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The Jobber Blogger #105 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 8/5/14


The Jobber Blogger

I honestly don’t know how I feel about this week’s TNA: Impact.

Aside from a random rather quick tiredness thing that kicked in during it, or, perhaps boredom. Impact just seemed off. And I don’t know if that’s because I’m going “off” it. I love TNA, and will continue to watch it, but the company we all loved has certainly changed. Hell TNA in 2010 enthused with irrelevant old school Wrestlers was much more exciting than the product we have now. It felt back then that TNA was finally heading in the right direction. AJ Stlyes was the World Champ, Beer Money and MotorCity were in the best of 5 Series, Sting had come back hanging around in the rafters. But now, it’s just, different.

And it’s not a bad different, there are a lot of good things going, but I do feel the release of Christopher Daniels has soured me a little, and having Kazarian come out to Wrestler a Jobber’s match, knowing full well he’s going to be out the company in no time, it’s just sad.

The main issue TNA always, always revolves around is that they never change enough. No matter what changes they might make, they don’t change the right people in the back to make a difference, and they always go back to attempt that “One Idea” which brought WCW so much success. But hey, it’s not the 1995, you’re not WCW, you’ve tried it I don’t know how many times now, let it go.

Wrestling. Impact-Wrestling-Logo


It’s yet another packed, but not amazing show. It has great things going for it, good ideas, good matches. Some nice debuts, but everything has a sprinkle of “been there done that, didn’t work, try again”.

Impact opened and continued through-out the night with Bully Ray heading to the Offices of Nashville to find Dixie Carter.

Sure this actually had some redeemable qualities, Spud and Bully have great chemistry together on screen and I hope it continues. After Dixie left the offices, she had Spud in charge to keep order and keep Bully out. Of course Bully just picked him up and decided to Run the headquarters himself for the day.

This is perhaps a good insight to TNA’s failings, the filler drones with brain washed catch phrases and slogans were “running” the ship. Of course we all know these were there for the segment, but perhaps it’s a pretty decent insight as to what actually goes on behind the scenes. I do feel that the on-air product of Wrestling, and those running it, are at times so mismatched, that it’s no wonder it doesn’t work. You have Wrestlers who love Wrestling, hone their Characters, but the people making the decisions are snobs in suits in a different country looking at it as “Television”. They clearly aren’t onto a winning formula, because it’s not working. Jeff Jarrett worked so well because he was the bridge between both worlds.

Ranting aside, Bully put Spud through a Table and found Dixie’s home address on his Mobile Phone.

You might want to know what my favourite part of the Segment was, the opening with Bully Ray in his Car driving to the Headquarters where he is playing “Rock music”. Bully is someone who has been very outspoken for his love of Rock Music and the “today Wrestler” with their Video Games. Yet having Bully, most probably forced to play this particular song, driving along, bobbing his head to modern day teenage rock crap was rather hilarious. modern-teenage-rock-crap-600x373

Eric Young made his way to the ring to issue out an Open Challenge, stating that he wants to be a Fighting Champion, and the promise is to Defend the World Championship every week. I don’t remember him ever saying he was going to do that. Not to mention his Second week as Champion, he just sat at the Announce table for the main event. So there went his “streak” a week later.

Regardless, apparently MVP hadn’t booked him in a match so EY was out to make his own Title Defence, dressed in the “Canadian Tuxedo” – which is also very similar to – old-teenage-rock-crap-600x373

Bobby Roode was out the gate first to accept the Open Challenge. But of course this was pulled down with EY defeating Roode last week. But Roode had to defeat Gunner, completely over-looking the obvious of EY winning a Battle Royal, and defeating Magnus in the same night. Either way, Roode sweet talked his way into yet another Championship match by purely having “History” with EY.

Clearly I have no issue with Roode being in the main events, I love Roode, it just seems that at one time “being like Brothers” again, plays a deciding factor in two people having a match.

Though straight after the segment MVP called off the match, a little annoyed that EY didn’t even let MVP tell him his plans for the night. In which MVP is going to announce EY’s Slammiversary opponent, and someone who he has never faced before. So stay tuned folks!
The Beautiful People vs. Madison Rayne and Brittany – Evening Gown Match

Yes, the Bra and Panties matches re-emerge. I honestly can’t tell you that last time I remember watching a match like this, it did take me back to the guilty feeling of watching the old WWF Bra and Panties matches and being worried of someone walking in trying to figure out just what the hell you are watching.

It’s almost impossible to sell Wrestling as a legitimate show, let alone sell it as a good portrayal of Women. TNA have built this huge foundation of the Knockouts Division on the basis of “Women Wrestlers”. I do believe it was on the reasons why Tara (Victoria) was drawn to the Division. Well having your Women “Wrestlers” strip each other sort of defeats the purpose, and undercuts all of the efforts to credibility you might have once made.

I get it, The Beautiful People are supposed to be racy, and you have attractive Women, and these kinds of matches will probably draw ratings. But it’s for the wrong reason. I do wonder if those involved are actually happy to do the match, I expect they probably are, but then someone like Gail Kim, who prides herself on the division and really being the cornerstone of the Knockouts Division as one of, if not the most well respected, acknowledged and best Female Wrestler in the industry today. Is she pleased to see these kind of matches return?

It’s hard to sell people on your new talent, Brittany, whom already has the misfortune of being named Brittany, now do people look at her as a new Wrestler, or just eye-candy. I love the Knockouts Division, and I love it because TNA were proud to display them centre stage, even in the Main Events, but this, I just don’t feel is needed.

The Beautiful People won with the help of Velvet returning to the ring in a Towel and flashing the Referee, who was so stunned he didn’t notice Angelina use the hair spray in the face of Madison. So now their Referee’s are horny adolescent perverted morons. Awesome work.

Though to lighten the mood I did make this

Ethan Carter the third vs. Kurt Angle

At last, good news!

Kurt Angle successfully sold no-one on his poor “Leg Buckling” during the match.

But this in turn led to EC3 picking up the Win.

And yes, Kurt Angle has actually gone for Surgery. It’s been an injury he has had for around 5 years and finally gone to get it fully repaired. He had minor surgery before on his ACL, hence his short lived return. But he needed / wanted to go the full shebang, Which is good.

On the flip side, this probably means that this was Kurt’s last TNA Impact Match. Kurt’s rehab will take 4 -5 Months. We are in May, so that means he is ready to Compete for September – October. And of course his TNA Contract is up in September, and he most definitely wants to leave.

He might come back here and there, you never know. But Kurt will join AJ and Sting as TNA employees who had a rather naff exit from the company.

I myself have been saying that you can tell Kurt doesn’t really want to be in TNA anymore. His speeches, even about the Hall of Fame are to be more proud of yourselves, and TNA is great. Nothing like he used to say about loving the company or anything like that. He constantly talks about going back to the WWE on Social Media. So let him go already. I’d rather he not be in TNA if he doesn’t want to be there, and that money is better spent elsewhere.

He’s had a great run, done a lot of good for TNA, and I like Kurt, have him back where he belongs, with a retirement match, Hall of Fame induction, maybe go on to be a trainer – perfect.

Also this is sort of funny, given that his most recent come-back prior to this had him feuding with Roode, were Kurt was so feeble he kept defeating / injuring himself with his own moves. EC3 then took him out, he finally got into the Hall of Fame which pretty much sucked. Then got injured again, no-showed a PPV, made a crappy come-back, injured again and got beat then leaves. Great year. Angle-Defeated-600x357
The Bromans vs. The Wolves – World Tag-Team Championship – Ladder Match

This was easily the match of the night. Though after saying that… there weren’t any other matches.

I didn’t even realise that till now.

I love The Wolves, but I was really hoping for a great Tag-Team renaissance, and The Wolves vs. Bad Influence would have been great. Bad Influence dominated the landscape of TNA for pushing 2 years, as the best Tag-Team, despite their poorly limited Title Run. But they were a true highlight. Now they’re gone, so that sort of sucks.

This match wasn’t really quite what I wanted. That isn’t to say that there wasn’t some great spots in the match, because there were. And a couple of things I hadn’t seen before. I do feel this is probably just another stepping stone to set the stage for a great Final Match between The Wolves and The Bromans at Slammiversary.

The highlights of course were Eddie Edwards suplexing Jesse from inside the right to the floor, but Jesse held on, and they both just toppled over the Ropes. That’s the top highlight, and it was great, never seen anything quite like it, and it looked rather nasty to boot, which isn’t a good thing.

Davey leaping from the Top-Rope to Foot-Stomp Robbie E who lay across a Ladder balanced between the Ring and the Steps, again looked nasty.

And of course DJ Zema being hip tossed from the Top of the Ladder in the ring straight to the floor on top of Robbie and Jesse, leaving The Wolves to retain their Championships.

A good Ladder match, which I do strongly feel was to just whet your appetite.

Kazarian vs. Knux

This was the one I was most looking forward to. I love debuts, and especially those which have been building for a while. But the Menagerie perhaps weren’t quite what I hoped.

And take this any way you want, but this felt exactly like you’d expect a TNA idea to play out.

Say what you will, the Menagerie are different enough, but the core idea is most definitely to counteract that of the Wyatt family. Which whilst on the topic, I’m not a big fan of the Wyatt’s. I love the idea, I love the music, the entrance, Bray is awesome. I just don’t think it’s perfect, and I don’t like his Brothers.

This go around, I was rather excited. I actually started to really like Knux in the closing days of The Aces and Eights. He showed he was pretty good on the mic and quite commanding once he had gained the right stage. So it does please me that he is still around. It still bugs me that any mention of The Aces and Eights just isn’t there.

Rebel I like, I’m sold on that, she seems good, I want more Knockouts in the Division, so I hope she is an active Wrestler, which I’m sure she will be. So having her apart of his faction is great too.

Crazy Steve stands out as my favourite, he actually seems to be the most in tune with his Gimmick and playing it to strengths.

And then of course, he’s back… again. Rob Terry, rather than being “The Freak” Rob Terry, he’s just back as The Freak. But to probably hide his identity they just put a bag on his head. That pretty much sums up that Character. He is doing the same stupid flexes, he looks like he struggles walking let alone Wrestling, only now he has a bag on his head. I hope he proves me wrong. But as of right now my interest in this new faction, which is right up my alley has decreased entirely based on the fact that Rob Terry is in it… He’s terrible doesn’t do how bad he is justice.

I thought the music was alright, I liked the Stilt Walkers at the ringside, but another one of my gripes is Knux himself. I’d quite like him to actually go to a bit more effort, maybe look more like a “Ring Leader”. Rather than just a scruffy guy in jeans and a tank top with a beard.

The bad side is Kazarian having to lose to Knux, first time we’ve seen him in ages, Christopher Daniels has gone, Kaz still doing the Bad Influence gimmick, and it’s just sad. Then he has to job, and probably out the company in no time.

Willow vs. Magnus (w/Bram)

So Bram Flakes himself now has a TNA contract, as he went off to make a deal with MVP. Who do you like them…. cereals Bram-Flakes

I do like his British-ness.

Willow seems to be a dying thing too, his excitement has gone, now he’s getting beaten up, put in random matches, and like Matt Fowler from IGN said, he is called Jeff Hardy more than he is Willow. It’s borderline “what’s the point” territory.

This “match” was cut short when Bram got involved, throwing Willow into the steps, getting Magnus a DQ. He then handcuffed Willow to the ropes and attacked him with Magnus’ good friend, Mr. Turnbuckle.


I like the violence, no doubt this means Willow will be more violent in retaliation, no idea if Bram is going to develop Magnus to a face, or heel, or make him likable. I don’t know. They spent so long on making Magnus who he was, getting him over, turning him heel, making him champ, switching that really quickly to EY then trying to reboot Magnus. No idea.

And last of all, despite MVP came out to the ring earlier on in the night to “announce” EY’s Slammiversary opponent, Bobby Roode got involved, they ended in a brawl.

So this was take two, MVP brought EY to the ring, told him what a great job he’s doing, and announced his Opponent for Slammiversary as someone he has never faced before.

See my gut feeling was it’s going to be Willow, which would have sucked. Then my other feeling was it was going to be MVP. And of course, MVP then attacked EY.

This is where we are, 2Months, that’s all it’s taken for MVP to be like Dixie Carter, like Hulk Hogan, like Eric Bischoff, like The Aces and Eights, like Immortal, like Jeff Jarrett. How many times?

I don’t hate MVP turning, but I do hate that it’s yet another crappy Power Control storyline. They do it every single year. MVP wins control at Lockdown, but oh no, at Bound for Glory he will be defending his Wrestling Operations to someone else.

At least Dixie’s heel turn came out of no-where. If it just stayed between her and AJ Styles it would have worked, but they over did it by making her a dumb rich daughter that didn’t know anything and ruined her company.

2 Months!

Can’t we just have “someone” in Control of TNA who we don’t need to know about, who we don’t see, who isn’t feuding with everyone else in crappy match stipulations. I’m sick of it.

I will however give this time to play out… but you can already see where it’s going. Hey, Maybe Bully Ray will be in charge next… again.


Till then,

Dan Wilkinson





Monday Night Raw #1074: December 23, 2013!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Ray Logo

The Infamous Informer

First and foremost: SHUDDUP!!!!

Second: SHUDDUP!!!!

Third and the most important: GET IN THE CHAIR!!!

All you miserable Wrestling fan muthaf***az, getting yourself that Anti-Cena shirt for Christmas, not knowing that you are actually giving your money to the man you hate! It just means more condoms for him and Nikki Bella! Yes I am the Infamous Grinchformer to you, and I am looking forward to this Christmas edition of Raw… it is bound to give me jokes! But I will go Grinch mode if they come off too cheesy! I know it’s for the kids, but I don’t want wrestling muthaf***az singing carols like they did last year… or was it the year before…? Enough of that sh!t…

You’re a foul one…Mr Grinch… HA! HA! RAW #1074!! HOL’ DAT – BLAOW!


WTF???? My hero Kane giving out holiday cheer???? Ah wha de rarse!!!! Christmas Candy for the kids???? This is gonna be great!!!

Look at the evil one! Even he’s smiling! Ladies Favourite Randall Keith Orton! The Face of the WWE baby!!! WROOOOOOOOY!!!! With his two belts!!! And he wishes everybody a Merry Christmas!!!! Tiz the seazon to be jolly! He’s in a giving mood! 4 years ago he kicked them in their head and kissed up Stephanie, now he gives himself to the authority, and they give him the night off??? Hey – you guys ‘hate’ him, you think he’s boring, therefore he did you a favor! (But he must defend his -) STOP YOUR NOISE!!!

12 Diva Jingle Bells match???? OH YEAAAAAAH!!!!! I wished this was on later though…


WTF is Vickie doing in this match???? Apart from that – this is the greatest match tonight!!!!

Shout out to STC’s Matt Blick – he just had to put a downer on the match because Eva Marie has ring time – It’s Christmas!!!! Stop being miserable! If Eva Marie appeared at your house wearing that Santa outfit you’ll soon see how quick you feel awkward in your jeans!

That was great!!!! The Total Divas combined their force running around the ring hand in hand and clapping down each evil diva!!!!

Now that Curtis Axel and Huni- er I mean Sin Cara are to engage in a wrestling contest, it’s time for me to get my refreshments from the kitchen….

That JAY-BEE (JBL) he has always had a problem with men wearing masks, claiming that they are all evil! He hasn’t got over Rey Mysterio ending his career!!! You think he’s gonna come out of retirement to fight Sin Cara???




But the twist is…. it’s all about THAT SIGN!!!! It’s playing tricks on muthaf***az!!! HBShizzle hanging around, Hogan buying a ticket, Jeff Jarrett suddenly quitting TNA… now Batista is back next month… Jericho playing games on his twitter… Undertaker confirmed to be there… it’s all about THAT SIGN!!!


Ok this match should be MAAAAAAAAAD!!! literally! The Wyatt Family. Daniel Bryan. The Rhodes Brudda…Six man tag team action. HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!

LAWWWD Goldust slapping up the Wyatt man dem like a b!tch!!!! Goldust invented BIZARRE!!!

WOW – I’m telling you – if this is Goldust’s last run – he is performing better than most people on the roster! His skills are amazing in this match rude boy! This man is in his 40s surely!!!

(Confirmed – 44 years old)

Shout out to STC’s Dustin Baker… he’s getting his grinch on too?! How is this match boring??? He must be watching WWE Velocity or something!!!

Daniel Bryan just wants to f**k up Bray Wyatt!!! No one is able to do that yet! OH SNAP! Wyatt got the Sister Abigail super move to Cody Rhodes! But they’re not interested in the Rhodes Brudda, they are really f**k!n with Daniel Bryan!!! Honestly all Bryan has to do is GET IN THE CHAIR… and all this will go away!!!

Ok IWC – why aren’t you b!tching that Vincent Kennedy is giving out WWE Titles to sports stars???? They don’t have to defend that sh!t!!!

Oh no – Christmas Carols??? I dreaded this!!!! But wait!!! R-Truth and Xavier BDSIR LAYLA GRANTWoods – LOOK!!! Cameron & Naomi are riding with them!!!! WHOA!!!! I’m just waiting for Broadus Clay to come out with his stupidness!

Thank God he didn’t! And Thank God that Santino and Khali brukk up 3MB and kick em out the ring!!!

Wait a minute – Dolph Ziggler Vs Fandango in a Christmas present on a pole match? Can’t we have Summer Rae dance on that thing??? I said it before and I’ll say it again – Summer Rae needs a good f**k!!!

OH SNAP – the winner of this match gets an Intercontinental title shot on Raw next week??? BACKING FANDANGO HERE!! So that Fandango can get BRUKK UP and Big E can show Summer Rae how a ruff neck brotha can satisfy her!!!

YES!!!! The Infamous Grinchformer wins again!!! Fandango!!! GET IN!!!!!!

HAHA all you Ziggler fans!!! Eat a bowl of sprouts… and SHUDDUP!!!!

What? The Usos vs The Primetime Players??? NO!!!! These two teams should never clash! It’s a sin!!!! STOP THIS NONSENSE RIGHT NOW!!!

Oh dear!!! The crowd chanting – THIS IS AUSTIN!!! Because the Prime Time Players said ‘Houston’ by mistake! How dare they disrespect Houston Texas! Home of the Undertaker and the greatest WrestleMania ever – WrestleMania X-Seven!!! In fact where is that sign…


Shout out to STC Bossman – Jamie Maverick Shields!!! YOU ALREADY KNOW RUDE BOY!!!!

Oh no!!!! It’s Bad Santa Vs Good Santa!!! Hear Michael Cole – Come on Good Santa! Pull it Out! Pull it Out!!! HEY STEADY MICHAEL COLE!!!

Even though I’m a ‘grinch’, I gotta back Good Santa here!!! Represented by Mark Henry!!!

Representing Bad Santa and trying to cancel Christmas, Damien Sandow… I like Sandow… he gives me joke but we talking Mark Henry here!

What is a toilet doing in the ring? OH NO! Henry pushes Sandow’s head crown in the toilet!! Then he wets him up with the fire extinguisher!

Look at Sandow destroying the presents with the candy cane!!! DISRESPECT!

OH LAWWWD – Henry with the World’s Strongest Slam to Sandow – BLAOW!!!! THAT’S WHAT I DO!!!!

Oh no! Henry throws the Christmas cupcakes in Sandows face! The 2 Brukk Gyal have to be devastated… they spent all night making those things!

2-broke-girls-0aThat Kat Dennings lady (Max.. the one with the dark hair – ) front way -back way – side way – cocky between then t!tt!£$ – I’D TEAR THAT PU$$Y UP!!! Caroline can sit and watch and play twister with herself like Tweet!! Oops! Oh My!!!


Been as I’m in the festive mood… Zeb Colter just told Los Matadores to go back to where they came from… well THE GRANT SAYS I got a SIZE 12 Timberland Boot right here, shine it up real nice… keep shining it… turn that sum b!tch side ways – AND STICK IT STRAIGHT IN YOUR F**K!NG MOUTH!!!

And Colter’s ignorance cost his team again!!!! YES!! This is a great Raw by Infamous standards!!!

You think that Ryback would be a man who loves the Christmas spirit… been as that he likes to growl at his moms – Feed Me More!!! A major part of Christmas is eating that good Turkey, roast potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce… all that good sh!t!!! You would think that he would take a pic of his food and puts it on his instagram!

THIS IS THE MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING!!! CM Punk! Big E Langston! John Cena! Vs The Shield!!!! Six tag team ruckus! HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!!

The Christmas spirit don’t change sh!t for Cena! LET’S GO CENA! CENA SUCKS!!

Damn that Roman Reigns dude man!!!! That Superman punch he got… BLODCLART!!! Oh yeah!!! To all those who suddenly think that Roman Reigns is gonna win the Royal Rumble… THE GRANT (Or should I say Skyzoo) SAYS THIS:


I like the fact that Big E Langston is mixing it up with the big dogs… it was like what… 6 months ago or so that Langston was underneath Ziggler??? Now who’s da man!!! AJ Lee – 190 days as Divas Champion… HAHA I LOVE IT!!!

Big E Langston is a beast in the ring! I don’t think the Shield are ready for this!! OH SNAP – disqualification! The Shield are gonna f**k him up!! Not if CM Punk and Cena have anything to do with it!!! JBL can say ‘Welcome to the Deep end Big E’ but in the end it was The Shield that wound up singing Kick in the Door waving the 4-4!!!

Smack Talk Centre, Powerbomb Pro Wrestling News, Wrestle Town, BDSIR Network, Cage Amateurs UK, it has been fun running joke for the 2013… but in 2014.. I’m gonna get em again!!! I know we all don’t celebrate the seazon to be jolly for different reasons, so happy holidays muthaf***az! eat, drink, and be DUTTY!!!!Diva Christmas