bryan kicked out the powerbomb off the top ropes??? YO THAT WAS DAN!!!!

Dayum Harper had to bite Daniel Bryan to get out the YES LOCK!!! It didn’t stop Bryan dropping the Dragon Knee on Harper – BLAOW!!!

Ok Rowan… time for you to take lick!!!

I love my hip hop heads but yo – running up my inbox while I’m watching Raw just ain’t the move rude boy! Unless it’s my girl – y’all need to stop that sh!t!!! They always seem to run up my inbox when I’m watching wrestling or UFC…

Oh dear… Rowan didn’t like how Bryan got him beat… now Bray can pick up the pieces… While this is happening, I wanna talk about the latest WMXXX rumor… Bray Wyatt Vs John Cena? Where the f**k did that come from??? Ain’t you wrestling dorks got anything better to do than read bullsh!t off the internet???

Oh hang on, this match has just got shut down, the Wyatt man dem are f**k!n up Daniel Bryan…was that a DOUBLE CHOKESLAM I just saw???

Yo Bray you can’t sing man!!! That’s a NO from me!

OH SNAP – Daniel Bryan can’t beat em…. so now he’s gonna join the Wyatt man dem???? BLODCLART!!!! He’s following the buzzards!!!! OH LAWWWD! AFTER ALL THAT!!!  Now this has gone interesting!!! All I need now… is some volunteers to discuss this on STC From The UK BDSIR NETWORKS!








STC New Logo



Monday Night Raw #1068: November 11, 2013!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

It amuses me how this weeks Perfect Plex Radio show on BDSIR Network is entitled ‘We The People’ to honor Veteran’s Day… well your Hip Hop Reppin, Fried Chicken Eatin, Tekken @$$ whoopin, Total Diva Lovin Wrestling fan hating Infamous Informer has choice words about that… This week’s Raw takes place in Manchester, ENGLAND. If Zeb Coulter considers himself a veteran he will STAY THE F**K in America and don’t cross the borders over here. And if he does, I will raise my Size 12 Timberland Boots, honor the Jamaican/British Flag and say – I The INFAMOUS!!!

Jamaican Union Jack


WWF PROPA TINGZShout out to STC member Dean Winfield reppin at Manchester for the show!!! And big up the 13,614 in attendance! Yo – Smack Talk Centre is THIS WAY!!!

WTF is going on here???? Why is Brad Maddox, Vickie Guerrero and my hero Kane fighting over who Randall should fight… Why doesn’t my hero just chokeslam both their b!tch @$$£$??? Now look w’happen, Randall has to fight the Rhodes Brothers…. is this best for business??? Dunno about that but it’s best for my viewing pleasure… apart from the GM part just then… creative team fix up – MY HERO KANE IS IN CHARGE! That should have been an instant chokeslam!

Oh no the crowd are on one already! Chanting for JBL, ‘Randy’s boring’… oh dear!!! 13,614 people have paid their money!!!!

So let me get this right so I can understand this: If Triple and Steph are on vacation, who is Michael Cole gonna interview this week? I hope it’s my hero Kane!

What’s wrong Randall? You can’t manage the Rhodes Brothers??? He’s like f**k it! Me GONE!!! – RECORD SKIP – The Big Show???? He was reported absent on the register!!!! Him grab Randall – chokeslam through the announce table – BLAOW!!!! YUH DEAD NOW!!!

Wait a minute – The Big Show can’t just jump in a cab and head to the pub for a drink???? Ha – he might meet Sheamus or Wack Barrett on his travels!

Hold up – Los Matadores fight ‘The Union Jacks’??? Who are really 3MB? F**k this!!!! The crowd might love it, I certainly don’t!!!!! I’m going for a commercial break, let’s play one of my favourite British tunes since WWE is in England this week…
(Grant)GRANT - BODY - P
The beginning is still in my memory,
I was sittin’ in my school assembly,
Never listen to what da teachers tellin’ me,
I was thinkin’ “will I live to seventy?”,
And if I die will the world remember me?
Whos my friends and who’s my enemies?
Who will love and who will envy me?
Now I’m ready for whatever is meant to be...!

SHOUT OUT TO THE MANCHESTER UNITED FANS!!!!! (sorry Arsenal!! sorry Liverpool!!! You might be running the premier league dance but I think STC’s boss man slipped a cheque in WWE’s pocket Alex Ferguson style!)

So let me get this right so I can understand this: Next week on Raw its Raw Country from Nashville? Well THE GRANT SAYS when you gonna do Raw Hip Hop from New York or Detroit or Cali?????

Ok I skipped a few matches because they didn’t interest me. This one doesn’t either… but y’all excited. So for you, I’ll talk sh!t…. Dolph Ziggler! Curtis Axel! Intercontinental Championship! LET’S GO!

Actually this should be an even contest, Ziggler is all about PERFECTION, Axel’s father was PERFECT, so I expect a PERFECT match… yes??

The crowd behind Ziggler, but my dude Curtis Axel held down the title!!! YES!!! Talk sh!t now Ziggler d!ck riders!!!!! WHAT??!!!!!!

WTF??? Wack Ryder in charge of WWE Shop??? Let’s rob this muthaf***a! BREAK YOURSELF FOOL!

Blodclart – Bella Twins Vs Tamina & AJ Lee again???? no matter, just an excuse for me to fantasize over Tamina…

Why da rarse has Nikki got ‘Demon’ written on her socks? that’s not sexy! Oh I get it – Speed Demon… it matters not – KILL HER TAMINA!!!

Hold up – the crowd chanting – We want tables???? Yeah I’d lay Tamina over that table and (CENSORED!!!!) I gotta show respect to her father! That’s it – kick down her rarse, climb top ropes – superfly splash – BLAOW!!!

WHAT????? The Real American Pu$$!£$ are in England??? Muthaf***a!!!!

Yo CENA! You better f**k them up with your 5 moves! And don’t sh!t yourself (literally) doing it! The first verse is dedicated to you Zeb… YOU DUMB MUTHAF***A!

Oh dear! You gotta love the Shield mans!!!! Randall’s like – where were you mans when Big Show f**ked me up? Told Randall straight – we don’t work for Vickie, Brad , Kane, and not him either! They work for TRIPLE TEEF!!!!

I care not for Fandango or Tyson Kidd… f**k that – maybe I should join the Manchester crowd and sing the Fandango theme and take shots at Summer Rae…. shout out to Mike Knoxxx – he’s right – Summer Rae’s looks are not as hot as I previously assumed… just bend her over, choke her, spank her, pull her hair… you don’t need to look at the face that looks like she’s been in a d!ck sucking marathon! GRANT BODY – P!!!!

Ok this is it y’all!!!! COME ON CENA!!!! Destroy these border crossing muthaf***az! I THE INFAMOUS!

How dare this muthaf***a disrespect England! LETS GO CENA! All you Cena haters you get a Timberland boot in your fat @$$, and all you racist muthaf***az chanting ‘We The People’ get a black fist in your ugly @$$ pimpled up face!

Gotta say this match is maaaaaaad! The only time y’all should boo Cena is when he doesn’t let Cesaro use the giant swing. Cena has already taken TWO sho-ryu-kens from Cesaro, but the b!tch Swagger taps out to Cena’s STF! Did I fail to mention that Bertie was there watching, after the match he assaults Cena only to be saved by Big E Langston, and them stupid muthaf***az chanting ‘We the people’ are now chanting Big E???? F**k!n snakes!!!!

Some of you guys in the crowd should NOT be dancing when R-Truth tune drop! You got no rhythm! DeeJay from Street Fighter would be ashamed! Is this something that R-Truth is gonna start doing? Run a d!$$ record on his opponent like Mr Hardcore Thuganomics used to do??? I think he should!


Oh snap!!!! Ryback lose again!!!! Damn son…. WWE will probably keep him until they grab hold of Goldberg…. then if Goldberg f**ks him up then it’s the end of Ryback’s career for sure!

You know what I just noticed??? The announce team now have a new announce table! I want somebody to mash that up too!!! It would be great!

The crowd is loving this contest between Langston and Bertie…. a bit too much! now they are doing the Mexican wave…. badly!!!! Then they be chanting – ‘We are awesome!!!’ Well THE GRANT SAYS…. nah, not really!
Unlucky Langston…. when Bertie locks in that cross-arm breaker, THAT’S IT!

OH SNAP!!! LOOK PON PAUL HEYMAN!!!! He is f**ked up!!!!!!


Apparently it’s OUR fault now that Paul Heyman got buss arse…. My hands are clean… I had nothing to do with it rude boy! So it seems that the feud between Punk and Heyman is STILL not over!!!! Heyman swears vengeance… what’s he gonna do in that wheelchair???? Curtis Axel – you sir are a pansy – yeah I cheered for you earlier but that was then! Heyman gets more beaten with the kendo stick!!!! OH LAWWWD!

Ok main event time! Danielson & CM Punk Vs The Shield! Ok Roman Reigns, don’t trip up on the way down!!!

Kinda weird that this might be the first time CM Punk has clashed with The Shield… remember back in the day? They used to seemingly protect him and his title to make it 434 days… Yeah you CM Punk fans don’t remember that sh!t!!!

No way… CM Punk and Danielson may have this match won…. hol on… The Wyatt Family!!! OH SNAP!!! The Shield and The Wyatts clash!!!!!! LAWWWWWWD! But wait! They have a common enemy! Punk & Bryan! UH OH!!!!  think their goose cook now!

WAIT A MINUTE! The Rhodes brothers! the Usos!!!! BACKSIDE!!! It’s all out ruckus now!!!! Ok this is how it’s going! 6 Vs 6 at Survivor Series! The Shield/Wyatts Vs CM Punk/Bryan/Rhodes Bros/Usos! It’s gonna be MAAAAAAAD!

SMACK TALK CENTRE: Where are we going to watch such epicness????










Monday Night Raw #1065: October 21, 2013!!!

 Smack Talk Centre Ray LogoThe Infamous Informer

Monday Night Raw #1065: October 21, 2013!!!

Peace y’all! before I run joke with y’all on this week’s Raw I wanna give a few shout outs real quick: The first, my dude STC member Jazz Kumar – he hooked me up with the UFC 166 because I wasn’t able to watch it live… I caught the Gilbert Melendez Vs Diego Sánchez fight, BUMBACLAAAAAT!!!! Just when I thought the Jon Jones Vs Alexander Gustafsson fight was incredible at UFC 165… if you’re a UFC/MMA fan and haven’t caught up yet, you need to see that sh!t!!! I wanna big up my dude James Henson of the STC, we gotta strong connection in hip hop and he’s the new admin at RePPiN4U so big ups to him putting in work, most appreciated! And of course big up Cage Amateurs UK for interviewing me, now you know I’m not just a joker who appears not to take this wrestling sh!t seriously – believe me I DO! Just that I am a fan FIRST, and I enjoy it for its entertainment value. some of y’all take too serious then you end up miserable then I end up disliking you!!!

With all that said, let’s get into it… RAW #1065! HOL’ DAT – BLAOW!!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZI have a question, since Triple’s entrance theme is ‘Bow Down to the King’, knowing that my ancestors were Kings before they were enslaved, doesn’t that mean Triple TEEF (and especially Stephanie – OH YEAH!) has gotta bow down to ME???!!!!

Shout out to The Big Show who punched Brad Maddox thru school buses on SmackDown last Friday!!! That was almost as great as him boxing down Triple!

Stephanie was right on point with her first line: “Oh you’re just jealous…” Damn right I’m jealous! I wished it was me ravishing your fine @$$! Triple remind me to interview you!!!!

WHAT DE RARSE!!! BIG SHOW DEP PON DE TELLY!!!!!! This dude was fired – how him get pon de telly??? He must have used The Rock’s via satellite resources!!!!

Now this is some funny sh!t – Stephanie wants the cameramen to lock off the satellite connection but Triple is addressing Big Show about ‘Respect’!!! I’m just waiting for the static and this picture to come up…

closedown girlNow if you remember that screen, YOU ARE OL’ SCHOOL!!!

Oh snap!!! Now I get it! The Big Show is suing for slander and unfair dismissal! He took my advice!!! Very smart on the part of Big Show – it’s not Vincent Kennedy he’s suing! He would lose for sure! This is one for Judge Judith Shendlin!


Oh sh!t! I believe Big Show can win! That’s why he told Stephanie to put a sock in ut pa, BE QUIET!

Stephanie knows she’s losing this argument already! So what does she do? LOCK OFF HIS BLODCLART! I’m enjoying this already! This is GREAT! Th-th-th-tha-THAT’S ALL FOLKS!

So on with the show! Introducing, Dean Ambrose!!!! Record skip – Daniel Bryan???? A WHA DE??? Yes chants all over the arena! You know the authority doesn’t like that sh!t!!!

Now the announcers suspect Big Show has insiders hooking him up! I mentioned this on the BDSIR network, It is far-fetched I cannot lie but I’m convinced this man has something to do with it considering his past friendship with Big Show…


Just throwing it out there… I’d laugh my @$$ off if I was right! Then you will know the true power of the Hip Hop reppin, rice & peas & chicken eatin, supermalt drinkin, diva loving Infamous Informer!

Look at Daniel Bryan’s unique submission fighting skill! Not many can match him! But superb display of counter-technique and psychology by Ambrose: Hear him talk to Danielson – “Are you alright? What was that? You wanna keep going???” The ref is supposed to say that sh!t!!!!

What the f**k is JBL talking about? We have yet to see the greatest hell in a cell match of all time???? What are you on crack music??? Unless this year’s participants climb on top of that muthaf***a and fight (which they won’t…) stop your noise and get back to sniffing that white powder sh!t!

Hold up – Danielson using the Kip-up move now? I think HBShizzle been teaching the kid some more moves! Yes kicks to the chest, counter-technique into the Yes-Lock – TAP OUT! Great contest! You probably won’t hear me talk about a wrestling match in that much detail again!

See I like the fact CM Punk has the idea of what Hell in A Cell is about… it’s about ruckus, it’s about Hell in a Cell wallpaperbeing sadistic, it’s about putting your opponent through hell… f**k all this arm-lock and fireman’s carry sh!t – f**k all that technical sh!t!!! We don’t do that over here! 3 men enter, (CM Punk, Ryback, Paul Heyman,) one man leaves – that’s the BEST INNA DE WURL!!! Something that Heyman has called himself lately… I’m saying hmmmmmm…!

WTF is this? Santino, Hornswoggle and the Not so Great Khali dressing up as Elvis? GET THE F**K OUTTA HERE! I’m off to check my Facebook and twitter I’ll be back right after these messages and after I pay these bills

(how about an advertisement while you’re waiting???)

Welcome back! Welcome back!!! And I hope you are still joining in at home!!! (Shout out to Sir Bruce Forsyth!) Dolph Ziggler Vs Randall Orton, LETS GO!

Straight away I’m backing Randall, let the voices in your head talk to you!!!

Michael Cole – DO YOUR RESEARCH AND JOURNALISM YOU FOOL! Yes Randall has been in four Hell in A Cell matches… but he hasn’t been successful in all of them! The first match he had against the Undertaker, who won that match???? Who got BUSS ARSE in that muthaf***a??? That’s right, the TRUE MASTER of the Hell In the Cell… so SHUDDUP!

Let’s have a look at some Twitter amusements, shall we?

Shawn Michaels@ShawnMichaels 11h

Hmm, going to consider investing in a pair of “Power Underwear”…just have to figure out where one buys such a garment:-) #RAW #HBShizzle

THE GRANT SAYS: Well if they make you become an @$$hole like Triple TEEF or a dutty bwoy like Vincent Kennedy, I suggest you stay away from Debenhams! To me personally Power Underwear is on some Victoria Secret sh!t… observe…


YES!!! Now that is powerful!!!!!! (Shout out to STC members Edmund Mulhall & Lee Steadx….. DUTTY BWOY!!!)

Brad Maddox@BradMaddoxIsWWE 13h

Doctor has informed me that my post-concussion symptoms are too severe to attend tonight’s #raw. Try and enjoy it without me


Oh snap! Did you see that awkward landing Ziggler took from that belly to belly suplex? YES! The voices are talking to him! YES! RKO in mid-air – BLAOW!!!! How do you like that Ziggler fanboys??? SHUDDUP! Go and watch X-Factor with your boyfriend! WHAT??!!!!

GRANT - BODY - POh yes!!! my girls AJ Lee and Tamina in effect! Whoever they are fighting I hope they brukk em up! Unless it’s Cameron/Naomi/Layla that is….

What? AJ Lee Vs Brie Bella for the WWE divas title AGAIN??? No stipulations???? WWE Y’all gotta fix up on the ladies stipulations man!

They’re fighting the Bella Twins in tag team action? Tamina, break Nikki’s legs again!!!! DO IT!!!! (Nikki you gotta sexy body just that you’re dealing with the Baddest b!tch here, and Tamina- I love my b!tch!!!)

Why the f**k was Dolph Ziggler the #1 trend on twitter at the time? What the f**k did he do apart from getting buss arse? Maybe that’s why he was trending!

Don’t you think Tamina’s leather attire kinda makes her look like the female member of The Shield??? Yeah ok we want NO fourth member! I agree as well…just that Tamina looks so bad@$$!

Was it me or was Brie trying to get the crowd to chant for Nikki Bella??? Look Brie I know it’s your sister… but the crowd was like…

Brie’s second win in a row over the Divas Champion has sealed her fate for the Hell In A Cell PPV… That’s all I gotta say about that!

What? The Usos must face The Shield for #1 Contenders match for the WWE Tag Team titles? What sort of sh!t is that? The Usos are ALREADY #1 contenders, The Shield get a rematch clause anyway, so why is this necessary? Just Triple Threat that muthaf***a!

Look at Paul Heyman as he looks at Renée Young!!! Yeah I know Heyman! Gotta check out the goods!!! Renée Young is finer than a muthaf***a! I’d wipe the dust off that pu$$ay!!! WROOOOOOY WHAT A PROMO BY HEYMAN!!!! That man is hype for the Hell In A Cell! YES! This ain’t no wrestling match… this is a straight up ruckus!

Was it me or was the tone in Ryback and Curtis Axel’s voice sounded borderline racist when they called Big E Langston a rookie?? It sounded like they really wanted to say ‘n!**£r!’ Yes ladies and gentlemen, Big E Langston turned good last week on SmackDown when Paul Heyman referred to Langston as a ‘rookie’…. yeah that’s why Langston is DLC on WWE2K14 and you’re not Curtis Axel you DYAM ARSE!!!! DROP THE BOMB ON EM!

Great video package of the mentor/student connection between Shawn Michaels & Daniel Bryan… better than those tired @$$ packages of Cena’s ‘comeback’…. Oh SNAP…. THEY’RE HERE???!!! Oh Sh!t it’s the Wyatt Fam!!!

Wait a minute I saw this tag team match between the Rowan/Harper and Miz/Kingston! URGH…. I’ll be back after the break…………………………………………………………………………………

…and The Infamous Informer is back (I had the John Witherspoon guts…I’ll leave that to you to figure out!) and if this match (Bray Wyatt Vs The Miz) is official I have a prediction for it – but you guys at Smack Talk Centre/Powerbomb Pro Wrestling News and my new friends over at WrestleTown will have to wait til I’m on video for that one!

Now that Big E Langston is a face, he needs some good music… and quite frankly, his current tune is wack… here’s what I think Big E’s music should be…


So let me get this right so I can understand this; last week Langston helped CM Punk fight off Axel and Ryback, this week on Raw Langston is taking on the both of them, while CM Punk is backstage engaging in coitus with AJ Lee???? You think I don’t know Punk Midas???? Er question – what happened to Lita??? Wasn’t her pum-pum good enough???


I get it, so it took Paul Heyman to interfere for you to throw AJ Lee off your d!ck for a hot minute and go after em with a kendo stick????? HA!

Oh no who let that filthy pig in here??? Vickie pulls a ‘Teddy Long’ and makes it a tag team match… isn’t Teddy Long in the Hall Of Fame yet? VINCENT KENNEDY FIX UP!!!

What the……??? As CM Punk is struggling to overpower the man call Ryback, Paul Heyman is there holding out his hand at the apron saying “Tag Me Punk!!!” HAHA! Now that’s funny!

OH SNAP! Big E Langston! If you get a massive pot, you throw Ahmed Johnson in there, some Bobby Lashley, The Ultimate Warrior (finishing move – Ultimate Splash), you get BIG E!!!! Kick in the door wave in the 4-4! All I heard was Axel crying – don’t hit me no more!

OH SNAP! FUNKADACTYLS IN THE HIZ-OUSE!!!!! GOD DAYUUUUUM!!! Yo James Henson! How are you gonna say these women ‘don’t do it for you’ bredrin???? DUDE!!!! Have you lost your mind??? Brooke Tessmacher is fine no doubt but she ain’t sh!t compared to these two! YES JAZZ KUMAR I SAID IT!

Oh no not these muthaf***!n B!tch @$$ Americans, I wanna go for another commercial break but that Giant Swing by Cesaro and the Los Matadores can’t be missed!  Oh F**K it here’s another commercial break

stop the blodclart complaining! Raw gives you commercial breaks, why can’t I???

WTF is that???? A bull whip from Zeb Coulter???? Looks suspiciously like those whips they used on my people in slavery!!! MUTHAF**K – THE GLOVES ARE OFF NOW – YOU WANNA F**K WITH ME ZEB COULTER??? Vincent Kennedy – Triple H – Stephanie – set the match for WrestleMania XXX – Infamous Informer Vs Zeb Coulter non-sanctioned match!!! I’m gonna F**K HIM UP!!!

Confirmed – Curtis Axel Vs Big E Langston for the I.C. belt in the YouTube match…. not happy about that but never mind!

YES!!! FEELIN THE COMBINED MIX OF GOLDUST & CODY RHODES MUSIC!!!! Bravo Jim Johnston! Why isn’t he in the hall of fame???? VINCENT KENNEDY FIX UP!!!

I’m so glad the commentators feel me on this one – this tag team contest between the Usos and the Shield should not be happening considering the conditions, but I like both teams so whoever loses, I WIN!!!

This is a great contest, but why the rarse has Dean Ambrose have to run his mouth to the new tag champions???? Now’s he’s getting his arse buss… or is it part of the plan??? Blodclart! ruckus all over the place! No #1 contender! That’s it – Triple Threat that muthaf***a!!!

Look at Triple TEEF applauding Danielson as he comes to the ring!!!!! Come on man Triple is as funny as hell!!! And HBK is a funny muthaf***a!!!!

I’m glad Randall acknowledged that he defeated Sheamus & John Cena but he SURVIVED against the Undertaker in Hell In A Cell… that is true. We have seen the Undertaker do worse in that thing word is bond!

You know these contract signings never end well in WWE!!! Let’s see how this one turns out, Randall has signed the contract… GASP! Daniel Bryan!!! You can’t call Triple & Steph selfish spoilt brats???!!! After Triple applauded you????

NO!!! Triple just disrespected Edge, Jericho & Rob Van Dam!!! We would be working for Ted Turner if they were the face of the company??? Yo Triple! Ted Turner would have to work for ME RUDE BOY!

WHOA!!! I know Danielson did not tell Triple that he should send for his wrestling gear and test him in one on one combat!!! I smell a Survivor Series match up… don’t you??? Well that depends on the outcome of the PPV…

NO TRIPLE!! How you gonna disrespect Shawn Michaels and his protegé like that??? I was wondering when HBShizzle was gonna speak coz he had a mic in his hand!

This is wild yo!!!! HBShizzle is putting his own best friend on BLAST!!!! What happened to the DeGenerate? How come he’s turned into a dry bread? What’s his beef with Danielson! Look at Randall getting paranoid!


Come on Triple! say those magic words your father in law said! “DON’T LET HIM IN HERE!!!”

Randall in shock! The Big Show! Telling Randall to turn around! Danielson with a knee to the face – BLAOW!!!!! Look at the face of Stephanie! The look of her father!!!! LAWWWWWWD!!!

BACKSIDE!!! I gotta order this PPV somehow some way! But yo! I’m gonna leave you with what I think should be the theme song for this sh!t!!! PEACE!








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Monday Night Raw #1062: September 30, 2013!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Monday Night Raw #1062: September 30, 2013!!!

What’s this I hear? You can’t get online on GTAV? What’s all the complaining and b!tching for? Consider yourself lucky your PS3 or XBox 360 failed on you with the red/yellow light of death! I thought the streets would be quiet like when England plays Germany in the world cup! Now you are forced to socialize, or even worse, read this blog and hear me diss your favourite wrestlers – YES it’s the Hip Hop reppin, fried chicken eating, Supermalt guzzling, stylin’ and profylin’, diva loving, wrestling fan hating Infamous Informer!

Dangerous ground
Tre pound seven spin around for my bredren the clouds come down
War and peace, I take it to the street
Land shark on my lawn chop the thumbs off a thief! 

En route to Battleground! RAW #1062! HOL’ DAT – BLAOW!!!


Wanted to know where Big E Langston disappeared to? Well here he is!!!! CM Punk wanted a fight, well he got one alright!

…watching this wrestling contest, all it is, is that it’s showing that if CM Punk can defeat Langston with the Go To Sleep super move, he can do that to Ryback at the Battleground PPV… well The Grant Says….. No no no I don’t do predictions here! I get behind the camera to talk predictions so be on the look out for that! All I do here is run joke where appropriate!!!

I’m sorry I don’t understand the sh!t Bray Wyatt and his fam be talking… Kofi Kingston had a steel chair in his hand as if to go Jafakecan and say ‘Unno stop your noise bwoy and tek some beaten in your head-cup!!!’ With 6 matches confirmed for Battleground there must be a segment between Kofi and the Wyatts surely…. Kofi I think you will need help though! Where’s that dude who speaks ‘the TRUTH’???? I mean, he got that ‘Little Jimmy’, the Wyatts got that ‘Sister Abigail’… better call your bredrin Kofi!!!


Wolverhamptons Last Outlaw

Ok it’s the moment y’all been waiting for (Well I wasn’t waiting quite frankly…) It’s the début of those Los Matadores… first thing, let Lillian Garcia announce you with her Spanish fly @$$! What the f**k is up with that bull???? This is some BULLSH!T!!! Pun intended!!!! (nah Grant give em a chance – you don’t wanna be like them IWC idiots….) yeah true say! Let’s watch…

Ok so they got some kid called El Torito, and they got some impressive super moves…. nice! It’s only a matter of time before they feud with those idiotic so-called ‘Real Americans’… I’m not feeling the entrance theme though… and what’s with the pink attire? not feeling that either… I don’t care if it’s #RiseAboveCancer, you can support the cause without having to wear pink! Well anyway, this is what their entrance should really be like… yo check it…

Play this music, and I’ll be over with the Los Matadores!!!! Come Rosa Mendes! Strictly Come Dancing with me! Do the Lambada!!!

So they are finally called ‘The Authority’… no need to call them the ‘Corporation’… F**k that, I’m gonna call em how Eric Cartman calls em… The Authoritaaah!!!!

WWE Battleground 2013

WWE Battleground 2013

So hold up, last time I check Steph, wasn’t there only one job???? Now you’re saying there are now two jobs??? Yo I wanna job! I’m studying Journalism! One of my modules involves getting work experience! Sh!t I’ll do this sh!t for free! Er wait, All I need is a new PS3, WWE2K14, a new TV to play it on, some Wu-Wear, and some food inna mi belly at night!

This is the storyline I am engrossed in though, the Rhodes family. Admittedly I wasn’t so hot on the Rhodes until NOW. So this is how it goes down, the Rhodes will face The Shield at Battleground. If they win, they are employed with WWE. They lose, that’s the end of the Rhodes family… and Dusty Rhodes joins them in the job centre? So wait there… Dusty is working for WWE as well? I don’t understand that Triple.. Dude is like – 68 – isn’t he already retired? Furthermore, what if Dusty works for somewhere else??? Erm…Hexplain yourself Triple!!!

I don’t think Triple needs to explain himself at all – The Shield come and explained it for them!!!!! Triple Powerbomb into the canvas – BLAOW!!!!! But wait… suppose The Shield LOSE at Battleground???? How are they gonna report to the Authoritaah???? OH BOY OH BOY!!!

Er… why are the crowd chanting ‘CM Punk’ while Curtis Axel and R-Truth are fighting??? Oh I just answered my question did I??? Oh ok!!!!

Now they’re chanting ‘Boring’???? Er Punk Midas…. you might have to send for the Cult Of Personality here!

OH SNAP!!!!! HERE WE GO!!!! Why you getting worried Heyman? Isn’t your lover Dryback gonna save you this time? I’m sure he will!!! (Shout out to STC member Icy Fresh!)

As for you Axel… you’re there getting fired up like a fool and you forget that R-Truth still in the ring! Laid you out – BLAOW!!!! That means he’s liable to take your I.C. Title!

Look at Heyman! He’s like – ‘ah you got me!!!! Now let me go and just wipe my doo-doo bottom!’

Big ups to R-Truth for stating he wants that title, and getting that fine @$$ Renee Young to say ‘What’s Up!!!’ I’d be like – Renee what’s up wit you girl??? wanna Come Dine With Me??? Yam & dumplin, Rice & peas, chicken, they good for your hips girl!

Before I continue on with my favourite part of the show I wanna give a shout out to WWE Hall Of Famer Trish Stratus who has just given birth to Baby Maximus! Big respect to her, not so much respect to her baby father who hasn’t wrote that book I asked him for yet! (What book?) Yeah the book of him engaging in coitus with Trish! How many wrestling fans the world over have dreamt of that and this guy has LIVED IT?!!!!!!

Dayuum Alicia Fox you have put some meat on that @$$ haven’t you! And your fighting style has much improved! You wanna tribute video like Trish??? Join the queue!!!!

Big ups to Brie Bella on that win… so what is that super move called? the Bella factor? I also find it amusing that one minute Nikki Bella was in crutches and could hardly walk and now she’s back in them clear heels!!!! Girl you NASSSSSTAAAAY!!!

I could talk about the Alberto Del Rio vs Zack Ryder match, but nah – f**k that lets talk about this instead… Well it looks like bad news for us Undertaker fans, those cryptic #RestInPieces tweets by WWE was not talking about a return, but from what I made out, this Todd McFarlane dude has something to do with it… I think he’s bringing Undertaker to the comic book franchise! Now I’m not a comic book head.. but I wouldn’t mind reading that good sh!t!

OH SNAP!!!! Tell me I’m not hearing right! Is Paul Heyman that much in love that he wants to make an honest man out of Dryback???? OH MY GOD NO HE’S TOOK HIM BY THE HAND!!! What are we teaching our kids???? STOP THIS MADNESS!!!

“Ryback… you big bad ‘beautiful’ man will you become a Paul Heyman Guy????” WWE is confusing the kids!!!! This is disgusting! The WWE ‘Universe’ does not support it! NO! NO! NO! Like Daniel Bryan!!! Before Dryback said the dreaded Y-word, The Cult of Personality does not approve! Jumps over the barricade and…. WHOA!!! He mash-up him knee???? Must be a trick surely!!! The doctors took long enough to come out and check on him! He’s a Wolverine….use your healing powers Punk what’s wrong with ya!

Ha-haaaaaaah!!!! He is WOLVERINE! There was nothing wrong with his knee! Used it as bait so he could somehow reach for the kendo stick and lick down Heyman, Axel and Dryback with it!!! Good trick CM Punk but you gotta come better than that – Mark Henry’s retirement speech was superbly done!

YES! YES! YES! Ziggler lose to The Shield again!!!! Are you jabronies satisfied now that Ziggler is WACK??? he can’t beat them! I feel it for the Usos though, #1 contenders for the tag titles – but can’t face them at Battleground because of the Rhodes family B.U.T. I can’t complain, the Rhodes storyline is red hot!

You’ll never guess what, I’m gonna big up The Real Americans! (GASP!!!) I know! How can you NOT respect Cesaro’s giant swing? It is incredible! Cesaro – just do the right thing and turn face against Wack Swagger and Zeb Coulter, who I’ve also gotta big up because they are reppin the pink for the fight against Cancer…. well to me they are pu$$yholes anyway so they got the right colours on! Seriously there is NO NEED to wear pink in the fight, as long as you contribute and support, you ain’t gotta wear pink… f**k that sh!t! I’m the Infamous Informer and I approve this message!

Oh no Cesaro threw the snake away (Santino’s prop)… how is Santino gonna win??? He has to rely on his wrestling skills now!

Oh SNAP – surprise pinfall and Santino got him!!!! HA! It’s all about this Italian fist!!! GWARN SANTINO!

The latest Big Show episode has brought me to a conclusion I should have seen a long time ago… This is leading to Big Show Vs Triple Teef… I thought it was probably Triple Vs Daniel Bryan… now I’m not sure which one is coming first… Apparently the po-po was gonna arrest Big Show for wilding out until Stephanie put the brakes on… saves Big Show from getting arrested but tells the po-po that she talks to show’s wife and she tells her that his sexual prowess is lacking as well???? This is getting out of hand surely! You can’t say them tings!!!! Big show sees the Triple H Thy Kingdom Come canvas on the wall and proceeds to give it the Sean P treatment….unfortuantely Show I have… well rather Bruce Lee has a few words for you…

Uh-Oh!!!! Er Randall how are gonna go there by bringing Brie Bella into this???? That’s personal rude boy – this is not what’s best for BUSINESS!!!! Oh I get it… you fancy her don’t you!!!!  You want to PUT IT IN!!!! Because you have no pum-pum in your life right now!!! You can pick any woman you want Randall – STC member Dawn Bayley will sacrifice her fiancé just to have her way with you!!

It’s all out ruckus now! Randall practically said to Danielson that he would f**k Brie better than he can! Er Brie, why you coming down to ringside for? I know you wanna defend your man, but all you have done is put the voices in Randall’s head…. they chat to him!!!!

Brie – don’t just stand there – find a kendo stick and lick down Randy! Look what you made him do, set up Danielson on the announce table – RKO – BLAOW!!!! It’s no good telling Randall to leave him alone – Randall be like – you want me to leave him alone? then come and suck this c@ck!!!!

Just think – it could have been worse – Randall could have kicked Danielson in his head…

Dangerous ground
Tre pound seven spin around for my bredren the clouds come down
War and peace, I take it to the street
Land shark on my lawn chop the thumbs off a thief…..muthaf***a!!!!









Monday Night Raw #1060: September 16, 2013!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

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The Infamous Informer

Monday Night Raw #1060: September 16, 2013!!!

Chain gleamin’, switchin’ lanes, two-seater Hate him or love him for the same reason Can’t leave it, the game needs him Plus the people need someone to believe in So in God’s Son we trust Cause they know I’m gonna give ‘em what they want They lookin’ for a hero, I guess that makes me a hero!!!

Danielson has done it!!! He’s the new WWE Champion!!! But wait… the ref dropped a fast count… rewind back to WrestleMania XIV, Mike Tyson dropped a fast count on Shawn Michaels, thus making Stone Cold Steve Austin the WWF Champion, fast forward to 1999, Chris Jericho defeated Triple TEEF for the WWF title, but it was a fast count, and somehow the decision was overturned…

I have a bad feeling about this… we were celebrating with Danielson at Night of Champions…. I sincerely hope the celebration continues… but that Triple Teef…. I don’t truss him!!!


WWF PROPA TINGZI am so proud of Danielson right now! He won the title, and he didn’t have to get in the chair! Word is bond – I’m gonna do a Daniel Bryan tribute video… I gotta do it this week. WHUH-OH!!! NOT TRIPLE TEEF!!!!! What does he want???? he hasn’t come with a shovel has he???

Wait a minute, did Triple TEEF try to insinuate that Daniel Bryan and the ref were working together to ensure a fast count and  a win??? Yo Daniel!!! RUN!!! Triple stripping the title from Daniel Bryan? He can’t do that! Oh yes he can he’s the C.O.O.!!! Don’t hand it over Daniel! RUN!!!! Beat Randall or Triple over the head with it! Oh no!!! It does remind you of Vincent Kennedy & Austin doesn’t it???


MINE! IT’S MINE!!!”Vincent kennedy 3

“Good God……Good God…..” Shout out to Good Ol’ JR… how could they do you like that eh?

Here’s the twist! Stephanie wants the Randall that handcuffed Triple to the ring, dropped the DDT on her, kissed her and felt up her breast! She wants the evil Randall that kicked people in their head!!! I’M ALL ABOUT THAT STEPHANIE!!!

I wonder if I can get Stephanie eating donuts every February 10th….????

Mike Cole has informed me that Dean Ambrose has sung a ballad dedicated to Ziggler and you can find it on WWE.com… thank you MC!!! I WILL CHECK IT OUT!!!

Ziggler wins the match against Ambrose here, but I don’t care about that…Ambrose is still the man with the US title! I gotta see that ballad!!!

So Big Show can’t do sh!t again…. Stephanie says, he must sit one place and not move, unless she calls him… well THE GRANT SAYS Stephanie, I’ll sit here and do nothing…I’ll wait for the call from you, and I will give you my Big Show!!!

Hold up – Summer Rae is in the building!!! Excuse me, Grant Forsyth has gotta go and dance….GRANT - BODY - P

While I’m in profane mode, doesn’t Fandango feel like he wants to ramm is d!ck up Summer Rae while she wraps her legs round him like that??? I’m a legs man… and I’m sorry, she wraps her legs round me like that… somebody is losing her voice screaming!

Not even an hour into the show, my favourite divas haven’t been on yet, and Raw is already better than Night Of Champions!

How dare the crowd chant ‘What’ during Dusty Rhodes speech…. DISRESPECTFUL – GO AND WASH YOUR MOUTH WITH LIVORIS MUTHAF***A, AND DON’T SAY THE N WORD B!TCH!

I like the fact that Dusty Rhodes told Stephanie to bring her long legs to the ring and get to this business proposition… OH YEAAAH!!! I’m all over Stephanie tonight!

So I guess that’s what happens when you refuse the offer of giving either Cody or Goldust a job in WWE… can’t choose between is sons so Stephanie sends for the Shield to destroy Dusty… but she puts the brakes on and forces Big Show to punch Dusty through school buses… if you thought the Sean P punch to Daniel Bryan was hard to watch, this one makes your stomach churn… a heart full of regret, Big Show couldn’t stand there and let the Shield destroy him so it hurt him when he had to punch him for dolo…

Oh my god! Ladies everywhere! Aksana, Alicia Fox, Layla, Natalya, AJ, Brie Bella, Cameron & Naomi…. JoJo, Eva Marie, Nikki Bella… Where’s my Dhalsim hands to hug all of these women at the same time?

Like I said, one on one, Natalya can destroy AJ… the Fatal 4 way ting at Night Of Champions, I knew AJ got this… the issue is between Natalya and AJ, just like I said from marning!

Miz, me and you will never be friends… I know this, but words from the wise…. protect yourself at all times… because you got Randall in your match… Stephanie has pretty much handed Randall the keys to kick people in their head!

I don’t believe this sh!t!!!! Now Triple has just fired the referee Scott Armstrong just because he did one simple mistake… THE GRANT SAYS – was that a shot at Jim Ross? (think about it…) TRIPLE TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF!!!

This is shocking – The Miz is actually fighting Randall in his hometown in front of his family! And anyhow Randall kicks Miz in his head…. oh lawwwd…

OH SH!T!!!!! It looks like Randall has found himself a brand new super move that is even more evil than the Punt Kick! I could hear the voices in his head from here!!! After he brukk up The Miz all over the ring, he sets him up, puts a steel chair between the Miz neck and head, runs up, jumps and drops his knee on the chair – BLAAAAAAAAAAOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Him dead now!

NO!!!! Look at Paul Heyman!!!! He’s BACCCCCK! He’s shaved his beard! He’s not stressed anymore! He’s in a wheelchair, but he has Ryback by his side!!!! And he called himself the Best In The World!!! Why? Because he ‘pinned CM PUNK!!!’ and it’s forever etched in the record books! I disagree with Paul Heyman when he said he got the worst beating in WWE history… I wanna introduce you to two people: Undertaker & Shawn Michaels… show Paul Heyman what a beating is!!

Sh!t is crazy how one year ago, CM Punk and Ryback had beef, and now one year later, it’s Ryback who is riding with Paul Heyman… who is so grateful for his life that he kissed Ryback!!! What is this? Just because Darren Young came out the closet in the public eye it gives everyone else the go ahead to kiss next man on TV????

After everything that has happened, can you imagine if Jim Ross was announcing? I bet those YouTube junkies are conjuring up something now….!!!

Just for the record, any wrestling fan that chants ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ is NOT A FRIEND OF MINE!!!

If Antonio Cesaro keeps doing that Giant Swing… he’s gonna turn face and go against Wack Swagger… that’s my word! That man has so much incredible talent and untapped potential… he hasn’t tasted World Heavyweight Gold yet… amazing!

The Usos killing it!!! simultaneously soaring over the top rope taking out the Real Americans! CRAZY!!! And rightfully, the Usos are #1 contenders for the tag team titles!!!! What y’all gonna say about the tag team division now??? TALK SH!T NOW!!!

GTA-V-bigWhuddup Wyatts!!! So much sh!t is happening that these guys nearly got lost in the shuffle… their promos are some of the best I have seen all year.. it’s on that disturbing Saw sh!t… and those that have followed the buzzards have that new Grand Theft Auto V game… that game is the new root of all evil… it will destroy relationships the world over. (Oh you’re just saying that coz you’re jealous) not so my friend… I’ve never been a fan of the series, a pure Street Fighter and Tekken me a deal wid!!! If you haven’t figured it out by now, The Infamous Informer is taking shots at STC’s boss man Jamie Maverick Shields, who seemingly has turned his back on his group in favour for this game… updating his status every two minutes about the game, while showing no love or regard for the group he created! It is shocking!!!!

This is not right!!! Danielson is competing against Roman Reigns… you got the Shield out there, and now the evil Randall is out there too!!! Danielson cannot contend with these odds!

And the evil Randall was gonna do it again… set up a chair to end Danielson… but watch da ryde! The locker room rushed the ring! Brukk up The Shield!!!! All this, while Big Show, Sheamus, John Cena and Kane were not in effect!!! RIOT LIKE IT’S PRISONER CELL BLOCK H!!!

You know Triple TEEF ain’t gonna like this!!! He’s probably back there polishing his hammer… oh wait.. that didn’t sound too right!!!

“There’s no shame, in going out fighting, and getting your @$$ kicked… There’s no honor, in not fighting at all…” (Undertaker, 2001)








Powerbomb Pro Wrestling News

Monday Night Raw #1057: August 26, 2013!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Monday Night Raw #1057: August 26, 2013!!!

Welcome back once again to another edition of the Infamous Informer cussing your favourite wrestlers, dreams of f**k!n a WWE diva, and laughing at anything Vincent Kennedy does!! Smack Talk Centre, Cage Amateurs UK, lets say hello to our friends over at Powerbomb Pro Wrestling News! Yes your boy is now down with the team! You know why? Because he makes sh!t happen!!!

OK! Fried Chicken in hand! Me ready for some joke!!! RAW #1057! HOLD DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZI take it that’s Triple’s new music that he’s gonna come out to as a heel C.O.O. then?!!!! BOW DOWN TO THE KING! Haha!!!

So if I kiss up Stephanie and feel her breasts, will I get a spanking new carrier like Randall Orton? I gotta try that! Come here Stephanie let me see you Twerk it baby…. If I spank her Triple might get me a new PS3! F**K That – Get me a PS4 with WWE2K14!!!

NO TRIPLE YOU DON’T SING ‘WISH UPON A STAR’ TO DANIEL BRYAN!!!! That is some funny sh!t!!!! Now Danielson has gotta run the gauntlet to add-on to his punishment for disrespecting Stephanie last week… and if he’s successful, he gets Randall for the WWE title at Night of Champions… THE GRANT SAYS THIS: Danielson, I don’t think you’re gonna make it!!! (BOOOOOOOOO!!!) what do you mean boo??? If the mighty Austin couldn’t run the gauntlet way back when what chance does Danielson get???

NOW HOLD ON A MINUTE PLAYAZ!!! We can’t have Sandow, The Miz, Fandango and Rhodes fighting for no reason??? Let’s make this a TAG TEAM MATCH!!!! Summer Rae is sexy as f**k, but who is the woman dancing with The Miz???? REVEAL YOUR IDENTITY!!!

OH SNAP!!! It’s Rosa Mendes!!!! Sorry my stream isn’t all that great… GOD DAYUUUUUUM!!! I’m sorryGRANT - BODY - P Summer Rae, but Rosa speaks Spanish…. game over love!!!! If I f**k Summer she will scream out passionately, but Rosa speaks Spanish so when she screams ‘Your d!ck is so big n!**@!!!!’ I know which one I’d pick!!!

Oh dear!!!! If I was Curtis Axel, I’d make sure that my wrestling skills are the absolute best, because if he fails to defeat CM Punk, the WWE fans have voted that Paul Heyman must go in the ring and get BUSS ARSE!!!! I know what I would do if I was Punk…. I’d make sure there is plenty steel chairs and kendo sticks and a table underneath the ring! Brukk up Heyman’s blousecup!!!

Lyric of the night by JBL: “If Rihanna & Chris Brown can get back together so can CM Punk & Paul Heyman!” I believe that 100%!!!!! Who thought Austin & McMahon would ever work together after WrestleMania X-SEVEN??? A grand total of NOBODY!

OH SNAP!!!! Axel failed!!!!!! RUN HEYMAN RUN!!! Not even Brock can save you now!!!! HEYMAN YUH GOOSE COOK NOW!

Or maybe not!!!! Axel just punched Punk right in Chicago!!! Dayuuuuum Lita no sweet lovin for you tonight! Look on Heyman’s face when he draws out the handcuffs….. TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF!!! Axel sends for the kendo stick and this had me in stitches! Paul Heyman smashed it here! ‘I CARED ABOUT YOU’! BLAOW! with the stick! ‘I LOVED YOU!’ BLAOW! ‘I FATHERED YOU!’ BLAOW!!! and since Michael Cole, Lawler & JBL are pu$$!£$ on commentary, I’ll say it in honor of JR… HE BEAT HIM LIKE A GOVERNMENT MULE! FOR GOD SAKES!!! OH COME ON!!! THAT IS ENOUGH!!!

Hey JoJo!!! What’s up girl???? Shame you’re just below my age criteria, come check me in about 5 years!!!

It’s the TOTAL DIVAS REMATCH!!!! I’m glad to see Cameron & Naomi on good terms again… it hurt me to see them fightTotal-Divas like that…

This segment is so LIE!!! Look how many Total Divas there are in the ring, all 7 of em… and you mean to tell me that one gyal (AJ) cusses them all and they all didn’t rush her on stage???? Who wrote this sh!t???? Probably Tyson Kidd… that bwoy is an idiot! He don’t know how to treat a woman right! Next man wanna run up in Natalya’s pum-pum! Tyson is just that – A KIDD!

I don’t understand this… if RVD and Bertie are fighting now, what says the PPV? I’m sorry I’d be throwing stipulations left and right… I hate when WWE do this sh!t!!!

So there you have it… RVD faces ADR, WHC at NOC…. GEDDIT???!!! Come on WWE, drop some Extreme Rules on this sh!t!!!! That’s what RVD is known for! That is that E-C-DUB! FLAVA!!!! Throw a chair at Bertie, drop the Van Daminator Kick – BLAOW!!!

This whole ‘One More Match’ sh!t doesn’t make sense to me, can someone tweet me @MZATheInfamous or send answers on a postcard as to say why Christian is still fighting? Unless he can foresee Randall kicking him in his head?

Oh dear!!!!! Why did you have to do that to Randall’s car? Why did you vandalise his car with YES!!! all over it Danielson???? He didn’t even get to test drive it!!!! Don’t cry like a b!tch Randall… be grateful it was Danielson and not Austin… have you seen what Austin does to people’s cars when he gets bex?

OH SNAP!!! Danielson has done it now!!!! Everyone on the roster are about to bear witness what happens when you f**k around with Randall’s car spraying YES! all over it… and anyone attempts to rush the ring will get fired…. oh dear – Danielson goose cook now!!! But wait!!!! Didn’t Triple used to do that sh!t with HBK back in 2006???


Everytime Zeb Coulter comes out, he makes me f**k!n sick…. trying to say that black people live off welfare and sh!t… I am so glad that Ol’ Dirty Bastard was watching over Titus O’Neill as he buss up those so-called real American bigots… f**k!n racist bastard…

I’m not even gonna try to explain this ‘Sister Abigail’ sh!t… and why should I follow the muthaf***!n buzzards when y’all a bunch of lazy incompetent muthaf***az??? I make sh!t happen! You should be following me!!!! Jazz Kumar you feel me though right!!! So let Mr Wyatt tell the story…

Word up, if you got nothing good to say, best to say nothing at all… and my girl Renée Young tried to get explanations out of Big Show, Dolph Ziggler & The Miz… all three couldn’t say sh!t… yes attitude fans, it’s one of those moments that made you think – that could never run with Austin, Rock and Undertaker… the three of em would speak no matter what! The way Triple Teef is rolling, I can see the entire WWE locker room going on strike… but wait, who would be the logical leader of the rebellion? It would have to be CM Punk! But he’s otherwise pre-occupied! I knew this would happen! Triple TEEF in power… means doomsday for WWE!

HOLY SH!T what a contest between Seth Rollins and Danielson! How often do you see a reverse release superplex off the top ropes???? LAWWWWWWD Seth mash-up surely!!!! But the Shield f**ked up Danielson big time! Did you see the look on Big Show’s face? Dolph Ziggler? Titus O’Neill???? They wanted to f**k up Triple!!! BIG TIME! And they were forced to watch this sh!t go down! All this while Cena & Sheamus are out the game!

…and all because Danielson wouldn’t get in the chair…