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Monday Night Raw #1144, April 27, 2015!!!

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The Infamous Informer

Straight up and down, I must take this time to congratulate my ninja Mike Knoxxx – the Belt King of the BDSIR Network… my ninja has made it BIG! He heading to Fox Sports!!!! This is a powerful moment, as STC From the UK elevates to KicFM, so does the ninja who put The Infamous Informer & Shadfather on and let us BE OURSELVES.


Did you enjoy the Extreme Rules???? I did, WWE dropped the ball in places but otherwise came through. If you not feeling the PPV, then F**K YOU!

I’m the Infamous Informer, a.k.a. The Daywalker… and I have NO sympathy, NO compassion, NO remorse…welcome to RAW after Extreme Rules! HOL’DAT BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZI got an ice cream, Tamara Loveset & Tommi Jo on Babestation in case RAW gets wack in places… I’m ready to go! (Hopefully the electric won’t cut out on me!!!)

These streams p!$$ me the f**k off… WWE – when you gonna put RAW live on the network? Sick of this sh!t! Took me 15 minutes to get on before I find out Seth Rollins be running his mouth, Glenn acting as a tweener, Randall and Roman claiming they should fight for the title… bal-bla-bla-bla-bla-bla-bla… there’s a King Of the Ring tournament????? Say word??? SAY WORD!!!!


Well you muthaf***az asked for it!!! Now y’all gonna get it!!!! Dolph Ziggler! Wade Barrett! King Of the Ring! #WhoeverLosesIWin! Let’s go!

Hmmm… Ziggler says him forcing to kiss Sheamus @$$ was the most humiliating moment of his career… but there will be ‘Payback’… I get it, this feud between Dolph & Sheamus going into Payback… it’s personal now – WWE – up the stakes!!!!

YES! You see, Sheamus baited it up for Ziggler! Barrett with the Bullhammer – BLAOW!!!! King Barrett doesn’t sound too bad!!!

DAMNIT it’s that advert again!!!! let me see if YouTube got it…

F**K what you think – I’M FEELING THE NEW DAY! I will clap with them! As for Cesaro & Kidd… as good as they are, they not winning them titles back!!! The question remains – What does Primetime Players think of that?!

OH SNAP!!! You mean to tell me that all that time Wyatt was talking sh!t, the person in question was Ryback???? This should be interesting… once again, a new feud I can’t call… a man who wants to be fed more, Vs the eater of worlds… NOT BAD! See Ryback, that’s what you get for f**k!n around with Bo Dallas, now you gotta deal with the older brother! Gotta say though, since Bo Dallas grew that beard… the Wyatt family resemblance shines through!

While Cena is on that bla-bla-bla-bla-bla-bla-bla…. Rusev wants to test Cena at Payback – this time an I Quit match??? I’m not sure if Rusev wants to go there… surely you agree JBL????


Heath Slater wants to test Cena on this open challenge thing? He don’t wanna go there either???!!! He talking sh!t too! F**k this – off to Babest…. YES RUSEV! KICK DOWN SLATER – BLAOW!!!!

In between all that bla-bla-bla-bla-bla-bla-bla… Cena sais Rusev got a strong pimp hand! Full of baby powder and sh!t!!! It really is Marc Mero & Sable all over again! Word up – Payback come, The Grant says – Lana gonna f**k it up for Rusev – Rusev WILL say I QUIT…

I found it – Help me out here – If this beat doesn’t sound J Dilla-ish – who produced it??? Answers on a postcard please – tweet me at @MZATheInfamous or @stc_wwe!


Next King Ah De Ring Match – R-Truth Vs Stardust… when I heard of R-Truth’s first rule as King to get rid of spiders… I’D ELECT HIM MYSELF!!! – Come on Truth! Beat this Cody Star looking fool! Truthfully, what purpose do spiders have on this earth? Where do they fit in the food chain? NOWHERE! Dem fi dead!

YES!!!! Truth hit the Lie Detector super move! Use the hashtag #NoMoreSpiders!!!! Yes Truth!!!!! MY NINJA!!!

Shout out to STC’s Lee Steadx – he wrote the answer on a postcard! It’s 20syl – Bet Dap Goom Bown! Boom Bap Festival Beat!!! This is OFF THE HOOK!!!!!


Right… now that Fandango & Adam Rose is on… this is the part where I get my Babestation on… Tommie Jo is BAAAAAAD!!! Not as bad as Tamara Loveset but BAAAAAAAD!

Tommie Jo

That’s it Adam Rose! Rid yourself of that gay sounding persona you got and get in Rosa Mendes throat!!!!


Naomi I gotta disagree when you say no one cares about Danny Bryan… but pushing Brie Bella in her face like that – BRILLIANT!!!! Yes – Brie costed Naomi the title at Extreme Rules!!!! That wasn’t right!

Hey Naomi – what happened to your long coat and your shot of your @$$ you did at Extreme Rules? Doesn’t matter – get em girl!!!!SAM_3845

Oh no she gone BRIE MODE…. come on Naomi – Fight back!!!

As Booker-T says, Beautiful technique by Naomi! What now Brie!!!! I mean, Brie I rate you but you’re dealing with my baby girl though!

King Ah De Ring jump off! Dean Ambrose Vs Sheamus… is it safe to say that Ambrose advances??? Ziggler gonna f**k it up for Sheamus I assure you!

I’m feeling Sheamus new entrance!!!! This is another of those matches…. #WhoeverLosesIWin

Stop all this mat wrestling sh!t – you two love to throw fist and fire! Kick and electric! Come onnnnnnnn guys – KILL!

Big ups to JBL – he wanted to know what happened in that street fight while they drove off into the streets of Chicago, WWE dropped the ball there… they couldn’t get a helicopter on some OJ Simpson WrestleMania XII sh!t?

Dayuuuuum Ziggler BEX!!!!! Ziggler with the fist and fire!!! That’s what the Sheamus/Ambrose match should have been like… oh sh!t Ziggler costed Ambrose the match… Ziggler YOU DYAM FOOL! If Sheamus wins the King Ah De ring it’s YOUR FAULT! You WASSACK!

No way, is Curtis Axel still on this charade? Yo Sandow… buss up this fool’s blodclart!

YES! He kick him down! Hit the elbow of disdain! Followed with a leg drop – BLAOW!!!! Oh no what does Wyatt want???

I can’t imagine Ryback running can you? But I don’t think Ryback wants any of that Wyatt cuisine! There might be mould and maggots running through that sh!t!!!!

Final King Ah De Ring jump off… Neville Vs Harper… The Grant says – you think the Baltimore riots are bad? Wait until WWE decide to knock Neville out the tournament… YOU WILL KNOW about a riot from the IWC! Trust me – WWE don’t want that!

Harper wants a throne made of steel and barbed wire… similar to the STC Get In The Chair awards we give out every week!

That moonsault off the top rope was OFF THE HOOK!!!!! Did you see the height of that sh!t??? I’m surprised Vincent Kennedy is letting Neville do all this sh!t!!!

THIS IS AWESOME!!!! NO DOUBT!!!! Now the crowd are chanting NXT! NXT! NXT! Wherever Triple is in the world, he must be holding his nuts and keeping his palms on em!!!


Neville is the F**K!N MAN, OK!!!!! Jeff Hardy, RVD, you guys are great… but time to move over now! That Red Arrow super move though…

Remind me – if I ever get the chance to interview Roman Reigns, I gotta ask him – when he walks down the stairs… has a female attempted to grab his sack???? Just like how The Grant has a restraining order against Layla, I believe STC’s Nicola Box should have one against Roman Reigns!!!! She cannot be controlled!!!

Right I make a NEW prediction… check this out… Rollins gonna lose that title at Payback… Who wins? Not important. Kane will bait it up for Rollins. Next PPV – Money Inna Bank…. One year ago, Kane assisted Rollins to win the briefcase. One year later, Kane will return to his monster self and attempt to destroy Rollins…. REMEMBER I TOLD YOU!!!

So, the WWE Universe gotta vote who Rollins should defend his tile against at the Payback joint: Randall, Roman, or both in a triple threat match…. well it’s very simple… WWE using mind control tactics to the fans… it’s already been decided! IWC shut the f**k up – unless you voted on the app, rigged or not, you can’t say sh!t!!!!

OH SNAP!!! Too many accidental blows to Kane made him lose it!!!! Kane f**ked up everybody in sight!!!! Roman & Randall get the win! So now…. How is Rollins defending his title???

There you go! Triple Threat Match!!! Rollins don’t like that sh!t!!!! That would be payback and f**ked up if Seth lost the title without being involved in the decision!!! Karma come back and bite yuh backside!!!!!